this is remarkably shit

fact: kravitz is a nerd

fact: they definitely don’t let you into the ipre as a wizard if you’re not actually a total and complete geek

so it’s not that kravitz thinks taako is dumb! it absolutely isn’t that; kravitz knows both empirically and from personal experience that taako is actually very brilliant. but it’s one thing to know that objectively and another to be struggling to understand the theory that some new circle of necromancers are basing their dark magic for hours on only to have taako drape himself over kravitz’s shoulders and remark, “oh shit! that’s some cool ass spell design right there!”

and taako explains it to him. without any trouble. he adds, “i mean, if it were me doing it, i wouldn’t add in this part-” he traces some of the symbols. “cuz it’s kind of sloppy, but to each their own, i guess.”

kravitz has a moment of reflection. it’s sobering, really, to suddenly remember that one’s boyfriend could probably take over the world if he was in the mood to. and also, kravitz thinks, kind of sexy

Friendship between a Slytherin and a Ravenclaw would include

 • the perfect duo.
 • helping the slytherin with homework.
 • the slytherin standing up to bullies.
 • the slytherin never expresses feelings.
 • the ravenclaw not really caring.
 • knows how much they mean.
 • the slytherin not caring about status.
 • defending the ravenclaw from snape.
 • sarcastic remarks here and there.
 • witty comebacks.
 • annoying the shit out of each other.
 • trash talking each other face to face.
 • if fighting don’t bother trying to solve it.
 • you’ll only get hurt.
 • verbally and physically.
 • jinxing each other.
 • if serious, blood might be spilled.
 • hexes flying everywhere.
 • teachers trying to break them apart.
 • only for them to getting hexed as well.
 • making up after a week or two.
 • late night studying.
 • the ravenclaw doing all the work.
 • the slytherin eating while watching.
 • “don’t you want to help?”
 • “i am, i’m observing.”
 • “with your mouth stuffed?”
 • “that’s how i observe the best!”
 • sneaking into each others dorms.
 • close with the other’s family.
 • all in all the perfect friendship that no one really understands but admires.

That's Not How the Game Works...

Our party consisted of a human rouge (me), a human paladin, a genasi sorcerer, and a dwarf cleric. Both the rouge and paladin were new to DnD entirely. We had just killed a bear that was going towards a portal and the paladin and genasi were going to check out the portal, which was slowly closing.

Paladin: I want to go through the portal.

DM: Okay, roll for dex

By this time the Genasi couldn’t figure out the magic behind it and decided to leave

Paladin: *rolls low*

DM: (Paladin) tried to go through the portal but tripped and ate shit

Paladin: I want to try again

DM: Uh… It’s only big enough to fit a head in at this point….

Paladin: I want to try again

DM: Okay, roll for dex again, it’s still closing by the way..

Genasi (ooc): That’s a bad idea-

Paladin: Well if the game didn’t want me to do this, then it would’ve stop me

The paladin ended up having to make a saving throw to not be decapitated. She managed to succeed.

When (paladin) got back and told the party she stuck her head in the closing portal, it started up a huge thing of the rouge (me) bringing up the fact she almost got decapitated and mocking the paladin whenever the rouge could because the paladin kept making snide remarks causing my character to absolutely hate the paladin.

Angels in the Bunker

Characters: Gabriel, Castiel, Balthazar, Lucifer x Reader (you’ll see *wink wonk*)

Word Count: 1,580

Warnings: Fluff!

A/N: This was requested by @averagegaykid! I loved writing this one, so I hope you all enjoy it! I hope you’ve all enjoyed Satan Sunday this week!! I love you all so much!!

You assembled the four angels, all of them standing together in front of you.  They all towered over you, which was one of the reasons you recruited their help.  While the Winchesters were gone, you were going to decorate the bunker for Christmas.  It was not an easy task to do by yourself.  

You had them each bring along different decorations.  Balthazar was to get the Christmas tree, and the ornaments for it.  Gabriel was supposed to get lights for the tree, along with stockings.  Castiel was sent to get candy for the stockings, along with candy canes for the tree.  You asked Lucifer to bring one thing, garland.  You knew Lucifer was not a fan of Christmas, but he could never say no to you.

“Alright my angels,” you smiled.  “We only have the rest of today and a little bit of tomorrow to decorate the bunker.  Dean and Sam don’t take long on hunts.  They’ll be even quicker when they realize this is just a ruse.”

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Can you imagine being so ridiculously distanced from and so willfully obtuse regarding what’s actually happening in the series that you think Yuuri Katsuki of all people is mean to and mistreats Yuri Plisetsky and is an ugly and rotten person because of it. /just YOI salt squad things.

Next-door neighbor

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x reader.

Genre: Smut. 

Word Count: 2K.

