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I guess someone ought to ask, what are your top five not-canon-but-totally-canon Marvel ships?

In no particular order:


I’m really more of a Rachel/Kitty guy, but since Claremont confirmed that was canon, Illyana/Kitty it is!

Sam Wilson/Steve Rogers has been pretty much canon since the Kirby days. Even when they’re talking about the ladies in their lives.

And, of course, one of my powerships, Jean/Ororo.

This last one is a little bit of a crackship, but I really like Madelyne Pryor and Spiral as a couple. They’ve both been screwed over by powers beyond their control and struggled to create and maintain new identities. They worked together during the Sisterhood arc and I think that that’s about it, but hey. Weirder couples have happened. 


The football game may be my favorite Kevedd moment(at least in the top five) and let me explain to you why.

Lots and lots of friendly interactions is a given tickler of my interests, but what I really really really like is that while Kevin is the captain and no doubt the best player, he does not do much himself in the game. As it has been pointed out, Kevin spends the game doing one thing; running around and tossing the ball at Edd.

Now Kevin knows Edd is not really all that with sports. He himself has seen Edd trying to throw a football and commented how bad Edd was, and yet he gives the ball constantly to him. In what way is that something a captain of the team would think is a good tactic?

Not to forget that Rolf was at the game too, and he is definitely more athletic than Edd and even if he may not understand the game fully,he would have still had a better chance of bringing victory. Still Kevin did not pass to him, to his best friend.

Instead what Kevin does is he keeps his eyes on Edd from the start on. When the other team comes out, his immediate reaction is to offer a kind word to Edd, telling him: “They don’t look so tough. I bet even you could sack that quarterback, Double Dweeb.” even if Kevin must know no such thing would ever happen. And then he even offers back pat to Edd, which is just.. guhgk.

Then once the game starts Kevin starts doing that ball tossing thing, which I already covered as not being smart at all. But while he does that, he also keeps verbally pushing Edd to the game with lines like “Quit slacking” and “Keep your eye on the ball” and “Get up, get up, move it, hustle, today!” Kevin uses time and energy to keep Edd in the game, while we have Jonny running around with Plank and Rolf who just stood there for the most part. Not to forget Eddy, who was not even on the field. Kevin didn’t force any of them to keep playing, like he did with Edd.

Kevin did tell the whole group as a whole to focus twice, but he also told Edd to focus one on one. So Kevin gave more effort to pushing Edd alone, and why would he do that?

I’ll tell you why. Kevin was offering reinforcement for Edd’s self-esteem.

He pressured Edd to be a part of the game, so if they would win, Edd would feel he was part of the accomplishment. I still need to stress my point once more here; Kevin is the Jock of the group, he is incredibly athletic and talented at every sport. I am sure he could have owned the game playing alone and just using the other kids as bait for the offense of the other team. But he did not.

Kevin was throwing himself off his own game to give Edd the chance to shine, and there is no way I could see this situation as anything other than that. Thank you and goodbye.


So, I was watching -again- Season 4 Episode 3 and I noticed something: Moriarty’s earphones (named Earpods) was released in September 2012 with iPhone 5. But it isn’t five years ago. 

I guess the last episode happened in December 2016, so, five years ago was 2011. 

2011 the “top” iPhone was iPhone 4, and its earphones is a bit different as you can see in the last pic.

I really want to know WHEN Moriarty was in Sherrinford.

Flower Boy

Summary: (prompt from phanfic) Pastel! Dan is sitting in a park alone after getting broken up with picking the petals off flowers. He doesn’t realize there’s a protest being led by Phil to help protect plants and trees from being torn down and such so without realizing Dan was crying Phil yells at Dan for killing those flowers.

Word Count: 1.4k

TW: none

Genre: fluff

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Music Asks

1: What are you listening to right now or what was the last song you listened to? 

2: What was the first album/single you bought with your own money?

3: What is generally your favourite genre to listen to?

4: What was the first band you saw live? 

5: What genre do you generally dislike most? 

6: Top five albums?

7: A song that reminds you of a specific time when you were younger, in your teens.

8: A song that reminds you of an ex or someone you’ve lost.

9: A band that has broken up that you wished were still releasing albums. 

10: Name a song with your favourite lyrics.

11: What was the last band/live gig you went to?

12: Top five artists/bands?

13: Which bands/artists haven’t you seen that you’d really would have liked to (dead or alive)?

14: Favourite Disney song? 

15: You’re singing at Karaoke, what song did you choose?

16: A band/artist that your parents got you into that you love almost as much as they do.

