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Wherein Mathias - the personification of Day - learns of his mysterious counterpart Night and feels the need to introduce himself.

i dont think ive ever explicitly talked about the Rebirth on here before. I have a tag full of relevant quotes and things but as far as the actual period of my life goes, i have never said anything on it. so i guess here goes

I used to be a really bad person. I mean genuinely awful. And on dec 27th of the winter two years ago, i hit my peak terrible and i hurt someone very badly. The entire month of january, i was horribly depressed and the most suicidal i have ever been. i didn’t speak to anyone and i never left the house. it was the lowest of low times for me.

in early february, my mother and i drove me down to austin to live and work with my cousin. That time of preparing to leave and staying with her was the time when i really did the work of completely rebuilding myself. I’m talking from the ground up, entirely different.

I’m proud to say that the person that i was that december and before is completely gone forever. But don’t be mistaken, none of what happened was good. There’s nothing i would rather do than prevent what i did, even if that meant staying the same god awful person. there’s nothing poetic about hurting people close to you, even if it does trigger personal growth.

But every day, I do everything I can to be a better person. Because every day that passes is another day away from him


-ROUND 1/7-

Make a sim based on this apartment! Winner of this round will be entered to win a Sims 4 GAME Pack!


  • -creativity
  • -backstory
  • -diversity
  • -relevance to apartment
  • -quality and time put into posted entry!!


  • When entering a sim make, a photoset including each outfit and use the tag: #ghostiapartmentchallenge 
  • You may use cc for your entries, BUT MAKE SURE TO LEAVE LINKS TO EACH PIECE OF CC YOU USE  (maxis match is preferred).

You have until THURSDAY, AUGUST 24th at 12pm EST to post your entry! GOOD LUCK!

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Remake of this gifset because bless the new gif size limit.


@fierysuggestion: set your past on fire and leave