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high school au where jimin’s upset that his college boyfriend yoongi won’t be able to make it to his last prom but even though he’s all sulky about it, yoongi convinces him to go with tae and kook. so on prom night when jimin’s in the middle of getting ready he hears a knock on the door, and thinking it’s tae and kookie he goes to let them in, hair messy, shirt untucked, tie in his mouth because he just can’t get the hang of it; only to find yoongi standing there wearing a tux and with his hair styled up (which jimin has never seen before Holy Shit), holding a small bouquet of flowers just for him. “come on jiminnie, did you really think i was going to miss your prom?”


It’s in the eyes! I can tell you will always be danger.

unicorngender  asked:

gregorzal for the ask thing :T


  • Who’s the messiest one: Oh Zalvetta for sure;  like, I don’t think he’s super messy, but he never makes a real effort to clean up after himself. Meanwhile Gregor ‘Boy Scout’ Hartway is all about cleanliness and organization. 
  • Who feels the most uncomfortable about PDA: I don’t think either of them would really be uncomfortable with it, honestly. Like, Zalvetta’s not ashamed (holy shit he’s PROUD to be dating Gregor are you kidding??) and Gregor has never really been a private person. They’re perfectly fine with holding hands and exchanging sweet simple smooches in public
  • Who’s the funniest drunk: I don’t think either of them would drink? They’ve got their bodies to take care of
  • Who texts the most: I can’t imagine either of them being big on texting??? Like they’re the type of couple who has hour long phone calls or skype chats, assuming they can’t just see each other in person. Still, I like to think that Gregor would send Zalvetta little reminders, like “Did you remember to eat today?” and “Have a good day :)”
  • Who has the most embarrassing taste in music: God I wanna say that Zalvetta would have the guiltiest pleasure for super cheesy pop music. Gregor catches him jamming to Taylor Swift
  • Who reads the most: I think Zalvetta; Gregor can’t really stay still for too long. Zalvetta honestly reads books to insult the story. Gregor gets to hear all the critiques as he’s doing his stretches
  • Who’s better with kids: This is… hard to tell, since they’re both kinda kids themselves. Kids would naturally like Gregor, and Gregor kind of regards them like he would any other person. For Zalvetta, it just kind of depends on the kid.
  • Who’s the one that fixes things around the house: Gregor does all the hands on work while Zalvetta tells him what to do
  • Who’s got the weirdest hobby: I mean… probably Zalvetta. I mean. Have you seen him
  • Who cooks and who cleans up: They probably do both together and it always takes an hour longer than it needs to because Gregor keeps distracting Zalvetta with “*balancing like 10 plates* hey hey look zalvetta look at me are you looking” and Zalvetta’s constant need to take a break
neil’s grad party

anonymous asked: if youre still taking prompts can you write something about neil finally getting drunk with the foxes? like neil being really loud & open about how much he likes andrew and everyone being like holy shit this is so cute 

anonymous asked: pls pls pls write something about how neil calls andrew his best friend in front of the other foxes !!

anonymous asked: omg please write about neil mistaking aaron for andrew (maybe when he’s a little tipsy or something??)

so as soon as i went to start on the first prompt i got the second and third ones in my inbox and i decided to combine them!

  • the more i’ve thought about it, the more i think neil wouldn’t really get drunk with the foxes while they’re all in college
  • they’re only all together in his sophomore year and i don’t think that he would go from having a drink with andrew over spring break to getting plastered with the rest of the foxes so soon
  • but eventually it happens during neil’s graduation party that they have at the house in colombia
  • since neil was the youngest out of all of the foxes, he was the last to graduate so the celebration was like a family renunion: loud, lively, crowded, and full of alcohol

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what's ur workout routine? cause holy shit I wanna be as hot as u gurl

Awwww thank you !!! I should probably make a proper post about this cause I always get asked, uh, right, so I don’t do as much exercise now as I used to, cause like, I just don’t have time with sixth form and work but:

Basically, now: I just make sure to walk all journeys that I can walk, (I walk to and from the train station in a morning/evening) that actually helps, like just general fitness and like idk, it helps stay toned I guess??? And then my work is like a workout tbh 😂 it’s so fast paced, and like energetic, I do horse riding on Mondays, I tend to just dance around my room and that tones up muscles over periods of time!!! , and whenever I have time I do Pilates and circuit training, and I go swimming some weeks!!! Also, when I’m not at work I go for walks with my parents which involves like climbing and stuff!!!! honestly it’s such a mess to explain 😂

What I used to do/do in the holidays (mainly summer holidays): walk to my friends houses and back, go swimming once a week, go running once or twice a week, do circuit training 3 times a week, go horse riding once a week, go walking with my parents, Pilates, dance around to music!!!

