this is relevant for so many reasons

What’s important to remember is that the entire banquet scenario wouldn’t have been possible in any other sports anime.

Not because other sports anime couldn’t show a dance-off at an epic party but because other sports anime feature high school kids.

I think it is always important to note and highlight the fact that most characters in Yuri on ice are adults/are of legal age and that changes so many things about the show and makes it stand out from other sports anime.

The banquet scenario wouldn’t have been possible in any other sports anime because it would require underage drinking and most authors stray away from that topic (for obvious reasons). (Not to mention how well YOI handled the topic of drinking.)

The relevance of the character’s ages extends to many aspects of the anime, but the banquet is where this becomes most prominent and most obvious. It’s because Yuuri is 23 and can legally drink everywhere that the banquet scenario, the entire new ED sequence and the plot twist that changed everything was possible.

And I think that deserves to be mentioned.

Fuck Stereotypes.

One of the many reasons why i love Yuri!!! on Ice is the diversity in the anime. The characters are from all over the world but they are not the stereotypical person from their countries. 

The not so nice Canadian.

The lovable, sweet, elegant, not too manly Russians.

The first time I’ve seen anime characters such as my baby Phichit, who Don’t have pale skin be so popular and loved by the fans.

The first non white American character that represents how diverse the U.S. is. Even though he’s part Mexican, he does not have a thick accent and a huge mustache nor is he wearing a poncho and a charro hat

It’s not only the nationalities but Yuri!!! on Ice takes it farther and changes the anime world by making the two main characters gay for each other and let me not even start talking about how much I hate Yaoi. the relationships are literally toxic or just plain “where the fuck is the plot? 

Most Yaoi couples in anime have their relationship only revolving around sex and having control over each other. Some even have rape, violence, abuse and the couple still ends up together. Nevertheless, with Yuri!!! on Ice the shipping is not forced nor violent. Victor and Yuri love each other and not even once did that love become an obsession or anything that could come near unhealthy.

[if you like Yaoi, I’m not saying you’re trash or that you’re the scum of humanity for that. It’s just my personal opinion by no means meant to be offensive.]

Making History <3

When I say Star Trek is relevant, I mean it

Because it is so, so important. Many see just a cool sci-fi series, but they’re missing the whole point of it.

Star Trek is Hope.

The reason it makes me so happy isn’t because it’s a cute series with cool space things. It’s because Star Trek is about a future where hope has won. It doesn’t face problems of today hundreds of years in the future - it says that we will have overcome them. It doesn’t question that black people or women are in leading positions, it treats it as unimportant enough to not even mention it. It doesn’t even discuss accents and nationality - humanity united brings to beauty in its mix of culture, not a single perfect race. Even in the recent Beyond, no one blinks an eye at Sulu having a husband and daughter: the most extreme reaction is Kirk smiling because he met his family.

The reason Star Trek brings hope is because it is so believable, realistic in everything, and it’s about us, not a distant galaxy far away or a magic world we will never reach. It’s about our future, and it doesn’t say that we have to face problems: it says that we will have won. It says that hope will prevail and good will triumph. Whenever one feels afraid of our world, they can watch it and know that there is good, and get hope that the good will win.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why Star Trek is a masterpiece.

A love letter to Bones

People have the right to despise/hate Bones for whatever reason. But no matter what you say, it’s undeniable it had a huge impact on modern television and Temperance Brennan will always be one of the most influential leading ladies along with Dana Scully, Lorelai Gilmore, Kate Beckett and many others. Bones was able to be so much more than a procedural dramedy. The way they have dealt with social issues and shed light upon twisted matters will always be relevant. I am so proud to call myself a fan of this flawed but yet extraordinary educational program. Bones was one of the first tv products to have women being successful in the medical field, women being richer than men and women not taking men’s shit. Women reading feminist/ soft porn novels and not being ashamed. Bones was one of the first products to have a social inept woman cover a position of power in one of the most important scientific labs of the US (well, its fictional version.). And then a woman of color being above her. Bones was one of the first products that has never ever judged one of its female characters based on their races only. Bones has dealt with human trafficking, homeless veterans, abused handicapped children, dog fights, animal abuse, medical marjuana, feminism and so much more. Bones has treated religions with respect, it was one of the first programs to say out loud that Muslims are not the bad guys. They have had the gut to say that the 9/11 attacks are the outcome of pure ignorance, not religion. Bones has had a bisexual character. Bones has had a woman say that women have the right to sleep with a man without being forced in a romantic relationship. Temperance Brennan has dated 2 guys at once and she has not been judged for this. Bones has had a character with depression who was still able to do his job properly and was not judged by his collegues. Bones has had a male character say that rape is never the victim’s fault. Bones has had main characters who didn’t want children and still haven’t  had any and other characters who have changed their minds because it’s possible. Bones has had characters that got married and male characters that never ever touched their female partners whenever they didn’t want to. They have had men who are gentlemen and admire women for their brains and not their bodies. Bones’ fights between men and women were always mature and never abusing. Not even once Seeley Booth or Jack Hodgins have slapped Temperance Brennan and Angela Montenegro, even in their darkest moments. Bones was created by a man and its writer’s room was made of a good 80% of male writers. In a world where women and minorities are mistreated everyday in every way possible all of this matters. Thank you, Bones.

