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And that’s how the greatest music of all times was made, folks! Amazing.


demon or angel?? just playing around with some designs! it’s not something i do much, so i tried a cuter style for it. some thoughts on them under the cut!

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a tiny comic for christmas that i posted on twitter~

Loki Imagine - Defending Him

I actually had two requests for something like this so here we go,

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Your P.O.V.

Living in Asgard was like a dream come true for most people. It was this peaceful, heavenly place where everyone lived for thousands of years, spent their time happily with friends and family. But it wasn’t as bright for everyone. Nearly each Asgardian had something bad to say about the Prince who rebelled, Loki.

I knew Loki. We were friends, at least. He was usually in the palace, locked away in his room. I lent him my books and we chatted from time to time. He just never seemed to break that barrier between us. It was sad. He found it hard to trust anyone so he isolated himself here.

As I made my way to the palace, happy that I got access there, I heard Loki’s name being said. My curiosity got the best of me and I stopped walking, hiding behind a wall. The people were talking in one of the bedrooms. The door was wide open so I didn’t expect to hear what I heard.

‘‘Don’t you think it’s weird Loki is allowed here? I mean, I’m no king but he should definitely be behind bars’‘ A man told his friends his opinion. It made me angry, of course. ‘‘He’s just a giant shame here. Everyone else is so happy and social and he’s just-’’ Some woman started ranting but I wouldn’t listen to it. I walked into room and dropped my book.

‘‘He’s what?’‘ I growled, determined to make them regret their words. I didn’t know who they were. There were two men and one woman in this room, all Asgardians. By now my blood was starting to boil. ‘‘Who are you?’‘ The woman raised her thin eyebrow at me. ‘‘It’s Y/N’‘ The man answered for me. It made her face soften into a grin. 

‘‘Oh Loki’s friend?’‘ She chuckled like it was funny. ‘‘Yes I am. Loki is a great man, by the way. You should get to know him before you open your nasty mouths. Have you ever considered why he doesn’t want to go out and socialize? It’s because of scumbags like you!’‘ I lashed out my anger at these people. They seemed surprised.

‘’Are you seriously calling us scumbags just to defend one?’’ One of the men laughed at me. I had to clench my hands into fists and try not to attack them. It hurt too, because they kept going. I thought they’d be embarrassed since I caught them talking like some children. ‘‘Loki is not a scumbag’‘ I growled dangerously, feeling how I got furious as time passed. My powers tried to talk me to the dark side but I managed to control myself.

‘‘Yes he is and so is anyone defending him. You should be ashamed of yourself’‘ The woman lectured me like she was my mother. ‘‘Shut up! How dare you talk about Loki in such a bad manner in his own damn home?’‘ I raised my voice at them. I felt how my fingertips tingled because I really wanted to attack these idiots.

Before I could do anything, another person joined us. I saw how the three turned ghostly pale. I turned around and saw Loki in his dark green clothes. He had probably heard yelling and he came to check out what was happening. First he looked at the people who had been talking crap about him. Then his piercing green eyes looked at me. He seemed surprised and almost sad. But through that I sensed his anger.

‘‘Get out’‘ He stated calmly. Of course I was confused. Nobody moved which truly pissed him off. ‘‘Get out!’‘ Loki repeated himself loudly and I swear the room nearly shook. The three walked off in a hurry and I tried to think whether he wanted me to go as well.

Just as I took a step, he put his arm in front of me. ‘’Not you’’ He sighed more calmly. I nodded quietly, happy that the three left. ‘’You defended me’’ Loki stated the obvious as he stepped in front of me, looking into my eyes. ‘’Of course Loki. That’s what friends are for’’ I smiled at him, hoping it would make him feel at east a little bit better.

He chuckled and then looked down. ‘’Don’t you agree with them?’’ He questioned me. It stung my heart. Why would he think so? ‘’Not at all. I meant every word I said. You’re amazing’’ I reassured him. As I spoke, I got a little nervous. I had a crush on him and I tried not to make it obvious. Now as I spoke, I felt my cheeks heating up.

