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Slav’s Species Name

i’m not sure if anyones made a post about this yet! if so, i’m so sorry!

so this is really all speculation, and if anyone has any more input, i’d be really glad to hear it, but from what i’ve watched of season 2, i’m almost positive the name of slav’s alien species is Bytor. mainly because of that one quick scene in Stayin’ Alive, when Allura and the mice are playing charades. the mice stack atop each other, and start waving their paws around, a set of eight. Allura sees this and says:

while this is really really vague, i just found it interesting that they’d add this right after slav was introduced? 

Edit: i wanted to add this because i’d forgotten!

what does that make bytor water?

tbh, i just think hunk loosely described charades to the mice and allura, so they chose random words? I don’t think it’s an actual thing. 

and then theres the lil’ prisoner in s1 ep1 that looks really similar to slav, who’s most definitely a bytor, too! 

someone already added the picture, but i have one saved so why not lmao

V + Saeran not added because this seemed to get too repetitive *finger guns away*

  • He thinks its amazing that you’re known for your creativity and skill– Sighs and wishes he could be known like that with acting; But instead its all about his looks and voice in that area. But you, You’re known for ripping out hearts, stepping on them, and killing off fan favorites at a minutes notice. And he loves you for it, you sadistic little angel you.
  • Regardless he doesn’t really understand how hard writing actually is since.. he’s never really written before? One of those people that think you just throw a few words down and bam you’re done like no baby. no. we all wish it could be like that.
  • So he’s really surprised to see the process of it all; The writers block, the procrastinating, the editing and re-reading, the doubting yourself, then the random spurts of creativity where all you do is sit and write for hours. And he’s really never seen something more frustrating. It looks like such a tedious thing, he definitely takes back what he said about it being easy.
  • “ And she took the blade into her palms… No– That doesn’t sound right.. ” He watched with wide eyes as you wrote and rewrote sentences over and over again, he thought everything sounded fine? But you didn’t seem to like it. He knew you were tired, he’s told you multiple times to take a break but you refused. Insisting you had to get at least one chapter done tonight if anything.
  • He just sighs at your stubbornness with a knowing smile, offering you some tea or hot cocoa which you graciously accept. He’ll even try and help you with writing by sitting on the couch beside you and letting you read what you’ve written to him. Rereading it helps you catch mistakes and odd phrases or sentences, which is helpful. But he always says “ It sounds fine? Why are you deleting it? ” Z e n.
    • I feel like Jumin someday would love to write a memoir of some sorts, so when he finds out you’re an author he thinks thats perfect– You could help him with it if you’re feeling up to it.
    • But seeing how stressed and busy you usually are makes him not want to bring up the idea. He cant believe writing could be this tedious. He gives you a little room in his house as an office for you to work in and you’re in it constantly. When he comes home from work thats the first place he checks, surrounded with stress relieving candles and a cup of whatever you’re liking at the moment. He begs you to come to bed with him, but seeing as you wont budge he’ll pull up a chair and stay with you.
    • “ You’re adding too many big words. Your targeted audience wont understand a lot of that. ” Oh, he’s right. Actually its nice to have Jumin reading over your shoulder. Stressful as hell but he catches mistakes quickly and gives his honesty on certain phrases and sentences; since he’s read practically billions of books in his 27 years.
    • Eventually you get the chapter done after nearly a week and sheepishly show it to him. He reads it with a concentrated expression, not willing to give away any hint of emotion.
    • When he’s all done you ask him what he thinks about it. “ Its lovely, you capture the scenery beautifully and the emotions of your characters. I enjoyed it; as will others, my love. ” He praises you for your hard work by giving you a kiss on the top of the head and rubbing your (very sore) back softly. He’s proud of you. and youre pretty damn proud of yourself too? this man better give you a back rub for hours tonight because sitting at a desk for so long nearly killed you holy shit
    • Oh boy does he wish he had your patience and skill. never would admit this but he really lowkey wants you to write LOLOL fanfiction of his characters for him
    • He cant believe how much you work though. It seems like you’re on your laptop for decades on end and he hates it! Usually spends an hour or two on LOLOL before getting bored and checking up on you.
    • Aaaand youre still at your laptop looking like you’re ready to kill a man. Lovely.
    • “ MCCC…. ” He’s so whiney when you overwork yourself. He wants attention badly but you tell him youre busy. even though we all know you’ve been staring at that empty screen contemplating the meaning of life for hours now. dont lie.
    • Snuggles into your side and asks you about what your writing and such. He sees obviously not much progress being done on the screen, but he’s pretty sure you know that already..
    • Eventually he’ll encourage you to write for five minutes, take a quick break to stroke his hair and pay attention to the movie he put on ages ago, then return back to your five minutes of writing. It wasn’t much, but he didn’t want to complain.
    • Shes thought about becoming an author in the past; but never ended up taking it up. shes written zen fan-fiction before though so she knows a little somethin’ somethin’ about writing.
    • She finds herself cleaning your office a lot. Theres so many coffee cups in here MC. Did you sleep last night?
    • My character slept does that count?
    • No.
    • She eventually gives up on trying to place a schedule with you since you’re always tucked away inside that gross little office you could practically call home. So investing in a laptop for you was a much needed decision; make or break sort of thing. You can write and be within ten feet of her at the same time cant you?
    • Learns to adapt to your odd and unhealthy writing schedule as long as she can still snuggle with you while you’re at it. And you’re sweet enough to turn down the brightness of the screen when its late at night too so it doesn’t hurt her eyes, so sweet.
    • She loves to read your past books while you work and ends up curiously asking for some slight spoilers, which you don’t exactly tell her since.. Well you don’t really know yourself. She finds this funny though that you wrote the book but you don’t even know how it ends. But yet gets a bit excited thinking of all the power she has by being your girlfriend… 10/10 WILL crush you with her thighs if you kill off her favorite character.
    • He’s always asking you to write the weirdest shit for him just because you know how? seven I will not write a Yooseven / LOLOL crossover au. and dont break the forth wall youre scaring me.
    • Probably out of everyone he knows how hard it is on you to sit at a desk and stare at a screen when you need to get something done. Hacking and writing are different even if he insists otherwise, writing a small haiku into the programming of your computer to prove his point. *finger guns* why are you like this
    • He hates how you leave for so long to write but he gets its your job. He just wishes it wasn’t. So he gets insanely whiny about it, knocking on your office door and coming in asking “Are you all done now?” almost every five minutes. Luciel. Sh. Focus time.
    • You end up locking him out of the room but he doesnt take that very well and turns to passing notes under the crack of the door;
      “ Are you done now.. .. .. …… . . ”
      With his signature mini seven doodle attached or sometimes a poorly drawn elizabeth the 3rd in the corner. He was distracting you and he knew it, but he never stops until you’re chasing him halfway across the house with a broom to get him to shoo.
    • Eventually he might give up, but thats rare. You have no choice but to let him in and allow him to spin around on a wheely chair while you give him spoilers for upcoming chapters. He always gives you, quite dramatic, feedback; like gasping loudly whenever you say something “ intense ” is going to happen to your characters. Or trying to convince you to kill every single character in a fit of rage and passion. No Saeyoung. No. N'aw.. He thought it would be a great idea.

