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But I AM going to prioritize myself, because I am the most important person to me. I refuse to be held accountable for being born a certain way, none of this was my fault, this victim complex is getting out of hand. Fuck, I wish you would stop reblogging delusional brainwashed posts. Cringe worthy. No one is entitled to my time, the system isn't my responsibility, and being told that I am worthless and should die every day is only forcing me to not care. If you want our help, stop demonizing us

I’m assuming you’re ranting with regards to this post I reblogged a couple of hours earlier.

I mean, to be clear, no one’s holding you accountable you for being born privileged, since you have as much control over it as people have over being born different races. And if anyone is, they’re jerks, simple as. Not to mention that the post didn’t mention calling you or privileged people as worthless or deserving to die, which makes me concerned over how you’re being treated outside of posts about oppressive systems.

However I don’t think it’s delusional to attempt to subvert systems that favour the privileged, because with

  1. privilege from birth is undeserved, since no one can choose what privilege to have when they’re born, and
  2. like how you can’t have hot without cold, you can’t have privilege without those who don’t have any.

People without privilege don’t deserve suffering as much as those with privilege deserve favouritism. Essentially, a lot of cultures and systems that favour the privileged promote and practise inequality.

I mean, the way I see it, it’s like dealing with litter, or trash in a community.

Everyone generates trash, a lot of trash, and we’re taught to pick up after ourselves. Of course, since it’s our own trash, we should prioritise cleaning our own trash before anyone else’s, because we shouldn’t leave litter around. Some generate less trash than others, maybe because of grooming habits, but it’s the way things are.

A lot of the time, though, people leave around trash. Sometimes it’s litter, sometimes it’s honking piles of filth, and often people aren’t even aware that they dropped their trash. Other times, it’s not even people that drop trash, but birds, squirrels, or creatures outside of human control that leave things about when they’re scurrying around dealing with their own trash.

And many don’t like trash, so people are taught to pick trash up and throw it away if they see it, so that the community’s cleaner.

Now, you could remonstrate against the notion that you have to pick up other people’s trash. You could refuse to be held accountable for trash that doesn’t concern, that you had no hand over, and that other people’s trash is entitled neither to your time nor your responsibility. You could even write passionately-worded letters to teachers of cleaning up after others, saying that programs teaching people to pick up others’ trash only force you to not care even more, and that despite the fact that you may have less trash than others, your trash is just as difficult to deal with, and that you will prioritise yourself above all others.

Or, you could pick up what trash you can, and leave the place a little cleaner for the next person that comes by.


Regarding Akzeriuth and the Issue Of “Blame”

To start off, I wish to point out in the second GIF how the camera slowly pans across the party’s expressions to fill the silence caused by Luke’s statement in the first GIF. When no one answers his question, Luke continues with his denial of responsibility by saying, “It’s not… It’s not my fault! Master Van said… Yeah! Master Van told me to do it! I had no idea this would happen! No one told me! It’s not my fault! It’s not my fault!”

And that’s when Jade begins to walk away, and the rest follow suit whilst scolding Luke.

A common misunderstanding I see with regard to Akzeriuth’s collapse is that the party blamed Luke for what happened, when in fact, no one actually flat out blamed him for Akzeriuth (except possibly for Anise in a later skit, who never actually gets to finish her sentence thanks to Jade) while they were doing a postmortem of the Akzeriuth collapse. Not even during their parting words with Luke when they walk away from him.

Interestingly, it was Luke himself who raised the issue of blame in the first place. Which, as the above image shows, is a question the party did not know the answer to. Because really, how are they supposed to answer the issue of fault, when in fact all of them had some sort of indirect hand in the debacle? The only one who ever directly blamed him for Akzeriuth was Asch, who, by the last time I checked, was only one person and not even part of the party at that particular point in time in question. That, and prior to Luke’s outburst, the party was more concerned about getting themselves out of danger and gaining a better understanding of the world they found themselves in and the situation at hand, rather than pointing fingers at who is to blame for the incident. 

