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What’s Going on Over There!?

In response to questions about my earlier post from a C-EXOL in regards to Yixing (Lay) not being able to attend the upcoming Exordium in (insert country name) 2017 tour, I’m going to attempt to give a run down of what’s going on as I understand it. Any citizens of either country please correct me if there are any inaccuracies.

As of Today (yesterday for Korea) the South Korean court officially removed Park Geun-Hye as president…she gone. However, while she was in office (around summer time 2016), S. Korea and the U.S. of A came up with, agreed to creating and executed a THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) defense system to protect them against the missile threats that were coming from N. Korea. China was not a fan of the system for they believe “it will enable deep military surveillance that undermines Chinese and Russian security.”

Once S. Korea gave the thumbs up to execute the system, China began restricting all things Hallyu:

Some of the restrictions reportedly outlined in the prohibition are:

  • A ban on Korean organizations filming in Korea
  • A ban on investing in new Korean agencies
  • A ban on Korean idol concerts with over 10,000 audience members
  • A ban on Korean-Chinese collaborative projects
  • A ban on broadcasting dramas with Korean actors

These bans include satellite broadcasts and online video sites. 

Remember when Uncontrollably Fond came out and Suzy and Kim Woo Bin were supposed to go over to China to promote the drama and do a fan meeting but it mysteriously got cancelled like the day before? yeah, this is why. Remember when EXO was supposed to do an Exordium in Shanghai and that abruptly got cancelled too? Yeah, this is why. Remember when Chou Tzu-yu from Twice waived a Taiwan flag on national television and some of y’all ripped her to shreds publicly causing the girl to have a mini nervous breakdown and Twice was banned from Chinese TV as a result!? yeah, China also opposes Taiwan’s independence. Remember when Yixing posted the Chinese flag on IG and dang near all of y’all ripped him to shreds too!?!? yeah….i’m gonna save that rant for another post.

So why are C-EXOLs asking for support for Yixing from international & K-EXOLs? because he is literally banned from any Korean activity!! our dear unicorn can’t be with EXO at this time because of political differences and this applies to any kpop group that has a Chinese member: F(X), Miss A, Super Junior, EXO, etc. etc. Yixing was the face for Lotte Duty free in Korea with EXO but all the Chinese uproar has cancelled that and he has been removed. 

So there you have it folks. It’s always unfortunate and discouraging to read about these things not just in your own country but around the world. Politics is a beast and it feeds on greed, fear and corruption. It’s like Biff Tannen from Back to the Future, like Scar from The Lion King, like Sid from Toy Story. Hopefully you will keep the other innocent citizens of said countries who are now caught in this mess in your thoughts as well.


Pro revenge by whistle blowing.

(long story)

One of my first jobs out of college wasn’t really a true job. I interviewed at a proprietary trading firm and was offered a job as one of their traders. Looking back, it was naive to join such a firm and this was right before the ‘08 crash. They sold themselves as being pro traders and all you had to do was put up some capital which got added to the group’s pooled fund. After that, you went through training and once the boss thought you were ready, you would 'go live’ with your trading account. There were no paychecks, but you did get to keep most of your profits. Later on, I learned that the bosses of such groups made money by either taking a cut from your profits or by taking a fee from your traded volume. This group skimmed from both sides taking 15% from your profits and a fee from your trading volume which came out to about $1.5 every 100 shares traded.

For months, I spent time learning from the “Pros,” and then I began to realize along with some of the other newbies, that the only person making money was the boss. The turnover for new traders was high. Some people lasted a month, others a year or two. As I got to know people around the office, I began finding out that very few made any money at all. The boss was a micromanager and watched the risk monitor for his group like a hawk. If you hit -$50 in a day, you were locked out and couldn’t trade anymore throughout the day. Also, you were limited to trading stocks up to $40 per share with a max size of 200 shares. It was very difficult to make a living trading like this.

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I want to talk today about why Why Animals Do The Thing is done educating on behalf of the wolfdog community. This doesn’t mean I won’t be doing education about wolfdogs if the subject comes up, and I still encourage people to utilize @packwestwolfdogrescue as a source for wolfdog-related information, but WADTT will no longer be advocating for the private-ownership wolfdog community or collaborating with them. I know WADTT readers have really appreciated the previous education surrounding wolfdogs, and I apologize for not being able to continue on a topic that garners so much interest. This is a not a choice I want to make, but one that is necessary, as it has been made clear there is a fundamental incompatibility between their ethos regarding education and public outreach and mine. My ethos for WADTT has always been to create accurate, fact-based education drawn from comprehensive research and to foster a community that encourages dialogue and active collaborative efforts; it is time to disengage from supporting a community whose approach to education is spreads misinformation, attacks learners looking to engage with it, and actively supports harassment.

I’ve been in the various wolfdog Facebook groups since Pack West and I began discussing collaboration about a year ago, because they’re the best source of general education for people interesting in learning about phenotyping and wolfdog behavior. I learned a huge amount from those groups - both about wolfdogs and about the general mentality of the people who own them and participate in discussions about them online. As an educator, it was hard to watch and as someone who wanted to learn it was even harder to engage in.

