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hello hello! i’m red/reddo, otherwise known as hinomod from fatesnet!! you can also call me hi, hino, or whatever variant of hinoka that you want to ( ´ ◡ ` )  i’m really looking forward to getting to meet all of you (you all already seem so nice!!), so i wanted to maybe say hello real quick! 

if any of you want to talk to me, feel free to message me or ask for my skype/twitter! i’m not the best at making conversation, but i really hope to get along with all of you–! 

anyways, i just wanted to say hi. i hope you’re all having a good day! 

I’m sorry I really need to get this out of my system but

I hate cis people who try to talk to you about surgery and ask WHEN you’re getting it done and if you’re gonna bind in the meantime “you know, because I’m concerned about you :))))))”

Like. Sorry. Unless you’re volunteering to 1. Pay for it, 2. Find me the time to get it done, 3. Set up my appointments, and 4. Take care of me while I’m recovering, it’s best that you don’t say a peep to me about it because it’s none of your damn business what I do with my body.

Also! You don’t know jack shit about binding! I can’t wear that shit for more than 8 hours (even less when I first start!), I can’t wear that shit during stressful/strenuous activity (like!! You know, work?!), AND it can cause serious health problems?! Like, if you wanna pay for my binder AND all of the medical bills that can come with it then sure!!! I’ll bind all damn day!!!

And when they try to cover their questions up with shit like “oh I just don’t want people to misgender you” or “I just want you to be comfortable!” Like!!! Stop!!! You’re not fooling anyone!!! I make you uncomfortable and I embarrass you and you hate my body!!! I know!!! I know!!!! Shut up!!!!!

Mix It Up a Bit

@princewarmachine‘s prize for winning the giveaway. It took so long to get to I’m sorry. T-T Classes started off stronger than I thought they would. Anyway! Here it is some ChrisxMatt You asked for them flirting at a party… this has that! Plus some angst… plus some making-out… >-> But everything is rated T and I really hope you like it!

Pairing: ChrisxMatt (what’s their ship name? Like Jacket Cinnamon Rolls?)

Warnings: Rated T for make-outs, alcohol consumption (How many times can I make Chris make-out with drunk people), drug mention, and language, it’s kind of a comfort fic I think. 

Word Count: 2307

Summary: After spending too long at a party, Chris searches for his friends to convince them it’s time to go. Upon finding Matt, the two end up in a strange conversation where Matt admits some… unusual things. In an attempt to cheer him up, Chris has them ditch the party to go do something memorable.

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The question caught him off guard, and he regarded
her with a perplexed expression. Valentine’s Day was
a day that he didn’t really think about often.

“Valentine? No, I uh - I don’t have one.”

Hmm. That’s quite a shame.❞

The woman’s proximity to him does not make it evident that this is their first exchange. Especially as she brings her long pointer finger to her lips and smooches the tip, then presses it softly against his own, marking him with a small spot of crimson lipstick.

❝You’re one of the cute ones.❞ 

Bear with me, please

//Just a reminder that I am still kinda on hiatus.
It won’t last long, I hope. Probably until the end of this week, but I really don’t know when I’ll be able to function normally.
I don’t want to write essays about the reasons, because I really don’t want to bother anyone with them…
Basically, I’m (still) not in a good condition and I need to just get over it and then sleep it off or something.
I will be back soon, I promise.

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Any headcanons on Obi, So, Mara, and Winter? :O

Well, of course!

  • Obi and Mara are best friends

  • Obi is a rather earnest, clever boy, but really not that observant

  • (he kinda totally doesn’t notice that the bad year is really THAT bad because he really didn’t pay that much attention to it. Sure, he was six, but… yeah)

  • Mara always, always pranks him

  • So’s full name is Shmi Ahsoka Skywalker. Growing up, everyone just called her So, but sometimes, when she goes undercover as a Jedi, she uses the name Shmi

  • Winter is a patron of the arts. Her biological father was an artist, and she inherited both his talent and his interest in arts

  • (Luke and Annie totally use that when they are fifteen and Leia and Ezra can’t stop swooning about visiting artist Sabine Wren. They get Winter to get Sabine and interview at one of the most prestigious art schools on Alderaan, and within a week, Sabine has a scholarship and is out of their hair. The scholarship was won through talent, it was only the interview they arranged)

  • So is a perfectionist. She takes it to an unhealthy level, having been told all her life that her birth saved her parent’s marriage (it was actually both of them admitting that stuff wasn’t working out and going to marriage counseling as well as a therapist, but saying it’s So is easier). This makes her think that she has to be perfect to keep their family together, which… like I said, unhealthy and self destructive

  • Luke and Leia try to tell her that their parent’s marriage is not her responsibility, but she doesn’t listen to them

