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Just because you are making me very sexually confused does not mean that you are intimidating!


harry potter fancast:

Oscar Isaac as Godric Gryffindor

“ You might belong in Gryffindor, Where dwell the brave at heart, Their daring, nerve and chivalry. Set Gryffindors apart.” 

Trapped on Christmas Eve (Part 2)

Summary: Modern-Day (AU) Trapped in Vancouver National Airport on Christmas Eve, thanks to bizarre weather, fate runs into you. And his name is Bucky Barnes. When the two of you accidentally swap phones, you’re in for a fun ride. Will you make it on time to coming back home for the holiday, or will you be stuck inside the airport with a stranger you barely even know’s phone? 

Word Count: 1,807.

A/N: Thanks a bunch for all the feedback on the first part!!! I really appreciate it. Hope you guys like the second one! (ps: everything talked about with the airport is all made up, so if you’ve ever been to vancouver international, just disregard my inaccuracy lol)

Part 1 

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Imagine you’re best friends with Jenna, and she introduces you to Josh.

(Beware, this one is longer than Passed Out)

You laughed as Jenna pulled her face away from her glass of milk to reveal a milk mustache. Her eyes widened as she saw you laughing at her, concerned that she had done something wrong. She then wiped her hand across her lip and laughed when she pulled it away with milk on it.

You two were having a girls night (just like every other Saturday, because Saturday’s were for the girls too) and Tyler was off with one of his buddies as well. You and Jenna had been best friends since your Freshman year of High School. You hadn’t had any friends yet, and she felt bad for you, so she “took you under her wing”. You hit it off and had been best friends ever since.

“So let’s talk boys,” Jenna said mischievously. She leaned with both elbows on the island you were sitting at in Jenna and Tyler’s new home. You rolled your eyes playfully at her before she continued. “Tell me about how it went with Brian last night.” She said with curious eyes, trying to absorb every sign that something went good or bad from your expression.

You laughed at her pressing manner but continued anyway. “I’m not exactly sure. The date went well, but it was afterwards that something felt… off.” You said, opening up to her.

“How so? Did he seem unattracted to you, or what?” She questioned concernedly. You shrugged.

“I don’t know. All I did was tell him that he couldn’t come inside because I had plans the next day. Which, obviously wasn’t why I wouldn’t allow him inside.” You said jokingly. You didn’t like the idea of having sex on the first date, and you were a virgin, as a matter of fact.

Jenna chuckled, because she knew both of these things. “Well that’s probably why then. He wanted to ‘do the do’ with you.” She said with a dimpled grin. You rolled your eyes again and blushed at the thought, causing Jenna to laugh again. She leaned back in the stool-chair that sat at the marble island, the pressing manner gone.

You sighed. You’d had a crush on Brian for months. He was your coworker at the record shop you worked at, and after months of hopelessly crushing on him, he finally asked you out. He took you to a drive-in movie where he did try to make a move at one point, resting his hand on your upper thigh. You squirmed under his calloused palm, but did nothing. When he tried to ease his fingers up your shorts, you laughed at him and swatted his hand away. He’d just stared at you and proceeded to go back to watching the movie. At your door when he dropped you off, he kissed you sloppily and asked if he could come in, and that’s when you awkwardly rejected him. He then pulled away, and said goodnight. You haven’t heard from him since.

You really thought he was gonna be “the one”, but it turned out that wasn’t the case. You’ve never been in a relationship where the guy you were dating wasn’t a pig. They always ended up using you for sex (failing, obviously), cheating on you, or being either physically or emotionally abusive.

“God, Jenna, I would do anything to have the relationship that you and Tyler have with each other.” You said wearily, laying your head down on your arms which were folded and resting on the counter. You felt exhausted. Why can’t you find someone? Were you not good enough?

You felt a hand rub up and down your back comfortingly. “Hon, it’s okay. You’ll find someone. I promise, (Y/N).” You sat up to meet the gorgeous blue eyes of your best friend, to see them staring into yours with empathy.

“You really think so?” You asked, sniffling, although there were no tears.