The education done there of new members was consistently combative and hostile - with threads often devolving into lambasting people for not doing more research before asking questions - and occasionally threads would be created about the new members and how much their attempts to contribute to conversations before they knew everything were a problem. The only people who were considered credible when discussing wolfdogs were those who had owned wolf content animals for most of their lives - which meant that the input of anyone with relevant professional experience was ignored, if not often outright denied as being valid. This meant that the actual education accomplished in the groups was really vitriolic and frequently inaccurate: some posts would invite people to try to phenotype animals for education, but the same people involved would immediately turn around on other posts and condemn people for phenotyping animals they hadn’t met; the discussions about wolfdog behavior I observed were full of urban legends and misunderstandings of dog behavior, and awareness of recent research or even understanding of basic behavioral science concepts was frequently absent; training wolfdogs was not considered unimportant and frequently discouraged, and it seemed that using preventative training strategies to safely manage typical wolfdog behaviors wasn’t even on the radar. Education from the groups in general required being able to discriminate between mythology and fact and the ability to weather the constant unpleasantness that pervaded the threads. I chose to stay because I didn’t want to ask Pack West to be my only wolfdog primary source, and it was important to me to engage with the community I wanted to assist as an outside educator.

Last week, I published an article on what people should know about one of the most internet-famous misrepresented wolfdog, Loki. I’ve talked about Loki in posts a few times on this blog, and while I was at Pack West in January it became clear from our discussions that a larger article was necessary due to the frequency of questions received about him. When the article was published, while the response on tumblr was fairly positive, it brought on a deluge of harassment from the wolfdog community on Facebook that has not yet ended at the time of writing this post. It is the response to that article, specifically the pieces of it that they chose to attack, that finalized my choice to disengage from the private-ownership wolfdog community and helping with their outreach efforts.

I originally shared my article on the groups I was in as an offer of an outside resource that could be utilized, since I had asked the groups for assistance finding sources when I began writing it two months earlier. In the time I had been part of the groups, Loki had been a frequent topic of discussion and irritation, and I assumed that it might be useful for them to have a link to offer people rather than having to reiterate the facts so often.

In response, I was swamped with enough comments to shut down my ability to use Facebook for a couple days: how I don’t have enough experience to write anything education related to wolfdogs, how it’s completely unthinkable to publicize even a well-agreed-upon phenotype on an animal I have never personally met, how I should get sued for writing such a character attack, how I’m not actually an educator and just a person with a vendetta, etc. In addition, multiple threads discussing how appalling it was that the article existed at all and everything wrong with it showed up in the groups, because the fact that they were visible to me didn’t matter. I engaged with a few of them in a similar matter to how I respond to critique on the blog, explaining my reasons for writing and my sources. The comments and the private messages got nastier once I made it clear I wasn’t willing to capitulate to taking the article down. I was eventually kicked out of the main group without any communication or explanation from the mods as to what I’d done to violate the rules. It was exhausting and it hasn’t calmed down: I’m still getting passive-aggressively tagged in things on the groups I haven’t left to give my “expertise”. I recently received a letter from the board of the National Lupine Association, whose phenotyping pamphlet I linked to in the text of the post as further reading, officially requesting that I remove any reference to their association from my blog post. It’s awful and it’s exhausting, but the harassment isn’t why I’m no longer willing to support the private-ownership wolfdog community - it’s because of the type of feedback given regarding how they want education regarding wolfdogs to be done.

These are the major points made by the private-ownership wolfdog community (meaning they were repeated multiple times by different people) in response to my article that elucidated how incompatible the reasons I do education are with that community:

  • My article was not approved by the general community and therefore should not exist. The private-ownership wolfdog community hates messaging they cannot control, especially if they do not agree with it. Some of the well-respected members had told me not to publish when I first brought it up in January, and they were furious that I had not obeyed.
  • My article might have created blowback against the wolfdog community by Loki’s owner, which meant silencing me was more important than educating the general public. The private-ownership wolfdog community is terrified of aggravating Loki’s owner, as they believe he has threatened to use his fame to go anti-ownership, and are desperate to do anything to prevent that occurring. No matter how many animals are killed or left in horrible welfare situations because of the exact type of misrepresentation Loki and his owner perpetuate, it is more important to the majority of the Facebook community to not risk having someone popular speak out against them than to accurately educate the public to prevent other animals suffering in the future.
  • My article contained a phenotype I did not have enough “experience” to be giving, no matter where I sourced it from, so the article could not be credible. Even though I had produced educational content for the wolfdog community regarding phenotyping before, did research into Loki’s parents and kennel of origin, and discussed his phenotype at length with an expert before writing, my lack of personal wolfdog ownership discredited the validity of any educational material produced.
  • My article mentioned having been in contact with a government agency as part of my research, which is a cardinal sin. I contacted USDA regarding the existence of an exhibition permit for Loki - the private-ownership wolfdog community does not believe anyone should ever interface with any authorities regarding a wolfdog, no matter what the situation. (In some ways, this is a reasonable concern, as people have historically reported animals to the government and gotten them taken or killed. However, as Loki is internationally famous, he is not an animal that animal-related government agencies would not already be aware of. Moreover, Loki lives in a wolfdog legal state, USDA considers wolfdogs domestic animals by their own regulatory definitions, and USDA is primarily concerned with enforcing licensing and registration in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act. Inquiring as a journalist about the existence or lack thereof of a specific permit would, at worst, get Loki’s owner fined and forced to get the permit.)
  • My article told the truth about rabies law as it applies to wolfdogs, and it was inappropriate for the general public to be aware of that information.

