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I'm hoping the Obi Wan film turns into an Obi Wan + Baby Luke go on an adventure movie.

This is literally the opposite of anything I want.

It’s extremely important to me (not to mention heavily implied by ANH canon, but who even cares about that anymore) that Obi-Wan was not really a figure in Luke’s life prior to ANH. He was “that crazy old wizard” that Luke had heard a few stories about, and was vaguely aware of where he lived, but that was it.

Obi-Wan spent 20 years in the desert being depressed, growing mushrooms on his vaporators, practicing his dragon calls, and learning to brew his own moonshine (and then drinking it, in impressive quantities). Nothing Disney does will ever convince me otherwise.


kc au week | day 1 · Crossovers and Fusions

“Words, I think, are such unpredictable creatures.
No gun, no sword, no army or king will ever be more powerful than a sentence. Swords may cut and kill, but words will stab and stay, burying themselves in our bones to become corpses we carry into the future, all the time digging and failing to rip their skeletons from our flesh.”

I think is time for us to talk about Dean and Cas in the impala, just miles and miles of road ahead of them, windows down and their voices rising up over the sound of the wind, they are singing to one of Dean’s tapes. Dean smiles all the way, because Cas knows all the lyrics of his favourite songs perfectly, even better than Dean.


Altar boy finds a stranger in the church sometime before sundown

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Whats your Headcannons on the Devil?

Ah yes I’d love to share a few of my take on the horned fuzzy panther with fork

  • Alright first up, he heavily dislikes wearing clothes bc my dude he’s already got a layer of densely packed fur, give him a break
  • The only time you’ll catch him dressed up is during more formal events or rarely when he has to make an appearance as the Casino’s Owner to his patrons, and even then King Dice has to catch him first. If he has to pick, his style of dressing are those sleek, dark coats with a scarf hanging from his shoulders
  • He likes taking naps throughout the day and practically can fall asleep in any position on the chair. Literally nothing stops him from his beauty sleep and try not to wake him unless you want a hell of a time
  • He can count cash with his eyes closed, no black magic needed. Seriously, he’d make a terrifying and excellent Business man or Accountant if he wasn’t the Devil. He oversees the marketing department of the Casino himself
  • There’s a spot behind his head, near the back of his neck that gets him purring if you scratch it just right. Not that you’d get the chance to. King Dice himself did it once, and it was only due to a stroke of luck that he discovered it
  • When he isn’t keeping track of money or doing satanic stuff, he lurks around the Casino in his Chimera/feline-ish form from the shadows. Inspecting and patrolling, he says. But he gets a kick out of spooking employees and occasionally an unlucky rude patron
  • He enjoys all sorts of cigars but specifically the more expensive ones, and when he finishes one he always eats the burned-out end. He likes the cronch
  • Also he appreciates all alcohol but red wine is his favorite. And no, he doesn’t drink blood. Of course he can, but that’s gross and rude to assume, hmm?

one thing and another with the busy world
where even breathing is hard
what if i said they were why
you and i became distant? 

wait.. so. were we seeing the origional Jim and Jim or is there a third Jim that is a camera man?

i auditioned for a dance group the other day with some reALLY GOOD DIRECTORS (LIKE THEYRE ON SYNDICATE AND AOV) and I was freaking tf out about it all day BUT I GOT IN!!!!! but it’s like 12:15am which means it’s 3:15am for all my friends so instead i an rambling into the void of tumblr but AHHHH I’M SCREAMING i just wanna be good at dance gdi