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If I was a US History Teacher.....
  • Me:Okay class now why is tomorrow's date so important?
  • Student:*raises hand* Because its the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party thing, where the colonists dumped the tea into the harbor and made the British really mad.
  • Me:That is correct but who are we forgetting in that famous moment of US History?
  • Class:*silence*
  • Me:nobody?
  • Class:*more silence*
  • Me:man you guys are worse than Ubis-
  • Student:we're forgetting Conno-
  • Prick Student:*who doesn't raise his hand* Ya know, another history teacher told me that this "Connor" doesn't really exist and that your just a crazy old loon.
  • Me:That's exactly what the Templars want you to think child.
  • Class:*more silence*
  • Me:ANYWAYS don't forget your homework is to go on Youtube and watch Sequence 6 of AC3 for the Boston Tea Party. There will be a pop quiz on it tomorrow. :)))

“I honestly think that my hero in real life is you. It’s so inspiring to me and I look up to you so much because you inspire other young women around the world to follow their dreams. It’s so important to me to be able to sit and watch, you know in the background, young girls running up to you and at the games getting your autograph and thinking that you really are special because you really are special. And the way that they want to follow their dreams and be like you says so much to me. And yeah, you might be inspiring young men too but it’s really not about the men, they’re gonna be fine. It’s about young women and about young women feeling like they can reach the highest level as well. And I’m so glad that you are that for them.” 

- Kyle Krieger to Ali  


The next update I’ve prepared for the world is coming out on August 9th, in a special collaboration with the sims magazine simsvita :)

But the city is starting to take shape, so I thought I’d share some pictures of it. I really like how this area is turning out. As you can see, water is a very important element in the city. 

By the way, I’ve finally decided a name for the world:


It was my first idea so that’s the one I feel suits better.

I’ve chosen a name for city in the mountains too: Nea Divarapolis ”new city of walls” (A.Greek+Hindi). It may not be gramatically correct, but it sounds good to me :P

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Spot and Darcy out for ice cream B)

newsies. darcy and spot getting icecream (which Spot totally made Darcy pay for.)

okay but this bro-ship is really important to me and I could talk about it for days. Cuz Darcy is so smooth and sophisticated. He’s incredibly wealthy, well educated, and his name provides so much status. Spot on the other hand has probably 5$ total hidden under his mattress and will be a high school drop out. However, Spot has so. much. more. confidence. They balance each other perfect because Darcy is charming and is so gentle, while Spot is a tiny ball of rage and power.

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Apparently emotional dysregulation is really common or people with ADHD- I'm relieved that I'm not just "a crybaby" but at the same time I'm concerned that I don't know how many aspects of my personality are actually just symptoms of my disorder. I don't know what is me and what is ADHD and that's a bit scary...

Is it really important to know what comes from ADHD? It is a part of you, after all, and since you’ve had it all your life it’s influenced your development anyway. I totally understand why people want to be able to say definitively “this is because of ADHD” but unfortunately psychology just doesn’t work that way. How our brains function has way too much of an impact on everything about who we are. That’s why I encourage people to find a way to accept ADHD as a part of their identity; it’s not going away, and it’s inextricably entwined with how your personality developed. (Of course, I also know that this approach doesn’t work for everyone, so I’m mostly just offering this as a suggestion to try and think differently about your ADHD and your identity.)

Not knowing what I’d be like without ADHD is part of why I’m not interested in a cure. I feel like getting rid of my ADHD would change far too much about me and how I relate to the world to be worth it. I also feel like that would make me even more dysfunctional: I would have to re-learn so much about how to deal with life since so much right now is about compensating for my symptoms.


As far as the emotional dysregulation goes, you’d feel the same emotions when presented with the same triggers if you didn’t have ADHD, but you’d be able to suppress your outward expression of those emotions more effectively. Maybe it’s a good thing that you can’t. People are always talking about how terrible it is to keep emotions inside and dwell on them. I have no idea what that’s like because I’ve never been able to do that.


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I really want to write fanfiction, but my older sister (i really look up 2 her) thinks fanfictions is a waste of time and effort. Ahh,I don't know what to do. I love to write, and I have so many homoloaf ideas... but I don't want to lose her respect... gah, i feel like i should do what makes me happy, but on the other hand...ahh. You're an awesome writer, what do you think?






