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just wanted to say well done to you and robin for the effort you put in to make the videos on the channel feel like more of an experience with the voices/editing, been watching your videos for years and they keep getting better!!

Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate that :)

Just bought FL Studio Producer Edition.

I have almost zero experience with programs like these, but I really want to learn. Let’s get serious about making some music.

every other character´s past trauma, abuse and experiences are something to be kept in mind when we discuss their behavior and their actions, because it is clear that those things had an effect on who said character is in canon.

unless we´re talking about robert, who seriously just needs to get over himself and stop whining, because really, living in the closet for years and years after your father beat you for being bisexual when you were a child, having to watch your mother die right in front of you at 14 and being kicked onto the streets at 19 to fend for yourself isn´t that big of a deal anyway. what a tantrum throwing child.

cool. got it. makes total sense.

I think Dr. Flug might technically be the most evil or at least craven out of all the characters in Villainous, because he’s not mentally ill to the degree Demencia is, and he’s not over-the-top evil like Black Hat. He wakes up every day knowing he’s submitted to a life of suffering just so he can work for the best, even at the cost of his soul, his body, his health, his dreams, his self-worth, and the lives of potentially millions of other people. His callous treatment of himself and others (via the weapons he makes and promotes) is truly mind-boggling unless he really doesn’t care about anything else but his own success. The creation of 5.0.5. might as well be the moment he and his conscience parted ways forever, with him symbolically putting all his goodness into one living experiment. I can almost identify with those who thought he was a prisoner forced to make inventions, because that would at least make sense. The idea that he willfully submits to such abuse, and is willing to work for the kind of creature that doles it out to himself and others just to get ahead, is truly a desperate kind of evil. 

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as a consolation 4 the inevitable train wreck that will b hunk's paladin vlog, i've been thinking abt holiday season paladins & i live in a country with a summer christmas and based on my experiences i feel like it's something lance & hunk would really enjoy. super lowkey and chilled, sitting out on the beach watching the sunset at like 8pm, throwback Dad Music & lots of people gathered street party style. idk just seems Good and Organic for them.

tbh i know i’m gonna love lady bird bc i really like the main character but sometimes i just feel sad bc i think abt the fact that black girls don’t really get coming of age films like that i’d really love to see a black female character that dresses like the main character in lady bird and is allowed to experiment with her hair you know?

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do you mind me asking how many followers you have on tumblr compared to instagram? whats your opinion on which is better for art: insta or tumblr?

on here at the moment i’ve got a little over 27k, while on instagram i’ve got around 148k. i do use instagram as my main social media to post art and only art, while tumblr i use to reblog things i like, reply to asks, and occasionally post drawings as well. 

so to answer ur question, i prefer instagram when it comes to art, at least for me, but a lot of artists find tumblr very good for it too! it really depends, and i’ve never had a blog here dedicated solely to art anyways…

though from experience i feel like its easier to get your work noticed on instagram, but again it just depends 

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What age are the Cullens going to pretend to be when they move Forks? Edward and Bella can’t really act like high school students since they’re married and have a kid and even though Reneesme will look like the same age as them it’d be creepy if they all acted like the same age. And they can’t say that Reneesme’s their child because Carlisle and Esme don’t look old enough to be grandparents. Do you think that when they leave, the Cullen’s have to split up in order for them to act a certain age?

Renesmee and Jacob are really going to complicate things. I know a lot of people assume that they won’t go to high school anymore, but there’s a large part of me that is just like, “no no no Bella needs to experience that.” There are so many negative aspects of vampirism that she got to skip over, she at least has to experience the hell/purgatory of Fake High school once. She won’t be getting the full Cullen experience otherwise! At the very least I think Renesmee’s going to have an I WANT TO BE NORMAL phase that will include high school and some/all of the other Cullen “kids” will join her to ‘supervise.’ Which she’ll resent and Jasper will be like, “I know the feeling, kid.” 

Renesmee is going to have to pretend to be one of their siblings. In the books she looks like Edward, in the movies perhaps more like Bella. According to SM she’s going to stop aging when she looks 18-20, which is older than Edward’s 17 and about the same as Bella’s “I stopped aging 2 days before my 19th birthday”. No way they can publicly claim to be her parents. So Edward and as Renesmee’s overprotective brother probably makes the most sense. If she’s still growing he could be the older brother; if she’s done growing they might have to claim twins, or she has to be a year or two older! 

If they do drop the high school thing and live more like adults, I think the natural way to handle it is everyone being related either as siblings or through marriage and them having separate houses at least for appearances sake. They might still spend most of their time at the “big” house (presumably C/Es’ house) but have their own places still. Or they could be in college and be “roommates” all renting a big house together. Rosalie, Jasper and Carlisle are all tall blonds–would make pretty convincing siblings. Edward and Esme have passed as siblings before, just add Renesmee to the this sibling group. Then Jacob, Alice, Emmett and Bella marry in (or are just said to be dating their respective partners). 

