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I was approached by my tita yesterday and asked me if her friend’s son is courting me. Lol. To think that kid was just 17 years old. Disbelief and surprise were all over my face when I was about to answer no but my tita cut me short and told me stuff about that kid. Like he wasn’t good enough, he would be a “palamunin”, he’s “walang kwentang bata” and some sort of names. I got even more surprised with those things she said about that kid. She didn’t have to bad-mouth and discouraged me of him because I don’t really go for younger men in the first place. I just.. hmm. Ppl judge ppl so easy without them really knowing how they’re like. What a waste. Btw, that kid was already like a younger brother to me and I really despise the thought of them thinking something about us. That was insane.

As horrible as I feel about manipulating others. I can’t help how much I love making other people so unstable to my words.
—  Coral-vellichor

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Do you know any fics with draco speaking french?

FRENCH DRACO IS WHAT I LIVE FORR! There’s not nearly enough fics out there where he’s French, or speaks French :(

  • All Is Dust That Is Not His Heart - by Lomonaaeren (3k)
    Draco is a Beauxbaton student. Fleur is therefore the rightful Champion of the Triwizard Tournament. Who is this upstart Harry Potter, who insists on intruding where he doesn’t belong?
    (I adored this fic so much! Like the summary says, Draco is from Beauxbatons and idolises Fleur (she’s kind of like a mentor to him). I just didn’t want it to end!)

  • ‘Arry - by DorthyAnn (2k)
    “Je pense toujours à toi.”
    Malfoy had always spoke french, over the years the occasional outbursts of french lessened and his accent became less pronounced, except when he lost his temper and would swear at length and quite colorfully in the elegant language.
    (Harry & Draco confess their love through Parseltongue and French)

  • Against All Odds - by momatu (54k)
    Beauxbatons is hosting the first ever Quidditch Summer School for children from all over Europe, and Harry has promised to enroll Teddy as his birthday present. Meanwhile, Draco is stuck in his office, putting together the first ever Quidditch Summer School for children from all over Europe during, when he should be enjoying summer holidays.
    (Draco, a Flying Instructor at Beauxbatons, is hosting an international Quidditch training camp. Harry brings Teddy and ends up staying to coach. The scenes where Draco tour Harry around France and takes him to all of his favourite place are all so sweet! Draco speaks a lot of French in this story, and there’s no translations provided, but the author promises that the sentences where Draco speaks French don’t affect the overall meaning of the story)

  • Say Anything - by megyal (8k)
    Draco has a crush on Harry and tells him in French.
    (Draco tells Harry everything he loves about him, but in French)

  • Crossing Lines - by Ren (48k)
    While investigating a ring of smugglers, the Aurors receive a tip saying that the European Express is being used to move contraband across state lines. To solve the case, Harry has to unmask the smugglers and find the hidden contraband before the luxury train reaches Bulgaria. Draco Malfoy is also on board… but that’s just coincidence, isn’t it?
    (Auror!Harry. A marvellous story where Harry and Draco have to share a cabin on a train. This really was a highly captivating fic and was such a joy to read!)

  • 2AM Confession - by fairydrarry (1k)
    An inebriated Draco shows up at Harry’s doorstep at 2 in the morning murmuring French and ends up confessing his feelings to Harry.
    (A really cute and short one-shot where Draco confesses his love to Harry. In French. While Drunk)

  • Parce-que - by curiouslyfic (2k)
    Harry blames the salad. Everyone else blames Harry. Featuring bad salad, oblivious!Harry, and appalling French.
    (Don’t forget to read the sequel parce-que potter! It’s just as great as the first!)

Pairing: JiKook ofc 

I keep dreaming about a black bunny named Kookie but I can’t keep pets in the room I’m renting so I decided to write something short instead ^^

Jimin heard his doorbell ring annoyingly for almost two minutes. He wanted to ignore it at first, he hated stopping movies in the middle but someone was persistent so he had no choice. He paused the movie and padded to the door. He opened them with a sigh and another one left his lips when there was no one actually standing there. His gaze dropped and he was surprised to find medium size cardboard box on the floor. There was no sticker with the adress on it, just holes for the air and “careful” written on top. Jimin couldn’t just leave it there so he picked it up and carried to him apartment. He put it down on the table and took a step back. Should he open it? Was it even for him? He couldn’t recall ordering anything and his friends wouldn’t make a surprise gift for him, none of them had enough money to spend it on gifts. Hard life of a student. Jimin took a deep breath. It won’t kill him to check. He carefully cut the tape on each side and opened the box. He was expecting everything, everything but a bunny. A black, fluffy bunny, with long ears and big, doe eyes staring at him. He somehow managed to avert his gaze and noticed a card. He picked it up and started reading. 