quick random thought while I’m sitting here on my lunch break

I’ve seen a couple (not many a few) posts going around about how the romanticization of studying and hard work that the studyblr community puts out is really problematic and “studyspo” is clogging up blogs and such and such and it’s taking away from the reality of a productive, hard working, successful lifestyle

I will agree to a certain extent – I think when people are going out of their way to buy certain things (that are WAY overpriced) in order to feel qualified and fit the “aesthetic”, I think it’s an issue and the whole pursuit of “aestheticism” is definitely a classist thing but I DIGRESS cause that is a whole other post

I LOVE how the studyblr community romanticizes hard work. No one is shying away from the grueling reality of a packed schedule, or studying on a budget – loads of studyspo photos have captions under them detailing what the poster is going through, how tired they are, how they’re going to keep trying, etc. I think that is makes the concept of hard work and long hours and relentless studying incredible admirable and relatable. I see studyspo posts and mostly, it makes me feel like “if I take a few extra seconds to set up my space, and get my cup of tea, and really settle in, I can totally crush today.” this may not be making any sense, but I think that studyblr makes people WANT to work super hard to reach that productive aesthetic, the one of the student with their headphones on in the corner of the coffee shop, hair a mess, with coffee stains on their sweatshirt, but eyes bright and excited and tired and driven.

I think so many blogs on here talk about that balance super well: nothing will work unless you do, but also remind their followers to take care of themselves and everyone is human and everything you see on here is almost always put through a filter and a lens. and there is nothing wrong with that. the beauty of editing apps is that you can highlight the beauty in the simplest and cheapest of things and I think that makes whatever “aesthetic” or dream life you’re leaning towards feel way more accessible (like that $2 mug I got from target suddenly looks real cute when I place it just right on my coffee table and throw some warm tones on that ish)

