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I don't know if I'm in the right place, but it seems like a blog about Louis (not only). I just want to say that I'm no Larry believer, neither do I have a strong opinion on Louis being or not gay, but I'm genuinely sorry for the fandom that Louis is treated this way. I'm from Poland, but I was in Berlin on 1D concert. I was 15 then and my English wasn't good, but when I happened to face Louis on M&G and I said "you're an inspiration for my brother, he came out as gay to us thanks to you". I +

+ thought I crossed some boundaries, that maybe he’d get angry that someone even connects him with the LGBT+ community, but no. He smiled so bright, didn’t say a word, pressed his lips together and only when I was moving further he said “I’m so happy for your brother. Say hi from me.” That’s it. It was ages ago, I told about it somewhere on Tumblr, but feels like there’s a need to bring back things like this now. (My brother still looks up to Louis, by the way)


magnus’ smooth transition from sweet impromptu visit to his boyfriend’s office to ruthlessly calling him out and obliterating his entire fucking life

+bonus alec shaking in his boots, his life flashing before his eyes, already mentally writing out his will and wondering who’ll step up to deliver Gay Salt™ when he’s dead and gone

hey yall. i just realized something.

this is probably gonna be long but whatever. stick with me.

soooo im currently rereading the original pjo series. and i am feeling. so many. things. i realized a lot of things too.

okayyy so in PJO, we view percy as reckless. stupid. always acting on impulse. basically that dumb guy that never thinks befire doing things. BUT in HOO, we start viewing him as mature and smart and strategic and all that. But he didnt grow THAT much. Percy didnt age that much in hoo.

Remember that iconic scene (Mark of Athena, i think?) where they meet some kind of monster/bad ppl (im too lazy to search it up) aboard the argo II and it was percy that thought of saying that Dionysus was with them? Percy knew about their fear of dionysus, and how he turned them inti dolphins. So he got some diet coke as “proof” that he was there and asked frank to turn into a dolphin. Genius, right?

Annabeth called him smart after that.

That was the only time we considered him smart. (Well not ONLY, just one of the few times.) But guess what? He’s been doing smart shit like that for years already.

I cant really mention all of the times he did something smart/wise. If i did it would take me days before i finish typing.

So i realized why we only thought he was smart in hoo but not in pjo.

In PJO, it was in first person, so we saw everything through the eyes of percy. In this series, he only focused about how stupid he was, about how great other people were and how better they are then him. But he doesnt focus about all the good/smart/wise things he’s done. Percy doesnt know that he’s smart. All he knows is that he is stupid, worthless, and all other negative things.

in HOO, however, we were reading from another person’s point of view. We saw percy from another person’s eyes. We noticed things that he doesnt notice himself.

Hazel called him a god, once, because he was just THAT attractive. Everyone else looked up to him, and thinks he’s the most powerful/strongest person to exist.

But Percy doesnt know that. All he knows is that he’s stupid.

SOOOO, long story short, Percy hates himself.

Ok bye sorry if this was long I just love Percy so much and i a m f e e l i n g s o m U C h

So I was telling @jimintomystery that the fan debate over R+L=J these days is not about whether it’s true, but how consensual it was. And he was like,

Descendants 2 + Aesthetic: Lady Mal of the Isle (x) (x)

“But… that’s me! I’m part Isle and part Auradon.”

dream daddy is the cutest sh*t and i’m still emotional about all of hugo’s dates

More Anons here are wishing me a Happy Birthday than people in real life, I really love you guys, you’re making this shitty day a little better.