That is not the education I believe in doing. I do not believe in advocating for people who allow vague threats to keep them from speaking out about an issue that regularly gets animals they care about killed. I do not believe in being told not to do thorough research because it might involve a regulatory agency. I do not believe in being told that it’s inappropriate to educate the public about laws that both protect our pets and could also get them killed just because the truth isn’t pretty or straight forward. And I really don’t believe in supporting a community that is willing to attack and discredit any advocacy on their behalf that they don’t control.

I’ve chosen to remove the Loki post from the WADTT side indefinitely. I abhor letting the bullies win, but the choice comes down to the fact that this is not the hill I want to die on. What I’m trying to build with WADTT is bigger than this and I’d rather fold on this single piece of writing for now to facilitate what I want it to become in the future. The blog has been completely dark for over a week, which hasn’t occurred since I started it two years ago, because this has impacted my mental health so drastically. The folk supporting the WADTT patreon and WADTT’s future are supporting me so I can be present and do daily education, so for now, that’s what I’m choosing to prioritize.

Regular posting and the queue should resume in the next couple of days.

Reasons why I love every SVT member

I have laughed AN D CRIED a lot because of this fine group. I’m sure many others can relate to that.
I would like to take some time to appreciate and note the members individually because they all deserve the world, thanks.
(Prepare yourselves, I wrote lots???? Like…. lots.


Some might say that Seungcheol isn’t fit to be in charge of the group. Well let me tell ya baby boyz why he most certainly is. S. Coups naturally has that fatherly type of image. Like “dad of the year” award type of fatherly. There is something about him that influences others to feel protected. He genuinely cares for all of the members and keeps everyone’s emotions in line. It takes a special kind of person to do that. One incident that spoke volumes to me was how he handled “Seventeen Project.” He knew when things were starting to take a negative turn and he wasn’t afraid to voice his opinions. (In a calm and rational way). BOI I CRIED. Despite the put-together (and sometimes tough) image he projects, he’s a rather sensitive person. The reason why he’s so supportive is because he longs for support himself. I think being in Seventeen has made him feel a sense of belonging. The mans has done a wonderful job and he deserves respect. I don’t think there is anyone else meant to be leader.  

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So I saw this perfectly delightful post, and my immediate response was “oh yes, of course Tali writes fanfic! She just doesn’t tell anyone because she’s afraid they’d never let her live it down.” (And as regards Garrus she’s probably right.)

Because obviously what Tali writes is schmoopy self-indulgent Shallicus, mostly for her own pleasure/comfort, and the prototypical Tali fic is 90% romantic fluff and 10% incredibly accurate and detailed descriptions of hacking. Shalei and Bellicus might spend most of the fic having a long romantic walk around the Presidium, but with amazing regularity they discover that they need to hack a terminal during said walk.

Tali is also that person who writes impassioned essays about how misrepresentation of quarian culture by the non-quarian parts of the fandom (which is most of it) is offensive, and that they either ought not write anything set on the Migrant Fleet for the fandom or at least ought to do a modicum of research. (She’s not wrong.) She does this all under the pseudonym Chatika63, because of course she does.

But my next thought was… you know who else I could see writing fanfic?


We know Legion plays MMORPGs. And we know that they have an interest in attempting to understand how organics think (in part, in the hopes of convincing organics not to attempt to destroy them on sight). And what better way to get inside of someone’s head than to… well… get inside their head? Write from the perspective of an organic? Given how awful they were at the Fleet and Flotilla visual novel (”Hopeless”), they probably have some awareness that this understanding is not a strong point, and trying to work it out via fanfic is certainly less risk-prone than trying to work it out via interaction 

At first, Legion just downloads the 100 most popular fanfics for Galaxy of Fantasy and Fleet and Flotilla and analyzes them, breaking them down in terms of both general plot structure, scene structure, and even all the way down to sentence structure. Then they use that analysis to generate new fics, dump them on Space AO3 under a variety of pseudonyms (the sheer volume of Legion’s output would make posting under a single name look awfully suspicious–even the notably prolific salarian writers don’t write that fast), and wait.

(Space AO3 is a fascinating place. Some of the asari-written WIPs have been going on for centuries now, Support has to spend something like half its time mediating all the times when krogans write thinly-veiled bloodthirsty revenge-fic against anyone who posts critically about their stories, and the hanar fandom gift culture is… unique, to say the least. But that is another post for another time.)

Anyway. Those first attempts of Legion’s basically read like Mad Libs written by someone unclear on the concept, which, in effect, they are. But the thing about Legion is that even though they don’t have a great grasp of how shipping and etc. work (see above re: the Fleet and Flotilla visual novel), they are in fact not a mindless computer process but a highly intelligent AI. They learn.

In this case, they learn by analyzing feedback, hit counts, and upvotes. They break the stories down again, analyze what they discovered worked and what didn’t, and adjust, and post again.

