this is reminds me of scooby doo

“Ted... I’ve got a serious question.”

Ted the Animator: “Huh? Wait, what’s wrong?”

Carl the Animator: “Nothing huge, just… do you have a second?”

Ted the Animator: “…I’ve never seen you like this before. Did someone die?!”

Carl the Animator: “No, no, chill, I’ve just got something bugging me right now. Can we talk?”

Ted the Animator: “Yes! Yes. The pen’s down, just say it… goodness, you’re freaking me out, here.”

Carl the Animator: “Ok, well, here goes…. I think I can do it. Deep breaths, staying calm… just need to–”

Ted the Animator: “JUST *SAY* IT!”

Carl the Animator: “…speaking of staying calm.”

Ted the Animator: “Sorry, sorry… suspense about seemingly-bad things always freaks me out.”

Carl the Animator: “Well, uh… to put it simply… when I was a kid, I’d watch Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and–”

Ted the Animator: “…wait, what?

Carl the Animator: “In Rudolph, they have this song, and–”

Ted the Animator: “What on earth does this have to do with anything?”

Carl the Animator: “The song the elves sing… why do they sing abou–”

Ted the Animator: …wait, all that wind-up was for a question about freakin’ Rudolph? I thought you were seriously traumatized over something!”

Carl the Animator: "This is a very serious and traumatizing matter.”

Ted the Animator: ”…huh?”

Carl the Animator: “Have you seen Rudolph before, Ted?“

Ted the Animator: "Like, meaning the ‘60s Christmas special? Uh… yes?”

Carl the Animator: “Do you remember the elves’ song?”

Ted the Animator: “l think? Sorta?”

Carl the Animator: “Have you ever really thought about it?”

Ted the Animator: “…no. No, Carl, I haven’t.”

Carl the Animator: "I envy you. There are darker implications hiding just under the surface.”

Ted the Animator: ”…”

Carl the Animator: “Part-way in, the elves perform their big song for Santa. Not just any song, mind you – one praising and extolling the virtues of Santa, and how their lives revolve around him.”

Ted the Animator: “…uh-huh?”

Carl the Animator: "Doesn’t it seem just a little weird to sing a song like that directly to the subject? Either they have an unhealthy adoration of their employer, which is creepy, or Santa requires them to sing it, which is even creepier.”

Ted the Animator: ”…hm.”

Carl the Animator: “And it doesn’t end there. Oh no, that’s just the beginning.”

Ted the Animator: “Uh-oh.”

Carl the Animator: "During their song, we see all these reactions where Santa’s irritated…” 

Carl the Animator: ”…even unwilling to mask his disappointment and boredom.”

Ted the Animator: “Not exactly his jolly old self, huh?”

Carl the Animator: "Not at all, Ted… not at all.”

Carl the Animator: "And to top it all off, at the end, he just says ‘Well, it needs work. I have to go’…”

Carl the Animator: "And just leaves, slamming the door on his way out.

Ted the Animator: ”…oh.”

Carl the Animator: “No thank-you given. No ‘Gee, elves, I really appreciate this tribute you’ve practiced all year for me.’ Santa gives them nothing but a reminder that they don’t hold up to his standards, and further neglection.”

Ted the Animator: "That… wow.”

Carl the Animator: "In that moment, as a kid, I realized the true villain of the story wasn’t the Bumble… it was Santa all along.

Ted the Animator: ”…I had no idea Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was an allegory for emotionally-abusive relationships.”

Carl the Animator: “We can only guess as to what Yukon Cornelius and his sled dogs might represent.”

I swear when Lotor said, “Princess Allura and the lions were in my grasp, but Voltron stopped me again.” it reminded me of those “If it wasn’t for those meddling kids” comments from Scooby Doo. Fitting considering the guy who voices Lotor in this version also voiced Scrappy Doo.

I half expected Lotor to say, “Altea would’ve been in my grasp if it wasn’t for that sexy Blue Paladin and the lions.”

