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yo this is your boy max coming at you live from austin!

i know all of you nerds have taken notice to the decrease in content/life from this blog recently, and i’m here to clear up a few things and usher this blog into the next phase of it’s journey.

first thing’s first : this blog is not dying

the transition from summer to the school year was a little rougher than anticipated, and so ros and vegas are temporarily stepping down so they can focus on life and school and other super important things like that. i, max, am unable to attend school right now for various reasons, so i’ll be the sole captain of the ship for the foreseeable future.

so what does that mean for you/this blog?

  1. it means that within the next few days i’ll make another post regarding potentially recruiting some temporary mods.
  2. it means you are free to make requests, but my responses might take longer or be shorter. i will give people the option to request a short, ten or so bullet response, or a longer full length response when they request an au or an update.
  3. it means that new canon will be on hiatus until ros gets back, because while we are all part of the writing/planning, ros is the one who ultimately puts things into script format. that is our collective project, and i will under no circumstances continue it without them. don’t even bother asking me to.
  4. it means that certain aus will not be continued until they return. this is not flexible. if i did not write the au originally then i will not continue it. this list includes:
  • the mystery machine au
  • the road trip au
  • the office au
  • the prophet au
  • the fake married au
  • the asl au
  • the cutthroat kitchen au
  • the gay dads au
  • the demigod au
  • the bodyguard au
  • the x files au
  • the 10 things au
  • the ghostbusters au
  • the spiderman au

everything else is free game!

things you will do under no circumstances:

  • harass vegas or ros on their personal blogs
  • try to dig for more information
  • ask vegas or ros when they’re coming back

if you do these things i will know and i will hunt you down. instead, consider popping over to their blogs and tell them how great they are and wish them good luck in school and life!

anonymous asked:

In regards to your post about when a poc tells you you're racist; I completely agree but my question is, what is an acceptable/respectful response? I'm not trying to be argumentative, I'm genuinely curious. I would never want to offend further in a situation like that, and would want to do better and make sure I didn't make the same mistake, I would simply not know how to respond in a proper way. Any insights? Again, not trying to be argumentative, I agree.

hi! first of all thank you for taking the time to send me a message, this means a lot

before going any further, i just wanted to tell that if a poc calls you out on your racism, no matter how they do that, you can be sure it hurt them. i’m saying that because i know some people forget that racism is really harmful, and as something we suffer constantly, it is fucking exhausting. 

  • so first, you gotta genuinely apologize. do not apologize because what you said hurt this person in particular, apologize because what you said was racist and this racism is harmful. there’s a slight difference between “oh sorry i hurt you” and “sorry i was being racist and i didn’t realize it”. the first one implies you hurt this specific person’s feelings, and there was nothing problematic with what you did/said. 

maybe the person won’t accept your apology, and it’s okay, and you have no right to blame them. move on and try to be a better person, acknowledge the wrong you did. sometimes poc won’t forgive you for your racism, and you don’t have to take it personally, even if it’s hard!! because sometimes we just don’t want to be kind and tolerant, because we’re tired of this and we don’t want to suffer more negativity (our daily dose of racism and microaggressions is enough). it doesn’t mean you have to give up on your efforts to overcome your racism!!

  • if the person accepts your apology, ask them how your behavior was racist, and listen to them. listen to them, and keep in mind that they know more about this than you. accept your own ignorance, and realize you can learn from it. 
  • also, don’t use this to get some attention. don’t be like “OH MY GOD I’M SO SORRY WHAT A FOOOOL” because this isn’t about you!! it makes it look like you’re trying to appear as a victim when you’re clearly not.
  • oh, and if the person tells you “yeah pal it’s ok” or something like that, it doesn’t mean it’s okay to do it again. when we accept your apology, it doesn’t mean you have any right to be racist!!

anyway, i don’t know if it really was useful but that’s pretty much it. there is no good way of doing that, honestly. it depends on the person, it depends on the context. you may be as respectful as can be and things can still don’t go the way you planned. but yeah, you have to apologize and talk about it with the person who called you out, because what is really important is communicating, and accepting criticism with an open mind. but judging from the fact you sent me an ask about this matter, you should be able to do that :^)

 i wrote this using my own experience as a biracial person, but other poc may disagree or want to add something. in that case, they’re free to do so!!

but basically, you’re gonna make mistakes. it’s okay. you got this anon! you have a willingness to do better and be respectful, which is the most important thing, and i’m glad i got this message because it makes me happy to know that people care!

Okay, I’m back. Ish. Gonna try to take it slow.

First thing that desperately needs addressed: If even half of what people are saying about @solarsentience is true (and I’m seeing no particular reason to doubt it; a line was definitely crossed), then we need to block and no-platform. Death threats, blackmail, and trying to drag parents into a goddamn tumblr fight are clearly unacceptable, and adults have a responsibility to be more mature than children. This should not be a controversial position.