Story quality actually takes a dip for a bit–it turns out that chasing popularity doesn’t necessarily translate to quality–but then begins to rise, slowly at first and then steadily. They learn what works and what doesn’t, what rings true to readers and what feels stilted or artificial. They store witty quips and bits of banter and felicitous turns of phrase between crewmates in long-term memory to slot into stories later. When they’re performing a task that doesn’t require the attention of all 1,183 programs, they let some of the idle processes spin out projections for how this or that scenario might be received, based on the current databank of information.

(In short, like all authors, they begin to eavesdrop, and to daydream, and to treat everything as grist for the mill.)

They rapidly become well-known, under several different pseudonyms (having ditched the early pseuds with their hideously awkward mix-and-match prose). Under the pseudonym VarrenRider13, they’re known for an epic romance set in the world of Galaxy of Fantasy, which is well-known for its sensitive portrayal of asari romance and its detailed worldbuilding. Under the pseudonym MorningWanderer, they’re known for a number of Shallicus fics for the Fleet and Flotilla fandom, including the fandom-famous “And Stars Danced” series and the underappreciated standalone “Breaking Bread.”

tl;dr: The One Where Tali’s Favorite Fleet and Flotilla Fic Writer Is Actually Legion.

(She never has a chance to find out before Legion’s death.)

Update: Milklim have taken the post down due to the outrage.
However they have STILL not responded to allegations or reached out to me or others regarding the situation.

Will they still be selling the shirt anyway within Japan?? I’m unsure… I’ll be checking the Milklim store to make sure I do not see the shirt.

I’m regarding this still as a non response, it’s just been deleted and nothing else.

But as you can see, a post featuring the stolen illustration as a sneak peek of up and coming designs is still up on their Twitter.

Still very disappointed, this used to be my favourite brand. I had no idea that someday they would rip me off.

regarding my absence from this blog & my personal account

So, some of you may have noticed my sudden disappearance. I wasn’t going to make a post about it for various reasons, but now that my friend Kat (@but-call-me-kat) has come forward with her story I thought I may as well confront it.

If you haven’t heard, my friend Kat was involved in a rather horrific situation in which someone used her personal details to make a blog filled with bestiality images in an attempt to take advantage of the way people on tumblr report such things, to ruin Kat’s reputation. You can read her posts about it here: x, x, x (last link is a brief summary). I made a post about it a while ago, here: x, without naming Kat.

Anyway. I have also interacted with the person who made the blog, over five years ago. A couple of months ago, Kat informed me that said person had posted my full name and University on their blog, with accusations that I have been repeatedly visiting their blog. This came absolutely out of nowhere to me – the last thing that came close to me interacting with this person or their blog was when I made the post about Kat months before.

I have never posted my full name on tumblr. To get it, they must have had to search. I reported the posts to tumblr, but they weren’t removed and I received no response regarding it. Since then, the user has made a vague threat aimed at me. Because of what happened to Kat, I contacted the police, and my University, as well as informing my employer that this individual is targeting me after stealing the identity of one of my friends. Thankfully, everyone I know is understanding. If this person tries anything like they did with Kat, at least it would be easier to resolve.

But anyway, because of all this, and because of some unusual statcounter activity (someone went through by blog searching for references to ‘self harm’ and ‘homophobia’, for instance; it may have not been the same person but nonetheless freaked me out) I deleted most of the posts I made before this year on my personal blog and have taken a break from this tumblr.

Sorry if I have missed any messages from you guys, I miss you all. But while this is ongoing I do not want to make personal posts where the individual concerned will see them. I have a huge queue lined up so you won’t be short of tips.

Anyway, things to take from this whole, awful situation:

- Be careful of what you post online;

- If you come across a blog with illegal content under someone’s apparent real name, think critically – would someone be posting these things under their real name, especially if they have a wider online presence where these views are not present?

- and although often well-meaning, teenagers on tumblr are generally completely unequipped to deal with cybercrime, and call-out blogs can be massively harmful because of this.

Thanks for reading. Please share Kat’s posts and make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

Bohoartist Masterpost

Organized in the order that I could remember them. I hope you enjoy! All stories are MSR.

Shear Bliss - NC17, While on the run, Scully gives Mulder a haircut. Smut ensues.

The Healing Power of Touch - G, Post Sein Und Zeit, Scully’s thoughts and desire to comfort Mulder following the events of SUZ

Miles To Go - PG13, Post The Truth, Teeny-tiny drabble written for @leiascully‘s XF Writing challenge prompt: Distance. Its angsty. I hate that I did this. Don’t look at me.

“Are You Out of Your Damn Mind?”  - R, Tiny, angsty nugget written for numbered prompt #2 “Are you out of your damn mind” on Tumblr. Requested by @dashakay

Taking His Time - NC17, Mulder takes his time experiencing Scully for the first time in his bed. 

Taking Her Time - NC17, Sequel to Taking His Time, Scully’s turn.

The Happiest We Ever Were - G, Fluffy post-Existence 

Good To Be Bad - NC17, Post En Ami, my take on the black dress/angry sex trope. He placed soft kisses along her mandible, traveling to her ear where he softly whispered to her, “you smell like cigarettes.”

Stay - NC17, She packs the last suitcase in silence.

Dearest Dana - R, Companion piece to Stay. In the midst of a raging depression, Mulder drafts a letter to Scully. This one hurts.

