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What were your mother and father like, Yasuo?

“Truth be told, I do not have memories of them… They passed away when I was months old… or so that is what Yone used to tell me. My brother told me they always had high expectations towards me - both as a swordsman and as a son. But after their passing Yone cared after me by himself until I was old enough to walk on my own feet and help him out. I think I was about ten, by then. I have no doubt they were good people. They raised my brother well, and he used to tell me they were compassionate and gentle… strict at times, but they meant well. Much like the man Yone once was.”

“But… perhaps it was best this way… I shudder at the thought of them being alive after all that transpired once that one fateful day came to be.”

My name is Therese Brightwood, which is a human name, but I am an elf. Female elf. I’m very young for an elf, I’m 28 years old. In human society- which is what I was raised in- I was abandoned as a baby elf in Londonguard, and this human family, they had very open hearts, they were very studious, they were very curious, they were researchers and stuff like that, they were into all kinds of interesting, strange stuff. They took me in and raised me as their child, so I was raised as a human, basically. But, I’m an elf, and so humans- I don’t really fit in great in that society, and I don’t really fit in with the elves because I know nothing about that society either. Yeah, I’m a warlock because around the age of 13/14, honestly I’m not exactly sure, I was kind of, I was a rambunctious youth, I was kind of exploring into things that I shouldn’t probably have been looking into, my parents’ research into things that I didn’t understand and stuff like that. I’m not- I actually am not positive what happened, but somehow I made contact with an entitiy that I cannot comprehend. Getting that close to the entity sort of like, broke my mind, and when I awoke from X number of days unconscious, my entire family was destroyed. The house was in shambles, they were all dead. So I kinda. Yeah. I went a little cracked. I’m unclear as to exactly what happened, kinda blacked out for that portion of time, and since then I’ve been.. kinda wrecked. Since then, like since 14 to now, 28, I’ve been like a street urchin, living on the streets alone, doing what I can to survive, being like generally weird. I definitely like, I have a bond with this entity, this otherworldly creature. I’m like tethered to it in a way I can’t fully comprehend. I like, sometimes feel compelled to do things, like I have a power that’s feeding into me from this other place, but I can’t.. like if I think about it too much it makes me start to go a little bent bananas. I don’t trust anyone, I think that everyone is hiding evil intent, even if they’re being nice to me. I believe in change; I think that things don’t stay the same very long. I don’t put trust in any of that. If I found a way to undo what happened to my family, that would be nice, but uh, I don’t think I believe that it is possible, but you never know. I think that people who don’t take care of themselves get what they deserve.

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I’m really behind on this, but I finally found the time to make my second follow forever! this was highly needed, b/c I’ve followed so many new, wonderful blogs in the past months and wanted to make an updated list (;^◇^;)ゝ

thank you all for making my time on tumblr enjoyable! my dash is always perfect and I’m so happy to be following you. espeically to my mutuals… uwaah you guys wonderful ♡

also, I reached 1000+ followers long ago so I’m finally celebrating that as well!

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Barry/Iris - On Fire

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Hello everyone, I really didn’t want to do this, but the recent spate of theft and credit removal going on made me think twice, so I’ve updated the terms and conditions page with a Very Long Document In Legalese courtesy of Basically, what this says is that I can take legal action against you in the Singapore courts if you infringe my terms and conditions, but if you’re a nice and respectful person, nothing will happen to you.

So, like, if you delete my credit links (though that should be impossible unless you know how to code really well and if you have such a good knowledge of code why don’t you go make your own theme), then the section on copyright says that I can file an injunction against you or seek damages. That’s not good for both you and me. If you steal my coding or use the scripts I write in your own work without my permission, the same applies. If you flat-out copy my designs without crediting for inspiration, then you’re also infringing my copyright and the same will apply.

Yeah so TLDR if you’ve been a respectful user all this while, keep doing that, you’re awesome and this won’t affect you much. You should still read through them nonetheless (who am I kidding no one reads T&Cs). For those rude asses who delete credits and go around using my codes in your own themes then well you’d better think twice about doing that because technically legal action can be taken against you.

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I really love your art! The way you draw the RWBY characters is really cute and neat :D Could I request something? Sun and Blake with sunshine and shadows and Yang and Neon with sunshine and rainbows: aka hot blondes with their kitty girlfriends! Only if you want to of course, no need to answer this ask if you don't want to ^^

Hi anon, sorry it took long! I had an unpleasant week but your sweet message made me smile haha~ shucks Also u like yang and neon ship?! that’s so cute!  (〃▽〃)

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u know what, Rev? Imma gonna give you an easy one because I'm not mean. Do Firo+Gandors for the askmeme, pretty please? (as in, Firo for answers, and his general relationship to the Gandors)

Sure thing. Also - sorry for it taking so long to answer. Real life got in the way.

