this is ridiculous

Well, when I came downstairs dressed for the company holiday party, the six year old stopped mid-sentence and then he kept staring at me. I could interpret that a lot of ways but I’m going to choose to see it as a compliment.

So my kids are peacefully playing Pokemon in the library floor, and my mom starts reading some random magazine article aloud to them without even considering asking them if they give a fuck, and then I guess they didn’t both start staring at her all fascinated, because she stopped and demanded to know if they were paying attention. My daughter said she was. So then my mom starts quizzing her on the person in the article’s name, and the date, like damn woman if it wasn’t in front of you I doubt you’d remember. And bless, my daughter did actually regurgitate these useless facts! Stuff it, Nana!

But I tell you because not only does this bullshit exchange resemble most of my mother’s interactions with my kids, but this is how we treat kids as a culture. This is normal. They’re playing a game which requires specialized knowledge, math, reading, sportsmanship, strategy–a lot of thinking. And she still thinks it’s fine to demand that they drop everything and listen to her, because obviously whatever they choose to do doesn’t matter. And most people would see nothing wrong with this.

Kids are people. They deserve agency and respect.

I’m tired.

someone suggested thor secretly visiting dizzee and i was like…. his parents work with hair for a living, they would Know ok

and then i couldn’t stop thinking about this comic by the amazing ngozi and then this happened 

I’m fucking dying; we’ve got this three year old over, and he finds our Green Lantern mask, so he comes up to me wearing it and asks what Green Lantern’s powers are.  So I tell him Green Lantern has a ring that can ‘make anything he imagines’ (I mean he’s three, I’m not going to Get Into It) and he runs off.

And like 40 seconds later, we hear, “Ring, make me into the Flash!”

Fuckin’ COLD, man.

anonymous asked:

So in regards to the dragon have lips post how would Sahrotaar speak? I love your art ❤❤

(post in question)
OUHH MY GOD i have thought about this and I love serpentine dragons most of all but MAN they have gotta work on their dental 

Sahrotaar speaks by simply moving his jaw; there’s no skin movement at all in the model. This is likely an oversight on whoever remodeled the dragon face (on the same vein as Gatorclaws dropping fully-clawed recoloured deathclaw hands), but I’ll make do with what I’ve got.

They’re actually not that difficult once you look at their model! Their upper jaw actually tilts down, while their lower jaw is underslung and tilts up. This means the lower lip connects easily with the jaw, and there’s a lot of excess skin up around the eye, which seems to be hitched up all the time. This is probably resting position, but they can move it down when speaking (albeit with a little bit of difficulty). 

Their skin is likely a lot tougher than regular dragons due to having lighter scales, so speaking might be a problem due to restricted lip mobility. 

Of course serpentine dragons are also designed around eels, which have pharyngeal jaws in their throat, so I couldn’t resist