Hello new owner! 
This is Jungkook. 
He’s a bit shy, likes flavored milk and all kinds of fruits.
Please take a good care of him!

No signature. No name of the company. No nothing. Flavored milk? Since when bunnies like flavored milk? And fruits? This is hella weird. He put the card away and stared intensly at the small animal. He didn’t know what and why but something seemed different about it. Maybe his eyes…….he was watching Jimin a bit too humanly. And it was almost scary. 
Jimin had to think where the hell will the bunny sleep. He didn’t have a rabbit cage, duh, nor did he have other things to keep one, duh again.  
He took a basket Seokjin hyung once gave him  and put some blankets in it, making a temporary bed. He tried to pick up the bunny then but the animal kept running away from his hands. “Come on Jungkookie, I just want to get you out of this uncofortable box” he cooed, trying to convince the bunny. It surprisingly worked cuz he let himself be picked up and carried to the pile of blankets. “Stay here bunny, I have to go and get you something to eat the flavored milk” why the hell was he talking to a bunny? Who knows. 
Jimin quickly changed, grabbed his wallet and went out to the nearest grocery store. He bought a whole box of different flavored milks and shit tons of fruits and vegetables, hoping that Jungkook eats at least them as any other rabbit would do. He qiuckly walked back to his apartment, not wanting to leave the animal for too long. He was kinda scared Jungkook would eat his essay. Weird thing to be scared of but oh well, he worked on it way too long to get it destroyed. He put the milk in the fridge and the other things on the table and went to check on the bunny. Only there was no bunny where he left him. He looked around but there was no sight of him. “Jungkook?” he called, walking around the house and checking everywhere a bunny could hide. Cool, he lost it on the very first day. He walked back to the kitchen, sulking a bit, and he almost got a heart attack whe he entered the room. There was a boy standing in near the table. A naked boy with bunny tail and bunny ears, chewing on one of the strawberries Jimin just bought. WHAT THE FUCK?

Soo there might be a part 2, who knows. 
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And thank you if u read this till the very end.

In Case You Didn’t Know (Lin-Manuel x Reader)

Summary: Lin says I love you for the first time.

Word Count: 474

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol.  This is so short, I’m sorry

A/N: This is 100% dedicated to @l-nmanuel because it was her idea (go read her everything if you haven’t already). It’s based off of this song and sort of written in Lin’s perspective.

Lin watched as you tilted your head back to laugh at whatever Anthony and Jasmine were bickering about at the moment. You were seated comfortably in your living room with your legs curled under you looking so at ease. Lin was having a tough time paying attention to whatever everyone else around him was saying as he sat admiring you. He’d never noticed the way the corner of your mouth twitched when you were trying to fight back a smile so someone could finish their story. He’d never stop appreciating the way you got giggly and affectionate after that second glass of wine, or the lilt of your laugh, or the tone of your voice.

“I guess we should head out, it’s getting late.” Jasmine finally mused, interrupting Lin’s thoughts. She pulled Anthony up along with her.

“I’m out too.” Daveed agreed and soon enough everyone was slipping on their coats and shuffling out of the apartment. Lin watched as you flipped the deadbolt and put the chain in the door. Your eyes met his as you turned and the soft smile you gave him melted his heart. 

“What’s got you so caught up?” you asked amused, drifting over to him. He held his arms out and you settled into his lap.

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I propose a scarf reveal scenario where Adrien finds out who really made it for him, but it doesn’t go so well. Long story short, Adrien discovers Marinette made the scarf for him, which meant his dad really didn’t get him anything for his birthday at all, and he can’t really look at the gift anymore without feeling upset about it. Marinette picks up on this when he confronts her about it, and offers to take it back. He accepts.

For the longer version of this, go here!

