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I think about Oikawa being able to use and wear make up like, a lot. like when he was younger and grew up with his older sister, he’d always ask her to let him use it too. she would smile and let him put some on, and even though it’d look messy the first few times they’d both have fun with it. he even used to let her put it on him until he finally learned to apply it really well on himself.

he’d wear it when he goes out to the mall with his sister or to eat, or wherever, and he feels super pretty and good about himself.

when he meets Iwa for the first time he’s wearing his makeup and poor Iwa almost confused him for a really pretty girl. Oikawa wasn’t offended, but he found it hilarious because Iwa was so flustered as he kept apologizing.

eventually he invites Iwa over for a sleepover and Oikawa shows him his ever growing makeup kit his sister bought for him. Iwa is pretty impressed, then he shyly asks if he could wear some too. Oikawa is beaming.

they wear it occasionally in grade and middle school, but when they get to high school they both stop wearing it because they suddenly feel super self conscious. they don’t wanna get made fun of by their volleyball team senpais.

then they reach their third year and they go to a party. they debate about wearing makeup but in the end they decide screw it, we’re wearing makeup, we don’t care anymore. it’s been a couple years since they’ve worn any, and they feel so happy because they still look beautiful and they’ve missed it.

Iwa shows up wearing dark eye shadow and cat-eye eyeliner, while Oikawa’s wearing purple lipstick, some mascara and glittery eye shadow. they look amazing and they know it. Oikawa brought a bag with him to hide behind the couch filled with makeup products in case of an emergency.

through the night they eventually run into Mattsun and Makki, and they’re terrified. they’re best friends, but they haven’t told them their little secret that’s right on their faces.

but instead of laughing Makki and Mattsun are just… speechless? they’re not laughing? they tell Oikawa and Iwa that they look gorgeous, they ask where they got their makeup done, and Oikawa just.. wants to cry. he does, and it ruins the mascara. Iwa fixes it for him and Mattsun and Makki are impressed.

they ask if they could get them both to put on makeup for them because they wanna try it too. they happily do it for them; Oikawa is busy applying a pretty shade of pink on Makki’s lips while Iwa is putting cat eyes on Mattsun. they all look good af and they have a fun time at the party.

on monday, they all show up to volleyball practice showing off, and everyone is pretty much in awe because their senpais look really good.

they now wear it whenever they have sleepovers or when they finally start dating.


it’s no secret: i love, love!!! i love the love between the characters we ship! i love the love we have for our fandoms! and i love the love we share between each other in our circles! (^  O ^) but it’s not all hearts and sparkles all the time! (=   v =);; we aren’t always as good to ourselves, each other, or our communities as we could be… SO! (-^   w ^-) i figured, what better time than Valentines Day to spread a little bit of positivity and love around!!! the idea is very simple ~ spread the love! no matter what fandom you’re in, what you ship, or who you share your Tumblr space with! (O   w O) and that includes yourself! just reblog this post and add three parts to it:

  • PART ONE: LOVE YOURSELF! share something you really love about yourself! it can be anythings! so long as it’s positive! <3
  • PART TWO: LOVE OTHERS! @ someone (or many someones) on Tumblr and tell them why you love them! <3
  • PART THREE: LOVE YOUR FANDOM! share what it is you love about your OTP! (or OTPs! OT3s! or broTPs! whatever! XD) <3

there are a lot of negatives in the world right now, so it can’t hurt to take a moment and remember all the REALLY AWESOME stuff and AMAZING people that we’re lucky to have in our lives! (-^   O ^-)

On February 1st i will be randomly selecting one person who has reblogged this post and added the three parts above; that person will receive a full color drawing of the pairing of their choice - either for themselves or for someone special - that will then be posted on Valentines Day! <3

all the best to everyone, whether you take part or not! (^ ____^) i hope maybe this can inspire you to even just take a moment and say “i love you” to someone who you might not otherwise tell! (o    w o) a very happy Valentines Day to you all! and may you always have love in your lives! *HUGS*

plots based off songs from melanie martinez’s debut album crybaby;;

001. alphabet boy — fuck all your abc’s, alphabet boy,

  • { a } & { b }  have always been at odds—both being the smartest kids in their grades but having completely different opportunities. { a  } was born into a poor family and therefore family takes priority over grades and they fall behind constantly. { b } was born into wealth, affording all the tutors and generally having it easy and picking on  { a } who they usually have to tutor so they can catch up. eventually { a } drops out of school to work for their family and { b } graduates top of their class. but a year later they both run into each other and things are different— { a } is still working but earned a ged and is now moving into a new apartment, and { b } is struggling after being cut off financially and now with no place to stay—not to mention they’re knee deep in college debt now. { b } is now in desperate need of { a }’s help, but will they help them after so many years of teasing?

