this is relevant for everyone isn't it

I just wanna point out to everyone why this is important. First of all: look at this beautiful family of beauty. I can’t contain my feels, they will leak and attack you all. Be scared. Anyway, I just wanna point out it says that Sakura was also an elite by birth. So basically all your useless - words are not needed and not relevant. I know some don’t agree and like her, but I felt like I needed to show it to those who haven’t seen it. And no, I’m not such SS shipper. In fact, I’m a cheating shipper. I cheat on my canon with my other ships, lol. I love SasuSaku, but guess what. Give me some SasuNaru and I start screaming in joy too. I actually like most ships but those two are just perfect. Anyway… Sakura + useless = bullshit. She’s a fine ass ninja! Oh and if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna run away now….

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repeat after me: body hair isn’t gross. whether one decides to shave it off or let it grow, both choices are completely valid and normal. body hair is great and don’t let anyone bring you down for having body hair because they’re just a shitty person that is stuck in a mindset that body hair = gross and wrong and unnatural when it is the exact opposite

Never let anybody drive under the influence.

Even if you don’t know them that well, or don’t know them at all, stop them from climbing into that car if you know they’ve just consumed alcohol. Even if you’re worried that everyone will think you’re a prude, and even if the driver continues to insist that they’re fine. Even if you think that that person could never kill someone, and that deaths from drunk drivers is something that happens to other people in the news and never to yourself. 

Because at the end of the day you might save a life.

And if you’re out driving past 12AM, please watch your surroundings carefully.