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After a year I can finally publish my contribution to MONOCHROPHILIA - Zekrom x Reshiram anthology (zek-reshi-anthology)! It was a collab with one of the anthology coordinators, New, who drafted the two legendaries for me as I was art-blocked hard, eh. It was also thanks to his motivation that I produced anything at all. And I’m really thankful for that because it has been a great experience and also the anthology itself is a piece of art, both content and worksmanship but you’d have to touch it with your own fingers to know what I mean :D

Non-Sexual Acts of Intimacy - Corlas

 Yeah, this ship will also be the death of me. I didn’t allow Corrin to marry anyone else by Silas in all three routes. XD;; Also, very, very brief mention of blood in the third drabble!

  • Cuddling in a blanket fort

“Looks like they’ve finally exhausted themselves…” Corrin murmured. Ruby eyes gazed fondly as Sophie and Kana lay sound asleep on the carpeted floor. The couch, pillows, and chairs surrounding them held up the large blankets that made up their impromptu little fort.

“Precious, aren’t they?” Silas, who was seated behind Corrin and had his arms laced around her waist, rested his chin on her shoulder. He, too, smiled at the sight of their two young children curled up on the floor. He cherished the time they spent with as a family – it was almost surreal that his best friend was now his wife and mother of his children. As hard as he fought to return to her side after being so cruelly separated as kids, he never thought that marriage and a family would ever come to fruition for them. He truly was a lucky guy.

Corrin’s chuckle pulled him from his thoughts. “What’s so funny, Corrie?”

“Nothing, it’s just…” Her lips curved into a deeper smile. “It brings back memories of the blanket fort we made as kids.”

Silas gasped, eyes widening in excitement. “You remember that?”

She nodded, recalling the memory as if it happened yesterday. “It was raining, so we couldn’t sneak out of the fortress. But we snuck into the linen closet near my room and stole a whole bunch of pillows and blankets. It was huge, and I remember one of the blankets having this hideous shade of green and purple…” Corrin giggled again. “We stayed in there for hours just talking and playing…”

“And then Jakob found us…” Silas picked up with a sheepish grin. “He scolded us something terrible.”

“Oh gods, he was so livid… screaming about dirtying such clean linens…” Corrin could almost hear her butler’s voice screeching in disdain. “He finally relented when we both burst into tears and started apologizing over and over…”

“We certainly had an eventful childhood, didn’t we?” Silas nuzzled his nose against Corrin’s cheek, earning a soft purr from his wife. “Makes it worth everything we had to go through to find each other again.”

“Indeed…” She smirked at her husband before playfully tackling him to the floor. She didn’t have the heart to wake the kids up, but also didn’t want to leave them here all alone. “For old time’s sake, let’s sleep here for the night.”

Cradling her in his arms, Silas lay beside her and returned the heartfelt smile. “You’ll hear no objections from me.” After making himself comfortable, he smooched her forehead before regaling her with more stories from their childhood.

  • Sharing a bed

Silas officially vowed to drag Corrin to their treehouse whenever she refused to call it a day and rest. She was guilty of pushing herself too hard when it came to training and leading their army. Her incessant need to be on top of things and look after everyone was cutting into her sleep schedule. He warned her that she would run herself ragged, but she was a stubborn ass, insisting that she was fine.

Naturally, Corrin succumbed to her exhaustion later that day in the mess hall. Everyone bore witness to the princess seat herself down for her meal, only for her to pass out cold into her bowl of rice. Much to Niles and Takumi’s amusement if their boisterous laughter was anything to go by. Exasperated, Silas was forced to carry his wife up to their resting quarters. She managed to crack her eyes open long enough for Silas to ask permission to remove her armor so she could sleep comfortably. She gave little more than a nod and mumbled a bit of barely understandable gibberish (“ ‘M sleepin’ to train the army Monday—zzzzz…”) before passing out again. All Silas could so was shake his head and snicker at her expense as he set to work.