I just love that there are so many behind-the-scenes implications of those two winning the quiz, an old late night conversation about Dangermouse episodes that they both remembered which helped with that question, that kind of thing you know? They got seven right, there are so many unsaid tiny little possible interactions, snatches of conversations, throwaway comments which er’ll never know, a few of which were relevant in helping them win the quiz, and that thought, of those small talks that make up the tapestry of their everyday life together, just makes me happy to think about for some reason.

Reasons to read The Abyss Surrounds Us

  • The author sums up TASU as “pirates vs. sea monsters in the future with lesbians” do I really need to say any more
  • SO MANY GIRLS. Girl heroes. Girl villains. Girl pirates. GIRLS WHO LOVE GIRLS. POC GIRLS. Literally every relevant character is a woman and I LOVE IT.
  • A fantastically complex villain who I have so many feelings about
  • A forbidden love story between two girls which deconstructs the unhealthy and unromantic power dynamics usually found in forbidden love stories
  • it’s probably the most romantic sea monster scifi novel you’ll ever read

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Forbes has a more sensible story on what Taylor is likely planning with her trademarking: forbes(.)com/sites/brittanyhodak/2017/03/15/taylor-swifts-new-trademarks-what-they-mean-and-dont-mean-for-swifties/#73509c8252a9

thanks, i posted separately. Solid reasoning there. thanks for the link. relevant excerpt below:

So, what could the filings mean? Perhaps nothing. Or—much more exciting for Swift fans—perhaps they point to an enhanced version of Swift’s fan club launching in the months ahead. Swift doesn’t currently have a paid fan club, which is unusual for a superstar on her level. Many artists generate hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue each year from paid membership clubs. Fans, in turn, are granted items like early pre-sale access to concert tickets, exclusive content downloads, annual merch packages and a private forum to communicate.

Since “Swifties” is the term Swift’s fans have embraced for years, it seems likely that an official “Swiftie Community” could be in the works to align with Swift’s next album launch. Swift’s next album release has not been announced, but her past releases suggest it will come this September or October. The specific merchandise trademark categories (musical instruments, clothing, stationary), plus the specific mention of online retail store services and content downloads, all seem to support an impending premium fan club, which would likely exist through both a premium app and a web platform. Swift’s official website is run by Wonderful Union, a company well known for managing high-profile artist fan clubs.

Regardless of what the recent trademarks may or may not mean, #Swifties can count on lots more carefully crafted marketing from Swift as the year unfolds.

I interrupt your memes for a (rare) real moment

Okay, here’s the deal. I don’t watch many of Mark or Jack’s videos anymore, not for any particular reason, I’ve just kinda shifted away. Not really relevant, just some context. 

I am in the loop enough to know that both Mark and Jack have girlfriends and they seem happy. Good for them, not really my business.

I have no special love or hatred for either of those ladies. I like Mark and Jack because I like their content. I’ve never seen anything from Signe or Amy so I don’t really feel anything towards them as I haven’t met them.

However, even if I don’t have any particular feelings towards them, I am extremely disappointed to see all the hatred they get from some of their boyfriends’ fans. 

These women are human beings. Their boyfriends are human beings. They each deserve all the love and happiness that anyone else does, and it is certainly not your right (or even your business) to comment on that, much less publicly hate them for it.

Shame on those of you who do this. Just keep your nose out of other peoples’ private matters, because it is absolutely none of your business.