‘‘You truly are magnificent, my dear’‘ He then smiled and wrapped his arm around me. He started to walk to his room, holding me close meanwhile. It was just something he did. Although Loki wasn’t so open with people, he still for some reason wanted to protect me. I bet it was just normal of him to keep his strong arm around me. I couldn’t deny that I liked it tho.

As we reached his elegant room, he sat down on his huge bed.Loki had a big room with a big window, showing off the beautiful view of Asgard. He didn’t have any lights on besides a candle  next to his bed. I got down next to him, but kept a small distance between us. ‘’Did you like the book I told you about?’’ I broke the silence that had grown.

Loki avoided eye contact as he stared outside with a soft smile. ‘’Yes. It was quite special. Midgard stories are quite different than ours’’ He shrugged calmly. Seeing this side of Loki was special. He was so uptight and silent with most people but slowly he let his guard down with me. It warmed my heart. 

‘‘Y/N’‘ Loki said my name and finally looked at me. With the very dim light from the candle cascading his features, the moment was romantic. He looked absolutely gorgeous. It was almost hypnotizing. Before I could speak, we both heard something from behind the door.

We looked at it and soon it opened, revealing Thor. He stopped right in his tracks as he saw us this close. ‘’Oh I didn’t know you two were having a moment. I’ll just go’’ Thor coughed into his hand and tried to leave but it wasn’t that easy. Both Loki and I hurried to fix what Thor just said.

‘‘It’s not what it looks like-’‘ I said as Loki murmured ‘‘Shut up, brother’‘. Then we all got quiet. Thor eyed us closely and that’s when I decided to look away. I could tell I was blushing. ‘‘Wait a minute’‘ Thor speculated something. I glanced at Loki who looked really angry. He clenched his jaw and narrowed his eyes at his brother. It’s like they had an unspoken language that they spoke through their eyes.

‘‘Just go, will you?’‘ Loki groaned after a while. Thor raised his arms innocently and headed out the door. Since they were brothers, they were ought to annoy each other, no matter what age. ‘‘Maybe I should leave the door open’‘ Thor joked and smirked at us. ‘‘That’s enough, thank you’‘ Loki answered harshly. Then we were left alone. It was a little awkward, considering what just happened. 

Oh lord.

‘‘Um- were you going to say something?’‘ I asked Loki and hoped I wasn’t flustered in any way. Loki huffed and turned to me so  he was facing me better. My heart started to race now. Why was he so devilishly amazing? ‘‘Thank you, for what you did. If I must be honest, love, I can’t name many people who would do what you just did’‘ He got back to the defending scene. Loki seemed a little helpless. I don’t think I have ever heard him say thank you and mean it.

I was jittery but I felt like I had to do something. So I grabbed his hands. They were cold but I didn’t mind. Loki looked at my hands and then he looked into my eyes. ‘’You don’t have to thank me for that. I told you, I would defend you anytime, anywhere’’ I promised him and I truly meant what I said.

‘‘Even if I looked like this?’‘ He sighed quietly. Then his skin started to change color into a deep blue shade. Lighter blue patters appeared here and there and lastly his green eyes turned bright red. He showed me his true self.

My lips parted from shock and I held my breath for a moment. Did this mean he trusted me? My eyes looked at him from head to toe. He still looked incredible. Actually, I found him marvelous. ‘’Even if you look like that. Loki you’’’ I got lost for words. This man was a gem, a precious one if you earned his trust. How could anyone hate him? Everyone made mistakes but Loki was a misunderstood man.

Loki let out a chortle and then cupped my face. The cold didn’t even bug me. No words were changed between us anymore. He knew he could trust me now, for sure. So Loki closed the gap between us and pressed his lips against mine. I couldn’t believe it was real! I shut my eyes and kissed him back, enjoying the amazing feeling I got from it.

Our lips molded together so perfectly it was almost scary. Then we pulled apart, looking into each other’s eyes. It felt so right. It’s like we had both longed for this moment for a really long time. A smile spread across my face before we pulled into another kiss. This time Loki pressed me down on my back against his pillows as he crawled above me. I got the perfect opportunity to wrap my arms around him as our lips devoured each other.