As for whether the party was “right” or “wrong” with regard to scolding Luke, that is up to the player’s interpretation of the scene. As with the issue of who is ultimately to blame for Akzeriuth’s collapse. There is no right or wrong answer because it all depends on what kind of values or morals you hold as a person, which is admittedly tricky to debate upon because of how subjective the matter is.

Update on grades

Hey y’all. I just first want to thank y’all for all of your countless kind and encouraging messages in response to my post “improvement > perfection”. It made me feel like I wasn’t so alone in my struggles regarding my obsession of my gpa. I just wanted to give you all a little update since my last post about the topic:

Later that week after writing that post, my art professor actually suggested that I should start visiting the counseling center. My stress over my grades was really taking a toll on my well-being, and my professor suggested for me to talk about these problems with a professional. Going to ‘therapy’ is something that has always seemed scary to me and is something I have never ever considered for myself, especially over something like my grades. However, I decided to respect his requests because he is my professor that has gotten to know me very well over the past 2 years. I made an appointment at the counseling center, and had my appointment that next morning. The counselor was incredibly helpful and gave me great advice about everything from time management, to test anxiety, and even towards general stress. I walked out of the session feeling more calm and at peace with the whole situation.

Last night, I found out that my grade was going to be fixed. I almost started crying because this was the biggest miracle. That C was changed to a much higher grade that now sets me above a 3.5 once more! I am submitting my application to LSE next week, so I will keep you all updated on my acceptance into the school! I will also be applying to my University’s honors college at the end of this semester as well. 

From this experience I really learned that sometimes patience is all we need. When things go wrong, we assume the whole world is falling apart- and then we later find that things have such a way of falling into place. By staying calm and patient in the face of adversity, we can save ourselves so much time that we would have otherwise wasted from panicking. I am really grateful that everything worked itself out, but I am even more grateful for the lessons that I learned these past few weeks.

I just want to thank you all again for always being so supportive and encouraging throughout all my endeavors! Hope you have a blessed week! 


Firstly anon, 

I want to thank you for your opinion on the whole 50 shades issue and I am sorry for what you have personally had to go through. However, regarding the post that you are speaking about,  for one; if you look close enough, I wasn’t actually the one who responded to my misinformed friend Victoria, it was my friend Max. Whom I agree with, but still, he isn’t me. 

Secondly, I am sorry you feel as if other people’s abuse belittles yours, but by you stating that, it sounds like you’re belittling the kind of abuse that happens in the novel. I have had similar relationships to that of 50 Shades and I can say without a doubt that that is abuse. It may not be the same form of rape, or beating, but it still is very much so abuse. But to say that your abuse was more traumatizing or worse off isn’t fair, because everyone’s situation is different. Just because it doesn’t seem as extreme to you doesn’t mean it isn’t extreme to someone else. 

I also don’t think by calling the relationship in 50 Shades abusive does, in any way, put a “bad name” on you or other women in similar harmful situations such as yourself. On the contrary I feel like it brings to light that your abuse as much as the more hidden types of abuse such as in 50 shades. The relationship in 50 shades was slightly ambiguous, meaning, it could be disguised as a semi-healthy relationship to people who didn’t know any better. For your situation though, it sounds very blatant, so I feel like it’s on it’s own level. The abuse you describe sounds like the the abuse we have come to understand already, however it is no less important than the abuse in 50 Shades. Please try to keep in mind that there are many different kinds of abuse, many of which don’t seem like abuse until you think about the long term affects it has on someone. 

I am very sorry about the kind of abuse you had to go through, and I am happy that you seem to be recovering fairly well from it. But please try to understand that people like me, the people who had relationships like in 50 Shades were abused as well and we are not trying to belittle your abuse, we are just trying to help people see that what we went through was abuse as well. 

And I am aware that not all people who were abused feel this same way, however for the ones who do feel this way, they need to be heard as well. So even though that original facebook comment wasn’t mine, this one is. So yeah. 

Thank you for telling me how you feel anon, and thank you for reading my response. 

Combating Frizz

     I was asked a question regarding how I deal with frizz and I’m sure it won’t be the last time I get asked this question. I decided for my next post to write about what I do to reduce frizz and other methods (that I don’t use) that help as well. I also figured that this post will be convenient as a response to those who ask the question in the future.