Also - it is very long. I apologize in advance for the length and incoherent rambling.

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Also I’m really sorry I feel like all my death note projects are just taking so long for me to turn out lately!! As I’ve been investing more in non-fandom projects the balance has been hard. But anyway here’s a list of some of the things I do have coming:

- @smartefact stuff. I gotta finish the inventor profiles and OC meme! I also will be uploading “The Early Years” which is Quillsh Wammy and the squad between 1956-1986. and I have more snapshots in “Polaroids”. I have 2 Polaroids WIP but a big list of stuff too!!
- MELLO’S STAR WARS THEME. almost there.
- The Great Space Race update. I just have to write one more scene from this chapter now, should be done soon.
- A musicological study of Kira themes in relation to Carmina Burana and other classical works (analysis of the mass in relation to others too - also thinking about why which parts of the standard mass were used in the OST and why)
- investigation into the Kira and Light themes and the usage of them in relation to the visuals on the screen.
- Symphony 5. Take me to the jazz club pls.
- Light Yagami “My Shot” parody. Need to finish ASAP. I’ll have to clear an afternoon out and work on it.
- YOUR JUSTICE LAW revamped. It is coming it is coming ….. It is. I’m almost happy with the backing track. but it needs to be massive ahah.
- Anon requested a rap battle between L and Light I’m currently writing a song for that and dong the backing.
- POKEMON AU YEAAAA. L + Lapras I scream. I think this will be more vignettes and snapshots like “Polaroids” cos I don’t have enough time to build a big story up. I’d rather show you little peeks of it all.
- @yourjusticelawliet is gonna do a broadcast soon and maybe even a handwriting challenge and press conference. It takes up a lot of time doing all this, so I’ll need to pick a weekend where this could be possible. We’re both very busy now, not just L 😛.
- edits (once in a blue moon 🌝 I don’t have as much time for edits anymore)
- THE FIC. That I am keeping quiet for now. I don’t want to mess it up so I’m taking my time but gosh I hope…. I really hope it’s a good read. I think it could be my best story. But I have to get it right.

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hi there! im watching the finale, and already on half of it. idk if its early to ask, or i should just finish the episode. but i was thinking, how would they fight amara with the souls (coz they're full of light, energy) when in reality, amara does indeed eat souls..... right?

Hey lovely!

I suppose by now you probably finished the episode a second or third time around. Sorry for it taking so long for me to get back to you. That said, there really wasn’t an answer as to if it would have worked. My working theory here is that Amara really only seems to have consumed souls in large amounts while she was growing and even then very decidedly consumed them.

In hindsight I am also wondering too if maybe the consumption of souls was partially also the reason why she in the end was able to relate to humanity and saw something in it that she had never seen in any of God’s creations before. Arguably Dean was the one who she experienced humanity by most in depth while he also always served as a stand in for her brother. What I mean is, when she consumed the souls she was kind of horrified by how much emptiness there is inside people, but I suppose maybe some other souls also let her see other things that influenced her in growing fond of humanity beyond Dean.

So I guess one could headcanon that the only reason light and souls could be harmful to her may be because it would be too many in one go. We saw before that when she consumed angelic grace it left her affected, so I suppose one could imagine 100.000 souls would have a similar effect on her. This is all just my “at the top of my head” explanation. :)

but really can you imagine minerva mcgonagall carefully going through the list of all the new firsties and efficiently whipping up their letters and getting to a one mr. harry james potter and hesitating, throat thick with emotion, as she remembers a tragically beautiful couple and the innocent baby whom they all tried so hard to protect and shedding a tiny tear and penning the words

dear mr. potter

and feeling content because at last, at long last lily and james’s child would truly be coming home

I really need your help

I’m sorry i really hate to do this and i’m just apologising for the long post beforehand but here’s the situation: 

I had gotten a psychological/comprehensive analysis done back in June 2015 and we’ve been fighting this ever since. So according to the place i had gotten it done at, my health insurance would cover the expenses but my health insurance (I have HMSA which is under Blue Cross Blue Shield on the mainland) has refused to pay for these expenses because according to them there was not enough justification for me to receive such services and the place who had conducted the tests did not provide them with enough information.