It felt amazing. Loki’s body was on top of me and his cold lips melted against my warm ones. Could it get any better? I got filled with such joy now that I felt like crying. It was overwhelming, like a tale in a book. After a very great moment, we had to breathe. Loki lied down on his bed and pulled me close so we were cuddling. Yes, Loki Laufeyson was cuddling with me. Who would’ve thought?

‘’I knew a long time ago you were worthy of more than what people told you’’ I spoke as we shared this sweet time together. He held me tightly and I traced my fingers on the patterns on his skin. ‘’You were always worthy of the best, Loki. You are so great’’ I whispered and then let out a sigh. I had wanted to tell him these things for a long time now.

‘‘The rest of Asgard doesn’t think like you dear’‘ He huffed and then raised his other arm. Loki’s magic was really astonishing. Mostly tho he used it for simple things. He made multiple candles appear around the bed to make it a little brighter. It was beautiful. 

‘‘One day they will. I know it’‘ I reassured him. It made Loki look at me. The candlelit room made his eyes twinkle. My heart fluttered in my chest as I realized this was real. ‘‘For now I’m glad that you support me. You’re a glorious woman’‘ He told me quietly. That’s when my feelings got the best of me. A silent tear rolled down the side of my face. 

Loki noticed it and wiped it away. ‘’Why are you crying?’’ He wanted to know. I couldn’t believe that this was real. I wondered if things had gone like this if I hadn’t heard the people who disrespected Loki. But it didn’t matter. Good karma did it’s job again. ‘‘Happy tears, don’t mind me’‘ I giggled happily. 

The door opened again and it took about one second for us to see who it was. ‘’Y/N you dropped your book!’’ Thor interrupted us again. I found it funny but Loki didn’t. I barely had the time to say ‘thank you’ before Loki spoke.

‘‘Thor!’‘ He just barked his name angrily. My book was put on a table by the door and Thor left us alone again.

/I was going to end this waaaay earlier but I wanted to write more and more :( If it was up to me, this would be a book but it would get off the topic.I’m in the mood for some fluff so I had to stop before it got out of hand.



Sunday Apr.16. 2017/ Day 3

Looking a lil rough rn, recovering from last nights hangover and enjoying this weather before I head home tomorrow. 

For some reason I can’t seem to find Cedes, But she better hurry up so we can get this smoke session started. You better not forget  my funnel cake! lol

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❧ y.jh |roommate!au

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pairing; seventeen jeonghan x reader

genre; bulletpointed, roommate!jeonghan, humor, fluff

collab with; @kpop–fics

✎a/n; back with a roommate!au !! i’ve received a lot more requests for this series in my inbox, and i promise i’m getting to them! @kpop–fics is helping me with the main points so tysm for that