Drive Faster - NC17, Dana Scully has always been proud of her ability to give one hell of a hand job.

Too Sober For This - NC17, Cancer-Arc, “I’m tired of feeling bad, Mulder. Just for once, I don’t want to think. I don’t want to over analyze my actions, I don’t want to think about tomorrow, I don’t want to prepare for sickness. I just want to be here, right now. I want to feel good tonight, Mulder. With you.”

Parking - NC17, Mulder helps Scully experience a previously missed rite of passage.  

Personal Interest - PG, Mulder realizes something very important regarding Scully’s feelings about Diana.

His Family - G, Skinner and Mulder have a conversation post-Existence regarding Mulder’s new role. Written in response to a prompt from @piecesofscully

Heat - NC17, Our intrepid heroes find their own relief from the heat.

Three Times Mulder and Scully Got Caught and One Time They Didn’t - Part 1- PG13 - Someone sees something they wish they hadn’t

Part 2- PG13 - Someone admits to seeing something they wish they hadn’t

Part 3 - NC17 - Someone overhears something they wish they hadn’t

Part 4 - NC17 - Someone gets their comeuppance when they wish they hadn’t

Star Wars, Finn, and Fandom Racism

this is a post for my fellow white star wars fans: we gotta do better. the treatment of Finn in the fandom at large has been dismal, both in obvious and insidious ways. so let’s talk about this.

quick note before we start: if you’re only here to argue, move on. if you’re already typing out a response beginning with, “not all white people,” don’t. however, if you’re interested in challenging your own biases, welcome aboard.

here are some harmful things white fans do, in regards to Finn:

1. we ignore him in fan works. 

a quick check of ao3 stats shows that Hux (who has approx. 3 min of screen time) shows up in two thousand more works than Finn. 

before you get defensive: no one’s telling you what you can and can’t write. however, as white fans we need to consider why we’re willing to go to the effort to imagine a rich backstory for a minor character we know almost nothing about, while ignoring the *actual* protagonist who already has a rich backstory of his own. (that protagonist is Finn, in case i was being unclear. Finn is a protagonist of Star Wars: Episode VII -The Force Awakens. Finn is a main character and co-lead. it’s Finn.)

2. when we do include Finn in fan works, we treat him poorly.

i’m going to stay in my lane on this one, and refer you to Writing with Color for more specifics on how *not* to treat black characters in harmful and/or stereotypical ways.

briefly: Finn is often hyper-sexualized (BBC, etc.) or pushed to the side by the narrative. additionally, very few fics, even ones with Finn in the main pairing, truly treat Finn as the protagonist of their fic. 

i’m guilty of this myself, and i’m working on it. which is all i’m asking you to do: educate yourself, be willing to change, and then do it.

3. we underestimate his role in cannon 

go read this post, and then tell me you haven’t been underestimating Finn from the moment he stepped on screen. i’d noticed almost everything the post points out, but chalked it up to plot holes, instead of considering that Finn (again, a protagonist) had been awake in the force since the beginning of the film.

that, right there friends, is racism. 

tl;dr fellow white fans, we gotta do better. let’s take the energy we spend trying to convince people we aren’t racist…and actually be less racist. it’s our responsibility to examine our attitudes and change our actions. now is the time.

further reading: 

here’s some excellent finn meta 

here’s 5 tips for being an ally (video) by chescaleigh (Franchesca Ramsey) - her channel has a ton of other videos about race too.

here are a whole bunch of resources from Writing with Color, a tumblr “dedicated to writing and resources centered on racial & ethnic diversity.”

(feel free to add links + resources) 

like yeah obviously ur allowed to be interested in serial killers when your interest is purely regarding the science and psychiatry of it no ones bitching at people who are interested in being a criminal investigator and whatnot its just when you start talking about how attractive the killers are and making shitty edits and jokes about them because that shits fucking disgusting*

*edit: to clarify, i am completely aware of the issues surrounding psychology in regards to how that field mistreats mentally ill people and also entirely disagree with automatically labelling any violent person as mentally ill, esp since mentally ill people are usually the ones being the victims of said violence. this post is worded ignorantly due to my lack of understanding that when i made it and i wanted to ensure that im not trying to excuse anyone who uses ~psychology~ as an excuse to demonize mentally ill people and blame every act of violence on them and their community

lucky for me the shitty responses to this post from the TC fandom distracted from my poor wording but i still encourage ppl to be critical any type of psychology+psychiatry, esp if youre neurotypical, because its a field full of ableist bullshit

anonymous asked:

Haven, what's going on? Is she still talking trash? Or is her fandom talking trash? I feel very confused and and not understanding what's happening?

Essentially, yes, she is.  She is allowing a narrative that paints him as mercenary, that he was exploiting her, that he was only with her to further his career, that he was pushing her to be more public (I can barely type that without gagging in disgust), etc.  All of these things are so ridiculous, ridiculous to the point of making me question why she would even bother attempting the claims in the first place, as I am under the impression that lies are only worthwhile if they are believable.  