For the record, I don’t think this scenario has to be as bad as it sounds. For instance, while Marinette might be upset I’m sure she’d understand and wouldn’t take it too personally. She gave that gift to Adrien to make him happy after all, not to find an in with him. I think she’d be more upset about his feelings.

Also didn’t realize this kind of paralleled the Umbrella Scene with how I drew it… but there you have it. 

The “Just the thought of Team Cap walking all over Tony makes me want to trash my room, I just want unashamed, biased, pro-Tony quality content, is that too much to ask??” inspired ficlet I’ve been holding back for a while:

Bitterness ahead, guys. Not Team Cap friendly. Nor is it particularly deep or rational. I just wanted to get a couple of thoughts out of my head. Basically Tony is done being the team’s sugar daddy, only it comes to light in a very roundabout way. 

“When are my arrows gonna be fixed anyways?” Clint grumbles, rubs a hand over his sore shoulder. The one that wouldn’t have gotten injured, had his shot hit the target it was supposed to. Which it should have, his aim had been fine. The problem were the arrows. Someone must have screwed up somewhere in the production because they weren’t perfectly balanced.

They’re sitting in the conference room at the (mostly) restored compound. Tony is tapping away on his StarkPad, not even bothering to look up. He must have felt the questioning glances and noticed the silence, but he still doesn’t react.

Steve resists the urge to roll his eyes. He doesn’t want to encourage the tension between them, things are bad enough as it is. If only Tony would put in some effort as well, instead of going out of his way to antagonise them, maybe they could make some actual progress.

“Yo, Stark!” Clint snaps, voice reaching that biting sharpness he reserves specially for the billionaire. “I’m talking to you!”

Tony shows no outward reaction, which is strange to see. Back when they first came back, he used to move at all times, sharp and erratic, never staying still. Steve shakes his head at their unnecessary power play.

Tony answers before he has the chance to reprimand them though. “How would I know?” he asks, a brief frown flittering across his face as he scribbles something down onto the tablet.

The outraged look on Clint’s face tells everyone present that this meeting won’t get back on track any time soon. It’s understandable, really. Clint has been forced to fight three battles with faulty equipment and frankly, the lack of concern Tony is showing for his team mates’ safety is nothing short of callous. Steve knows things haven’t been good between them but this is the first time he wonders if things could really be so bad, that Tony would hold necessary equipment back on purpose.

It’s a terrible thought, but try as he might, Steve isn’t able to shake it off.

At least the rising tension finally causes Tony to look up and meet Clint’s glare. He’s wearing sunglasses even though they’re inside, like he always does. Steve doesn’t like it. Makes it harder to read Tony, to tell what he’s really thinking. Absently, he admits that this is probably why Tony wears them so religiously.

“What do you mean ‘how would you know’?!” Clint snarls, enraged. “My arrows have been acting up for weeks and you still don’t know how to fix it?!”

Tony stares at Clint, the expression on his face unreadable. Then, after a long, long moment of heavy silence, the answer.

“I’m not fixing your equipment.”

For a moment, it’s deadly quiet, as Steve struggles to process the meaning of what Tony has just said.

“Tony,” Steve hastily inserts himself as soon as he finds his voice again, before Clint can throw himself across the room and deck him, “I know there are still some issues we all have to work through, but that’s not an excuse to-”

“Hold it right there, Rogers,” Tony interrupts. It’s never Cap, always Rogers these days. The pain the distinction causes still catches Steve by surprise more often than not. “I’m not sure where you get this from but I’m not your mechanic. I don’t work for you. So if Barton here has an issue with his weapons, he needs to take it up with the people in charge. Considering how often you remind me that it’s not me, you’d think you’d have figured that part out already.”

“But it’s not working!”

Tony sighs. The deep, heavy sort of sigh you usually expect from an exhausted parent after their insistent child asks, “Are we there yet?” for the 34th time. “Then take it up with the quartermaster. Or Agent Hudson. Or one of the techies. Seriously, Barton, you signed the Revision. Who’s responsible for what is right in there, section 12 to 17. Besides-” he pauses.

“What are you waiting for? Go on!” Clint demands between gritted teeth, hands curled into tight fists. Thankfully, he’s not throwing anything. Yet. “Don’t get shy with me now!”