002.  soap —  i feel it coming up my throat guess I better wash my mouth out with soap,

  • { a } & { b } were once really great friends who told each other everything, who could call one another at one in the morning and know the other person would pick up. however, { a } felt something more for { b } and as easily as they could, confessed to them. { a } now feeling smothered and pressured, said they didn’t feel the same way and { b }, hurt, cut off all communications with them. years later at a party, { a } sees { b } drunk and ignoring them at all costs. when { b } drunkenly stumbles outside,  { a } corners them and demands to know why they’ve been avoiding them for long, generally getting more and more upset until   { b } drunkenly yells that they’re still in love with them and never got over a broken heart before passing out. { a } takes { b } home with them, and the next morning { b } wakes up in { a }’s apartment, hungover but with the blaring memory of what happened the night before. they try to escape, but { a } won’t let them leave their life again. because just maybe….in the years when { b } ignored them, { a } realized they were actually in love with { b }. but seeing how { b } completely hates them now, doesn’t know how to say it.

003. training wheels —  fully undressed no training wheels left for you,

  • before they were even a couple, { a } and { b } were always known as the shy kids, so when they got together, nobody could resist admiring how cute they were as a couple. from blushing every time they looked at each other, to the gentle way they touched each other, even how they always teased and poked fun at each other when they never did it with anybody else. they’ve always been on the surface of a relationship, but { a } is ready to take it further—they feel that they’ve been ready to go father, but { b }, who suffers from low self esteem after a previous bad relationship, has always been the reason they’ve held back. when they decide to take a small roadtrip together, { a } hopes to use this time to get closer to { b }, emotionally and physically. they’re staying in old hotels and sharing beds, stealing each other’s clothes and all both of them really want is to be with each other, no matter what happens.

004. pacify her —  you don’t love her stop lying with those words,

  • { a } and { b } have been friends for a while, and there’s always been something more bubbling under the surface, but neither have ever acted on it until both got drunk at a party and admitted it and then slept together. after that day things have always been a bit strange between them, but they kept their stance as friends. but when { b } starts dating another person who { a } personally can’t stand, things turn sour between them. and when their partner lets out their ugly side and lashes out at { a } and { b } does nothing to defend them, { a } decides they want nothing to do with either of them. until { b } shows up crying at their door.

005. mrs. potato head — oh mrs. potato head tell me, is it true that pain is beauty,

  • { a } is born into family where looks are everything—their mother is a beauty queen, so are their sisters. their father is deemed attractive, voted the most handsome in high school and still now is complimented for his good looks. { a } from a young age is forced to believe without good looks you’ll have nothing, and has been groomed from a young age, participating in beauty pageants where they always take first place. nobody looks at the person { a } truly is, and they themselves are forced to hide away the truer parts of them that would rather curl up in sweats and write stories, something they’ve been doing forever to handle the pressure. along comes { b } a journalism student, who comes across one of the stories { a } leaves behind after a gala and is impressed; always having the idea that { a } and the rest of their family were rather stuck up and annoying. the next time they run into each other, { b } returns the story along with a book they’ve always enjoyed. as time goes on, the two develop a cute relationship, leaving notes for each other in books, sneaking around and { a } sneaking out from galas and parties just to be with { b }. { b } is seeing { a } for who they are, not because of their face, and that in itself makes { a } want them all the more.

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I just read that drabble you wrote two days ago -- the one where Kitamoto gets hurt -- and and and... COULD THERE PLEASE BE A CONTINUATION?? I really want to see how Nishimura and Kitamoto react to flying on Madara and their realization that Natsume indeed can see youkai and and and I'm imagining Natsume being terrified that they'll be too scared to approach him from now on but they're just like dude, you're our friend and always will be, and it'll be Tanuma's first time flying as well and AAHHH

a continuation of this

Disappearing cats and disembodied voices are both things that Satoru was not prepared to deal with during their overnight camping trip; right alongside his best friend breaking his wrist, and the four of them gearing up for an admittedly treacherous hike back down the mountain in the dark.

But Natsume’s face is white with real fear, and his eyes are as dark as they were the day Satoru met him, even if his expression doesn’t really change much. His arms are curled around his middle the way they’d usually be curled around his cat, like a guard – as if those frail hands could shield him from anything that really wanted to hurt him – and, remarkably, Satoru can put aside everything else that’s going on to frown at his friend.

