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Audrey Jensen x Reader:  Who Told?

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Request: Could you write a scream imagine with Audrey where she has a crush on a female reader and is super shy to talk to the reader so Noah helps her out by giving her a pep talk then saying “what could go wrong?” Or something like that, that makes Audrey really nervous and Emma slaps Noah on his head and tells Audrey to ignore him and reassures her that the reader will say yes because she over heard the reader talking about Audrey?

A/N: Okay so the request was realy cute and I tried to make this fluffy. I hope you all like it. 

Audrey didn’t like letting a lot of people into her life. That was just how she was. She mostly only talked to Noah and Rachel. So when she was paired up with you for a project, the last thing that she expected was to actually enjoy working with you or wanting to spend more time with you. You and her ended up friends, not on the same level as she was with Noah, but friends. And then the murders started happening. 

She was with Emma and Noah when Emma got a video sent to her, of you walking home from a friend’s house. Audrey dialed your number while Emma called the cops. You answered your phone just before the killer began chasing you. Audrey saving your life, and her being with you when you were running for your life kinda bonded the two of you to actual friends. Even when the Lakewood Murders were solved, it was obvious that you and Audrey were real friends, and that it wasn’t going to change.

Until it started to change.

Until Audrey got way more nervous around you than friends should.

And just wanted to punch the people that would flirt with you at the parties you went to together. She wanted to really beat them up whenever she realized that their flirting had worked. But Audrey just shook off of all of those feelings. It was easier than usual, considering everyone anticipated that a traumatized teenager would act different than usual. 

But after a few months had passed, Noah had started to get back to his old detective self. And he paid attention when he noticed that Audrey would get really stiff around you. Or how she would send you glances and small smiles. He figured it was either one of two things: Audrey had a crush on you, or you and Audrey were already dating. And Noah knew that you would have been showing a lot more PDA if you were in a relationship. 

It took him a while to get Audrey to admit it, but right after she did Noah began plans on how she would confess to you. It had been a month since he had found out about her crush on you, and Audrey was getting sick of needing to tell him that she wasn’t going to admit her crush to you. 

“Come on Brooke. What’s messing with you?” you asked. 

Brooke laid on Emma’s bed and shook her head. “Nothing.” she glanced at you and sighed at the look you sent her. “Tell me who you have a crush on, and I’ll confess my woes." 

"I don’t like anyone.” you shook your head, ignoring the warmth in your cheeks. 

Brooke smirked. “You’re wearing the necklace that I gave you for your thirteenth birthday. You only wear that when you’re trying to impress somebody, or when you’re applying for a job. And I know you haven’t applied for a job recently." 

You sighed and looked down before glancing up at her. "Promise me under no circumstances that you won’t tell her.”


You bit your lip and stared at the floor for a moment. "Audrey." 

Brooke’s eyes widened. "Seriously?”

“What?” you said. “We’ve gotten really close after everything that happened. She was the one I vented to and… I got know her." 

Brooke smiled at you. "Well I think you and her would make a cute couple." 

"Thanks Brooke.” you smiled. “Now vent about Jake." 

Brooke let out a small laugh before she began complaining about her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Emma smiled as she stood outside her bedroom. She went to go get water, and you confess your feelings for Audrey. The blonde shook her head to herself before she walked inside. 

Audrey walked into Emma’s house, and Noah following behind her. "Thanks again guys.” Emma smiled as they sat down at the table. The two had agreed

to help Emma catch up in science.
“No problem Em.” Audrey responded before she and Noah grabbed their science notebooks. “So Unit 1 covered…" 

"Thanks guys.” Emma smiled after a few hours, cutting Noah off. “But I really don’t think that I can listen to you guys say one more science thing right now." 

Audrey smiled. "Wait until you have to listen to one of Mr. Richard’s lectures." 

"Well… Catch me up on what else I missed while I was gone.” Emma smiled. 

“Like what? English, histor-" 

"I meant what happened to you guys. Something had to happen to somebody in the last three months.” Emma cut him off. 

“Audrey’s crush.” Noah said between fake coughs. 

Audrey’s eyes widened, and she hit him with her elbow. Emma smiled, and she leaned forward on the table. “Who do you like?" 

"No one.” “Y/N.” Audrey and Noah said simultaneously. 

“Seriously Noah?” Audrey glared. 

“It’ll be easier to get you to tell Y/N if more people are trying to get you to make a move.” Noah shrugged. 

Audrey rolled her eyes. “Well I am not telling Y/N. I’m not going to mess with our friendship like that." 

"Oh come on Audrey!” Noah shrugged. “What could go wrong? She says no?" 

Emma and Audrey furrowed their eyebrows at Noah. The blonde lightly hit his head from across the table with her hand. "Seriously? That’s the last thing you say to someone who has a crush.” Emma said. 

“Well it’s true.” Noah defended. 

“Very motivational.” Audrey said while rolling her eyes. 

“I can see why he hasn’t been able to convince you to tell Y/N.”

Emma commented. Noah put his hands up and looked at the two girls confused.