17: Favourite music video?

18: First song/band you turn to when you’ve had a bad day?

19: Put your current playlist you’re listening to on shuffle and list the first five songs.

20: A singer/musician you crushed on when you were in your teens

21: What song played/will you choose to play at your wedding?

22: What song would you choose to play on your funeral?

23: Favourite song you’ve heard live?

24: Favourite full movie soundtrack?

25: Can you play any instrument? 

26: Are you or have you ever been in a band?

27: Top five cheesy songs?

28: Your favourite party song?

29: A song you prefer a cover to the original

30: One of the oldest songs since release that you enjoy?

31: Favourite songs you’ve discovered thanks to a TV series/movie?

32: Is your taste in music generally heavier or softer now than when you were younger?

33: Ever been to a festival?

34: A song that reminds you of school? 

35: A song you’d really want to hear live but haven’t yet?

36: Last song you played the air guitar to?

37: Spell out your blog URL in your favourite song titles

38: Favourite male singer?

39: Favourite female singer?

40: A song that reminds you of summertime?

41: A song that needs to be played loud?

42: Favourite driving song?

43: One of your favourite 60′s songs?

44: One of your favourite 70′s songs?

45: One of your favourite 80′s songs?

46: One of your favourite 90′s songs?

47: One of your favourite 00′s songs?

48: One of your favourite songs this decade?

49: Have you ever been in a mosh pit or circle pit?

50: Shows like X-Factor and the voice. Do you feel they are destroying the music business or improving it?  

The Top 5 Characters I Relate To

When I posted my thoughts on the manga, REC, I mentioned that I don’t like it when creators go for what I call the Keanu Reeves approach. I should call it something else because I know Keanu Reeves is a good guy, but that’s neither here nor there. The point is, I don’t like it when creators make their main protagonist so bland and forgettable for the purpose of making it easier for the audience to put themselves in their shoes. It’s easy to put your face over a blank slate. The other gamble would be to write a well-rounded character and hope it resonates with the audience. Several creators have done this and really hit the mark with me, giving me characters I can understand and connect with. Here are the top five because I drew a blank for some reason when I started to write this:

5. Zuko from Avatar: the Last Airbender

Originally posted by wahvatar

I’ll admit this one is a wee bit of a stretch. I’m not a hot Asian guy and I’ve never chased a twelve year old across the world. However, I do know what it’s like to feel like the world seems to just shit on you. You watch the people around you get what they want simply by asking, while you either get left out or struggle just to receive the basics. I’ve had times in my life where I had no friends, no one in school liked me, and my dad was the worst person in the world. I didn’t have an Uncle Iroh, but my brother and sister were there for me when they could be. If there’s anything I’ve learned from Zuko is that the world ends with you and it starts from the inside.

4. Lincoln Loud from The Loud House

Originally posted by lovelysaltytrash

This one is a bit closer to home. I don’t have ten sisters, but I do know what it’s like to be the middle child trying to keep the household running smoothly. I cooked; I cleaned; I tried to make sure everyone was okay. Sometimes I got left out and sometimes the family pulled through for me. “Project Loud House” launched this kid into my list of characters I relate to.

3. Hime Kino from Voice Over! Seiyu Academy (Seiyuu Ka!)

I’ve already reviewed every volume of the manga, so I won’t get into too much detail. A voice actor who has to struggle just to find their character type? That’s me. I bumped her down a spot because she’s way more optimistic than I am. But that’s fixed by the number two spot…

2. Futaba Ichinose from Seiyu’s Life! (Sore Ga Seiyuu!)

Originally posted by shiromomo-love

Futaba Ichinose is a newbie voice actor who works a crappy little part-time job while she chases her dreams of becoming a full-time working voice actor. She gets nervous and really second guesses herself. She gets advice from other veteran voice actors, but still had to get over some troubling doubts by herself. Good thing that podcast she runs with her friends keeps her spirits up. Wait a tick…

Even her reason for deciding to become a voice actor is similar to mine. If chasing any good career is going to be difficult and competitive, why not chase the one you know you’re going to love?

1. Marco Diaz from Star vs the Forces of Evil

Originally posted by kenihewa

If you know anything about me, you’d know I’d put this guy as number one. So a Mexican-American kid has low self-confidence, wears a hoodie all the time, loves martial arts, stresses being organized, cooks when he can, has a thing for blonde girls, would love to be viewed as a badass even though he’s a total dork and tells people he was mostly raised by television. Marco Diaz and I are like this son (I have my fingers crossed). 

