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so i decided change tae’s role in the au,,, here’s a doodle of his new design

We’re back and unincorporated!

Hello tumblrverse! 

As many of you know, there were some changes at AfterEllen several months ago. I’m Chloe, and I ran this tumblr for AfterEllen for several years. We built this tumblr into a wonderful, colorful, awesome safe space for LGBTQ women. Like most of the AfterEllen writers, I no longer work for the company. The new AfterEllen isn’t interested in maintaining a tumblr presence, and offered me back my beloved tumblr (YAY). 

So hello again all 64,000 of you! We’re back. 

I intend to renew this tumblr as a hub of rad gay & queer girl content. However, instead of just posting links from one site, I’ll post relevant links from all sites. Pretty pictures, funny memes, personal writing, interesting articles, all the stuff that made you follow this tumblr before. It’s just no longer owned by a company. It’s owned by ME. 

I’ve changed the name to “we are advocates” as an homage to the show I wrote that many of you helped me make. It may be changed if something catchier springs to mind. 

So say hello, fill me in, feel free to submit or reply questions, name suggestions, and content ideas?
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It’s Bucky who brings it up, but it’s Steve who wants it: he can’t deny it.

hey so uh who’s up for some #wreck steve rogers 2k17 content

*raises hand*

look it’s the ot3 fucking steve until he cries, that’s fun, right, it’s sure relevant to my interests

One of my kids got the Star Wars Lego Freemaker Adventures DVD set for Christmas. We’re still working our way through it. 



( @awkwardanakin you need to ask for this for your next birthday or gift-eligible holiday. This seems relevant to your interests.)


Calling my fellow wincest shippers, this author is writing a piece on the appeal of “taboo” ships and is looking for some input from wincest shippers.

I emailed her myself and those are some of the questions I was asked, along with being asked to share anything I thought was relevant to the subject and the history of wincest in fandom.

You can choose to be quoted by name or anonymously, just email if you’re interested in chatting.

@dailywincest @transgendersam @themegalosaurus @kansastexas

P.S. New fic rec from the @samwinchesterbigbang coming later today! Sorry for the inactivity the last few weeks.
A Study in Relevancy

Title: A Study in Relevancy - Kidge Week Day 6 Prompt Fill
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Pairing: Keidge
Summary: AU-ish.Everyone is born with a mark on their arms of the words their soulmate will say to them when they realize that are in love with them. Pidge and Keith end up with some interesting phrases.
Standard Disclaimer: If you read and enjoy this, please give it a like/ reblog so I know if I should write more.
AN: Another prompt in which I totally cheated to fill it! Regardless, I think it turned out okay. Also, only did a quick pre-post read-through so it might still be a little rough.

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Besides the amazing writing and freak nasty smut, one of my fav things about Richonne fics is that a lot of writers take different approaches with the canon villains and generally unlikeable characters. I’ve seen Negan written as comic relief/a one-sided love interest, the Guvnah as…slightly less psychotic, Merle as hilariously ridiculous, Shane as raunchy but good-natured and Lori as flawed though well-intentioned.

And then there’s Messie.

If Richonne fics were a VH1-style dating show, she’d be the type of heaux who’s not relevant enough for the audience to love to hate or hate to love but is there simply because the producers needed someone just straight up humiliatingly annoying and who’ll promptly be forgotten after she gets eliminated in the 3rd episode. Which is kind of canon anyways so.

MBTI Stuff

I just felt like writing down everything that comes to my mind about each mbti type I have met so far (or rather took the time to type). This is, of course, not to be taken seriously. But I thought it would be interesting to add stuff in the future and to see if what I’m writing now is still accurate then. And honestly, I was just really bored. I doubt you will find anything relevant here, don’t waste your time.

ESFP (1):

- Wants people to think they’re special

- Just wants to feel loved, really

- does stupid shit all the time

- partly because they’re actually kinda reckless

- partly to be noticed

- who hurt you my friend?