Tony straightens in his seat. Steve inwardly sighs. That man has never been able to let a challenge go unanswered.

Besides,” Tony continues, voice still surprisingly even, “chances are they’re working just fine.”

“You think I can’t tell when my bow isn’t fucking working the way it should?” Clint bristles.

The words actually cause Tony to lower his sunglasses for a moment, just to make sure there is no doubt about how stupid he believes Clint to be. “I’m saying you’re operating with a standard bow, Barton. The fabric and the construction limit the performance quality. Something I’m sure an experienced archer like yourself has picked up on.”

And yes, things are definitely getting ugly. That level of glacial cold in Tony’s voice is rarely achieved, even now.

“The why the fuck did you build a subpar bow?”

Tony sighs again. “You’re missing the point. Seriously, I can not believe we’re even having this conversation. I did not build that bow, Barton.”

And that’s–that’s a surprise.

Tony’s gaze trails over them all, taking in their confused, shocked expressions. “Really?” he asks, exasperation dripping from every syllable. “Did any of you even read the Revision? The Avengers’ are an official unit. Their weapons and uniforms can’t be provided by a private party, especially not one who is part of the team. Have you ever heard the term conflict of interest?”

“What about Stark Industries?” Natasha asks. From the furrow in her brows though, Steve suspects she already knows the answer–and doesn’t like it one bit.

“I’m not sure if you noticed,” and now there’s no mistaking the mocking in Tony’s tone, “but SI doesn’t sell weapons anymore. It was kind of a big thing, couple of years back.”

“But- But yours are better!” Clint splutters. It sounds plaintive and weak, even in Steve’s ears, but at the same time he knows what Clint’s struggling to say. It’s not about getting your toys taken away. It’s about their safety and efficiency in the field. On bad days, it’s about the survival of their entire planet.

“I can’t believe you would risk the teams’ lives and safety like this because of a petty argument,” Steve says, unable to keep quiet any longer, nor bothering to hide the honest disappointment.

Tony, unimpressed as always, simply snorts. “You’re an official unit, but before that you’ve been working for SHIELD for years. Did you ever have the very best equipment mankind was capable of providing at the time? No,” he answers his own question in a breeze, “you didn’t. Why? Because you’re agents, soldiers. And sure, the government wants to protect us, wants to keep us alive and make sure our missions succeed. But they have limited funding, which means everyone has to deal with the best cost-efficient option available. If you’ve got the right connections to get something more, then lucky you, but that makes you an exception, not a rule.”

“You don’t need to explain real life to me!” Clint snaps aggravated.

“Then why do you feel entitled to something better?” That question, sharp and cutting, makes the archer still, his mouth open but with no retort forthcoming. Tony is blinking at him now, head tilted sideways in child-like curiosity.

“Of course, if I, as a private citizen, decided to build something that doesn’t violate any laws and give it to a friend as a gift, that would be something else, wouldn’t it?” Tony continues after a moment, voice softer now, but no less cutting. His eyes are fixated on Clint, sunglasses pushed back, eyes dark and unmoved. “The average update would take me what, a week or two? That’s a lot of time to invest into a single project, especially when the ultimate use is so limited. How many people can possibly profit from improved protective vest versus how many people improve from an exploding arrow is a really fascinating comparison to make.”

“So you see, Barton, even if I could improve your bow, there’s no logical reason why I should waste my time like this.”

“Tony!” Steve interrupts, scandalised. “Clint’s life depend on his aim! Our lives depend on it! How can you justify not providing him with the most basic necessities.”

Tony doesn’t even try and look abashed, instead he throws his head back and laughs. “This is how you want to play it, Rogers? Because I’m rich and a genius, I owe it to you to devote my time, attention and money to bettering your lives? What about the seven billion other people on this world? Don’t they deserve the same consideration, hm? What makes you so special that I should put your needs before anything else?”

Steve opens his mouth, but Tony doesn’t give him a chance to speak.

“I tell you what this is: this is you realising I’m no longer spoiling you rotten because you are in fact not my kids and I can cut you off whenever the fuck I want. And you don’t like it. Because guess what, I may be privileged, but so are you! You’re heroes, most of the time, as far as the world is concerned. You’ve been living off my money and resources on top of that. You’ve always gotten special treatment and you like that. You’re as far detached from the ‘ordinary man on the street’ as I am, you just don’t have the self-awareness to fucking notice!”