Summary: One evening when you’re having trouble cooking dinner, your cute neighbor comes to help you, but you end up being nowhere near the kitchen… 

warning, some quite explicit language and smut ahead (◕‿◕✿)

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You snort for the 29th time that evening, repeating yourself that you should’ve listened to your mother when she tried to teach you how to cook a damn plate of rice or literally anything else.

“It doesn’t seem that hard when she does it!” you blurt to yourself under your breath. But there’s no way. You give up and decide that you weren’t even that hungry.  You can go one day without eating! It’s not that big of a deal… and you’re fairly tired, so what could go wrong if you just turn on the TV for a little while…?

You’re suddenly startled by the fire alarm going off. Anyone else would be scared, but you just sigh. “Goddamn it, not again” you just think. It was the… 4th? Maybe 5th time… that month… You lazily get up from the couch and slowly walk towards the kitchen. “There it is; that damn fire again. How can I always forget…” you don’t even get to finish thinking about it, when your doorbell unexpectedly rings. It’s strange, usually after the 3rd time nobody checked upon you anymore, they’d just assume that you were trying to cook again.

Trying not to cough too much because of the smoke, you open the door just to find your breathtakingly cute next-door neighbor awkwardly standing there, looking at you with a mix of curiosity and pity. You try your best to smile, knowing you’re probably looking like a terrible mess.

“Oh hi Jungkook… right?” You ask, pretending you didn’t remember his name, as if you didn’t have a major crush on him for years. “What a surprise…”

He nods, giving you that smile that could melt even the coldest ice.

Well yeah… what it’s not a surprise is you burning up everything, you know Y/N”. He rests one of his arms on your door’s frame, being dangerously close to you. You mumble uselessly to yourself, trying desperately to come up with a good comeback. But he’s damn right; it’s nothing new. “So”, he continues, as he effortlessly sets you aside to step into your apartment, “I’ll have to fix this… uh… situation” he chuckles.

You raise an eyebrow, but don’t complain as you close the door, trying your best to not faint at the idea of you and Jeon fucking Jungkook being in the same apartment, your apartment. This is a scenario you’d only dreamed of.

“I’m sorry I don’t think I’m getting this yet, what are you going to fix? you finally gather the courage to ask, as you walk up to where he’s standing.

He looks at you with a smirk creeping upon his lips, and puts his arms on your shoulders, pressing gently.

I’m teaching you how to cook, Y/N.

You let out a loud laugh as you put your arms on both sides of your waist.

“You don’t know what you’re saying. Plus, I don’t think I’ve asked for your help-

“Well but you obviously need it, girl he doesn’t even let you finish your sentence. You chuckle at the way he remarks the word ‘obviously’. Little shit, he thinks he’s so good.

You sigh, knowing that any complain would be useless, but definitely not disliking the idea at all. You decide to just relax and see what happens, but as Jungkook backs away to take off his sweater and ‘accidentally’ lifts a little bit of his shirt with it, not much but just enough so that you could see his back muscles, you feel a well-known tickling deep down your core. And in that moment, you know exactly how you want the night to end. A soft smirk appears on your face, as your eyes darken, and you bite your lower lip.  

Fine then, teach me” you say in the softest, sexiest voice you’re capable of doing.

He raises an eyebrow, but smiles in a strange way, as he struts confidently towards you. When he’s rather too close to your face, he looks down to your lips as he licks his, and  comes just a little closer to you to tell you in the ear in a deep, husky voice that makes you tremble, “oh, believe me, I’ll be glad to teach you some new… things… tonight.”  

In that moment, you know that he’s in the same page as you; what is more, you think he probably never had the intention to teach you how to cook anyway. But you won’t give up that easily, not until he’s on his knees begging for you to fuck him. So you decide to quickly move away from him, while a big, playful grin appears on your lips.

“So… what should we start with? you say in the most innocent tone that you can, which is not much, since your mind is full with the idea of Jungkook fiercely filling you up on the table, on the couch, even on the fucking floor.

He catches up on your game really fast with a small smirk and dark eyes, which only seems to turn you on even more.

Well, come over here and I’ll be teaching you the basics today, but I can always come back and teach you some more.

With a playful wink, he goes over to the counter of the kitchen and purposely gives you a glorious sight of his ass, as he pretends to be looking for something. You bite your lip; damn this boy surely knows how to tease. As you feel your underwear get wet due to your dirty thoughts, you decide you’ve had enough; you suddenly don’t’ want to play anymore, and if it takes any longer, you might be the one begging him to fuck the shit out of you.

You walk towards him, placing yourself very close behind him, but without actually touching him. You feel him stiffen as you slowly place your hands upon his waist, caressing the little skin that became exposed thanks to his shirt lifting while he was ‘looking for something’.

So…” you say quietly on his ear, as your hands wander a little lower and beyond his waist, “when are we starting? I’m eager to learn from you, Kookie.