- drawing skills 20/10

- very caring

- would kill somebody for their best friend

ISFJ (5):

- the mom friend stereotype is on point

- are usually ambitious, but know their limit

- can be quite manipulative and emotionally abusive at times

- but that’s probably because they were hurt themselves and never really got over it

- should give themselves more credit

- you are more than your mistakes, you are not your fucking past jfc

- typically quite nice and a little bit shy/awkward when you speak to them for the first time

- are afraid of (drastic) change

- ISFJs are kinda like chocolate. So many different flavours, but it’s still chocolate

- suffer because of the most stupid reasons

- wants everyone to be happy

- give them a hug or something, they need it

ISTP (1):

- you thought INTPs are weird? Ha.

- honestly the weirdest person you could possibly meet

- but they still get along with other people so well? It’s weird.

- weird kind of charisma many people love

- is the person you could tell everything and they would be like #relatable

- is the kind of person to tell you how much they love you in the evening, but then leave in the morning thinking “Whoops this was a very bad idea, better leave before this gets awkward!”

- but they still kind of love you?

- don’t know themselves what the fuck they are looking for

- love experimenting, love improvising

- are really exhausting at times

- childish

- lowkey or not so lowkey melancholic

- tries to care about people, fails

- wants to see the world

- “Where are the people?”

- but they’re pretty fun once you get used to them

ESTJ (2) (?)

-  A+ when it comes to storytelling

- they’re funny even when they don’t try to be

- surprised to see that I’m pretty much an asshole

- it was cute, really

- underestimate themselves

- have great ambition and dreams though, but are always realistic

- they love good parties, are often the life of the party

- but are also always up to talk about deep stuff

- are really romantic, are unaware of that

- can be really harsh though if you’re on their bad side

- don’t make them angry, just don’t

- charisma, so much charisma

- really one of the most dangerous people once they know what they’re capable of

- learn from experience, good advice

- respect them and they will respect you

ESFJ (4)

- are good at making friends

- lots of smalltalk

- the kind of person to judge the hell out of you, but never say it out aloud

- sneaky and judgy

- sometimes think to highly of themselves

- stubborn about their believs (but their believs aren’t exactly unconventional or interesting)

- have a great taste for fashion

- don’t really care about other people that much, would be good parents though

- pretty chill

- are scary as fuck when they get angry

- they don’t trust you if you’re hard to read and a private person

- wanna have fun

- It’s not a secret that I’m not a fan of ESFJs

INTP (2)

- has probably thought about killing you at least once

- always have interesting thoughts

- ask way too many times if what they do/think is okay

- are kinda adorable

- just want to be accepted by others

- dorky

- smart but a little bit naive

- judge people but also judge themselves for doing so

- which is really amusing

- their guilty pleasure is outsmarting people

- sinnamon roll

- their theories/opinions or either really mindblowing or utter shit there’s no in between.

ENTP (1)

- so much random information

- always excited when learning something new

- they cannot shut up omg

- know that they are different than most people and therefore think they have the right to act like a jerk

- but is actually a pure and naive puppy at heart

- is often the outsider and tries to act as if they’re okay with it

- but is secretly really hurt

- as intelligent as they are, please, never, never  take them seriously

INTJ: “hoe don’t do it”

ENTP: *does it*

INTJ: oh god

- to this day I still don’t know if I should have killed them or not

- love impressing people

- love sharing their ideas in general

- but don’t know when they have to shut up

- 90% of what they say is bullshit but the other 10% is pure gold

- hard to handle, but it’s worth it

ISTJ (4)

- the dad stereotype is mostly on point

- usually pretty good in maths

- pretty bad in languages

- lame humour, shitty puns everywhere

- stubborn

- is that teacher that has a story from his childhood for every situation in their life

- is also that kind of person who thinks you’re stupid if you are somewhat different

- a little bit stuck up in their ways, but not as much as every ISTJ profile makes you think

- the reason why so many ISTJs mistype themselves as INTJs is because they either never read the goddamn functions or just like the thought of being a special snowflake and don’t see that Si fits them more than they want to admit

- can be very fun though if they like you

- are also very loyal

- is probably your maths or physics teacher tbh

- the ones who mean well, but have trouble showing that

- awkward physical contact

ENFJ (1)

- oh god

- run


ENTJ (never met or typed) (?)