Once he has every piece of hard armor removed, Silas lovingly tucked Corrin in on her side of the bed. While he did have some other plans to tend to, he chose to remain with her for the rest of the day. His own armor was discarded as well before he climbed in beside her. With a hand propping his head up, he admired the sleeping beauty while stroking her hair affectionately. He was so used to seeing her war-hardened expressions on the battlefield, her frowns and grimaces toward enemies, and her friendly smiles toward her friends. But here, behind closed doors, only Silas was allowed the privilege of seeing his hard-working wife at such peace. Peace she surely deserved with everything she was going through… She deserved to be happy, and he could only hope that he brought her even a fraction of that very happiness.

“We admire your tenacity, Corrie, but you’re no use to us if you don’t take care of yourself.” Silas enveloped her body in his arms as he settled himself beneath the sheets. Corrin hardly moved, but she sighed pleasantly at sensing her husband cradling her. When she leaned her head into his chest with a quiet groan, Silas kissed her cheek and then her lips. “Sweet dreams, love…”

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Our basic [Rosharan] language families are:

Vorin: Alethi, Veden, Herdazian, and more distantly Thaylen. Nathan is close to dead, but shares a root, and Karbranthian is basically a dialect. Other minor languages like Bav are in here.

Makabaki: Azish is king here, and most the languages around split off this. There are around thirty of these.

Dawnate: A varied language family with distant roots in the dawnchant. Shin, parshendi, Horneater. They share grammar, but they diverged long enough ago that the vocabulary is very different.

Iri: Iriali, Reshi, Purelake dialects, Riran, and some surrounding languages.

Aimian: These two are lumped together, but are very different. Probably what you were looking for.

That isn’t counting spren languages, of course. I might have missed something. Typing on my phone without my wiki handy.

Brandon on Rosharan languages

Eastern Rosharans using the word “Wine” for a variety of types of alcohol, when only rare imports from Shinovar actually come from a grape, and naming animals things like “hound” when they only vaguely resemble a creature from Shinovar. (Or the term silk, which is harvested from plants that float in the ocean. Or using the word ‘cremling’ for any kind of small crustacean or insect, which is a linguistic expansion of the word over the centuries, when there used to be two distinct terms for them.)
Vorin languages, in particular, lend themselves to this kind of simplification of terms. [Source:]

Non-Sexual Acts of Intimacy - Burafu

Bury me in this ship, okay? Okay. Enjoy the drabbles, and excuse any errors!

  • Finding them wearing their clothes

Dark Pit’s angelic attire did not allow for much warmth, especially when winter hit. What also didn’t help was the mansion’s heating system dying in the middle of the night. While he and Robin were nice and toasty under the blankets of their bed, Dark Pit eventually had to get up and start preparing breakfast. The moment he flung the covers off, he was jolted by the sudden chill in the room. Frowning, he grabbed Robin’s tactician robe and threaded his arms through the oversized sleeves. The warmth was instant, enveloping his body and calming the shivers.

Robin arose nearly half an hour later. He, too, was overcome by the frigid air and was forced to grab the actual comforter off the bed. The sun was just now creeping over the horizon as he walked into the main living area of the dorm. While the smell of freshly brewed coffee and biscuits washed over his senses, it was the sight of his beloved angel clad in his coat that brought a fond smile to his face. Robin walked up behind Dark Pit, wrapping his arms around the angel’s waist while nuzzling his nose into thick, dark hair. 

“Morning, Raven.”

“Morning, Reflet…” His stride remained unbroken as he finished cooking the eggs and sausages for them. After plating them, he turned to face the tactician, lifting himself onto his tiptoes to reach the other’s lips. They exchanged a few soft, languid kisses before Dark Pit leaned his head against Robin’s chest. “Heat broke last night…”

“…Well, that explains everything…” Robin completely enveloped Dark Pit in his arms so he could be wrapped up in the blanket as well. Smiling, he murmured something he knew would fluster the angel. “You look adorable in my coat, by the way.”

“…I hate you…” Yet the angel made no effort to move out of his lover’s embrace. Robin simply smirked as he kissed the other’s forehead.