Random Galra: Wait. Blue Paladin?

(Zarkon blinks and Haggar face palms herself)

Lotor: Did I stutter?


- boobs and “fuck” because showtime
- Edgy Cooper makes me so upset to watch but obviously that’s intentional so kudos lynch i guess
- if shelly and james hook up i stg
- it was a sweet sendoff for log lady :(
- andy and lucy are ADORABLE, and i love that hawk was promoted. but is truman coming back or…?
- i was pleased to have at least some grasp of the plot - not nearly enough, but with lynch it’s different
- okay so if your single job is to fucking watch a box, im pretty sure its a bad idea to a) invite a hot fellow heterosexual white lady into your office, b) engage in a wholesome closed-eye make out session, and c) BANG AT AN ANGLE WHERE YOU CAN’T WATCH THE FUCKING BOX. HE COULD HAVE MULTITASKED AND PAID ATTENTION TO BOTH BEFORE THE GODDAMN SILENCE FROM DOCTOR WHO POPPED OUT AND TURNED THE SHOW INTO AMERICAN HORROR STORY SEASON 7
- Laura and Leland were great.
- JERRY HORNE!!!!!! He looked like he went through a midlife crisis and began growing weed in the mountains right next to his own private petting zoo. like that whole look was fucking iconic - his mother’s beanie, the santa beard, the khaki shorts OVER pants…. thank god for jerry horne
- okay here’s the thing shaggy from scooby doo should not have been in this, because when that dude got arrested all i could think or say was “ruh-ro”
- i liked phyllis though, she was like catherine martell-level badass. too bad dumb Edgy Cooper had to take her out
- i really liked the lady from ruby’s apartment complex with the dog. 10/10
- Edgy Cooper’s Edge Squad looks like the scooby doo kids if they did hard meth instead of pot
- i hate that this reboot keeps reminding of me of scooby doo
- idk man some of those graphics looked straight outta spy kids
- SPEAKING OF WHICH, what the FUCK was going on with that TREE THING????????????????????????? I COULDN’T STOP LAUGHING???
- at one point hawk was so close to saying “dale cooper? i haven’t heard that name in years”
- im liking constance, i hope she comes back
- the police dept in south dakota had a single mountain on their patch, which makes me wonder if it’s like the doppelgänger of twin peaks? like one peak? idk the episodes gave us a lot of screentime there - we saw a murder, a school day, an investigation, law enforcement, cooper’s doppelgänger, wacky townies, and containment, which is clearly a theme in this new series. let the theories begin
- it didn’t have the twin peaks heart to it that i adore. idk it wasn’t nearly as enjoyable as even my first time watching the original series - it was just frustrating. the quote “something wonderful and strange” kind of applies here: with the original series, i immediately could tell that it was something BOTH wonderful and strange. with this, so far, it’s just… strange.
- let’s talk about product placement. Edgy Cooper’s ownership of a Surface Pro raises so many questions: does he prefer tablet mode or laptop mode? did he lose his stylus pen? did he literally go through the process of walking into a microsoft store, asking to purchase a surface pro, specifying that “no, [he] wants the BLACK keyboard, not the pink,” paying with Real Cooper’s credit card, and also picking up a copy of How to Understand Modern Technology for Dummies because he’s possessed by an ancient lodge spirit that speaks in a series of animalistic screams and laughter?
- honestly im just happy they mentioned garland briggs, it gives me hope. threw me a bone
- Real Cooper better get the fuck out of The Void real quick so i can hear more musings on tibet and idealistic quirky comments about philosophy and coffee
- all in all, stressful but i mean worth it i guess
- lynch continues to treat women like objects 60% of the time
- im excited, yet nervous, to watch more. i love this show, past and future (sigh), so much!!

even i don’t realize just how much i love scooby doo until you bring up one of the greatest movies or our time, scooby doo on zombie island, or something vaguely reminds me of the scooby doo crossovers w/ johnny bravo or batman or the addams family

Good Girl Ch 47: Lets Play A Game

Warning, this does contain a pretty aggressive, almost rapey, scene so you’ve been warned.