Sorry this is such a mess!!! I just didn’t know how to explain it!!! It’s just a mess of different workouts cause I get bored doing the same thing, so I mix it up all the time!!! But also remember that like everyone’s body is different so your tones will look different than mine! And the fact that like, different days your stomach will look different!

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Hi! Your creations are amazing! I really love your Tonks one. My favourite Harry Potter character has to be Harry, just because I admire him a lot and want him to be happy!

Ahhh thank you so much!!! and yes harry is my favourite too!!! 

name aesthetics: Squinting in bright sunlight, licking lips + averted gazes, soft sweaters, desire to know a secret, piles of books, spilled paint, messy handwriting, smell of coffee,  

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comments/advice: ur edits and gif sets are amazing tbh!!!!! and i love url and theme of blog, good work!!! 

no but listen: adam and gansey love each other so much and they both want to be each other and they don’t want to leave each other behind (not if the quest takes gansey elsewhere or when adam leaves henrietta like he’s been dreaming of his whole life) and that’s probably the first time they’ve ever felt that way before and yeah they fight because it’s hard for them to really understand each other sometimes but holy shit these two boys are so tangled up and messy and complicated and beautiful and sometimes they probably look at each other and they can’t breathe for a moment because this, this is what it feels like, to have someone to love, to be loved by, to make a home in, to make you feel like you finally belong.

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CONGRATTSSS!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉 Ana and apparently James bc he was kinda the best marauder?? (Not really, it's bc an anon made me choose)

THANK U ANA!!!! its kind of mean an anon made u choose the best maurader i mean how is that possible but yes james!!! what a little shit i Love him 

name aesthetics: jutting out your chin and standing up ruthlessly, piles of read books, plants of different shapes and colors, nose bumping, messy handwriting, violent wind and rain, happy sighs and lazy grins. 

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comments/advice: Ana ur an amazing lil bean tbh and i just cant fault ur blog too Good 

want one? 

The Signs Working With Oil Pastel
  • Aries: tbh this is ok this is cool this i-- FUCK ITS EVERYWHERE
  • Taurus: i dont know why everyone dislikes these theyre neat
  • Cancer: wtf i wanna cry these are so impossible?
  • Gemini: precious children holy shit theyre like big crayons i love them.
  • Scorpio: honestly im pretty neutral like they can be a pain but theyre ok
  • Libra: fuck this.
  • Sagittarius: i love the messiness. my hands are like an art project!
  • Capricorn: i would rather work in colored pencil but whatever
  • Virgo: i love all types of art, even oil pastel.
  • Aquarius: oil pastel can fucking suck my dick what the fuck im so pissed @ these
  • Pisces: theyre beautiful really, but not my fave.

(Ignore my messy room.)

Holy shit, I’m really happy right now. My mom took me to get a new backpack for school and we ended up stopping at GameStop. Then my mom got me a fucking Xbox One and now I can actually play Fo4. I was hoping my mom would get me one for my birthday, but I really didn’t think she would.

Now I just have to wait for the updates to find my sons.

Fun Fact: I now own every Xbox made. The original Xbox, an Xbox 360 and now an Xbox One.

man fuckin markiplier with his amazing ass voice and beautiful face and amazing smile and such gorgeous eyes and his blue ass hair thats messy as shit but thats hIS fuckign thing man oh man his fuckin kindness and the warmness aura he gives off is so fuckin neato man oh MAN his laugh gives me butterflies 

man fuckin jacksepticeye with his adorable ass hyperness and his neverending humor and the most pRETTIEST of eyes like holy shit and his laughter and down to earth personality boi o boi dO nOT gET me sTArtED on his deep voice wowie and hoLY tits his kindness overwhelms me man he’s such a sweet bean what a fuckin sweetheart

point is

im really fucking g a y