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a tiny comic for christmas that i posted on twitter~


wtf man you coulda wrote that in your letter earlier you bloody drama queen

someone shoot me for not drawing these two dorks in so long omg- i missed them so much

did i ever mention how much i love hiccup’s design in httyd2?? because i d o- and yet it’s like, the second or third time i draw him in it lmao

i didn’t entirely colour this because i wanted it to be simple and relaxing- also because it’s really late

it’s transparent tho!


A Foxy Feuilly Moodboard for @taye-x

One must therefore be a fox to recognize traps, and a lion to frighten wolves.

Narcissism and astrology (long post)

While trying to understand narcissism and its possible correlation to astrology I noticed that many people bought Leo up when they were first asked what could indicate narcissistic behavior

Sure leo (as an archetype) is selfish like a child which can be taken as narcissistic personality but I dont think the answer is so simple (even tho really strong leo influence could indicate that)

Narcissistic person needs admiration and attention and will behave like a child if they dont get what they believe they deserve. Other traits are lack of emphatic understanding, manipulation and they may not feel guilt or shame. They keep a good profile like a mask, they are charmers in social situations. They cant admit defeat or failure which can falsely be seen as strong self confidence.

I started to search through the internet and found quite few charts of narcissistic people and I started to list house placements (of course aspects matter at least as much) and I tried to see if there were anything that would repeat

I would like to remind that even if you would have every placement listed here it doesn’t mean that you are narcissist or anything close to that… such thing as this cant be caused by only one or two placements… one should take the whole chart into consideration

Becoming narcissist happens in the environment you grow and there is no proven correlation between narcissism and astrology but anyways here are the placements that were repeated few times during my research

Venus in 10th house - ability only show their best side to public, usually really charismatic people, well liked by public

Moon in 7th house - strong need for emotional support from others, not understanding or getting in touch with their emotions which can lead to lack of empathy, works hard to adapt to what other people consider good

These two positions were the most common ones but I also found few other placements (may or may not be linked to narcissism) such as:

Mars in the first house
Saturn in the first house
Pluto in the third house
Moon in the fifth house
Pluto in sixth house
Neptune in seventh house
Sun in the tenth house
Chiron in the twelfth house

If anyone has any thoughts about this feel free to comment also I would like to notice that this post is not meant to trigger anyone and it’s only my thoughts put into a post

so yesterday a top song came on the radio and today my friend texted me saying that an atl song and 2 fob songs had played at the bowling alley and i was just like yes our time has come let the era of emo began again