And I am not sure why, but this new rash of articles that further these claims have just sent me over the edge.  I tried to be circumspect and not dwell on the drama for a year and now it’s simply too much.  Too.  Much.  This is deplorable.  He has had plenty of opportunity to speak ill of her and has not said a word.  Meanwhile, she chooses to allow her PR paramecium to drag him while they are touting this latest and greatest Chosen One who has been found worthy to join the ranks of her ex-boyfriends (because that IS what he will be known as soon enough).  The sad thing is that her supporters will continue to be just that, ignoring such shameful childish behavior that reveals itself in always pointing the finger and blaming the other person and ignoring the potential for any harm it may do to that honest and kind man who, despite said behavior, will not cease to speak of her with anything less than respect.  Because that is what a mature adult does.  He is being gracious in a way that she is consciously choosing not to reciprocate, in front of the whole world.  If you really want to know who someone is, especially a celebrity, observing how they handle a break up and how they speak of that person afterwards is an excellent indicator of who they really are.  

I hope that my response here translates accurately; it comes from a place of extreme frustration.  I hope people who are familiar with this blog will understand that I am not a mean, vindictive person.  This is not meant to be a diatribe against her, it is meant to be an explanation of why I am frustrated.  I am not here to hatefully criticize.  I am not speaking without cause.  I am speaking because it needs to be said.  I know there are going to be people reading this who follow this blog because of her.  I am not here to argue with you, so any attempts to defend her choices in this matter are pointless.   A rational person can weigh the known facts and history of each of the two people involved, along with their responses regarding the ending of their relationship, and see that something is out of balance.  It simply doesn’t add up.  I am tired of him being unjustly tarred and feathered by her camp.  

And I am going to post this knowing that I will probably have to deal with nonsense about it in my notes.  It will be worth it.  Enough is enough.  

Muslim Character Questions Round-Up!

Here is a helpful list of all of our posts about Muslim characters (up to date as of April 14, 2015). 

In light of recent weeks where I have noticed a severe influx within the fanfic community of readers, generally under an anonymous guise, who have been messaging fic writers some terribly rude things in regards to demanding and or begging for updates, here are some pointers to educate the non-writer community:

  • Just because the demanding message is sent in complete caps lock to imply “enthusiasm” does not dampen the fact that the nature of the message is any less demanding. At the end of the day, if you are saying: Update (insert title) already, I need it! or When are you finally going to post (insert title) then that is all the writer is going to see, no matter if the message is sent in all caps lock, all lower case, or in leet speak. If you as the reader cannot see and understand that such a sentence is demanding and consider that as the only way you can express your “enthusiasm” to a writer, then do not even bother sending a message in the first place.
  • Begging is not a compliment. It is fantastic to know that our readers are excited about future updates, but there are at least a hundred different ways that you can express that without the begging connotations. Just because you “need” this update, or “need” to know what happens will not suddenly encourage the writer to create the content faster. If anything, it will stress them out and put the pressure on them to upload something that ninety-five percent of the time, they will not be happy with due to the simple fact that they churned it out on a late night and four cups of coffee to satisfy a reader who felt entitled by typing out a string of demanding words, ticked anonymous and clicked send.
  • If you have a right to complain about us being slow in our updates, then we, as the content creators, have the full green light to go ahead and complain about the demands. The issue that I have noticed the most with this whole situation is the moment that the writer sits down and posts a response in regards to how the demands are making them stressed, upset, or angry, they will almost instantly receive a sudden torrent of messages telling them why their feelings are invalid, why they should be grateful that their readers are so excited for them to update, etc. As soon as the writer fights back, the readers suddenly pipe up to shut them down like the writer is a disobeying pet, and the reader is a displeased owner who scolds them for supposedly biting the hand that feeds them. And that, my friends, is seriously fucked up.

  • Understand that there is a solid reason why the writer has not updated a particular series, or they have not yet posted the story that they might have previously discussed. The reason they have not already posted it is not because they enjoy making you suffer, nor because they are an awful, terrible person who wishes to see how long you will cling on to their every post until you get tired and let go. If a writer has not updated a specific series or story, it is because they are not inspired by it, they are still planning it, or they are making alterations to the plot to better and intensify the reading experience. Asking them to update it is not going to suddenly fill them with the desire to write that particular story, so please do not think that.

  • Remember that writers are human beings. We are not robots with the sole purpose to write and update our blogs. We have lives, jobs, studies, and social lives to uphold outside of writing fan fiction, just like you do. Content creating is a hobby. Sure, lots of us continue to pursue that into a future career, though for now, on our blogs, this is sheerly something that we do in our own free time for free. Before you think to demand us of something that we gain no monetary value from, think again.

  • Deleting these sorts of demanding messages is only an alternative; the true solution is that they stop being sent altogether. Stop trying to tell writers to ignore these messages, and rather, stop sending them in the first place. We can delete, block and ignore, but the messages will always come back and the moment we say something about them, we get sweet little messages trying to put us into our supposedly righteous place because we stepped out of line and spoke our true feelings for once. May I reiterate my statement from three bullet points back by saying that is seriously fucked up.

All in all, please, before you think to send a writer a message in regards to one of their stories, learn what the difference is between being demanding and being supportive. There are ways to ask a writer about their progress on a story or series without blatantly begging or demanding them of its current status. If you wish to support a writer and encourage them to continue with the updates, send them positive, complimenting messages about the piece by detailing how you adored the story, what elements of it hooked you, etc. instead of not even hinting your enjoyment in the slightest through a message that bluntly states: When is the next update?