Where is Joker? Where the hell am I? My eyes scan around the small cement room. A single light bulb is hanging from the ceiling, illuminating the room enough for me to realize there is no windows, just a bare mattress and a bucket in the corner. There is metal door on the far wall, a dial is in the center of it, guess This going to be harder than me just stealing a key from someone. I wonder how long I’ve been sleeping. Looking down I see that I’m still in my jeans and sweatshirt, no cuts or bruises, my head just kind of hurts. With a deep breath I push up and stubble towards the door, the ground is cold against my bare feet. I pull on the door once but it doesn’t give.

Shit. But what should I expect, that they would just leave it unlocked.

After another tug it opens, but not because of me. One of those fucking masks appears but no one is actually wearing it, just holding it in the small opening for a second. It lowers to reveal a tall pale man with bright purple hair. My alarms are buzzing making me take a step back. The man cocks his head before a small smirk spreads across his face.

“Good morning Kitten,” He purrs in a deep voice. He vaguely reminds me of a young Seunghyun and that only makes me more unnerved. His words take a moment to register.

“Morning? It’s morning already?”

“Already? You’ve been asleep for almost 15 hours. We were starting to worry that we killed you. Can’t be doing that too early, we have so much planned for you.” The grin spread on his face makes my skin crawl.

“What do you want?” I demand.

“Nothing from you Kitten, the twelve men in the tall building on the other hand, we want something from them and doing this is apparently the only way to get it.”

“You aren’t going to hurt them are you? What about Joker, where is my friend?” I step closer to the giant, ignoring my common sense to stand down and cower in the corner.

He chuckles, “What a brave little girl. Your friend is fine, just be a good girl and behave or neither of you will be by the end of this.” I gulp but nod and drop back into the corner on the mattress. “All you need to do to make it threw is not to be brave. Show your fear, cry a lot, be a normal hostage, not this brave faced baby who seems to care more about others than herself. Can you do that? Can you act like a scared child?”

I just nod as I curl into myself.

He snickers, “Good. Now come on, get your ass back up, we’re going to go play.”

“I don’t want to play anything,” I mumble softly but stand back up.

“What? I heard that you were a fan of playing games, roleplaying and even dress up, but we will get the last one later. Now come on,” He grabs my hand and quickly drags me out of the room. I don’t really have a chance to look around the red room beyond the door, my eyes are fixed on the masked man playing the piano. The sound coming from the normally calm instrument sends chill down my spine. Circus music plays loudly as he slams his hands down on the keys even as he glances over his shoulder at me he is able to continue. As the song appears to reach its climax five more men jump out in colorful suits, some from behind the couch, one appears from right behind me. If this man hadn’t been holding my arm I would be on the ground, he laughs at my reaction as I jump back slightly. For a minute I consider hiding behind him but decide against it when he releases my hand to put is mask on partially. I hold my hands to my chest when he tries to reach for me again, taking a few steps back I find myself against the metal door I just emerged from. But at this point I would rather be in there.

“Look who actually listened,” The man snickers, he leans down so his hands are resting on his knees as if he is talking to a child and right now he basically is. My mind set is completely little at the moment, I’m half ready to break down and start crying. My arms are wrapped around my body to try and keep myself form visibly trembling but it’s not working. “No need to be so scared yet Princess, we haven’t even gotten to the scary part.”

“Are we ready to start?” One says, I can hear the smile in his voice, he’s excited. They all are for whatever the hell they have planned for me. He looks over his shoulder to the one still menacingly playing the piano, “Zico, you ready?”

With one last screech from the piano the man turns around and nods before looking directly at me.

“Zico? You’re Block B?” I mumble in surprise.

“So those bastards did warn you. They even told you the bosses name, did you some good just knowing his name,” Another mocks.

“They should have gotten you some better security, it was way too easy to get to you little princess,” Purple teases.