INTJ (never met or typed, except for myself, maybe gonna do that later)

ENFP (never met or typed)

ISFP (gonna do that later)

INFP (gonna do that later)

ESTP (never met or typed)

INFJ (never met or typed)

-To be edited later-

swoops in HH

things i talked about with @piesnpucks and just need to get down/hope someone might find interesting… can’t speak for their relevance at this time:

  • went to boston university where he played hockey
  • has a degree in early childhood education
  • likes video games and beer and watching other sports and comic books
  • got way too invested in True Blood and annoyed the shit out of Kent with it
  • will not admit that he watched it mostly because that one guy was hot
  • loves dogs 
  • has seen every single episode of downton abbey and sometimes tells other Aces players not to be defeatist because it’s very middle class
  • listens to 90s and 70s rock
  • wears band shirts and snapbacks all the time
  • likes to babysit his brother’s kids
  • jeff & kent meal prep together once a week
  • enjoys TV like American Pickers and that pawn shop show and antique roadshow
  • learned a bunch of stupid magic tricks to entertain kids with
  • uses them on KP 
  • his instagram is just. hockey stuff. it’s so boring.
  • but his spotify is wild
  • has a thing for blonds.
Astronomy/Astrophysics Study Tips

So I noticed that Astronomy was one of the subjects in high demand on the @studyblrsubjects blog, I’ve decided to write a few study tips. One of my majors is astrophysics and I actually do pretty well in it (Alhamdulillah), so hopefully these tips will be good.

The set-up of astro courses at different universities vary quite a lot. Some are more practical, some deal a lot more with the theoretical and hard physics side, others are more balanced. If you’re interested in studying astronomy or astrophysics, it’s a good idea to contact the relevant department at your university of choice and find out what their programme is like.

1) Be careful with conversions. Astronomy uses its own units. Parsecs, Astronomical Units, solar masses, magnitudes, e.t.c. are defined in terms of what’s practically measurable when making observations. However, things like Kepler’s Law and Newtonian gravity and most formulae are defined in terms of your usual SI units. Learn how to convert correctly and check which units are the correct ones to use. It’s really useful to include the units when you’re substituting values into an equation so that you can use dimensional analysis to see if you’re missing a conversion. And don’t worry - everyone messes up a simple magnitude calculation every now and then I can rant about the awful magnitude system for ages.

2) Revise your trigonometry. Remember the Sine Rule and the Cosine Rule from high school? Me neither. Brush up on your trig because it is used all the time in astronomy. The last thing you want to do is incorrectly define a parsec because you can’t remember which sides correspond to sin and which correspond to tan. Be especially careful when converting between radians, degrees and hours. 

3) Use a compass. This is non-essential, but it’s useful to have one because you quite often need to draw a LOT of circles.

4) You don’t have to know constellations to study astrophysics. I can spot the Southern Cross (a.k.a. Crux) and Orion in the night sky. That’s about it, and I get As for astrophysics and astronomy. It’s pretty cool if you are able to spot constellations, and if you know where to look for interesting nebulae and star clusters, but it’s not essential. Also, if you want to bullshit your knowledge of constellations other people will believe you simply because you’re an astrophysics major.

5) When in doubt, the answer is probably spectroscopy.

6) Ask additional questions. Space is pretty cool. Whenever I get bored in class, I pay a little extra attention and ask questions on things that are vague. It gives you more insight into the unanswered questions in astrophysics (there are a LOT of unanswered questions) and into how astronomical research is conducted. Or you’ll learn some fun facts about space.

7) Set your wallpaper as a Hubble Space Telescope picture. Again, non-essential, but why wouldn’t you want to?

8) Like with any type of physics, diagrams are always useful.