How I combat frizz

Finger detangle – The first time I finger detangled my hair, I saw a significant difference. Not only was my mane less frizzy, my curls were also more defined. It also helps that finger detangling causes less breakage because it’s a lot easier on the hair than the constant ripping of a comb.

Using a t-shirt to dry my hair – I have swapped my towel for a t-shirt (or also a micro-fiber towel works) when it comes to washing my hair. A regular towel easily leaves the hair cuticle rough and causes friction. You are better able to keep your hair pattern when drying with a t-shirt. It’s important that you don’t rub the shirt or micro-fiber towel against your hair. A dabbing motion will suffice.

Moisturize – A lot of the time the reason hair frizzes is because it is lacking moisture. Keeping the hair moisturized with oils, creams, butters, leave-in conditioners on a regular basis (Usually once a day for me) will help. I also deep condition my hair once a week (depending on how much time I have) between 1-4 hours. Some people may prefer less time for their hair and others may like to keep the treatment in overnight. Shampoos can be drying for the hair and that’s why I only use it once a week as well and in between that week I co-wash.

Warm and cold water – During the time I wash my hair I use warm water for the most part except my last rinse. The warm water removes build-up of oil, dirt, and product. The heat from the water opens the cuticles and pores and makes it easier for the product you use to cleanse and penetrate the hair and the scalp which is very important when you’re trying to remove loads of product and when you deep condition your hair and are really looking forward to that soft shiny look. For my last rinse, I use cold water. If warm water is used, it will cause frizz and even have your hair feeling a bit dry after. Cold water will close the cuticles and pores which basically seal the moisture into your hair and it will increase shine.

Sleep on/in a satin/silk pillowcase or scarf – That cotton pillowcase of yours will do the most when it comes to soaking up the moisture and natural oils out of your hair. Just like how your cotton towel dries you off when you step out of the shower. The satin/silk pillowcase or scarf will help you retain moisture and further minimize breakage. If you’re interested in investing in a sating pillowcase they can be found at your local beauty supply store.

Avoid touching your hair – This is honestly harder than it sounds. For obvious reasons this is a part of the list. Excessive touching… Just don’t do it.

Other ways to combat frizz

Use Ant-Frizz hair products – That’s kind of a no brainer. Carol’s Daughter and Shea Moisture have products that have the anti-frizz component and there’s many more.

Wash hair in sections – This works well with individuals who have longer natural hair. Not only does it make it easier to manage but washing the hair in 4 sections makes it easier to ensure that your hair is being adequately washed. Twisting/re-twisting/clipping the sections up prevent the hair from re-tangling and that in the end saves you time.

    If you have any other tips on how to combat frizz feel free to leave a comment.

- Vanessa Xox

Hello! I am one of the new additions to affirm-ace-ions. My name is Kate, and I’m a panromantic asexual. I prefer she/her and they/their pronouns.

I’ve been on tumblr with my personal blog for about four years now (since early 2011), an I have openly-identified as asexual for about three years (since 2012).

I am also currently out to my immediate family members regarding my asexuality, with varied responses regarding it, so if anyone would like to talk about dealing with less-than-positive familial responses to the subject of your asexuality I will be more than happy to help you through that. I know how rough it can be, and I know that having a friend on hand can really help you through it.

I hope that I can really help people here and help keep affirm-ace-ions a safe and happy place for the ace community!


EDIT: Ahhh I forgot other important details I’m so sorry guys! I am 20 years old, and I’m currently a Junior in College working on my english degree w/ teachers certification. I also live in EST, and am online every day from about noon to midnight, give or take a few hours.

a response to "why haven't scientists cured AIDS yet?"

so whenever there’s some epidemic i see posts about “why aren’t scientists trying to cure this instead of unboiling eggs?” (the unboiling the egg guy actually works at my uni btw, oddly enough) and they’re kinda always floating around regarding hiv/aids. which makes sense, because hiv is an emerging disease and it really fucks u up and a hell of a lot of people have it. so why haven’t we come up with a cure? several reasons:

1. the cells hiv infects first are called cd4 t cells, which do a whole shitload of things but the important thing is that they’re an incredibly important part of ur immune system.  and hiv is a retrovirus, which means it takes some of its dna and puts that in ur dna. so once u get it, u literally cannot remove it from the body because it is now part of u (fun fact most of ur dna is junk that doesn’t do shit and probably came from other viruses millions of years ago which i think is kinda neat). whenever u get sick, those cd4 t cells make a lot more of themselves, which just makes the virus replicate faster.