This is a simple matter of mutual respect between the readers and the writer. You scratch my back, and I will scratch yours. I can tell you for sure that any writer would much rather no message at all than one that demands them to update. So, if you are thinking to send in something that blatantly requests them to update the next chapter or post a new story, then close the browser and walk away because we do not want your twisted concepts of enthusiasm and support. Silence is more comforting than that.

superkenna  asked:

With regard to Mark Zuckerberg's manifesto dedicating facebook to supporting community groups and attempting to build meaningful dialogue: what is Tumblr's response? How do you see Tumblr growing in this ever-growing isolationism?

It is hugely encouraging to see Zuck and Facebook are working towards a lot of the same values we hold.

Some thoughts from my post yesterday:

With so many barriers to digital expression now lifted, and nearly all modes of media supported across all platforms, there is now an unprecedented opportunity to dedicate this space to freedom, truth, expanded perspective, and positive influence in the world. Tumblr’s focus over the next decade will shift accordingly.

It is now more urgent than ever to empower positive and productive connections across the communities that thrive here. To create an environment where people are truly safe to be themselves. To ensure positive discourse rises above toxicity. And to protect the free exchange of ideas, from which truth will emerge.

Butter kiss

Pairing: Jughead X Reader

Requests: Hey, I’d like to request a jughead x reader where jughead is like super protective over the reader. Like he walks with her in school. Sits with her in pop’s. The reader is never out of his sight (only when she’s home). And the reader doesn’t really mind, bc there’s a killer in the town and stuff. And it’s kinda hot Thank youu ^^

Hiii. I’d like to request a jughead x reader. And maybe something with jughead being super protective over the reader. But the reader doesn’t really mind, bc the reader think it’s hot? Thaanks

Hi I’m absolute jughead trash, can you do something with him being jealous please?


A/N: I just wanna take a sec to express how insanely grateful I am for the positive response regarding my writing. I honestly love and appreciate you guys so much and I’m so glad you enjoy the utter shite I put out onto the internet! I haven’t posted anything in ages because I’ve been super busy with work and I also had a bunch of issues with my laptop so I thought I’d combine a couple of my requests and therefore hopefully please two people with one imagine. Also I loved this request so thanks to the fabulous anons that sent it and I hope you enjoy it.

-          A xoxo

Warnings: none except kissing.


You heard footsteps clattering towards you at a remarkable pace as you made your way out of the school gates, bag slung over your shoulder and a redheaded companion at your left side. You smirked to yourself, already knowing exactly who it was even before he sidled up to your right.

“(Y/N) where’re you going?” Jughead asked through breathless pants, sounding half confused and half concerned.

“Home Jug, It’s the end of school, remember?”

Obviously but why didn’t you wait for me?” the annoyance on his face was evident as he shifted his gaze from you and then to Archie and back again.

“I didn’t think it’d matter. I know you don’t like me going anywhere alone but Archie’s coming over and he’s walking with me.” You replied with a frown, stopping to look him in his icy eyes. They were narrowed and you watched as he inhaled sharply through his flared nostrils and clenched his jaw. You desperately tried to diminish the flush that had crept its way onto your cheeks and dispel the surge of butterflies in your stomach as you observed his antics.

“So, you didn’t think to tell me that you were replacing me with Andrews, that sure is nice of you (Y/N)!”

And with that he turned back towards the school building and stormed away. Archie looked uncomfortable but you simply scoffed and pulled him along, continuing on your way back to your house.

Ever since Jason had been found murdered he had insisted on accompanying you everywhere you went so that he could ‘keep you safe’. Usually it didn’t bother you, in fact you found yourself anticipating your time together and falling for the boy who’s overly-protective behaviour stirred a familiar feeling deep within your chest. However lately he had been acting strangely when he found you in the presence of a certain redheaded Bulldog. You decided that you would confront him about his odd behaviour the following day when he had had time to escape from the clutches of the bad mood that apparently had a hold of him.

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­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­The following morning you opened your front door, dressed for school and equipped with two pieces of slightly burnt toast that were swaddled in kitchen roll in order to prevent the hot butter from trickling onto your skin. You were met with the sight of a beanie-clad boy sprawled on the steps of your porch with his back facing you; a sight to which you had become quickly accustomed to after the shocking and gruesome discovery of the Blossom boys’ body. Jughead had absolutely insisted on walking you to school in the morning, hoping to deter the murderer should reveal they reveal themselves and subsequently make an attempt on your life.

Upon hearing the door close the boy turned to face you, smiling sheepishly as you handed him the toast with raised eyebrows, expecting an explanation for his antics the previous evening in return.

“Look, about yesterday…” he began, eyes unable to meet yours, instead watching his feet shift their weight and hands stuffed in his jacket pockets. “…I just wanna make sure you I can keep you safe, Jason’s killer is still out there. As for Archie, he’s my best friend and I know exactly how he gets around girls which means there’s no way he’d be able to stop himself from making a move on you which could only end in complete disaster! I’m sorry okay, it was stupid and I should know that you can protect yourself.”

“It’s not stupid Jug, it’s hot,” you blurted impulsively, biting your lip as you took in his dishevelled appearance that somehow made you weak at the knees.