What characters do you really relate to or feel you are similar to? Don’t be afraid to make your own list.

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Top five dates you two have loved!

oh i love this one! thank you so much for asking!! ok so here goes…

• our first date was one of my favorites and such an awesome memory. he came over for the first time and we are supposed to go out to see a movie and have dinner. we ended up talking until about two in the morning and never made it out. it was pretty incredible just feeling that instant connection right away.

• last year in june after my uncle passed away, we had a really tough week. pete’s great uncle had also passed away, i was under the weather, it was just a tough time. that saturday after wakes and funerals, we had a chance to go to one of our favorite restaurants, we had a super delicious meal & chance to sort of relax and reconnect. it was really nice to be able to decompress together.

• we’ve been to hershey several times together, it became kind of a tradition. we weren’t able to go this year with the house and everything but hopefully will be able to go again. but the last time we went, we ended up getting a room in the cabin type buildings behind the hotel. they are absolutely phenomenal. we had a long luxurious soak in the big beautiful tub, we had dinner at one of our favorite hershey restaurants (harvest), i got to go to the spa… it was really great.

• another really great day that i loved was a trip to the grounds for sculpture, it was a double date though & we went with tyler and sarah. the weather was beautiful it was their first time there, we had so much fun exploring and taking photos. we had lunch at skylark (an awesome more upscale style diner near us) after before they had to head to the airport for their flight home.

• the next date was a date within a vacation. just a few days before we got engaged we were in disney world and it was just the best. we stayed at the port orleans & our first night there went down to the hotel bar where we were at saw live music. pete had a drink I had a mock tail and it was just a nice way to start our first trip together!

there really have been countless others; from attending weddings together, to special outings or dinners during mini trips (like the amazing dinner we had and crazy hotel we stayed at in providence, swimming in the hotel pool when I joined pete on a business trip to rochester, ordering room service on our honeymoon, going to the price is right live show with my parents, sister, and jimmy, double dates with ivanina and adriel like last valentine’s day in asbury park), nights ordering in and watching netflix or a movie, evening spent making homemade pizza… i do not take what I have with pete for granted and I’m so grateful for how much we enjoy each other’s company. he truly is my best friend and no matter what we do if we’re doing it together we can always have a good time!

thanks again, my beautiful friend!!

Unreal’s critical success allowed Lifetime to examine which of its assets were most valuable to that success — chief among them a certain self-awareness of Lifetime’s brand in the hands of talented female writers, directors, and showrunners. “In some ways I feel like I stumbled into this magical kingdom of all of these women who really want to hire female directors,” Shapiro told me. “They are behind this show. I hear stories from my other friends who have had pilots go other places, and it’s heartbreaking hearing what they go through compared to what my experience has been, which is just, like, unconditional, complete support at every turn.”

Indeed, hiring women has “actually [made] our content better,” said Liz Gateley, Lifetime’s EVP and head of programming. “Look at our top five movies of last year — the top five were all directed by women. If you look at Unreal, arguably our most important scripted series ever, it’s created by women and starring women.”

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precalc sucks, tell us your top five favorite dante facts