You don’t even have the time to smile after teasing him in such a way, because he’s already taken control of the situation and has quickly turned himself and placed you against the counter, where his prominent bulge can comfortably press against your core, pulling out a moan out of your lips, which only seems to turn him on even more, and he takes no time in furiously taking your lips into his and kissing you like the world was ending tomorrow.

“You’ve been a very bad girl tonight; you know it, right Y/N?”

You don’t even try to answer him; too busy focusing on the wet kisses he’s leaving on your neck, and drifting lower every time. In no longer than a few minutes of intense kissing, you were already stripped down from all your clothes, sat on the counter with both legs up on Jungkook’s shoulders, as his skilled tongue playfully teased you, leaving wet kisses on your inner thighs, as you just wish he’d go straight to the point. You let out a loud moan as you finally feel him fiercely eating your pussy like it was his last meal.

You know… this tastes so much better than whatever I could’ve cooked for you, Y/N” he whispers without lifting his head, his hot breath hitting your dripping wet vagina and making you scream his name, but before you could even tell him you were really close to reaching the first orgasm of the night, he suddenly stopped, smiling against you and depositing one last kiss on the top of your swollen clit, as he grabbed you by your hair and made you kneel in front of him. You lick your lips, already knowing how well his cock is going to taste, and take no time in unzipping his jeans and taking of his boxers with your mouth, which made him growl and tighten his grip on your hair.

As you ecstatically watch his member emerge from his boxer and stand tall and high, you can’t help but lick your lips with lust.

No hands, baby girl” Jungkook says so quietly that you’re not even sure you heard him correctly.

You decide to tease him a little, as your revenge for him leaving you hanging so close to the highest point. You start by slowly licking just the top of his dick, which makes him growl in a way that turns you on in forms you didn’t know were possible. You continue by licking the rest of it like it were a lollipop, going decidedly slow, almost torturing him, his moaning only is motivating you. After deciding he’d had enough, you finally take it all in your mouth, as he let out a loud groan. The thought of the neighbors hearing only helped in turning the two of you on.

Ah, fuck, Y/N, if I knew you were this good I would’ve came here the fucking first time that goddamn fire alarm went off”.

You smile against the head of his cock, his husky, raspy voice making you even wetter. After spending some time taking care of him with your lips, you suddenly take it out your mouth when you feel a little of precum coming out of the tip, making him groan and complain in such a deep voice that was enough alone to make you orgasm.

He harshly takes you by the hair again to make you stand up and puts you against the counter once again, but although he was being incredibly tough, he often looked at you with warm, caring eyes to make sure everything was ok and he wasn’t crossing any line.

You let out an extremely loud moan as you feel the tip of his cock teasing your slit. He stays still, tempting, teasing you to grind yourself against him, which made him groan and suddenly enter you in one energetic movement.  You wrap your legs around his waist, wanting to feel him deeper inside you, and you two become one big moaning mess. He playfully bites the lobe of your ear, as he lets out almost in a growl “yeah baby girl, come on, scream for daddy.

Seeming as the word daddy only made you scream louder, a big smirk appears on his face. When he starts to harshly play with your erect nipples, you know you’re close.  But this time, as you tell him so, nor only doesn’t he stop, but continues to go faster. And as you two reach the orgasm together, mashed up in a trembling, moaning, sweaty mess, he gently goes off of you, before giving you a peck in the lips and guiding you towards the couch, where you sit on his lap before starting to ride him.

As he firmly grabs your ass with both hands, you tangle your arms around his neck to fiercely kiss him, the feeling of your boobs tightly pressed against his bare chest only making him go faster and groan louder.

You ride me so well, princess, keep –ahh, fuck Y/N, keep going, I’ve been wanting to fuck your tight pussy like this since the first day I came into this fucking building.

With those little comments he dropped every now and then, you only feel you’re closer to your second orgasm. And when you finally reach it, moaning and swearing in a sea of pleasure, you’re sure to keep riding him for a little while until he reaches it too, the feeling of his cum filling your pussy making you want more. But you were exhausted, and he was too, so you slowly stand up before going to the bathroom for a towel.

After you were both clean, he kisses you softly on the lips, before leaning back on the couch and taking your hand to carefully put you on top of him, this time; his eyes weren’t darkened with lust but full of affection. He kisses your forehead before falling sound asleep, and before falling asleep yourself, you make a mental promise to thank yourself for not learning to cook.