“Let me guess: I’m not getting my coat back?”


  • Head Scratches

As aggro as Dark Pit was in the public eye, he was a literal cat behind closed doors. And no one could tell Robin any different.

Like any cat, Dark Pit would make it very known when he wanted Robin’s attention. Whether it was stealing his coat, wearing it, and then refusing to give it back; demanding that Robin spar with him; or just flat out intruding upon the tactician’s space, Dark Pit got his way no matter what. Anyone could accuse Robin of being whipped, but his immediate defense would be that whatever his angel wanted, he got. Plain and simple. Robin had no issue whatsoever with catering to his every need and desire.

Tonight was no different. Robin was curled up on the sofa and nose-deep in a book. Dark Pit had finished up a shower after some sparring with Palutena and Pit. Now that he was all freshened up, all he wanted to do was spend the rest of the night with his significant other. Amber eyes lifted their attention from the black and white pages to see the angel walking right over to him. As if on cue, Robin parted his legs so Dark Pit could lay between them and rest his head on the tactician’s chest. Smiling, Robin waited patiently for him to adjust and make himself comfortable before threading his fingers through black hair. Returning his attention to his book, he curved his fingers and began to give soft scratches to Dark Pit’s head. Instantly, the angel purred deeply in sheer contentment. As quiet as they were, Robin could feel the reverberations through his chest, right above his heart. He would never tire of this.

“Comfortable, Raven?”


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Keepsake - Link x Pit

Day 4 - Blue

“I don’t want to leave just yet.”

“Me neither. I wish we had more time together, but…”

“…yeah. Time to head back to our respective homelands.”

“If it’s any consolation, I wish I could move to Skyworldwith you.”

“Well, I wish I could live with you in Hyrule. It sounds so beautiful and peaceful.”

“But Skyworld needs you… and Hyrule needs me. Such is the obligation we have as heroes.”

“Both a blessing and a curse, but at least it’s fun! Heh heh…”

“Heh, I won’t lie, it is.”

“…Looks like Lady Palutena is ready to take me back home… So I guess this is goodbye?”

“…No, angel. Only see you later.”

Pit smiled at those words, cuddling closer into Link’s arms as the hero leaned down to kiss him deeply. A single tear slid down the boy’s cheek, so when Link pulled back, he gave him a sad little smile, wiping said tear away.

“Ah ah ah… it’s a sin for an angel to cry,” he said softly, the slight crack in his voice signaling that he was fighting against tears of his own.

“S-Sorry…” Pit sighed, glancing over at Palutena before turning his attention back on Link, a worried look on his face. “…Does this mean… we have to break up?”

“Not at all… we can still make it work… Find a way to visit each other and maybe write back and forth.” Link looked as if he were dying to say something else, but he held his tongue for the moment.

Pit accepted that and nodded with a relieved sigh. “Good…”

“Before you go, I have something for you to take back home with you.” With that, Link reached in his pockets, pulling out a blue tunic that very much resembled his signature Hero’s Clothes. He held it out for the angel – it was sized to fit his smaller body, and the hero had even taken care to sew two holes in the back to accommodate Pit’s wings.

“I remember on mornings after you spent the night in my dorm, you took a huge liking to wearing my tunics when you were too lazy to find your own clothing… So I thought that maybe you would like one of your very own to wear.”

Pit’s eyes lit up instantly and made grabby hands at the tunic, taking it into his grasp and nuzzling his face into it. He swooned on the spot – it had Link’s scent in it… Which meant… “Wait, this is yours, isn’t it?”

Sheepishly, Link nodded. “You always mention how nice I smell, so… I altered that particular just for you. So yeah, it was mine, but now it’s yours. I have plenty more where those came from, but I chose the blue one because it reminds me of your eyes.”

Gorgeous blue angel eyes that the Hylian could gaze at for days on end and never get sick of it.