I’ve been suffering from a lot of really terrible panic attacks, depressive episodes, mood swings and overall just not great things and wanted to find out what exactly is wrong with me. I asked my health insurance for psychologists and one of the places they gave me was the place that later conducted the tests so i went there and they told me they don’t do therapy but to find out what is wrong they’d need to do tests. From those tests i found out that on top of anxiety and depression (which i was already diagnosed with) i have Bi-polar spectrum disorder, PTSD and a slight learning disability. These tests have provided me with valuable insight as to what exactly i have because otherwise i would not have known. Now i’m stuck with trying to appeal this and not be forced to pay.

honestly every dollar really does count it would really mean a lot if you all could boost this thank you 💕 

Soukoku (or mainly Chuuya) HCs

For @dazaiscans and of course for @hyakuraii

  • Contrary to popular belief, Chuuya actually sings really well when he’s drunk (shoutout to GRANRODEO’s Taniyama Kishou) even though he still acts pretty damn drunk, and that’s why whenever Dazai’s around he gets drunk REAL quick - because it’s funny to watch him fight a microphone stand that’s taller than him, and because his voice is practically angelic. Also Dazai collects onlookers’ tips in Chuuya’s hat.

  • Chuuya knows several languages, although French was the first one he learnt after Japanese, because he’s always wanted to go to Paris. Later he learns more languages, mainly places with nice wine, and his English isn’t too bad, either (another shoutout to Taniyama Kishou). Dazai knows more languages to do with the Port Mafia and their jobs, so other languages like Chinese to converse with foreign organisations.
  • Sometimes they talk shit about the other to themselves in another language, only to realise the other knows EXACTLY what they’re saying.
  • Sometimes they say really cheesy stuff about the other in another language, and lets the other person try to figure it out over a span of three months.
  • And then when they DO figure it out, they deny it and say it was an insult.
  • “Chuu~ya, about five weeks ago at the harbour, did you say that my eyes were pretty?”
  • “That’s not what this dictionary says”

  • Speaking of France, only Dazai knows that Chuuya has an insatiable sweet tooth, thanks to Kouyou spoiling him as a kid. And what better way to fulfil Chuuya’s dreams of going to Paris than to make him French desserts? For every one of Chuuya’s birthdays from when they met, Dazai has unfailingly made crème brûlée, éclairs, soufflés, and anything else you can name. Sometimes it’s not just for his birthday, either - he makes it when Chuuya’s feeling down, or after a particularly tough mission and Chuuya’s worn out from Corruption.
  • On Chuuya’s first birthday without Dazai, by himself in the mafia, he’s spending the night alone in a hotel room when a delivery comes and there’s a gift-wrapped box with familiar obnoxious writing on the cover and no name, and a perfect pile of macarons.
  • Did I mention the macarons are liqueur-flavoured? Chuuya loves his alcohol.

  • Oh yeah! Dazai always calls Chuuya to wish him a happy birthday. Chuuya changes his number every year but Dazai finds out anyway.
  • Once Chuuya tried to call Dazai on his birthday to wish him happy birthday, but hung up when Dazai answered, panicking slightly and not knowing what to SAY. Later Dazai sends a text message that just says “thanks” as if already knowing what Chuuya had wanted to say, because Chuuya simply remembering him and having the bravery to call him at all is enough for Dazai, even if he didn’t get to hear his voice.

(Wait a minute, all of these are about Chuuya. what the fuck am I doing)

  • Instruments! Dazai’s really good with his fingers (heh) and can play the guitar and piano well. On the other hand, Chuuya’s more of a violinist and sometimes the mafia headquarters are filled with the sounds of a sorrowful song played from the violin - and in the rare occasion that Dazai doesn’t feel like ruining the moment, he sits nearby and accompanies Chuuya’s song on the piano.
  • Chuuya hasn’t touched his violin since Dazai left the mafia. Everyone has noticed this.

  • Dazai came up with all the names for their different strategies and tactics and Chuuya always chides him about the confusing names, but he never fails to execute every single one of them upon agreement and actually goes to lengths to make sure that they both get out of the mission alive and well.
  • Can I add that even after Dazai leaves the mafia, when he and Chuuya work together again, purely by mentioning those strategies again, Chuuya knows exactly what he’s talking about?

  • When Dazai left the mafia, Chuuya was unprepared for being less accommodating for his suicidal partner, like having extra bandages in case he needed to change them, or using Corruption recklessly because he’d be there to stop him, or drinking his treasured wine so often because it just didn’t feel like a victory worth celebrating without him, without executing said victory as the soukoku.