9) Make sure that you can derive things on your own. Sure, some of the formulae you’ll be working with are based off empirical evidence or are beyond what you’re expected to know. However, there are plenty that come from the basics you learnt in physics and you should be able to derive those. 

10) Use the internet. Crash Course Astronomy (or even the show Cosmos) can help you familiarise yourself with the terminology and processes in astrophysics. Knowing the “story” behind processes will make it easier for you to concentrate on the actual physics behind the processes. For example, if you know that a black hole can form from the collapse of a dying star from listening to Dr Neil Degrasse Tyson explain it, you can concentrate on deriving the schwarzschild radius instead of trying to wrap your head around the idea of a black hole. Or, if you know that famous Carl Sagan quote about us all being made of starstuff, it’s easier for you to concentrate on understanding the different stages of star formation that leads to the creation of carbon.

I hope these tips are helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message or an ask! Happy studying.

xx Munira

Fun conversation prompts for Hellenic polytheists

Fun new ask box meme: ask me fun questions about my religion.

  1. Whole pantheon or select few?
  2. Which theoi hold domain over areas of influence in your life?
  3. Which theos do you think has the coolest/most interesting story? Why?
  4. Which theoi are you closest to?
  5. How often do you make offerings?
  6. How do you, personally, make offerings?
  7. Which pillars (if any) influence your practice the most, and how/why?
  8. Do you follow the delphic maxims? Which ones are most relevant/important to you?
  9. Do you celebrate any festivals? Which ones?
  10. What’s your favorite myth? And which version?
  11. How do you feel about new myths and re-writes/adaptations of old myths?
  12. Do you keep a prayer book?
  13. Do you dress up for ritual?
  14. Do you wear/use devotional jewelry, outfits, make up, perfume/cologne/body spray, or anything of the like?
  15. When did you find your way to Hellenic polytheism?
  16. Do you worship any deities outside of Hellenic polytheism?
  17. Share a current picture of your shrine or altar if you have one!
  18. Share a story about a time you felt the theoi were involved actively in your life!
  19. Write something nice for one of the theoi!
  20. Tell us something about your practice!

for my 3rd essay in my writing class we have to take an object of taste and analyze it using one of the theories of taste we’ve discussed but i dont know what to pick bc so many of my like… interests in terms of media really only have relevance in terms of taste within subcultures and idk how to write about that

heddagab replied to your post “stopsurprisingme replied to your post “I just thought that we have an…”

I love reading your posts, especially ones like this because I agree so much. I can see them doing all of these things and even if my take on other issues is not the same as yours, I always always always appreciate the effort you put into actually writing them.

Thank you! It would be odd if we all had the same take on the same issues. I really do think it’s important to allow people to see what they are seeing. I think if we could talk to each other and explain why we are identifying with certain story aspect, how they pertain to our own lives and why they’re so relevant to us, many interesting conversations could be had. And I have them all over the fandom, because it’s easier one-on-one.

Of course, the fact that the story is open to interpretation combined with the queer subtext recreates society’s bigotry and prejudice on a micro level here. It’s the issue of any minority, that their history isn’t part of “common knowledge”. It would take history lessons, some psychology and sociology before we could actually move on and be on that same level of understanding. Most often conversations between the SQ fandom and the rest go wrong because the other side doesn’t realize the impact of the things they don’t know. They see equality where in reality there is an enormous gap.

Similarly, I think specific issues on the show that are recurring and attract an audience to it that is bigger here than in the general population, but that share an experience could also do with having a starter package on how the show resonates to them specifically and what most people don’t know. 

Not sure what I’m even trying to say with this, got a little carried away… just that… I appreciate you reading in spite of not agreeing. I think many things are easier to accept once you know where someone is coming from or what the reasoning is, so I do try to include that when I write… If I have the time and energy. :)

guileandgall  asked:

Desperate kiss For Herea and Anders

Oh no another Harea/Anders fan. Tagging @ladydracarysao3 and @silent-of-spirit because this is relevant to their interests as well.

