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Hi my name is Shaw and I am broke and in a bad home. I have literally never really done commissions professionally and I am currently still a child who is a bit dumb so be kind please. I will draw for money so that I can move out of my currently really bad home situation so that I can supply for myself and my beautiful cat, Anastasia. Contact me if interested!

Hey, so… uhhh… I dunno, I’ve been in a real funk lately, & I feel really bad for not responding to asks & messages on here like I usually try to. I’m really sorry if I haven’t been able to respond, but I’m probably not gonna be responding for a few days still. I’ll make sure to try my best to when I’m up to it, but I think I just need to sort some things out first.

& this is starting to sound a lot more dumb the more I keep rambling, so I’ll just say bye for now but be back before ya know it. ✌

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sorry if this is really random but like every time i see u rb a post and the source is antikarkat (the karkat love blog in case u didnt notice the posts sources before since the url is misleading) i get rly happy bc!!! my bf runs that blog and im really gay for him and also ur one of my very very favorite artists and!!!!! yeah sorry if thats dumb have a nice day !

heck yea i enjoy the blog, deffo keep up the great work and thank u v much ✌️✌️✌️

. OKAY, so I have a theory. Having rewatched all of the Sanvers scenes from the last episode, I can only conclude one thing which is that Maggie was not aware of how Alex actually felt about her. Beginning of the episode she walks up to her as if nothings wrong, she doesn’t quite seem to understand why Kara is clearly ready to murder her, and she opens up very fresh wounds with Alex. Maggie isn’t dumb. She knows, I presume what it’s like to be rejected, and she’s not callous either so if she’d realized how much she hurt Alex I think she would have let it be a little longer. 

Later when they’re talking in the parking garage or whatever, she’s fine until Alex says “Because I was sure of one thing, and that was my feelings for you.” And like right after she says that, Maggie’s whole face changes. It’s then that she realizes that Alex didn’t just have a baby gay crush. It wasn’t just her liking the first gay girl she could find. She genuinely liked her a lot. And when Alex walks away she watches her go and she looks kind of dumbstruck like she’s not quite sure what just happened. 

And finally, at the apartment scene she finally seems to get how much she actually hurt Alex because she’s a lot more careful about her words and about what she’s trying to convey. Also after she says that she hopes one day they can be ‘friends’ she literally looks like she swallowed a lemon. She doesn’t want to be friends, and she knows that Alex doesn’t either but she also knows that it’s too soon. 

Maggie didn’t know. There’s been a few people who have mentioned that Maggie probably doesn’t think she deserves love or is lovable after the way her last gf broke up with her so that probably translates to Alex. She doesn’t understand at first that a beautiful, smart, wonderful woman like Alex might actually love her. 

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I imagine that kid!Kaiba would have built him and kid!Jou a kick-ass treehouse to go hang out in because there’s no way Gozaburo would have let Seto hang out with someone from Jou’s side of town in their house

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Just realized today in my linguistics class that Bethesda took both the “shadowmarks” (skyrim) and “rail signs” (fallout 4) from the concept of “hobo symbols” that existed in North America from the 1890s to the 1930s.

Basically during that time, there was a large number of poor immigrants in north America who often didn’t have a home and would travel around by train looking for work. Since many of the hobos didn’t speak the same language, they created a series of symbols to communicate amongst eachother.

Much like the shadowmarks in skyrim, these marks would be written on the doorways or walls of houses in chalk to tell others wether that house would be friendly or offer help to a traveller. They also left these symbols in box cars and signs entering cities.

I don’t know if this was ever confirmed by bethesda and it certainly isn’t mentioned in the fandom wikis of either game but it certainly looks like they took those concepts. Just thought I’d share.

Secret santa gift for kingaiju, who has absolutely fabulous sylvari that I hopefuly didn’t ruin much. I’m really really sorry for being late, my life is a joke right now and I wanted to make sure this still ends up looking the best I can ;v;