Tony sends them a sardonic smile that does in no way take the sting out of his words. “Don’t worry,” he says, “you’ll still be special. It’s just no longer my name footing that bill. Because we’re not friends. And as a business man, I’m not at all sorry to tell you that you simply aren’t worth investing into.”

And with that he stands, all blinding press smile, sweeps around dramatically, and strides purposefully out of the room. The automatic door closes noiselessly behind him, but he might have as well slammed it shut for all the difference it would’ve made.

It’s likely not a coincidence, that on their next mission Spiderman, Vision and Miss Marvel all showcase new, incredibly features and weapons that can’t have been created by anyone else. And it’s impossible to know for sure, what with the mask on, but Steve is one hundred per cent certain that Spiderman is smirking at them.

He is not wrong.

Let me know what you think? And please excuse any mistakes, I’ll re-read this tomorrow. Also this is the last post for today. I’m tiredtiredtired now and think I’ve spread enough bitterness for the day. And spammed your dashes with enough endless posts probably…oops.

anonymous asked:

I know you said the characters needs to be ready to come out, so I hope asking this is cool? As a trans boy I'm really interested in how Dallas Deals with being trans? And how his environment reacted?

Since this probably won’t be elaborated in comic.. He comes out at an early age. His dad was still alive. He was probably 7 when he started pulling at his pigtails. His mom bought him a pair of really pretty dolphin-pendant hair ties and he felt so bad for telling her he didn’t want it. He probably felt really mean so he’d wear it around his wrists. when he was 8 he asks his mom if he could cut his hair short and she and his dad agreed. Dallas wasn’t a very spoiled kid, and his dad let him do and wear whatever he pleased with his body (so long as it wasn’t harmful, or anything.)
So yeah. When Dallas was 9, him and his dad were going dress shopping for a family seder, but Dallas had failed an exam and he already had a really crappy day so he just. Sat down on a bench near the stores and Started Crying.

 His dad says, “Abby, what’s wrong?”
and he says, he doesn’t know why he’s crying, but he says, wearing dresses makes him uncomfortable. He shows his dad the hair tie and he says he feels bad saying no to all the stuff his parents buy him, but he’s just. He appreciates it but he doesn’t know what to do with it.
While yes, in later years he will understand that it’s 100% okay for a boy to wear dresses and makeup, and other things typically considered “feminine”, when he was a kid, he had an intense need to “pass.”
His parents are confused, but only at first.
Dallas is very lowkey. After his dad dies, him and his mom and baby sister move to Oregon. At his school. He’s always introduced himself as Dallas Ezra Margolin. His deadname would be Shulamite Abigail Margolin.
When he was 9, his mom cried a lot, and Dallas was scared she was disappointed, but she tells him, she was scared of how many times she’d unintentionally hurt him. Dallas flushed and asked his mom if she could pick him a new name (he loves his mom a Lot). His dad was jealous, and Dallas told him he could pick a name for Dallas too (Abe Margolin Is A Nerd)
Dallas’ mom picked the name of her favorite character from her favorite book, and his dad chose Ezra, which is Dallas’s grandpa’s name.
When Dallas starts T at 14 or 15, it’s the same year he joins the baseball team. Everyone just assumes that Dallas is a shy boy when he refuses to change into gear in front of anyone.
Poppy had sort of suspected. She’d always cuddle Dallas when they sleep together, (she’s very cuddly) and she felt the little clasps that some of Dallas’ binders have. She doesn’t say anything. Doesn’t feel the need to say anything.
There’s a silent understanding between her and Dallas.
Dallas does plan on telling Malek and Poppy, he’s just. Not sure how.
Until, of course. His mom let him have surgery. He set Malek and Poppy aside. Sits their asses down. “Please listen to me. I need you. This is really important to me. I don’t want you to think that I’m anyone other than Dallas-” his voice cracks, and Malek is about to make a joke, but Poppy is like, quit it.
Because she can see how nervous Dallas is. And Dallas just. Says his mom is gonna let him have top surgery. And Malek is Confused, and Dallas elaborates, Poppy Is Swelling Because She Loves Dally So much. Malek is horrified (keep reading on this pls don’t judge Malek yet) And Dallas can see that. And his mind is all “he doesn’t see you as a real boy.” But Malek is horrified because of all the times he called Dallas a “drama queen.” A “prissy princess” as jokes. He feels awful and sick and he owes Dallas a ton of apologies.
But Malek doesn’t want to make this all about himself. So he shakes his head and he hugs Dallas, like. Really obnoxiously tight. Like the combined force of his binder and Malek’s hug made it really hard to breathe. Malek doesn’t let go for a good, long, while. He mumbles
he supports Dallas All the Way, and he’ll always listen to what Dallas has to say. Later when Malek has Dallas all to himself, he apologizes for all the dumb names he’s called Dallas before.
One time Blake calls Dallas a bitch and Malek is all, freaked, and he’s all pissy at Blake, and everyone is all, whoah Malek what’s gotten into you man? And Malek apologizes. And Dallas decides he should come out to rest of the team. They’re his best friends. Blake feels terrible and says sorry. It’s the only time Blake has genuinely said sorry to anyone and it’s really a miracle to behold. Next practice, Dallas finally feels comfortable changing in front of everyone. Nobody bats an eyelash, and Dallas is so relieved.
There’s really.. A lot more but I wanna include the other stuff in comic so this is all I can give you! But a lot of stuff. In the comic. Soon.
//long post


