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Settle Down Kids (Simon D x Reader

You met Kiseok through your best friend Hyuk-Woo. You and Hyukwoo have been besties for 6 years now, way before he got signed in AOMG, you supoorted each other and been there for each other when you needed someone. At first you didn’t want to meet the guys, you didn’t want to get involved with his work, but he insisted. One night you agreed on going out with them, so they can finally meet the infamous friend who Hyukwoo speaks so highly.
That day you decided to go all out, you wore a black bodycon dress that was a few inches away from your knees with a very generous cleavalage, you straighten your curly hair and wore a maroon lipstick with gold smokey eye and sharp contour, with your favorite blood red heels. Whe you entered the V.I.P area Hyukwoo rose to his feet and hugged you with a bright smile
“You are late”
“I like to make an entrance, also do you see my eyeliner? that shit does not happen on it’s own”
You defended making you chuckle. He was well aware of your love with make-up, he turned to the guys who already had their eyes fixed on you. Especially Kiseok.
“Guys this is my best friend, please be kind”
You greeted everyone with a friendly handshake, introducing yourself. Last one to take your hand was Kiseok, who took your hand and let a gentle peck on your knuckles, making you lose you lose your cool for a sec.
“Pleasure to meet you love”
By the end of the night you had exchanged numbers and a kiss on the cheek. He was determined to get you, but he knew this was not going to be easy, if it was any other girl he could bring her to his home for an exciting night, but you set the boundaries, he was so intrigued by that strong flame in your eyes, the confident way you walked and talked, you were comfortable in your own skin, you were flirty, bold, you were refreshing.
“Such a woman”
He said to himself when you left as he saw your car getting lost in the busy road.
Now he was no stranger to dating, he had his ways of flirting. But with you it was like he met the female version of himself, especially when it came to texting. He always let the girl kinda sweat, being cold and playing the game of waiting, leaving texts on read, replying casually. The problem was you were just like that, it took hours for you to reply, sometimes you would even reply the next day, you dissmissed his cold texts, but out of the blue you would say something flirty which got him riled up. He had to win you over, you made it a very exciting game for him, it was like you both tried to make the other give up and say something sweet, sometimes it was you sometimes it was him, he never knew who was going to lose.
Your first date was dinner over his place, it was classy but also in the comfort of his own home. When he opened the door he was stunned. You wore a maxi gauzi red dress with thick straps and V shaped cut, your hair up in a slick ponytail, you wore a nude lipstick and dark brown eyeshadow and cat eye eyeliner, with beautiful golden low necklace that touched your sunkissed skin. That night was the night he realised how much he wanted you, the playfull personality, the firey eyes, the seductive smirks, your strong personality. A true queen for his kingdom.
It’s been a year and you are officially together. It was like you were made for eachother, so alike. Which was the reason why the people that knew you did not understand how you haven’t killed one another. You were always teasing, always playing around, it was so fun to watch you two go at it.
Today was one of those days. Hyukwoo invited you over to the studios since it was a slow day and you gladly joined them. You sat in the living room joking around with the others
“Babe can you-”
You said to Kiseok who looked at you suprised. You smiled at him, it was time for the jokes, as soon as guys saw you devilish smile they knew they were in for a treat.
“You don’t even-”
“I don’t care”
You cut him off again. You stared eachother for a moment, until he pulled you in and got you in a headlock.
“What did you say?”
“Fuck off Kiseok”
You said, struggling to get out of his tight grip.
“Put her in her place”
You heard Elo say and the other laughing. That’s when you got a bright idea, you took his hand and bit into it. He yelled but did not let you as he attempted to suffer through it, but you bit harder, he let go off you and you could finally sit up and fixed your hair
“What’s wrong with you?”
“You were the one that put me in a headlock”
“And you bit my hand like it was your steak”
That’s when Jay decided to join in the fun, but stop the bickering.
“Settle down kids”
“Shut up Jay”
You said together. You looked at eachother and fistbumped, Jay pouted and leaned back in the couch
“The only join forces when they want to insult me”