He looked up at you now, wide eyes scanning your features for any sign of regret but they found none. You silently debated whether to pursue the idea that had just invaded your thoughts. You watched his tongue dart out and swipe across his slightly parted lips, wetting them as the tension built between you and the sight solidified your decision. Lunging forward you crashed your lips against his, standing on your tip toes and reaching up to wind your fingers through the ebony curls at the base of his neck. After standing there frozen in shock at first, Jughead soon reacted by pulling you impossibly closer by the front of your jacket and slipping his tongue between your lips gently. The two of you eventually pulled away, lips swollen and lungs breathless as you grinned at each other.

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“As for Archie,” you began, imitating his previous statement. “You don’t need to protect me from him! You’re the one I want Jughead.”

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Calling Queer Sherlock Fans!

I’m (still) working on a final Queer studies project about Sherlock as an ambiguous queer text. Last week I asked for help finding examples of a few things and you all were awesome!

Now I’m looking for responses from Queer/LGBTQ Sherlock fans regarding the following question:

What has Sherlock meant to you as a queer fan? As an LGTBQ+ person watching Sherlock (and all the craziness of the fandom and discourse surrounding it), how do you see Sherlock and what does it mean to you?

Your answer can be positive or negative, or somewhere in between. You can reblog or reply to this post with it or pop it in my inbox. You can be as long or short as you like. Every response helps. My project is due on Monday, so if you could respond today or tomorrow that would be awesome. Thank you so much!

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Outreach part 2

Hey everyone!~

I’m not sure if all of you have seen my latest post regarding plans for a safer sugar website for women by women, but I have gotten a lot of positive responses to the idea, and I’m excited to share the progression of this site with you!
I’ve met with a few people to consider all aspects of the conceptualization, and we have discussed the pros and cons, as well as common issues you all have shared with me such as:
- Consistency
- Long-term arrangements
- Safety 
- Verification 
I am pleased to say that we have found possible solutions and/or alternatives, but it will take a lot of work in the development area.
 In order to begin phase one of the website, my developer has asked me to compile a list of email addresses of interested participants who would use this site once it is launched. 
A Bi-weekly or monthly newsletter of sugar tips and experiences from other sugar babies around the world, with consistent updates on the site’s progress would be sent to your mailbox. 
If you’re interested on becoming a part of this new site, please like/reblog/comment/ to get involved. I will reach out to you so we can add your email to the list!
Please message me for more info!

P.S., There are still so many issues that we face with sites, if you have any issues that I haven’t mentioned, please comment or reblog so I can add it to the list!
We are also going to be thinking of a name for our site soon!
If you have any suggestions, I’ll be glad to hear them!~



I screwed up tonight, folk, by snapping at @fionasieh on their ask regarding zoo conservation. They weren’t trying to ask anything unreasonable, and I overreacted. I’m deleting the original post per their request (although my preference is to apologize/respond on the original post for accountability) because I don’t want them to keep getting commentary from people keying off how I originally responded. I try really hard to stay professional and polite on this blog, even when frustrated, and I did not achieve that in tonight’s response and I apologize. 

anonymous asked:

Any advice on drawing architecture for someone who is new to drawing but hoping to go to university to study architecture? I need to build a portfolio. Fortunately but also unfortunately I study sciences at the moment and will only have the chance to make my portfolio on my own time. -from a beginner

I think you should try to create some works for inclusion. Maybe some urban sketching or photographs would be the quickest route but you can also aspire to create some artworks or digital designs. Maybe some of the resources listed below can help.

You can see all previous responses regarding portfolios here. 

You can also check these posts:

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In response to the TAZ comic

I will put a foreword to this post by starting with I’m white and atheist, so I do not know every negative stereotype associated with different races/ethnicities or religions.
I will not tell you you’re wrong for pointing out issues in regards to the comic; in fact, I’ve actually learned a few negative stereotypes to avoid in my own stories, so PLEASE keep pointing out flaws and how people can fix and avoid them.

But let’s be honest with ourselves, there is a good chance no matter what race or skin color Taako would be, people would find a way to complain about it simply because of who he is as a character. Taako has, on multiple occasions, cheated, stolen, swindled, and conned his way out of situations and can be interpreted as being very greedy and vain. He cares a lot about his image and money, so try to imagine him as any race, and then think of how people could interpret that to being racist.

White? White-washing a character

POC? Calling poc thieves or con-artists

Green? There’s a history of Jewish people being depicted with green skin in anti-Semitic propaganda

So on and so forth

What race should Taako be? No clue, considering there is a lot of negative stereotypes in the world (or even in just America) that could be associated with Taako simply because of his character. And I don’t think it’s my place to say as a white person. But we have to remember that not everyone is quite as socially conscious about their decisions as people on Tumblr are (especially nowadays), and what one person might think is a good way to get out of one stereotype, could accidentally have them stumble into a completely different stereotype.

So yes, there are problems with the TAZ comic that’s been shown, but I don’t think the right option for this situation is to try to attack the McElroys.
Educate them, tell them the problems that you have with the comic, they’ll listen, and they’ll try not to do it again in the future (seeing as how they asked us how to properly introduce a trans character and then gave us beautiful Lup). They may not know what questions to specifically ask in situations like these, so be calm and patient and I know these boys will listen and do their best to fix it.