Donald Pierce x Reader

Warnings: None

Note: SOrry this really sucks. 

Summary: Soft Donald Pierce, and feels. That’s all you need to know. 

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Fanfic Comment Guide

Hi hello!

#clexaweek2017 is coming up and this will be one of my contributions for the week since I’m not much of a creative type. I’ve never written any fanfiction, so all of this is coming from a reader’s perspective. 

Why should I leave comments?

  • Literally costs nothing to leave a comment
  • Shows your appreciation 
  • Makes writers really, really happy 

How should I leave a comment?

  • Tell them how much you liked certain lines/the chapter/the entire fic
  • Only leave criticism that is CONSTRUCTIVE and RESPECTFUL 
  • Comments can be short (although longer the better)

Examples of bad comments

  • This sucks! :(
  • I know that you aren’t getting paid to write and I know that you posted this chapter less than 24 hours ago and I know that you’re a fan just like me….. but where’s the update???

Examples of better comments 

  • asldkfjalsdfj !!!!! :D <3 <3 <3 
  • This was so good! Great job! 
  • My favorite part was when ______
  • I love how you write _____ because that’s exactly how I imagined them to be. They are so brave and smart. I don’t know if I wanna be them or be with them, y’know??? Anyways, I love this fic a lot and I want it engraved on my tombstone. Can’t wait for the next chapter!!!!! K byeeeee~ 

What you can focus on

  • Characters and original characters
    • Do you think their dialogue is well-written or funny?
    • Do you wish your faves would make out soon? 
  • World-building 
    • Is the author exploring something you are really interested in?
    • Are they being exceptionally creative?
  • Style and tone
    • What’s been particularly beautiful to you?
    • What has resonated with you the most? 
  • Plot
    • Are you surprised by that twist?
    • Did you just die because of that cliffhanger? 

Things that I do (that you can do too)

  • As I go through a chapter on my phone, I switch to my notes app and copy and paste all the lines I like and write down my thoughts before I forget what I want to say
  • Sometimes I’m simply too tired to process what I just read, so I mark the fic to read for later and leave a comment the next day

Things to remember

  • Fanfic writers are real human beings who have lives outside of writing and they go to school, have jobs, spend time with family & friends, etc. 
    • (To reiterate, fanfic writers don’t exist to serve you!!!) 
  • Fanfic writers have feelings and can be easily discouraged by a lack of response or negativity 
    • (Absolutely call out writers on their racist/sexist/transphobic/ableist/etc. bullshit, but don’t tear anyone down just because you disagree with their headcanon or something) 

Leaving kudos and subscribing is great and all, but comments are like little gems and they can be so valuable for writers (and for other readers too). 

I know how difficult it is to leave thoughtful comments or use your last bits of brain power to say something coherent before you go to bed (that’s usually when I read). But I think it’s super important to give back to all the talented and hardworking writers out there.