  1. he came from a really big family– his dad alighiero (real creative, i know) was one of five sons of bellincione alighieri, all of whom had children themselves (including geri del bello, who was known mainly for causing a ruckus around town). his mom, who died before he turned ten, was gabriella dei abbati, also part of a large family (although it’s probable that her family didn’t play as large of a role in dante’s life, since alighiero remarried and had children by lapa di [last name i can’t spell] after she died). but anyway, dante grew up with three younger siblings and about 56348 cousins, and all the ridiculousness a family like that entails.
  2. he probably started writing when he was about eighteen, circulating poetry either anonymously or under a pseudonym, which was at the time the main way to get yourself out there. apparently he attracted the attention of guido cavalcanti, who was A Character. the cavalcanti were kennedy-style political royalty in florence, but guido was more of the lord byron type– dramatic, fashionable, beloved by Everyone Of High Society, ambiguously bisexual and for the moment not interested in politics. he’d made something of a name for himself as a poet in what was called the dulce stil novo, the “sweet new style” (side note, my FAVORITE descriptor), which is basically courtly love-poetry in the provencal model, sort of avant-garde Love With A Capital L. it’s all very 1960s. anyway, guido read dante’s poetry, realized that the new kid was more talented than anyone seemed to realize, and, being about ten years older and way more experienced, took him in in what seems to have been both an artistic and social (and MAYBE more depending on who ya ask and when) capacity. dante later refers to him as “my first friend,” which is 1. adorable and 2. a lil worrying when you consider that dante was eighteen or so when they met. jesus, dude, get a LIFE. (i say that with love.)
  3. i KNOW everyone knows the beatrice story but did you know that when dante was twelve or so, before his father died, he was betrothed to a lady named gemma di manetto de’ donati– basically irl catelyn tully. gemma was a member of the house of donati, who were super noble and super political but not as rich/influential as they used to be. think the julians when caesar was growing up. anyway, gemma’s cousins were forese, corso and piccarda de simone de’ donati. as a matter of fact they all show up in the divine comedy– corso’s in hell, forese’s in purgatory, piccarda’s in heaven. by all accounts gemma and dante were in love, but her family was definitely another matter: it’s probable that forese and dante had a relationship when they were living in florence together, and corso (besides being a targaryenesque arch-machiavellian who sold his sister into a marriage that eventually killed her and murdered a political enemy in broad daylight, then bribed the judges to acquit him) masterminded the november coup of 1301, which in addition to destroying part of the city (FIRE AND BLOOD, GUYS) saw dante exiled, nearly bankrupted, and most of his and gemma’s property seized by the newly authoritarian black-guelf state.
  4. moving on to a less miserable subject, dante participated in the last real guelf-ghibelline florentine conflict of the period, the battle of campaldino. exiled in 1260ish, the ghibellines of arezzo mounted an attack on florence, against the armies of the republic plus those of pisa, pistoia and a couple of other towns. oddly enough, leading the pistoian forces was corso donati himself, serving his term as podesta of the city. villani says that although the pistoian forces were supposed to remain in reserve until called upon, corso donati shouted to his men “if we lose, i will die in the battle with my fellow citizens; and if we conquer, let him that will come to us at pistoia to exact the penalty!” and charged the aretine flank, routing it and winning the day for the guelfs. which like. good GOD this man. but ANYWAY pertaining to the actual subject of this ask, dante served with the florentine cavalry and we don’t know much beyond that– but considering the picture we get from both people who knew him when he was young and his writing at the time, which is of a sensitive, delicate, cultivated poet, it’s interesting to note that that certainly wasn’t all he was.
  5. in the 1260s, the main body of notre dame cathedral was completed and the cathedral came into use; in 1311 or so, dante likely left italy and went to paris to study at the university and figure out what he wanted to do for the last two-thirds of the divine comedy. inferno had just been published, he was already something of a celebrity, and paris was the absolute best place to go when it came to philosophy (certainly better than where he’d gone to study after he finished secondary, the university of bologna). aquinas had died there about forty years earlier, and the days of abelard and heloise hadn’t been long before that. but anyway, he went only half a century or so after the completion of notre-dame, and it’s just cool to me to think that he was there, heard the bells, attended mass. Whom Else Here Loves Hunchback
Dandelion pt6 Junkrat x Reader

I’m actually still alive, thanks. Please enjoy this chapter.

(As an aside, I really like it when you guys send me asks or messages to tell me that you like this. It makes me feel like I’m doing an okay job!)

You couldn’t remember the last time you looked so good. (No, wait. Yes you could, five years ago for the assassination of a member of the Nigerian royalty. But that was beside the point. What mattered was how hot you looked right now.) The dress looked vintage, something akin to what was in style in the 1940’s, the sleeves and top hugged you tightly while the fabric starting at your waist spread out around you. Your hair was pinned up loosely and the makeup they applied was only a shade darker than your actual skin tone. You looked plain but beautiful.

You exited the dressing room and walked over to Tracer. She was standing next to a black limo, when you got close enough she explained that it was to be your transportation for the mission. Bulletproof glass. Extra munitions in the side doors. A fully stocked mini fridge. The limo had everything you would need on the mission. Everything except for your mission partner. You had just decided to climb in and wait for him when you heard people shouting. You peered back at the door to the stylist’s room as a very angry junker stormed out, with three aggravated women following behind.

“Stop touch’in me!” He whined as the women tried to do some finishing touches. Though, you had to admit there wasn’t much to touch up. They had done an amazing job. Jamison’s hair was slicked back, hiding the burned spots of his scalp, and he was dressed in a -tight- black suit. You couldn’t keep the blush off your cheeks, so you decided to hide away in the limo instead. Jamison grumpily joined you a minute later.

“Ai still can’ believe we ‘ad to dress like this.” He growled, looking out the window. “There ain’ nothing wrong with ‘ow I usually dress… ‘Ow bad did they mess ya… up…” He turned towards you and paused. He hadn’t seen you when he climbed in. But now he couldn’t tear his eyes away. You felt your face flush again as Jamison let his eyes trail over your body.

