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so i decided change tae’s role in the au,,, here’s a doodle of his new design


A letter from the Moors Murderer, Ian Brady , in which he advises a young pen pal away from a life of crime and to focus on his studies instead. Here, Brady almost seems to show genuine concern and kindness for the boy. The letter reads:

Dear Thomas,
Thank you for your letter. Now I want you to read this letter very carefully to ensure you fully understand the important points I intend to make. I’ve told you repeatedly in previous letters that crime is a mug’s game, and that you can earn more by training for a skilled job, as you are presently doing, getting good results from your courses and exams, which I tried to assist you with. I spent most of my life in prison advising other prisoners to get out and keep out. There’s nothing romantic about crime, it’s hard unrewarding work even for the criminals who are clever. An amateur would be caught or sold out immediately. Seeing cases in headlines only gives the impression of excitement, while the people behind the headlines rot for decades in tiny cells. If you find ordinary life and freedom boring at times, you can’t imagine how much worse it is in prison. If you could imagine it, you’d soon lose any interest in crime and criminals. Try to imagine sitting in a cell for forty years, while your friends outside are enjoying themselves. I get the impression that you may have written to other prisoners. If they have ever suggested that crime is an intelligent occupation, they are lying simply to comfort themselves. You’ve as much chance of becoming a successful criminal as winning the lottery. The majority of successful criminals have also spent most of their lives behind bars, flash when they win, but never mentioning when they lose. I’m talking from 36 years of experience of criminals remember.

And for me, well my example says it all. I’m already a dead man walking. What’s to be admired about having death as a sole ambition? What’s even interesting about that? You’re young, free, and have everything to look forward to. Forget crime and criminals entirely. Even the Krays spent most of their lives in prisons. So did the Train Robbers, I met them in prison and they were broken men. They would’ve chosen different lives had they been able to see the future. I am weak now and also have flu, so I’m losing all interest in the outside world and have nothing left to teach you or anyone else, except the futility of crime. So I’m beginning to say goodbye to all the people I write to, including you. I enjoyed our letters and the many intelligent questions you have asked - much more than many other people I write to. Simply guide your interested intelligence in a more positive direction. My life is over, long ago. It’s important that you do not believe my stopping writing to you is something personal. It isn’t. I’m simply tired with the outside world in general. It has no relevance to me as I will never see it again. The crucial thing is that you forget all about crime and criminals and get on with your life in a positive manner. Once you commit a crime and are caught, you forfeit all the many benefits of society.
It is also important to realise that your innocent letters to me would get you into a great deal of trouble if certain people outside found out about it. That alone could ruin your life. Understand? Destroy all my letters and simply remember the good advice I’ve given.
There’s no need to answer this letter. I wish you all the best. Thanks for writing.

Best wishes, Ian Brady

Hello! A few followers of mine requested a post on my note taking system so here it is.

My notes
The above picture is of my Arc Notebook and is a collection of classwork and textbook information! When I’m writing notes I have to always write the date. I always mark down the dates on any worksheets I receive and sometimes add the topic of the class into the calendar on my computer. During classes, I try to pay as much attention as I can. Especially to the information which the teacher emphasises! Class notes are usually really scruffy or I type them and then I will later rewrite/condense and add after class. I find this pretty helpful, however if I miss a day I usually fall behind and end up with a lot more work to do! For rewriting the notes, I look at the syllabus and make sure I write something for each topic. I use colour coding to help too. I refer to the notes from class and other textbooks or the Internet! Having a selection of resources is really useful for understanding your topics. I am also trying to create even simplified topic notes to print later. 

My work layout
For starters, with a new topic I start on new paper. So I can easily find the one topic without having to make it by a title page or something, like in a regular exercise book! Titles are the sections of the syllabus which my notes relate to. Titles and always in black, underlined and capitalised. My notes are mainly in black and always in dot point form. I prefer having small sections of sentences compared to large chunks of writing. As you can see at points my writing goes in. I measure each time at either 1cm, 2cm or 3cm depending on the indent. Usually these notes are important for the line above, for instance an example or a definition. Also, you can see some sentences with arrows (either green or pink) underneath the sentences, these are just additional information which is relevant for either understanding or just interesting! I also leave one line between each section for easier reference.