No one will know how you truly feel about something unless you speak up! 

Masterlist [Boys Reactions]

Overall Masterlist: here













Big Bang


Jay Park




Monsta X




Here are some LGBT movies I’ve watched !!

Top picks (in alphabetical order)

Big Eden (2000)
Gay artist Henry moves from NYC to small hometown to take care of sick grandfather. A really sweet, heartwarming story. Bonus points for no homophobia (!!) plot line & a gay native american man, Pike, who is adorable and crushes on Henry.

Brokeback Mountain (2005)
Who hasn’t seen this? Two shepherds and their tumultuous love story over the years. 

But I’m a Cheerleader (1999)
Girl gets sent to a boot camp meant to alter her sexuality. Funny and aesthetic and really cheesy but worth the watch.

Carol (2015)
A young woman in her 20s, Therese Belivet is a clerk working in a Manhattan department store and dreaming of a more fulfilling life when she meets Carol, an alluring woman trapped in a loveless, convenient marriage. 

First Girl I Loved (2016)
Girl falls in love with the most popular girl from her school. Bonus points for a nuanced and realistic portrayal of teenagers.

The Way He Looks (Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho, 2014)
Brazilian coming-of-age drama about a blind boy who falls in love with his classmate. Based on a short film called “I don’t want to go back alone”, which you can find on youtube.

Holding The Man (2015)
In the 1970s, two teen boys in Australia fight all obstacles thrown their way and refuse to renounce the love they feel for each other. Based on Australia’s “most famous gay biography”.

I Killed My Mother (J’ai Tué Ma Mère, 2009) 
Biographical drama. Directorial debut of Quebecois actor Xavier Dolan, which he also wrote, produced and starred in. My favourite film by him.

Kill Your Darlings (2013)
Biographical drama/thriller. A murder in 1944 draws together the great poets of the beat generation. Peep Daniel Radcliffe and Dane DeHaan.

Laurence Anyways (2012)
A drama that charts ten years in the relationship of a transgender woman’s relationship with her lover. Directed by Xavier Dolan.

Maurice (1987)
The story of a gay man in the early 20th century. A really sweet film with bonus points for being a gay period drama that - spoilers - has a happy ending.

Moonlight (2016) (see title card)
A chronicle of the childhood, adolescence and burgeoning adulthood of a young black man growing up in a rough neighborhood of Miami. First lgbt film (and film with all-black cast) to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards 2017.

Pride (2014)
U.K. gay activists work to help miners during their lengthy strike of the National Union of Mineworkers in the summer of 1984. A truly feel-good movie every one should watch.

The Handmaiden (2016)
A woman is hired as a handmaiden to a Japanese heiress, but secretly she is involved in a plot to defraud her. It’s been called a “South Korean Gothic Lesbian Revenge Thriller”. Just watch it. Trust me. 

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)
A cult-classic and must-watch. Need I say more?

Rest of movies in alphabetical order under cut, with some commentary by yrs truly (me. a gay.)

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Mobile Masterlist *Renewed*




Baby Daddy 
A Little Too Much Information {Angel!Reader}
Turn That Frown Upside Down 
The Night Before Christmas 