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Growing up I wasn't interested in male celebrities/characters like that, felt alienated from the media/girls around me and the comments on that posts reminded me why I often feel like I can't talk about that to other lgbt people cause it's a never ending nightmare of "bi erasure" and "stop stealing our experiences" type of thing. Sometimes I feel like people just don't see bi women as human and that really hurts

Same! To this DAY people I grew up with are baffled if I show interest in any kind of romantic-themed media because growing up I was “the girl who hates mushy romance and thinks boys have cooties” when no I hate mushy heteronormativity and boys have misogyny

People really don’t see us as people a lot of the time tbh! Or, even sadder, we don’t see us as people, caught in a limbo of constantly trying to justify our existence while minimizing the complexities of our experiences.

(Can we talk about sex and chronic pain please? Because we don’t do that, at all really, and we should. People with physical disabilities have sex too; people who experience chronic pain have sex too. It’s not something that’s discussed a lot, meaning that there are a lot of people out there who are just like me, only they don’t know what to expect. What may or may not be normal. So, I’m gonna talk about it! I encourage everyone who is of age and comfortable with the subject to read this. However, I understand that a lot of my followers are minors and/or victims of sexual crimes. So! The rest of this post, and all that it entails, will be under this lovely cut here! (Keep in mind, if you are sexually active or plan on being sexually active anytime soon, you might end up getting it on with someone who has a chronic illness so I encourage you to read up as well!)

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a reminder for those that do not have ideal family situations:

you are not your family’s opinion of you.

you do not deserve to be made to feel less than or unequal to the rest of your family because of who you are.

if you must go to an uncomfortable family dinner where you know it’s going to be a bad experience for you, try and focus on yourself and if you don’t really get along with anyone keep to yourself and fill up on food.

sometimes people that are our own blood are the most toxic to us, so if you can remove yourself from that situation and don’t feel guilty about it, family dinners can be a miserable experience.

just because they’re your family, doesn’t mean they get a free pass to treat you like shit. that’s not love, that’s abuse, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

 “The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.”

I wanted to post this because I know a lot of people that have to go to unpleasant family Thanksgiving dinners and such, and I wanted to give you a reminder that family is not everything, love yourself, cherish yourself, and most of all, know that you’re better than them and their abusive ways.

Happy Thanksgiving guys!

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Just an experience I wanted to share regarding Nier Automata, which I finished this weekend. By the last chapter I was exhausted. I loved the game but I wanted it to be over, I didn’t see the point in fighting the final machine boss, my computer was running like hot garbage. But that created a really cool sense of ludonarrative synergy, I guess you could call it. The characters also have no reason to fight, have been doing so forever, and are slowly degenerating just like my graphics card.

oh jeez. the pc port of automata is a flaming tire fire so i’m so sorry it was a lagging mess for you. i’m glad i guess that you still felt some kind of emotion tho pffft.

reminds me that i had a bug happen on console where, during the run up the tower where you keep swapping perspectives, my overclock dodge just kept going, so for a whole portion on the shooter bit i was stuck in slow motion until it switched back to the elevator brawl.

So, between the stress of working at the daycare this summer and then moving back to Chicago for my somphomore year, I really got away from my magic. But I had an experience recently that reawakened me to it! I was at my friend’s birthday party and was introduced to this girl who was psychic. She was super nice and started telling me about my aura and I was just amazed with how on point she was. Then next thing I know, she whips out a tarot deck and asks if I want a reading, I was so fuckin excited especially since my personal experience with tarot is pretty limited. Also I was drunk, but that’s beside the point. She starts talking to me and pulling random cards about the topics we were discusssing and I just couldn’t believe how accurate it was, she pulled the lovers while talking about my love life and she just got my current situation overall down to a T. She knew I️ had just recently figured out what I️ wanted to do career wise and she said if I️ keep going down that path I’ll have a lot of amazing experiences. We both got goosebumps and felt the energy hella strong it was sooooo exciting, I literally started crying because just the love of everything to do with magic came flooding back to me. I’m so excited to get back into my practice and continue to share it all with you on here 💕

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Hi I just wanted to tell my opinion on the mi*mi discourse, I've know her since like before she became a big blog, like when she had about 100 subs and she's a really nice person and always was there for me and helped me and she's really sweet, she maybe have reposted stuff but as my knowledge a lot of content creators have done that before because they didn't know how Tumblr worked so I don't really blame them, yeah maybe wanting attention is a thing people do but overall she's a good person

everyone might have different experiences with the same person, and that’s normal,, it doesn’t make your opinions of mimi invalid and neither it makes my impression of her invalid. but it’s nice of you to defend your friend in this kind of discussion. i just don’t want to be a participant in it.. if i did, i would’ve said something sooner 