My colour coding system
I’ve had a lot of messages about this so I thought I should include it! I use the Staedtler Triplus Fineliners for all these notes. I use black as the normal note taking. Red is for the topic of sentence, because I use dot point form the red makes the work stand out so I can quickly refer to that sentence! I don’t use red in every sentence, usually only if I’ve begun talking about something else. I use light blue for terms that I need to remember or are important. I find this useful in all my subjects! Dark blue is for names of people/places/businesses/etc and abbreviations. Orange is for examples and are usually indented by 1cm. I use green for relevant information to help understanding or to clarify and as previously mentioned, I use an arrow and indent at 1cm. I use pink for generally interesting information which isn’t needed but good for showing knowledge. I find colour coding useful, but it makes note taking quite a timely process but it does look pretty!

Overall, my note taking isn’t very complicated and pretty easy to recreate! I hope some of you find this post at least a little helpful. Check out for more. Feel free to message me if theres anything else! :-)

Spy Au Missions

Continuation (sort of) of <this>

So I just got more ideas about missions I could put in my story

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And here’s the other thing I need to talk about before buckling down and finishing the review of the full episode: Alicia.

Before I get into it, I’m just going to give you the heads up that this post may be uncomfortable for some because it’s kinda skirting some dissociative topics. Please let me know if there is a more appropriate way to tag this.

There is already plenty of meta floating around about Alicia’s fate. It seems like most people are totally convinced that Alicia is dead, that something else is parading around looking like her, and/or that it’s just Alicia’s memories.

Meanwhile, I remain convinced that we’re not supposed to have a firm answer. Her fate drives us straight into a the philosophical discussion of self. Are we our bodies, or are we our consciousness? If you have all of your memories, all of your thoughts, all of your emotions, are you still you if all of those are taken out of your body and placed into something else? Conversely, are you still you if you still have your body, but not your memories or day-to-day emotions? It’s a philosophical question that I think a lot of people are at least peripherally aware of, even if they haven’t read all the standard writings on it.

Yes, the philosophy of self was probably my favorite part of my Intro to Philosophy course, but I also feel like this question was posed on purpose. Steve Yockey kinda played with this philosophical question in a previous episode of his – 12x10 Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets… although I don’t think we knew it was a question until we were faced with Alicia’s question of body versus consciousness.

I find that doll disturbing.”

This isn’t even the part of 12x10 that I find the most relevant here, but it’s interesting that Akobel made that comment at all. It’s just a doll – it’s a thing that resembles a person, but it’s also empty. The Alicia-doll is not empty.

But here’s what I really want to talk about:

I don’t think I’ll get any argument that this is Cas, or that this is any less Cas than the Cas we’re familiar with, even though he has a much stronger claim on his current body.

And to counter that, let me throw this in, as well:

I will also get no argument that this is still Dean, even though it’s Dean’s body, but without any of his memories or even knowing that he is Dean.

Why is that? Why is it that Dean is still Dean when he has his body, but not his memories? Why is it that when Cas is in a different body he’s still considered Cas, but Alicia is not?

Is it because she died? Sam, Dean, and Cas have all died… multiple times.

Is it because Max can take her free will away? Sam and Cas have both lost their free will to Lucifer. Dean somewhat lost his free will to the Mark of Cain. 

Why is this different?

This question doesn’t have to be rhetorical, by the way… just know that I’m really happy with the question… probably happier with the question than any possible answer. (The wonderful action of questioning is a big part of my personality, in case y’all don’t know this yet. Questioning is what makes humanity so spectacular, but that’s getting off track.)

Where I don’t think there is a question is whether or not what Max did was right.

Alicia died, and Max brought her back.