There are going to be so many people that you’re going to admire in your life, and so many people that tell you things that hurt, whether or not they mean to. Remember, everybody is human. Even your idols are going to have flaws, and might unconsciously oppress you. If it helps, think of Pearl - she loves Steven dearly, but because of her own ideas and habits and problems, she does things to him that aren’t always kind or well thought out.

Your sister might not have an interest in writing, or she might be jealous that you have the zeal or ability to write, or she wants you to pay attention to her and not the worlds you can think up. Maybe she’s had bad experiences with fanfiction, and has biased notions of the kind of people that write it. Whatever the reason, your sister isn’t interested in the art, and that is totally okay.

But you, full of imagination and passion and want to create, are giving yourself an excuse to not do what you so want to do, and that’s not good. Your sister might be grumpy or mean if you do start writing, or she might become grudgingly interested, or jump right on the bandwagon, or whatever - the point is, she shouldn’t be your deciding factor in whether or not you do this thing you obviously want to do. Your life is your life, your happiness is your happiness, and you’re settling because you love someone and want to impress them. But the most impressive thing you could do is be true to yourself, got it? 

Spend all your time trying to please other people, and you’re going to grow up miserable. Trust me.

If you’ve got ideas, then share them. Even if it’s just with the pages of a little notebook just for you. You are allowed to like what you like and enjoy creating things, even if other people think it’s dumb. Don’t tell yourself no. Don’t tell yourself you can’t. Don’t tell yourself you’re not good enough.

You are wonderful and I’m sure your writing would be wonderful too. If your sister says otherwise, she needs to smarten up

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I know you're definitely not a college admissions officer, but can you spread your words of wisdom in terms of writing the personal statement? By the way, congratulations on getting into Yale! I'd love to be following in your footsteps.

start off by thinking of some topics you could write about, things that are important to you. then, keep them in mind as you come up with a really good opening line!! for me at least, coming up with an unusual intro really helped me figure out the rest of my essay, my essay actually turned out a lot different from what I initially envisioned, both content and structure wise, which brings me to my next point

if you are really struggling to come up with anything, start writing about anything that comes to mind. just kinda spew your entire line of thought and it probably won’t be very coherent or cohesive, but eventually you’ll see something in the mess and it’ll help you figure things out!! and if your original idea doesn’t turn out too great, rewrite or move on. you don’t have to scrap it entirely, but maybe try tackling it from another point of view

anecdotes are a really great addition to an essay, you can even begin with one! also a related suggestion: write about a topic that may seem mundane, like friday night dinners, and make it interesting through your perspective of it

your essay should have some sort of lesson or whatever that the reader can take away, the reason you wrote about the topic should be obvious. so don’t write an entire essay on how much u love cats, write about how you rescued one and what the experience has taught u or how you’ve grown from the experience, something to tie the essay together. 

if you write about struggles or obstacles you’ve had to face, make sure to end on a positive note! don’t complain, convey the seriousness of your situation without dwelling on how much it sucked. show that you are an adult and can handle bad situations with grace 

i am really thankful for all the support you guys have given me. Unfortunately, I will have to delete my blog. It is a tough decision, but I need to focus on myself and rethink my situation. it has been a blast using tumblr since 2011. 

tumblr has been a place for me where i can relieve my stress, talk about my feelings, find something to do, and it has become part of me. although it did have a negative impact on my life. i have lost some friends and some very important people alone the way because i was addicted to this site. including myself, it has slowed my progress down in school which is terrible. but who knows, i will come back, maybe one day, will the same url. andi hope you guys will still be here when i do, and be supportive again.

i cannot thank enough for some of you who have followed me for years and the new incoming followers. you guys are truly amazing. 

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is the important vid going on the gaming channel or is it # confirmed going on ph*l's channel

not sure tbh…well… dan mentioned the ‘important’ video, and then phil confirmed a d+p collab so ppl (including me) only assume those are the same bc obvi d+p collabs are important to us… but who really knows tbh?? we could be getting a gaming video??? or that important video is for a dinof video it’s all a bit of a mystery tbh!

sort of just waiting for thursday to slap me in the face :)

For me the most important thing is the script and the character. I like to try new things, so I’m definitely looking at stuff that I’ve never done before that I’ve always wanted to get into. At the core of it all is telling original, unique, interesting stories with cool perspectives and characters that have a strong arch, focusing on those things is what guides me to what I want to be doing next. Also, who hires me, because ultimately you can want something really badly and they go with someone else.
—  Josh Hutcherson, when asked ‘When you’re looking at projects and deciding what you want to do next, is there anything you look for in particular?’ (x)