Sure, there was a violent curl of wind and a screen of white smoke, and Nyan-nyan-sensei vanished into thin air. Kitamoto stumbled back a few steps in alarm, but Tanuma was there to keep him steady, which leaves Satoru free to jab a finger at Natsume and snap, “You look like you’re gonna pass out! Take a breath!”

Some of that awful, bleak dread in Natsume’s face recedes to make room for bewilderment instead. Satoru has that affect on people.

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hope u werent asked this b4 but i want to learn to make gifs so i can make stimboards for myself but ive tried many ways that other ppl recommended (like ezgif, instagiffer, etc) but im kinda slow n its hard for me to do things w/o a visual guide i dunno why but also w/ tumblr's size limit n framing (whatever that means) it's hard for me to understand how to get the gif right. do u or ur followers know of any guides or anythings? thx!

I looked around but I couldn’t really find a visual guide anywhere? And the ones that I found on google are for programs I’m not familiar with, so I wouldn’t be able to explain it very well! So I made one that describes the way that I do it! ^^ It’s long bc of the pictures, so I’ll put it under a readmore!

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11 questions (sort of)

Okay, this is like 11 questions x 10 and w o w thank you to everyone who tagged me in this. I’m so lucky to have met such wonderful people here on Tumblr  (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

This post is terribly TL;DR, but I made the usernames large and bolded, just in case the people who tagged me want to read my answers??

P.S. I had fun answering all the questions :3

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Werewolf!Jin Part Two

So someone requested werewolf!Jin falling in love with a human and I thought it sounded really cute so without further ado, here is our lovely, ever so talented sweetheart, Kim Seokjin aka Jin aka can we take a minute to talk about his hands bc I am a huge hand girl I love hands and his are just so wow like they’re unique and adorable and they’re beautiful can I just say that like they’re w o w wow the fingers are all long and nice and they look warm and he just seems like he’d be great at hand holding I love Jin and his hands

  • Part one is here, werewolf!Jin as a father is here
  • Falling in love with humans isn’t exactly forbidden but it also isn’t encouraged
  • It can be kinda tricky tbh
  • There have been countless times where the human finds out their lover is a werewolf and then breaks up with them
  • Werewolves fall d e e p so when their partner leaves, it’s crushing it just absolutely breaks their hearts
  • That’s actually the main reason they avoid dating humans bc there’s always a huge risk of them being rejected
  • There’s not really that risk when it comes to dating fellow werewolves so a lot of them just try to find their loves within their packs or packs that are close by
  • When werewolves do love someone though, that someone becomes their everything, human or not
  • Jin is the first of the boys to find his love
  • It starts off super casual, he has no intentions of falling in love
  • You two start off as friends who happen to be in the same class and have the mutual friend of Namjoon
  • The three of you hang out together a lot, whether it’s studying or getting something to eat or just chilling out together
  • But you start developing a crush on Jin bc he’s Jin
  • He’s lovely and a total sweetheart how do you not have a crush on him when he’s being all cute 25/8
  • Like this one time, all three of you are hanging out and it starts raining
  • Namjoon has a class to get to so he can’t drive you home (he’d been your ride to the café)
  • Jin, without a single bit of hesitation, gives you his jacket and is like I’ll give you a ride no problem
  • The entire car ride he’s making sure you’re all comfy like is the heater high enough do you like this song do you want to stop for food on the way
  • And despite the both of you being a bit drenched from having to run to his car in the rain, it’s actually a shit ton of fun
  • He makes you laugh and smile the entire time and it’s never awkward like he doesn’t push for conversation but he also doesn’t allow awkward silences and he balances it really well
  • At one point, he starts singing along to the radio and his voice is all soft and he’s giggling through most of it
  • And his laughter is so infectious so you have to laugh too and eventually you start singing along with him
  • You can feel your heart doing the thing and it’s just like here we go
  • It takes a while for either of you to make a move
  • Like the both of you spend months giving each other secret love filled looks and staring at each other’s hands while really just wanting to reach over and grab it
  • One day he takes your hand without realizing it bc werewolves tend to just rely on their instincts and his told him to hold your hand so that’s what he did
  • It all kinda just goes from there it’s really natural and simple and no one worries too much about it
  • It’s just a hey I like you, you like me, why not do something with that???
  • There is one thing he’s worrying about though
  • You’re human and he’s not and he’s really !!!! over how he’s gonna tell you
  • Here’s the thing, Jin is a really honest person like I don’t see Jin as someone who would lie about things like that
  • The second he realizes he’s in love with you, he starts thinking of ways he can tell you
  • Should he be upfront and just say it, get it over with?? Should he try to ease you into it?? Should he get Namjoon to help him??
  • In the end he decides it’s best to just be honest bc that’s what the both of you have always wanted from each other
  • He explains the entire situation to you, answers all of the questions you have
  • He’s completely honest with you and tells you all the good things about being a werewolf and all of the bad things
  • He’s like holding his breath bc he’s trying to figure out what your reaction is
  • You haven’t left yet so that’s a good sign but you also haven’t given much of a reaction like he’s just really curious as to what’s on your mind
  • He loved you with all of his lil heart and the thought of you leaving him over this was just no mm mm
  • You’re kinda ??? when he asks if you’re gonna leave bc that thought never even came to mind
  • “Why would I leave?? It’s a part of who you are it’s not like you can help the way you were born I still love you”
  • He honestly almost starts crying bc he’d grown up with stories of humans rejecting werewolves after finding out the truth and now you were staying and his lil heart is so so happy
  • He gets this huge smile on his face and he just hugs you really really tight
  • “Thank you”  