This episode did what 11x17 Red Meat did by taking Sam and Dean’s story and placing it in a different context. Red Meat placed the context of their codependency into the real world – Sam was nearly killed by a gun rather than a demon, while Dean tried to kill himself with an overdose rather than a sacrifice to a god or some other supernatural creature.

Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes took the codependency and placed Sam and Dean outside of it, therefore placing the audience outside of it, giving us an objective viewpoint of what’s really going on.

She’s disrupting the natural order by being alive. You of all people know what that means. Chaos and sadness will follow her for the rest of her life.

6x11 Appointment in Samarra

No matter what the answer is to what’s going to happen to Max’s soul as a consequence (did he sell his soul or not? The Borrower Witch specifically said all he had to do to finish the deal was touch the ring; she died first, but he still touched the ring), what he did was still not okay.

The Winchesters have been messing with the natural order for a decade now. On paper, they know its wrong and have sworn to themselves to stop doing it. However, that doesn’t undo what they’ve done in the past. Sam, Dean, and Mary all should have been dead years ago, and yet they still live.

Alicia’s death and resurrection is far more questionable than any Winchester resurrection we’ve ever seen, and it’s like that for a reason – no matter the situation, no matter the consequences or lack thereof, what’s dead should stay dead.

Reblog / reply to this post if you’re interested in forming a small writing group

For months now I have benefitted from sharing and talking about my writing in a small group setting. There’s an incredible feeling of freedom and security that goes with having a solid group of writers you can trust and learn from and have fun with. I want to give other writers the opportunity to create their own small writing groups. I figured I’d make a post that would function as a reference point for writers interested in forming such a group.

Please reblog / reply to this post with a link to your writing and any relevant notes! Then click around the notes in this post until you find a writer - or writers - whose works you like and who you think you’d get along with. Send them a little note in their inbox, and, with luck, you’ll have started a group! Remember to be open and respectful, and have fun. 😊

jjjemmm  asked:

I wrote a novel but I'm having trouble getting people to read it. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your question, dear!  I’m not sure exactly how you’re sharing your novel, so I’ll cover the basics first:

  • Share your novel online.  This is a good way to receive feedback, make writing friends, and enter contests!  Remember, though, that if you ever plan to formally publish this novel, you probably shouldn’t share it online.  Some of my favorite websites for this include: Wattpad,, & Booksie.
  • Advertise on social media.  Posting links with a short summary on media outlets like tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook, can help you gain attention from people who are interested.  Make sure to tag your genres and any other relevant information about your story which might catch someone’s eye.
  • Commission (or have a friend create) a book cover.  People really do judge a book by its cover, so if you can snag some intriguing-looking artwork to post with your novel, it’ll really help.
  • Make your summary and title count.  Even though titles and (good) summaries are pretty brief, you need to take that space to make strangers stop scrolling and think, “Well hey, that sounds neat.”  Use powerful words and a strong narrative voice (and humor never hurts!).  Try to drop as much information about the plot, the characters, and the conflict as you can, with as few words as you can.  Otherwise you’re wasting one of the only tools at your disposal.
  • Compare it to other stories.  Yes, I know that’s the last thing an original novelist wants to do – compare their stories to other famous stories.  It feels like you’re just banging pots and pans together and shouting, “Hey everybody!  I did the same thing as Star Trek, but worse!”  But seriously, this is how fandoms work.  If you tell someone your story is completely unique and unpredictable, they may wonder if they want to invest time in something they might not even like.  But if you tell a Percy Jackson fan that your books have a Percy Jackson vibe, they’re probably more likely to take a look.
  • That said, make sure you deviate from fanfiction territory.  Fanfiction advertised as fanfiction is great and people love it.  Fanfiction advertised as an original novel feels like sitting down at a Chinese restaurant and finding out they only serve Mexican.  It’s not that one is better than the other – it’s just that you kinda came here for Chinese food.  So make sure both your content and your summary convey that this is, in fact, Chinese food.  Don’t get so wrapped up in attracting fandoms that you wind up advertising the Hunger Games/Star Wars/Doctor Who crossover from hell, instead of your novel, which only has hints of those other things.
  • Ask your friends to signal boost you.  The more word-of-mouth you can get going, the better!  After all, I’m more likely to read a story that’s recommended by a random person, than if the author themselves is trying to convince me it’s good.  It’s just natural.  I trust readers more than writers.  It may even help (and this is kinda cheaty but you know… who cares) to create another Twitter/tumblr account and fic rec yourself.  No one will know…
  • I could signal boost you if you’re interested…?  I’d want to read a few chapters first, since I like to know what I’m promoting, but I’ve got upwards of 3K followers, so that’s at least a little publicity I guess.  If you’re interested, you can message me about that :)

