this is really ugly stuff

“(…) I’d gotten a few nasty/personal reviews, about, like, me as well, not just about how the band’s shy or whatever… um, you know, ‘This man is ugly, this man is whatever’, really personal stuff and it really got to me, because I was trying to, you know… and then we went stateside and then suddenly oh wow, it’s a great big world!” (x)

Best MIN YOONGI quotes of all time:
  • "I want to be a rock in next life"
  • "I am extremely unmotivated right now'
  • "Why I do not manage my body? Because I do not like exercising"
  • "I don't like to move or go out. I don't even like meeting new people"
  • "I've slept for about 20hours straight."
  • "My speciality is rolling around in bed on our days off. I'm really good at it"
  • "I'm good at doing..ugly stuff"
  • "That seagull over there has a gf but how come I can't get one?"
  • "We all look ugly in the morning"
  • "Suga, genius. These 2 words are enough"
  • "I'm such a man, I know how to put on a tie"
  • "I'm reech. I have chain."
  • "I always wanted to nap in a different country"
  • *V talking about the time he cut his own hair*
  • S: "This is 32nd time we heard this story"
  • JK: Rapmon hyung doesn't dry off his back after showering.
  • S: He says "It will dry off anyways so why dry it off". Then why live if you'll die anyways?
  • "I think I can live in America. using hand gestures"
  • "I drank a lot of Gatorade yesterday so my hair turned green"
  • "we all had six packs, but because it’s summer, all the chocolate has melted off"
  • *Jin singing the gwiyomi song*
  • J: </b> gwiyomi! Gwiyo-<p/><b>S:</b> shut up.<p/><b></b> "Hoseok, grill louder to assert dominance"<p/><b></b> "My hairstyle is like a wealthy housewife"<p/><b></b> *to jungkookie wearing swimming mask*<p/><b></b> "You look really ugly. You look like squidward."<p/><b>JM:</b> hyung i heard you were looking for me..I'm here!!<p/><b>S:</b> okay good, now go away.<p/><b></b> "Jimin's special ability is being really boring"<p/><b></b> "I always suffer because of jimin everyday"<p/><b></b> Same suga, same.<p/></p>
ok so...

I started watching Ninjago as a joke with my friend at a sleepover and it’s not as awful as I thought it would be AND THEN we watched the trailer for the Lego Ninjago movie and THAT looks Super Tight™ and now I’m lowkey in the Ninjago fandom 👀👀👀


I couldn’t live without you, Simon. You’re all I have left. My whole life just disappeared. I’m supposed to be this other thing, live this other way. You’re my best friend.


favorite character meme: five relationships ♡ [1/5] julie & tyra 

my little girl’s all grown up. 

me at my old art: i don’t know her!!!

(this is my first tablet drawings to most recent works)

I love when writers (esp fanfic writers) take tropes that are expected to be cute and romantic e.g. forced to share a bed, tending to other person’s wounds, tucking drunk person safely into bed etc. etc. and write it as realistically awkward and frustrating and odd instead. like it almost makes things more romantic because it’s so authentic and in character and then when things actually DO finally get romantic in different circumstances it’s so much more satisfying



Typical Kamil-Desiderio interaction:

Kam: “look at this dumb ugly face, I’m gonna kiss it >:3”

Desi: “………………. ♥”

She’s not even close to the Halamshiral quest and yet I already cry over all the pretty dresses she will never wear .____.

So a friend I made at uni asked how my appointment went and I told her, and she was like “what’s bpd? what are your symptoms?”

And like wow, I just sent her a small pdf that discusses it because admitting to the really ugly, obsessive stuff that goes on with me is too much to talk with someone who doesn’t have it?