2. if u immediately start on a course of antivirals as soon as ur infected then it dramatically lowers the impact of the virus on ur system and can knock it out almost completely. so why doesn’t everyone do that? well most persistent viral infections (like hiv) start with an “acute phase” where u show symptoms for a while before ur immune system knocks the virus back down to lower & more reasonable levels.  but when u get hiv the acute phase feels like a flu or mono and then it goes away so u don’t know there’s anything going on. this makes it p much impossible to treat right away so most of the treatment that ppl w hiv do get is damage control, sorta.

3. a lot of antiviral drugs target bits of the virus packaging, grab onto those bits, and destroy the virus.  but hiv covers itself in sugars sticking out of the outside, so the drugs can’t actually reach the bits they need to.

4. we actually are working on more effective antiviral treatments! like a lot. we have four different antibodies we’re working on targeting, each of them focusing on a different one of the virus’s most harmful parts.

but it’s still just a virus. we vaccinate kids for measles n shit, why can’t we vaccinate them for hiv so they never get aids?

u know how u have to get a new flu vaccine every year (or even more often)? that’s cause the flu mutates a lot and has about a bajillion strains. hiv doesn’t have quite as many strains but it mutates like crazy and v fast, so showing its proteins to ur immune system (which is how most killed vaccines work) won’t do much bc by the time ur ready to beat the shit out of any virus carrying those proteins, the virus has already changed and has different proteins now, and ur body doesn’t recognize it as the virus it’s ready to attack.

so i know this has all been hella lengthy and maybe boring, but the thing is we’re not ignoring aids. we’re actually making a lot of progress! it’s just a herculean task and we’re nowhere near conquering it yet.

(source for all of this: i’m a virologist, and we’re studying hiv rn and it’s super interesting to me so i wanted to share)

I Quit My Scene

The other day in the “Where Are The Women?" news post on, a user asked what males in this scene can do to make it better for women. I thought Kiana’s response was fantastic and worth sharing:

People should hold themselves accountable first off. When women are talking about what they experience in regards to sexism, listening instead of dismissing or talking over them is a great start. Odds are, they know more. Push yourself to learn. Sexism isn’t something you just grow out of, it needs to be unlearned and takes time so put in the effort to learn about it. Social media is a great tool to get voices heard. Reblog articles, tweet the people involved in running these festivals, sign petitions, stop supporting these festivals. Spread the word. Support women in music. We have an entire thread dedicated to female singers and bands. Go to their shows, buy their music. There are a lot of programs out there to get women involved in music. Volunteer or donate to them. More men should also stop complaining about all the “fangirls” at shows and who like certain artists. Passionate women are important, don’t write them off. Encourage them to pursue their passions. Listen to women and open yourself up to learning. When you see other men engaging in sexist behavior, call them out on it. Don’t let things slide by. When bands have sexist violent lyrics, call them out. Don’t make excuses for them. Men need to tell other men what’s up and stop giving people passes. There are so many things.

There’s so much great stuff here and it was one of the bright spots in an otherwise emotionally exhaustive thread. I’m starting to become extremely disenchanted with this whole music scene. There will be times where I feel like we’ve taken steps forward. Where progress has been made. Then I’ll read posts defending homophobic slurs. Or men claiming women aren’t in bands because they’re not good enough. Or see the promoters of these festivals claim that they tried to book bands with women in them, but that they got turned down, so it’s not their fault.1 Or get sent press releases with fliers for Warped Tour bands depicting a knife up to the throat of a Blink-182 fan with the words “Kill Them All” scrawled across the front. Is this really the music scene we want to be a part of? I’m finding myself answering that question with a resounding “no” more often than not these days.