“Really?” That just made Pit melt all over, but now he felt a little bad because he didn’t think to get Link any kind of goodbye present, and it would be a while before the next Smash tournament… He had his lover’s tunic to remind him of Link until they next saw each other, so the Hylian deserved something in return.

Glancing down at his person, Pit ran a hand over his collarbone, feeling the silk scarf he always wore with his chitons in battle (and how ironic, he happened to wearing his blue chiton today). Eyes widened when an idea hit him, and he unpinned the light blue scarf from his shoulders, handing it over to Link along with the sapphire pin that held it in place.

“Here, i-it’s not much, but—“

“It’s perfect.” The Hylian gladly accepted the scarf and pin, slipping it around his neck and affixing the pin to his chest with a smile. Something nice to remind him of his little angel while they were apart for… well, who knows how long.

Still clutching the tunic to his chest, Pit leaned up onto his tip-toes for one final kiss before very reluctantly and very slowly pulling away, his wings lighting up with the Power of Flight. “I love you, Link.”

“And I love you, too, angel.” Link took a step back, his body slowly fading away as the Triforce of Courage glowed on the back of his hand – His own goddess was taking him back to Hyrule, and he waved at Pit as the angel leapt into the skies.


Several years passed, and after numerous letters and visits to each other’s homelands, things were going pretty well between the two. Pit noticed Link was aging little by little with each visit – hair growing longer, cheekbones sharpening, chin squaring, and eyes growing bolder in color - but it never bothered him. Link, on the other hand, seemed to be enjoying the apparent retirement from his usual hero work, since Hyrule was at peace now, and he was back to being a simple ranchhand. Although, there were moments where some of Ganondorf’s old enemies would try to cause an uproar, but Link was there to dispatch them.

The two lost contact for a bit when the Underworld Army attacked Skyworld and, naturally, Pit had to focus all of his attention on saving Palutena and the humans of his world while fighting against Medusa and Hades. Eventually, he won out and succeeded in saving his world – he was even rewarded with another invitation to return to the fourth Smash tournament. It was only a year away, and Pit excitedly wrote a letter to Link gushing about returning as a veteran fighter. Moreover, he was just happy about seeing his beloved hero again.

…He never received a response back.

A month passed… then two… then four… then six… then eight

Pit was worried out of his mind by the ninth month. Link was always prompt with his replies… Although, the last letter he received was Link apologizing for having to cancel their last visit as he had fallen ill. The angel made sure to wish him a speedy recovery in his letter… He didn’t want to think of anything bad having happened to the Hylian. Perhaps something similar to the Underworld Invasion occurred in Hyrule that required Link’s immediate attention…

Before he knew it, an entire year had passed by with no word from Link as Pit prepared for the new Smash tournament. He penned one last letter to his hero before heading to the new tournament with Palutena and Dark Pit in tow.


“I wonder if he’s competing again this year…”

“I’m sure he is; I haven’t heard anything to suggest the contrary.”

“…I just hope he hasn’t forgotten about me.” Link cast a downward glance at the floor, a frown tugging at his mouth. “A couple of years after the tournament ended, we lost contact with each other, and I haven’t heard from him since.”

“Don’t forget you’re not the only one tasked with saving his homeland, Mr. Hero.” Peach teased with a lighthearted giggle. “Perhaps something happened in Skyworld that needed his immediate attention.”

The Hylian didn’t even need to ponder that thought to understand it – he and his ancestors before him had more than enough experience in that area. “Very true…” He stole a glance at the sunny skies and allowed a small smile to cross his face, slim fingers nimbly curling up into the light blue scarf Pit had given him six years previous. “If that’s the case, then I hope he’s alright.”


“Well, here we are! Home sweet home for the next few months!” Pit excitedly announced, bounding up the stone steps and into the foyer of the mansion. Palutena chuckled at her captain’s bravado.

Joy…” Dark Pit deadpanned, his arms crossed as he followed behind at a leisurely pace. A hard roll of the eyes further hinted at his lack of enthusiasm.