She smiled reassuringly. “I know so. Actually, I kinda wanted to talk to you about that.” You nodded.

“I know someone who I think you’d get along with well.” She said hopefully. You smiled at her; she was such a happy person, and anytime you were around her, you felt happy.

“Who? Is he nice?” You inquired. You knew very well that she didn’t hang around people who were mean. She stopped hanging out with them the moment they showed any signs of being rude or hateful. You didn’t even know why you asked the question.

She raised her eyebrows and smirked at you because you both knew that she doesn’t hang around people who make her feel bad about herself. You both chuckled a bit before she answered.

“His name is Josh, he’s Tyler’s best friend, and they play music together. He’s really nice and pretty attractive.” She said, listing his good qualities. Of course, Brian was attractive and all that, and you thought he was nice at first but… that didn’t work out.

You took a playful pause before talking again. “Go on,” you said with a deepened voice to make her giggle.

“He has bright yellow hair- we like to call him ‘Dunshine’ because his last name is Dun, and his hair is bright like the sun.” She smiled. You chuckled.

“Anyway,” she continued, “he has dark brown eyes and a really nice smile. And, although I still love Tyler, he’s got a really nice body. He drums in Tyler’s band and then runs on the side, so he’s really fit.” She said. You imagined what he looked like. But you’d never seen anyone with bright yellow hair before, so it was hard to picture him.

“He sounds nice.” You said, pondering what he must be like. It must be something great. “Does he know I exist yet or have you not told him about me?” You inquired, curious to know what his reaction was, if she told him about you yet. You also wanted to know what she said, hoping it was good, because you could really use a self esteem boost right about now.

She smirked at me. “Yes I did. He seemed very interested.” She said.

“What did you tell him about me?” You asked, trying not to sound too eager. But she could see right through you and laughed at your curiosity.

“Well, I told him that you’re really easy to be around, you have gorgeous eyes (which you do), you’re absolutely adorable, and that you’re smoking hot.” She laughed when she got to the last one. She was joking, but you knew she actually did tell him something along those lines.

You gave her a lighthearted shove on her upper arm and laughed with her briefly before asking more about Josh.

“So, what are his bad qualities?” You asked, knowing there must be a catch to a guy who sounded as great as he did, or at least, as great as Jenna was describing him.

“The only problem I have with him is that he’s always stealing Tyler from me!” She said with a silly “hmph” to make you laugh.

You giggled. You’d made your decision; you decided to ask her to introduce you to him sometime in the upcoming week. Maybe he’s a good guy.


(Two days later)

You tapped your fingers on the table you were sitting at, alone, waiting for Jenna, Tyler, and Josh to arrive at the local diner you’d agreed to meet at. Your eyes were on your black converse that rested on the darkened and scummy red carpet of the diner, trying to distract yourself from your anxiousness.

You were very nervous, as this would be your first time meeting they guy who you’d asked endless questions about for a few days now, ever since Jenna just told you a couple things about him on Saturday. You just kept thinking about him, even though you had never met him. You were somehow crazy about him.

Every time the door at the front of the diner opened and jingled the bell on the door, your heart leapt into your throat, just at the anticipation of them finally getting here. This time, though, it really was them. You watched your best friend, her husband, and a very attractive man walk through the door. You blushed when you saw him; he was even more attractive than you had been imagining.

His eyes searched the diner, looking for you, until his eyes landed on you and your table at last, at the very back of the diner. When he saw you, his composure changed to an expression that looked like he was interested, and wanted to see more, which made you blush again. At least he seemed like he was as crazy about you as you were for him.

When he finally realized he was staring, he gave a shy smile and a wave. You gave a timid smile back, and wiggled your fingers at him in a hello from across the room.

Jenna pointed you out to the man at the front desk, and the man followed her gaze and let them in to get to your table that you’d picked out. The small group made their way to your table, and you stood up to greet Josh officially.

Up close, he was maybe 4-5 inches taller than you, and when he got close enough, you had to look up slightly to see his eyes. When you did look up, you saw him staring into your eyes as well.

You looked back at Jenna and Tyler to make sure they weren’t watching you two before you decided to begin a conversation with Josh.