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for you at the moment.  Without knowing what outlet you’re using to share your novel, I can’t really help you out any more.  But if you have more questions, my inbox is always open!  Good luck :)

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

so when the ny times reports about duterte being practically responsible for over 7k random deaths in one year, in metro manila alone i might add, y’all r silent af

but one guy decides to write about his (again, very EXTREME) lifelong experience with his house help in the atlantic and suddenly y’all are up in arms???? suddenly the philippines is a relevant country and u suddenly KNOW EVERYTHING about what goes on here???

One of my kids got the Star Wars Lego Freemaker Adventures DVD set for Christmas. We’re still working our way through it. 



( @awkwardanakin you need to ask for this for your next birthday or gift-eligible holiday. This seems relevant to your interests.)


Calling my fellow wincest shippers, this author is writing a piece on the appeal of “taboo” ships and is looking for some input from wincest shippers.

I emailed her myself and those are some of the questions I was asked, along with being asked to share anything I thought was relevant to the subject and the history of wincest in fandom.

You can choose to be quoted by name or anonymously, just email if you’re interested in chatting.

@dailywincest @transgendersam @themegalosaurus @kansastexas

P.S. New fic rec from the @samwinchesterbigbang coming later today! Sorry for the inactivity the last few weeks.
10 Ways to Get Smarter By Keeping an Art Journal

These journal prompts are designed to help you employ common memory devices to learn new things and keep track of information. Most of these techniques are taken from the books “Moonwalking With Einstein” by Joshua Foer, and “How to Develop, Train, and Use Memory” by William Walter Atkinson. These prompts emphasize the value of making connections, visualizing information, and decontextualizing key details to improve memory recall. 

1. Plan your learning:  Brainstorm a list of topics you want to learn about. When you feel left out of a conversation because you don’t know anything about the topic, take a note and add it to the list. 

2. Take Non-School Related Notes : Pick one of your listed topics and search for a simplified explanation of it on Youtube. Dedicate a page in your journal to take notes on that video. Define key terms, write in point form, and connect what you learn to things you already know by circling the point and writing in what it reminds you of. 

3. Learn About Current Events: Cut an interesting article out of a newspaper or magazine and paste it in your journal. Highlight key passages and take notes on the implications of the part you’ve highlighted. Beside the article, write your thoughts, opinions, and concerns regarding the article. 

4. Mix School with Your Personal Life: Dedicate at least a two page spread to taking notes on something related to school. If you’re not in school, take notes on something you remember learning but have forgotten all about. Use lines to connect your point form notes with elements from your personal life that are relevant to the topic. Example: If you’re learning about water pollution, you might connect a bit of information to your own experiences swimming in polluted water. Connecting school to your personal life helps makes studying seem like something you want to do, not something you have to do. 

5. Recall Insignificant Details: Cut the title page out of the book you are currently reading (optional, as I know a lot of people have a visceral objection to cutting books). Give a point form summary of everything that has happened in the book so far, without going back to remind yourself. Forcing yourself to recall small details will strengthen your ability to remember details in the future. 

