this is really not nice but i put in a lot of effort so imma post it

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Yeah just nct ones! Or ones that do nct and other groups 😍

okay lemme see…….this is going to be long but i’m literally just naming every writing blog i follow lol bc i really don’t want to leave anyone else. i think you can tell by the length of this list, that i love writing blogs a lot hahaha

@jiminklings ➳ i honestly love her scenarios, she writes a lot of au’s and she writes for so many groups along with nct like shinee, got7, monsta x, bts and astro 

@nctreactions ➳ rosie has a lot of great content, im pretty sure she was the first blog i followed too lol. although she doesn’t post daily or anything, she has a lot of content already there plus i know she’s starting a honeymoon series soon too!

@suhsexual ➳ lauren doesn’t have much content but everything she does have is 100% quality, i love all her stuff but like when are u going to start the hansol series lol

@ncttrashaf ➳ ahhh i think everyone has heard of this blog, but imma still recommend because all the admin are super sweet and humble, and they’re the reason why i started this blog tbh, i honestly aspire to be them lols

@koreankollection ➳ another massive nct blog but i still gotta mention them because all three admins are awesome and their smut is so well-written and realistic???like???? i just really like their style of writing

@jaehwan-mp3 ➳ she writes specifically for 127 as well as bts and vixx, and i love all her content! she specifically does scenarios (i think? correct me if wrong) i can’t wait to see more of her stuff tbh

@whoopnct ➳ a blog dedicated solely to reactions and mtls! they’re all adorable and cute, i recently just found her blog so she’s definitely left a fresh impression on me

@markleetrashh ➳ cheryl is honestly an amazing writer. she’s so active and modest. she also talks a lot with her followers which is adorable and aWE. honestly though, i think she’s a hidden gem on here

@heartclubimagines ➳ she writes for a lot of groups, including boys and girls from produce 101. i think her nct dream scenarios are the best i’ve ever read, they’re so fluffy and innocent and awe i love it!

@chani-babe ➳ ali writes for sf9 too btw! she does fake texts too! im looking forward to more of her nct content tbh! i think her blog is really amazing, i wish her a lot of luck

@hunbomb ➳ her drabbles and aus are so fluffy and wow i love them all. she’s also a doyoung stan so you better her follow her anyway because doyoung stans are rare lol

@oppafeels ➳ my fave mutli-fandom writing blog! she literally writes for so many groups its so impressive, you can tell she puts a lot of effort into her blog. plus she talks a lot with her followers which is always nice to see!

@sugarkpopblurbs ➳ another blog who writes for different groups, including red velvet! her blog is so cute, everything is so well thought out and i can tell she puts a lot of effort into her blog, she can only get bigger tbh

@nctales ➳ i love all her writing! her scenarios are really something else, its so fluent and well written and thought about. her ideas/requests are really cute too omg

@l-etaeyong ➳ i love her friends to lover series! all of them! she hasn’t really written much else, but i know she’s probably preparing a lot more stuff and i honestly cannot wait for it all

@chantenyongs ➳ i don’t think she’s a writing blog as much but she is doing a a-z smut thing with nct and exo and i loved them all especially hansol’s lol, so deffo check that out

@jvngswoon ➳ venus also isn’t a writing blog but sometimes she does bless us with some short cute scenarios and i always enjoy reading them

@hqleetaeyong ➳ i think jess does too???? i’m pretty sure she’s written some stuff and i’ve always loved them!

some other blogs you might want to check out (although i don’t follow any of these, i know they’re all big nct blogs so) : @textingnct @caliboyjaeffrey @sos-sicheng @cutiephon-texts @squaresreact @iracundus-kpop @mypreciouschittaphon @fruityuta @nctreactionsxx @neosreact @neomonstareactions and @chipsandwaffles

if u know any other blogs, please suggest me them!

The wooing of Arthur and his cat 3/5


Summary: England is a simple cat with a simple owner who is about to watch the interesting courtship of his owner Arthur Kirkland, without realizing that he himself is being courted as well.  