Similarly, the screenshots I’ve seen regarding @dvadesu are pretty solid grounds for no-platforming. Harassing minors is never cool. Harassing anyone is never cool, but doing it to a minor is just extra fucking vile.

But… here’s the thing, @hate2breakittoya (oh look, I was @ed and then blocked, how classy): Search my blog. You’ll find three mentions of the former - one of which is this post, and two are people from your side claiming that we never take out our trash because they exist. This person was not part of my community, even if they happened to have an opinion on one point that matched mine.

You’ll find one post that originated with the latter - again, before I was aware of any of this shit. It came to me third-hand, so yes, there’s an argument that this person was peripherally attached to my community. I plan to bring it up with the origin point of my reblog chain, since that’s someone I know and respect and expect better of. I’ve since edited it to reflect new information, but am letting it stand because I don’t hide evidence of things I’ve screwed up on.

In short, these people aren’t really part of my community in any meaningful sense. I’m still calling them out because it’s the right thing to do.

Meanwhile… knowing this needed to be the first thing I addressed, I went to your blog to find the posts you’d mentioned me on. And what’s the first thing I saw there?

You directly supporting and conversing with the person who harassed me at length until I had a mental health breakdown.

So maybe don’t @ me on any more people I’m not really connected to until you stop being chummy with abusers yourself.

@kamipriestess hi! this is mod 🐟 (fish) here, my friend and i were the ones who responded to the two asks about shinto on this blog, and i’ve read your responses. there’s a few things i wanted to clear up and they’ll be under the cut! (sorry for the separate post, the ask chain was kind of long and i didn’t want to bother this blog’s followers too much.)

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I just want to sincerely thank anyone that reached out to me regarding my previous post about dealing with depression. I’m very lucky and honored to have gotten the compassionate responses, suggestions, and love that I did. It’s comforting to know I’m not alone and makes the fear of future emotional challenges a lot easier to brave. 



First of all, Sarah there are two types of discourses that will always be on my blog at all times: Jake Hate discourse and Shinji’s Cum cocktail at the NGE bar discourse. Both will haunt me until the end of time. And please don’t look it up Dirk because the less you know of it the better.

But in regards to Sacanime, the plan is to try to get as much money as I can so that I could go there Saturday and maybe Sunday. The chances of me finding a room to bunk in are low so I’ll probably just drive there and back for both days. I really want to make this con a fun one if I manage to go :D AND ALSO I REALLY WANT TO MAKE A TEAM SKULL GRUNT COSPLAY FOR THD CON BECAUSE HOLY SHIT YES. ALMOST ALL OF IT IS BLACK CLOTHES AND A BEANIE AND THAT’S PRACTICALLY MY ENTIRE WARDROBE, SO I COULD PROBABLY FASHION A PRETTY NIFTY COSPLAY WITH A FEW ADDITIONAL MATERIALS. But above all else I really just want to see my friends and have a good time, maybe even go to the dance :D

I think that’s about it so now Sarah can talk about her Rowing anime.

Regarding the flashfic I posted last night-
  • MJ:in response to you BLOWING UP THE PLANET, im trying to think of how I would take mer’s prompt and i was like “damn. something boring like she gets politically married to someone else.”
  • Me:nah I use tragedy to bring my ships closer
  • MJ:bitch you killed us all, literally
  • Me:you live by the ship you die by the ship MJ

Been in a bit of a funk the last couple of days.

Arthur has been especially clingy (teething) and I haven’t been able to put him down… This has amounted to me not getting anything done in the house. The house has been a mess. I’ve also had a pile of paperwork to get through in regard to my dads estate (I’m the executor of his will so it’s my responsibility), and I just haven’t been able to do it. Arthur is hardly napping and I haven’t been able to get him to sleep longer and our nights have been disturbed.

My best friends came over yesterday to have baby to let me get caught up on paperwork and housework and I’m completely up to date and I’ve woken up this morning and feel so much better.

I’ve even had a shower (!), got dressed and done my hair and face and put a dress on and I’m going to go out for a hospital appt and to meet some friends with their babies.

Today is a better day. It is better than yesterday and perhaps tomorrow will be better still. One day at a time.

apastrron  asked:

Doctor, to borrow the parlance of Human culture, I believe the appropriate term for a response to your comments regarding my "horseshit" is, "Go fuck yourself."


 Well I’ll be damned.  Y’can kiss my go-to-hell. 

My final response to stopphanproofing.

“You throw the biggest temper tantrum ever” That’

“Ffs grow up and realise you know squat shit”

I clearly do. I don’t even need to explain how I know things. Jesus Christ.

“plus the whole eating out thing its got fun” 

I’m guessing you’re typing fast seeing as you can’t spell pretty much anything right. But sure, you’re totally not one to read DanIsNotOnFire x reader fics.

“I keep everything I get regarding dnp and their lives private”

Umm…same? Literally everything I post you can find proof for in the public eye, haha.