“Security? You still haven’t told me where Joker is, where the hell is he? Is he okay? Did you hurt him?” I try to sound brave but I know how pathetic my voice sounds. The group share a look before busting out laughing, some collapsing on the floor from laughing so hard. “What the hell is so funny about this? Where is he?”

When one of them, the shortest one, finally stops laughing looks to Zico, “Should I tell her?”

Zico nods.

“Your friend bribed his way out. His pockets didn’t seem very deep so he had to leave you behind. But to be fair the price on that pretty little head of yours is impressively high.”

I sink to the floor, a burning feeling of betrayl settles in my chest, but what should I expect? He was a body for hire, the only thing that matter really to him is himself. I should have left him. I should have saved myself. Tears are running down my cheeks as I fully accept the fact that I’ve been abandoned by someone I considered a friend. Joker didn’t seem like the type to just leave though, my alarms never even hummed at the sight of him yet here I am. Maybe they are broken.

“If it makes you feel any better he looked really upset when we kicked him out,” The little one continues.

“For all you know he is going to get you help so don’t look so betrayed,” Another one snaps and gently nudges me with his boot. “Now get up, we’re going to have fun. We’ve been waiting forever for you to wake up.”

Purple pulls me to my feet once again before leading me threw another door way. We step out into an empty warehouse, glancing over my shoulder I see the room we just left had been built into the wall of warehouse. One man beats us across the large room to slide open the heavy door revealing a disturbing sight. Ever since I was a child I disliked the circus and fairs because there was something so haunting about them just the thought of them sends a shiver down my spine. Now standing here with a whole abandoned carnival in front of me and seven masked killers behind me I hate them even more now. The whole park is light up in the early morning darkness. Giving the air around an eerie glow that vaguely reminds me of something off of Scooby doo or something.

Purple pushes me forward out of the door before giving me one more menacing smile, “We will count to thirty, please do your best to hide, it’s no fun when the game ends early. Good luck.” He pulls his mask down and signals the other man to close the door. They all wave teasingly at me as the door closes, Zico even blows me a kiss. When the door is fully closed I don’t waist a second before booking it away from the warehouse and running into the mass of abandoned game booths and rides. I run straight until I see a ten foot tall metal fence, I also see the barb wire on top and the large sign warning about the electric fence. I quickly pick up a rock and throw it at the fence and hear the zap as it comes in contact with the metal. Great.

A second later an intercom buzzes from above, a voice I haven’t heard yet speaks teasingly, “You didn’t get shocked out there did you pumpkin? Probably should have warned you about that.”

I realize that they may have cameras all over this pace already if they have this gate.

He thinks the same as me, “Don’t worry Pumpkin, there are no cameras. That takes away from the fun. We just get notified of when the fence goes off. Now step away from the gate and get to hiding, you only have 10 seconds left.”

10 seconds. I start running along the fence.

Nine. Still running.

Eight. And running.

Seven. Should I hide?

Six. And running.

Five. I don’t know what to do.

Four. And running.

Three. I just want my daddies.

Two. And running.


A siren whales from the speakers and I quickly duck under the striped flaps of a booth. My hand is over my mouth and I’m shaking. I can’t stop the heavy breaths from passing my lips, I haven’t ran like that since my birthday. My mind flashes to my daddies, are they worried right now? Did Joker actually go to them for help or did he just run? Maybe he went to Jiyong. I just hope he went to somebody!

“Oh Pumpkin!” An irritating voice sings.

Another joins in his calls, “Come out, come out, wherever you are!” They laugh together as the sound of their heavy boots smacks against the gravel. My whole body is tense as they go by smacking the counter of each booth with something, most likely a bat. I can’t hold in my flinch when they knock on mine, one of my hands grounds into the ground as if I could dig my way down through the gravel, a girl can dream. I’m relieved that not even a whimper is able to escape my lips with my other hand gripping my face so hard there might be a bruise later.

A moment later they are gone. What should I do now though? This isn’t a very good hiding spot. Running around probably wouldn’t be that good of an idea either. All I can do is sit there and wait. They aren’t stupid enough to leave weapons out and I doubt I could take any of them without one. I scoot farther under the counter of the booth, cringing when the gravel beneath me shifts with me. But they shouldn’t be able to hear that, should they?

Of course they fucking can.

“Boo!” One screams as he hangs his head over the booth to peer down at me. I’m frozen in my spot. “You didn’t last very long Pumpkin, you should do better.” His horrifying cackle seems to pull me out of my daze enough to react to his sudden appearance. I panic and quickly punch the man in the face. He jerks up at the contact, cursing out loud, “Fucking bitch!”

“Shit, shit, shit,” I mumble as I scramble out from under the booth and down the pathway. He starts running after me, yelling more and more curses. Great, now I made one mad. I turn a corner but quickly change my mind when two more stop and make eye contact with me. I turn on my heel but stop once again when the other catches up to me.

“You fucked up Pumpkin,” He growls. I realize now he is the little one from before.

“What happened Hyung?” One chuckles, twirling his bat in his hand. “Did the little princes piss you off?”

“Bitch fucking punched me!”

“Ooh,” The third coos, “Kitty’s got claws.”

“So who is going to catch her?”

Shorty huffs, “Me obviously! Give me twenty minutes with this brat and I’ll make sure to rip her off that throne she seems to think she’s on.”

“You better do it quick before the boss shows up,” One snickers, “You know the rules.”

The next thing I know Shorty is right next to me, his hands are in my hair pulling hard. He forces me on my knees and laughs, “You ready for your punishment Pumpkin? Open your mouth wide for me.”

“If you put your dick anywhere near my mouth I’m going to bite it off. Thought I’d let you know, princess,” I mock the short man with a bitter sweet smile.

He scoffs, “You think you have a choice bitch?”

“Guess we’ll find out.”

The other two are on the ground dying in laughter. I can imagine the offense on Shorty’s face. Even his brothers are on my side with this. He growls once more before pushing me down on to the ground. I don’t even have second to think before his boot comes in contact with my stomach, oh god not this again.

“Hyung,” A deep voice growls, it isn’t even directed at me and I’m horrified by that one word. The man above me stops and loudly gulps, he looks to the tall man who made such a noise.

It’s Zico.

“Boss, I know but the bitch punched me. I found her, she’s my prize for a half hour and that means that I can do whatever I want, right?” Shorty quickly tries to defend himself.

But Zico doesn’t answer, Purple speaks for him, “This is a special case and you know that. Follow the rules, Hyung.”

“I already roughed her up a bit, gives me a few more minutes. We are going to have to do it sooner or later.”

Purple looks to Zico who is staring at me. He nods before quickly turning away. He mumbles something to Purple and walks off, leaving me with the six others. “Someone get the camera.”



“I want you to beg,” He growls in my ear.

My lips are sealed, my jaw is set and ready for it. His fist collides with the other side of my jaw. Five, we’re at five. I open my eyes up once again to look at the camera a couple yards away, three masked men are standing there watching with Purple who is looking away. I’ve learned he’ sonly here to wake sure things don’t get too crazy, unlike the others who I can tell are enjoying what they are seeing. I’m tired to a chair, my arms behind my back, Shorty, who name I discovered is Taeil, is hovering over me.

“This is no fun when they don’t beg,” The oldest man whines, looking to his youngers for help.

“Maybe you should hit harder,” One suggests.

“Are you going to explain to the boss why she has a broken jaw?” Purple snaps. “I doubt I’m going to get away with letting Hyung beat her up this bad. How many times have I told you guys don’t damage such nice merchandise?”

“The bruises will heal by the time she gets out of here, if she gets out of here,” Taeil chuckles. I look up at him at that. He raises his brows, “That get your attention Pumpkin? I’m sure you’ve realized that we aren’t really allowed to beat you too badly-“

I cut him off with a scoff, “My ribs and jaw would beg to differ.”

“Such a mouth on her,” Purple purrs.

“Anyway, just because we can’t beat you almost to death doesn’t mean you can’t be punished in different ways. Now to be a good girl, all you need to do is beg, alright? There will be no more hitting or kicking, though I will have to do a few other things but no harm will come to your body. Now look into the camera and fucking beg like the whore I know you are.” He steps behind me and places his hands on my shoulders.

A whimper leaves my lips as his fingers dig into my shoulders. I’m trembling in his grasp as he fingers briefly loosen their grasp to sneak into the collar of my shirt. A half hearted scream is next to fill the empty room followed by the sound of ripping fabric. My shirt is falling off my shoulders and I can no longer get myself to look at the camera. This man’s unfamiliar hands slide down my shoulders to cup my breasts over the bra giving them a rough squeeze. Tears are streaming down my face as I try to hold in more cries as his rough groping continues. He is leaning down so his chin is right near my ear, “What a good girl.” Those words have never sounded so disgusting.

I never thought I would hate those words but maybe it was just the mouths they were coming from. I can’t stand this short man, everything about him makes my blood boil with hatred. He said he wouldn’t hurt me anymore but why do I feel worse then when he was beating me. A question runs threw my mind as I try and distance myself from all of this.

“Why are you doing this?” I choke out.

He chuckles and whispers in my ear, just loud enough for me to hear, “Because those bastards needed a little encouragement. They didn’t even bat an eye when we told them we had you. Maybe playing with their favorite toy might get a little something. So we figured a little video to show them how wonderful your time here is.”

“You’re lying, get your fucking hands off me! I want to go home! Let me go!” I scream at the top of my lungs.

“Good girl, scream for me.”

Watching Knock Knock for the first time

Oh boy… *End of Time flashbacks* yes I am having a lot of flashbacks recently, but let’s hope this episode isn’t related to the infamous four knocks in any way

(Also I kept getting typos and writing “Kock kock” and that sounds so wrong in my opinion)

(The German title is “Klopf Klopf” and that sounds pretty funny too)


-Tbh I’d love to live at any of those places


-Ah yes, thunderstorms around an old building, totally not a scary movei cliche

-People still listen to LP records?

-That turned into a dubstep remix for a short moment

-Yay, it’s Bill’s theme.

-I love Bill’s theme. It’s relaxing but not slow, and merry, and adventurous…


-”Unless we’ve regenerated, or had a big lunch…”
 Rose: “Doctor, Doctor, wake up, please, we need you!”
 Ten: “mmmmfrrghf I ate too much”

 Twelve: *Vietnam flashbacks*

-The subtitles said ‘draughty’ when I heard ‘drafty’; I looked it up and apparently the latter’s usually the American way of spelling.

I remember him doing that before in another reincarnation, just not sure when.

-”He’s… my… granddad…”
 omfg Bill’s embarrased, I feel like Twelve would be offended but why do I find this so funny

-”I don’t look old enough to–”
 Well maybe you’re not that old by Time Lord standards but tbh you’re over 2000, you said so yourself

1. That face.
2. That moment when someone doesn’t high-five you back.
3. Apparently Bill’s told everyone about the Doctor, or maybe they’re just all in his class.

-”Oh, come on, father, at least, please.”
 “Oh alright, grandfather.”

-He is so gonna come back here later

-”Mine went greypacking on the Great Wall of China with his boyfriend, but they got arrested for trying to steal a bit.”
 That sentence sure is a wild ride.

-”Says it gETs HIM in the zOOOne.”

-”Yeah, I wish. Can’t find a way in.”
 Climb up the wall lol

-What kind of accent is this? Scottish? Northern?



-”You proud?”


-”There’s no living puddles or weird robots, big fish… It’s just a new house. And people you don’t know. Not scary at all.”


-I have a bad feeling about what will happen to Bill’s mother’s picture

That makes a lot of sense though.

-I’m not saying bad reception will guarantee a mishap, but when it does happen you won’t be able to contact emergency numbers and call for help. That sounds bad.

-”Landline? What is this, Scotland?”
 You sure are lucky the Doctor ain’t here


-”Or maybe a massive, freaky spider.”
 I’d prefer that much, much more to a cursed doll.

-And of course they HAVE to mess with the Asian just kidding JUST KIDDING I made fun of my math class friends with a paper cockroach once

-Even my teacher jumped

-But back to the episode.

-WHOP definitely not a mouse

-Why don’t you ALL go and check

-Yay, at least they’re sticking together.

HA  told you he’d come back to investigate

-”Very interesting, lots of wood.”
 And the Sonic Screwdriver doesn’t work on wood.

-”For a man such as myself, discretion is second nature.”
 If by discretion you mean sneaking up on people and scaring the shit out of everyone

-I’m getting some Dracula vibes here

-Funny, I just looked up the actor and he played Van Helsing in a 2006 BBC adaptation of Dracula.

Thing is, he actually did that, in the past he WAS (and maybe still is) someone’s grandfather. He had to let Susan go.

The subtitles make everything better, 10/10

-I’m wearing headphones and that ASMR certainly was uncalled for

-”How do you get into the tower?”
 “You don’t.”
 (what he meant: if i ever catch one of your sorry little asses running into that fucking tower i will catch you and i will burn you fucking shitless you little shit nugget)

HARRIET JONES *flashbacking intensifies*


-”I take it back. you’re fine. He’s weird.”
Of course the Doctor’s fine
I mean he saves people, nothing else, haha



-I’m about as happy as that girl there right now


look at the pouting owl

-”You’re not leaving, are you?”

-”We need to have a talk about your taste in music.”


Boy who cried wolf and all, but I still think you should be concerned


-*the Master is triggered from a whole another dimension*

You’ve had quite the crazy life, Doctor…

-I wonder if any of his students are making conspiracy theories, or just theories in general, about all the weird stuff he says, or does everyone pass it off as a joke?

-So did Felicity make it out or


-”I’m scared.”
 “Don’t be.”
 “Why not?”
 “It doesn’t help.”


-Kinda reminds me of the ancient pirates stuck inside Davy Jone’s ship in PotC

-Also reminds me of that Steven Universe episode ‘Horror Club’. Although in that case it was a Gem Monster embedded in the building or something similar…

-Lemme guess, the house is alive?

-So was the music sort of Pavel’s connection to life

-”He’s released”



That was… unexpectedly cute.

Okay, slightly less cute, no offense but from afar you lot do look like cockroaches.

-”It’s not a cupboard!”
 When did he figure that out?

-”You’ve gone crazy.”
 ”Well I can’t just call them lice, can I?”

Now I’m getting Crimson Horror (Doctor Who series 7) vibes as well

-Y’know, with the crazy woman that blinded and locked up her daughter…

-Nice. Photo evidence.


 Not what I wanted but eh I trust your judgment

Showcasing one of the trick staircases of Hogwarts


I feel like some character advancement has happened in the last couple of seasons, I mean, I’m not the best at figuring out personalities but I feel (again) like, say, Twelve from Series 8 would be getting really mad by now.

-”I haven’t had visitors in such a long time. My name is-”


-Look at me, making Groot jokes when a character just died onscreen.

-”Why would he pick up insects in the garden and bring them in to see his ill daughter?”
 Well I know I would.
 “Everyone loves insects.”
 Thank you.

-Well apart from mosquitoes, I’d still rather keep my blood and not get an itch, thank  you very much.

He ended up calling them lice after all.






-I uh

-*crouches quietly in the corner* what about the bugs

Eliza the Licebender

-Why are there fireworks?


And another trauma to be added to Bill’s collection!


Take-outs! He got take-outs!




-Ah, Pop Goes The Weasel. *fnaf memories* (yeah I know Scott didn’t make the song)

-It’s not really like the Doctor to keep someone locked up, and I’m seeing parallels between the old man in this episode and him… Too early?

-Soooooooo when are we gonna get to the Doctor’s suspicious basement…
 Lemme guess… the season finale?



L: New character!

S: Whoa.  

L: Yep!

S: That’s Fryman’s youngest son, right?

L: Why do you say that?

S: He has the Fryman head shape and he’s blond, and I think he’s the one from the episode with the giant eye that was by the fry shop when it exploded.  I’m just making assumptions based on that, though. And maybe the fact that his name is onion like an onion ring?

L: [laughs] Any other thoughts?

S: For some reason, just the coloration and the clothes I guess, he reminds me of Fred from Scooby Doo.

what she says: I’m fine

what she means: is “doo” scooby doo’s last name? since scrappy’s name also ends in “doo” i’m lead to believe that it is…but then there are characters like scooby dum?? which doesn’t make any sense at all. are scooby doo and scooby dum not related? how do dog naming conventions work in the dooniverse???

So, the gang goes back to the fortune teller they met at the beginning of the episode.

They step inside, and see she’s in the front of her caravan.

Scooby uncovers the secret missing tapestry…

…via some of the best-drawn faces ever. 

Scoob pulls it out, having discovered the thief! We see the back of the caravan, where the gang is all waiting.

The fortune teller snatches it back… 

….and then… silently runs out the back? Wait, just, like, past everyone there?

Lemme get this straight. She ran from the front of the van… shimmied around the benches on the side…. passed by all five members of the gang… and nobody tried to stop her at all?

Remind me again how these kids managed to ever solve even one mystery? 

Draco Malfoy - period drabble


You were laying in Draco’s bed in Malfoy manor, watching ‘Remember The Titans’ on the muggle TV you had bought him, much to his parents distaste. It was only the two of you now, his parents were traveling for the month so he would have been alone during holiday had you not come along. Sadly, your period had decided to appear off schedule and ruin your plans for the next week.

“Are you crying?” he asked softly as the credits rolled by, rubbing the pad of his thumb across your cheek.

“It’s just so sad,” you sobbed into his bare chest as he ran a hand down your arm soothingly.

“I know love, but it was still a good movie,” he chuckled lightly, peering down to look at your face. “Are you okay?”

“No, can we watch Scooby Doo? They always catch the guy and it’s funny and no one dies,” you sniffed, blushing slightly at how childish you knew you sounded.

“Y/N, sometimes I wonder if you’re not really just a kid trapped in a woman’s body,” he laughed, pressing a light kiss to your nose as he got up.

“You weren’t saying that last week,” you huffed, crossing your arms with a pout.

“No, I guess I wasn’t,” Draco turned to you, raising one perfect eyebrow with a smirk. “Shame about all this period stuff, you could remind me.”

“I’m not sleeping with you, you ponce,” you rolled your eyes, cuddling into his side as he laid back down beside you.

“I know, I’m just teasing,” he chuckled, pulling you close and wrapping his hands around your stomach. “I love you.”

“I love you too, ya git.”

revolist  asked:

i haven't gotten to play horizon zero dawn yet (even though i have been so !!!! about it since its release) but i love all of your blogs and characters so much and the way you portray aloy in both aesthetic and writing already lends to such a great view of the character. you always have such an eye for utilizing aesthetic less for the sake of aesthetic and as a part of the character or an augment to who they are. it's so good and i love it. it really makes the vibe of your characters palpable.

Okay this was just such a lovely message to wake up to and it literally never fails to boost my confidence and put some wind in my sails when you compliment me like this. But then I also never know how to respond so HOW VERY DARE YOU SURPRISE ME THIS WAY??? But in all realness, I love you. All of your characters are consistently unique and captivating, with a lot of dark and uncomfortable themes explored with greatest respect for their realities, and you bring a deep sense of empathy even to the most unrepentant characters without ever excusing or whittling down their bad behavior. I admire you, dude. Always have, always will.