“Close your mouth,” You huffed. “Bugs will fly in.” He immediately shut his mouth with a resounding ‘clack’ and turned to stare out the window once again. This time with a cherry red face.

‘Dear lord this is going to be awkward.’


The limo ride was long and silent. Both of you were relieved when it pulled into the driveway of a towering mansion.

Jamison voiced your thoughts as he whistled appreciatively. The house- No, more like ‘The Castle’ - was amazing. The outside was lit by hundreds of spotlights and paper lanterns. When you got closer you could hear classical music being played from somewhere inside.

“Looks like Versailles.” You mumbled. “That’s a whole lot of rooms to check…”

“Feckin’ rich people.” Junkrat grumbled. You had to laugh at that and he seemed relieved that the silence between two of you was broken. You exchanged a quick smile before the limo stopped and the doors were opened by an ancient looking butler. Once you had exited, the butler guided you into a huge foyer before hurrying off to cater to the next group of people. Junkrat stood next to you, shifting anxiously as he eyed the large amount of well-dressed people strolling around. You had to admit you were nervous too. You had never done a job this fast before, and had always been better prepared. Hell, you didn’t even have an alias. Shit. You probably needed one of those.

“Okay, Jamison.” You whispered as you dragged him off to the side. “If anyone asks we’re Mr and Mrs Lanyett. I’m a jeweler and you work from home. Okay?” His brow furrowed but he nodded anyway.

“S’pose it’s smart to not use our real names. ‘Ow’d you come up with that so fast sheila?” Said Jamison. You shrugged and told him you’d used it on a different job before. “Mhmmm, sure you jus’ didn’ want to be married to me, ay, Mrs Lanyett?”

You rolled your eyes. “I’m positive. Come on rat boy. We have to go bomb hunting. The two of you slowly made your way through the crowd. You had the sense to keep a smile on your face. Jamison, however, looked like he’d just sucked on a lemon.

It wasn’t quite clear when you got seperated. But what was painfully clear was that you were being talked to death. Mrs Jones - and her wife, Mrs Jones- had cornered you at the champagne table. They were greatly relieved to have found another young woman at the gala. You looked at them, they were both in their late fifties, and nodded hastily.

“Yes, it is nice to see some younger faces!” You said through a false smile. Mrs and Mrs Jones smiled happily and began to chitter on and on about different topics. They had just gotten to their opinions on Omnics when your savior appeared. You sighed with relief as you saw him hobble towards you.

“‘Oi, wifey. Can ai steal you away for a jiff?” Jamison interrupted, placing a hand on your lower back.

“Sure, Dear.” You replied cheerfully. “So sorry girls but I have to run. You know how men can get when they don’t have their wife to help them out.” The Joneses giggled impishly at your joke and waved you off. Jamison lead you away, his hand still on the small of your back. He had apparently been exploring while you were trapped in gossip hell. Jamison pulled you through countless corridors and down three flights of stairs.

“It’s in ‘ere. Found it strapped to the boiler.” He said as he opened a door into a murky, wet, basement. The bomb was indeed stuck to the side of the boiler. If you could even call it a bomb. It looked like a small steel disk with the trademark wires protruding out from the side.

“How did you find this?” You ask as you try to get a better look at the bomb.

“Well the ‘ouse is freakin’ huge, so they’d either need a feckin huge bomb or they’d need ta use somethin’ that’s already ‘ere. So, bingo-bango, I check out the most explosive thing ‘ere and find that little bugger. When it goes off the boiler will take out most of the house. Boom!” Jamison explained happily.

“I feel like that’s been done before…” You mutter to yourself. You crouched down and peered at the bomb warily. “You can diffuse it right?” Jamison huffed and knelt down next to you.

“‘Course I can, Killer. Now step back an’ let the Artiste do ‘is work.” He replied cockily. You scooted back some as he began to examine the bomb. His amber eyes narrowed and a grin spread across his face. Jamison spent a minute looking it over, and the way his grin faded was your first clue something was wrong. He started to panic, his movements becoming sharp and jittery. When he’d exhausted every trick he knew Jamison turned to you helplessly. “Ai think we may have a problem, (Y/N)…”

You felt your stomach drop as you realized what he meant. Junkrat, the all-around explosive expert, couldn’t defuse the bomb. You immediately grabbed the cellphone that Tracer had given you and pressed the panic button.