A/N: I finally know where I want to go with this fic! Aha it’s probably good since it’s over half done. /o/ Remember this fic doesn’t have an update schedule so I post when I write it. Thanks for the sweet messages on wanting more of it. I do keep it in mind even if I can’t ever guarantee a time of update. :’)

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Heya, I have a question! I'm sorry if you've answered one similar to it already, I must have slipped over it if you did ahhh. But when you started your comic, did you set yourself a schedule to stick by?

No– Unfortunately with my hectic work schedule (and school schedule, at the time when I first started it) I can’t really set a schedule for myself since I don’t have a consistent set of days/times I work.

Also, as I have progressed farther and farther along in the comic, the updates take longer now than it did back at the very beginning.  “Why?”, you ask– the answer is simple:

I’ve talked about this multiple times on streams and stuff, but back when I started my LG nuzlocke, I was a nobody in a very small forum posting a silly comic drawn hastily in photoshop.  It was a comic I was sure no one would read since, at the time, I only had like MAYBE 100-ish followers on DeviantArt and I didn’t really draw fanart stuff outside of my paperchildren and some Zelda art (that was mostly OCs).  

I wasn’t used to having people outside of my group of ZOCRP (Zelda OC Roleplay) friends getting excited about anything I was making and I was busy with school stuff that I was putting most of my energy into (I went to school for animation, if you didn’t know) so this was kind of just a “LOL, IMMA DRAW SOME MEMES– WOOPS I SPELLED CHALLENGE WRONG FOR TWO UPDATES AH WHATEVER WHO CARES” kind of attitude I was taking toward the whole thing.

And then people started reading it.

And commenting.

And what was weird to me was people LIKED it.  They liked my awful scribbles I was doing at 4 and 5AM in my depression-related-paranoia sleepless nights and they were excited to read what I was writing.

So I started actually caring about how it looked– I still couldn’t spend much time on it compared to my schoolwork, but I was putting a little more effort in, bit by bit.  Updates started taking longer.  I colored a few, I even decided to (quickly and cheaply) “animate” some of them.

It kept drawing in more readers and I was like “Oh my god– how do this many people CARE??” it was mind-blowing because I went from a near-nobody (well-known in the ZOCRP club for being a veteran there, but not much elsewhere) to someone everyone recommended to go to for advice and to read my run in the nuzlocke community (that was rapidly growing!).

And then I finished my LG nuzlocke.

I don’t know if I have ever talked about this, but it was my first comic series I ever finished completely.  


I had been writing and scrapping and re-drafting comics for YEARS for original stories and projects that I would never finish because I could never motivate myself enough or I didn’t think it was good enough to finish.

I had finally completed a HUGE dream of mine and proved to myself I could do it, even by just scraping together what free time I DID have.

So I decided to up the ante even more in HG– This is my love letter to all my readers and fans (If I can call you guys that?) because I want my HG run to be something I’m fully proud of and something that everyone who has stuck with me for almost 5 years now (for HG anyways– holy cow!) can still be excited about and still love even though it only updates once every few months.

I have been working hard to integrate color themes and a more complicated plot (that I started writing and integrating into the story back around part 20-ish of LG) and working on improving the overall look of the comic so it’s a more palatable experience.  Unfortunately this takes time for me to do, and I want to take my time with it and make sure it meets everyone’s standards (including my own!)

I’ve been sneaking in a lot of subliminal stuff into the comics (via the colors I choose and the way certain characters’ dialogue is written) and praying everyone has the patience for me to finish and stick with me to the end where I get to let all that hard work pay off.

I wish I had the ability to work on this full time or at least had a job that allowed me more free time to work on it, but I need the money this position gives me and I don’t want to charge for anyone to read my comic (outside of the $2 super huge LG bonus bundle I posted that gives you the option to download all of my LG files including silly doodles) and I don’t update enough to feel comfortable setting up a patreon for the run.

So hold on, everyone, just a little bit longer– I hope that my run ends on a very satisfying note for all of you and that you don’t feel it’s worth it to wait so long for my updates.

Everything I do for this comic is because of my readers, and I am so thankful everyone is super nice and supportive of me, even if I can’t work on this consistently.  <3

(omg this was long-winded I’m sorry I just got all rambly on you sorrysorry)