this is really simple tho


And that’s how the greatest music of all times was made, folks! Amazing.


demon or angel?? just playing around with some designs! it’s not something i do much, so i tried a cuter style for it. some thoughts on them under the cut!

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two brand new space disasters, coming up next in your galaxy!



Sunday Apr.16. 2017/ Day 3

Looking a lil rough rn, recovering from last nights hangover and enjoying this weather before I head home tomorrow. 

For some reason I can’t seem to find Cedes, But she better hurry up so we can get this smoke session started. You better not forget  my funnel cake! lol

Hope you guys are enjoying your Easter Sunday.


My oc Teagan in H2 from this post . 

Thanks for requesting her @solicoolios

day 3 after chap125 and im still shookt

here’s a really late afterthought tho:

touka just wanted a simple kiss. but after this page, i am almost sure, the real suspect of all this sex is our boy kaneki. hahahahahaha just look how he switched their positions and how blushy he was just by looking at her boobies. let’s all blame kaneki for all our deaths. touken and the whole tg fandom has been murdered because our king got horny


a tiny comic for christmas that i posted on twitter~

Sometimes I don’t think my poetry is good but then I see some stuff that gets published and popular and I’m like ??? Maybe I should try…