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Let’s make sure you Rest In Peace, Leelah Alcorn.

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The anti-SJ blogger looks fondly through a family scrapbook and finds an old photo of his grandparents campaigning at a civil rights rally in the 60s. Reeling from the revelation that he is descended from SJWs, he falls to his knees. All his life he had tried to pwn others, but by being born, life had pwn’d him


Revealed: SeaWorld whales are pumped with Valium and Xanax to control their aggressive behavior as animal rights group say ‘it’s the final straw’ for crisis-hit park

  • Orcas at SeaWorld given benzodiazepine to control aggressive behaviour
  • Revealed in documents in court battle between park and rival Marineland
  • Tourist spots in legal dispute over transportation of treasured whale Ikaika
  • Follows documentary Blackfish revealing park’s poor treatment of whales
  • Animal rights activists call revelation 'last straw’, say 'end is near’ for park
  • SeaWorld defends drugs, claims 'well-being of animals is highest priority’

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Frank shielding Karen because the last time this happened he lost his entire family, and he couldn’t lose her too.

Frank shielding Karen because she is the only person who was able to help him remember his family. 

Frank shielding Karen because she never stopped looking for the truth for him and his family. 

Frank shielding Karen because nothing is black and white and even though Frank is a killer and Karen knows that—she also knows it’s more complicated. Karen knows they belong in the grey. 

Frank shielding Karen and using his entire body so hopefully she never feels that kind of pain. 

Frank shielding Karen because for the first time in a very long time Frank finally feels something. 

Frank shielding Karen because he never wants to go without that feeling every again. 

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Ubisoft: Ezio Trilogy Remaster!

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