6. Answer Your Own Questions: Draw a line down the page to divide it into two columns. In one column, brainstorm questions that you don’t know the whole answer to. Example: how does photosynthesis work? What is nuclear fusion? What trees grow in my area? Google each question and write the answers in the second column. If you find an answer that is particularly interesting, take detailed notes on the opposite page. 

7. Learn to Use Mnemonic Devices: If you are studying difficult vocabulary or something else that requires wrote-memorization, keep an ongoing list in your journal of terms and concepts you need to remember. For each one, break the word down into syllables and assign a picture or word that the syllable reminds you of. Then, put those words/pictures together in a way that is relevant to the word’s definition.  Example: the word “Zooxanthellae” (a kind of algae) can be broken into ‘zoo’ ‘zan’ ‘tell’ ‘eh’. You could think of an algae hiding in a zoo, telling a woman named Suzan about Canada, eh. Describe this situation in your journal. This is a highly effective memorization tool called a ‘mnemonic’. 

8. Kill Boredom With Memory Recall: Brainstorm lists of the books you’ve read in the past year, the things you bought at the grocery store last, the things you’ve eaten in the past two days, the characters in your old favourite tv shows, and anything else that requires detailed, accurate memory recall. Fill a page in your journal with these lists. 

9. Record Your Life: Write at least a small point-form journal entry every day describing what you did, who you saw, what you bought, and what you ate. Recalling these details strengthens your memory of them, and recording them creates memory-bridges that can be used to retrieve your memories of each day, even after you’ve completely forgotten them. In a few years, re-read your journal entries: you’ll likely be able to recall something from almost every day you took the time to record. 

10. Record and Perfect Your Thoughts, Opinions, and Ideas: Write a list of topics that you either spend a lot of time thinking about or that you have strong opinions on. When you feel like writing for a while, review this list and dedicate a page to recording your thoughts about each item. I like to title these pages “Thought practice”. Recording your thoughts will help you sort out inconsistencies and develop thought-out ideas that you can express more clearly in conversation (since you’ve already written out what to say :P) Make sure to ask questions and point out flaws in your own writing. Keep track of areas where you might be missing information.

Bonus: There are many more useful memory tips and tricks that I haven’t written about in these prompts. I’ve included a few below, but be sure to check out the books I referenced at the top if you’re interested in learning more. Both books can be found as audiobooks on Youtube.   

-Sorting information using different coloured pens or different fonts/ writing styles forces your brain to concentrate just a little bit harder, making memory bridges just a little bit stronger.

-Connect new information to something emotional, funny, or sexual to make it stand out in your mind. 

-Practice creating mnemonic devices in your head when you have some time to kill (at the bus stop, in line at the store, etc.)

-Study the same information in many different places, especially standing or moving around. 

-Teach others about what you have learnt whenever possible. Teaching reinforces memories and will also help you express your knowledge in a logical, linear way. 

lairofthegoblin  asked:

What are some of your favourite obscure Links YouTube videos?

ooh this is a fun one! i’m not positive exactly what is obscure and what’s not anymore, from my deep trash vantage point, but i’ll give it a try

Ars Nova speech
Lin talks about how Ars Nova nurtured the beginnings of Freestyle Love Supreme, and what he wants the last scene of the movie of his life to be
event playlist here

The Polar Bears
Did you know Lin played a misfit polar bear cub in a 2013 short film of the Coca-Cola polar bears? Because Lin played a misfit polar bear cub in a 2013 short film of the Coca-Cola polar bears

Drunk freestyle at Joe’s Pub
I’m just an evangelist for this video, when I blog it it never really takes off–maybe because you might have to listen at least a few times to get most of the words because of the quality–but this is to me seriously the best freestyle of his I’ve seen and I love watching it so much, plus it’s basically all Broadway in-jokes so a lot of people here should enjoy that. And Tom Kitt on piano. Also relevant: there is a Lin Drunk History coming our way later this year…

In the Heights flash mob
A flash mob welcomes In the Heights to LA by surprising Lin with “96,000”

Writing the 2011 Tony Awards closer
Lin wrote the closing rap (performed by host Neil Patrick Harris) with Tommy Kail during the show
2013 Tony Awards opener
Do not miss this. It’s one of the biggest and most entertaining production numbers you will ever see. The word wondrous comes to mind. Lyrics by Lin, music by Tom Kitt, starring host Neil Patrick Harris. (Don’t miss the lines for aspiring theatre kids that will break/remake your heart.) And Lin and Kail wrote a closing rap during the show again, this time for Neil and Audra McDonald

Empire State of Mind with Another Hundred People
At the 2012 Lincoln Center American Songbook Series, which Lin kicked off on January 11 (Hamilton’s birthday incidentally) with a performance of songs from the Hamilton Mixtape

Empire State of Mind at Broadway on Broadway
This video gives you a good sense of the setting of the performance. This video gives you a good sense of Lin’s butt during the performance

Talking about freestyling
With Freestyle Love Supreme

Freestyle Love Supreme at Joe’s Pub
Lin takes “Neil Patrick Harris” and it’s oh so good. One of those freestyles where it kinda wraps around and builds to a really good climax (shut up I couldn’t think of another way to put it. yes, it’s satisfying too okay) (Lin’s referencing that big Tony number up above at the end of the video)

Don’t Quit Your Night Job
Lin performing with Shockwave, mostly an epic Shock beatbox performance, last two and a half minutes Lin freestyling on audience suggestions he’s pulling out of a bag hanging from his elbow and it just makes me grin like crazy the whole time

Oh, oh yeah. This. Lin freestyles his whole writing and theatre journey from childhood through In the Heights. It’s pretty beautiful and essential

so i plumbed most all these from my playlist Lin-Manuel Miranda for Lintrash, which unfortunately is not in any order but has as of now over 130 videos that are probably relevant to your interests. i have a lot of Hamilton stuff collected on my channel too, plus some In the Heights and FLS

oh, if you haven’t seen it, you gotta see Hamilton Heights. and Lin’s sadsadconversations. OKay bYE

katiemonsters  asked:

I borrowed the Newsflesh books (loved them btw) from my library and someone was using My Little Pony Temp Tattoos as a bookmark. Also I suggested the Newsflesh books to a gal at work and she floored through them. She bought the audio version just to be able to listen to it on her hour drive to/from work. Thank you from a couple of people in Ohio for writing fantastic stories.


Also, depending on where in Ohio you are, it might be relevant to your interests to know that I will be at the Ohio Valley Filk Festival this October.  It’s not a traditional SF con, because it is a filk con, but there will be a book signing, and I always* adore meeting people.

(*For values of “always” that are not at 6am in the hotel Starbucks no really why are you making sounds with your face hole please stop I am but a simple alien plant invader, I cannot yet brain enough to understand you.)
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It’s Bucky who brings it up, but it’s Steve who wants it: he can’t deny it.

hey so uh who’s up for some #wreck steve rogers 2k17 content

*raises hand*

look it’s the ot3 fucking steve until he cries, that’s fun, right, it’s sure relevant to my interests


Hello! This is the blog formerly know as JACK-ISMS and then ROSY-JACK! And first off I’d like to thank you for following me on this blog. It has been an amazing experience running a fan blog for one of my favorite people in the world. I’ve gotten to interact with awesome people, push my creative boundaries, and learn new skills, so thank you for all the support.

As you may or may not have noticed, I haven’t been posting a lot recently on ROSY-JACK. I actually haven’t posted or reblogged anything for about a month and a half. This is due to a lack of inspiration and a want/need to focus on my own personal aesthetic and some other personal interests other than Jack. 

Another thing pushing me to make this change is that I have been exploring my gender identity, and I want to fully come out on tumblr as a non-binary individual who prefers the use of they/them pronouns. This is a big step for me so I would love some support and feedback from you guys who are going through similar things or just have a kind word to say.

With all of that said, I just wanted to let you know that I will still be posting Jacksepticeye content! I still love that guy! I might just not post him as often, or do the same types of posts that I have done in the past. I want to start posting some other things relevant to my interests as well. Aesthetics, nature, other celebrities/youtubers, original content, and even some of my writing may make it on to here. 

If the content change or the discussion of being non-binary prompts you to unfollow, I completely understand.

This long winded message is very typical for me. I really wanted to explain myself and my absence to you guys. Thank you for listening if you actually read through all of this, and feel free to ask me any questions! 


deanwinchcester  asked:

i saw the 'ARE Y'ALL STONED' thing on destieldrabblesdaily and was intrigued so i looked at the tags and was like 'angst with a happy ending, miscommunication, fluff, all the things i like i'm going to read this' and then i end up reading it on the school bus and i was near crying with laughter and i'm so glad no one asked me what i was reading or looked at my phone screen omg

I think that Mich and I are seriously considering getting matching ARE Y’ALL STONED tattoos, it made us both laugh so much, hahahaha ^^

WELL I’M SO GLAD that our humble fic’s tags and tropes catered so well to your interests! ! I hope you found the actual fic itself just as relevant to your general pursuits! I also shed a few tears during the writing process… tears of pure emotion. Let Us was a story that came from deep in our hearts; we set it free into the world, like a leaf of lettuce blowing on the wind (random, non-specific analogy), and let it land gently on the faces of our readers. thank you… for accepting… the leaf. <3

One of those Long Overdue Updates

I’ve made previous complaints about it, but back in September, my innards decided they didn’t like me, or something, and I’ve spent months now being sick off-and-on which puts a cramp in everything, and I still haven’t got a diagnosis. It’s pretty draining, and as a result, tumblr goes to the bottom of the to-do list. But I’m not updating just to complain.

I was browsing Reddit and fell in love with the Ask Historians subreddit, which is the best moderated subreddit I’ve ever seen with really high standards for answers and discussions. (I think it was the question:   How many 16th century French laying hens would be required to feed Gaston his five dozen eggs? that drew me in). I got sucked in, saw a Japanese history question relevant to my interests, and started answering. 

So, I’ve conducted an experiment over the last month, to see if the format and community could kick me back into writing and doing research. Results have been very positive, and last week, I was granted Expert Answer-er Flair for “Late Edo Period/Meiji Restoration” at Ask Historians. (Despite the name, you don’t actually have to be a historian to answer, amateur enthusiasts who can source their answers well are welcomed.) I was planning to see if I could get flair there, then revive this tumblr. So here are the posts I got the flair for:

Inflation in Tokugawa Shogunate Japan ( why samurai aren’t all rich and peasants sometimes are)

How accurate is this popular post about the first Japanese woman to go to college, Sutematsu Oyama?

How were illegitimate children or children of unmarried mothers treated in medieval Japan / during the Edo period? Maybe [NSFW]

When did refined grains (white rice/white wheat flour) replace whole grains in East Asian diets? (The history of white rice and beriberi disease)

To what degree was the Meiji Emperor personally involved in the modernization associated with his name?

and just the other day wrote a post that may interest readers here: 
If the Satcho Alliance hated the West for ending Japan’s isolationism, why did they replace the Shogunate with a Western-style government?

The audience for these answers is kind of small. Japanese history questions aren’t much upvoted on the subreddit, but the subreddit rules and culture really help me to write my best work, so I’ll probably be linking to more stuff I put out there, as well as getting back to posting here. 

On the minus side, my laptop decided it was time to break down, so I’m currently a bit restricted with just a smartphone.
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I sent you a present, is Seb’s first clue that Mackie has plans for him.

He squints down at his phone. What kind of present?