I find that people nowadays, particularly gen x and millennials are always chasing an “aesthetic” because it’s an interesting and romantic way to build a life, and if that aesthetic is one of working hard and chasing your dreams, then oh my gosh let them have it. if buying that really pretty sort of useless little stationery thing helps inspire someone to lead their best life, then let them have it!!! it’s a way of incorporating art and romance into your everyday life, and if I am having a breakdown at 2 am over the workload I have this week, you bet your sweet booty I am putting on my fairy lights and getting my oversized mug and putting on my rainbow pjs because pretty things make me feel better. articulating the little parts of my life like that make me feel so good and it is something that I truly enjoy spending energy on, so if that kind of stuff doesn’t float ur boat, cool! ignore it and move on!! but don’t rain on all the peeps that draw genuine joy and comfort from the pretty little things in life.

this is super disjointed but YEAH

tl;dr – let people do what they want to live their own best life, even if that means spending $12 on an unnecessary sunflower yellow teapot because it fits the aesthetic of their romantic dream life, or spending 20 minutes setting up their desk for an Instagram photo

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Can I get a NSFW headcanon with Shanks and Mihawks with a younger S/O that likes kinky stuff

WHEEL YOU REQUESTED THE HUSBAND. I’m calling dibs I’ve had a crush and him and stopped denying it like 3 weeks ago. This is really hard for me to do okay.

Shanks NSFW kinky Headcanons

  • Shanks can go 0-100 real quick. You guys could be having one of the most romantic moments of your life, then he somehow is able to get you into the mood in no less that .00001 seconds
  • He has the most sexually stare he can give you when he’s reallllllly feeling it. One time, all he did was whisper words and run his hand over your body, and you almost came.
  • He has hand is extremely warm to the touch, actually Shanks is just a naturally warm person, so wherever his hand wonders, it either gets you extremely excited or makes you blush because you feel special
  • The second his fingers touch rub over you through your panties he’d whisper word like “So wet for me already?” or “Tsk tsk, don’t to to excited, you wear yourself out for whats coming.”. 
  • He start nibbling on your ear and trailing kisses down your neck, keep in mind he always has the warmest smile of his face, or the smuggest in you’d ever seen. 
  • You start out by riding him, and his one hand would be on your waist, and he just wait till you gave him the okay. 
  • His voice gets Extremely. Extremely husky. His hair would be covering his eyes, and he’d just slowly mention the things he would soon be doing to you, you weren’t prepared in the slightest. 
  • He like to catch you off guard 99% percent of the time. Sexy is always varying with you guys. It could slow, sweet and passionate. Fun and silly. To rough passionate and quick. You would only figure out what type of love making it be when kissed you. 
  • Shanks to me is a kinky, kinky husband. He’d be into light bondage, always willing to explore and leave his comfort zone for you, his little precious flower. 
  • Foreplay is his specialty. He only has one hand now, and you can barely handle, can you imagine what it be like if he were to have his other hand again?
  • He’s experienced, but it different when it with you. Everything just feel 10 times better when he’s with you verses his experiences in the past. 
  • When you give him blowjobs, he tries to look at you most of the time while petting your hair and calling you his good little girl, but when you wrap your tongue member and give a particular hard suck, his eyes roll into the back of his head. 
  • Thus leading to how he loves a long blowjob. He really sensitive down there, and 80% he’s blushing when you do it, but gives off encouraging words of how good your mouth feels, and how he has something inspired for you
  • This makes his blush, but when you make a little choking sound, It turns him on so much, and just lets out this really long groan of how you feel so good. Followed by him huskily sighing your name
  • If he doesn’t want to come first, and wants to focus on you, but feels to good with your mouth around him, he’d shift his body so his face be planted into your legs, with his member still in his mouth
  • He’s talks a lot, and scores a 8 out of ten on how vocal he is during sex. 
  • imagine him panting  while you guys in a 69 position, and that makes you squirm 
  • Hes also an excellent kisser, light cute feather kisses of praises to make you ease up and feel relaxed.
  • My redhead would be soooooooo cute and affectionate that theres no way you didn’t feel loved after you guys finish
  • He has a spontaneous libido, but even though its random, doesn’t mean its not often. He will make rough sex or love with you as long no can catch a look on you. Your body is only eyes for him to see
  • The cuddles after or inevitable, don’t try and fight them
  • You don’t know how, but he managed to get you to take this cute little sexy pictures, so if he were ever separated from you on Yonko business, and was stressed and missing you, he have something to relax to.
  • He likes to hear the sound of your voice, but it has to be moderately loud, where he teases you to keep quiet, but does stuff to you were theres no way you could keep your voice down
  • He likes to cum on your ass, and smack it after he’s came. 
  • His assigned your lips are the favorite part of your body because both are just so full 
  • He doesn’t mid being tied up lightly, and will find extremely sexy if you take charge every now and then
  • Shanks has a nice booty, I’ve seen it screenshoted somewhere 
  • Shanks is not into sharing, I don’t think much guys from OP are, you may be young, be he thinks your his number one. 
  • You guys are a noisy couple in the bedroom, especially when you ride his particular hard, and the bed creeks the floorboard below
  • He also likes to release inside, sometimes he can’t help it and gives a warning 10 seconds before so
  • he use toys, but only on his partner because this man is such a tease. I rank number 3 for person most likely to tease his partner in and out of the bedroom 
  • Your guys favorite position to do it in, is you sitting on top of him, and he’s under, but still has complete control over the pace, and think its cute how you hold on to when he’s taking particular passionately and rough that night

Mihawk Nsfw with a kinky young s/o

IM going to come back edit this post for the Mihawk head canons dontworry. But I’m pooped after doing my first Husband head canons 


Did ya get all hot and bothered?

