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You lied to us about the happy ending, didn't you. We all gonna die and everything will be terrible and yuuri and viktor will never really be together in a fully healthy relationship. My crops withered, I have no skin, the 4 horsemen are visible on the horizon. One of them is JJ.

one of them is JJ omfg! But no, I didn’t lie. It’s really shitty when authors say there’s going to be a happy ending and then are like ‘lol jk I lied’ because some people need to be warned of sad endings so they can stop reading. So there will definitely be a happy ending in this fic and a happier one in the companion fic


Kogami & Tsunemori illustrations from Newtype Magazine Feb 2015 Issue


Dance more. Smile all the time. Tell lots of jokes. “Enjoy yourself” probably would be the key. Don’t let things get you down. Don’t let people get you down.

Happy Birthday Gabi! I love you to bits you cutie patootie *squishes your face* enjoy your big day ♥

social justice
  • people with shitty fake pronouns: gOSH we're JUST TRYING to have FUN IS fUN NOT ALLOWED???? OMG uwu
  • real trans people: being transgender is not fun and it actually really sucks if you suffer dysph-
  • people with shitty fake pronouns: OMFG STOP U r bEING SO oppRESSIVE u tRUSCUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
  • real trans people: can i finish-
  • people with shitty fake pronouns: NO ur tRIGGERINg me gGGOO WaAWAY BLLOckeD/RepORTED!!!!! yOuu ARE trASH!

“Hey, Rei-chan! How ‘bout you show me just how flexible you are! ♥”

it was mentioned in the Free! Illistration Works Track 03 that Nagisa does yoga~ (thank you to minitsunderemia for helping me find it!)

omf, I was gonna draw Rei-chan too but I got tired (and he’s really hard to draw! = n =)


So Happy Valentines Day😘😘💞💕✨

Here are some really shitty valentines cards, I’m sorry for the terrible-ness