The kind that’s a surprise, baby. Something else from that list of yours. For when we’re in the same city again.

for everyone who saw “sebastian stan wears lace panties: the redux” and thought “WOW, RELEVANT TO MY INTERESTS”

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Okay, so. Quick question! I tried digging through the asks you've done for the Rivals series, and I know that Viktor's POV is next. Any thoughts on doing a third story where you finally reveal who's reading what on the 'net? i.e. the actual social media section already posted in story and the pertinent character's thoughts/reactions/actions/etc? (1/2)

AKA: [insert IG post where Viktor took a photo of his hotel room with Yuuri’s jacket peeking out from the corner] - Viktor idly listened to the soft, steady breaths of the Japanese skater sleeping next to him, attention mostly focused on the photo of the dawn-limed hotel room ready to be posted to his Instagram. He was torn on posting, but… putting it up on his account felt like a way to immortalize this moment. Keep it. Prove it existed. Another moment–two, three–and Viktor tapped ‘Share.’

This particular example is something you will actually see in the companion fic as Viktor posting on IG with that picture is plot relevant, just like Yuuri reading the comments on the IG post in chapter 9. However, as for the rest of the social media extracts, I am very seriously considering writing a ‘missing and extra scenes’ fic after the companion fic if interest is still high enough with all the bits that didn’t fit into the main fic and one of my ideas is a bit on who was reading certain social media articles!

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really need some advice about writing a research paper for my art history major i have no idea where to start it can be on pretty much anything

When you have an open-ended assignment like this, it can be difficult not to panic, especially if you aren’t necessarily familiar with art history or how to write an art history essay. You might feel like Michael Scott:

I’m not sure what your experience is with this field, but my first tip regardless would be, don’t panic. Every expert had to start at the beginning before they became experts. (Fun gifs included to reduce urge to be stressed about what will be your super awesome paper!)

  • Identify a topic: Think about what you’ve learned so far in your art history course(s). What artist, period, or type of art interests you the most? When you’re writing a research paper, try to pick a topic/theme that you genuinely find interesting. What type of topic would be most relevant to the class you’re in?For example, would something broad like “feminist art history,” where you can examine lots of different paintings and artists, be more fitting to your course? Or something more specific like “the paintings of Artemisia Gentileschi,” where you could focus on a feminist interpretation of her art)? Look through your textbook, the Google Art Project, the Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History, Smarthistory, and/or major museum websites if you aren’t sure what artists, type of art, subjects, or time periods you’re interested in; find something that speaks to you, and write about that (assuming it fits in with the course theme and requirements). 

  • Come up with an argument: Once you know what you’re writing about, come up with an argument - a thesis - that will drive your research and your paper. One way to come up with an argument is to simply look at what you see: Is there anything unusual in the work(s) of art you’re writing about that you want to get to the bottom of? Are you curious about why the work(s) you’re writing about were depicted the way that they were? Do you take issue with what other authors (your textbook?) have to say about your topic? 

  • Do your research: Doing research on the artist(s), artwork(s) and historical circumstances will (obviously) help you develop your paper and refine your argument. Your argument might even change in the course of your research. I’ve listed resources for online art historical research here. The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s publications division, MetPublications, and the Getty Research Institute’s Digital Books initiative are two free, open access online initiatives that may also provide you with more bibliographic sources. As you research, you may want to check your sources’ own bibliographies for potential new sources. Don’t forget to cite as you write (going back and citing your references at the end of the writing process is a pain).

  • Make an outline: Once you feel like you have a strong grasp of your topic and your argument, make an outline for your paper. Research papers tend to be longer and have a wider scope than can be answered in a basic five-paragraph-format essay, so an outline is crucial. The bookends of your paper are the introduction and conclusion: the outline’s job is to fill in the details. It might be helpful to think of your paper as a mystery you’re trying to solve; structure the body of your paper using the evidence you’ve found in your bibliographic sources. Depending on the topic, scope, and length of your paper you might want to do this matter-of-factly, or you might want to build your paper up to a dramatic denouement, where your strongest and most surprising piece of evidence (or twist) comes at the end. 

  • Write!: Finally, start writing. Some details of my writing process can be found  here, which might be helpful.

Remember to relax & keep it simple. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel; build on what others have already said and discovered and if you can, try to contribute something to the existing discourse. 

You can do it! I hope this helps!