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well this was my first smut writting ever lmao, i hope it didn’t suck ✿ 

You know what sickens me the most about ONS? That no one would ever comment on how gorgeous Mika is. Yeah, they’re in the middle of a post-apocalyptic war and shit, but not even some short remark like: “Dude, I know I’m bleeding to death right now and shouldn’t talk, but goddamn, you fine af” ?? Like, that would be 100% authentic??? But just won’t happen???? Idk man, I refuse to accept that

Touch-Starved II

So this got long. Prince kind of came in and stole the show, and then I realized that I had a whole to go before I reached the end. I hope you like it. Especially since there’ somehow 600 of you now, and that’s terrifying. So yeah, really hope this turned out all right. Also @slutsanders, tumblr is not letting me tag you for some reason. So if someone else could tag them that would be great. And please let me know if you want to try and tag you on the later parts as well. Anyway Part I is here. Part III Part IV

Anxiety was hiding.

He had been for the past three days. He’d been living off tap water and the granola bars he kept in his room, but unfortunately those hadn’t lasted very long, and now he was hungry. But if he wanted to get food, he’d have to go to the kitchen, where he might see the others.

Anxiety knew he couldn’t avoid them forever, but he didn’t know how to face them. Didn’t know how to face their newfound pity. Anxiety could admit it, he was scared. He’d gotten used to being alone, to being overlooked, and now that was changing.

Part of him wanted to be hopeful, to think that maybe this was a good thing. But mostly he was just scared. What if he got used to the attention and then once they deemed him “fixed enough” they left him alone again? Or worse what if trying to spend time with them made them realize why they were better off without him?

Anxiety curled up tighter on his bed. He wished he’d never said anything.Then nothing would have changed. It wasn’t like he needed physical contact anyway. Logic was wrong.

His stomach growled, and he cringed. While he may not have needed physical contact, he did need food. He glanced at the clock. It was just past midnight. The others were probably asleep. Maybe if he went now, he could grab some food and make it back without seeing anyone.

As his stomach growled again, Anxiety made up his mind. It was worth a shot. Carefully and quietly, he crept out of his room, cringing at the slight creaking of the door. Balancing on the balls of his feet, he made his way to the kitchen.

Not wanting to risk turning on the light, he began to grope around in the dark. He pulled more granola bars out of the pantry, as well as a loaf of bread, and a box of crackers. Setting them on the counter, he then moved to the fridge, hoping to at least grab some fruit.

But when he opened the fridge, he was stunned. Sitting on the middle shelf was a foil-covered plate with a note reading For Anxiety on top of it in Morality’s handwriting. He pulled it out, staring at it in disbelief.

Morality had left this, for him? Even though he didn’t know if Anxiety would even see it? Had he been doing this every night?

“You should eat that,” a voice remarked from behind. “Morality will be thrilled.”

Startled at the unexpected noise, Anxiety’s hands fumbled with the plate, and dropped it. It fell to the ground and shattered, the ceramic shards now scattered around his bare feet. He hissed in pain as some of them cut into his skin.

“Woah, easy there” the voice spoke up again. It was Prince.

A hand reached out to grab his shoulder, but Anxiety shrugged it away. He didn’t need this.

“I’m just trying to help,” Prince said exasperatedly, “Hold on, I’ll get the light.”

After a few moments and the sound of shuffling, Anxiety screwed his eyes shut at the sudden brightness as the lights flickered on.

“Well that looks bad,” Prince remarked, staring at Anxiety’s feet.

“No shit,” Anxiety muttered, staring at the ground.

Prince approached him cautiously. “Don’t freak out,” he told him.

“Why would I freak-“

But before Anxiety could finish asking his question. Prince’s hands were on his waist, swinging him up and over, depositing him on the counter. As soon as the hands loosened their grip, he jerked back, glaring at Prince.

Prince looked unrepentant.

“I needed to get you out of the way to clean this up,” he explained, “And I didn’t want to risk you stepping on any of it.”

Anxiety supposed he could see the sense in that. Grudgingly. He stayed still on the counter as Prince fetched a broom and pan and began sweeping up the mess. From the looks of it, Morality had made him chicken and peas. Anxiety regretted dropping the plate.

Once the mess had been swept up and thrown away, Prince turned back to Anxiety.

“Alright, Black Veil Bride,” he said, “Let’s get those cuts cleaned up.”

“I can do it myself,” Anxiety snapped, eager for this encounter to end.

Prince didn’t look impressed. “I’m sure,” he replied sarcastically, “But I have more experience treating injuries than you, and besides, it is somewhat my fault that you obtained them. Now hold still.”

Running a washcloth under some water, and grabbing a med kit from under the sink, Prince approached, picking up Anxiety’s right foot. Anxiety resisted the urge to squirm in discomfort. He was all to aware of Prince’s closeness, all too aware that this surge of concern was only motivated by pity.

And yet, he couldn’t bring himself to pull away. Like in his last conversation with Logic, he felt almost frozen in place, staring as Prince gently wiped away the blood.

“These aren’t as bad as they looked,” Prince murmured. “They’re actually quite shallow. I’ll finish cleaning them out and then put some bandages on them.”

Anxiety had only meant to say sure, but what came out of his mouth was, “Why do you care?”

Prince looked up, frowning. “I know we don’t always get along,” he said, “But that doesn’t mean I’d leave you here bleeding.”

“Not- not just this,” Anxiety said, feeling as though the words were bubbling out of him with little conscious thought. “This whole thing, the whole touch thing. Why do you care? It’s not like it matters”

Prince’s grip on his foot tightened, before he let out a long slow breath.

“You know how I’ve rescued maidens from towers in the past?” he asked, seemingly quite randomly.

“Yeah?” Anxiety drawled, not sure where this was going.

“Do you know what they said the worst part of being in those towers was,” Prince said, now looking much more solemn than Anxiety was used to seeing him. “They said the worst part was the loneliness. The way they felt isolated from anyone and everyone. I remember one girl refused to let go of me for some hours, because she was afraid I’d turn out not to be real if she let go.”

“Okay, what does this have to do with me,” Anxiety asked, feeling slightly uneasy.

“Anxiety, you weren’t locked in a tower, but we did leave you alone,” Prince said softly. “We shouldn’t have. I, at least, should have known better. We may argue, but you’re still part of this family, you’re still under my protection. And I failed you. Please let me make it up.”

Anxiety could only stare. Prince looked genuinely remorseful. And pleading. His eyes begged Anxiety to say yes.

He didn’t need help though, really, no matter what Prince might think. But as he opened his mouth to tell him that, Anxiety couldn’t bring himself to say it. Instead he just muttered, “Just finish bandaging my feet, I want to go to bed.”

“Of course,” Prince said, his eyes still watching Anxiety. “I’ll do that now.”

Sitting in uncomfortable silence, Anxiety watched as Prince cleaned and bandaged his feet. He was being surprisingly gentle, and Anxiety didn’t know what to make of it.

When he had finished, Prince stepped back. “There,” he said, “All done. You can go back to bed now. Although,” and here he hesitated, “It might still hurt a little to walk. I could- I could carry you if you like?”

“I can walk,” Anxiety snapped, but on seeing Prince recoil, he relented slightly.

“It’s not that bad,” he insisted, looking away. And then more quietly, forcing out the words. “But thanks for offering I guess.”

Prince smiled at him. “It’s no trouble,” he replied. “I’ll let you make your way back to your room now. Hopefully, I’ll see you tomorrow? It’s not the same, having no one to banter with.”

Anxiety groaned internally. He’d really be an asshole if he said no. He supposed he could make an appearance. “Yeah, I guess,” he said, hopping off the counter, suppressing a wince. Okay, that actually did sting a little.

“I’m glad,” Prince said, now looking much more cheerful. “Well then, good night, Anxiety.”

With his last words, he reached out to give a quick squeeze of Anxiety’s shoulder before drawing back, almost too quick for Anxiety to react.

“Night” Anxiety replied, aware that his face was tinted red. He was so tired of this bullshit.

He trudged back towards his room. But despite his wish to just go to sleep and forget everything, Prince’s words kept floating through his mind.

The worst part was the loneliness. You’re still part of this family.

Anxiety groaned, he still couldn’t believe how guilty Prince had sounded. And Logic had sounded the same when he’d last talked to him. He just didn’t get it. But they were so determined. It was ridiculous.

Maybe, just maybe, he thought, reluctantly, I can indulge them a little. For their sake, not mine. Just enough so they wouldn’t feel so freaking guilty. Then everything would go back to normal.

Anxiety rolled over. He’d deal with this in the morning.

The Whorish Queen(2)

Here you go, you animals. Part two of the Whorish Queen, lol. I’ve never written a threesome, so, sorry if its shit. 

Imagine: Being Cersei’s lover (female reader)

Part 1 

Originally posted by sensualkisses

“Gods,” Jaime groaned stuffing his cock into your cunt, “You’ve been keeping this pussy to yourself, Cersei? That’s rather rude.” He laughed breathlessly as you moaned and squirmed underneath him. He began to thrust roughly as he held onto your delicious curves.

You had never lain with a man before. You’re sole interest had always been Cersei. The feeling of being penetrated was so god damn amazing. Your pussy was stretched painfully—Jaime had not been gentle and didn’t take into consideration that you had been deflowered. Cersei watched, she was fully clothed, and was entranced by the image of Jaime’s cock inside your lovely, pink pussy.

“Be gentle with her,” Cersei growled going to rub her pussy through her thin dress, “She’s bleeding a bit.”

Jaime laughed and rammed the full length of his cock inside your tight hole, “Fucking hell, you’re tight as shit, Lady Y/N,” He remarked as you groaned with content and lust, “You feel exactly like Cersei when I deflowered her.” He breathes as he grabs your large breast roughly.

His thrusts are rough and demanding. His cock-head was hitting your cervix in a painful-pleasurable way. Jaime was excited to fuck another woman that wasn’t Cersei. He had always been curious about you and that delicious body of yours. Cersei was always rather selfish but now, he had you where he always wanted you.

He gripped your hips and plowed deeper into your pussy. He could feel your almost too hot walls tightening around his large cock. He growled pounding into your pussy almost violently, “Oh, I’m gonna fill this pussy with so much cum.” He snarls greedily as his cock begins to twitch and he unleashes a quick load of semen into your pussy.

Cersei had made sure to give you a phial of liquid to decrease the chance of a pregnancy. Although, Cersei secretly wouldn’t mind if you got pregnant by Jaime.

“You always did finish quickly when you have been deprived.” Cersei was quick to rip her gown off and place her pussy in front of your face as Jaime turns you onto your knees and proceeds to fuck you like a mutt would to his bitch. He liked the feel of your ass slapping against his body. “Lick my pussy clean, Y/N.” She ordered you.

You whimpered as Jaime proceeded to fuck you as if he hadn’t had sex in years. You lap at Cersei’s hairy pussy as one of your hands hold her lips apart. Cersei moans throwing her head back. Her pussy had been throbbing wildly since seeing Jaime fill your pussy.

Her body shuddered as you stuck your tongue inside her warm cunt. Jaime slapped your ass roughly as you held onto Cersei’s ass cheeks for leverage. Jaime liked how wet you were and the noises his cock and your pussy were making.

Cersei was in love with watching Jaime shove his cock inside of you. You licked the inside of Cersei’s pussy clean before shoving three fingers inside her hot pussy. She moaned loudly and bucked her hips against your face.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Cersei chanted grabbing the back of your head and pressing it firmly against her pussy as she grinded her cunt against your face, “Fuck me like that!”

Jaime watched with lust as you finger-fucked Cersei—both women looking so fucking delicious. His cock couldn’t handle the pleasure as he came again but his dick didn’t soften at all. You rolled your hips against his twitching cock to gather all of his semen. Jaime growled and repeatedly spanked your ass, “That’s a good slut,” He jiggles your ass and watches the flesh bounce, “You’re a little cock-hungry whore.”

He yanks you away from Cersei—the two women voicing their complaints. Jaime lays on his back and Cersei is quick to bury her pussy in his face as he proceeds to fuck your semen-filled cunt. Cersei is facing you and you roughly kiss her as she grinds into Jaime’s face. You bounce on his dick loving the feel of his cock so deep within you. You clench your cunt around him and he groan in response. The vibrations of his groan send Cersei whimpering as you begin to suck on her nipples.

“Look at you, fucking whore,” Cersei hisses pulling your head back by your hair, “Taking my brother’s cock so nicely,” She rides his face and he dutifully eats Cersei’s pussy like a starved man, “You are my whore, do you understand?”

You moan at her possessive words as she furiously rubs your swollen clit, “You only get this cock when I say so!” She growls—her eyes glazing with lust and greed. You roll your hips pushing Jaime’s cock as far as it can go inside of you. His cock is so large and thick—your pussy is stretched too much but you’re so drunk off lust that you couldn’t care less.

Cersei orgasms over Jaime’s face just when Jaime fills your pussy with another load of semen and as you orgasm hard on Jaime’s cock. Cersei gets off, roughly flips you on your back as Jaime gets up to stroke his still hard cock. She parts your legs and begins to greedily drink the cum flooding out of your pussy. She moans and you arch your back with a cry of pleasure. She’s drinks ravenously as if she were drinking the finest wine.

She’s thirsty to taste Jaime’s cum and yours. Your heart is pounding and you almost feel dizzy with the euphoria bleeding in the room. You’re rolling your pussy against Cersei’s face as Jaime decides that your mouth needs to be filled with his cock.

You take his cock and begin to suck and lick. He growls and grabs your head to control your face as he face-fucks that sweet, hot mouth. You breathe through your nose as Jaime’s cock hits the back of your throat. You whimper and moan as Cersei eats you out and Jaime fucks your mouth. Jaime is gripping you tightly as he pounds into your mouth, “Ah, yeah, take my cock, you little slut,” He hisses slapping your breasts thrice, “I’m gonna fill your mouth with my cum and you’re going to swallow it all.” He tells you hotly.

Another orgasm is on the horizon as Cersei gets into her favorite position. Her pussy is hovering above yours and you’re too busy sucking Jaime’s cock to notice. When you feel her cunt rubbing over yours, you moan loudly. You try to glance over at Cersei—wanting to see her wanton expression but Jaime forces you to look only at him.

He slaps your breasts hard, “Look at me, I want to look at you when I cum inside your mouth.” He growls picking up the pace. His cock is repeatedly hitting the back of your throat. Your body is trembling as an orgasm tears through you.