They were enthralled in each other, of course, because they were the cutest couple in the universe. Since you’d been friends with Jenna before she met Tyler, you had always third wheeled them throughout their entire relationship, watching as they never lost interest in each other.

That’s what you wanted in a relationship. Always that thrill you get when you see your crush come around the corner. The butterflies when they rest their hands on your waist. The blush when you get complimented on how beautiful you looked tonight. And they just never lost that spark.

You finally spoke to Josh, looking at him with a small smile playing on your lips. “Hi! You must be Josh.”

He smiled back and you noticed his perfect teeth, gleaming white and straight, and you also noticed that when he smiled, he got little crinkles around his eyes.

“Yes, I am. And you must be (Y/N)? Otherwise, It’s kinda creepy that you know my name.” He said with a chuckle.

You laughed. “Yes that’s me. And, no, I’m not a stalker.”

“Oh well that’s good.” He said, looking into your eyes again with a fading smile. You both paused before you spoke again.

“Well, how about we sit down in this really, kinda low quality booth that I had specially reserved for our group?” You said in a sarcastic tone to make the brief moment of silence less awkward.

He chuckled and then made a gesture for you to sit down closest to the wall, ladies first. You grinned and shuffled into the yellow and red colored booth, and looked back to see Josh focusing on also trying to maneuver his way into the booth beside you. You watched as he struggled to fit in next to you without having to crush you into the wall (which, you actually wouldn’t mind…) and laughed when he finally got himself situated.

He gave a playful scowl followed by a grin, and the two of you turned your attention to Tyler and Jenna who were looking at you with an amused expression, waiting to have a conversation.


The meal went great. You all talked about a number of topics, the main one being Tyler and Josh’s band. They’d just gotten back from their tour of your hometown, called Tour De Columbus. You hadn’t realized that they were twenty one pilots. You’d heard them on the radio all the time and you’d loved their music, but you had no idea that it was Jenna’s husband. You just never really looked into them (of course you would now).

Of course, though, you and Josh did get some alone time when Tyler and Jenna broke off into their own conversation. When you got the chance to be in your own conversation with Josh, you talked out the basics like favorites and life stories.

Your favorite part was when he started talking about how he began drumming. He said that he’d walk down to his local record store, and ask the toughest looking dude for an album recommendation, and then he’d buy that album, and use the drums in their store to practice/ learn how to play along to the music.

As he told the story, you saw him get passionate about it, and you knew it was a story that was close to his heart, and you loved watching him speak his mind.

He paused and looked at you with a shy smile. “Why are you looking at me like that?” He said.

You felt your face get hot when he asked this question, knowing that since it was only the first date, you can’t tell him something as romantic as ‘I love watching your expression when you talk. You’re such an amazing person’.

“Uh, no reason. You were saying?” You stuttered. He hesitated before diving back into his story again.


You stepped out of Josh’s car and into the humid night. It had been raining for most of the night, and it had just recently stopped. So, moisture + heat = humidity, which would begin making your hair puffy any minute now.

He closed the passenger door behind you. You turned back to make sure that he was following you up the driveway to your door; what gentleman doesn’t walk a lady to her door?

The two of you walked hand in hand to your front door, his thumb slightly caressing yours, giving you butterflies. When you reached your door, you turned to face each other like they do in the movies when a girl gets dropped off. And you decided to say the most cliche thing ever.

“Well, this is me.” You said with a smirk.

He chuckled at your cliche joke that most people wouldn’t haven’t gotten immediately. During dinner you’d talked about how you hated cliche endings in movies, and he surprisingly shared the same hatred for it.

And he had an even better cliche comeback; he moved his hand to the side of your face and gently holding your face, stroking your cheek, making you shiver. He moved his other hand to the other side, and he leaned in and you felt your eyes close, to be left with only the sensation of his soft lips touching yours lightly.

The kiss started out slow and light, but it escalated into a rough passion, his left hand moved to the back of your neck and your fingers lightly tugged at his yellow hair. You felt your face get warm from the ever escalating moment that you had caught yourself in.