Bzzt. Sounds of static started coming out of the phone. “… (Y/N)?” Tracer’s voice cut through the static. “Do you need to evacuate the building?”

“Yes. We, er, we couldn’t do it. The bomb is still active.” You replied.

“Alright… I’ll broadcast an evacuation alert and send in the local police. You two should get out of there.” Tracer’s voice cut out and the phone went back to the deafening static.

“Well… I guess that’s that. We probably need to get going.” You breathed, voice more than a little bit melancholy. Jamison nodded and the two of you began to leave. You had reached the door when you heard something that made your blood run cold. Jamison whipped around and stared at you with wide, fearful, eyes.

The device had begun to click and whirr. By the time it began to beep, you were already sprinting up the stairs.

Jamison dragged you through the main hall by your hand. There were more people than there were before. The gala seemed to be in full swing. Some of them were staring at you and you felt like you should warn them. Damnit, you needed to warn them. “You all need to get out! This place is gonna blow!” You yelled as loud as you could. A few of them looked shocked or scared, some even ran out. But the majority stayed still, looking at you like you were crazy. “What are you doing? You’ll die if you stay here!” A couple more people started to panic after that. You tried to stop and tell them about the bomb, but Jamison wouldn’t let go of your wrist.

“What are you doing!? We need to help them!” You cried as he forcibly dragged you to the main entrance.

“I’m not letting you burn in here, (Y/N).” He growled. You turned back to the hall, watching helplessly.

The last thing you saw were the two women, the gossiping Joneses, from before. Looking at you, terrified, as they tried to follow you. They never made it out of the building. A blast rang out, and an orange ball of fire rose up, consuming the Joneses and throwing you like a rag doll. Your head crashed against the asphalt below.

You blinked groggily. Your ears were still ringing from the explosion. But, hell. You were alive, and judging from the sudden sound of laughter next to you, so was Junkrat. You both sat up and stared at the giant hole the bomb had left. You felt light, ecstatic, the adrenaline still running through your veins.

“We’re alive, oh my god! We’re alive!” You exclaimed. Jamison must have felt the same. You looked at each other before smiling tiredly, Jamison was still laughing like a madman. And maybe it was the adrenaline high, maybe it was the inconceivable act of surviving, but when Junkrat roughly pressed his lips against yours you didn’t pull away. If anything, you actually deepened the kiss. Tangling your hands in his charred hair. Junkrat happily took control of the kiss, grabbing you by the hips and pulling you closer. You didn’t know what you expected kissing him would be like. But the way he kept pulling back to let out a few happy giggles before plunging back in was definitely unique. Not in a bad way either.

Junkrat sighed as he pulled away.

“Ahh~, I always knew we’d do great things together, killer.”

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when you get this list your top five anime, then pass it on to the first ten people on your dash! o(≧∇≦o)

ohh top 5 anime. I think I’ve done this before but let’s see if my opinions have changed since the last time lmao 

  1. haikyuu!!
  2. psycho pass
  3. noragami
  4. kuroko no basuke
  5. bungou stray dogs

I had to try really hard not to make this whole thing sports anime 😅 

whoops. anyway, thanks for the ask!! ♥︎

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Nicknames: I don’t really have any, but I really like the sound of Bunny!

Height: 5′3

Time at the moment: 8 pm

Last thing I googled: my own blog haha

Favorite music artist: I have a lot but I’m currently into The Neighborhood, Bones, Cage the Elephant, and Marina and the Diamonds!

Song stuck in my head: Trouble by Cage the Elephant is one of them!

Last movie I watched: I think it was Sing!

Last tv show I watched: Grey’s Anatomy

What I’m wearing right now: a black tank top and navy blue sweatpants!

When I created this blog: I think four or five years ago, I don’t remember!

The kind of stuff I post: Cute, pink, and kidcore/babycore things!

Do I have other blogs?:  Yes

Do I get asks regularly?: No haha

Why did I choose my URL?: I just changed my url two hours ago to this one, but I chose it because it’s super cute and describes my alter perfectly!

Gender: Non-binary!

Hogwarts house: I don’t have one sorry!

Pokemon team: Instinct I guess? I haven’t played it yet!

Favorite colors: I like all colors but baby pink, blue, and yellow are my favorites!

Average hours of sleep: My sleep schedule isn’t the best, but I’d say it’s 4-6 hours

Lucky number: I don’t have one!

Favorite characters: I have way too much!

Dream job: I’m guessing something that has to do with literature, law, or animals!

Number of blankets I sleep with: Two!