“you love to start Deanna drama and make up bullshit about Dan attempting suicide bc he’s depressed which by the way so ableist so good job mate”

I don’t ‘love to start drama’, it’s not my fault if things I say get blown out of proportion.. And I’m not ableist LMAO, I literally have depression/severe anxiety and have had multiple suicide attempts this year lmao SIT THE FUCK DOWN.

Do I even have to carry on? This person is beyond stupid, you’re just as relevant as me, hun.

also the dan gifs are because i know how much you love him so 

Admin post regarding mobile version

Okay… I’m not really on my phone on tumblr often, so it took me… years to realize that the mobile version (website, not app) of royz-yade is so damn old and the links are those from years ago. I can’t find out how to change the links of this mobile version. I know they have to be somewhere but they don’t even show up in the HTML and the theme doesn’t seem to be responsive.
The mobile app-version doesn’t even show any links, does it? I just installed it to check out how it looks there but couldn’t even find any links except for “ask” >_> (wtf is this..)

I’m really sorry but I decided to deactivate the mobile version with links that lead into nowhere for already 4 years now and change it to the desktop version - which is indeed not the perfect solution but at least it’s up-to-date.

If anyone can help me here to have a nice responsive version of the current theme or at least be able to change the links of the mobile version… feel free to contact me anytime ^-^”

I took your post as a stand alone,  in regard to those that had gone though dating males.

My addition was just that,  don’t forget about those who refrained from all contact and have been afraid to come out.  Another example of those who have not always been aware of who they were and unsure of themselves of how to reach their true feelings.     Maybe I could have worded it a bit different so that you did not take it as a question, for that I’m sorry.     

But I found your response to be true and heartfelt.                                                   ——————-                                                           My commentary on this: Of course I wouldn’t forget about those who had that experience I only wanted to make a post reaching out to girls whose experiences resonate more closely with mine. I did have sex with men. And for a good while after coming out to myself it was something I’d look back on and feel deeply uncomfortable about. It was entirely consensual yet at the same time I felt violated by it somehow. Now as time has passed and I’ve had experiences with women now more so than men I don’t think about it like I used to, not as much, not as badly. It feels distant now and I wasn’t sure if it would ever be free of that looming over me and I’m so happy to find that with time it has come to be this way and I want other girls like me to know it’s possible for them too. I make posts inclusive of all lesbians often but on occasion I like to put some focus on issues that are more personal to my own experience.

hulklinging replied to your postAnother white raven boy cosplayer. yay.

oh my goodness even ignoring the assumption that you’re white (which is Not Cool, obviously), do we need to get Maggie’s post regarding race out again?

IKR!? This is something which honestly which irritates me about fandoms in general – the blatant ignoring of be and let be. If you don’t like something which exists but hurts no one? Ignore it. 

There is literally no need to go and hunt down those one deem responsible for apparently single handedly causing a slight to one’s personal preferences when they are simply dong what everyone wants to do: enjoy themselves in a like-minded community. 

People sometimes… :/

anonymous asked:

I know hat I should know this, but could you elaborate a little on the post that you reposted about eastern and western Christianity?

I’m pretty sure you’re referring to this post?

Anyway, I personally know relatively little about the specifics of eastern Christianity, and being that I am a western Christian myself, I probably shouldn’t speak for eastern Christians.

Basically, the point of the post is that, in general, western Christians (specifically, Catholics and Protestants living in the West) experience privilege for our religion – while being a Christian isn’t always easy, we do experience a great deal of privilege, and do not experience systemic oppression (like anti-Semitism or Islamophobia). See this article if you’re not convinced, as well as my response regarding what we should do with our privilege.

Eastern Christians, on the other hand, do experience oppression and violence, including genocide – and both historically and in the present, that oppression is sometimes even at the hands of western Christians. Syrian Christians in particular are Eastern Christians are also very much erased, even in our discussions of Christianity around the world.

I found this article about MENA Christians to be really insightful. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find anything specifically written by an eastern Christian facing oppression, but if anyone knows of a good resource please let me know. And if any of you are eastern Christians yourselves, please feel free to share your perspective (and call me out if I’m wrong about any of this)!

anonymous asked:

You think too fucking much. You don't need to be so fucking LOGICAL when it comes to OITNB. So watch it and stfu about when the damn time period is or what the meaning of a damn number means. No cares if 3 months is equal to 2.95.... months.

Lmao, idc if I ‘think too much’. They asked me a question regarding Luschek’s age, to set up my response I wanted to talk about the timeline so it made sense, which um, a lot of people wonder about. I can be LOGICAL all I want. It’s not hard to scroll past a post you cba to read. Am I spoiling your enjoyment of the show? Aw did fucking dums. Don’t like my posts? Block me then, like I give af. Get off anon and tell me how to answer my inbox questions, you salty streak of shit.