this is ridiculous

Cranky technophobic assholes who don’t like people ‘staring at screens all the time’ can kiss my ass for a thousand-mile list of reasons, but also because my kid can have friends who live hours away, and they can make videos of themselves telling her happy birthday for her to see actually on her birthday.  I remember when I was little and I had to go to my dad’s for the summer and Mamma could only afford, like, one phone call a week and I maybe got a letter from my best friend, and I was so alone and now none of it would have to be like that.

A bakery is facing legal action because it refused to write anti-gay comments on a cake for a customer

The customer bringing the claim against Azucar Bakery in Denver, Colorado, says he was the victim of ‘religious discrimination’ because they wouldn’t adorn cakes with the words ‘God hates gays’, and draw a picture of two men holding hands with a red cross above it.

Owner Marjorie Silva called the requests of Bill Jack ‘discriminatory and hateful’ and refused to decorate the cakes, saying: ‘We never refuse service. We did feel that it was not right for us to write hateful words or pictures against human beings.’

She did, however, offer to make Mr Jack the cakes and sell him some icing so her could decorate them himself.

Mr Jack was not satisfied with this response, telling a local news station he was being ‘discriminated against by the bakery based on my creed’.

He has filed a complaint with the Department of Regulatory Agencies, which have now placed the bakery under investigation, and could refer the complaint to the Colorado Civil Rights Commission if they feel that Mr Jack was being discriminated against.

Mr Jack is the head of the Worldview Academy, an organisation that exists to help people ‘think and live in accord with a Biblical worldview’.

Since the incident Ms Silva has received praise and support from people throughout the world who have contacted her via email.

  • Beyoncé:*starts non-profit organization that raises money to fund education, health & justice for women + donates $7 million to a housing complex in her hometown for the homeless + uses her Grammy performance slot to raise awareness about #BlackLivesMatter*
  • Y'all:Okay but Ledisi should have sang the song
  • Beyoncé & Jay Z:*attends Trayvon Martin rally*
  • Y'all:.....
  • Rihanna:*starts non-profit organization to improve the quality of life for communities globally*
  • Y'all:.....
  • J. Cole:*gets heavily involved in the Ferguson protests*
  • Y'all:*forgets*
  • Jay Z, Beyoncé, J Cole, Rih & others:*starts a streaming service that will benefit every single artist [especially the ones that aren't popular] as a means to slow down the death of the music industry and not get paid literal cents for millions of streams on other platforms.
  • Y'all:THESE MONEY HUNGRY MOTHERFUCKERS!11! The rich man always looking for more1!! They can come together for a streaming service that I'm not being forced to use yet they can't come together to raise awareness about social issues around the world?!?!?!!? *lines up to buy new pair of Jordans and latest Apple product*

Oh god, this has got to stop.

- you can buy books and be a bookworm
- you can go to the library and be a bookworm
- you can buy books AND go to the library and be a bookworm
- you can borrow books and be a bookworm
- stop it
- stop telling people what to do or not do with their money
- or what makes or doesn’t make them a bookworm
- that’s literally the only criteria
- thank you good bye

  • Lexa:Clarke, you should stay in Polis. For our people.
  • Clarke:Right, for our people. Um, my people need a well-rested leader, and the bed I've been sleeping in is kind of uncomfortable, so...
  • Lexa:Oh, then for our people, you can have my bed.
  • Clarke:Well, our people need you well-rested too, so for their sake, I suppose we should share a bed.
  • Lexa:Of course. For our people. I should warn you, it gets quite cold, so we'll have to cuddle all night long to keep warm.
  • Clarke:Sounds good. For our people!
  • Lexa:What people?
  • Clarke:What?
  • Lexa:What