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Are you watching Akagami no Shirayuki-hime this season? It gives huge Yona vibes, although actually there's a lot that's different: so far it's much lighter and mellower in tone, very Disney. The first two eps have a focus largely on the importance of the protagonist's agency, so it seems like a winner to me. :>

I love ANSH so far (I haven’t caught up on the latest eps thanks to moving, but)! I definitely got some Yona vibes (mostly bc it was adventure-y shoujo with a red haired protag who cut her hair dramatically) unfortunately my friend Gina didn’t seem to like it that much even though she loved Yona…but yeah, I’ve been enjoying it, I like Shirayuki a lot as a character and Bones animation is always really pretty.


Favorite actor series | Mark Ruffalo: [on favorite performances that he’s given or films that he’s done] “Every five years or so, there’s some great thing that I’m really proud of, an experience that I’m really proud of. I stopped long ago putting too much emphasis on the results of how a film was going to be reviewed or what kind of money it makes. Those are important things, but as far as to my satisfaction, I’ve really focused on the experiences. The Kids Are All Right is a special one; My Life Without Me; In the Cut. What Doesn’t Kill You is a really great movie that was little seen, but I think is one of my personal favorites. You Can Count On Me, of course, and probably Zodiac. Those are my top picks, as far as things that I’ve done. Another one, We Don’t Live Here Anymore. Not the most beloved of movies, or widely known, but they’re the ones I’ve had a good time making.“ - Mark Ruffalo 

It is so nice to see things that I used to hate about myself in SU characters… like, my crooked teeth! I always hated them so much, but look at Sardonyx! Her teeth are not perfect and she is still ellegant… She is gorgeous. She makes me feel so good, this fusion. Same about Amethyst, all short and chubby, like me! And Pearl, a loving character that is also really mentally ill, making me feel less of a waste of space only by existing. This show is so important to me, you know? Since I started watching it, I started to truly like myself, a bit more each day, because I can see characters that I love and that are like me! Amazing!

more important information:

I got to pet the cat again.

And as a consequence missed my bus (worth it).

I saved a tiny frog which had somehow made its way into the library.

As I was walking home (I missed the bus, remember) a buff blond woman came towards me on a bike. Just as I began my internal dialogue of “lesbian or no?” she shot me a wide grin and said “hi” as she passed me by. have I mentioned lately that I really like women?

Crosshairs :: Chapter Nineteen

“Yup,” Shepard nodded. “Kaidan took your bench duty, too.”

Williams leaned towards the Commander, a stern look in her eye. “How is my bench?”

“I helped,” Shepard shrugged.

“That doesn’t answer my question, ‘cause by 'helped’ you really mean you put your own rifle away and didn’t let him touch it. Did he move my tools? Are the towels out of order? There’s a system to it - does he know the system?”

Shepard busted up laughing, which Williams took offense to. She opened her mouth, ready to give Shepard a good what for when the Commander held up a hand to forestall her. Still laughing. “You know you have that diagram posted right on the wall, right? Kaidan followed that fucking diagram to a goddamn T. Wouldn’t let me touch the bench when I didn’t follow it. Your bench is in good hands, Chief.”

ao3 | ffnet

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ok i have to ask you for some advice brown girl to brown girl- earlier at the end of the school year this brown guys asked me out but i said no bc i rarely talked to him and i didnt like him that way. we had each others numbers and he would text me in the beginning of summer & i would reply back thinking he just wants to be friends but i found out that he asked my friends if i like him again and if he should ask me out again so now i dont want him getting the wrong idea so i just dont reply 1/2

If i were in your shoes I would definitely be really blunt about where you guys stand. i’d probably send him a message along the lines of, “Hey! Okay, this is random but like i think it’s important that you know that we’re just friends and i really like texting you but like as friends so yes friends all the friendship! I LOVE BEING FRIENDS! FRIENDS, FRIENDS, FRIENDS! I AM YOU FRIEND AND YOU ARE MY FRIEND TOGETHER WE ARE FRIENDSHIP! YAY FRIEND!” just so he knows, and doesn’t think you’re leading him on, which i don’t think you are but just for his ego.