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Sorry for the late post, Reshiram was just busy picking flowers for the ball! When they heard it was going to be flower themed they got really excited because they love flowers ^^ If you want me to draw Reshi giving your character a flower, feel free to send an ask~

After a year I can finally publish my contribution to MONOCHROPHILIA - Zekrom x Reshiram anthology (zek-reshi-anthology)! It was a collab with one of the anthology coordinators, New, who drafted the two legendaries for me as I was art-blocked hard, eh. It was also thanks to his motivation that I produced anything at all. And I’m really thankful for that because it has been a great experience and also the anthology itself is a piece of art, both content and worksmanship but you’d have to touch it with your own fingers to know what I mean :D

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Any guesses on what "Reshi" means?

Well, low key prediction: I think that when Bast and Kvothe first meet, they are not going to get along. And so what if Reshi is meant as an insult or Bast uses it to mock him, and then it became a term of endearment? 

I’m sure there is some clues buried in the book hinting to what it actually means, knowing Pat, but I haven’t found them. 

Our basic [Rosharan] language families are:

Vorin: Alethi, Veden, Herdazian, and more distantly Thaylen. Nathan is close to dead, but shares a root, and Karbranthian is basically a dialect. Other minor languages like Bav are in here.

Makabaki: Azish is king here, and most the languages around split off this. There are around thirty of these.

Dawnate: A varied language family with distant roots in the dawnchant. Shin, parshendi, Horneater. They share grammar, but they diverged long enough ago that the vocabulary is very different.

Iri: Iriali, Reshi, Purelake dialects, Riran, and some surrounding languages.

Aimian: These two are lumped together, but are very different. Probably what you were looking for.

That isn’t counting spren languages, of course. I might have missed something. Typing on my phone without my wiki handy.

Brandon on Rosharan languages

Eastern Rosharans using the word “Wine” for a variety of types of alcohol, when only rare imports from Shinovar actually come from a grape, and naming animals things like “hound” when they only vaguely resemble a creature from Shinovar. (Or the term silk, which is harvested from plants that float in the ocean. Or using the word ‘cremling’ for any kind of small crustacean or insect, which is a linguistic expansion of the word over the centuries, when there used to be two distinct terms for them.)
Vorin languages, in particular, lend themselves to this kind of simplification of terms. [Source:]


[1:18:02 PM] idiot™ : “why would this bitch even haunt this room it looks like a fucking mess”
“ivan this is how we get killed”
[1:19:21 PM] Ivan 💙💙: like a knife is thrown in the dark and nearly hits my head but lands on the wall next to me
[1:19:28 PM] Ivan 💙💙: “oooh appreciate the cool knife
[1:19:31 PM] Ivan 💙💙: see Sophia they are nice”

i cannot fucking believe you @thatoneivan

Ari’s Christmas Countdown!!!

3 Days Until Christmas: NAME OF THE WIND FANS, HERE YOU GO. A friend of mine and I were discussing this, and we came up with this beautiful gem~ Kvothe is obviously skilled enough to carry around the refreshments on his head, and Bast well… those antlers are ADORABLE~ Though lets not mention the small pun that comes with them xD

Happy Holidays to the Waystone Inn and the NotW fans!!!


The Roshar Project

 The Reshi Isles

The Reshi Isles are a collection of islands on the northern edge of Roshar in the Reshi Sea. The weather is warm and overwhelmingly humid. The rainfall often forms a misting haze.