  1. It’s like you need flour for a delicious cake you’re baking, you go to the first store and they don’t have any … do you then just make the cake with corn starch and when your guests complain about it say “blame Safeway! They didn’t have the flour!” … no, you go to as many stores as you need to until you get the fucking flour because you’re making a cake.

Get home and my dad’s instant response when he sees me are snide comments regarding the fact I “look like a boy.”

Guess what mother fucker that was the point so you can go f-yourself.

Picture under the cut. Includes before and after.

Also I am not very photogenic so I am sorry.

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anonymous asked:

Hello. I'm not the same anon as before, but in regards to the "transbikes" thing, as a trans person myself it makes me actually really uncomfortable. I feel it ignores real issues about how being trans is viewed in japanese society, and I also dislike how people use pronouns other than the ones characters use for themselves. It's your blog to run as you choose, but this is my 2 cents on the subject

I didn’t want to presume, as I’m not trans myself, but I think that is a good part of why I don’t find myself agreeing with trans headcanons.

I’m completely all for equal rights and if any characters are ever officially confirmed as trans, I won’t have any issues with it what-so-ever!

But I don’t think trying to force someone to accept a headcanon is very acceptable. Whilst I post a lot of shounen ai/yaoi fanart/posts, I do tag them excessively so that people can avoid them for whatever reason they might have. I tag EVERYTHING as excessively as possible for that reason, so that hopefully everyone can enjoy this blog and it’s contents without seeing whatever they don’t want to ^_^

Thank you for sharing your opinion on the topic, anon!

Darling tumblr followers...

It has come to my attention that another lifter, (goldie) has been taking heat for some of the things that I’ve posted in regards to financial domination. I have used some tags that can be considered triggering or offensive simply due to semantics.

I will not apologize for using my blog to express myself as I would like. The unfollow button is there for a reason. We don’t get the choice in real life to have trigger warnings. I think people need to start developing some thicker skin. Any responses to this post will not affect or hold any weight with me unless they are sent off anon…I’m not 13 years old

okay so i’m not quite so sure what the entire tag is so riled up about and at this point i think i’m just beating a dead horse, but here’s what i understand and here are my two cents about it:

- nymria received an anon ask asking her to tag her “anti-white” posts

- at first she responded telling them that she wouldn’t but then she told them to unfollow her

- and then this became some sort of an issue regarding racism and white supremacy

- the entire tag went to war

first off, what anon asked was completely reasonable, in my opinion. they asked her to tag something so they could blacklist it, and nymria’s response was fine too. i don’t think anyone has any right to tell someone how to run their blog, and if they don’t like it, then they can unfollow.

but then this turned into an issue of race.

anon asked her to tag her “anti-white” posts and to me, it’s pretty obvious they asked that because they feel uncomfortable seeing hate posts against their race. tumblr is a community largely known for being super liberal so it’s no surprise that her initial reply was the white privilege spiel. yes, white people are privileged and benefit from a system of racism that has been underway for hundreds of years and still exists today. pointing out that privilege and educating white people is fine. it’s great, actually. good on ya if you’re white and you acknowledge your privilege, that’s fantastic.

but when you get to the point where you’re prejudiced against white people simply for being white, you start to go against what you preach. right? i don’t think nymria ever said anything exclusively like this, but i’ve seen this idea spread throughout the tag a lot since this whole fiasco started. no, it’s not racist because reverse racism isn’t a thing, but it’s definitely prejudiced to judge someone based on them being white. and that’s honestly just as bad. you don’t fight fire with fire.

i know a lot of people are saying that POC experience oppression on a daily basis in the real world, so white people experiencing prejudice online shouldn’t be that big of a deal. but this is kind of a toxic mindset, to be quite honest. why would you go out of your way to be rude and prejudiced to someone at all? regardless of race? no matter who you are or what background you’re from, when you see something targeting you specifically based on your background, it’s gonna hurt a bit. i know for a fact that seeing all these “anti-white” posts is damaging to some people and it makes them feel like absolute shit. you shouldn’t hold people accountable for things and judge them just because they’re white, but them acknowledging that privilege they have over other groups because of the systemic oppression that makes up society is fine.