“Yes, Y/N, cum like the bitch you are.” Cersei commands.

You cry out but its cut short as Jaime unleashes his load of semen inside of your mouth. Cersei is riding you aggressively—Moaning, chanting, and crying out. Her tits bounce wildly as you swallow every drop of Jaime’s salty load. He thrust lazily into your mouth but his cock refuses to soften. He pulls out and opts to watch his sister ride against your cunt.

He stands nearby rubbing his cock.

Cersei is wild with lust as you push her onto her back and begin to fuck her. Cersei cries out in pleasure.  “Fuck, that’s arousing.” Jaime hisses furiously beating his cock. You snap your hips roughly against her cunt and slap her breasts.

Jaime groans—the sight being too much. You feel his chest against your back as he shoves his thick cock into Cersei. You could feel the top of his cock as you fuck Cersei. “Is this what you want?” You sneered down at Cersei as she withers in pure ecstasy, “What a beautiful whore,” You growl as Jaime violently pounds into Cersei, “Taking both a cock and pussy.”

Cersei lightly screams as her orgasm washes over her. She grabs your ass and begs you to ride her faster. Your stomach is tightening and you’re moaning. Cersei is grabbing your tits with force as she commands you to cum for her. You whimper and right as you were about to orgasm—Jaime suddenly lifts you and shoves his twitching cock inside of you.

You yell out profanities’ as he rapidly fucks you. Cersei is lunging forward to bury her face against your lovely pussy. She also takes the time to lick and sick on Jaime’s balls. Jaime holds you tight as he pounds into you. He’s so deep; you feel your stomach turning. You’re panting like a bitch in heat. You’re being fucked like a bitch in heat. “Yes, yes, yes!” You’re chanting loudly as your orgasm hits you, “FUCK!” You cry out as your eyes roll back into your head. Jaime keeps fucking inside of your sensitive pussy.

It’s too much!

“Please, it’s too much!” You cry as Cersei sucks on your nipples and muffles your cries with her hand.

“You take that cock like a real whore!” Cersei snarls watching with lust as Jaime’s cock disappears and reappears from your pussy. Your juices are dropping onto the bed and Cersei is quick to suck on your pussy as Jaime’s cock fills you.

Jaime grunts, “Gonna cum!” Two seconds later, his semen is exploding inside your pussy and falling into Cersei’s waiting mouth.

Jaime and Cersei fuck you throughout the night. Cersei is too greedy to finish the night. She wants more. She wants to see Jaime keep fucking you. She wants to hear you crying for him to stop fucking you. Jaime wants to fuck both his sister and Y/N. His cock is ready for fuck and he’s greedy enough to fuck all day if he chooses. He likes listening to you scream and moan.

Cersei is riding your face as Jaime fucks your pussy. She’s just about ready to cum on your face and Jaime is spewing his seed into your cunt. He harshly pounds into you and stills with you deeply clenching his cock. He groans, “This is such a lovely pussy, Cersei,” He shudders as Cersei yells and cums.

You drink her juices and tongue fuck her cunt. She continues to bounce on your face. “Isn’t she? She’s going to be our new plaything!” Cersei moans.

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 Last Part. 

me: i like the idea of having children because i’m amazing and the world deserves my offspring but i’m not having children because i’m a fundamentally selfish person and i have zero interest in caring for a child and putting its needs before mine

other people: oh, no, you’ll understand someday. I was pretty selfish too, but it’s different with children. 

me, in my head: no…… the world revolves around me……… i have no interest in it revolving around anyone else and quite frankly the entire concept disgusts me……. don’t project your weakness onto me, sharon……

me out loud: ha! you’re probably right! we’ll see. 

Y'know who Power Rangers is testing remarkably well with? Kids

There’s a habit of rebooting shit from our youth and aiming it at us now, miserable bitter depressed 20 somethings, and it tends to have a side effect of completely excluding new kids who should by all accounts get to enjoy this kinda silly premise (see: all of the DCU so far)

So to hear the people loving it most are under 18s, especially given the importance of the representation in the film, it’s just kinda awesome to see and hear.

Moffat - A Good Writer Goes To War

Series ten was the first series after the political tantrum that was the year 2016 - and while Moffat has never exactly been shy to let his position show, this year he and the team around him left no room for misinterpretation: Who we are is where we stand - and where we stand is somewhere to your left. Far, far away from fascism and bigotry. Doctor Who is and always will be a celebration of the diverse, an encouragement for the curious, and a tribute to the young. 

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Catch Me (Day 2)

Summary: In which a bet leads Bucky to have to catch you every day for a week, no matter what.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,300

I cannot thank you enough for editing this @avengerstories

Day 1

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“Well that was interesting,” Clint comments, referencing the bird documentary the two of you just watched.