“Oh, chin up, Pittoo. This is supposed to be fun, and no one likes a killjoy,” was Palutena’s gentle and playful reprimand to the dark angel. “I’m quite looking forward to this; it’s been years since I’ve been able to partake in battle. Hopefully, I haven’t grown rusty.”

Lay off with the stupid nickname,” the brooding angel growled. “You know how much I abhor it.”

Pit, ignoring the usual comment from his dark counterpart, giggled at the goddess’ words. “Nonsense, Lady Palutena. I know you’ll give everyone a run for their money with your fighting prowess.”

“That’s kind of you, Pit. I’m sure I’ll be giving you a run for your money as well!”

Flustered by her comment, Pit merely glanced to the side, “A-Anyways, before we head to our dorms, there’s someone I really need to find. I had to drop everything when Medusa invaded Skyworld three years ago, and in turn, I lost contact with Link.” He explained with a solemn tone – he sincerely hoped that Link was alright…

“Is that why you’re wearing that weird looking tunic-thing?” Dark Pit inquired, staring at the clothes Pit was currently wearing. As out of place as it seemed to look on the white angel, Pit had added his own blue accessories to it so it would match properly.

“…Yeah, Link gave them to me. I made a bit of a promise to myself that I would wear them if I was invited back to the tournament.” Pit skimmed his fingers along the collar, a bit of a smile spreading across his lips. “Something probably just happened where my letter got lost or something, I’m pretty sure he’s here. And I think I know where to look!”

Pit lead them through the main floor of the mansion and out into the vast gardens. Since Link was a nature lover, this was his first guess as to where he thought the Hylian would be. Around a maze of stone benches, vibrant rose bushes, and lush shrubbery, the heavenly trio came upon Link and Peach sitting together and chatting beneath a large oak tree.

The three caught the attention of the knight and princess, but as soon as Link laid eyes on Pit, a dorky albeit happy smile of sheer relief bloomed on his face. His angel hadn’t changed a single bit from what he could see – and then his heart was sent fluttering upon seeing him clothed in the very tunic he’d given him.

Palutena and Dark Pit watched how bright Pit’s eyes and face lit up the instant he saw his boyfriend – and the scarf that was pinned around his neck. Wordlessly, the two lovers ran to each other and shared a snug embrace. Neither angel nor Hylian spoke a word – they didn’t need to. The angel’s tight grip on the back of Link’s tunic, and the knight’s hands and face buried in Pit’s hair said it all: they were beyond relieved to know that the other male was okay, and they were overjoyed to be reunited with one another.

The whole reason behind them becoming pen pals was to maintain their inseparable bond in the first place, but the two years of not seeing or hearing from each other clearly showed that it was iron-clad. The feelings, the affection, the love – it was all still there, as fresh as the day they had first confessed their feelings to one another.

It seemed like hours before the two finally separated enough for heavenly blue to meet feral cerulean, both of them wearing matching smiles. No tears were shed, but they were practically glued to each other – Link running his fingers through Pit’s hair, and the angel just playing with the Hylian’s hat.

“I missed you, angel. I’m really sorry I lapsed in communication, my illness was preceded by Ganondorf attacking Hyrule again…”

“Missed you, too, hero. Apology accepted, though I owe you an apology as well considering Medusa and Hades attacked Skyworld after my last visit with you.”

“We’re heroes, it’s our job to drop everything for the sake of our homelands. No apology necessary, angel.”

Pit was relieved to hear that and chuckled. “In that case, it seems we have a lot of catching up to do! I need to tell you ALL about my adventure and how I got stuck in Hade’s mouth and kinda had to beg to be let out, and I even have a twin named Pittoo… you know like, Pit Two, because he’s a second Pit, but just my darker half–”

Stop CALLING me THAT, Pit-stain!”

Link merely started laughing as Pit rambled on, and he even offered a polite wave to Dark Pit. This was going to be quite the interesting Fourth Smash… Although, his eyes wandering back to the tunic Pit was wearing - he decided that his angel looked very nice in blue. Maybe he would get him some matching jewelry…

…Perhaps a sapphire engagement ring?