“Please,” Anders begs, tears already gathering in his eyes as he tries furiously to blink them away. “You must listen to me, I–”

“Stop!” Harea cries, voice almost shrill in her desperation for him to hear her. “Just stop! I am so tired, Anders. You have no idea.” She holds her hands up, palms facing him to keep him away. “You have to let. It. Go.” She punctuates each word with a scowl, and she turns away from him.

He reaches out for her but thinks better of it before his hand touches her arm. He dances around to stand in front of her again, dropping to his knees to show the smaller woman that he isn’t a threat, that he won’t try to stop her if she truly means to leave.

“Okay,” he breathes. “Okay, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Harea.” She crosses her arms and narrows her eyes at him, physically shaking with anger. “Don’t go. I’m sorry. Please.”

Harea inhales slowly, taking a long breath in through her nose, and lets it out in a sigh. She looks away from him, suddenly blinking back her own tears, and her shoulders slump as her anger begins to dissipate.

Anders does reach for her then, hands on her elbows to pull her forward. Even kneeling he’s not much shorter than she is, and it’s an easy thing to bring her lips to his.

His kiss is hard, nearly too hard, full of his desperate longing to keep her from spending a night in the alienage with Merrill, as she had threatened, or with Hawke in her estate. He begs her silently, clutching her tightly, and after only a moment he feels her body relaxing under his touch.

She moves so that her arms are free, hands coming up to rest on his jaw, tilting his head more so she can kiss him back, more gently this time. Her desperation is of a different flavor, of a longing for things to be like they were before things in Kirkwall had become so dangerous.

She breaks the kiss but holds his head still so that she can place a gentle one to his forehead before pulling him against her for a hug.

hellokirbz  asked:

How did you get into the profession you're currently in, and are there bigger goals for you?

I’m currently working in Marketing (director). 

I studied Communications in school, had an office admin job for about two years (while going to school), and also did freelance photography during those years. I’ve always had an interest in writing, so combined with my photography, I was able to brand (market) myself on social media. I think these were leading factors that got me into my current position, as I was able to parade that as a portfolio of sorts (I applied via Craigslist). 

I’m looking to be a Brand Director or even Creative Director in the long run. I’d say I’m in the relevant field – currently working for a start up. So if kicks off to something big, I’m right where I want to be. If not, I’ll take what I learned here and move to bigger things. 

Back in 2015, I started the most ambitious dark!fic I’d ever attempted as a fill for the Mad Max Kink Meme. My overall plan for the fic actually includes elements inspired by several different prompts that were left on the dark prompts post. 

Only the first two scenes were posted at the kink meme. I write non-linearly and later edit the scenes together, though, so I had most of the first Slit/Toast scene written at the time. But I was too nervous about posting it so I didn’t.

I barely wrote anything at all in any fandom in 2016.

Then 2017 rolls around and @brimbrimbrimbrim posted a fic on A03 about a canon I’m not even familiar with, that I had to read because it promised to be relevant to my interests. And it was. It reminded me that there were people who liked to read and write the same things I did, and I should stop worrying about those who don’t. 

I started working on it again, posted the first two chapters - and then the rest of the story just began to write itself. I’ve written over 10,000 words in the past three days alone. It feels so good after not having been inspired to write anything for so long.

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anonymous asked:

I have a question about wtlg. In the final chapter, does Dan kneel to Gavin because he feels he has to? Which is why they both seem upset??

Since it isn’t from either of their POVs, people can headcanon whatever they like for it - but my intention when writing the scene was that Dan kneels to show respect for Gavin, acknowledging that he’s the rightful king now that he has the crown, but Gavin tells him not to because he didn’t do it for the power and doesn’t actually want to rule over other people, he just wanted the gift and control of the Wild so he could find out about his parents :’)

It’s actually quite interesting you brought that scene up because it may become relevant in Golden Ghosts very soon… >:D

anonymous asked:

Hey there! I was wondering how you got where you are, as a writer. Did you start to enjoy reading at a young age? Did you pick up writing fiction early? How much have you written, in your life? Anything relevant is interesting :) Also, any advice for new writers?