You smile and nod, lacking the heart to tell him that you fell asleep twenty minutes into the film and woke up right when the credits started rolling. In your defense, there is only so much information your brain can retain about hawks, the mating season, and their diet.

“So what should we do now?”

“Eat,” you respond immediately. “Definitely eat.”

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a pussy hat selfie does not an ally make

so …… duchovny/gillovny stans remain remarkably silent, just like DD. all the dumb comments about how he’s totally changed and he’s an ally now and he’s at least more feminist that peter etc., remain dumb and baseless.

how sad that he couldn’t find it within himself to even retweet gillian’s tweets. I guess yay that he’s not slamming her in the press like he did when she was fighting for parity in the 90s. but like dude, come on. how fucking sad that only gillian and annabeth are talking about the writer’s room issue. men remain useless.

How to become friends with NCT (As requested)

Chenle: Create a screaming battle and be prepared to lose. 

Doyoung: Listen to all his complaints and agree with his snarky remarks. 

Haechan: Talk shit with him and compliment him. 

Hansol: Give him attention and encouragement. 

Jaehyun: Say some random shit. 

Jaemin: Protect him and give him lots and lots of hugs 24/7.

Jeno: Smile and wave. He’ll come to you.

Jisung: Don’t talk to him like a child. 

Johnny: Make a shitty pun.

Kun: You’ll have to find him first.

Yukhei: Let him use you as an armrest. 

Mark: Be nice and be their friend. Protect him at all costs.

Renjun: Join him at nap time. 

Taeil: Tell him interesting and useful facts 24/7.

Taeyong: Be cute, he secretly loves cute things.

Ten:Become a walking ear, likes to add commentary to everything and anything.

Winwin: Give him everything he wants and buy him lots of Ice cream.

Yuta: Offer to play football or start a debate. 

She is Beauty (Tom Holland x Reader)

Tom Holland x Fem!Reader

*Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you :3*

Summary: You’re one of the starring roles in Avengers: Infinity War, and your current mission is to make it to the premier on time and not make an idiot of yourself. Minor problem…you’re new to the movie business and clumsy as fuck. 

Warning: I love swearing, okay? Fuck.

Words: 1,397

“Holy shit,” You muttered to as you watched the lady through the mirror making your hair into a messy bun like it was the easiest thing ever. “Holy shit, holy shit, I’m going to be late.”

“…And done!” The lady exclaims, stepping back and smiling proudly at her creation. You twisted around to see the various angles, internally gasping at how perfectly casual the bun looked. The lady twirled your chair slowly, letting you admire the new look.

“Is it good?”

You can only nod, smiling brightly and bouncing up and down in your seat..

“Oh thank god.” The hair stylist sighs, placing a hand on her chest in relief. “I was afraid it was too simple. Nothing on you miss, but isn’t a messy bun easy to make? Why not do it at home?”

“I’m kind of-well, really bad at doing hair and stuff.” You explain, jumping out of the chair and rushing to get your things all while trying not to ruin the bun.

“I’m also going to be late for this event,” You say over your shoulder, fumbling with your bag. “And it’s not the kind of thing you can be late to, so… “

One hand holding your bun in place you whip around and sling your bag over your shoulder. “There’s actually a movie premier happening down the road in an hour or so…” The stylist says, starting to connect the dots. “Are you-are you going?

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Daddy’s Little Girl - Part 2

Title: Daddy’s Little Girl - Part 2

Characters: Negan x You/Reader

Synopsis: You used to be a nude cam model. Negan was your favorite customer. What are the chances that you’d see him again now that the dead’s taken over the world?

Warnings: NSFW, smut, smut, daddy kink, smut

Note: Here’s part 2. And oh, there will be a part 3. *wink wink*


“Daddy, I’m home.”

Negan turned around at the sound of your sultry voice and saw you leaning against the doorway of his bathroom, clad in the skimpy school girl outfit he provided you. The lace trim of the push-up bra you were wearing was slightly peeking out from your knotted top, teasing Negan with what was yet to come. Your top reached beneath your breasts, revealing your belly button piercing that Negan extremely loved. The outfit that Negan gave you included a short, pleated skirt that barely covered your ass, a pair of white knee-high socks and some high-heeled Mary Janes. Why Negan has these things was still a mystery to you but they definitely came in handy. You were definitely not complaining.

The look on Negan’s face when he saw you remained the same, he always looked excited and giddy every single time you put on a show for him. It always felt like the first time and you honestly enjoyed that.

“Shit. Fuck. Getting right into it, huh?” Negan remarked with amusement as he stroked his chin with his hand.

He nodded with a smile and leaned back, twirling his hand in a circular motion as he scanned you from top to bottom. “Spin around for daddy, would ya?” he asked and bit his lip in anticipation.

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