Suddenly, he pulled away, and looked into your eyes with a hungry expression. You were both out of breath from the experience.

“Um… would you be okay if I uh… maybe uh came in?” He stuttered out nervously, his eyes roaming anywhere other than your eyes while he eventually got the sentence out.

You put you hand on his face to move it so that you were looking into each other’s eyes. You smiled reassuringly before speaking again.

“Of course you can.” You said with a slight seductive edge to let him know you were getting impatient.

He smirked and pressed himself against you as you unlocked your door, and you turned around to kiss him again. He picked you up, and you for some reason felt like it would be right to wrap your legs around his waist. As you walked into your apartment, you knew that this was the right person to do it with for the first time.



Hey there! I’m glad that I’m finally starting to get reads, as I’ve uploaded a few chapters on other social medias such as Tumblr and once or twice on Amino. If you’re reading this, I sincerely thank you for reading my content; it makes me feel better about myself.

I’m really sorry that this chapter was so long 😂 I was expecting it to be cute and short when I started working on it, but it ended up being almost 3,000 words.

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Word Count: 2802

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(I’m not really happy with how it came out but i made this just intime for todays post and it wasnt really meant to be a great animation anyway)


Realised that I haven’t posted anything for a little while.
Mostly since nothing is going on right now, still waiting for the hospital to call me so I can run the bloodworks and get my hormones. Also haven’t taken any new pictures in a while since I’ve been to lazy to put on makeup, and don’t really have any good old ones.

But oh well, here’s two low quality photos atleast, it’s something right? :^)

Faded Blue - Ch28: Lessons


Once, a Gem ran away from Homeworld, adopted Earth as her home, fell in love with a human rockstar, and had a child.

That Gem was Blue Diamond.

Now twelve years old, Steven is coming into his power… but the more he learns about it and his mother’s legacy, the less he may actually want it.

Master Post with AO3 and links can be found here.


Lars moved around the kitchen, cradling the bowl full of mixed ingredients and trying to remember where he placed the bag of ube powder. Before he could remember that he placed it on top of the microwave, he felt his phone vibrating in his pocket, followed by its electronic-sounding ringtone.

He fished the phone out of his pocket, still cradling the bowl in the crook of his arm, and answered it with a terse “Hello?”

“Where are you?” It was Sadie on the other end, sounding more than a little angry.

“Home,” Lars answered simply, setting the bowl down so he could continue his search for the ube powder.

“Home!? What are you doing there? We have work today!”

Lars grabbed the wayward bag from the microwave top and opened it, pouring it into the bowl. “I’m taking a personal day.”

“It would have been nice to know about that before the morning rush, Lars…” Sadie intoned.

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sanzochan’s LiTs Christmas Giveaway!

HELLO FELLOW LiTs! As you all know, Christmas is coming. I’ve been keeping myself busy at work (re:procrastinating) and I’ve made some mini bookmarks! So here’s the thing. I’m gonna do a giveaway to anywhere in the world.

How does it work?

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  • I will be choosing the winners by 18 Dec, 8pm (GMT +8) and if they don’t reply within 24 hours, I will choose another winner.
  • I will ship them to anywhere in the world, as long as you’re on Earth.
  • You don’t have to be following me to participate, but that’ll be nice.
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How do the mini bookmarks look like?

You might have seen the back of the bookmark:

And now, I’m gonna show you the FRONT of the bookmark, with ruler for reference (sorry for the low picture quality, THIS WAS THE BEST I COULD DO):

Each bookmark is roughly around 2.5cm by 10cm and they’re all designed, printed, and hand cut by me. (Yeah, I DID say they’re MINI bookmarks because I accidentally chose “cm” instead of “inches” in photoshop while making them, oh well.)

And that’s it, really! Just like/reblog this post by 18 Dec 2015, 12AM (GMT +8) aka 17 Dec 2015, 8am PST to participate! I hope you like them! Good luck!


The first and last scenes of Elsie Hughes Carson, Downton Abbey Series 1-6. 

(It’s really low quality for some reason…I think it exported weird. Oh well.)