this is ridiculous

I’m fucking dying; we’ve got this three year old over, and he finds our Green Lantern mask, so he comes up to me wearing it and asks what Green Lantern’s powers are.  So I tell him Green Lantern has a ring that can ‘make anything he imagines’ (I mean he’s three, I’m not going to Get Into It) and he runs off.

And like 40 seconds later, we hear, “Ring, make me into the Flash!”

Fuckin’ COLD, man.

i was added as a wrong number in a group text between a bunch of moms planning for their daughters cheer leading tournament tomorrow, and like i was annoyed and gonna tell them they had the wrong person in but i’m also really hoping their girls do well tomorrow. Apparently its a big meet, the girls have been nervous about it but im sure they’ll do great. Lexi’s been prepping for this for like over a year and she bought new cheer shoes for it and everything. She’ll carry the team just like she did last year. What a champ


a humble homage to my favourite painting

like wtf is this painting i bust out laughign every time i look at it
'Force Awakens' One Year Later: John Boyega and Daisy Ridley's Post-'Episode VII' Gigs | Hollywood Reporter

This is exactly what I’m talking about.

A year after TFA, Daisy Ridley is set to star in 4 films and in talks for another. Only 1 is a CGI/voice over role.

Meanwhile, the article lists John Boyega’s roles in Pacific Rim 2, Kathryn Bigelow’s Untitled project, The Circle, and his theater role in Woyzeck.

On face value it seems that they’re doing equally well, until you remember that John booked and filmed The Circle before TFA and that his staring role in PacRim2 is partially because he’s also producing the film.

So Daisy Ridley has four staring roles lined up where all she had to do was basically audition, if that, while John Boyega has a theater role, a voice over in an animated ensemble Netflix remake (Watership Down), and a live action ensemble role (Bigelow’s Untitled Project). The only new starring role he has is in a film that he’s helping to make.

John had prior film experience before TFA and yet she’s the one with more booked, new gigs. Whiteness has always been a commodity and “qualification” in Hollywood. This is just another example of Black folks working twice as hard and getting half as far.


((OOC: There is literally no explanation for this.))


Are you following what’s happening over on Twitter, right now? Trump, today banned all EPA employees from giving social media updates. He also restricted all Environmental Protection Agency staff members from interacting with members of the Congress or the general public. And, so what happened afterwards? EPA twitter accounts started tweeting out climate change facts in defiance of Trump.

Life in my ADHD brain:

  • The back of my van is full of boxes of old clothing for the thrift store, and has been for over a month.  I remember this exactly once a week, when I go to put groceries there.
  • Maybe 30% of the time I go to put something in the microwave, there’s already something in there that I forgot earlier in the day.
  • I lose track of things that are in my hands.
  • Nobody is even surprised when I show no recollection of the content and import of conversations I just actively participated in.
  • I once showed up early to a twice-a-week commitment, and the first thing the next person through the door thought was that her clock must be badly off.
  • I tell people stories about things they were present for.  That one’s especially great–nothing like making it clear that you don’t even remember that someone was there at a memorable event.
  • As soon as I decide whether I want to pay the price listed, I lose all recollection of what an item cost me.
  • I remember exactly one phone number–my current one.  That’s it.