(i am not even part of the musicals/theatre fandom but this is pissing me off so much i just have to say something)

i will never get a chance to see hamilton live

like, ever

there is literally no chance of me ever seeing it for two primary reasons (but there are other ones as well) that are also relevant to other performances i desperately want to see

1) i am poor as hell and other hamilton/theatre fans are poor as hell. literally i can barely afford to pay for the songs on itunes no matter actually affording the how many goddamn dollars a ticket costs

2) (also kind of related to the money thing) as i do not live in america, there is literally no affordable way for me to get there. i live about a a $2000 plane ticket away and even if i could afford a ticket to see it i most certainly couldn’t afford a way to get there or stay there or the days off work/school my parents and i will have to take. and i know this is relevant to so many other people as well

like, the people who are angry about bootlegs need to realise that people have different lives than they do and aren’t as fortunate to be able to see the things they love in person

i know i know you should support things in every way you can and i do realise that bootlegging stuff isn’t helping and if i could go see it live i most definitely would 

but i do buy songs on itunes and i do try and buy other things like merch but one thing i can’t do and will never have the chance to do is watch hamilton live and god if they do ever film it i will definitely buy it but if the bootlegged copy is the most i’m gonna get right now, then i’m sorry but i’m going to watch it and i’m going to fucking enjoy it without other people making me feel shit about it


hello!!! who is this!!! it is the gosh man!!! my baby!!! and all of YOU GUYSes baby too if i’m not too mistaken. goshiki has many doting parents. no wonder he’s so spoiled.

goshiki sure is sticking his hand up in several of these pics. almost a Bangs Pose… but not quite?! come on anime crew! let goshiki do The Pose!!! either way there’s some adorable heroic posing going on. goshiki tries so hard to be cool and relevant. also i just noticed that everyone has their own color for those line thingies on their shoes. goshiki’s color is a nice blood red that suits his passionate personality. do you think there’s a reason for one kneepad to be longer than the other or is it just a fashion statement.

his hair and eye color ended up a lot colder than the initial manga color illustration, but several little things changed between that first illustration and say, the first shiratorizawa comic cover. goshiki’s eyes were brown at first, then grayish on the cover. his eyes here are a little colder than they were at first, but still more brown than blue. all right!

he displays a wonderful array of emotions on both of his character sheets. his hair turned out so perfect. i can’t wait to see it animated. LOOK at those wild little cowlicks. LOOK AT THEM!!! goshiki is too good for this world.

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okay but i have a question- why do so many people ship jaykyle? i dont remember them really interacting in comics very much

(oh my god someone sent me an ask I have a relevant blog now that’s how it works)
I think the main reason is that Jason and Kyle did some dimension hopping with Donna Troy in Countdown to Final Crisis (they were actually fighting over Donna a bit. which, ugh, two guys fighting over a girl is a whole other thing).
Honestly, I’ve only read parts of it. I just arbitrarily decided one day that they should be a couple. I am THAT person, unfortunately.

So this ad popped up on my phone while I was playing Trump Dump (don’t judge), and honestly it’s great for so many reasons:

  • nipple armor
  • side bangs (for extra battlefield visibility!!!)
  • carpet shoulder thing
  • perfect nail polish
  • also fingers that look like carrot sticks
  • the guy in the back who’s so done with this shit

Tagging @bikiniarmorbattledamage since this might be relevant to them.

I just learnt that H.P. Lovecraft and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle lived within the same timeframe.

This is relevant for two reasons: First off, “Sherlock Holmes and the Cult of Cthullu” could have fuggin existed but doesn’t, wtf kinda bullshit is that

And secondly: Lovecraft has no excuse to be racist anymore. Doyle lived during the same period of time, yet many of the Holmes stories I know highlight how bad and detrimental racism is for actual justice. Oh, so there are Roma living around the mansion where a girl was killed? So what, they’re innocent travellers, the rich old white man did it. Oh, so the Peruvian woman you married literally sucked your and her baby’s blood? Well duh, this young white boy fucking POISONED that child and she was saving it’s life! One story heartwarmingly ends with a woman admitting that her former husband was black and “the best man who ever walked this earth”, and her new, white husband adopting their black daughter and loving the frick out of that cute lil kid.

like, don’t get me wrong, Doyle uses slurs left and right due to the time period and Holmes keeps bringing up shitty stereotypes. But even with that background radiation of racism in his life, Doyle obviously understood the core truth of poc being humans. Worthy and capable of love, respect and intelligence.