Following: I have reached my following limit so 5,000! I need to unfollow a lot of blogs haha

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1. when i’m on top of things; when i don’t have responsibilities piling up, but rather manage to get them done.

2. when i recognise lots of kanji in texts. hell yeah for learning those lil buggers!

3. good food + good company! i’ve discovered really good places to eat around my city recently and visiting those with friends or family is always a blast.

4. feeling connected with people. i’ve felt really off with people lately and reconnecting with friends is just.. really important for me.

5. those very rare moments when i feel like i got my shit together. a little self-confindece goes a long way.

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Well Utena and Sailor Moon have been done, how about Steven Universe?

THIS ONE IS PERHAPS THE MOST DIFFICULT OF ALL because 1. after Sailor Moon SU has the highest episode count and 2. SU episodes vary GREATLY in tone so you know what, I’ll stick to my “ones I watch THE MOST for my top five” but then include an absurd number of Honorable Mentions because I DO WHAT I WANT.

1. “The Answer”

2. “Alone Together”

3. “Hit the Diamond”

4. “Log Date 7 15 2″

5. “Last One Out of Beach City”

WAY TOO GODDAMN MANY HONORABLE MENTIONS: “Tiger Millionaire” “Giant Woman” “Rose’s Room” “Coach Steven” “Mirror Gem/Ocean Gem” “Garnet’s Universe” “Lion 3: Straight to Video” “Winter Forecast” “Maximum Capacity” “Rose’s Scabbard” “Jail Break” “Keystone Motel” “Onion Friend” “Back to the Barn” “Steven’s Birthday” “Same Old World” “Barn Mates” “Steven Floats” “Too Short to Ride” “Greg the Babysitter” “Crack the Whip” “Beta” “Back to the Moon” “Know Your Fusion” “Buddy’s Book” “Mindful Education” “Future Boy Zoltron” “Gem Heist” “The New Crystal Gems” and “Storm in the Room”


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What are your top 5 speeches made by presidents? As a speech/debate nerd, it's interesting to see which ones really leave a lasting impression and end up important in the long run.

Good question – and a tough question because there are so many important speeches that come to mind. It’s difficult to narrow the list down to five, but here we go:

1. Abraham Lincoln, Second Inaugural Address, March 4, 1865
The Gettysburg Address is Lincoln’s most famous speech, and probably the most famous speech in American history outside of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. But I believe that Lincoln’s Second Inaugural tops both of them. It’s succinct but incredibly powerful. And it gives us a hint of how Lincoln envisioned handling Reconstruction if assassination hadn’t robbed him of the opportunity, and robbed us of him. Above all, I believe that Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address is the greatest piece of writing by any American – and I don’t just mean political writing. I think it’s the greatest piece of writing by any American in any field of writing. 

2. George Washington, Farewell Address, September 19, 1796
Washington’s Farewell Address isn’t great because of the language. It’s not soaring, beautiful rhetoric like other great American speeches. But it is extraordinarily important. George Washington was setting precedents every step of the way while he was in office. We see him as the quintessential leader, but we tend to overlook how much of a visionary Washington was. He was literally creating the position of President as we were building the nation itself, and we forget how earth-shattering that was. And then, despite the fact that he could have ruled as long as he wanted (and, in fact, some people were encouraging to do just that), Washington retired and handed over his power peacefully and quietly. Washington’s Farewell Address – and his actions following the speech – set the stage for the seamless transitions between Presidents that have followed ever since he left office in 1797. The speech isn’t all that exciting, but what the speech means is something absolutely groundbreaking. Not only is our Founding Father and this victorious military leader stepping aside voluntarily, but he’s basically making it very clear to the citizens of this young nation that, “Hey, I’m really going home. I’m not coming back if I get bored. I’m not saving you if you screw up. Here’s a little bit of advice, but it’s up to you now. Do the right thing and we might have a chance.” It’s absolutely remarkable.

3. John F. Kennedy, Inaugural Address, January 20, 1961
Like Lincoln’s Second Inaugural, this is an obvious one. JFK’s Inaugural Address was eloquent and exciting and idealistic in ways that Presidential speeches had rarely been, but what truly set this speech apart was that it stands out as a moment where a page of history was turned. Kennedy was the first President born in the 20th Century, and he took over from the last President born in the 19th Century. It was more than a changing of the guard; it was like jumping from a black-and-white still photo into a fast-paced, forward-charging world of color. Kennedy’s imaginative language and youthful energy instantly changed how we perceived our President, and it gave the nation a new hope that would be severely tested in the tumultuous decade which followed. But on that day, what the nation saw and heard was totally different from what the country was used, and that “different” feeling couldn’t help but seem promising.