Run And Hide-Memory Lane

Misery Loves Company

Hold Onto Me

Back In Black {Demon!Dean}

The Next Step 

And You Let Her Go


Flannel {Sibling!Reader}

It’s A Jolly Christmas 

Love Me Tender 

Run And Hide-Memory Lane 

Hold Onto Me

Happy Hour

For Juju’s Challenge  @jared-padaloveme

All For A Book 

Angry Pets

Don’t Ask Why

Broken And Bruised

Dream On Dreamer 



Sweet Love


Game Changer













Acts Of Affection {GIF PREFERENCE}



Your First Kiss


Dating Dean Would Include

Dating Sam Would Include

Dating Castiel Would Include

Dating Lucifer Would Include

Dating Balthazar Would Include

Dating Gabriel Would Include

Sam Liking Dean’s Girlfriend 

Dean Liking Sam’s Girlfriend 

Sam Having A Tall Girlfriend

Crowley Liking Gabriel’s Girlfriend

Being Dean’s Girlfriend Before He Turned Into A Demon 

TFW Dream Girl 

Lucifer Having A Fascination With Sam’s Girlfriend 

Sam’s Girlfriend Being A Demon 

 ➤Dean Wanting Something He Can’t Have

Tfw Reaction To Hearing Their Gf’s Moan Their Names In Their Sleep

How Tfw Acts When Their Gf’s Are On Their Period

Popping That Cherry

Sam Finding Out His Girlfriend Is Pregnant 

Benny’s Reaction To You Being Really Short/Dating A Short Girl

Tfw Reacting To You Being Really Short/Dating A Short Girl

A To Z Headcanon: O 








I Don’t Trust Him 

Game On 

Caught In The Act

Burning Desire


Bad Things Happen To Good People 

Game On  


Coming Undone 


I Don’t Trust Him 


My Favourite Salvatore 










How You’s Make Out {GIF PREFERENCE}

How You’s Have Sex {GIF PREFERENCE}


Dating Kai Parker Would Include 



Game Changer 


Focus On My Lips


Under The Mistletoe 

Chasing The Past 




Dating Mon El Would Include 




I’ve Got You 

My Saviour 


Did You Even Love Me

I’ll Just Save Myself


Dreams Do Come True

Something Else {Young!Derek}

Sweet As Sugar, Cold As Ice


I’ve Got You 


No Way Not Him

You’re The Only One I Want


Well Then


Only Liam

Anger Issues

You Should Of Told Me

Hunter More Like Heartbreaker 

What Are You Doing In A Boys Locker Room?

Forgive Me Please

First Time

Birthday Surprises

Should Have Knocked First


I’m Not Giving Up On You 

House Warming 


Can’t I Hug My Girlfriend 


My Little Fighter 


He Does Love Her 

No Way Not Him 


Love Is A Complicated Thing

Dating The Enemy

Bad Intentions

Isn’t Love Sweet -2

She’s Not A Failure

Dangerous Love



Mind Blowing 


Not Again 


Our Little Princess 

Secrets Have A Way Of Coming Out 

I’ll Just Save Myself 

What Have I Done 

Christmas Cheer 



The Green Eyed Monster 


Safe In His Arms 

Only You { Male!Reader}

Acquaintances To Lovers 

You Matter To Me  -You’re Not Alone 

She’s Not Allison

Picking Up The Pieces

Mood Killer

Just Like Animals

Love In Their Eyes


Unsaid Feelings 


Deja Vu 

Not Going Anywhere 



   ➤Stay With Me 

We’ll Find Her  


Bad Intentions 

Isn’t Love Sweet -2

The Wrong Girl

Mind Blowing

Fa La La La La 


Just Breathe

Darling You’ll Be Okay


Naughty Girl 


Backseat Fun 









You Die And He/She Isn’t Handling It Well

They Find Out You Aren’t Human

You Get Into A Car Crash And Lose Your Memory


You Are Dead And They Are The Only Ones That Can See You

How You’s Have Sex {GIF PREFERENCE}


Dating Jackson Would Include

Dating Stiles Would Include

Dating Liam Would Include

Isaac Having A Crush On Scott’s Girlfriend Who Is Lydia’s Sister 

Isaac Liking His Tutor

Isaac Dating A Winchester And Finding Out She’s A Hunter  

A To Z Headcanon: Y 


You’re So Jealous ➤D.O



➤ Come Home

➤ Secret Mission

➤ Touch

➤ It’s Always You

➤ No One Hurts My Girl


➤ Witch Girl

Peter Parker

➤ Love Isn’t What It Seems

Steve Rogers

➤ Holding On And Letting Go


Dating Steve Rogers Would Include

Dating Bucky Would Include


I’m not dead, I’m just really really exhausted

Hey guys, sorry I’ve not been active for weeks, I didn’t expect lot of crap happen this past month. In short, school, being down, lazy, sleeping, school, exams, exams, project, crying, failing test, screaming, banging my head, bad health, and etc. I just really hate this semester.

I promised myself I wouldn’t go on tumblr until I finish majority of my exams and shit so i wouldn’t be distracted so yeah that’s why I haven’t been answering asks. I have a little break right now, so more time for me to draw and lot of things I really wanted to draw. Hopefully. Maybe. I hope. Oh Arceus…

Go, Gogo, and Beta will suffer like me: