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Open Up (Jinhwan)

length: 440 words

genre: fluff

8. You’re breaking my heart babe + 58. Don’t shut me out

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“Can you just open the door?” Jinhwan pleaded for the third or fourth time now, you’d lost count, as he sat on the other side of the bathroom door. You’d locked yourself in here for the last half hour or so.

“I know it hurts babe, but. Don’t shut me out, please?” He was referring to the countless comments fans had left on a recent picture you posted of the two of you. They were brutal, not holding back as they did their best to break you down, which they did. You thought you were over the comments, Jinhwan had told you so many times that anyone who left them weren’t really fans of his. Sure there were nice comments, but they were always overshadowed by the bad ones.

Reluctantly you opened the door, emerging as you wiped your tears. Jinhwan just pulling you into his arms. “You’re breaking my heart babe. I hate seeing you like this.” He rubbed your back as he kissed your head, doing his best to calm you down. You weren’t crying anymore though, tears no longer able to form you’d already cried them all. You were just, hurt.

“I just don’t get why they say those things, I mean, I don’t think I really ever did anything to deserve them. But yet they just constantly feel the need to say them.” Jinhwan laughed a bit as he released you from his embrace. “Well, you are dating me, some of them don’t like that. But, I’ve told you so many times, the people who say those things. They aren’t any fans of mine. Because true fans of mine, they love you. They ask about at fansigns, they worry about you. Trust me y/n, there are good comments, and people who don’t want to make you cry. It’s just, they are harder to find sometimes.”

You shook your head as he walked to grab a wipe from the bathroom to fix your makeup. “Next time you look at the comments, look for the good ones. And only the good ones. I know it’ll be hard, even I slip up sometimes and look at negative ones. But it takes time, and eventually you won’t even spend to seconds on a hurtful comment.”

You smiled at him, loving how understanding and comforting he always was. Knowing that dealing with the hate was something harder for you than it was for him. He returned the smile, pressing a soft kiss to you lips. “I promise, if you try it, it will make you feel a lot better. And I won’t have to find you locked in the bathroom again.”

You’ve changed.

Pairing : Past!JaredxReader
Word count : 1,833
Author :Mel
A/N : More parts for @bigdaddymongoose.

Part 11 of ‘My son, Bringer of Storms.’

“Jared? What are you doing here?”

“I thought I’d come keep my favorite girl company.” He smiled. “Why, do you not want me here?”

“No, I mean.. I just.. I thought you were on your way back home.”

His smile was soft. “Not this weekend. Can I come in? Or do you really not want me here?”

“Sorry, come on in.”

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING, KIDDOS!!! Here’s my special Thanksgiving lil fic for you, and this one is not at all angsty! Thank you to @ciceroniantrash for the fabulous prompt! I had lots of fun writing this. I was picturing the Schuyler Mansion as it is now/was then since I’ve been there like three times, and they really do have a fancy dining room. If you wanna know more about my choices for who out of the Schuyler family is present here and why just send me an ask! Enjoy, and have a great day, bbys! :D <333

hamilsquad Friendsgiving at the Schuylers’ for Thanksgiving day

“It was so kind of you to invite us, Mrs. Schuyler,” Alexander said as he, John, and Lafayette walked through the front door of the Schuyler’s mansion.

“It’s our pleasure,” Mrs. Schuyler said. “Peggy? Come take their coats.”

“Why do I have to?” Peggy mumbled as she made her way down the stairs, pulling back her hair into her signature ponytail in the process.

“Because you’re the first one ready,” Mrs. Schuyler said with a smile. She turned back to the boys. “And please, call me Catherine.” Turning back to Peggy, she added, “And don’t you dare call me Catherine.”

The three boys burst out in laughter. Peggy made faces at them as she took their coats and once again disappeared upstairs.

Just then, Philip Schuyler emerged from the direction of the kitchen wearing an apron. He looked much more frazzled than usual. “Hey, boys,” he said. “Cath, um, a moment in the kitchen?”

Catherine smirked. “Hmm, I wonder what this could be about.” Turning to the boys, she stage-whispered, “Someone said he could handle the entire Thanksgiving meal this year.” She winked before following Philip.

Just then, a small child ran down the staircase and into the long hallway where the boys stood, surrounded by old portraits of Schuyler relatives.

“Get back here, Ren!” Angelica said.

Even if Angelica hadn’t said a word, Alexander still would have known it was her because of the clack clack clack of her heels on the wooden steps. She was the only Schuyler sister who wore them.

Rensselaer ran right up to Lafayette and stared up at him. “You have hair like mine,” he said pointing to Laf’s pulled back curls.

“Oui, petit mon ami,” Laf said, stooping down to the boy’s level.

Angelica finally made it down the stairs, looking quite agitated as she approached the boys.

“You look as beautiful as ever, Ms. Schuyler,” Alexander said, offering his hand to Angelica.

That brought a slight smile to her face. “And you look dashing, Mr. Hamilton,” she said in a mock British accent.

John wrapped his arms around Alexander’s waist from behind. “Step away, Ms. Schuyler. This one’s mine.” He kissed Alex’s cheek, causing color to rise to his boyfriend’s face.

“Ew!” a girlish giggle floated down the stairs. Down the stairs came Cornelia, the second youngest Schuyler child, dressed in a princess costume. Behind her was Eliza, carrying baby Catherine.

“She refused to wear anything else,” Eliza said, nodding toward Cornelia.

Cornelia curtsied to the boys, who bowed in return. Angelica rolled her eyes at the display, but Eliza laughed.

“You’re so indulgent to her,” Eliza said.

“It’s because they don’t have to live with her 24/7,” Angelica muttered.

“Ren? Cornelia? Come help set the table?” Catherine stepped out of the dining room and shouted. “And where are P.J. and Cortlandt? They should be helping, too,” she said in reference to her two other sons. “And Peggy,” she murmured. “Where’d that girl race off to now?”

“Is John coming?” Eliza asked Angelica.

Angelica checked her watch. “He should be here in like ten minutes,” she said.

“John and Angelica sitting in a tree,” Peggy sang from somewhere unseen.

“Where the hell are you?” Angelica hissed, looking around her only to see her friends, Eliza, and younger siblings.

“K-i-s-s-i-n-g,” Peggy singsonged.

“MARGARITA SCHUYLER GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW,” Catherina shouted from the dining room.

Angelica and Eliza burst into laughter as Peggy sulked down the stairs. She turned and held up her middle finger to them right before disappearing into the dining room.

This was what Alexander loved most about visiting the Schuyler household. After growing up in such a small family, then having no family before being adopted by the Washingtons, the Schuyler household was a welcome window into what life with a large, loving family was like.

He took John’s hand and squeezed it. He hoped one day to find out firsthand just what that kind of family life was like.


After a lot more shouting, laughing, and some crying from baby Catherine and Ren, who stubbed his toe while chasing Cornelia around the house before dinner, the entire family was finally seated and the large wooden table that was completely covered in dishes of food.

Baby Catherine sat in a highchair by Catherine, who was seated at one head of the table. Philip sat at the other head, with Cornelia and Cortlandt on either side of him, since they would need the most help with their meals, being only five and seven respectively.

Philip Jeremiah, or PJ as everyone called him, had sulked down after his mother called him for third time. He was fourteen and in that phase where his thick, black bangs were so long they covered his eyes and he always had earbuds in if he could help it. He glared at everyone who dared to look at him, except for Angelica, who apparently but the fear of god in everyone, including her snarky younger brother.

John and Alex were seated next to each other, with Laf on Alex’s other side. Hercules was with his family, but had promised to drop by for dessert later. Across from them was Angelica, her boyfriend, John Church, Eliza, and Peggy, who kept glaring at Angelica’s boyfriend.

“So, boys,” Philip said, turning to Alex, Laurens, and Laf, “it’s our tradition here to go around the table and say one thing we’re thankful for this year.”

“But there’s a trick!” Cornelia exclaimed.

“I think you mean a ‘catch,’” PJ mumbled.

“He speaks!” Peggy declared through a mouthful of mashed potatoes.

“Ew,” Eliza said with a laugh, stabbing at her carrots with the prongs of her fork.

“God, you’re all so embarrassing,” Angelica said. “Sorry,” she whispered to John, stroking his arm.

“Wha awh you sowy fwo?” Peggy said as she shovelled more food into her mouth. She grinned at Angie and a few peas escaped her mouth.

“Oh my GOD,” Angelica shouted. “Dad!” She turned to Philip, who was hiding his mouth behind his napkin. Alexander could tell he was trying to hide his laughter.

“Peggy,” he said once he’d composed himself. “Remember your manners?”

“Sorry,” she said with an empty mouth and mischievous grin.

“You’re seventeen for god’s sake,” Angelica muttered as she stabbed at some stuffing.

“Okay, back to the family tradition,” Catherine said with a quick clap. “So the catch that Cornelia was trying to mention is that you can’t repeat what someone else said.”

“We’ll start down here, with the little ones,” Philip said, gesturing to Cornelia and Cortlandt.

“Me first!” Cornelia said excitedly. She cleared her throat and pushed her chair back, then climbed on top of it.

It was obvious that all of the adults at the table where trying to stifle their laughter, since Cornelia, still in her princess costume, was taking this tradition so seriously.

“I’m thankful for my mommy and my daddy and my big sister Peggy.”

“What about us?” Angelica asked, motioning between her and Eliza.

Cornelia crossed her arms and stamped on the chair. “You two left!”

“We’re just at college,” Eliza said.

“Hey, guys, shut it, I’m the fav here, clearly,” Peggy said with another one of her grins.

“My turn!” Cortlandt exclaimed. “I’m thankful for Mommy’s tummy where she keeps growing new babies. I can’t wait for a new one!”

Catherine’s face turned a deep shade of red. Philip stammered to her rescue.

“Uh, wow, Cort, that was, an, um, unique one… but Mama’s tummy is done with babies. Look at how many it made.” He gestured to his other children.

“Why is it done?” Cortlandt asked.

Now Philip was clearly growing flustered. Catherine intervened.

“Because it’s tired,” she said smoothly.

“Why is it tired?” Cortlandt asked.

“We can talk about this later,” Catherine said.

All of the older kids and their friends were laughing into their napkins.

“PJ, how about you go next,” Philip hastily suggested.

“I’m thankful for music,” PJ mumbled. He glared at everyone seated around the table. “And for headphones,” he added.

“All right,” Philip said. “Ren?”

“I’m grateful for my math workbook because it has all of the answers in the back,” the grade schooler said with a smile.

“My turn!” Peggy declared. Copying Cornelia, she stood, but only on the floor, thankfully. Her nose tilted high, she began her list of what she was thankful for. “I’m grateful for my gut instinct, which so far has never been wrong about anything. Especially when it comes to dating.”

There was the sound of silverware clattering against a plate, and Alexander glanced up to see Angelica fuming.

“I’ll go,” Eliza said quickly, jumping up between her sisters.

Alexander took a moment to appreciate Eliza, and how she selflessly threw herself between her arguing sisters. She also looked as beautiful as ever, in a powder blue sleeveless dress and white cardigan, her long black hair hanging loose around her face, some glimmer-y makeup on her eyes.

“I’m grateful for the amazing example my older sister has given me on how to be a good person who stands up for what is right,” she said, looking at Angie. She turned to Peggy. “And I’m grateful to my younger sister, for the lessons she also teaches me, on how to be both funny and serious, and how to chase after what I want in life.”

Both Peggy and Angelica quickly sobered up after Eliza spoke. She sat down with a knowing smile on her face.

Angelica stood. “I’m grateful to Eliza and Peggy,” then she took in the faces of her younger siblings, “and all of my siblings, for giving me so much love. And to John, who I also lo––”

“Seriously?” Peggy sighed.

Angelica glared at her sister before continuing. “Who I also love, and I’m grateful to my family for welcoming him with open arms, especially since this is the first time he’s celebrated Thanksgiving anywhere other than the campus dining hall, being from England.”

“And we are overjoyed to have him here,” Catherine quickly agreed. “Would you like to try out our tradition, John?”

“Absolutely,” he said, quickly hopping to his feet. “I’m so grateful to you, Mrs. Schuyler, and you,” he said, turning to Philip, “Mr. Schuyler, for opening your home to me today. And thank you,” he gestured to the rest of the family, “for being so gracious as to have me here.”

“He talks funny,” Cornelia said with a giggle.

“It’s called an accent,” PJ said, rolling his eyes.

“Ham, you wanna go?” Angelica asked, clearly wanting to get off of a certain topic.

“I’d love to,” Alexander said, standing up. “I’m grateful to be able to spend today with such a loving family. George and Martha are sad that Laf and I aren’t home for the holidays, and I miss them, but this is also such a treat. Even though it’s cold and even snowy,” he glanced out the window at the little white flakes that were starting to coat the ground and bare limbs of trees, “it’s warm and welcoming in here. I never had a large family, and seeing all of you, and the love behind even your quips,” he took a deep breath. “Well, it’s really refreshing. Thank you for having me.”

Catherine dabbed at her eyes with her tissue. “I’d like to go and say that I’m grateful you’re here, Alexander, and that all of our guests are here. I’m also grateful for this little one,” she said, resting a hand on baby Catherine’s head, “and for all of my little ones.” She looked lovingly over her children. “And of course, for the love of my life.”

“And I for you,” he said, blowing her a kiss.

“Gross!” Cortlandt exclaimed, causing the entire table to burst into a fit of laughter.

“John? Laf? You guys want a turn?”

“I’m grateful for acceptance,” John said quickly, staying seated, looking down at his nearly empty plate. “And for the people who’ve shown it to me.”

Alexander took his hand and squeezed it. If he had his way, he’d never let go.

“And me? Well, I am grateful for one thing, and one thing only,” Laf said with a cheeky grin. “I’m grateful for––”

“HERCULES MULLIGAN!” His boyfriend burst into the dining room with a grin on his face.

Everyone was laughing again, and Laf ran over to his boyfriend, kissing him before pulling him over to the table to sit next to him.

“The gang’s all here,” Alexander said.

“Just as it should be,” Angelica said with a smile.

“I want pie!” Cornelia shouted.

“We’ve got plenty of that,” Philip told her. “But not until after you finish dinner.”

And so the evening went on, and Alexander never wanted it to end.

How do I even begin to explain what happened today?
oh yes, Simon Le Bon is very rude.

He was the first to show up at the hotel door. He was trying not to be seen, but cmon dude, it gets really hard when you’re wearing lemon green clothing and you’re over 6ft tall
I called his name and he waved before turning around to leave
I shouted “Come back Simon!” and he just made a signal with his hand for us to wait. He never came back.

In the next 30 minutes the sweet sweet Roger came downstairs. All the rumours are true - He’s lovely. Took pictures with all the fans who were waiting and was really kind.

Then, a long time passed. I went to the store on the corner of the street because I needed a bathroom. On my way out of the store I received a call from my boyfriend “JOHN’S HERE, HE’S LEAVING” I came rushing down the block, everyone looking at me. I was wearing platform sandals and ran as clumsily as I could, so fast I almost ran into… John Taylor. In the flesh. He’s SO TALL and SO HANDSOME. Also a gentleman. He looked at me and smiled, amused by my whole mess.
I just went “Hi John!” totally making an embarrassment of myself. He turned around and we took this picture. There was a whole line in front of me and yet, my mess called his attention. He touches you when he takes pictures. He put his hand on my back. I don’t recall exactly the feeling. But we all here spent quit some time thinking about those hands, heh. His feet. So big. Unbelievable.
Before he left I said “Sorry about the embarrassment!” and he laughed. I died that exactly moment.

I turned around and spotted a tiny blonde man almost getting crushed by the crowd. I rushed there as well and grabbed my letter, with a selection of my drawings inside it as well. It was difficult to reach him, but I gained his attention by shouting I had some artwork for him. He turned around eventually, I showed a couple of them and he said “Oh, you painted this! Very good, very good!”. NICK RHODES LIKED MY ART. That’s it, I can truly die happy now.
Then, he left with my gift for him and got inside the van. I was one of the few who gave them presents, so it’s official: Duran Duran saw my art.

I’ll post my present in the next post.
I have no words to describe how it felt. I wish you all could be with me that moment. I’m still recovering myself… And I still have two concerts to go!

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Can I request an imagine with Shiro and his s/o steals his phone and takes lots of pictures of themselves? Like, silly faces, good looking faces, and intentional ugly faces? I'm sure they don't have phones on them, especially Shiro, but I just really like this idea.

“Y/N? Where’s my phone?” Shiro called, walking into his room, while still looking at you as you wandered past.

“It’s in your room.” You smiled, continuing past his room as he gave you a confused look.

“I swear I looked in here.” He said to himself, watching you disappear down the hall.

He looked on the desk as he entered, and there it sat. Glancing at the door then back at his phone, he picked it up and opened it. The screen showed the camera roll, where there were a lot of photos of you, some of those with the other paladins. Shiro couldn’t help but laugh at the faces you made in the photos, he scrolled through them.

In some of the photos, you were pulling silly faces, occasionally pulling Pidge or Keith in to pose with you, or Lance would be photobombing in the background. You took a few where you made yourself look ugly on purpose, Allura and Coran joined in on one of those. As Shiro reached the end of the photos he saw a few where you had taken nice photos of yourself, you looked amazing and he let out a small laugh. He smiled and tapped away at his phone before putting it down and leaving the room.

Later that night you sat on Shiro’s bed, waiting to use the bathroom, and picked up his phone to see what he did with your photos. You blushed when you saw he had changed his lock screen to one of the nicer pictures of you, with hearts edited onto it. 

Idk this is kinda bad XD but the idea is so cute hhhhh

It never faded

Harry imagine where he turns up at your door after you guys broke up. I really hope you guys will like this imagine and that you’ll set aside the time to read it. :)
A lot of fluff and emotions ahead, no mature content aside from some harsh words.

Again, picture is not mine. Some beautiful member of the internet blessed us with it.

It had been two weeks since I had last seen Harry and one week since he had last tried to call me. Our break up had been a messy one, filled with screaming and crying. Words were shouted neither of us could ever truly mean and when I had finally cried that I wanted our relationship to be over, Harry was just as surprised as I was. And yet I didn’t take it back. And he didn’t try to stop me. I somewhat calmly went upstairs, packed the few belongings I had at brought to his place, and left without a word of goodbye.

I traveled back to my hometown and moved in with my old flatmate. She still owned the same apartment I had lived in when Harry had first come around and swept me off my feet. After dating for two months I agreed to go to London with him, which now I knew had been a mistake. Moving in with someone after knowing them for so short had not been a smart move. Literally.
Soon what had once been a loving relationship turned into two people trying to adjust to each other’s lifestyles and utterly failing at it. After his band got back on the road, it was like I was in a relationship with a ghost. The distance felt unbearable and with time differences and crappy internet connection, not even the few skype calls that we made could change that.

I wasn’t any happier being away from him now, but I comforted myself with the thought that at least I didn’t have to try and pretend to be anymore. After sulking in bed for a week, mourning my failed relationship, I was ready to move on. I still loved Harry with everything I had, truly. But after ignoring the first few voice messages of him sobbing into his phone I received messages of him lulling how glad he was that I had finally fucked off, how much better he was doing, that it would be as easy as counting to three to find a new girl to take my place.
It hurt of course, but if he was fine without me than why shouldn’t I be alright without him?

“Is it okay if I leave you alone tonight?” my flatmate Kylie asked standing in the doorway.

“Sure, why wouldn’t it be?” I responded, folding the shirt I was currently holding.

“You’ve been crying on a daily basis when all of a sudden you just stopped all together. It’s not normal. I’m kind of waiting for you to snap and explode or something.”

“What would seem normal to you then?” I asked with a laugh.

She jokingly tapped her finger to her chin. “Maybe you begging me to go egg his fancy ass house.”

“Not gonna happen,” I giggled while shaking my head. “But seriously, I’m alright. And I’ll survive a night without you hovering over me like a mother hen.”

Kylie threw her head back at that and laughed: “So it’s okay for the mother hen to go out for the night?”

“Of course it is,” I assured.

“You’re sure? I can stay if-”

“I’m sure,” I interrupted. “Just because my world ended doesn’t mean yours has to as well.”

She rolled her eyes. “Shit like that’s what makes me worry about you.”

“I’m joking,” I protested..

“Only half heartily.”

She gave me another long look before grinning confidently. “How hot do I look?”

“Very,” I complimented. “Your date is going to struggle keeping it in his pants tonight.”

“Great, that’s the look I was going for.”

After she left I decided to treat myself a little and make some popcorn. Once settled on our couch I pressed the play button on the telly and soon found an action movie I hadn’t seen in a long time. All in all, I felt pretty good about myself.

I jumped when the doorbell rang. The sky had long turned dark and one look at my phone told me that it was almost 11pm. Who was ringing people’s doorbells at this time?
It was unlikely that Kylie had forgotten her key and she would’ve told me if she had invited someone over, right? I reached for a fork that was laying on our coffee table after lunch which would weakly serve me as a weapon before my feet carried me hesitantly to the door. It only took one quick peek through the keyhole for me to pull the door open.

I had spend the last weeks forcing myself not to think about him until it had come to the point where his face was almost a blur in my mind. Looking at him now I couldn’t understand how that could’ve possibly happen. How could I ever forget how beautiful he was? His big but delicate hands, his strong, muscular arms and broad shoulders. His neck, who’s skin I knew was so warm after kissing it multiple times. The shape of his face, blessed with cheekbones to die for. And his brown, full curls, shorter than I remembered them, but just as soft looking. The gentle pink of his kissable lips and lastly his eyes. Those mesmerizing, enchanting, green eyes.

I was too stunned to say something. He had often laughed and blushed when I confessed how his looks took my breath away, but I hadn’t been kidding. My brain was too shocked to form a proper sentence. So instead I took a second look at him. And that changed my entire view.

His eyes were bloodshot, muting the green and held a unmistakable sadness. His eyelids looked twice their size as they were swollen and the skin beneath his eye resembled black shadows. His lips were bitten, dry and not half as full as I could’ve sworn they used to be when I kissed them. The curls hung in a mess, falling barley far enough to cover his frowned forehead. His face seemed more narrow and the veins on his neck were more visible than usually. His shoulders slacked, his arms hang limply by his sides and his knuckles were blue from bruising.

My breath hitched at how transformed he looked. Not at all like the man I had left behind.

“Harry?” I asked, my voice nothing above whimper. Given the transition he had gone through, I truly felt like I had to ask if it was really him.

“Y/N”, he croaked out and that was it.

I opened my arms and he practically fell into them. Harry shamelessly sobbed into my shoulder, wetting my flannel as I gently combed my fingers through his hair. My nails slightly scratched the skin of his neck, but it did little to calm him down.

“What happened?” I whispered. “Harry? What’s wrong, my love? Are you hurt?”

He didn’t answer, instead his sobs increased and I moved my arms to his shoulders, trying to loosen his hold to check if he was injured. When he didn’t budge I sighed and pressed a kiss to his cheek. His skin felt so cold.

“Come on. Let me get you inside. You’re freezing.”

Finally he allowed me to carefully pull away from him and take hold of his hands, pulling him inside. I lead him to the small living room and sat him down on the couch, getting into a kneeling position in front of him. Normally he would joke about how I could have “at least bought him dinner first”, but right now there was nothing even remotely sexual to my position. I rested my hands on his thighs, moving them in soothing circles.

“Harry, please tell me what happened.”

All I got as response was a shake of his head and more tears falling from his eyes. I didn’t know what to do. I was supposed to hate him, like I somehow had only hours ago. But now with him crying in front of me I couldn’t help but forget everything instantly and just want to care for him, hide him away and be the shield between him and whatever it had been that had hurt him so badly. There was something about Harry that had me want to bundle him up in a blanked whenever I saw him even remotely upset.

“Harry, please try to calm down,” I begged when he hiccuped. “I can’t stand seeing you like this. I’ll go and get you a cup of tea, alright? It’ll warm you up and ease you a little. Please, in the meantime try to relax. Okay?”

He sniffed loudly and then nodded. I got up and went to the kitchen. The water couldn’t boil fast enough and I nervously tapped my fingers on the sink. When it finally did, I quickly filled two cups and walked back. Harry obviously hadn’t calmed down. I suppressed a sigh as I placed the two cups on the coffee table and sat down next to my ex boyfriend.

“What can I do to make it better?” I asked quietly. “Tell me, please. I’m loosing my mind, seeing you this way.”

“Everything”, he started, voice so thin I almost missed it. “Everything is wrong, Y/N.”

He looked up and his eyes met mine, knocking every remaining ounce of anger still in me right on out.

“Come here”, I whispered and pulled him against me again. “I don’t want to push you,” I mumbled softly and I felt him shake his head in a nod. Goosebumps rose on my skin upon feeling his sobs against my chest. “We won’t speak right now. Let me turn on the TV and you can take your time to calm down. Maybe sleep a little. You look like you haven’t in days, my love. And when you wake up and feel more rested, we can look into making whatever got you upset go away, alright?”

“You’re letting me stay?” he murmured, avoiding my eyes. His voice broke halfway through the sentence.

Was I? The rational part of my brain screamed at me not to. But my heart had already found it’s familiar place where it had spent the last few months; right in his hands.

“Pass me the remote.”

We watched a movie in silence, neither of us paying much attention. Harry’s sobs lessened after a while and at some point we moved from our sitting position into me lying on my back and Harry laying half on top of me, his arms wrapped around my waist tightly. I stroke his hair and rested my cheek against his forehead. Though it felt like we were making a mistake, my heart squeezed almost painfully when he pressed a soft kiss against the skin of my cheek. I felt like every cell in my body awakened from a long sleep and I couldn’t deny how good it felt to have his body heat keeping me warm, instead of a blanket. Halfway through the film I could hear him snore quietly.

I must’ve fallen asleep too because a loud “I’m back!” call ripped me out of unconsciousness. My hand instantly moved to Harry’s neck and I was relieved when I found that he hadn’t woken up.

“I’m in here”, I murmured, hoping Kylie would hear me.

“I must tell you about what happened when I- Wait,” she stopped in her tracks when her eyes landed on the man lying on top of me. My cheeks burned and I tried to avoid her gaze.

She cleared her throat. “Tell me this isn’t what’s his face, but some hot dude you hooked up with to get over him.”

I gave her an awkward smile. “I would if it were true.”

“Y/N!” she yelled and I winced, covering Harry’s ear that wasn’t pressed against my collarbones. “What is he doing here? Why did you even let him inside this house?”

“Shh, please, you’re gonna wake him up.”

“So?” she exclaimed, not lowering her voice, “He’s the asshole over whom you have been bawling your eyes out and now what? He just shows up at your door? Really? Has he realized what big of a prick he is? What the hell, he’s such a-”

“Please don’t do this right now,” I interrupted her and shifted uncomfortably under her stare, “He showed up as a complete mess, what was I supposed to do? Nothing’s forgiven but how could I turn him away? Please, give him a break.”

She huffed and shook her head. “I may refrain from killing him right now. But only because I’m wearing heels.”

“Thanks,” I whispered, lifting my hand to wound my fingers into his curls. He looked so peaceful when he slept. And so adorable. So utterly handsome.

“Don’t look at him like that,” my friend’s voice interrupted my staring.

“Look at him like what?”

“With those eyes that scream how in love with him you are.”

I shook my head and rolled my eyes. “Not that you’ve seen what mine went like, how did your night go?”

She allowed me the change of subject with an eye roll. “I’ll give you the short version now and the long, funny one tomorrow. It was amazing.”

“I’m glad.”

“Yeah, me too.” She smiled. “Anyway, I’m going to bed now. Have a good snuggle then.”

“Yeah alright, good night.”

“Tomorrow it’s either you kicking him out, or me!” she called from the stairs. I shook my head and groaned quietly.

“She’s right, you know.”

I looked down to see Harry awake, moving awkwardly off of me and into a sitting position. I found myself wishing he wouldn’t have, missing his warmth already.

“How much of this did you hear?” I asked, crossing my arms over my stomach to keep from reaching out for him.

“Enough,” he mumbled, his voice hoarse.

I sat up too and scooted back to lean against the armrest and to put space between us.


“I’m so sorry, Y/N”, he interrupted me. “I’m a piece of shit, I know that. I’m the biggest asshole walking this wor-”

“Stop, Harry, stop. You’re none of that.”

“Yeah, I am,” he contradicted me. “I don’t deserve your comfort just like you don’t deserve my burden. I- oh gosh I completely ruined your evening. Why do I always fuck everything up? I’m-”

“What happened?” I interrupted his rambling. “What did you mean when you said everything was wrong?”

He shrugged, brushing some strands out of his face.

“Everything built up I guess,” he sniffed and I hoped he wouldn’t cry again. It took all I had not to brush the remaining wetness from his tears off his cheeks.

“Breaking up with you was horrible, Y/N. Not a day passed without me regretting it so much my heart hurt. You could probably tell by my voice messages I left-”

“You mean the ones where you told me how much better off you were?”

“Shit,” Harry rubbed his eyes with the back of his hands, “you must know that I didn’t mean that at all. That was the alcohol speaking.”

“You got drunk during the week?”

“What was I supposed to do with myself, knowing that you being gone was all my fault? I missed you so much, Y/N. I can’t even form the right words to explain how much it hurt to be without you.”

“I missed you, too, Harry”, I admitted and he gave me a small smile. “I don’t understand what happened to us.”

“I know it sounds lame but I was under so much stress and I wrongly took it all out on you. The pressure my job brings was just so much and though I love my family, they were constantly giving me a hard time about how I didn’t visit or call them often enough and that is true, but it still bugged me having to hear it all the time. I knew how unhappy I was making you by being gone all the time and that resulted into me feeling like crap.”

“Which then resulted into you behaving horrible around me.”

Harry bit his lip and nodded. “Pretty much. Like I said, I’m an asshole.”

“You’re not, baby,” I told him, looking away in embarrassment when the pet name slipped my lips. It didn’t go unnoticed by him and he cleared his throat. I was glad when he continued without addressing it.

“I just feel lost, Y/N. I don’t have a clue who I am anymore.”

“You’re Harry,” I whispered with a frown and in a bold move took his hand in mine. My thumbs gently caressed the back of his palms. “You are by far the best possible human being I know. A human, Harry. Though you seem to disagree, you actually don’t have to be perfect. It’s okay if you can’t deal with everything and endure all that pressure. The fault isn’t yours, it’s your job’s and your family’s attitude. You’re always so kind and so considerate with everybody’s feelings, I wish the world would give you some of it back.”

He squeezed my hands and his eyes shone with fresh tears. “See this is exactly why I had to see you. You always know the right words to mend me.”

A blush formed on my cheeks and I looked down at our fingers, intwined once again.

“But I don’t deserve it,” Harry continued. “I don’t deserve you. Y/N I’m so sorry about everything I said that night and in those stupid voice messages I left you. You have to believe me that I would take it all back! I didn’t mean a single word I said and I am so pissed at myself for not stopping you from leaving. The image of you walking through that door and away from me has replayed in my mind and broken my heart so many times, you can’t even imagine.”

“Then why didn’t you fight for me?” I asked, swallowing down my own tears that tried to form in my eyes and spill onto my cheeks.

“I wanted to, baby,” he whispered, putting my heart back into pieces by calling me that. “Believe me, I did. But I felt so awful, Y/N. I knew how unhappy I  made you and I didn’t want that for you anymore. Especially after you didn’t return any call I left. Not even the ones where I was crying. I thought you really must be done with me if you can even ignore those.”

“I was hurting, Harry. I needed time away from you to clear my head and when I was ready to talk about us all I got from was you rambling on about how much better your life was ever since I wasn’t part of it anymore.”

“I’m so sorry,” Harry shook his head and squeezed my hand. My body tensed when he reached up and stroke over my cheek with the back of his hand, the gesture used to be so common between us, but now he quickly let his hand fall back to his lap. “I’ve never been more of a mess than since you left. Asshole that I am, I thought that you were fine and wanted to let you know that I was too.”

“Oh, Harry… you’re such an idiot,” I breathed, “How could I be remotely happy without you by my side?”

“I hope you couldn’t,” he whispered, a shy smile gracing his lips. “I miss you.”

“I miss you so much.”

Harry slowly raised his arm again and gently cradled my cheek.

“Y/N, baby, do you think you could forgive me?” he asked quietly, “I know I messed up big time, but I promise you, I can do better and I will. I’ll make sure that I’m home more and that I’ll take the time to listen to you. I’d even learn how to use the bloody washing machine if that’s what it takes. Anything, but please, come back to me.”

I leaned into his hand and looked down, both of my hands holding his free one tightly, afraid he would disappear again if I didn’t. When I spoke, my voice hitched with happiness.

“If you ever say what you said to me that night again, I’m gone for good. I mean it.”

“I promise I won’t,” he swore, shaking his head. His mesmerizing eyes didn’t leave mine as he urged me to believe him. “I will never disappoint you like this again, I swear. I-”

Not needing to hear any more, I let go of his hand and grabbed his face, pressing my needy lips to his. I didn’t care how desperate I seemed, clinging on to him and particularly nestling myself onto his lap. Though I could feel his surprise, he immediately kissed back, just as urgently as I did. Oh, how I missed this. Feeling his warm and soft lips against mine, his tongue lick against my bottom lip, begging me to allow him in, which I of course granted. It didn’t go unnoticed by me that his lover lips felt slightly rougher than it normally had, but I didn’t care. Instead I deepened the kiss in hopes I could mend the torn skin. Harry’s hands held my waist, keeping me pressed against him. My heart felt like it would burst at any minute and my head was cloudy. Kissing him after missing his taste so badly resembled the feeling you get when you burst through the surface of water after having been under for too long. Though breathing wasn’t easy with his mouth pressed to mine, my lungs never felt fuller. Neither of us seemed ready to break the kiss and he moaned lowly when my clothed crotch rubbed against his. When we pulled away we were both smiling so wide our cheeks hurt.

“I love you,” I promised him. “That could’ve never faded away.”

“I love you, too” Harry assured, pressing a small kiss to my nose before pulling away again. “For alway.”

“That’s all I want,” I giggled happily and leaned in to kiss his cheek.

Harry hummed in content and cradled me tighter against his chest.

“Does that mean you’ll protect me when your friend tries to kick me out tomorrow?”

Hope you liked it! This is an imagine that I’ve had for a very long time and that I have rewritten a bunch of times. Feedback is welcome and so are requests! :)

Brooklyn Beckham imagine


While I was getting my hair done for prom all I could think about was Brooklyn. He was suppose to be my date but he had a bad fight which causes us to break up. So now I’m going with some other guy I don’t really want to be with. Truth be told I still loved Brooklyn. I wished he’d waltz through the door and ask me back. Of course I’d play a bit hard to get, but in the end i’d take my boy back.

But of course that didn’t happen. My date and I went though all that fun Picture stuff and we’re now at the dance.

Surprisingly, Brooklyn still went even though he didn’t have a date. While I was dancing he just kept watching us. He seemed to be growing mad, but I don’t know why when he’s the one who broke up with me.

After like the third dance he stormed over to Us and asked to cut in. My date looked super confused but once he saw how serious Brooklyn was he walked away.

Brooklyn pulled me in by the waist. “Why are you here with him.”

“You dumped me and I wasn’t going to prom alone?” I answered avoiding his eyes.

“So, you don’t like him.” He said sounding satisfied.

“What? Of course I do. Which is why I’m here with him.”

“That’s such a lie, I can tell you still like me (y/n). I still like you…we broke up over something stupid. Please forgive me.”

My plan of being strong and playing hard to get was failing. I wanted to say no, I didn’t like him and no, I wouldn’t take him back. But there were no words in my mouth. Instead I moved closer, resting my head in his shoulders.

“You still matched my dress..” I mumbled.

“Of course. You were meant to go here with me. Not him, that’s why I came to prove it to you.”

“Brooklyn shut up and kiss me please.”

“Gladly.” He kept one hand on my waist and brought the other to my cheek and kissed me.

My date walked back at that moment. He froze for a second but then just turned and walked away.

“See, he wasn’t good for you. Didn’t even fight for you.”

“Shut up Brooklyn, you already have me!” I giggled.

“Good and I won’t let you go anywhere next time.”


I honestly think how much fun it would be to live my reputation. People have this image of how wild and crazy I am, and I’m not everything they think of me. The reality is that the fame, the rumors—this picture means this, another picture means that—it really freaks me out. It made me back away from even wanting to attempt to date. It’s become second nature for me to just close that door and just be O.K. with that. I’m always concerned about whether people have good or bad intentions.

Partners: Harry x Reader

Request: Hi! Can I request a Harry x reader where they both work together as aurors but they act like they hate each other when they really like each other and Ron and Hermione see this (they know) so they plot to get them together so they trap them in a room and Harry and the reader talk and their true feelings come out that they like each other and can it be super fluffy? Thank you and I can’t wait for your Harry stories!!!

Warnings: none :)


naturally when I picture professional, badass women, I picture Chloe Bennet

Originally posted by ungifable

I pause outside of the door, my fist freezing mid-air before it connects with the wooden barrier. I could turn around, and go back to my office. Wait for them to threaten me. Like they could do anything, right? Aside from fire me, but they wouldn’t do that… not when so many of us had just been killed in the war. No, I can’t let my mind go there right now. They need as many aurors they can get. I take a deep breath and raise my fist back up, knocking three times on the dark wood.

“Enter,” I hear a deep voice say from the other side. I turn the doorknob and enter the large office. “Ah, Ms. (Y/L/N).”

“Good afternoon, Minister,” I respond, closing the door behind me.

He smiles at me, and says, “You’re perfectly welcome to call me Kingsley, if you’d like. I’m only Minister when acting as Minister. For the purposes of now, I’m Head of Magical Law Enforcement.”

I force a small smile in response. He sighs, and sits in the large chair behind his desk, gesturing to another across from him for me. I reluctantly walk forward, and sit in the chair, smoothing my skirt behind me.

“You know why I’ve asked you here, yes?” he asks. I nod, and the memories from the war come flooding back… I was still new to the auror office, only been there a year myself. And every new auror has a partner, especially ones as young as I am. My partner–my best friend–had been killed in the war. A stray “Avada Kedavra” from Bellatrix Lestrange herself, meant for someone else, had hit him square in the back. I feel my throat start to close up thinking about it, and I snap back to attention on the Minister–or.. whatever.

“I assume you have someone in mind, then?” I ask, a little too sassily, and I instantly regret it. But Kingsley smirks slightly, despite my attitude.

“I do,” he says, and he passes a file across his desk. A… a rather thick file. Great. Not only were they forcing a new partner on me, it was going to be someone with one hundred times the experience. An insufferable know-it-all, constantly telling me what I’m doing wrong. I knit my eyebrows together, and reach for the file, flipping open the top cover. My jaw drops when I read the name and look at the accompanying picture. I glance back up at my boss, who’s now smirking at me.

“Since when is he an auror?”

“Since this morning. Passed all of his tests with flying colors.” He’s grinning now, clearly proud of his new recruitment. But I don’t smile back. And his grin falters. “I don’t expect enthusiasm, (Y/N), but I do expect you to be welcoming.”

I nod. “Why me? Why not give him to someone… more experienced?”

Kingsley chuckles emptily. “After this war, are any of us inexperienced? I believe you two will be a good fit.”

“What about his friend?” I ask, remembering the red haired boy always hanging around him.

“Mr. Weasley has not completed his training quite yet.” I nod again. Goodness gracious, why can’t I just look him in the eye? I force myself to, and see nothing but kindness reflected in his face. I sigh, helping myself to relax a bit.

“Alright,” I say, “When does he start?”

Kingsley smiles in a I-knew-I-could-count-on-you sort of way, and responds “Tomorrow.”

“Well, then.” I stand up out of my chair, smoothing my skirt again with one hand, and taking the file in the other, waving it slightly, I say, “I guess I better get reading up on the Boy Who Lived.”

It had been almost a year since Harry had become my partner. I’d have to be lying to say he wasn’t a good one, because there was no doubt about that. He was an excellent and natural auror, especially for one so young. But to say that he drove me crazy was an understatement.

I expected that once his friend got through training, he’d be reassigned and they’d be partners instead. After all, I’m 20 now, it’s not like I’m some teenager who still needs a partner. But no. It turns out, Hermione Granger is also an auror now, and she and Ron were automatically assigned as partners, being engaged and all. So I was stuck with the golden boy.

“You don’t get it guys, the girl is crazy,” Harry whisper-yelled, leaning against the doorframe of Ron and Hermione’s joint office. The two shared a look, Hermione smirking slightly, before turning back to her paperwork.

“Yeah? How’s that, mate?” Ron asked, perching his chin on his fist.

Harry froze, looking back and forth between the two of them. “Well, she–she’s always wearing heels. And she works constantly.”

Hermione looked back up at him, tilting her head with an eyebrow raised, before turning to her fiancee. “Is that what makes a girl crazy, Ronald?”

Ron grinned at her, “Absolutely not, darling.” He then turned back to his best friend. “Honestly, mate it could be worse. You could’ve gotten stuck with McLaggen.”

Harry shuddered at the thought and turned his head at the sound of clacking heels against the tile floor, only to see (Y/N) coming down the hall carrying a small stack of files and headed toward the very doorway he was leaning against.

“Oh bloody–she’s coming this way,” he says, standing up straight, and re-buttoning his blazer. Hermione giggled and shook her head, looking back down at her paperwork.

(Y/N) appeared in the doorway only moments later, and turned to Harry, a slightly bemused look on her face. “Thought I’d find you here. Lucky.” She turned to face the other two as well. “Looks like the four of us have an assignment together,” she said, passing a file to each of the others.

Hermione, took hers and flipped it open, “Merlin’s beard, an actual arrest. Haven’t gotten one of those in a while.”

“Why all four of us?” Harry asked, cocking an eyebrow at the girl in front of him. (Y/N) shot him a look of annoyance, and turned to face him.

“Kingsley’s worried some others may be hiding out at his place,” she explained. “He wants us ready in an hour.”

She turned to leave, only to realize Harry wasn’t following, and she turned back to look at him, an eyebrow cocked. “You coming?”

“In a bit,” he replied. She nodded, and turned sharply, hair flipping behind her, and stalked off, and Harry found himself watching her as she walked away. This did not go unnoticed by his two friends, who were smiling knowingly at each other.

“Bonkers, right?” Harry said, turning back to the other two.

“Whatever you say, mate.”

“Bloody hell, this is not happening,” (Y/N) said, pacing the cellar. A light scoff came from the darkness to her left, and she turned to face the source. “What? Does this happen to you often? Getting trapped in cellars where apparating is impossible?”

“Honestly, I didn’t know there was another cellar like this outside Malfoy Manor,” Harry said, shrugging, his hands in his pockets, and leaning against the bars.

“How can you be so casual about this?!” she whisper-yelled, running a hand through her hair in agitation. He rolled his eyes, and then locked them back on her. “There’s got to be another way out of here.”

“Would you stop pacing, please?” he asked in an exasperated tone. She glared at him.

“You know, maybe if you’d actually be some help, we’d get out of here sooner,” she snapped back. “Or maybe you just enjoy being trapped in a cellar with me?”

“I can think of worse company,” he replied quietly, rolling his eyes again, and she froze, not sure she heard him correctly.

“Come again?”

He sighed and turned to her, pushing off of the bars, and not quite making eye contact. She could see him fidgeting slightly in the dark. “I know losing him was hard for you. Trust me, I know.”

She felt her heart ache at the mention of her old partner, and her eyes began to sting as tears formed and blurred her vision. She crossed her arms in front of her–her way of protecting herself from the memories.

“But neither of us could have asked for a better partner. He was really lucky to have you while he was here.”

A small smile formed on her lips. “Thank you, Har–”

“I’m not done quite yet,” he said, cutting her off. “Just let me say this, alright?”

She froze yet again, and then nodded slowly.

“I know it was hard for you to be assigned a new partner. And I wish they’d’ve given you more time. But, selfishly, I’m glad they didn’t.” He finally looked up into her (y/e/c) eyes, and seeing them staring back at him made let out a light chuckle, and he shook his head. “This is going to sound ridiculous. But it can’t sound more ridiculous than I feel right now, so what the hell, right?”

She took a forward, a sudden impulse to be closer to him washing over her. “Go on, then,” she whispered.

A small smirk spread on his face as he looked back up at her. “I’ve been falling for you since my first day, (Y/N),” he confessed, finally locking eyes with her, and not taking them away again. She felt herself inching towards him, and noticed that he was too. They were only a couple of feet away from each other now.

“You have?” she asked, stepping even closer to him and slowly unfolding her arms.

The grin began to grow on his face. “I have,” he replied. Several inches of space were all that was left.

“Well, then,” she said, her eyes flickering down to his lips momentarily. She slowly reached out, placing a hand on his shoulder, and pulled him in gently to close the remaining distance.

He wrapped an arm around her waist and held her against him, as he leaned forward, connecting his lips to hers in a gentle kiss. His other hand found the back of her neck, and he applied a little bit of pressure, deepening the kiss ever so slightly.

“Oh, finally!” Harry and (Y/N) sprang apart, and looked through the barred door to see Hermione and Ron at the top of the stone stairs and smirking down at them. “It’s about bloody time.”



Hey guys!

So you’ve probably seen other posts of people about their experience in Alice Table and I thought I should share mine.

Just came back two weeks ago from Korea with my friends and I’m delighted to share with you guys my own story about Alice Table!

The cafe is easy to find, a block away from the subway station. Easy to spot too.

When you open the door, you could already hear BTS songs playing inside. The interior was really cozy and relaxing. It was very simple and filled with BTS pictures! More of Jimin’s, as you would expect, but there were pictures of the other members too.

Jimin’s mother was working when we entered the cafe and she was a very sweet lady, a little soft spoken but knew how to make a customer feel welcome. I was a tad fascinated by the interior and the whole atmosphere so it took me a while to actually order something. With broken Korean, I ordered green tea ice cream, strawberry banana smoothie for me and toffee smoothie for my friend. It was really good especially the green tea ice cream! It had red beans and mochi. The presentation is really nice too. Although, the food are a little pricey.

There were fan drawings posted on the walls too and it was so nice to see them hanging there. Most of the pictures, if not all, were not official, but rather the pictures BTS posts on their twitters and also fantaken pictures. Needless to say, they were all beautiful pictures of the boys.

Jimin’s dad came in a little bit later and I guess he really was the one that I could never forget about the cafe. He approached me and my best friend first. He introduced himself to us in Korean and we shook his hand. His voice is so sweet like Jimin’s, and he just have this friendly and approachable aura in him. His voice when he said he was Jimin’s dad had that pride of a proud parent. 

Word of advice: It’s really helpful to know a little bit Korean because, in my experience, Jimin’s parents spoke in full Korean.

There was a wall filled with sticky notes from so many fans and Jimin’s dad asked us to write something too. (But stupid old me refused because I didn’t know what to write.)

Jimin’s dad loves Jimin’s fans probably as much as his son does. I’ve witnessed it myself and I can’t stress enough how much I admired him for it. There wasn’t any customers coming in so he was arranging all sticky notes diligently and not one single note was left out. He was arranging it so that every single one is shown and not hidden by another. (I have a picture of him doing so actually but in respect of privacy, I’m not posting it.) He was so sweet that I almost became his fan instead of his son’s. XD

ANECDOTE: I was looking around the place during my stay there and I felt so embarrassed when Jimin’s dad caught me staring(like really staring) at Jimin’s pictures. If he did notice, he didn’t say anything about it and stood next to me to change the BTS songs playing.

We stayed for around four hours. Before we left, I left Jimin’s dad a note written in Korean that I know, thanking him for the food and telling him that he’s great.

I absolutely loved the cafe that this trash decided to go twice. We were on our way back to Seoul so my understanding best friend and I decided to drop by before we go.

Jimin’s parents recognized us when we came and he must had seen the note I left because he was talking about how my Korean was good. I told them it was my last day in Busan and I had to leave. Still, my Korean was limited and we couldn’t communicate when he asked me something about “Seoul” and “where”. I ended up apologizing to them. 

We got green tea ice cream again because my friend loved it and we stayed there for at least three hours.

Sadly, I couldn’t say goodbye to Jimin’s dad because he wasn’t there anymore when it was time for us to leave, but Jimin’s mom smiled at us and bid us goodbye.

The experience of meeting Jimin’s parents had been an amazing thing itself, but I fell in love with the cafe too. It was a a very nice and relaxing place to spend your day at, the desserts were delicious, and it was comfortable because I felt welcomed.

Recently, I’ve seen a rumor that Alice Table won’t be owned by Jimin’s family anymore and instead by his Aunt. The place won’t be BTS-themed anymore either and I’m really bummed about it. Hopefully not because I want you all to visit the place! I’m sad, but also feeling fortunate that I was able to go there and see it for myself.

Feel free to ask me any questions about Alice Table and I’ll be so glad to help or fill in your curiosity!

azvolrien  asked:

Purple, Yellow, Orange, [infinity symbol]!

Time to answer the rest of these! Thanks – I didn’t get to these while I was working on my project, but they make a nice thing to do after turning it in. :)

Purple: Ten facts about my room.

Hmm. It was pretty hard to come up with the first ten, so this will be interesting.

  1. I have five posters on the walls in my room. Two are of space, one is a French motivational poster, one has various quotations about libraries, and one is a picture of some anthropomorphized planet sculptures. Sweet as hell.
  2. The lock on the door is a little slow to respond. Just enough to be irritating.
  3. The drawers on my desk and dresser are easily jammed.
  4. I have a designated bug-catching jar!
  5. The closets aren’t very wide, but they are really deep. They just go back and back and back.
  6. The room came with some hooks already pre-installed on the walls. I don’t use most of them, but I do hang my towel on one.
  7. My empty tea cans sit on top of my microwave until there’s no space left, then I crush and get rid of them all at once.
  8. I had just enough room on my bookshelf for all the books I brought at the start of the school year. Unfortunately, since I tend to accumulate books wherever I go, I don’t have enough room now.
  9. My desk is the stuff-holder in my room. I could use my dresser or my bookshelf, but for some reason I don’t – the only things on the former are my bicycle basket, a decorative pillow, and house plant, and the latter holds pretty things to look at, not functional things.
  10. Literally none of the power outlets are in convenient spots.

Wow, I did it!

Yellow: Seven facts about my childhood.

  1. I never had a chance to develop a fear of heights or flying, I suspect largely because I’ve been flying around in airplanes since I was two.
  2. My grandmother once asked me if I would like to go to the moon in a frustrated attempt to get me to stop crying. It worked. In hindsight, I am disposed to view this as prophetic.
  3. I don’t really remember anything before I started kindergarten (having just turned 6). I have a few scattered memories of preschool or earlier, but that’s all.
  4. My favorite foods as a young kid were hotdogs, macaroni and cheese, and plums. Today I only really enjoy one of the three, namely plums.
  5. I didn’t really like music until…I think summer 2004? simply because I had never been exposed to a genre I liked.
  6. My parents signed me up for ice skating and gymnastics lessons when I was very young. They thought I might turn out to be the next athletic superstar in one of those two areas. This very emphatically did not happen.
  7. When I was in fifth grade I got the lead role in the children’s play at my church. This was, amusingly, the height of my acting career.

Orange: Six facts about my hometown.

Good old Columbus, Ohio! I love my city.

  1. With about 750,000 people, Columbus is one of the largest cities in the Midwest. ETA: further research tells me the number as of 2010 is over 787,000, making Columbus the third-largest city in the Midwest after Chicago and Indianapolis.
  2. Columbus was not the original capital of Ohio; it bounced back and forth between Cleveland and Cincinnati for a while, if I recall correctly, before settling in Columbus.
  3. We have a replica of the Santa Maria parked on the Ohio River downtown! I don’t think it’s to scale, but it’s pretty neat to visit – even if the man who sailed the original was an asshat.
  4. We just renamed our airport – formerly Port Columbus – after John Glenn over the summer. Gosh. Every time I think about it I get sad. He got to attend the ceremony, though, which is good.
  5. I heard somewhere that Columbus is one of the most economically segregated cities in the country. :/
  6. Lots of businesses have their national headquarters in Columbus. Among them are Wendy’s, Nationwide Insurance, and McGraw-Hill, the textbook people.

And some lyrics for you! From Let Your Love Be Strong, by Switchfoot. As a side note, this one dates all the way back to my time on the 9 Forum. That ought to serve as a testimony to how much I continue to like it. Anyhow, favorite lyrics:

As the dead moon rises, and the freeways sigh
Let the trains watch over the tides and the mist
Spinning circles in our skies tonight

Babe, is everything okay?/ Don't lie to me. (Nate Maloley)

So many people have been sending me pictures and videos of Nate with other girls while he was on tour. I can’t believe it, is he really cheating on me?

I’m sitting on the couch when Nate comes through the door, hoping for a hug, but gets nothing. He just came back from tour, “hey, beautiful.” He tries to get my attention.

“Hi,” I reply coldly. He comes over and kisses my cheek about five times, when he realizes that I’m not gonna kiss him back, he sighs.

“Babe, is everything okay?” Nate comes over and sits down on the couch with me, “Usually, when I come back from tour you smother me in hugs and kisses.

"Oh, just something.” I turn off the tv and look over at him, “did you cheat on me?”

Nate looks at me as if I have seven heads, “what? You know damn well that I never have and never would cheat on anyone, especially you.”

Nate tries to hug me but I push him off, “don’t lie to me. So many people have been sending me pictures and videos of girls grinding on you, while you were on tour.”

He starts to get annoyed, “show me the videos and pictures.”

I pull out my phone and go to the pictures and videos, he presses play on one of them and sees the video of him and Stassie everyone has been sending me, he looks over at me his eyes filled with boredom, “fucking knew it.”

I get up and go upstairs to our bedroom, making sure to lock the door. “Baby, what are you doing? Do you know how long ago that video was?”

I chuckle not believing him with tears streaming down my face. “Then why is everyone sending me the video now?” He unlocks the door with the skeleton key he got with the apartment, damnit.

He turns me around and kisses me, “do you know how many people don’t want me with you? They would kill to see us break up.”

“I’m sorry, I have to clear my mind for a few days.” I turn around and keep packing.

Nate leaves the room, hopefully defeated. He comes back in the room with my phone in his hands, “baby, look at who was all in the video.” He pulls me back by my arm and plays the video.

It looks like Sammy, the Jacks, Madison, Delany, Emily, Kylie Jenner and Derek, “I don’t know what this proves.” I shrug my shoulders.

“Emily and Delany are your best friends, right?” I nod, “I know they wouldn’t lie to you. Tell them to come over and we will ask them ourselves.”

Tears start to fill his eyes, “I don’t know why you’re crying.” I whisper and lay my head on his shoulder.

“Cause you can’t leave me, baby. I need you to stay. You know I wouldn’t lie to you.” A tear slips out of his eye.

I call them both and they said they would be over. I go downstairs with Nate following close behind. He sits on one side of the couch and I sit on the other. Complete silence.

Emily and Delany come over about ten minutes later, Nate goes over and opens the door. They come in and he shows them the video, “how long ago was this video? The whole time we were on tour, did I chill with any other girls except you two?”

“The video was at least 6 months ago.” That was a month before we got together, “the only girls you chilled with were me and D.” Nate says that they can leave and turns to me.

“I’m so sorry, Nate.” I go over and hug him.

“Don’t worry about it. Will you stay with me?” I nod in his neck, “next tour I have, you’re coming with me.”

hi everyone!! I am back with a good kitten update!

after the first night at the vet, they actually called us and said she’d improved so much that it would be ok to take her home, but we let them keep her another night just to be safe! she’s back today and feeling so!! much better!!! she’s eating extremely well, not having any accidents at all, and she’s SUPER active (I could barely take pictures bc she kept insisting on running and climbing onto my shoulder)

we still can’t put her together with her sister just yet, but hopefully soon!! they keep meowing for each other through the door. over all I’m just so relieved bc the vet sounded really concerned for her since she’s only about five weeks old now and was having such a tough time….. but now things are looking very very positive! thank you again for such a huge response and for helping so much, either through info or buying things or even just good thoughts! I appreciate it more than I can express!! really!!!!

I honestly think how much fun it would be to live my reputation. People have this image of how wild and crazy I am, and I’m not everything they think of me. The reality is that the fame, the rumors—this picture means this, another picture means that—it really freaks me out. It made me back away from even wanting to attempt to date. It’s become second nature for me to just close that door and just be O.K. with that. I’m always concerned about whether people have good or bad intentions.

Bent Out of Shape

An imagine where youre really insecure about bra shopping so Josh Dun helps you?

I do not own or claim to own the pictures, anyone or anything mentioned, I only edited them together

“Babe are you ready to go?” Josh softly knocked on my bedroom door. I fussed around with my bra before tearing it off.
“No!” I shouted back.“ My bra is all warped and feels funny and its like strangling my boobs.” I whined.

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First Time

Hello my darlings..It has been a while since we have posted anything (other than pictures) an I decided to write you all a little something. This includes the Jack’s and Skate and it is about a murder that happened in the Jack’s house. I hope you guys enjoy it ! -M

Part 1.

Jack J POV.



“We have to call 911 guys!” said skate who just walked in through the back door

“But what if they think we did it,Skate we just started our career! This would ruin us! THIS WILL RUIN ME!”

“CALM DOWN!” yelled G “there is a dead girl in our house we have to call 911 before we all really do look guilty.”

“G is right man!We have to call the police. We can’t just dump her body in a dumpster”said skate “look Johnson I know you are sacred but so are we. We have to do what is right.”

“FINE. I’ll call them.”

I grab the closest phone to us and dial 911 with shaky fingers  “ 911 what’s your emergency”

“Hi my name is Jack Johnson and there is a dead girl in my living room”

“Sir are you sure she is dead?” the operator asked in a concerned voice

“Yes ma’am I am sure,she has no pulse” I said reassuring the operator.

“Alright,Mr Johnson the police will be on their way, may I have your address please?”

“Yes it 2324 Arden Drive,Beverly Hill,California zip code 1286”

“OK sir the police is on their way”

Suddenly all I could hear is the dialtone as the operator hang up on me. As I sit down on the couch with my hand running through my hair all I can think of is,man I fucked up big time. I ruined my career and my life over some girl that I’ve only known for a couple years.Man I fucked up.

“Guys” said G “there is a note”

“What?” said skate “let me see that”

‘I can live anymore knowing all the horrible things I’ve done. I hope you all forgive me. -Y/N’. As skate finished reading the note my heart sank and it felt like it had just been ripped.

“How did this happen!?” screamed skate

“You think I know how this happened?!” I yelled back “she never told me this how she felt! I would always ask her if she was fine and she said yes! I have no idea why she would do this!”


“HEY! you both need to calm down” said G from the other side of the room

“Tell that to pissy pants over here who just started to freak out.” I told G while staring at skate “matter fact,tell me this skate why are you so damn worried?You hated her after all”

“Oh shut up it doesn’t matter how I felt about her! She is dead now,that’s all that matters!”

“Alright you two shut up” said G,he suddenly looked like the dad and we looked like the two teenagers who just did something we weren’t supposed to.Although G was right we both needed to shut up and have a plan a strategy,we needed to figure out what to tell the cops for when the arrived because if we didn’t..well who knows what the cops would think.  

“Look”said G “we can’t touch anything.This is what we will say happened. J you had just woken up when you went downstairs for coffee and when you saw her you ran towards her to check for a pulse and when you felt she didn’t one,You then called us.Now Skate when we got here we saw Johnson in a corner freaking out after that I went and checked for a pulse and saw that she didn’t have one after that we called the poilce and then we saw the note..” as Gilinsky kept talking the more disturbed I felt.Here she was dead and all I can think of is my career and how badly I fucked up and as she laid there motionless we were calling lawyers and doing a strategy and all I can think of is this my fault? did she kill herself because me? Was it because of what I told her last night? Suddenly there was a knock on the door followed by “LAPD open up please” said a deep male voice. As I was going to get up to open the door G hold me back and whispered

“Get to the corner now,mess up your hair rub your eyes and poke your eyes so they can get water and red” and I did exactly what he said and he went and opened the door

“Officers come on in” said G in an appealing voice

“Thank you” said the officer.He was a light color and tall maybe 6’0 feet he had green eyes and curly short hair. His partner in the other and wasn’t so tall, he was was about 5’6 feet tall with blue eyes and golden hair white male and he had a ring in his finger meaning he is probably married. “We received a call about a dead women”

“Um,yes her name is Y/N she is 18 and she is our friend. Our friend jack found her this morning after he came down for coffee” said G

G did exactly what he said he was going to do, he did everything according to the plan and all I had to do was stay in a corner and looked freaked out. This kid has definitely watch too much criminal minds and law in order.Everything was going well everything was going according to plan when suddenly the officer lift Y/N head and saw something and whatever they saw brought up a red flag.

“Gentleman” said the tall detective “did you happen to move her body by any chance?”

“No” I said shocking everyone in the room.”she was just like that” I continued with a cracking voice.

“Mr.Johnson” said the detective”I know how hard this is for you but I am going to need you and your friends to come to down to the stations with us.”

“We need to ask you a few questions” said the white male detective.

“No problem” I replied “I’m just going to get dressed” as I make way up the stairs to my room gilinsky follows me and when I get to my room and closed the door Gilinsky goes straight to the bathroom and turns on the water and says to me so violent and yet so gentle “If anything goes wrong you blame Skate do you understand me” and I stare at him into his eyes I reply with a single word “YES.”

mingyu~boy next door
  • your neighbor since birth.
  • your parents made you nap together so they can get cute baby pictures.
  • he cried a lot as a child.
  • because he cried a lot, you too cried.
  • when your moms took you out to the park in your strollers, people thought you two were twins and your moms just played along with it.
  • he always stole your toys and threw tantrums when you try to take them back.
  • when a kid made fun of him for playing with a doll, he got super conscious and only asked for action figures or Ken dolls. 
  • he protected you at no cost.
  • if a kid in preschool was being mean to you, he would push them which got him in a lot of trouble but he never really cared.
  • the kind of guy that says “only i can be mean to my best friend!”
  • is at your house as often as he is at his own house.
  • sometimes his comes over and asks to sleep over because he just watched a scary movie and is afraid to sleep alone in his bed.
  • accidentally (and literally) kicked you out of the bed in his sleep because he was having a nightmare.
  • you forbade him to sleep over ever again.
  • you were seven then.
  • constantly had a competition with your heights.
  • most of your childhood, you were the taller one but then he had a growth spurt and he got really tall.
  • he never stopped teasing you about it.
  • liked cooking with your mom and they often traded recipe tips.
  • you in exchanged liked chit chatting with his mom and talking about the new gossip.
  • sometimes you two would switch houses unknowingly. like you’d be at his house with his parents while he’s at your house with your parents and you wouldn’t even realize the latter isn’t at their own home.
  • offered you piggybacks home whenever you had a rough day at school.
  • asked you for piggybacks whenever he had a rough day. (you never game them but you just treated him food)
  • he hated studying with you so to get you out of it, he plays a song from his phone and pulls you out of your chair and wiggles you and flails your arms around until you actually start dancing.
  • he was always your partner on projected but he never did anything.
  • instead he treated you food after you finish the project.
  • when other boys started showing interest in you, he suddenly felt really protective.
  • like he constantly asked you who you were just talking to and you’re just like “mingyu, you know him. he sits next to you in class.”
  • and he’d be like “i don’t like him, he’s shady.”
  • “he was just asking for homework,” you’d reply.
  • “but then next thing you know he’ll ask you for your number,” he’d retort but then catches himself and walks away before showing more signs of jealousy.
  • doesn’t talk to you for a while because he’s super embarrassed about that.
  • he forgets one day and it all goes to normal.
  • he doesn’t like when you hang out with other people but him because he feels left out when he sees you having fun without him.
  • you were the first person he told about pledis and his plans for auditioning for the company.
  • he told you to keep it a secret until he told his parents but you accidentally spilled it to his mom during one of your chit chats.
  • he didn’t talk to you after he found out.
  • to get him out of his funk, you had to poke him on his cheeks and tummy and pretty much everywhere and present him with ice cream while he’s on his bed trying to keep a poker face on.
  • he forgave easily and actually thanked you for spilling because he had no guts whatsoever.
  • told you he owed you everything for being the reason he is part of seventeen.

more svt scenarios

photography major!ashton aka im really obsessed with this picture

It was always the same, every day since you met him, but sometimes, consistency is good.  

The familiar three knocks against your dorm door would echo throughout the tiny room every morning just about an hour before your first class at 9am.  The person who stood on the other side was always the same and even after dating for two years and giving him a key to your room at the beginning of the semester, there was still a knock.  Soft tousled curls matched with a sleepy smile met you on the other side of the wooden door, just like every other morning, the black framing of his camera extended in front of his eyes as he leaned against the off-white wall.  Although things become a routine, that doesn’t necessarily mean you get used to them, even if they are repeated on such a frequent basis.  The sudden and sharp click of a photo being captured and the low, sleep-filled voice emitting a soft “morning, darling” was enough to raise a rose color to your cheeks, just like yesterday and the day prior, even though it was almost expected at this point.  The shutter of the camera snapping a memory shouldn’t have caught you off guard in the least bit, but you weren’t able to suppress your eyebrows from furrowing for a split second of time before a stupid lopsided grin broke through the short lived façade of confusion.  “Working on your next project?” your body turned to close the door behind you as you went to wrap your jacket closer to your frame, the brisk chill of any March morning prominent the second you walked into the hallway.

The sight of the camera hung around Ashton’s neck was anything but foreign and something you grew accustomed to after just about the second week of knowing his name.  Boxes of polaroids and canvases stained with scattered paint filled the dorm room he’s called home for some time now, but that’s something you would expect of a photography major with a minor and passion in studio arts. With an ambition in art came a lifestyle of what felt like constant change and maybe that’s why Ashton prided himself on a routine, because if life around him continued to move at the speed of light, what you two had needed to be surrounded by a sense of comfort and home.

“Mmmh, you just look pretty is all,” his eyes fluttered closed for a mere second as he tried to rid himself of the last lingering bit of sleep still present, a subtle grin tugging away at the corners of his lips and his hand almost blindly feeling for your waist.

Walking to the coffee shop on the corner of 1st and Meadows felt like second natural and with every step you took, the distinctive scent of freshly ground coffee beans and the little cranberry scones the store was famous for became more prominent.  As each morning came and passed, everything among your surroundings seemed to change; flowers would bloom on the cherry blossom trees one day and the next, there were snowflakes falling from the clouded over skies.  The seasons came and left in the blink on an eye, but somehow, Ashton didn’t. Regardless of the weather outside, his eyes still gleamed a hazel color with golden embers that veered on the line of breathtakingly impossible and his body remained warm, reflecting the heat of the fire burning away within the mixture of greens and golds.  

Your usual table towards the back corner of the patio seating was open like the previous mornings that came before this one, almost as though new faces, regulars, and waiters alike knew and reserved the two chairs, expecting your arrival and having your orders set to brew away in the coffee machine.  The light grey hues that danced along the clouds made everything about Ashton more noticeably beautiful.  The rays of sunlight struggling to peak through the hazy blanket engulfing them made the golden sparks scattered about his earthy green eyes look as though they were embers from a bonfire dancing along a summer night’s sky.  The rather dull yet still prevalent chill hanging along the fresh spring air brought a light dusting of various pinks onto his cheeks and the steam emitting from the top of the fragile cappuccino cup surfaced a new warmth into the atmosphere of the delicate shop.  Everything about the moment felt too right for it to come and go within a matter of passing seconds, just a memory left to fade among the countless others.  Your hand slipped carefully across the wooden paneling of the table top, fingers extending to grasp at the camera Ashton had set down when you arrived and before he could comprehend what was unfolding in front of him, the sharp click of the camera was heard.

“What was that for?” The crease of confusing along Ashton’s eyebrows began to release, a subtle smirk pulling at a corner of his mouth and he placed the brewed drink back on the table. Your eyelashes fluttered just the slightest as your head raised from admiring the photograph on the small camera screen. The camera found its spot once again on the newly stained wood, the warmth of your latte seeping through the ceramic confinements and bringing a tingling feeling to your fingertips.  You spoke over the red striped rim, a smile obviously laced in every word that tumbled out of your mouth.  “Mmmh, you just look pretty is all.”

Exo Reaction Where They Accidentally Walk In On You Getting Out Of The Shower(Current Members)

I could not stop laughing because I could honestly just picture their shocked faces in my head. Hope you guys enjoy!

I do not own any of the gifs in this post.

-Admin Min

Suho- “Why didn’t you say anything before I came in!” Suho’s first response would be to yell at you for being so careless, but you would be able to tell how obviously embarrassed he was because he would be holding in giggles and blushing really hard.

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Baekhyun-“Nice legs jagi” He’d be initially shocked upon opening the door and seeing you naked but he’d then he’d just start laughing since you looked funny trying so hard to cover up.

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Chanyeol- “Uhhhh sorry” Chanyeol would just stare at you before doing that little smile he does when he feels awkward and then try to quickly shuffle back out the bathroom.

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Kyungsoo- *Does nothing but silently stare at you* As soon as he walked in and saw you naked, he would stare at you and then quietly ease back out the door like it never happened.

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Kai- “ I should have knocked” Awkwardly staring at you and then quickly at the ground, he’d chuckle to himself and shut the door.

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Sehun- “Don’t be mad at me, you’re the one who didn’t lock the door” He wouldn’t be too embarrassed about seeing you like that and he would probably just laugh at how shocked you were, you would have to kick him out or else he woulda just stood there laughing forever.

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Chen- “Nothing I haven’t seen before” Chen would scoff at your attempts at covering up and jokingly tease you about how he’s seen it all already, making you way more embarrassed than you should have been.

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Xuimin- “Well hello there” He would be shocked at first since he wasn’t expecting that, but would eventually just grin and give you a quick look over before walking back out.

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Lay- “Jagi you should lock the door more often” Lay would blush and chuckle as soon as he saw you and would quickly turn around and cover his eyes, telling you that it’s good to lock the door sometimes.

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