  • the ultimate chill roommate 
  • like 
  • you arrived at your dorm later than he did and he was just,,, sleeping
  • very soundly, if i might add
  • and the first thing you noticed was
  • !! nice hair !!!
  • for a guy.
  • you thought it would be kinda impolite ?? and creepy ?? to just enter the room so you’re just like
  • “…hello?” 
  • guESS WHAT
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • no reaction 
  • he didn’t even stir
  • is this boy even alive smh
  • that boy was probably deeeEEp in his dreamlamd
  • dreaming about vacation or something
  • who knows?
  • so you left him an introduction letter for when he woke up since you had to go to class and was gonna just leave your stuff in the room
  • the introduction letter was really short tbh
  • it just stated that you’re his new roommate and you had classes till 5 and those random luggage was yours
  • he woke up at like 4.30 and didn’t even see the note but that’s okay bc he didn’t do anything to your belongings lolol
  • but that also meant that
  • he was vvvv unprepared for your arrival 
  • so when you came back to the dorm he was so confused like
  • who are u
  • and why are you in my room
  • anddd you quickly guessed that he hasn’t seen your note so
  • “i’m y/n,, your roommate. those bags over there are mine and i already came here just now but you were sleeping so i left you a note but i guess you didn’t see it?”
  • wow such a long sentence for a first conversation
  • and he was just like
  • oh
  • his ears got a little red when he heard that you came in while he was sleeping lmao
  • “i’m jeonghan,, sorry about earlier. i was really tired.”
  • jeonghan rubbed the nape of his neck and was visibly embarrassed ?
  • you smiled at how polite he was and shook your head. 
  • “it’s fine.”
  • ngl he looked perfectly peaceful while he was sleeping and it was ;;; angelic
  • ok enough of that
  • so yeah that’s your first official meeting i guess?
  • tbh when is he not sleeping 
  • he seems lazy but is actually really active in household 
  • he helps out quite a lot and like cleans the room every once in a while
  • sometimes you just come back from a hella tiring day and when you see the spotless dorm 
  • you become so happy like 
  • it’s just ,,, really ,,,, pleasant
  • ya’know?
  • he takes care of you really well and he cooks sometimes (really simple dishes tho,, but it’s still nice so you wouldn’t complain)
  • but heh he’s also a clean freak 
  • not extreme but still a clean freak
  • “y/n! thERE’S STUFF ON THE FLOOR” 
  • and when you’re busy you just
  • “clean it yourself then, i thought you liked cleaning?”
  • jeonghan just stares at you with a hurt expression and you just laugh and 
  • “ok fine”
  • bc u know u have to do your part in cleaning too
  • andddd
  • he also owns more beauty products than you 
  • sometimes you don’t even know what it is 
  • “Toner Revolution Radically Melon? what’s that even supposed to be” 
  • “leave me and my beauty products alONE” 
  • like okAY THEN 
  • but honestly you know where he keeps his little basket of beauty products
  • and you always use them lolol
  • he never knew until one day ,,,,
  • he realized ,,,,,
  • why is my toner running out so sUsPiCiOUsLy fast
  • and he looks at you and you just 
  • “,,,,i don’t know what you’re talking about?¿??
  • he just smiles very sarcastically like yeah right you lil’ ass
  • also
  • your mom calls you a lot through facetime 
  • since she’s from your home country and you moved to korea for your studies and you two are always separated so facetimes are a way to catch up with each other
  • and every. single. time.
  • jeonghan thinks it’s necessary to pop up too
  • like wow, such a great idea !1!1!!!
  • so now he’s your mom’s favourite
  • he just casually grabs a chair to sit beside you in front of the laptop screen
  • “hey ma’am !!” 
  • and your mum just
  • “oh, jeonghan! how is it going with my number one child?”
  • and you just stare at her like
  • “MOM your child is literally riGhT hErE GDI” 
  • and both jeonghan and your mum would laugh at how kiddish you were acting
  • it was adorable to jeonghan ngl 
  • you were just so pouty whenever that happens HAHA
  • your mum would easily strike a convo with jeonghan
  • “how’s it like with my daughter as a roommate?”
  • “she’s so messy! i have a hard time cleaning up the dormm”
  • and your mum actUALLY agrees with him
  • “isn’t she? she’s always like that back home too! leaving her stuff all over the house.”
  • and your eyes just widen like
  • i’m- ,,,,,
  • and jeonghan laughs really loud and smiles really wide and just hugs you while you’re still in shock 
  • and your mother laughs along
  • so that’s that
  • and jeonghan as a cuddle buddy
  • woW
  • like jeonghan has a kind of ,,, scent ??? 
  • i dont even know
  • he just smells good all the time
  • so you can imagine when he just comes out of the shower it’s like
  • the whole dorm smells like a flower shop
  • but yeah when you guys cuddle it’s holy comfy bc his height and your height is pretty perfect
  • so typically
  • your head would be around his shoulders or chest area
  • and he just wraps his arms around you
  • and he sometimes just mumbles a few words before you two fall asleep
  • and his voice is like a lullaby 
  • and he’s just really pretty up close too
  • so
  • yep so that’s jeonghan as your roommate :”)