and onto the issue of racism. personally, as a POC, i’ve never experienced any racism whatsoever during my time on the tag. in real life, yes, all the time. but on here? never. i’m not invalidating nymria’s experiences here in any way, but what i’m saying is that it seems like we’re all making a big deal out of nothing. i understand that nymria’s felt like her opinion doesn’t matter due to her race and her age in comparison to older, white taggers. but honestly? i’ve never felt that same stigma here.

so yes, racism is definitely prevalent in the real world and on tumblr, but i’ve never seen an instance of racism in the tag so i don’t quite understand what the issue is here and why everyone is so upset about it.

i think it really just boils down to attitude. be nice to people because it’s the right thing to do. and while i admire nymria for standing up for herself, i also think that this whole thing has been blown out of proportion based off of one anon ask.

in the last question of the exam I can finally uphold my promise in written form (to be that annoying archaeologist (even if it’s generally met with positive responses from the archaeologists I’m regularly in contact with aka teachers and other students) with queertheoretical interpretations of everything) in the last question

I’m going to bring up my own critiques of the naïve complete trust in osteology in regards to the gender of individuals and the cisnormative picture of the past that naïve trust helps build

new theme!

I didn’t get any response regarding the theme, so I’m taking it you all trust me! after some drama involving accidentally deleting the customized theme on my other blog (and recovering it), kpopreleases’ new look is done.

new things include:

  • like and reblog buttons right on the home page
  • the “admins” page has been transformed into an “about” page
  • on the home page, you can navigate through the posts with the up and down arrows on your keyboard
  • on a post page, you can click the arrows on the left and right on the page to navigate through the posts

there are still some things I need to work out though, like making the links in posts not bold. I tried setting the font weight to normal manually, but it didn’t work. does anyone else know how to fix it? the links are so hard to read now! :(

I’d also like to set all the fonts to Futura, but I need some kind of font embed code and I don’t even know what all that entails. so it might have to wait.

I’m also curious about what kind of paginations you prefer. standard (next/previous page), load more, or infinite scroll? I prefer standard, but tell me what you think.

lastly, I’m thinking about adding a more interesting header, like a kpop group (makes sense doesn’t it). this theme allows me to choose up to five different headers, and each time the page is loaded, one of those five will randomly be chosen that time. so I might do some kind of poll later to see which groups/artists you’d like to see.

credit for the theme goes to Precrafted!

do you have any input?

My friend sent me this in response to my recent Facebook posts about the Copts. I’m literally gagging he never made a single comment on any of my posts regarding ISIS nor did he like any of them and he has the gall to say this. Can atheist white boys stop

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to write in to thank you for your response to being asked to tag ableist slurs. While I know that as a disabled person, it's not my /job/ to educate others, I really appreciate it when someone is honest about gaps in their knowledge. Generally for advocacy, google is your friend, but when it comes to something so specific as the exact way to tag a tumblr text post, I don't think you can. In my opinion, you asking directly was neither offensive, demanding or dismissive. Thank you <3

thank you. i do not feel entitled to an education regarding these issues in general by anyone specifically but i have seen conflicting opinions on how to correctly tag trigger warnings and i wanted to make sure that the tag(s) i use are as useful as they can be to as many people as possible 


So, as you know, I write music.

So Please, give me some ideas for what to do in regards to my next song. From instruments to mood and such.
Drop some ideas in my inbox or just reply to the post. I eagerly await the responses.
Feel free to get creative with responses too!
See you soon, and have a nice evening!

University is slowly killing me..

So,i actually haven’t been in here for 2 days[the world must be coming to an end! Aaaaaaa! hm..sorry for that,but thanks to queue i hope you didn’t feel my absence] and the reason is simple. University responsibilities.

A month or so ago i said that i’ll try to update daily or during the week about how my program went,to see if i made any progress in my life and i tried. I really tried to keep you guys on the know and i thought this kind of diary theme posts would also make me more motivated regarding studying and exercising and not sleeping during the day. That did kinda help if i’m completely honest,but it ain’t going to happen anymore. Not daily anyway. The exams may be over,but i’m up to my neck with the new semester and i decided to cut the crap and put myself into work 100%. And there goes the slowly killing i mention in the title of this post. 

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