4. Lyndon B. Johnson, Address to a Joint Session of Congress on the Voting Rights Act, March 15, 1965
When holding court with small groups, giving extemporaneous speeches on the campaign trail, or when speaking to people one-on-one, Lyndon Johnson could be absolutely electrifying. However, when reading from prepared remarks – particularly on television – LBJ was notoriously stiff and colorless. But following “Bloody Sunday” in Selma, Alabama, President Johnson went to the Capitol to urge Congress to pass the Voting Rights Act, and stunned the nation by speaking emotionally and candidly about how there wasn’t a “Negro problem”, a “Southern problem”, or a “Northern problem”, but that “There is only an American problem.” Johnson pushed Congress to pass the Voting Rights Act and continue working on equal rights legislation. He surprised many Civil Rights leaders by making it clear that he recognized that simply passing those laws wouldn’t solve the problems the country faced, and that bigotry and racism was deeper and more far-reaching than that, and there were many other issues to overcome. Then the boorish, overbearing, middle-aged, white President from deep in the Hill Country of an old Confederate state shocked the nation by using the lyrics of perhaps the most sacred song of the Civil Rights Movement to strongly declare, “And we shall overcome.” With those four words, LBJ demonstrated to people on both sides of the Civil Rights issue that it was personal for him, too. Anybody who hears Johnson’s delivery of that speech quickly understands how deeply he believed in achieving equal rights for all Americans. What makes LBJ’s “We Shall Overcome” speech (as it is better-known) so important is that it’s not merely a policy speech or an ideological speech; it’s the diagnosis of an old American problem and the commitment to a plan of action for solving that problem. LBJ would eventually do more for the cause of Civil Rights than any President in American history, and the “We Shall Overcome” speech was the moment when most Americans recognized that he was committed to doing just that.

5. Ronald Reagan, Address to the Nation Following the Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion, January 28, 1986
President Reagan was known as “the Great Communicator”, and there was no point during his Presidency where he proved worthy of that nickname than following the explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger. Reagan had been scheduled to deliver the State of the Union Address that evening, but it was postponed after Challenger exploded shortly after takeoff, killing seven astronauts. Presidents have many different roles to play during their time in office. During crises or moments of national tragedy, the country tends to look towards the President for reassurance and comfort, almost in a familial manner. Reagan had a unique ability to seemingly radiate warmth, especially on camera, and brought an instinctive geniality to his approach. When we were sad or depressed or worried, Reagan’s soothing voice and endless optimism about America and Americans were exactly what the country often needed. That isn’t a skill that most people think about when they are voting for President and it’s not something that can be taught or faked, but it is a priceless tool for a President to have. No one was better at that aspect of the Presidency than Ronald Reagan, and Reagan was never better at exercising that ability than in the hours after the nation had watched the Space Shuttle explode above Florida. Reagan’s remarks that night were brief, but elegantly and eloquently crafted by speechwriter Peggy Noonan, who finished the speech with words from a poem written by a British pilot who was killed in World War II. Reagan’s delivery was absolutely perfect as he paid tribute to the astronauts who were killed and closed by saying, “We will never forget them, nor the last time we saw them this morning, as they prepared for their journey and waved goodbye and ‘slipped the surly bonds of Earth to touch the face of God.’” From beginning-to-end, it was the exact speech the country needed to hear, and a fitting tribute to the Challenger crew – definitely one of the greatest Presidential speeches in American history.

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Top five favorite songs:

1: What a Feeling- One Direction

 2: Civilian- Wye Oak

3: Somebody Else- The 1975

4: I Found- Amber Run

5: Bird Set Free- Sia

Top five favorite bands:

1: One Direction

2: The Neighbourhood

3: Twenty One Pilots

4: Imagine Dragons

5: Sleeping At Last

Story from my childhood:

This isn’t really a story, but one time my parents forgot me at the zoo and when my older brother finally found me I was chilling at the gift shop.

Favorite foods:

Parmesan Alfredo, carrots, and apples. (I know, weird.)

Thanks for the ask, hope you’re having a good day!

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meet Handy’s cyborg captain and fearless leader, Peo!

she had a large portion of her left side blown apart in a mechanical accident, including her hand, lower leg, eye, and a number of teeth and bones. so she built herself robotic replacements (including an eye with rotating lenses, each with a different function, controlled by the touchscreen on her head)

I’m pretty happy with how the crew is coming along! :D

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