“But trust me Audrey. You should tell Y/N about your feelings." 

"Oh really and why’s that?” Audrey asked with a raised eyebrow.  

Emma sighed. “Let’s just say I know for a fact your feelings are not one sided." 

Audrey’s eyes widened, and she leaned forward on the table. "What do you mean?" 

"Yeah please elaborate.” Noah commented. 

The blonde rolled her eyes. “I may or may not have heard Y/N say that she liked you." 

A smile spread across Audrey’s face. "Seriously?" 

Emma nodded, and Noah nudged Audrey’s arm with his own. "I told you so.” he teased. 

“Shut up.” Audrey said halfheartedly. 

“Tell Y/N tomorrow.” Emma encouraged.  

“Fine. Fine.” Audrey complied with a sigh. “You two are unbearable you know?" 

"Yeah I’ve known that for a while.” Noah said. 

Emma smiled with a nod. “I’ll get used to it." 

You sat down at one of the tables in the courtyard. You were going through your phone, waiting for the bell to ring when you heard someone say your name. You glanced up and smiled when you saw that it was Audrey. "Hey.” you smiled. "What are you doing here so early?” you teased as she sat down next to you.

“I just ended up earlier.” Audrey lied. She actually wanted to make sure she had enough time to talk to you alone. 

“Are you alright?” you asked. “You look a little freaked.” Your eyes widened. “Is that prank still messing with you?" 

Audrey shook her head. "No the prank’s not messing with me.” She took a deep breath. “There was actually something that I wanted to talk to you about." 

You furrowed your eyebrows. "Okay what is it?" 

"Ummmm….” Audrey trailed off. She wasn’t sure how to start off. 

“Are you sure everything’s alri-" 

"Do you like anybody?” Audrey asked. 

Your eyes widened, and you pressed your lips together. You were coming up with five thousand different ways to get back at Brooke later.

“Yeah… Why?" 

Audrey nodded before she took a deep breath. She wanted to get straight to the point. "I like this girl.” Audrey forced out, scolding herself because that was not straight to the point. “And I want to know how to tell her." 

"Well…” you dragged out, avoiding eye contact because that hurt a lot more than you thought it would. “The only thing I can say is get her alone and have a heart to heart with her." 


"Yeah.” you nodded. “Just get out there and see how she responds." 

Audrey let out a breath. "Thanks Y/N." 

"No problem.” you lied with a smile. “I hope it turns out great." 

Audrey nodded, and a silence fell over the two of you. She took a deep breath and turned towards you. "Y/N?" 

"Yeah?” you said with raised eyebrows. 

“I…” she sighed. Even if Emma told her that you liked her back, it was hard to tell you after keeping it a secret for so long. “I like you. I like you a lot." 

Your eyes widened and a smile spread across your face. "I uh…” you laughed. “I like you too Audrey." 

Audrey smiled back. "Do you want to go out Friday?" 

"Yeah that sounds good.” you said with a bright smile across your face. 

Audrey stared at you with a small smile on her face, making you glance up. “What?” Audrey leaned closer to you and softly pressed her lips to yours. You sighed against her, and Audrey pressed a hand on the back of your head, pulling you closer. 

“Get a room you two.” Brooke teased as she walked towards the table.

You pulled away from Audrey with a goofy smile on your face. "You’re a great secret keeper by the way.“ you turned to Brooke with a fake glare. 

"I didn’t say anything.” Brooke said with her arms up. 

“Oh yeah right." 

Audrey smiled. "Brooke actually isn’t the one who told me that you liked me." 

"Who was it then?” you asked. “She’s the only one I told!" 

Emma sat down at the table. "What’s up?" 

"I’m trying to figure out who told Audrey that I liked her.” you said. 

Emma let out a laugh. “I overheard you tell Brooke. And then Noah told her to tell you about her feelings  soooo" 

"I would be mad if it hadn’t worked.” you told her as you glanced at Audrey. 

Emma let out a laugh before more people sat down at the table. 

Audrey glanced at you and lightly grabbed your hand. She didn’t let a lot of people into her life. 

But she was glad that you were one of the few she did.

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After your tired of pennywise art maybe you can bring back our favourite digimon (zamielmon) back because I miss that cute little guy?

Okay why not

*with a group of girls playing pretend during recess*

Girl: My boyfriends name is Zac like Zac Efron! [my name] you’re the only who hasn’t picked yet, what’s your boyfriend’s name?

Me: Oh! I dunno’… um….. what was the guy from the little mermaid….Eric? Yeah that was it. Eric.

Girl2: Man you always use that name. You must really like him.

Me: *Genuinely confused by the suggestion* he’s alright I guess? kinda’ eh, but his dog is realy cute and Ariel likes him a lot so…..

Girl2: ……okay?

Me: ….So we have horses in this game right? My horse is that black kind that look blue were the light hits it and her name is midnight and she’s amazing.

[I then proceeded to forget to interact with “ Eric" until this was pointed out by another girl at which point I assured her that he was helping brush the horse's tail while I did the mane and just wasn't very talkative]