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E! Hi ok, I need some advice. My long term bf and I just had sex w/o a condom for the 1st time last night and I REALLY liked the feeling of him cumming in me and I looked it up and it's called a creampie kink (gross I know! I will never b able to look at little Debbie creampies ever again) anyways I really don't know how to tell him that I want him to cum in me w/o sounding like I'm crazy ya know? Like I don't want him to freak out and think I'm trying to get pregnant or anything

Lol, I started chuckling because I know it’s a creampie, but somehow hearing creampie kink and being reminded of Little Debbie creampies…. 

A good place to start would be asking what his thoughts were on it – if he likes it, too, then you probably don’t have to worry about anything. Of course, if there’s any reason at all for him to feel uncomfortable or uncertain and he *doesn’t* want to, then that’s that. Provided you’re using some form of hormonal birth control or a non-hormonal IUD,  I don’t *think* he would be concerned, but that’s something you can only get out of him. With the possibility for pregnancy out of the way, I’d also think you could just… go for it, you know? “Hey, I really liked how that felt. Let’s do it again.” He’ll probably hear “I made her feel good” and not have any problem with it. 

IF, however, you’re a little shyer, you could try telling him you liked how close it made you feel to him and you’d like to forego the condom next time, too. Again, he’ll hear that you liked it, and without any reason to be concerned about pregnancy, I can’t think of why he would be opposed to it (only he could come up with those reasons). 

(This is now going to be so annoying of me – so, so, so annoying, but I feel compelled to say it, even though you’re most likely already doing this – but please, please make sure you’re using another form of birth control if you’re not using any barrier methods and be positive that both you and your partner are STI/D free. If that’s taken care of, again, I see no reason why he would be hesitant!) xx

vixx-songs-but-not-really list pt.2

collab stages

not-exactly-stages stages

ken’s solo stages

featuring rapper ravi

keo duets 


((pt.1 here))

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[ E X A M P L E S ] :

[ W I L L   N O T   D R A W ] :
-Complicated Machinery
-NSFW Situations

[ W I L L   D R A W ] :
-ACNL Villagers/Mayors

= W A K E  [ E - B O W ] =

When I was 19 I had a sort of existential crisis; I dropped out of school, bought a motorcycle, and took off on a 3 month trip roaming the U.S., just couch surfing with strangers and meeting new people in each city. I was reckless; flying down highways and back roads all day long at obscene speeds. I think I was looking for something, but I didn’t really know what it was yet.

I used to listen to this song, “Wrapped In Piano Strings” by Radical Face as I sped over mountains and through the desert on my bike. The wind biting at my face, this fluttering in my chest… it was like I was escaping everything I knew, everything that was familiar. When the climax of the song was approaching, I would put my head down and just completely open up the throttle. The feeling it gave me was one of the most beautiful I have ever felt. It was like a religious experience. It brought me close to tears a few times. For the first time, I saw the world as profoundly beautiful. This song is inspired by that feeling… Escaping the familiar, venturing into the unknown.


Six words on the tip of my tongue, girl
I never thought I’d get this close
Cause you’re so beautiful
The darkness of your soul

Two friends take a step in the darkness
Won’t you throw me on the ground
Grab me by the heels and drag me down?
Down, down, down, down, down

One look and my fingers are numb, girl
Bring a rope
Won’t you tie all your kisses around my throat?
Pull me close, let me know I’m done

I can tell from the smoke in your lungs, girl
You’re not alone
I’m terrified by the presence inside your bones
It pulls you down, down, down, down

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