  • the others don’t really realize what’s going on

  • So grows out of it a bit after she becomes Annies padawan and had a confrontation with her parents about it, but she’s always a bit perfectionistic

  • Obi becomes a healer

  • he also has like, the most stable, unexiting, normal relationship of the whole family

  • (it’s with Ezra, which nobody really saw coming, but they’re super happy, so everyone else is happy, too)

  • Winter becomes her father’s aide in the senate at age 16, around the same time Luke becomes Padme’s aide

  • they bond over being the youngest members of the senate staff and being super nervous about it

  • Winter likes Leia, she really does, but she just gets along much better with Luke

  • Mara is a bit of a fire cracker

  • she loves a good party, especially when she’s younger

  • she also developes a crush on Luke very early on, but never acts on it and eventually gets over it (think Ginny Weasley)

  • which is why it surprises her so much when she goes on a mission with Luke and it just… all comes up again

  • (Luke totally didn’t realize she was crushing on him)

  • Winter is always dressed perfectly. It freaks others out at times, but she likes it, and bonds with Padme over different hairstyles and the like

  • Mara starts wearing exclusively her Jedi robes a few years after getting married to Luke, because she’s sick of only being called “Senator Skywalker’s wife”


based on this song

and here’s the original version of it

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Can you recommend any very very very long frostiron fics?

I can do that, but you should know, they’re probably all the ones you’ve read/seen before. [Also, because this is a personal list, I won’t be recommending any that aren’t my cup of tea or ones I just kind of forgot.. I read a lot of fics, soooo… ]

* Oh, also, I won’t be adding any of my own fics on here, even if some of them are kind of long. 

Bend Around the Wind      |    Words: 403,125 Chapters: 100/100

Minute of Decay                |     Words: 328,718 Chapters: 60/60

[^^^Warning: This is a harsh one, and technically not a happy ending, depending on your perspective.]

Poetic Justice                   |       Words: 311,470 Chapters: 142/142

Chaos Theory: Phase One     |  Words: 256,860 Chapters: 42/42

[^^^I haven’t actually read this one yet, it’s on my list, but i’ve heard it’s good.] 

We Will Fight or Fall          |     Words: 221,819 Chapters: 58/58

The New Management      |     Words: 214,514 Chapters: 37/37

 Winterheart                      |       Words: 144,515 Chapters: 22/22

The Underwater Basket-Weaving Society of America  | Words: 130,000 Chapters: 47/47 

Say Goodbye to Yesterday   |   Words: 111,713 Chapters: 4/4 

[^^^ Don’t freak out, just keep reading. ]

Spiting the Sun  | Words: 52,439 Chapters: 21/? 

[^^^ Okay, it’s not complete and I don’t think it ever will be and @chigrima, don’t be sad, i’m not grumping at you over it, it’s okay, you’re fabulous and I hope you had some great tea today. But, Anon, this is one of the single most super amazing fics i’ve ever read. like, i’ve dreamed endings for this fic. So, you know… that. ] 

Sin in Silence     |    Words: 87,766 Chapters: 25/25

Are You There, God of Mischief? It’s Me, Tony  |   Words: 139,173 Chapters: 25/25



It had been a very long day for Grimalda. Somehow her friend Mep had convinced her too climb up Mt. Ebbot, and since she didn’t want to go alone, she had brought her Son, Jason, and his friend Jay. Though honestly, Grim didn’t even know if they were really friends since they had been arguing the entire way up the mountain, and even after they fell down into the whole. 

Grim was a rather young mother, though she did have Jason when she was 16. She had shoulder length brown hair, green eyes, and a pale freckled face. There were a few scars on her cheeks. Battle Scars, she used to tell Jason when he was little, but no. She had gotten them after falling down the stairs once when she was a toddler. She dressed in a black hoodie, jeans, and hiking boots. Her hood covering her face. 

Jason looked much like his mother, though he was much taller than she was, and his hair was shorter. Though they had the same eyes and the same nose. He didn’t really look much like his father at all, which was a good thing, since his dad was an asshole. Daddy Issues, his couch would say when he let out his pent up anger during a game. At least he had Jay… Well, he use to have Jay before they had a falling out recently. Whatever. He was a senior and 18, he would be leaving for college soon anyways. He didn’t need Jay. 

Jay Walker. Genius, trouble maker, a walking bad luck machine. Just a few descriptions his therapist had used on him. The boy was shorter than Grim, and had blond hair and glasses. People who had known his family would say that he took after his dad. IN the way he looked and the way he dressed. Too bad his family was dead now, and had no choice but to live with his friends for the time being. 

And his luck only got worst after falling down the hole. All of their luck had gone to shit it seemed like. At least the monsters didn’t seem to have any real desire to kill them. And it seemed like they were getting close to a town which was good. They were cold, and tired and hungry. They defiantly wanted some shelter from what appeared to be a blizzard starting up.