But yea I call dibs, since I watched the first few episodes, I always liked him.Tell me how you liked them? This gif is me, except Id be a blushing mess and denying it. 

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teach me how to play king daddledingo



  1. first things first: gordos are the best, and they rule. and theyll get you a girlfriend. they can be reflected but theres a really good chance they wont get the chance most of the time. when both players are relatively neutral gordos are best served at about mid range, (long range makes them easy to knock back, short range means youll just get hit before throwing it, mid range is JUUUUUST right for them to probably get hit). other times to use gordos include: basically literally anytime theyre off stage at literally any point, cause you cant knock shit back when youre busy recovering, and the other time i like to use them is part of combos? which sounds weird. but like my basic dedede combo is down throw to forward air to short gordo throw cause best case scenario: they move from the forward air towards you and get hit by the hammer AND the gordo, and worst case scenario they di the other direction and you jsut covered yourself from being approached anyway. gordos are everyones best friends
  2. being aggressive as dedede can be really satisfying, but dedede doesnt really have a great amount of safe approaches. weirdly enough one of his safest approaches is running forward, jumping, and then using inhale? which i dont understand, but it actually works quite well. maybe cause people dont expect it, but it works. otherwise, approaching with a grab is REALLY your best approach, all his other running attacks arent too safe. dedede is really at his best when you play a bit more defensive. not strictly “campy” but just a “wait for them to make the first move” thing. like you dont have to strictly force them to make a move by throwing gordos but just be cautious, be patient, and wait. youll alwaysget an opportunity eventually
  3. forward smash is dededes falcon punch: dont use it unless you really feel like insulting the person youre playing
  4. actually that said, throwing out a very very random unexpected forward smash can be fucking incredible. when i was in a tournament, a really really good peach player lost a stock to me at 30% cause i threw out a completely random slightly charged forward smash, so saving it for a perfect random situation can be brilliant but obviously overuse is bad
  5. side tilt is your friend, very good move. huge range, perfect for spacing and poking. very helpful for racking up extra damage
  6. dedede has three jab combos: jab jab jab (just tapping a three times), jab jab down tilt, and jab jab down smash. the interesting thing about these three combos is that the stronger and more valuable they are, the actual harder they are to hit. jab jab jab is basically guaranteed, but its the weakest; jab jab down tilt is more consistent and deals decent damage, but jab jab down smash is PREEEEETTY easy to get out of if you know what youre doing, but it can be a fantastic kill move for people who dont expect it
  7. speaking of down smash, just that in of itself is one of the two of dededes best kill moves, the other being his up air. down smash is super strong, super quick, and covers both of dededes sides so use it when you read a dodge, or if youre just not sure where theyre going to go
  8. at high percentage, down throw to up air is a fucking incredible kill combo (another combo that will only work on people not familiar with dedede or who just fuck up, cause at the right percentage you can just air dodge and avoid it, but i wanna say certian percentages it can be guaranteed)
  9. try and hit his spike every now and then too. its fucking hard but god when you actually do it it rules
  10. second to last, dont be afraid to throw out some really cheeky inhale strategies, particularly against characters with bad recovery like say, DK or someone along those lines. one of my favourite things to do when playing against a character with bad recovery is to inhale them as im recovering (so when im off stage returning on stage, and when i inhale them we’re both falling down past the stage) and then shooting them out from the inhale UNDER the stage. its fucking brilliant because if the character has shit recovery, they cant get back at all, and you can safely shoot yourself back up for a secure stock
  11. and lastly of course, remember. if youre a stock up, and youre probably gonna die soon? please, please,please dededecide. for all of us. please


12. EDIT: dash attack is the best punish attack in the game. its the fucking best. its a fucking insanely good attack, and its fucking hilarious. if someone fucks up an attack like a missed falcon punch or something, dedede can capitalise increddibly well cause hes probably the only character with a KILL MOVE he can execute out OF HIS FUCKING DASH so if you see someone fuck up, or if you just want to get some hard reads, throwing a dash attakc at someone can be the best move of all time. and not to mention its fucking hilarious cause he fucking falls on his face and it does INCREDIBLE DAMAGE