You laughed at Jay. Kiseok then decided to play a joke on you and get revenge for his sore hand.
“Babe can you get my phone from the other room?”
You groaned and got up, walking to the room he was before.
“Your phone is right here”
Seonghwa said, but Kiseok shushed him. He run behind you and when he saw you go in he closed the door and locked you in.
You said and knocked the door. You heard him laugh, the other walked over to you and saw kiseok laugh hysterically
jukyung said smilling at his silly CEO. You kep banging at the door, after 5 minutes he let you out and you punched his chest
“You never want to have sex with me do you?”
You said and walked away from him. He smiled at your empty threat
“I always want to have sex, I wanted this morning but we didn’t have time”
He stated. He knows how private you were, you hated talking about your sexual activities, it was personal. You turned to him and walked to him, wrapping your hands around his neck pretending to choke him
“Do you want to die?”
Everyone laughed at the scene. They loved how silly you were with eachother, it was like you were friends more than lovers. You unwrapped your hands from his neck and he put his around you waist lifting you off the ground and over his shoulder.
“What was that sweety?”
He said. You punched his back and kicked your feet, telling him to put you down, he walked to the living room and then put you down
“You are such a jerk”
You said and sat down in the couch. He sat next to you, he tried to touch you but you pushed his hand away
“I’m a jerk, I carried your ass here. You are welcome”
You went for a punch but he caught your hand and turned your wrist in a very uncomofrtable position making you flinch and pull your hand away from him.
“I hate you so much, motherfucker”
“Once you have kids I will be a motherfucker”
Everyone was stunned by Kiseok’s jokes. He teased you but it was never in a dirty way, so they were mad hyped about this. You hid your face in your hands in embarassment, he placed his hand on your back but you pulled back
“No,get the fuck off of me”
“Hey guys do you want to play a game? It’s called, how much of a weak bitch my gf is”
“No I want to play another game. Guess who is not having sex tonight, I vote for Kiseok”
You fired back. Everyone was clenching their stomachs not able to control their laughs, this was such a gold moment for them. But Kiseok was not done, far away from it
“Fine. Don’t come purring to my ear while you cuddle me”
“You don’t even cuddle. Your back is turned to me all the way to the other side of the bed, sometimes I think you cheat on me with Seonghwa, cause you hug him more than you hug me”
By now the guys controlled themselfs and just watched the show that was going down. Seonghwa even whispered to hyukwoo his wish of having pop corn right now. Kiseok and you were going at it pretty hard, you were smilling at eachother in a teasing way, rilling eachother up was 50% of your relationship. The guys don’t know how you havent’s end up in a fist fight
“What? I hug your clingy ass all night, everyday I am the one that says goodmorning and gives you a kiss”
“and then I feel your stanky ass breath”
Kiseok licked his lips to hide his smile, he knows you can keep this up all day
“all those other complaints. Wow girl”
Jay defended his friend, adding fuel to the fire. He never wanted this to end
“I don’t need no goodmorning”
“Yeah that’s why she cried when a car almost hit us from my side”
He said to the guys. It was true you were pretty sensitive when it came to car crashes and kiseok getting hurt.You kept bickering for a while but then it died down. It was finally time to go home, you did your night routine and layed on the bed with one of his big shirts, he layed next to you and cuddled you, your face buried deep on his chest as he caressed your hair as you tangled your feet.
“Good comebacks today. I’m proud of you”
You said to him. His chest shook meaning he was laughing. He kissed your head and brought you closer
“Thank you baby. I love you”
“Love you too”

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on his hands for the autopsy report. you make yourself look dumb when you say he didn't do anything wrong. yes six shots is excessive, but this is not a race issue. would yall be as rilled up if this was a white guy. nope. this is purely social media blowing the situation out of proportion and you're a fucking instigator. tweeting your uneducated opinion does not yield change sweetie.

nothing but love for u and ur ignorance. i hope u wake up soon. god bless.

Just Me and My Girls | driving the car with the windows down on a sunny day, singing along with the gurlzz

a winter tangerine mixtape
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art is from the series gelled confidentiality by carla scemama

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