So Lovecraft has no excuse, sorry not sorry.

hey hello just here to shed some light on the fact that the maximoffs jewish heritage and past were completely ignored in aou and this broke my heart. as a practising jew coming from an extreme minority group i cant even begin to describe how important jewish representation in the media is. so many people are navigating from the faith because its not relevant enough in their lives, and discrediting their entire past does not help this issue in the slightest. trust me as a young girl seeing the prince of egypt and the rugrats passover episode made me surge with pride for my faith. stan lee (a proud jew) created these strong jewish characters for a reason, just think about that.

luke has been there since day one and honestly cares for everyone (esp clary/jocelyn/simon) so much????? he’s an angel n does so much for the kids??? he’s well developed n a great leader and we’ve gotten to see his history n we know he has every reason to be resentful and not help the shadowhunters out but he does?? bc he’s a good person who is important and relevant to the storyline so start appreciating him dammit

But I know now that there is not a chance in hell of America becoming humane and reasonable. Because power corrupts us, and absolute power corrupts us absolutely. Human beings are chimpanzees who get crazy drunk on power. By saying that our leaders are power drunk chimpanzees, am I in danger of wrecking the morale of our soldiers fighting and dying in the Middle East? Their morale, like so many lifeless bodies, is already shot to pieces. They are being treated, as I never was, like toys a rich kid got for Christmas.
—  Kurt Vonnegut, A Man Without a Country

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Here's an odd q. Do you ever think that Jon might get knighted? (I've this weird suspicion it might Jamie that does it too, though I couldn't for the life of me say why.)(The idea of Jamie siding with Jon at some point feels strangely.... fitting?))

The thing is, being knighted isn’t particularly relevant to Jon’s arc or in tune with his values and dreams. Raised by Ned only without Catelyn’s Tully influence, Jon is probably the most Northern-coded of all the Stark siblings; he believes in the Old Gods, and knighthood is an Andal tradition strongly linked to the Faith of the Seven, so you can see there’s some basic incompatibility here (there aren’t many knights in the North for this reason, except in the area of White Harbor, which is culturally closer to the South due to house Manderly’s Reach origins). And I mean, I have a lot of feelings about this, and Jon used to play the part of prince Aemon the Dragonknight and other famous knights when he sparred with Robb, but in general becoming a knight isn’t really on his bucket list, and his thoughts about the “Southron knights” are usually neutral, if not vaguely dismissive. Compare it to his intense, conflicted feelings about being the lord of Winterfell, and to the recurring “lord” and “king” imagery in his narrative… if Jon is to get some kind of “official” recognition or investiture, it’s probably in these departments.

I think Jaime will knight someone before he dies the series ends, as a way to come full circle and reconcile with an institution that, for him, was sort of tainted from the get go (when Aerys made him a kingsguard just to spite Tywin), but the someone in question will probably be Brienne. Because reasons. But,

The idea of Jamie siding with Jon at some point feels strangely… fitting? 

In a way… yes. Not only because there is a long list of parallels and antiparallels between Jaime and Jon, but also because of this:

“You swore to keep him safe,” said Whent.
“And the children, them as well,” said Prince Lewyn.
Prince Rhaegar burned with a cold light, now white, now red, now dark. “I left my wife and children in your hands.”
“I never thought he’d hurt them.” Jaime’s sword was burning less brightly now. “I was with the king…”

I’ll never stop wondering why Rhaegar thought that leaving four people in the hands of a seventeen years old boy was a good idea, but the point is, this is basically Jaime’s subconscious talking—whether he’s right or not, whether he could have realistically dealt with Aerys’ madness differently and protected them all, it’s clear that Jaime feels not-so-indirectly responsible for Aegon, Rhaenys and Elia’s tragic deaths. He never liked Aerys, but Rhaegar was not his father, and Jaime failed him.

Now enter R+L=J, which makes Jon Rhaegar’s last surviving son… Doesn’t this scream of unfinished business to you?


“There’s so much information accessible to all of us now about everything that I think the world is becoming less and less black-and-white. We are understanding people’s reasons behind the choices that they’re making, because there are so many outlets for them to express themselves. Our storytelling has to reflect that or it wouldn’t be relevant anymore.”


GA: [emphatic] No. No, I think Chris Carter is the glue and the stickiest glue anyone could ever wish to have.
DD: What do you know about our contracts? [inaudible] What does he know? Nobody knows about our contracts – but I’ll tell you that I wouldn’t want to do the show without Chris, anytime, anywhere, anyhow.
GA: Same here.
[drop mic]
[not literally]

1997 Golden Globes pressroom. If embedded timestamp doesn’t work: begin at 5:07.

C: I stay off Instagram comments for a good reason. I love how when Chris Brown humiliated two women and got a baby mama but black women are the dirt to dog and trash Karrueche and Rihanna. But poor Karrueche gets hell thrown at her just because she isn’t “relevant”. People soon compliment the baby mama that once was a friend to Karrueche and it makes me sick. I honestly feel like no matter what black men do, it seems like so many black women will defend black men more so than their fellow women. And black men treat us like shit.