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I have horrible graphics for ts4 too, since my graphics card is not good enough for it, but I still post ts4 stuff (though as a Perfectionist it is sometimes hard). From personal experience you are the only one who probably care it's not the best. Just post what you want to. :)

Ok sorry this took me a while to answer, but I saw this when you first sent it and this really made me smile so thank you for taking the time to send this to me <3

I guess you are right, it’s really is just me being too picky because I’m a perfectionist too. I guess I could put together a Sims 4 queue at some point and see how everyone likes it? I just know Sims 4 isn’t everyone’s favorite so I don’t know…

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Hello! This is a very different question, but have you ever had to get over a failed relationship? How did you do it? I'm really struggling right now. All the best!

Hi there, I’m sorry that’s happening to you, it’s one of the worst feelings in the world for sure. There’s really not one way to get through it, because we are all different, but I can share what I’ve learned from mine and others’ experiences.

First, it’s important that you remember it will take time. It’s impossible to say how much, but even if now it feels like you’ll never get over it, you will. You just need to ride the wave. I would suggest though to avoid contact as much as possible with your ex, because staying in touch, trying to be friends when there’s an open wound, will only delay the healing and put you in a position in which you make bad decisions. I know this is easier said than done, but it’s good to keep it in mind.

Second, I recommend not to try to bury the pain or procrastinate it with endless distractions. A breakup requires mourning, so mourn. Cry when you need to, listen to pitiful music and all the cliches. Really, I know this sounds like weird advice but it’s super important to just let that pain out in some ways. Just don’t extend it more than necessary, and don’t let it take over your whole life, of course. A wise woman I greatly respect, told me once that when she found out her husband was cheating on her and they separated, she would cry every day. Then she made some sort of schedule, she would give herself one hour each day to cry, wallow in self pity and all that, then would try to be productive doing other things. After a while, she stopped needing that mourning time and was able to move on without lingering bitterness. I don’t know if that would work for you, but I throw it out there because I’m a firm believer in exploring all options.

Third, and this is something that’s kind of hard to realize when you’re in the middle of it, but try to remember that, like any failures in life, a failed relationship is an opportunity to learn more about yourself and grow. There’s a reason why great creators have gone through hardships. Something useful will come out of what you’re experiencing now.

Fourth and very important is to learn to enjoy your time with yourself. While it’s good and necessary to go out, see friends and family and talk to someone when you’re going through this, it’s also a chance to get some proper me time. I don’t know what you like to do, whether it’s reading, writing, traveling, doing sports. Take care of yourself in whatever way you need and makes you feel better (hopefully it’s not something self destructive though), and give yourself room to be self indulgent every once in a while.

Fifth, if you have the means, go to therapy. It helps. Doesn’t have to be a psychologist, you can find an alternative (like reiki or floral therapy), as long as it’s a little space that will let you recharge.

Another advice I could give you that’s got me through difficult times, is to find someone who needs your help. Maybe a friend of yours is going through a rough time too, and when you focus energy in trying to pull someone up, it gives you some perspective on your own problems too. Now I realize that this isn’t something that would work for everyone, but maybe it will for you.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to message me or write a letter to a blog like @dearmyblank when you need to vent. Just remember what I said above, you will get through it, but you’ll have to be a little patient and live through the bad part first. I wish you the best and hope that you feel better soon!

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Hi Chim! Hope you and Kookie are doing well. I just want to say how lucky you guys are to have each other. I can tell that Kookie is the best daddy ever. Now my question is, is there anything you guys might want to try in the future?- HisKitten

🍑 Thank you! He really is, and I hate it for any little that doesn’t have someone good for them. Really. I know that that is a horrible experience and can leave someone scarred. 🍑 -Chim.

🍆Uhm, maybe? I’m not sure exactly.🍆 -JK.

thank   you   so   so   so   much   !      i   really   appreciate   you   guys   sharing   your   views   &   your   experiences   weather   in   im’s   or   on   that   post .      that   was   really   brave   of   you .      you’ve   given   me   a   lot   more   insight   &   i   think   it   really   humanises   the   situation   to   not   just   resort   to   death   threats   or   feel   silent .      to   those   of   you   who   appreciated   the   chance   to   share   i’m   always   here ,   okay   ?      totally   judgement   free . 

also   if   you   guys   need   a   blacklist   it’s   tw: mybigfatcock   and   if   you   do   block   me   that’s   fine .   we   all   have   to   do   what’s   best   for   us   &   that’s   all   i’ll   ever   advocate .   the   freedom   to   do   what   we   want   /   need   to   do .