this is relly hot

guys ths is my fan  at of Vilanos it is relly hot blakhat is a biseal trains bebey an if yo u hat it than go die!1! Flog is haveng a nosebled but it look like blushe but it is nosebled blod!1! they r in a gay pan dating and lov it do not steel my art pls!! it took too hors!!! i hope u likw atr be me

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can i request takao, imayoshi, midorima, kise, hanamiya & akashi sending their s/o drunk texts? heeeheh

I’m cackling okay, I love drunk texts!

A/N: I feel like they’d all be nerds, wow. Sorry if you find any of these OOC, I tried.


  • I have CerTainly noT hadd too mjuch to drink
  • I od not evend do doo taht
  • Ha do do
  • wAHT


  • Can we hacve sex?
  • Wait whoisd this?
  • oh aodh sory i loe you babe
  • cane hwe have sex tonight?


  • im at a prty
  • will u cujm
  • haha cum
  • like sex
  • wait
  • someonws trying 2 fite me
  • hes relly hot tho
  • oh
  • it me
  • was aloking in a mirror lol


  • *sends literally 20 selfies*
  • im so caute
  • love mw
  • ae you there
  • please
  • tellw me im pretty
  • y do u h8 me
  • il ove you
  • wait
  • wrongv person


  • Ihave lsoft my glases
  • wiat..
  • theyre on my fcae
  • i mayh hve drank towo much


  • hahahahahaha
  • i donat remembwer what i was laughing awt
  • nvm hes wsering them
  • i love him so mcuh
  • i meant u
  • i love you soa mcuh
When Leeteuk met Hyuk for the first time... xD

Leeteuk: DBSK’s Junsu told me a lot about Hyuk. That he had a friend who was a good rapper and a good dancer and on top of that, he even had the image of Jang Woo Hyuk. So you know, a really cool guy. So I was a bit disappointment when I met Hyuk for the first time. Because I heard so many good things about him hahaha. (c)