There’s no real rhyme or reason to it, I guess, it was kind of just always the way my brain worked. I happen to be really smart, and you don’t need to be really smart to come up with something brilliant, but it definitely doesn’t hurt. I was reading adult-sized books by the time I was three. When I got older, I would force my parents to buy me 7-8 books a week, finish them by the next week, then buy more books. I was really spoiled and reading books that were way above my age level, which has its pros and cons. When I wasn’t reading, I was playing video games.

When I was young, I’m not sure I would call what I did “fiction,” it was more like “plagiarism” because I had read so many books that I just made up slightly different versions of the stories. Now that I think about it, that was probably the origins of fanfiction writing. I have begun and completed several original stories, though. they just never get prioritized. 

My current ao3 word count is 333,047, though I’m sure I’ve written quadruple that.

Advice 1: Don’t plagiarize, no matter how tempting it may seem. Don’t copy a plot, don’t copy a joke, don’t copy anything, because that is such a slippery slope.

Advice 2: There’s nothing wrong with you if you feel unmotivated to write, but at the same time, motivation won’t magically appear. Sometimes you have to force yourself to get it done. It’s better to do that than to do nothing.

Advice 3: Read everything and learn everything. In my opinion, there is nothing you can learn that will make you a worse writer (Except, maybe, some poorly thought out advice from your English teacher).

Advice 4: Take some psychology classes.

Advice 5: Listen to the way that real people talk.

That’s all I got right now. Let me know if you want something specific.

As a life philosophy, I’m a believer in calling people out for doing things right. I also wanted to put out a few words since I became relevant for a hot minute during my hiatus and people might be interested in hearing from me. (Sorry for the lack of formatting, I’m on mobile here…)

So, I’ve been off the grid. Not just like hiatus off the grid, like, backpacking in the arctic circle off the grid. While I was gone, a few of you dear people left notes alerting me to the fact that Bronte ( @vauxhallandi1994) has been writing a meta about the queer gothic in TAB for a johnlock fanzine, a topic which I wrote in depth about before the episode came out. In those messages, there were concerns that at best it was bad form to not reference my work, and at worst it could possibly be plagiarism. When I re-entered civilization, that’s what I walked into. Insert flaming pizza gif here.

I just want to emphasize how easily this could have devolved into wank territory. Both of us are passionate about our writing. Both of us come from academic backgrounds, and take our work seriously. And suddenly, we find ourselves in a situation where we’re in a way pitted against each other over a topic we both cherish. If I had wanted to, I probably could have attempted to start a call out flame war something or other. (Obviously that is utterly not my style and something I never *would* do, but, we’ve all seen flame wars start with less around these parts, haven’t we?)

Instead, here’s what happened. Bronte and I had a conversation where both of us acknowledged our mutual respect for the other’s work, emphasized our trust in the others academic and professional integrity, and committed to hashing something out that would leave both of us happy. Both of us discoursed on the assumption that the other had only good intentions.

And guess what? It totally worked. I felt safe enough to share my concerns, Bronte was open and awesome and generously allowed me to read her completed draft - and there are three references to my essay in it.

So what could have turned into a wank fest is now back to two nerds geeking out over what we both mutually love, and growing respect for one another in the process. And that’s how fandom discourse can be helpful and productive, y'all.

Academic writing, at its best, is supposed to be exactly like this. People take the work that came before it, acknowledge it, and then take it a step further. And that’s exactly what Bronte did in her essay - her work is definitely taking on new territory. I feel lucky to have gotten a sneak peak, it adds some excellent points to the queer gothic reading of TAB, and got me really excited to discourse further on the subject. I think it will be a great introduction to the queer gothic for audiences outside of tumblr who may not be familiar with the topic.

So: shout out to Bronte for doing it right. And to everyone else in the fandom, I just wanted to put a positive anecdote out there to maybe - a little bit - counteract the sea of wank out there.

And with that, I’m back to backpacking. I’ll be back in a bit - hope everyone is doing great, my love to each of you. ❤️