this is right before she said sorry to sam and then caught fire

Movie Night

A Bucky Barnes One-Shot

Character Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader

Word Count: 2246 (I got a little carried away!)

Warnings: NSFW! 18+. Swearing, smut, fingering, unprotected sex (wrap it up!)

Request: Anon: “Hello there! First I just wanted to tell you that your writing was amazing for the 100 kinks for Bucky! I loved your stories so much and wanted to ask if you were taking requests at all? If you are, can you please write a one shot about Bucky lusting after the reader? Maybe shes an assistant at the compound or something like that. If not, it’s all good, but I think you should write because your amazing at it! Smut if you want!”

A/N: Here your go nonnie! Sorry this took so long and I hope you like it!

You were wearing it again. That damn black pencil skirt that formed perfectly to every curve. The black heels you had on made your legs look fucking fantastic. Bucky knew he should stop staring, but you always caught his attention when you both shared a room together. He watched as you smiled easily at everyone, how you flipped your hair over your shoulder when you would talk and fiddled with the buttons on your shirt when you were lost in thought. He nearly bit back a groan as you bent over the table to pass out the file folders you were holding. The glimpse of white lace underneath your white button down about ended him.

“Buck, you’re being obvious,” Steve said while punching Bucky’s shoulder and sitting down next to him. Bucky looked up to also see Sam shooting him a knowing smile from across the table.

“I don’t know what the hell you are talking about,” he said while trying to focus on anything other than the way that skirt hugged your ass. When you walked behind his chair, he caught a whiff of your perfume and it instantly made his dick hard. Bucky adjusted himself in his jeans and grabbed the file folder in front of him in hopes of getting his brain on the task at hand instead of what you would look like naked underneath him.

You were walking down the hallway back to your office after the meeting was over. You needed to get inside your personal space. The way Bucky looked at you earlier had left your skin tingling. That man was going to be the death of you. You felt like your brain fizzled out whenever you were near him. His quiet demeanor made it impossible to read him but his stare said enough. You couldn’t decide if you wanted to strangle him or kiss him. Oh, who were you kidding, you wanted to feel those lips on your body.

Right after that thought took root in your head, you turned a corner and slammed right into a solid chest, causing you to drop your papers and folders. You looked up after regaining your balance and were mortified to see Bucky staring down at you, his brow creased. You felt your cheeks grow hot before kneeling to pick up your papers.

“I’m so sorry Mr. Barnes. I wasn’t paying attention,” you said to his feet. You were too embarrassed to look at his face after the thoughts you were having about him. A pair of hands appeared in your line of sight. You were startled by his metal one, he normally had a black glove covering it. He was organizing the folders when you chanced a glance up at him. His hair was falling in his face and the black t-shirt he had on was stretched across his broad shoulders.

“Bucky. Please call me Bucky.” He said while straitening back up. You clutched the files to your chest and stood awkwardly in front of him. You almost jumped out of your skin when he reached out and brushed a piece of your hair away from your face. The shock must have clearly read on your face because he snatched his hand back quick.  

“Well, I’m sorry again, and thank you for helping me.” You moved to walk around him. His metal arm shot out and stilled you by placing his hand on your arm. You looked up at him with confusion.

“Doll, it was an accident, you don’t have to apologize.” He looked down at where his hand was touching you. “Would you like to stick around for movie night tonight? It is Tony’s night to pick so I don’t know if it will be good but…” he let his sentence trail off.

You were so shocked that he was even talking to you that you realized your mouth was hanging open. You closed it and mentally shook yourself out of the dazed state you were in. “Are assistants allowed to join the Avengers at movie night?” You joked. Bucky smiled and you thought for sure your heart was going to stop. God, he was gorgeous.

“I think you passed up the assistant title long ago,” Bucky said while rubbing his thumb on your arm. “You can sit next to me. I’ll even share my blanket with you.”

Wait a minute, was he hitting on you? You were sure if you didn’t distance yourself from him soon, you were going to melt into a puddle on the floor. “Yea, that sounds great Bucky. I’ll see you there.” You gave him a smile before hurrying the rest of the way to your office.

Bucky watched you until you shut the door behind you. He smiled to himself. You were attracted to him just as much as he was to you. This was good to know. After having a talk with Steve earlier, he had decided to make his move. With any luck, you two wouldn’t be watching too much of the movie tonight.


You were nervous. You had asked Wanda what time to be in the screening room. When you told her that Bucky had invited you, she was shocked but then grinned and winked at you. You smiled to yourself as you looked up at the clock. Fifteen minutes to go. You grabbed your gym bag from underneath your desk and pulled out a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. You stepped out of your shoes while unbuttoning your shirt. You pulled it off and bent to take your skirt off. As you were folding the garments, you heard the door click open. Before you could cover yourself, Bucky’s head popped in.

“Hey doll, I thought I would…” Whatever he was saying, died on his lips as he came in and saw you standing there in your bra and panties. You thought he was just going to back out, but he didn’t. He slowly closed the door and leaned back against it. Your face had to be ten shades of red as you were frozen in place. Bucky’s hot stare was setting your skin on fire. He crossed his arms over his chest and licked his lips. Your eyes darted to the floor, but didn’t miss the bulge his cock was making in his sweats.

“Do you want me to leave, doll face?” He asked in a husky voice. You looked back up at him and saw the red color in his cheeks and the way his breathing had changed. Did you want him to leave? You hadn’t had sex in a while and the man standing across from you looked like he was made for sin.

No, you didn’t want him to leave. Instead of voicing your answer, you reached behind you and unclasped your bra. You held the cups to your chest for a second before letting it fall down your arms. Bucky groaned so low that it almost sounded like a growl. He practically stalked over to you. His flesh hand cupped your jaw and his metal arm curled around your waist. The coolness against your hot skin make goosebumps rise.

“Are you sure about this? Because in about ten seconds, I’m not going to be much of a gentleman.” His words made your shiver and wetness to pool between your thighs. The look he was giving you with his lust blown eyes and his breath coming in short pants was making your anxious.

“Bucky yes, I’m sure. Now kiss me.” You said before wrapping your arms around his back and crashing your lips against his. Bucky instantly commanded the kiss. He ran his tongue along the seam of your lips, asking for entrance. You opened them and tangled your tongue with his. It was consuming; teeth clanking, lip biting, sighs and moans. You felt drugged as his metal hand made its way to your ass, grabbing a handful, pressing your body into his. His other hand was buried in the hair at the nape of your neck. Your hands found their way inside the back of his shirt and roamed over the warm muscles. He lifted his lips from yours to trail soft kisses along your cheek and landing on the pulse point below your ear. You leaned your head to the side with a moan. His teeth nipped the tender spot, causing you to gasp and score his back with your fingernails.

“Kitten has claws,” he murmured against your collarbone. Your sigh turned into a moan when you felt his tongue swipe across your nipple. He brought his flesh hand down to flick over your nipple as his tongue and lips continued their torture. This man was turning your bones to jelly. You pulled on his shoulders to bring him back up.

“Too many clothes,” you whispered as you stripped his shirt off. He chuckled at your urgency. You put your hands in the waistband of his pants and pushed them down his legs. His cock sprang free between the two of you and you nearly wept. It was beautiful. Long, thick and dripping precum. Bucky didn’t give you enough time to admire it before he swooped you into his arms. He walked across the room and laid you on the couch. He propped a pillow beneath your head and kneeled between your thighs. He ran his hands down your body before pulling your panties down your legs. After tossing them to the floor, he stopped and stared at you. His eyes took in every detail they could. He settled his hands on your thighs and spread them further apart, his eyes fixed to your pussy.

“God damn doll, look how wet you are,” he said as his thumb trailed through your wetness. You moaned and watched as he brought his thumb to his lips and licked off your essence. You nearly came right then.

“Bucky…” you whimpered. “Please, I need you.” You thrust your hips up at him. He smirked before you felt his finger enter you. He brought his thumb down again, circling your clit while his finger started thrusting in and out of your cunt. You arched your back and let soft moans fall from your lips. Bucky watched every reaction. He was a man enjoying himself. A wicked chuckle left his mouth when he found your g-spot.  You had become a writhing mess as you were nearing orgasm. Bucky added a second finger and gave your clit a pinch, sending you over the edge. Your whole body shook as you nearly screamed out your release.

“That was fucking beautiful baby,” Bucky said, brushing his lips against yours. You nudged your hips against his, coating his cock with your slick. He grunted and reached down to align himself with your entrance. He slowly pushed forward, letting both of you enjoy the feeling. When he was fully seated inside, he stopped to give you a minute to adjust. You felt stretched, almost to the point of pain, but it was amazing.

Bucky was whispering words of encouragement against your lips. How good you felt, how tight you were around his cock, how he wanted to make you feel good. You rolled your hips into his, causing him to inhale sharply. He looked down at you, adjusting his arms on the couch for leverage. You brought one hand up to tangle in his hair, while the other got a good grasp on his ass.

Bucky started a nice and slow rhythm, just enough to make you want more. He placed his lips against your neck and sucked on the tender spot he had found earlier. You gasped and tugged on his hair. He growled into your neck and his thrust getting harder, going deeper. The sound of his skin slapping against yours was intoxicating.

“Oh god… Bucky… you feel so good.” You said, biting his shoulder. His lips met yours again. Your moans began mingling with his groans.  

He pulled his mouth from yours, “Are you going to come on my cock doll?” His thrusts had turned fast and choppy. The angle he was pumping, hit your clit with every drag in and out. Your body began to tense. “Come on, baby. I want to feel you come.” he said, chasing his own release. He reached down and drew rapid circles on your clit. You flew apart, coming with a startled cry. “O-oh fuck baby… shit,” Bucky groaned. He reared back, pulled out and gave his cock a few hard pumps before he spilled himself on your stomach. His face was contorted in pleasure and sweat was dripping from his forehead. It could have been your blissed-out brain, but he was the most beautiful thing you had ever seen.

While you were waiting on both of your breathing to return to normal, you reached out and rubbed your hands along his thighs, “I’m pretty sure we missed the movie.” He laughed and got up to grab his t-shirt from the floor. He swiped it across your belly, cleaning up his mess. He wiped himself clean before sitting down and pulling you onto his lap.

“Trust me, I would much rather be right here with you, rather than watching some movie Tony picks.” He said brushing the hair off your face. He gave you a gentle kiss, “Wanna go back to my room and have our own movie night?”

Stay Quiet

“Hey, Dean.” Castiel looked up from his paper and cup of coffee when Dean stumbled into the kitchen, still groggy from another late night working. “Can I get you some breakfast?”

Dean shook his head and went straight to the coffee pot. He poured himself a cup and doctored it to his liking before taking a seat next to Cas. He held the hot mug tightly in both hands, venturing a small sip before committing to a bigger one.

“You came in late.” Cas said. Dean didn’t acknowledge him at all, and Cas had to suppress a laugh. Fuckin’ ray of sunshine in the morning.

“Did you have a good time with Sam?”

Dean shrugged and drank more coffee.

“I’m going in for a meeting this morning, but I might be home early. Everyone’s coming for movie night tonight.”

That caught a smile at least. Castiel got up and put his dishes in the sink and then grabbed his bag by the door. Dean watched him the whole way and Cas came back to kiss him. “I love you. Text if you need anything?”

Dean nodded and laid his head on the table. Cas rubbed his back and leaned down to kiss him again, just behind the ear. “Maybe a nap?” he whispered and kissed him again before he had to go.


“I don’t know why we even wasted the time on this case.” Castiel complained to Charlie as he tossed folders onto the looming stack on his desk. .

“At least they paid us for it?”

“But they essentially voted to continue alienating their customers. I don’t understand-” Castiel cut himself off and took a deep breath. “I want a better screening process. I don’t like putting my time into people who don’t actually care about their customers.”

“I know. I’ll look at the interview process and see what we can change.” Charlie said. She started out of Castiel’s office, but he spoke just as she started to close the door.

“You’re still coming tonight, right?”

Charlie popped her head back in. “Would I miss a Friday night movie?”

“Good. Dean is always happy to see you.”

Charlie nodded and cleared her throat. “So…. any progress? With Dean?”

Castiel turned his eyes back to his computer screen. This question. It was the one he hated the most and the one most frequently asked by everyone but Sam and Jess.

“He’s doing really well. He’s working with a gallery again, so he’s really happy about that.”

Charlie nodded, but didn’t push further. Cas knew she would evaluate for herself when she saw Dean that evening.

“Okay. He seems like he’s in a good place the last few times I’ve been over.”

Castiel nodded. “He is. You look at the interview stuff and I’ll close out this case, okay?”

“Sure thing.” She said, and closed the door behind her.

If someone had told Cas right after the incident that their lives would change and be better for it, he would have punched them right in the face. No shit, it changed. There was the surgery to remove the ruptured spleen and then another to put his arm back together and then physical therapy that kept him in the hospital for a few weeks. They were managing it all well, but when the doctors concluded that the loss of Dean’s speech was due to the psychological trauma and not physical injury, Cas hadn’t known what to do with that information. He knew vaguely that this had happened to Dean before, but not the details. In the meeting with the doctor and the therapist Sam and Bobby tried to reconstruct what they knew- Dean had gone three months without speaking after witnessing his mother’s death in a house fire, and almost six months after his father died in an accident that almost killed a teenage Dean and Sam as well. A nearly fatal mugging certainly fit the pattern of trauma induced selective mutism that Dean had adopted.

But now, five months in and all of his physical injuries healed, Dean and Cas had adopted a second language that only they spoke. When they were both home it was quiet. Dean no longer filled empty space with conversation, and Cas had never felt the need to in the first place. Instead they sat close and conversed through touch and an elaborate use of eye expressions. Before the incident Sam has called it eye fucking, but now it was conversation.

It was amazing how much they could say to each other now with just a look. Castiel already had three years of practice in reading Dean’s expressions, but now he was an expert. For the first few months he found himself always trying to find any hint of discomfort or stress in Dean’s face, but now he could read most everything if Dean didn’t close himself off during his depressive days.

Castiel opened files and sorted papers, consulting his computer a few times, but ultimately after several minutes had to admit to himself that he was just moving things around without actually accomplishing anything. It was okay to take a break, right? He stood and stretched, and almost on cue his phone buzzed with a text from Dean.

Going out tonight instead of movie

Everyone is already planning to come to our place.

They are coming with us. Dinner



Do I need to make a reservation?

Sam did

Okay. I will be home soon. Did you catch a nap?

I’m working

Cas sat back down in his chair. He needed to work too, but he just couldn’t think. After looking around at the stacks he’d made earlier, he made a deal with himself to leave as soon as he closed out the case.

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The Arrangement

Originally posted by dean-sam-winchesterbros

Summary: in an AU where the Winchester family owns a multi-million dollar company, Dean’s in a bit of a pinch. Grandpa Samuel is threatening to cut him off if he doesn’t straighten out and stop getting into trouble. Instead of taking some responsibility, Dean comes up with an ingenious plan: find someone to pretend to be his girlfriend. You and Dean have never gotten along, but a fake relationship seems to be beneficial to you both…

Pairing: AU Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,700

Warnings: language, general rudeness (from Dean), mild angst?

A/N: so this is my new idea for a series! It’s all my brain will do right now. It’s a little rough right now, but I’m hoping you guys like it. Also the title is terrible but it’s all I could come up with.

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The Only Exception (Part 6)

Summary: AU. Reader is given the task of running a popular love advice internet show when her coworker is fired. Her cynical attitude toward love makes her offer some harsh advice, and more than a few hearts are caught in the aftermath. Will hers be one of them?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,725

Warnings: language, angst, self-reflection, discomfort, melodrama, mentions of trauma, fire, rescue (of secondary character), sad thoughts. I don’t know. I’m no Shonda Rimes, but, tread lightly.

A/N under the cut.

Part - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

Originally posted by theworldisworthagif

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Tell Me

Summary: Sam has this habit of distracting you every time he comes to visit. Working out more, forgetting to wear a shirt, you know the drill. But what happens when he finds a way to distract you when you’re in class as well?

Word Count: 5187 (got a little carried away. Not sorry at all)

Warnings: Implied smut. Sam Fucking Winchester (let’s be honest here, he is a warning all in himself)

A/N: @dancing-the-hellfire-rumba​‘s fic Sexy Bastard is the fic that started this whole thing. Seriously, as soon as I read her summary “Sam is a fucking tease, okay?” I knew that I was done for. I’ve been working on this for an entire week because it just had to be done. Also, perfect timing! Happy Birthday Sam Winchester, you tease!

Tell Me English MasterlistDime Masterlist en Español

“How about that homework last night?” Jonathan asked, sliding into his normal seat beside you.

“Ugh, don’t remind me,” Nelly groaned, turning in her chair to talk to you two. “Lil and I worked on it for six hours and we still don’t know if we did it right.”

“Right?” You agreed emphatically, getting war flashbacks to your battles with the case study and your excel spreadsheet. “I swear, we haven’t even learned half of the stuff it was asking us to do.”

Rhetta pushed her chair closer and you fought to hold back your eye-roll. Here comes her self-righteous, better-than-you speech. “Actually, we learned about the regression analysis last week, and it was just a hop, skip, and a jump to answering question five from there.”

How about you just hop, skip, and jump away from us?

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anonymous asked:

Can you PLEASE PLEASE write something with ace Tony who is actually afraid of sex and doesn't wanna have it. Ever. But he wants a loving relationship so bad it almost hurts. (it could be stony or tonyrhodey or winteriron? just no poly, please) Thank you!!

i would kill for ace!Tony fic where he tries to push himself into sex and in the last moment, when he is already in bed with someone he’s like “no, i can’t, please stop” because he literally can’t do it.

can you write asexual tony?

Ya’ll had such similar prompts that I mashed them together. :) I think I’m gonna go with winteriron! Kind of went and did a no-power AU but Tony’s still a rich CEO. (I took ‘already in bed with someone’ to mean ‘about to have sex’ and not literally be in a bed.)

If you’re wondering why Bucky seems like such an asshole in the beginning scene, it’s because he thinks that Tony is actually straight and just using him as an experiment to sate his curiosity. This would hurt anyone, of course, but especially a bisexual former soldier with self-esteem issues because of his prosthetic, so he’s got a bit of an itchy trigger finger when it comes to being hurt. (Also self-destructive tendencies are a symptom of PTSD.) He also makes poor decisions when it comes to his mental health.

Also congrats this is REALLY FUCKING LONG. So watch out for the cut.

You can also find this on Ao3 here.

Kissing Bucky was good. Great, even! Tony liked kissing. He even liked making out. Especially when Bucky tilted his head and licked into his mouth at just the right angle. Tony whimpered into the kiss, clutching at his shoulders. He hadn’t expected that saying he was a little (a lot) out of practice would actually make Bucky want to kiss him more!

He couldn’t help the yelp that escaped his mouth when Bucky grabbed his ass with both hands and squeezed. “Buck-!”

“Your ass is amazin’, doll,” Bucky drawled, dipping his head to kiss and nip his neck.

Oh. Well, this was okay too! Tony didn’t mind having a hickey or… several. He kind of liked that it showed everyone that he was Bucky’s. Even if he did usually have to cover them up, he knew they were there, and it was a good feeling. And he did have a great ass. He was aware of that. Hell, there were fan sites dedicated solely to his ass. He supposed most people wanted to get a handful of it. And it wasn’t… terrible.

Tony tilted his head back and whined quietly at a particularly sharp nip of teeth. “Are you trying to make me look like I was mauled?”

“Yeah,” Bucky purred. “Dating six months and people still go after you. Gotta let ‘em know you’re taken.”

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What’s Bred in the Bone: Part I

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Jaal x Sara Ryder

A 600 year nap and a 2.5 million light-year journey to find out the answer: are humans and angara genetically compatible?

Rated M for strong language, some sexuality and violence. Alien-human pregnancy fic.

Spoilers for Jaal’s romance and loyalty mission, and end of game.

Part I of ??? - Part II - Part III - Part IV

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Running Down a Dream Part 3

Summary:  After a road race leads to a steamy night with Dean, things have taken an unexpected turn.  What happens now?

Characters:  Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 1900+

Warnings: canon typical violence, smut (unprotected sex, wrap it up people)

A/N:  If you missed Part One or Part Two, get caught up.  Thank you so much for all of your feedback on this mini-series!  This is the final part.

Thank you to my Mastabeta @wheresthekillswitch for checking my words.  Love you Lee!



“It’s better if I just show you.  We won’t have to wait too much longer.  Just, don’t freak out ok?”  He lies down on the couch and closes his eyes.

Confused, you stay quiet.  Now you’re convinced something’s not right, Jake’s behavior is verging on unhinged and you’re worried about what he’s going do.

A few minutes later Jake starts to convulse and change; his fingernails grow long and sharp, as do his teeth.  He stands, letting out a howl and you scream.


Dean’s POV

“Tell me you got something, Sam,” I snap as soon as I pick up the phone.  I don’t mean to, but if Y/n’s in trouble I need to find her fast.

“It’s thin,” my brother answers with a huff.  “But it looks like there was a guy who worked at the mill not too long ago before he was fired.”


“He used to date Y/n.”

“So what?  Newly made werewolf goes on revenge rampage?”


“Where does he live?”

“He’s got a place at the edge of town.  But, Dean-.”

“But, nothing, Sam.  I’m going now.   Text me the address and meet me there.”

“Ok.  Dean?”


“Be careful.”

Tossing my phone onto the seat and gripping the steering wheel, I press down on the gas.


“Shut up!” Jake yells.

Pain bursts across your face and you see stars.   Blinking to clear them, your mouth fills with saliva as a metallic tang swirls over your tongue.

“I’m sorry.  Shit!  Just be quiet ok?”

“Jake, please.  Just let me go.”

“No.  You’ll see, it’s gonna be great.  We’ll get back together and we’ll be better than ever.  Now I don’t know how this works exactly, but I know I need to bite you.”  He leans close, his breath hot and smelling of rotted meat.


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Laws Of Bygones

My ten minutes break from real life and STH fics, so you get another quick fic. For @lavengadoraaa who is as mad about Mafia AUs as I am about h/c. This one has reincarnation + mobs + soulmate AU because that’s the trifecta.

The tragedy about mobs was that their stories always began with somebody’s funeral or wedding. Happy would say that they were the same, but Happy was working with his ex-wife who had asked his boss to kill him in grief; his opinion didn’t exactly sound unbiased. The tragedy remained, therefore, in Tony’s eyes that a mob’s story always began with a gathering that had bad music and worse food.

If Tony were to write the story, it would begin with a bad idea. And an explosion, though both went hand in hand when it came to him. Anyway, it would always begin with somebody saying they didn’t have a choice before doing something stupid.

“Rhodey shot Wilson,” Pepper announced as she walked into his office, her heels sinking into the scarlet carpet, “He says he had no choice.”

Like that.

“Any good news?” Tony leaned back on his high chair and looked up from his monthly report of the warehouses they were monitoring.

“Wilson survived,” Pepper said and sank into the dark chair opposite to Tony, toeing off her heels and shooting Tony a wry look.

The good stories began with bad decisions, Tony mentally corrected himself, but the great ones began with bad decisions that led to worse consequences. Like an officer surviving a bullet from a mobster.

“Any witnesses?”

“It’s Rhodey,” Pepper raised an eyebrow and Tony nodded in acceptance.

“Fair enough, no witnesses then,” he commented, stretching his arms and linking his hands behind his head, “What’s the problem then?”

“Rogers is the one on the case now,” Pepper said with a pinched look and a cutting glance, “And he’s pissed.”

“He’s been pissed since he got into that uniform,” Tony snorted, “Shouldn’t have made it two sizes smaller.”


“Pepper,” Tony returned her tone before sighing, “Why do you nag me about things you can handle with one hand tied? You’ve handled Rogers before. You can do it again.”

“No, you’ve handled him before,” Pepper corrected him with an amused grin, “I’ve handled your mess and clean-up. Which I hope I never have to do again”.

“It’s good to hope, Potts. The world runs on hope,” Tony grinned and tilted his head to observe her, “Really, Pepper. What’s the problem here? So Rogers is on the case. Do the usual. Pull Rhodey in, put either Viz or Happy out as bait, and throw in a bone of either Hammer or Vanko’s latest news for Rogers to catch. You know the drill. You created the drill.”

“It’s not that simple this time”

“Why not?“

“Hammer threw out a bone against us,” Pepper took a breath and held Tony’s gaze, “Tony, he leaked Spider-Man’s identity.”

Tony heard the whirring of a drill somewhere downstairs, the faint strains of Equinox from the jazz bar next door, and the soft chime of a customer entering the salon above them. He heard them all but only through the rush in his ears. 

 Mob stories were great and made good legends. But Tony would never write one at the cost of a kid’s life.

“Fix the set-up,” he said in the tone that only came out when he dealt with death and monsters above it, “It’s time to distract Officer Rogers through a meeting with a bigger bone.” 

 Pepper, like she always did, simply picked out her phone and prepared for the worst.


 Steve turned off the radio when he reached the defunct warehouse 12 on Carter Street. Radiohead’s Optimistic dwindled into silence as he looked out his window and considered the place.

To an untrained eye it would look like just another warehouse; abandoned, dormant, and quiet in its existence. Steve knew better though. He had seen a lot many good men walk into such warehouses and walk out on shoulders of their friends, in cold coffins. He had heard a lot many stories and lived a lot many tales of injuries and scars that came out of such warehouses. They weren’t always abandoned. 

They were a test of survival. 

“All units stay alert,” he whispered into his hidden comm and opened his car door to get out, “We can’t afford any mistakes." 

 His shoes crushed strewn pieces of glass and gravel as Steve walked to the door of the warehouse and eyed the red shutter button on its right end. He pressed on it but nothing happened. If Natasha’s intel were true, he was supposed to meet a whistleblower on the Iron Legion, the mob that had made the department look like headless chicken with every case they lost them in. Sam had come close to nabbing one of its members last week but had been shot in the shoulder for his efforts. Steve knew that it was unfair to be frustrated, but he wished Sam had seen the man’s face at the least. 

 The whistleblower he had come to meet today was an ex-employee of Stane Industries, the company that Iron Legion had destroyed to the ground a few months back. Natasha said that he had been personally hurt by the mob’s boss and had escaped by the skin of his teeth. It was understandable then why he had been hesitant to come out in the open. Steve just hoped that the man, Knight Natasha said his name was, could come through for them now. 

 Steve pressed the button once more and heard some noise from within the warehouse. He moved back and tensed up, one hand close to the gun on his hip. The shutter rattled in a minute before Steve saw it open up, the place dark inside.  

"Are you Steve Rogers?” a voice asked and Steve tried to find a form in the darkness. 

 "Yes, do you have some light?“ he asked, eyes still trained on the source of the voice. 

 "Uh, yeah, I think so, wait a minute,” the voice coughed and Steve heard a small swear before a sound of victory. There was a click of a lighter and Steve took a step forward as the fire of the lighter slowly brightened to reveal the face of a man. 

 "Hi" the man smiled awkwardly and looked around Steve’s shoulder, “Sorry, are you - you’re Steve Rogers, right?" 

 "Yes, and you are Mr. Knight?” Steve asked and the man nodded. His eyes seemed to be darting around Steve’s surroundings and Steve cleared his throat. 

“Do you want to go inside or…?" 

 "What? Oh! Sorry!” the man fumbled and moved inside, “Watch your step, there’s a bump I think, yeah sure, come in." 

 "There’s no light?” Steve asked, even as he moved inside, following Knight’s lighter. 

 "Oh, um, yeah, the fuse kinda went off,“ the man chuckled awkwardly, leading Steve inside, "You don’t always check warehouses before renting them, right? I mean, there’s no website or recommendations or anything for them. You just grab the first empty one you get." 

 "Right,” Steve said and looked around him, finding nothing really visible in clarity, “Do you think we could find something else to get some more light first?" 

 "Oh, uh, sure?” Knight turned around and looked at Steve, “Do you, um, have a flashlight or something?" 

 Steve nodded and reached into his pocket to grab the pocket flashlight, taking it out and switching it on. Knight brought up a hand and shielded his eyes when the light hit him directly. "Oh sorry, here, sorry,” Steve lowered his torch and Knight switched off his lighter, bringing his hand down to look up at Steve again. In the better and slightly brighter light, Steve caught a good look of the man and felt himself freeze. 

 The man had the most gorgeous pair of warm brown eyes and a jaw as sharp as a knife. He wore a pair of black rimmed glasses but they did nothing to hide the startling wonder of his eyes, large and expressive in every blink. Steve was never the kind of man to let his emotions loose during a job but there was something about the slight smile and twinkle in the eyes of this man that made his blood sing. Some pull in that face that hit Steve’s gut like a faded laugh. 

 "Hi, okay, now I see you,“ Knight smiled shyly, an awkward and soft tilt of his lips, and Steve had to squash a rising temptation to keep his eyes on those lips.

 "Yeah, I see you too,” Steve replied dumbly and pulled himself together when the man’s expression turned mildly confused, “So, Mr. Knight, I’m glad that I finally found you. Do you have something good for me?" 

 "I don’t know about good,” Knight huffed ruefully and shrugged, “But whatever I’ve got, I’ll give it to you.” Steve was sure that it wasn’t intended to sound flirtatious but he still had to will his interest down before nodding. 

“I’m all ears" 

 "Oh, um, I just start talking?” Knight blinked at Steve and Steve shrugged.  


 "Okay,” the man cleared his throat before looking back at Steve seriously, “I met Iron Man, the boss of Iron Legion, when I was working with SI. He, uh, he had some problems with my boss and I guess decided one day that he was going to settle it once and for all." 

 "The reactor blast,” Steve chimed in and Knight nodded jerkily. 

 "Yeah, that,“ he took a stuttering breath, "Stane told his employees to leave him alone in the research basement and asked just a few of us engineers to help him work on one of our oldest projects, the Arc Reactor. One of us, Doctor Yinsen, said that we couldn’t weaponize the reactor’s energy since it went against the oldest policy set by Mr. Stark -" 

 "Anthony Stark? I thought he was dead in that jet crash over Afghanistan?,” Steve frowned and Knight laughed humourlessly. 

 "Oh he died alright,“ he shook his head ,"but not before sending an announcement through his PA, Ms. Virginia, that the arc reactor project’s weapons section would be shut down. Virginia spoke about it to Stane but…I guess they had some altercation. Anyway, Virginia was fired the same day and Stane never made the announcement public." 

 "But Yinsen knew about it,” Steve surmised, now engrossed in the story. 

 "Yes, he had been close to Stark and he knew about it,“ Knight sounded sadly fond when he spoke before his voice grew bitter, "He told Stane that he was going against the policy set by Stark but Stane was adamant. He fired Yinsen and then dragged him out of the basement when the man wouldn’t leave. We all…well, we never saw Yinsen again, so I assume Stane threw him out for good.”

 "How did Iron Man know about this?“ 

 "I’m not sure,” Knight shook his head, “We were working on the reactor and transferring its energy into a miniaturized core Stane had arranged when Stane got a call and he took it.” Knight took a deep breath and looked Steve in the eye. “Stane looked like he’d heard a ghost, Mr. Rogers,” he said in a hushed voice, “Nobody had ever seen Obadiah Stane lose control but that day he almost did. He said just two words before rushing out of there like a bat out of hell." 

 "What were the words?” Steve asked and Knight’s mouth twisted. 

 "Iron Man" he said and ran a hand over his face, “I didn’t see anything else till the ceiling broke and Stane fell into the reactor, burning to a crisp. But as we all ran from there, I stumbled on the miniaturized core and before I could do anything with it, I felt someone hold my shoulder." 

 "That day I looked into the eyes of Iron Man, Mr. Rogers,” Knight said in a haunted voice, “I see those eyes in my nightmares every night. Those lifeless, piercing blue eyes. They had no soul. No emotion in them. It was like staring into a dead man’s face. Cold. Robotic.”  

“And you can identify him?” Steve pressed on. 

 "In my sleep,“ Knight said confidently. "I remember him like I remember my own face." 

 "That’s good,” Steve declared and reached down into his pocket to bring out the declaration form he had brought with him, “I’m really glad that you finally decided to come out, Mr. Knight. This will help us more than you could know." 

 "Of course,” Knight smiled a bit before eyeing Steve curiously, “May I ask a question though?" 


 "Why do you want to catch Iron Man so much?" 


 "I mean,” Knight shrugged a bit, “apart from him being a mob boss and such, why do you want to catch him? What do you see wrong in him?" 

 "Everything,” Steve answered as he found the form and brought it out, “He’s a threat." 

 "To what?" 

 "Freedom,” Steve replied and shook the paper open, offering it to Knight, “Iron Man and his gang are a threat to the freedom of people. They’re selfish, uncaring about those who fight for the good, and unworthy of their power." 

 "Really?” Knight asked as he read through the form, “And who decides that?”

 "Decides what?“ 

 "The part about them being a threat to freedom,” Knight began pacing as he read the form with a small frown, “You said they’re a threat to the freedom of people, right? Which people? The ones who threaten the freedom and lives of others or those who are threatened every day? And why are they selfish or unworthy of their power?" 

 "Because they break the law at their whims,” Steve frowned, suspicious at the turn of the conversation. 

 "The law?“ Knight stilled and laughed lightly, "You think that the law is worthy, Officer Rogers? That wearing a blue uniform makes people right while wearing a suit makes someone wrong? The law shoots those who hold a gun, Officer. Is that still right if the one holding the gun was just someone trying to save his family from a seemingly weaponless man with power? The law questions based on things they see, but do they ask the real questions about what they saw? You speak about freedom, but you don’t tell me who’s freedom you protect." 

 "Mr. Knight…" 

 "Iron Man doesn’t ride in cars with sirens, Rogers,” Knight smirked sharply, eyes glinting, “and his team doesn’t wear medals of honour to parade. And yet, he managed to stop a war monger while the law seeks to protect men like Stane.”

 "Who are you?“ Steve asked and pulled out his gun, training it on the man in front of him.

 "The one you’ve been looking for,” the man grinned and in one swoop, came closer to whisper, “And the one you’ll never stop chasing." 

 Steve was about to pull the trigger when the man whistled and Steve realized quite late that he had been lured into the warehouse on purpose. An explosion from behind him, pushed Steve forward and made him lose his balance. The other man moved away but not before Steve’s outstretched hand caught hold of his hip and ripped the shirt when he fell. He tried clutching at the waist of the man but the flashlight had been knocked out and Steve was stumbling into the ground. He heard a gasp though and felt his own hands burn when the man slipped through his fingers. 


 "Run!” a new voice yelled, before Steve could get up and run behind the source of the sound


 "Not without you!” strong fingers clutched at the sides of his face and a warm but bloody mouth pressed against his lips ,“Not without you, beloved!" 

 "Please -" 

 "Live or die, we do it together, my heart,” another kiss was pressed into his mouth and he felt the heartbeat of his dearest in that second. 

 "Together,“ he whispered even as they heard the yells of the soldiers geowing louder behind them

Steve heard the sounds of barrels falling and snapped out of the strange flash of a weird haze. 

 "Odinson! We’ve got runners!” he yelled into his comm and scrambled to his feet, feeling shakier than a normal fall should warrant. 

 As he chased out of the warehouse, into an empty lot, Steve felt a mixture of remembered sorrow and regret meld with a present fury and betrayal. His palm tingled as he tried to block out the memory of a bloody kiss and the sight of warm brown eyes. 

 He had failed. Steve didn’t know why he felt like it wasn’t the first time.

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Hi!! I'd love to have a jonerys fic of maybe sometime in their relationship where Jon is jealous?? Thanks so much im so excited!

“She is fair.”

Jon pulled his eyes away from Daenerys’ ethereal ‘fairness’. He wanted to rebuke Davos’ remark but to do so would be to lie. Even Aemon would have been able to see this in the queen with his terrible sight because her beauty seemed to shine from within like a discreet fire. He wished he could call her ugly and cruel and be done with the whole exchange.

But he could see it, even if she hadn’t shown her kind heart to him, personally. He could see it in how she didn’t attack King’s Landing with one brutal, fiery hit. Instead, she cared for the poor souls in Flea Bottom; for people, she had never met. She cared because they were to be her people.

Unlike Cersei, Daenerys was a beauty with her looks and her actions.

And Jon was drawn in.

“I don’t have time for such things,” he remarked, deciding to return his attentions to the map Sam had managed to provide him by raven. Within a day, he believed he would be looking at a mountain of dragonglass. This wasn’t the time to be deciding on how fair any woman was, especially not a queen. He wasn’t meant for such luxuries, northern king or not.

“You make time,” Davos remarked, knowing even through all the strife and hardship he had lived, he had still found the time to marry his wife and bear sons. “He does.”

Against his better judgment, Jon raises his eyes to see the newcomer, Jorah. While still ignorant of women and their fancies, Jon didn’t need to second guess himself with Mormont. The ex-victim of greyscale was enamored with Daenerys. To say it was puppy love would be impolite to canines everywhere and Jon found it hard to like the man. Not only was Jorah not like his father but a fool for the queen.

Honestly, Jon found it effortless to find strikes against the man.

“A fool,” Jon said, letting his map fall away from his face.

“A fool with her attentions.”

The map was left forgotten in his breast pocket as they watched as Jorah escorted Daenerys through the stone garden to a bench that looked to be made on the back of a stony winged dragon. He was telling her something that caused her to smile.

An expression he had never seen before. One of joy and glee, almost childish in comparison to all the other smirks he had ever seen on her pale face. Jorah soaked in its beauty while Jon felt his stomach curdle, knowing she would never look at him in such a way.

Bastards weren’t meant for such beauty.

He turned away. “A fool is still a fool.” He looked towards the heavens, where dragons encircled, watching. He wouldn’t be a fool. He couldn’t be his grandfather. He couldn’t be Robb. He couldn’t be his lord father.

He had to be better.

No matter how fair the queen was, he wasn’t going to be the next Stark male to fall for some southern lass only to lose everything else in the process.

“To the mines now,” Jon remarked, wishing to return to the dark caves rather than see another moment of Daenerys and her most faithful sword.

He walked away, not seeing her curious eyes following his steps.

- - - 

PLEASE leave a comment and some hearts! and sorry about the wait on this! the new season has light a FIRE underneath me, though. i can promise you that. I hope you enjoy this. please tell me what you liked about it! i can only get better this way. lol

ALSO,  i would like to offer up my keyboard and writing utensils to the cause of JONERYS! i’d love to do some more writing for this beautiful ship! please send me prompts/ideas if you have any! this ship needs more FANFICS! i’m both book and show FRIENDLY! seeing as how i’m caught up on both. lol

i’d also love to just CHAT about these two. im absolutely OBSESSED with them right now! i keep checking the tags constantly! haha. my one big got friend is a j***a shipper, which I don’t mind but jonerys has my heart right now. haha

Why Are You Looking at Me Like That?

Anon Request: I like your imagines! Could you possibly write me a Paul Lahote where he imprints on you, but he doesn’t tell you for a bit because you guys have a great friendship, but you both have feelings for each other anyways.

Paul Lahote x Reader


A/n: Hope you enjoy this! Let me know what you think! Much love anon!

“Paul! Hurry up before we don’t have anything left to eat! We were supposed to be there 5 minutes ago.” You hollered at Paul, he kept going down different isles of the store instead of getting ready to leave.

“Hang on a second, y/n, I’m looking for something. I’ll grab some snacks here, too, before we leave because the foods probably already gone. Sorry about that.” Paul said, barely looking at you, trying to find whatever he was looking for.

“If you tell me what you are looking for I could help. And I get to choose the snacks because it is your fault we’re late.” You said glaring at him, he turns around and laughs. He wraps his arm around your shoulders and drags you around the store, eventually he picked up lighter fluid. “Is that all you were looking for? We have been here and picked that up God knows how many times, yet you take 15 minutes to find it?” He just shakes his head and laughs at the face you give him, you enjoyed hanging out with Paul, but sometimes he just drove you crazy.

After you grabbed some snacks you guys were headed to the beach, and, of course, when you got there all of the food was gone “What took you guys so long, there’s no food left. I tried to hold the boys back, but it’s been 30 minutes.” Emily informed us.

Once you all got to the bonfire, everyone began telling their stories, you sat between Paul and Seth. The fire felt nice, you leaned over on Paul and he wrapped his arm around you. You and Paul spent most nights like this, yet you both didn’t take it any further even though it was obvious you both had feelings for each other. It was the thought of ruining the friendship which kept you both at bay. Eventually you fell asleep on Paul, but he gratefully picked you up and carried you to Emily’s. You woke up in his arms and looked up at him, but he was staring at you.

“What? Do I have something on my face?” You asked, but he just laughed. He shook his head, but quit looking at you with a smirk on his face. You guys got to Emily’s house and you went upstairs to get ready for bed, Emily was there.

“Hey, y/n, can I ask you something?” Emily asked with a soft smile.

“Sure, ask away.” You told her.

“You like Paul and Paul likes you, but you two won’t be in a relationship with one another, why?” She asked, but you just stared at her with a look of shock on your face.

“I honestly don’t, um, I don’t know what to say, Emily. I don’t know why… and I don’t think he honestly likes me that way anyways.” You replied, she just shook her head and bid you goodnight. You stood there for a minute, but then went back downstairs to your bedroom. Paul was still there and he smiled up at you, after the conversation you had with Emily the smile made you blush.

“Are you not going home tonight?” You asked Paul.

“Nah, it’s been a couple rough nights, so I figure I’d stay here, Em and Sam said I could, do you mind?” Paul asked.

“No! I don’t mind at all, I actually have the pullout bed in my room if you would like to use it.” You told him, and he followed you to your room. He began to drag the bed out, but you stopped him, “You can stay in here, it’s not going to hurt anything.” So he stopped and fixed the bed then laid down.

You had weird dreams that night and the next couple of days Paul started acting a little weird around you, he was more defensive with people around you, too. For example, you both went to the store and this guy began talking to you, but Paul was not happy about it. He got in the guys face and told him to leave you alone. That’s how the whole week went and you caught Paul staring at you several times, but with a different look in his eyes.

One day you finally got aggravated with his staring, “Why are you looking at me like that?” You asked him, and you know he could hear the agitation in your voice.

“Sorry, I just. I have to tell you something, but I don’t want it to ruin our friendship, I don’t want it to ruin anything.” He said and his voice was a lot softer than usual.

“What’s the matter Paul? You know you can tell me anything.” You replied to him.

“Okay, so you know the whole wolf thing right? Well here’s the thing. It seems that I might have imprinted on you,” You just stared at him with your mouth wide open, “but let me tell you, I liked you before I ever imprinted on you, but I never said anything because I know you didn’t feel the same and I didn’t want to ruin the friendship.” You stopped him there when you pressed your lips against his. At first he was shocked, but then he began kissing you back, but it was short lived because Sam, Quil, Jake, and Embry walked in. They all started shouting stuff and laughing and picked on the both of you. After a while Sam told them all to stop, and you were thankful for that.

From that day on the only thing that changed between you and Paul was how close you were. You didn’t grow apart as you both feared, but you guys grew a lot closer, you were inseparable.

On Your Left

Summary: Everyone goes roller skating for your birthday. Unfortunately, not all of the Avengers are as good as others.

Characters: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanoff, Pietro Maximoff, Wanda Maximoff, Sam Wilson, Reader

Warnings: one curse word

Word count: 1190

A/N: Two fics in one day? Say what?! Enjoy!


Bucky had been through quite a bit in his day. Broken nose? Sure, he’d gotten quite a few of those defending Steve’s sorry ass from neighborhood bullies. Influenza? Yup, one case of it spread like wildfire at his base camp during WWII. HYDRA brainwashing? Definite check. But for all the hell he’d dealt with over the years, he was fairly certain he would never find something as evil, as diabolical, as insane as what he was trying to survive now.

Roller skating.

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Birthday Kisses

Word Count: 2961

Warnings: Ummm a little language? Too much love? Too many kisses maybe?

Summary: Sam starts a birthday kiss tradition.

A/N: Happy very belated birthday @aubzylynn !! You deserve all the kisses. All of them. 

Originally posted by romanogers4ever

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Sam ambushed you as you entered the kitchen, making you yelp in alarm as he lifted you off the ground and twirled you in circles.

“Sam, it’s not even my birthday,” you said, wincing slightly as he set you back on your feet on the cold tiles.

“I know, but since someone sent my girl out on a mission on her damn birthday, we have to celebrate it late.” He shot a disapproving glance to where Steve was sitting at the table with Bucky.

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First Degree Burns Part 3

Pairing: Firefighter!Dean x Reader (eventually)

Summary: Firefighter!AU. Dean is the new firefighter than has recently moved in, unbeknownst to you. You hear screaming and shouting outside of your house and waste no time to help those in need. You find out your neighbour’s son is still in the house and run in to save him. But can you?

Word Count: 2230

Beta: @misticty – Thanks dude, you are awesome!

A/N – For @thing-you-do-with-that-thing’s Favourite Things Challenge with the prompt: Firefighter!AU. This is Part 3. And it is for her SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge - Week 17 with the prompt: ‘tell me something I don’t know about you.’

Catch Up Here

Originally posted by canonspngifs

It’s okay, I know how hard it is to lose someone you love.’ A look of sorrow passed over your face as you thought about worse times, a smile mimicked his previous one. ‘I know what it’s like to lose a child, I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone else.’

Dean’s face had grown pale. He didn’t know what it felt like to lose a child but he had lost his mother and Sam’s mother. He couldn’t think about the pain and despair, it was a heartbreaking thought that he didn’t want to conjure, he couldn’t think about losing another loved one especially his little boy.

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Always Yours Part 3- Dean x Pregnant! Reader

Always Yours Part 3- Dean x Pregnant! Reader

Rating: T

Warnings: Language, Violence, Character Death.

Word Count: 2,100

Wanna read the whole thing?- Always Yours Masterlist 

AN: Hello lovies, Sorry this has taken me so long to get out, but the weather has been NUTS here.  So here we are the at the final chapter!  Just want to thank everyone for their support for this fic!  I have enjoyed writing it. Epilogue is up.  I have a prequel in the works for this I am going to call “Your Love is a Symphony.” Let me know if you want to be tagged or removed from tags for the up coming story.    Happy Reading!

Tags: @weasleywinchester @jokerspuddincup  @lizwinchester16 @jokerspuddincup, @weasleywinchester
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And it is always yours

But I am always yours

-Switchfoot from Always

Dean snapped around in his seat as his eyes seared into Castiel’s.  Ignoring Sam’s yelling for him to calm down, he let out a flurry of curse words and flung insults at the angel for good measure.  
“What the fuck do you mean, she’s pregnant?” He barked.  Castiel frown deeply back at him and sighed.

“I mean you’re going to have a daughter.” He said in a blunt tone as he pressed a flat palm to his forehead.  He sighed before continuing. “I made a promise to her.  She should have been the one that told you.”  He answered solemnly.

Dean’s eyes flared as he stalked out of the car and yanked opened the back seat.  Castiel grunted in surprise as he was dragged out by the collar of his shirt.  He groaned as Dean slammed him to the side of the car and held him there.

“You knew this whole fucking time?” He asked as a dangerous look flashed across his features.  Castiel glared back up at him and nodded grimly.  Sam had began to round the car just as Dean pulled away from him. A loud popping sound echoed through the night as Dean’s fist connected with Castiel’s cheek.

“DEAN! STOP!”  Sam’s voice roared as he snacthed his brother’s hand to a stop mid-air.  Pulling him off of Castiel, Sam grabbed his brother by the shoulders to secure him.  Dean shot his brother a white hot glare and warned him through his teeth.

“Let go, Sammy.”  

Sam shook his head and frowned darkly at him.  “This isn’t going to help anyone Dean.  Especially Y/N.  She’s waiting on us.  She needs us.  Your daughter….  My niece… Needs us.”  Sam said as he squeezed his brother’s shoulder.  Dean’s anger flooded away as his brother’s words made impact.  Tears brimmed at the corner of his eyes, as he swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat.  His shoulders relaxed as he nodded at his brother and turned to get back in the car.  Sam glanced back at Castiel and gave him a long look.

“You OK?”  He questioned as he motioned for him to get in the car.  

“Peachy.” He barked as he ducked back into the car.  Sam followed suit and Dean sped away.  


Your head rested on the cool table as you tried to wait this out.  Your stomach was churning in knots as you stared down at the matte colors of the table top.  Castiel had said they should be getting there in twenty minutes, but it had been well over an hour.  You could only pray that they were safe.  

With those thoughts, you nearly jumped out of your seat when the door of the room clanged open.  You spun around in your chair and saw Bones standing there glaring at you.  

“Get up.  It’s time to see your prince charming.”  He barked as he moved to jerk you out of your seat.  The motion caused you to lift off your feet and you stumbled a bit.  Bones cursed under his breath and grabbed your arm to lead you out of the room.   For the first time, you were able to get a better picture of the layout of the building and noticed something very interesting as you walked down the dark corridors. All of the angel warding seemed to have been spray painted over.   You smiled inwardly at the meaning.

Bones finally rounded a corner and you could hear voices looming in the distance.  One was sharp and female while the other was low, male, and very dangerous.  Your heart began to hammer in your chest when you instantly recognized Dean’s voice.  A flicker of movement behind you caught your eye. You moved your head just enough so that you could make it out without drawing attention.  You had to hold in a cry of surprise when you saw Sam standing about five feet behind you.  He motioned for you to keep quiet and you silently agreed.  Bones opened an office door and jerked you inside.  The booming of Dean’s voice was almost instantly silent when he locked eyes with you.

His eyes darted to the swell of your belly and you heard the hitch in his throat. You looked at him pleadingly.  You half hoped that he understood that you needed him to both save you and forgive you.  His green eyes shone with tears as a few stray ones slipped down his cheek.  You felt your own stream of tears flow when you read the immense guilt that flooded those eyes.

Toni chuckled at the exchange and quickly motioned for Bones to take action.  You screamed when you were pulled into his paunchy body.  His arms wrapped around your neck and pressed you there. The stress of the last few days finally hit you in full force as you began to sob. You watched as Dean’s body went rigid with anger as his eyes flashed with what could only be described as hell fire. Though when his eyes turned back to you they were soft and glowing.

“Y/N, It’s going to be ok sweetheart.”  He murmured softly.  “You’ll both be ok.”  

“Ok…”  You mumbled as you desperatly tried to keep it together.  He gave you a longing look and smiled gently.

“We’re having a daughter?”  He asked softly.  You gave him a weak smile and nodded.

“Yes.”   You answered in a hushed tone.  Dean’s eyes darted to Toni who had made a disgruntled noise and was now pointing a gun in Dean’s direction.  You let a loud sharp cry of, ‘NO!’, when she cocked the chamber.  She rolled her eyes as she then turned to point it at you.

“Will the both of you sodding wankers, shut up!  We’re not here for tearful reunions. We’re not even here to bargain!.  We are here to get results.”  She screeched.   Her hand motioned at  Bones and you found yourself being yanked off the ground.  He pulled you so that your arms were stretched over your head and you stood on your tiptoes.

A stabbing feeling caused you to cry out.  Scorching pain traveled through you as Bones made a shallow cut above the right side of your rib cage.  He then worked the knife back and forth until you were wailing out in pain.  Dean’s anger boiled over as he made a beeline for the fat fucker whose neck he planned to snap, but a gunshot hitting just to the right of your feet caused him to come to a dead stop.  

Dean’s face contoured into a deadly calm as he turned to look at Toni.  The look made her momentarily move back in surprise.  A dark smirk moved across Dean’s features as he eased a little closer to her.   She immediately turned the gun from you and pointed towards his chest.

“Now now. You’ll get your reunion in good time, Mr. Winchester.  Right now I want to talk about my terms for her safe release to you.”  Toni snapped with an annoyed tone to her voice.  Though you noted that there was an uneasiness that she couldn’t hide.   

“What the fuck do you want? Other than to die.”  He said in a guttural growl as he turned his full attention to her.  His eyes made a merciless promise to one Lady Toni Levell.  She shook a bit under the gaze, but returned herself to neutral.

“Same terms as I had for your brother.  Give me all the information about the American Hunters and you can all live happily ever after.”

Your eyes snapped wide at her request and you shook your head wildly.  You called out to Dean that he couldn’t do that.  Dean’s eyes find yours and he smiled sadly.

“Sweetheart. For you I would do anything.”   

You almost laughed at the cheesiness of the line, but the dire consequences of it made you sick.  At this point, you had forgotten about Sam and the broken angel warding- until you heard swift movement from behind you.  In a flash, Sam stood behind Toni with a gun pointed at her head as Castiel suddenly appeared in front of Bones.  His palm slammed against the man’s head and he dropped backwards in a flash.  Castiel quickly enveloped you in his arms- yours immediately encircling his neck as he swept you bridal style.  

You hugged into him as you began to cry into his shoulder.  The instant relief that flooded through you was overwhelming as you allowed yourself to relax into him.  You felt him kneel down with you and gently brushed a reassuring hand over head and sent his grace through you. You pulled back from him as you smiled through your tears.  He smiled back gently before two more arms were wrapping around you-Dean had sank to his knees behind you.

Dean’s arms snaked their way around your neck as he buried his face into your hair.  You could feel the spattering of tears into your hair as he breathed on you.  

“Oh god, sweetheart…  Why didn’t you tell me?”  You heard him whisper.  You gently pulled away so you could turn into the embrace.  Your lips crushed to his- the kiss is heated and prolonged as you pour all your pain, shame, and happiness into it.  Dean groaned as your arms interlocked around his neck and his hand roamed down to cup your waist.  The swell of your stomach brushed his lower abdomen and you gently pulled away when you felt him stiffen a bit at the feeling.

“I’m sorry Dean….  I don’t know what I could possibly say for myself…”  You mumbled as tears overflowed.  Dean gently cupped your face as he brushed away the tears with his thumb.  

“The only thing you have to say is that you’re coming home.”  He hummed against your ear.  You bit your lip as he moved to kiss your forehead.  You shone a bright smile up at him.

“Then, I am coming home.”  You whispered back as you hugged him tightly.  After a long peaceful embrace, he pulled away and he helped you to stand up.  You glance behind Dean and see Sam smiling at you contentedly.  He moved towards you with his arms outstretched.   Dean moved to allow his brother to hug you and you gladly hugged back.  You smiled up at him when he pressed a kiss to your cheek.

“It’s good to have you back.” He said as he pulled away to from you.

“It’s good to be back.”  You said through happy tears prickling there.  

A clearing of a throat, caused all three of you to turn towards the source.  Castiel stood behind you clutching Toni by the arm.  Her hands were bound behind her back and she looked like she could spit nails.  Before anyone could react, Dean had her slammed against the wall as he pointed a gun at her head.  The hate that radiated from him seeped into the room as he jabbed the mouth of the gun into her forehead.   You flinched when a loud popping made you cling to Sam.  His arms swooping over you, he pulled you into his chest, as you cried out as the body slumped against the wall.  


A few hours later, you laid with your head on Dean’s chest as you rode in the back of the Impala. His arms had you pulled into a safe embrace as you clung to him like you might wake up from a dream.   His fingers traced little circles on your belly as his chin rested on top of your head.

“Our little girl is in there.”  He said as his flat palm ran the length of your stomach.  He felt every little fluttered and smiled against the crown of your head.

“Yep.  There’s going to be a little Ms. Winchester.”  You said with a sigh.  You slipped your hand over his and gently pressed it in the spot you knew she hated for you to put pressure.  Dean chuckled when she kicked fiercely there.

“Damn, she’s feisty. Just like you.”  He said chuckling as he pressed a kiss against your temple.

You rolled your eyes and scoffed at him.  “Oh yeah. Sure. She gets that from me.”  

Dean chuckled again before going quiet for a moment.  All his thoughts from the last five months coming to a peak- he pulled away from you and stared down at you.  His green eyes sparkled for a moment as he gave you a soft look.

“You know, you’re mine.  Always.” He said before his lips pressed lightly onto yours.

Always Yours.” You whispered against his lips.

Your always was just at its beginning.

Huntress- Part 17: Power

Sam x Daughter!Reader, takes place in S12 E17 so warning: SPOILERS

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Dragging yourself down the steps of the bunker you tried your best to ignore your Uncle and Dad’s worried stares. Thankfully, they didn’t have time to question anything. Your head was bearing sharp pains, making you feel ten times worse. But, again, you said nothing.
“How did you get here?” Dad’s defensive statement caused you to glance up form your feet. There was Mick. He had a glass of whiskey and was sat comfortably at the table. Her smiled “Alright lads…you know, this is our building. It’s men of letters.”
“It’s creepy.” You mumbled, rolling your eyes.
“That key of yours opens up the door to every Men Of Letters bunker there is.” 
“What do you want?” 
“It’s urgent, so here me out. A few weeks back our lab picked up some sort of cosmic energy-”
“A nephilum.” Dad nodded, the three of you were well aware.
“You knew?” Mick looked offended, like some sort of trust between you had broken. You didn’t remember making something to be broken in the first place.
“We had her.” Uncle Dean admitted.
“She got away.”
“You let her get away!” Mick was in shock. 
“She wanted to get rid of the baby too. We didn’t think she was just going to up and run like that. Besides, while you lot were off sipping tea they were locked up!” You snapped at him.

Everyone hesitated and fell silent. You glared at him before saying “I’m going to bed. Don’t try to wake me up.” 

You trudged away from them, feeling their confused stares on your back. Making your way to your bedroom, you closed the door and sunk to the floor. Your head was now throbbing.

You clutched it, trying not to hit it against something in some sort of desperate attempt to stop it. Flashes of the one before Claire, the experiment, appeared in your mind. You hissed in pain. This wasn’t normal. This can’t have been-

A surge of agony broke you from the thought, making you curl into a ball, shaking lightly from the never ending pain. Your hands clenched into fists. It wasn’t fair. Nothing was fair.
Why didn’t she survive it? Why didn’t she survive? 
You were angry and desperately trying to keep yourself calm. Each breath was harder than the last. Your grip tightened around your hands as you pictured her screams and cries for help.
Anger was swarming inside your mind and everything changed to shapes. Reds and oranges took over as the vibrant hues danced in your vision. The rage was reaching it’s peak, a breakdon was rising up rapidly as your felt your hands shake in attempt to free themselves from their own grip. Your heartbeat throbbed loudly in your mind, muffling out any other sounds.

Then you broke.

At first you heard nothing, but a deafening white noise as it pierced your ears. Then a smash.  
Everything fell dark as shards of glass scattered about the floor. Some sliced through your own skin, but you didn’t even flinch. You shouted and cried, burying your head in your hands, bringing your knees to your chest. You coughed- your head now ready to explode.
A harsh cough escaped your throat, sending acid and bile up with it, it seeped through the edges of your mouth, making you choke on the bitter foam.
Then, you felt nothing.

“Anyone seen, Y/N?” Mick asked, walking in on two slightly hung-over and very tired Winchester brothers.
“She told us not to wake her and judging from the way she was I’m keen to obey.” Dean explained, taking a sip of water.
“Alright. I just thought I outta say sorry. She wasn’t wrong, to be fair.” Mick admitted.
“If she’s up she’ll be in her room. Knock and wait.” Dad ordered, making sure an angry teenager wasn’t added to the list of problems.
“Alright, cheers.”

When Mick reached Y/N’s room he knocked on the door and waited for almost a full minute before sighing. “Here goes nothing.” He mumbled, turning the door handle. Only, when he opened the door he saw something he wasn’t expecting. “Y/N?” Mick asked hesitantly, hurrying over to where her unconscious body was. She was on her side, eyes closed, breathing even. If it weren’t for the cuts along her body from the broken light bulb, it would have looked like she was sleeping peacefully. “Sam!” Mick called in a panic.
Running footsteps sounded as Sam sprinted towards Y/N’s room. When he arrived he nearly stepped back at the sight of it.

His daughter was lying in the middle of what looked more like a bomb-site than a bedroom. Shards of glass were plastered across the floor, a few pieces sticking into her bare arms and some on her face, both orbited by specks of dried blood. “Y/N!…Sweetheart?” Sam knelt down next to her, his eyes glistening with tears “Can you hear me?”

Please.” Sam begged. Dean followed after his brother, kneeling next to his niece.
“What happened?” He demanded. No one knew so no one spoke. Sam sat his daughter up against his chest, taking some tissues from the box and wiping away the sick that was around her mouth. Mick began to clear away the area surrounding her body as Dean grabbed the first aid kit. He opened it up and took out a pair of medical tweezers. Dean gently pulled some of the glass from her skin, wiping away any excess blood that oozed out of the wounds.

She groaned a little, trying to grab back hold of consciousness. Dean paused. “Y/N…?” Sam encouraged, squeezing her hand.
“It…it didn’t…” She never finished, her eyes drooping shut. She faded in and out of consciousness as Dean finished clearing her wounds up.

Sam lifted her up gently- bridal styel. He then lay her down on her bed, pressing a kiss to her forehead before pulling up a chair next to her. He put his elbows on the mattress, resting his head in his hands. “I don’t understand.” He admitted- lost. “What the hell happened?” Sam looked up to Dean. His older brother. His guide.

“Sammy, I-“ Dean gulped “I don’t know.”

“Some sort of fit…” Mick said “Did she ever tell you about her…power?” He didn’t like to use the word ‘power’.
“Yeah. When we found that other psychic, she used it a little.” Sam nodded, determined to understand what had happened. Mick nodded slowly “She’s dangerous. Or she can be.”
“But she wasn’t using it.” Sam didn’t understand.
“No….but she was angry. Of course.” Mick nodded to himself, suddenly understanding the mood you were in “She was angry.” He repeated.
“Why?” Uncle Dean questioned, folding his arms against his chest.
“The cure. It worked for Claire.”
“Why’s that a bad thing?” Dean pressed.
“Because it didn’t work for Max.”

You awoke to the sounds of muffled voices and a throbbing head. You heaved yourself up from the bed, sitting up straight and taking in your surroundings. This was your room. You had a few bandages on your arms and there were two chairs next to your bed.

You pressed the palm of your hand up to your head as though it would help with the pain.
You were still angry, but maybe because you weren’t fully recovered you wouldn’t lash out aomeone by accident. After a moment of hesitation you made your way towards the voices. Occasionally, you stopped when everything started swaying.
Your throat was dry.

The voices kept growing louder until you turned the corner. You held onto the door frame, your eyes falling on the backs of Dad and Uncle Dean as they discussed Kelly…the one pregnant with the nephilum.
You opened your mouth to say something, anything, like “hey” or “sorry for breaking your lightbulb”, but only a cough came out.

Their heads turner towards you in shock. Dad rose from his chair and smiled: “Y/N”.
He headed straight for you and hugged you tightly, wrapping his arms around you protectively. “God, you scared us.” He said, relaxing as you hugged back.

“Sorry.” You smiled sheepishly.
When Dad let go Uncle Dean shot you a smirk before hugging you too. You hugged back, smiling in his embrace. You nearly stumbled when he let go, but managed to balance yourself.

Your eyes squeezed shut for a few seconds as you tried to stop the room from turning.

“The hell happened in there?” Dad asked, taking your hand and guiding you a little.
You followed them to the table, too tired to refuse the help. You shrugged.
“Let me guess, you don’t want to talk about it?” Uncle Dean rolled his eyes. You found it hard ot tell if he was being serious or not. “Sometimes I can’t control it. I think I can. But I can’t. Like…everything’s fine,  but suddenly something happens that reminds me of all this shit I’ve been through and it happens.”
No one knew what to say.

“My head hurts. Then I break something. Then I throw up. Then I pass out.” You went through the same stages. “Always the same. “
“Did you smash the lightbulb…with your mind?” Dad asked, leaning forward.
“Yeah. Not on purpose, though. I just. God I don’t know…” You paused to try and think straight “I feel everything rising up and it all snaps. Then something breaks. Or sets on fire. Or falls down.”
“Like I said,” Mick appeared behind you all “She’s dangerous…” He paused, looking at you sympathetically “but, she’s not a bad person.”
“She’s also sitting right here.” You noted.
“Yes…” Mick caught on and added a quiet “sorry.”

“How’re you feeling?” Dad asked. Maybe he was changing the topic for a reason, or maybe he just didn’t have anything else to say. You sure didn’t. “Fine. My head hurts I guess. But it usually goes after a while.”
“I remember when this happened for the first time,” Mick said “Your Mum wasn’t home and I panicked.  You basically made yourself get better.”
“You lived together?” Dad questioned Mick’s word choices, making you look away.
“Well,” Mick stuttered “It was the Chapter House…there were a few different family’s living together.”
“Really?” Uncle Dean raised an eyebrow in disbelief “You’re a terrible liar.”
Mick didn’t say anything.

“Y/N.” Dad’s firm voice forced you to look at him “Care to shed some light?”
“It was the Chapter House, there were a few different families living together.” You lied, copying Mick’s exact words. “There’s a huge one just north from Central London. “
Your Dad seemed to calm down a little when the words came from you. “Okay.” He didn’t push, but something told you he wasn’t fully convinced either.

Almost two days later you were leaning up against the table, Uncle Dean at your side. Both of you were waiting in anticipation, this was the fifth time you’d called Cas. Once again it went straight to voice mail. “This is my voice mail,” Cas’ awkward voice filled the air once again “Make your voice a mail.”

“Come on Cas we’ve called you about five times already.” Uncle Dean sighed, out of words to say. You shrugged when he glanced at you, followed by him hanging up. “This is hopeless.”
“Is he usually like this?” You asked, still not sure if it was like Cas to leave for quite some time. He was an Angel, so who were you to say what was normal for him?
“Not so much lately.” He shook his head “But even still he usually says what he’s doing or where he’s going.”

A woman called Eileen was sat in the war room with your Dad. She was deaf and used sign language when she spoke. And my God was Dad in love. You didn’t say anything, but watched as he blushed when she spoke. “He’s like a ten year old with his first crush.” You whispered to your Uncle, making him chuckle “Yeah tell me about it.”.
“She’s badass.” You noted, realising just how intelligent this woman was. Not to mention the fact that she was a Hunter. Your Uncle gave you an unreadable look before giving in “Yeah. She sure is.”

Stood next to Eileen, you both watched in amusement as your Dad pretended to be a Doctor to get more information. When he hung up Eileen gave up a thumbs up, Dad grinned back and joined the mini line you’d made. You were with Mick and Rawlings, who were now part of the whole nephilim predicament. 
“You might wanna take this back with you.” Mick handed over the Cult and Dad took the opportunity to sass him “Gee Mick. I thought we’d gotten past the trust issues.”
You gave Rawlings a glare before getting in the Impala.

Everyone arrived at some sort of abandoned looking carpark. You were waiting for Dean who, hopefully, would be with Kelly and maybe even Cas. “Who’s this?” Dean pointed at Rawlings.
“I’m Rennie…Rawlings. Graduated Kendrick’s-”
“Great. I don’t care.” Uncle Dean ignored his ‘look how amazing i am’ speech and opened up the door for Kelly. She refused any more help and got out of the car, staring at you all with brave fear.

Dad stepped up “Kelly, we all know what difficult situation you’re in and we..we want to help.” He kept a calm voice as not to frighten her anymore.
“You call this help?” She asked, rubbing her stomach where the baby-bump was.
“That kid, “ Uncle Dean began “It’s Lucifer’s.”
“I know!” She snapped “Do you think I wanted this? I love this child.”
“You will mean absolutely nothing to that child when it’s born. It’ll kill us all.” Mick scolded. 
“Not helping.” You hissed at him. 
“This is absurd.” Rawlings reached for his gun.

“Don’t!” You and Uncle Dean warned him, only to be cut short by a menacing sound with a strong wind. You paused…this wasn’t natural.
“She’s here.” Kelly managed, looking ten times more afraid than she had been.
who?’ you thought. 

Everyone reached for their gun and stood apart to cover more ground. You all protectively glanced around to see who, or what, it was. “Hey!” A shout came from behind. You glanced around, seeing a woman…well…demon, with yellow glowing eyes and a determined expression. She threw her hands up, sending everyone except Kelly to the ground. You smashed against one of the broken up cars, your gun trying it’s best to slip from your grip,

She walked forward with a blank expression as everyone fired at her. You stopped, putting your gun down. This was a waste of bullets. She was a Prince Of Hell, she’s not going to die from bullets. She threw her hands up at those still left with guns in their grips, making them drop their weaponry, and continued to advance towards Kelly.

You watched as Eileen reached for the cult, lying just in front of her reach. She grabbed hold, cocking it and holding her finger over the trigger. She aimed for the Demon’s head, squeezing the trigger.

However, as the gunshot sounded you watched in a helpless realisation as the Demon disappeared from view, along with Kelly Kline. The bullet continued further along it’s path than it should have and hit Rawlings in the chest. His eyes widened in shock and pain before he fell to the floor. Blood seeped down his shirt.

You stayed close to your Dad as you watched Mick kneel down next to Rawlings, well aware of the bloody code. “I- I didn’t mean to.” Elileen apologised, moving closer to where Mick was. “I meant to shoot the demon.” 
“It’s okay it was an accident.” Dad reassured her, but Mick was unconvinced.

You opened your mouth, halfway between wanting to warn Eileen and shout at Mick. Mick reached for his gun and held it up in front of Eileen. “Woah woah!” Uncle Dean gasped.

“What are you doing?” Dad demanded.

“Mick put the gun down!” You shouted at him loudly. Everyone else had their hands up in defense except you.
“B-But she shot a Men Of Letters. She has to die!”
“It’s not as simple as that!” Dad protested.
“But it’s the code.” Mick was lost.
“Fuck the code!” You practically screamed at him. You stormed past Eileen and your Dad who grabbed onto your shoulder to stop you. You shrugged him off, marching right in front of the barrel. “Y/N, get out of my way.”
“You know I won’t.” You glared at him, trying your best not to look scared.
“Then I’ll shoot you too!” You could see up close that Mick’s eyes were teary.
“You won’t do that.” You said calmly “You don’t have to answer to that stupid code. You can answer to yourself.”

“Your Mum did that.” He was close to crossing a line you’d clearly drawn “And look where it got her.” Your eyes narrowed as he continued “Max tried. Look where that got her.” 
“You’re not Mum! You’re not Max! And you’re not my family!“ You cried.
Mick’s expression fell at your words. 

Please.” Eileen begged “Please don’t…”

Mick squeezed his eyes shut and took a deep breath. “Mick…” Dad had stepped forward, putting his hand on your shoulder and dragging you away from the gunpoint. Mick followed with the gun absentmindedly before putting it back in front of Eileen. “I know you have this code that you blindly answer to. But you’re better than that.”

Mick lowered his gun, looking in pain as he did so. He avoided everyone’s gaze. “Just go…” he whispered.
Dad nodded, backing away. Only he stopped when you didn’t move. You didn’t know what to do. Did you mean what you’d said? Half of you wanted to apologise whereas the other wanted to walk away. “Y/N,” Dad put his hands on your shoulders “Come on, kid.” 

The four of you trudged down the stairs. Eileen was in front, her hand went to her face where she no doubt wiped away an escaped tear. You watched sympathetically as she stumbled to a halt. 

“You okay?” Uncle Dean asked her.
She nodded for a few seconds, before changing her mind “No…hee wasn’t a monster…he wasn’t” Dad stood next to her, perhaps about to offer some form of comfort, but she hugged him without needing an offer. He hugged back, his head resting protectively on hers. 

“Morning…?” Dad raised an eyebrow at you. It was at least 2 or 3am by now. You’d been up for quite some time.
“Morning.” You hummed, not glancing up from your fidgeting hands.
“Been up long?” He asked, sitting down on the table next to you. Your feet swung, not quite touching the floor.
“A few minutes.” You shrugged.
“Right.” He nodded, still in his night clothes. You both knew he didn’t believe you, but no one said anything.
“What were you reading?” He asked, nodding towards the open book on the table. 
“I wasn’t actually reading it…” You admitted, not sure how to explain.
“What else do you do with books?” He asked, slipping off the table and folding it over to read the title “This is in Latin. You can read this?”
“Yeah, but I wasn’t reading it. I was just..turning the pages.”
“Turning the pages?” He echoed. You nodded, not wanting to say it out loud. Dad noticed your slight awkwardness and took a moment to think through everything you’d said. “Oh…you mean, Turning the pages like…with your mind?” 

You nodded. “Maybe if I use this…whatever this is…for harmless stuff it won’t build up. And I won’t hurt anyone.” 
He offered a sad smile then joined you again, his feet touched the floor. “Maybe.”
“I never told Mum.” You admitted.
“I never told her. As far as she was concerned I was normal.” You explained.
“You are normal.” Dad reassured.
“Max couldn’t do it.” You ignored him.
“Just me.”

“I’m sorry…”
You frowned in thought “Why?” 
“Mick told us what happened to Max.” 
“Oh…” You looked away again.
“I know it must have been hard to watch it work on Claire after.. But, that is a good thing. It’s not fair, but it did save a life.” Dad tried to calm you down, but you’d already lost it over that. 
“They made me watch.” You said blankly.

“When they realised that the cure wasn’t working they made me watch her die.” You took a deep breath. ‘Don’t cry’ you told yourself. 
“That’s horrible, Y/N I’m so sorry.” 
“I think-” You paused, having never said these words out loud before “I think they meant for her to get bitten.”
“What makes you think that?”
“They never liked us. They could just pass it as an excuse for an experiment. Nothing they did for us was ever due to good intentions.” You didn’t know how to say it without sounding way too suspicious of them.

“What did they have against you?”
“I’m not traditional. I’m not obedient. I didn’t go to Kendrick’s. I have a brain-”
You were cut off by him chuckling at the last point “You’ve been through a lot.” He commented.
“Not compared to some.” You shrugged it off.
“Doesn’t make it insignificant.” He countered, smiling at you.

You didn’t move for a while. “You should get some sleep.” He said, placing a gently hand on your shoulder. 
“Yeah.” You agreed absentmindedly. 
“Come on.” He said calmly, guiding you away from the room.

When you reached your bedroom you noticed he hadn’t left your side. “Y/N, hey. Look at me.” 
You glanced up, your eyes tired and teary. He had a sullen look. 

Without saying anything he wrapped his arms around you and hugged you tightly. You squeezed your eyes shut in his embrace in a desperate attempt to keep the tears from falling. Dad’s arms held you close in comfortable silence. “I’m proud of you.” He whispered, pressing a kiss to your head. “So proud.”


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Cause You're My Brother


This one-shot is dedicated to “Katie’s One Year Celebration.” You have done an amazing job in just one year Katie. Your writing is phenomenal. I apologize that this isn’t best writing, but I’m happy that I participated. Again, I’m still a young and new writer. I also apologize if it’s too long, I may have gotten carried away. Oops. Well, I hope you like it:)


Pairing: Dean x oldest sister!reader, Sam x oldest sister!reader, Castiel x platonic!reader

Prompt: #29 “Cause you’re my brother.”

Warnings: Bullying, angst, death

Sam and Dean watched as the flames licked up Y/N’s corpse, the smoke swirling towards the sky. They didn’t even bother trying to hold back the tears dripping down their faces.

“I’m so sorry Y/N/N,” Dean said, letting out a shaky breath.

Y/N gripped John’s hand tightly, as they walked down the hallway of the hospital to see Mary and her newly born brother, Dean. Y/N was practically dragging along John, excited to see her new brother.

“Hurry up daddy! I wanna see him!” Y/N exclaimed, pulling even harder on her father’s arm. John laughed, picking up his pace. Y/N and John arrived in the room, and she squealed upon seeing Dean.

Mary smiled at Y/N, patting the space next to her. “Come here Y/N/N and meet your new baby brother.” Y/N’s eyes brightened as she scrambled onto the bed next to Mary.

“Hi Dean. I’m your older sister Y/N,” she said softly. She took one of Dean’s tiny little hands into her own and kissed it. “I promise I’ll never let anything bad happen to you.”

Sam bowed his head, clenching his teeth. “I let you down Y/N. It’s all my fault.”

Y/N rubbed her eyes, sitting up in her bed. A loud thump woke her up coming from Sam’s nursery. A piercing scream suddenly echoed throughout the house startling Y/N. She froze, her brain trying to catch up with what she just heard. Her moment of shock wore off, and she leaped out of her bed, running towards the source of the scream. She arrived in Sam’s nursery, only to see Mary pinned to the ceiling, a slash across her stomach. Flames erupted around her, swallowing her mother’s body.

“MOMMY!” Y/N screeched. John suddenly barreled towards Y/N, holding Sam.

“Take your brothers outside as fast as you can! Don’t look back! Now Y/N! Go!” Y/N, was scared out of her mind, but still took Sam and ran. Just as Y/N was about to enter Dean’s room, he came out, groggily rubbing his eyes.

“Y/N?” he asked sleepily. Dean gasped as she suddenly picked him up tightly by his waist, and bolted down the stairs. The muscles in her legs and arms burned, but she only ran faster, trying to escape the quickly smoldering house. She made it outside with her brothers, and almost dropped them both, when John grabbed all three of his children, running away from the house which exploded moments after.

Later, Y/N, sat with her father and brothers on the hood of the Impala. Luckily everyone got out safely with not fatal injuries. Although, the image of her mother burning on the ceiling cut into her deeper than any wound.

“You deserved so much better,” Dean said, his voice cracking.

Y/N smiled at Sam. Beckoning him to come towards her. The toddler had one hand gripping the motel bed, using it for support. Sam whined, swiping his free hand towards Y/N, desperately trying to get the cookie.

“Come on Sammy! You can have the cookie, but you have to come get it,” Y/N said, tauntingly waving the cookie back and forth. Sam let out another whine, but shakily let go of his support, staggering towards Y/N. Y/N cheered as he managed to toddle over to her, and retrieve the cookie.

“Good job Sammy!” Dean yelled from the bed he was currently lounging on. Y/N laughed, swooping her youngest brother into her arms, making him giggle.

“Way to go Sam. I knew you could do it,” Y/N said smiling.

“You helped me more times than I can count,” Sam said with a small smile on his face.

Sam closed his locker, and swung his backpack over his shoulder. He thought elementary was hard, middle school is even worse. For some reason the bullies that used to settle with rude and snide comments, they now like to bully people physically. Somehow Sam was one of their targets. Sure, he was taught plenty of fighting skills, and could kick their ass, but he didn’t wanna get in trouble and disappoint Y/N.

“Hey freak!” a voice called behind him. Sam picked up his pace, and made it out the front door of the school, but before he could get any further, he was yanked back by his hood. He turned around to see Peyton, the biggest bully in the school.

“When I’m talking to you, you don’t ignore me!” Peyton yelled, shoving Sam to the ground. Sam landed on his back with a gasp. He felt a kick to his ribs, making him yelp in pain.

“What’s wrong Sammy boy?” he taunted, kicking his side again. “Is it because mommy burned in a house fire, or is it because daddy doesn’t love you?” Sam forced back tears that were threatening to spill.

“Hey!” Peyton and his goons turned around, and Sam looked up to see Y/N. “What do you think you’re doing?” Y/N growled angrily.

Peyton suddenly smirked, and winked at her. “Hey babe, just picking on this pathetic little kid over here. Wanna join?”

“That ‘pathetic little kid’ is my brother, babe,” Y/N hissed before landing a punch on his face. The deafening sound of a crack, followed by a cry of pain sounded from Peyton. Y/N grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, and yanked him up off the ground. “If you touch my brother one more time, so help me, your nose will not be the only thing that’s broken” she snarled with such ferocity, Sam was pretty sure Peyton peed his pants. She let him go, and they ran away, with their tails between their legs.

Y/N watched them run with satisfaction in her eyes, before turning to Sam. She kneeled next to him on the ground, pulling him gently into her side. “Are you okay Sammy?” she asked, running her hand through his hair.

“Yeah. Now I am. Thanks to you,” he whispered.

“Why did you let them beat you around like that Sam? I know could knock them flat on their ass,” Y/N asked. Sam cast his eyes towards the ground.

“I didn’t wanna get in trouble and disappoint you,” he said softly.

“Sam,” she said, grabbing his chin, and lifting it so she could look at his face. “I am not dad. I will never be disappointed in you just because you made a mistake. I’ll always love you. I’m your big sister, it’s my job to take care of you,” she said smiling. Sam smiled back.

“I love you too Y/N.

“You were always so protective, and sometimes I hated you for it,” Dean whispered to the flames.

Dean pulled on his boots, before tip toeing towards the motel door. He successfully made it outside and made a break for it, until a stern voice behind him caused him to freeze in his tracks.

“And where do you think you’re going Dean Winchester?” Y/N demanded. Dean slowly turned around to see Y/N standing in the doorway of the motel, hands on her hips.

“Uh… To the gas station. I, uh, got hungry,” he said unconvincingly.

“So you’re not going to that party you were invited to?” she inquired, raising an eyebrow.

“What? Why would you ask such a thing?” Dean asked, trying to look as innocent as possible.

Y/N narrowed her eyes. “Dean…”

“Okay fine! I was going to that party,” he admitted, huffing.

“Dean. I’m your sister. I know you. Now get inside the motel and don’t wake up Sam,” Y/N ordered.

Rage bubbled inside Dean’s chest. “Why can’t I go?” he asked angrily.

“Because I said so. Now get inside! It’s too late to be arguing and you have school tomorrow.”

“No! You can’t tell me what to do! You’re not my mother!” Dean exploded. Y/N recoiled, stumbling backwards. Hurt crossed over her features, making Dean’s anger wash away.

“I-I’m sorry. I d-didn’t mean—I’m not—” Y/N stuttered, tears brimming her eyes. Dean rushed towards his older sister pulling her into a hug.

“Y/N I didn’t mean it. I’m sorry,” Dean said trying to hold back his own tears. Tears soaked the back of his shirt, but he didn’t care.

“It’s okay Dean. I forgive you.”

“But you really were my mother, more than you were my sister.”

Dean couldn’t move—couldn’t even scream, as he watched his family crying in agony as they were ripped apart by monsters with hideous faces. He caught a glimpse of Y/N’s bloody face, and her mangled hand as she tried to reach out to him.

“Dean!” she cried. “Dean! Wake up!” The images faded away, and Dean shot up out of bed with a gasp. His sister sat next to him, hands on his shoulders. “It’s okay Dean. It was just a dream.”

Dean gazed up at Y/N’s concerned face, and broke. Sobs racked his body that he desperately tried to control. He couldn’t stand being viewed as weak, especially in front of Y/N. He felt Y/N’s slim arms wrap around his form, pulling him to her. Dean forced the sobs and tears back, trying to regain his composure.

“Dean, hey. Stop it,” Y/N whispered. She put her hands on the side of his face, making him look at her. “Even the strongest people are allowed to break, Dean.” At her words, Dean let his act drop, and allowed his sister hold him while he broke.

But his sobs suddenly stopped, when she started singing. The gentle words flowed from her mouth, bringing a sense of calm to him. He then realized the song was “Hey Jude.”

“Hey Jude, don’t make it bad
Take a sad song and make it better
Remember to let her into your heart
Then you can start to make it better.”

Dean closed his eyes, and let Y/N’s voice lead him to a dreamless sleep.

“And you were always there when we needed you the most,” Sam continued.

Dean struggled against his restraints, trying to wiggle his wrists out of the rope. After a few minutes of more struggling, Dean finally slumped against the chair. Sam was still knocked out cold in the chair behind him. Dean sighed. Unfortunately, these shapeshifters were actually smart enough to tie the ropes right, and Dean was stupid enough to drop his pocket knife back at the motel.

A groan emitted from behind him, and Dean craned his neck to look at Sam. “Sammy? You alright?”

Sam grunted. “Y-yeah, I’m fine,” he grumbled. Dean let out a sigh of relief.

“You got your pocket knife?” Dean asked.

“Damnit! I must’ve dropped it or something,” Sam cursed.

“It’s okay, we’re gonna get out this,” Dean said. The door suddenly flung open, and three shapeshifters walked in. The man in the middle grinned, the two that flanked his sides stood at the doorway, guarding it.

“Well, well. Looks who’s finally up,” he sneered.

“Go to Hell,” Dean growled. The shapeshifter chuckled, smirking.

“I’d kill you two right here, and right now, but where’s the fun in that? Besides, I’m waiting for that older sister of yours to show up. Then it’ll be a party!” he cheered. Sam narrowed his eyes.

“You’re sick,” he hissed. The shifter shrugged.

“Would you expect any less from a monster?” He asked mockingly. “Well. While we’re waiting for your sister, why don’t we have a little fun?” He smirked, pulling out a knife. Dean’s eyes widened. The shifter walked around, and stopped in front of Sam. He dragged the knife tauntingly across his cheek, but not hard enough to break his skin.

Anger flared through Dean as the shifter taunted Sam, and he couldn’t do anything about it. Sam let out a cry of pain, when the shifter drug the knife across his arm.

“If you touch him one more time I’ll friggin kill you!” Dean snarled. The shapeshifter let out a cruel laugh, causing the hairs on the back of Dean’s neck to stand up.

“Oh? I’d like to see you try,” he replied cockily. The ropes dug even further into his wrists, his temptation to slit his throat growing. The door suddenly busted open, and two shots echoed throughout the room. The two shapeshifters that were guarding the door dropped to the floor, dead.

“Get the Hell away from my brothers,” a familiar voice said lowly.

The shifter looked startled. “How did you-”

“I guess you underestimated me,” she said smirking, before shooting him in the heart, promptly killing him. Y/N’s eyes shot towards Sam and Dean, and she rushed towards them.

“Are you boys okay?” she asked, cutting the ropes. The pressure of the ropes dropped, and Dean sighed, standing up.

“Yeah, we’re good. Nothing major,” Dean answered. Once both boys were untangled from the ropes, Y/N grabbed them by the lapels of their coats, pulling them to her chest. Dean was startled, but hugged his sister back affectionately. He felt something wet hit his face, and he realized she was crying.

“Y/N/N?” Sam asked. “Are you okay?” Y/N sniffled, pulling away.

“I thought I lost you boys,” she croaked. “You two are all I have left. I can’t lose you guys.”

“I promise Y/N, you’ll never lose us. We’ll never leave you.”

“You’ve taken care of us all our lives, but you thought you finally reached the point where you didn’t have to take care of us that way. You were wrong,” Dean said laughing lightly.

Y/N quietly picked the lock to the witch’s house, and slipped inside, beckoning the boys to follow. She motioned for the boys to take upstairs, while she took down. They nodded, and crept up the stairs. When they got to the top floor, they could hear a voice chanting softly in Latin. They followed the voice to the end of the hall, the chanting growing louder with every step they took.

Dean nodded to Sam, and he kicked open the door. The witch screamed, throwing powder at them before they could shoot. Y/N burst in the room, only to see the witch throw herself through window. Shards of glass rained down into the room, and Y/N ran to the window, only to see her jump off the garage roof below, and disappear into the night. Blood lined the window sill from where the witch cut herself on the glass. Y/N took a moment to wipe some blood up with a tissue. That could be useful later.

Y/N sighed, before turning around. She frowned, not seeing her brothers. The sound of a small whimper caused her to look down. Y/N recoiled, upon seeing two tiny toddlers resembling her 20 year old brothers. Their clothes had even magically shrunk.

“Sammy? Dean? Is that you?” she asked, slowly crouching down. Baby Sam’s bottom lip quivered, and he raced towards Y/N, tumbling into her arms. He let out loud sobs, fat tears rolling down his cheeks, soaking her shirt. Y/N sighed, picking up Sam, and cradling him in her arms.

“Shh. It’s okay Sammy. Everything is okay,” she cooed in his ear. Y/N felt a tug on the end of her flannel, and looked down. Dean’s hand was fisted tightly around the hem of her shirt, his green eyes big and wide.

“Y/N. It’s scawy here. I wanna leave,” Dean said. Y/N glanced around the room, noticing the dead rabbit hanging from the ceiling. She grimaced, looking back down at Dean.

“Me too. Let’s get out of here.” Y/N bent down, picking up Dean with the arm that wasn’t holding Sam. She carefully adjusted the boys so they were resting on her hips. Sam tiredly rested his head on her shoulder, shoving his thumb in his mouth.

You successfully made it to the Impala, and you set Dean down. It suddenly hit you that Dean had the keys. “Dean? Do you have the keys to the Impala?” you asked the toddler awkwardly. Dean nodded, shoving his hand into his tiny pocket, pulling out a large set of keys. He handed them to you, and you smiled, unlocking the car. You put Sam in the passenger’s seat, squeezing in Dean as well.

You closed the door on their side, careful not to smash any of their fingers, before jogging around to the driver’s side. You climbed in, settling into the leather seat sighing. You glanced over at your tiny little brother’s. Sam’s head was drowsily resting on Dean’s shoulder, thumb in his mouth. Dean was staring up out the window, his arm holding his brother to his side. You smiled at the sight. You pulled out your phone, snapping a quick picture. You’d get a crack out of showing the boys this once you turned them back to normal. You pocketed your phone, and started Baby, speeding back to the motel.

When you got back, the boys were both leaning against each other, snoozing peacefully. You carefully climbed out of the car, walking around to their side. You gently picked up both boys, placing them on your hip. Dean stirred, but fortunately didn’t wake. You had trouble opening the motel door with two toddlers in your arms, but your managed. You gently set them on your bed once inside, and groaned.

You assumed you had to kill the witch to return them to normal, but your couldn’t babysit and hunt the witch at the same time. You sighed, bowing your head. Cas? I need you. We have a problem.

The sound of fluttering wings filled the room, letting you know he arrived. You looked up, and met the blue-eyed angel’s gaze. “Yes, Y/N? What’s the problem?” he asked, concerned.

“That’s the problem,” Y/N said, pointing a finger at her brothers. Cas cocked his head, squinting his eyes in confusion.

“Those are two sleeping children,” he said bluntly. You sighed in aggravation.

“No. That’s Sam and Dean. A witch turned them into children,” you said, running a hand through your hair.


“I need you to figure out how to reverse the spell. I’m assuming you have to kill the witch. I can’t exactly bring two toddlers to kill a witch. So you can either babysit my little brothers, or reverse the spell,” you informed him. Cas looked at Sam and Dean awkwardly.

“I think I will take on the task of killing the witch,” he said. You nodded.

“That’s what I thought. I managed to get some blood of her’s on this tissue when she cut herself jumping through the window. This might be of some use to you.” Cas took the tissue nodding.

“I will be back soon,” Cas said, before disappearing.

You huffed running a hand over your face. A sudden squeal, followed by crying made you jerk your head towards your brothers. Sam was snuggled up on the bed, while Dean was sprawled face first on the ground bawling. This was gonna be a long night.

“We finally did get to take care of you once though,” Sam said, smiling.

Sam skimmed through articles on his laptop, looking for a possible case. Dean sat across from him, his feet propped up on the bunker’s table. Sam finally looked up, glancing at the clock.

“Hey, is Y/N still in her room? She doesn’t usually sleep in this late,” Sam said. Dean put down his coffee mug, shaking his head. “Let’s go check on her.” Dean heaved a sigh, before standing up following his brother.

They stood in front of Y/N’s door, and Sam rapped on it twice. “Y/N? You in there?” There was no reply. Sam frowned, but opened the door anyways. The light of the hallway flooded into her room, and on top of her bed sat a cocoon of blankets. Y/N’s head suddenly poked out from the mound of blankets. Her eyes were bloodshot, and her nose was red. She sneezed, groaning, before her head disappeared back into the blankets.

“Y/N/N? Are you alright?” Dean asked, now genuinely concerned.

“Just peachy,” came her reply, muffled by the blankets. Sam and Dean shared a knowing look, and the younger brother promptly exited her room. Dean approached Y/N’s bed, sitting on the edge. “Go away.”

“Not a chance sweetheart,” Dean said, turning on the lamp. He yanked down the blankets, so he could see her face, and she immediately flinched away from the light. “How are you feeling?”

“Like shit,” she said bluntly. Her face scrunched up, and she sneezed again. She huffed squeezing her body further into her cocoon.

Your door suddenly burst open, Sam emerging into your room with an ecstatic look on his face. “I’m back!” he announced loudly. His arms were overflowing with candy, chips, snacks, and tissues. He dumped it all on the end of the bed, clapping his hands together.

“What is all this?” Y/N asked, finally letting the blankets drop around her torso.

“You always take care of us. Let your little brothers take care of you for once,” Dean said smiling widely. You smiled, laughing.

“Thank you boys. You two are the best, also most annoying, little brothers ever,” you said, accepting a bottle of water from Sam. They both smiled brightly at you.

“Scoot over shorty,” Dean says, leaning against the headboard beside you. You scowled. Dean knew you hate being called shorty. Even though you were older, you seemed to not be able to reach Sam or Dean’s height. Dean was taller than you when he was 12. You still haven’t gotten over that.

Dean smirked at you, but it was soon wiped off his face when Sam crashed into you two on the other side. Dean tumbled off the bed, landing face first, with a painful grunt. You glared at Sam who shrugged innocently. Dean stood up, brushing off his jeans.

“Sam, do us a favor and suck in your gut and scoot over.” Dean said glaring at his younger brother. Sam pulled his classic bitch face. You snorted.

“Someone’s unamoosed,” you blurted out. Sam and Dean stared at you, before Dean doubled over laughing. You soon joined in his laughter. You and Dean continued laughing as Sam watched you two scowling.

You both finally regained your composure, and you slumped back down into your blankets. Dean climbed back on the bed with you and Sam, tugging the blankets towards him. You glared at him, and he just shrugged.

“What do you wanna watch princess?” Dean asked, turning on Netflix.

“Don’t call me that,” you grumbled. Dean just chuckled, ignoring your comment. He scrolled through episodes until you finally squealed, telling him to stop. “Riverdale!” you shouted at him. He groaned, but turned it on. You smiled triumphantly, opening the bag of chocolate Sam offered you. Dean watched your favorite tv show, alongside you and Sam smiling. Moments like these don’t happen very often. So he treasures them, even if he won’t admit it, because he believes that there isn’t anything better in the world than laughing and smiling with his siblings.

“But I failed you in the end,” Dean said, suppressing a sob.

Sweat dripped down the side of Dean’s face as he swung his machete, slicing the vampire’s head clean off. What was supposed to be a nest of 7 vamps turned out to be a nest of 19. To say they were unprepared is an understatement. Vampires were coming at the siblings left and right. They were barely avoiding getting their throats ripped out.

Dean took a moment to glance over at his sister. She gracefully fought off an attacking vamp, decapitating it. Her Y/C/H swung wildly, sticking to her face. She turned towards him, and her face formed into horror. Before Dean knew what was happening, he was pushed to the ground. The sickening sound of his sister’s screams filled the air. The vamp’s mouth was firmly attached to Y/N’s neck. Y/N’s eyes rolled to the back of her head, as her arms that were trying to push him away slowly fell limp to her sides. Dean was too shocked to move.

A machete suddenly sliced through his neck, promptly killing him. Sam was standing behind the vamp, horror stricken as Y/N crashed to the ground. Dean’s shock finally wore off as he scrambled towards his sister. Her body laid motionlessly on the ground, frightening Dean. He wrapped his arms around his sister, pulling her on his lap.

“It’s okay, princess,” Dean choked out. “You’re gonna be alright.” You shook your head.

“No,” you croaked. “I’m not gonna be alright. I’m dying, Dean.”

“Don’t say that,” Sam said, tears threatening to spill over his eyes. “We’re gonna get you help.” Your hand flew out, clasping his hand.

“It’ll be too late,” you whisper. “Promise me boys. Promise not to bring me back.”

“No!” Dean said suddenly. “You’re not gonna die! We can’t lose you. You’re all we have left.” Dean let out a strangled sob. “Why’d you do it? Why did you have to save me? Why didn’t you let me die instead?” You gripped his hand tighter.

“Cause you’re my brother,” you said firmly. “I don’t regret it. I would die a million times if it meant saving you. I love you. I love you both. You are my brothers. Nothing will ever change that. Not even death. You two mean everything to me, and I’m sorry,” your breathing shallowed. “Goodbye boys,” you whispered, and your eyes fluttered shut.

Dean shook your shoulder lightly. “Y/N? Sweetheart? Wake up,” he shook you more violently. “Y/N! WAKE UP! NO! Y/N!” Loud ugly sobs escaped his mouth, along with Sam’s. Dean cradled you to his chest, begging you to wake up. He willed you to open your eyes, one more time. To see your beautiful smile one more time. To hear your voice, soft and silky, telling him that everything would be alright. But your eyes didn’t open. You didn’t smile. Your mouth didn’t move, speaking gingerly to comfort him. And even through all the denial rushing through Dean’s veins, he knew deep down that you were dead, and you weren’t coming back.

Dean felt Sam’s hands curl around his shoulders and he tumbled into his arms. He didn’t care that his little brother was seeing him at his weakest moment. All he cared about was that his sister was dead. His older sister that treated Sam and Dean as if they were her own sons.

Sam and Dean’s cries of agony filled the silence, mourning the loss of their sister. They only had each other now, and it seemed like it just wasn’t enough.

Face Down

Originally posted by maxandalec

Request: Anonymous. Hey could y'all write something based on the song Face Down with dean? If you don’t like writing about that kind of stuff, it’s okay. :) thanks either way!

Pairing: Dean Winchester/Reader

Word Count: 1481

Warning: Mentions of mental abuse and physical abuse, language

Author: Brit and Amy

A/N: Again this was written for a request @crowleysplaythings and since I’m leaving the blog, just moving my work here!

Growing up, it had always been you and Dean Winchester. He was your best friend when you were kids, and as you got older it turned to something more at least on your part. There was no way that he would ever see you in that way. Watching him pick women up in bars had always been hard, so when you met Sean one night it seemed like your prayers were answered.

At first he was everything you wanted in a man- good looking, funny, attentive, made you feel like you were the only one in his world. That feeling didn’t last long, never does with guys like Sean. While everyone else saw the great guy, the one everyone wanted to hang out with, there was another side that didn’t come out unless you were alone together or he thought no one else might hear him.

The first time it was harsh words- “Stupid bitch” being muttered when you didn’t get beer quick enough for everyone. Dean heard it, though. One of the perks of being a hunter was excellent hearing. Sean was quick enough to laugh it off though, “Just messing around baby, c’mere,” he flashed Dean an innocent smile. Dean forced one back, the words stuck in his mind.

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Political Animals-Election Day (Part 15)

A/N: Warning for gun violence in this chapter FYI. Well we’ve come to the end of the road with this story.  Thanks to everyone for your comments and your enthusiasm.  There will be an epilogue after this, and then it’s on to the next story.  Thanks for reading!  Jen

This is an A/B/O AU.  You are the Omega artist daughter of Naomi Novak, a world-class heart surgeon who is running for Mayor of New York City.  After a meeting where your mother’s advisers call you a “liability”, she tells you that if you don’t do as your told she will cut you off.  You storm out and wind up in a bar a few blocks away.

The hottest Alpha you have EVER laid eyes on with a scent so mouthwatering you’re practically drooling offers to buy you a drink.  It’s just a drink, right? What do you have to lose? Only everything.

Characters: Omega! Reader, Beta! Naomi Novak, Alpha! Castiel Novak, Omega! Meg Novak, Claire Novak, Jimmy Novak, Alpha! Sam Winchester, Alpha! Dean Winchester, Alpha! John Winchester, Omega! Jo Harvelle

Big thanks to @moansmisha  for letting me use some of her ideas from this post.

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

Parts in bold are text messages

It’s finally here.  The day that has been the focus of the Winchester and Novak families for the past two years.  Election day.  Today is the that will decide it all. By the end of the night, we would know if all the back-stabbing, mud-slinging, and name-calling by my mother had been effective enough to win her the election.

John had flat out refused to stoop to her level.  If he was going to be the mayor, he was going to do it the same way he did everything else, with honesty and integrity.  I admired him for that.

This election had truly brought out the worst in my mother.  She used every opportunity to bad mouth us in the press. The latest story she had concocted was that Sam had gotten me pregnant to trap me into marrying him. Seriously??

Sam was much better than me at ignoring my mother’s bullshit and laughing it off. I was hormonal and cranky and I usually just wanted to wring her neck on a regular basis.  Cas was at a total loss.  He told me on the phone the other day he had no idea who my mom was anymore.

“My best guess is she’s been replaced by an alien…..or a robot…”  he joked.

“Or she’s just lost her damned mind,” I complained irritably. 

“May the best man win,” Cas said seriously, and we both laughed.

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