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North Korea didn’t declare war…………….. all the diplomat said was that the United States actions were a declaration of war against the DPRK and that North Korea would be willing to prepare for war should the US continue to behave that way. He then said North Korea was also “preparing for peace” too, meaning an attack is not imminent. 

What North Korea said was: “If you come at us we’ll exercise our right to self-defense” NOT “we’re gonna fuck you up. PARK, GET ME THE LAUNCH CODES.” Sure, it sounds the same, but there’s an important distinction.

Plus, talk of war is really common regarding the US-ROK military drills so there’s no reason to believe that this week we’re gonna start seeing nukes flying at Washington and Seoul. If anything… this is more or less normal.

I get it. Memes are funny. But some people are actually really anxious and have friends in South Korea and are pretty scared right now.  Fearmongering isn’t helping anyone.

why Ahsoka Tano is so important

Growing up, like most parents do, I was shown the Star Wars movies(only the OT, my dad despised the prequels). But for some reason, they originally didn’t click with me, and I don’t really know why, I mean, now I love them but, I liked Leia but that was really it. But then, I saw the clone wars movie. Looking back at that movie now, I’ll admit, it’s a pretty shitty movie and I totally understand why it was disliked among the public. But in my 8 year old mind, that movie was absolute heaven. Once I laid eyes on Ahsoka Tano, I fell in love. You wanna know why? She was just like me and just like thousands of other little girls. I IDOLIZED her to no extent. I was Ahsoka that Halloween, I had her on my 9th birthday cake, and I handed out Star Wars the Clone Wars Valentine’s Day cards but kept all of the Ahsoka ones to myself. Before the clone wars, all we really had was Leia and Padme, and don’t get me wrong they are very cool characters, but Ahsoka was the the first ‘popular’ Star Wars girl character actually fighting upfront with the boys. I wanted to be JUST LIKE HER. And I’m so greatful to have had Ahsoka at that point in my life, because we got to grow up together, and that’s something little girls need when they are younger. She’s what got me into Star Wars and what got me into the fandom I hold near and dear to my heart. Now I’m so glad to see little girls all over the world having such strong idols to look up to. Call it whatever you want. Call it ‘PC’ or that the ‘feminists are taking over’. Idc. Because that just means you were lucky enough to grow up with a shit ton of characters to idolize, where as most of us grew up with close to none. I don’t understand why people can’t understand how important it is to have equal representation in the media, because it may just change the lives of little kids all over the globe for the better. And that’s something we need.

how jack’s past fatness shaped his life and relationships

a continuation of this post where i talk about fat!lardo and jack’s past fatness

gonna preface this by saying that while jack and i have very little in common, we do have two VERY important things: we are both FLM* french-canadian dorks, and have experience with fatness (ok, and we both have huge asses but whatever). these two things have shaped my life incredibly, so i’m going to take my experiences and try to analyze jack a bit

*français langue maternelle, or french first language

this got REALLY REALLY LONG FORGIVE ME so it’s under the cut

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facing fears by posting pics of myself online! i was really happy at this moment, at a beautiful beach in oregon with one of my best friends, wearing a bathing suit i just bought that i really like. and yet i looked at this picture and immediately felt horrible about my stomach and legs and immediately decided i couldn’t show it to anyone. but fuck that. selfies and other declarations of self-love aren’t silly or stupid, they’re really important! so here’s a recent photo of me. this is what i look like. 💕

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i think my gf just ruined pokemon for me. she keeps telling me that because i got my pokemon in trade, they won't like me as much, then tells me that they're shit anyways and i love her to the ends of the earth but this really hurts and i'm afraid to confront her about it

Ahhhh I’m so sorry to hear that!!! ;n; If she knew it hurt you, I’m sure she wouldn’t say those things anymore… I just wanna let you know, though, that some of my most important Pokemon came into my life via trade! c: One of my Pignite, for example. I got him on wondertrade and he’s such a wonderful pokemon. Even though he’s just a bunch of pixels on a screen, I can tell he loves me back! 

I’m sure all of your traded pokemon love you, too! Gamefreak didn’t implement traded pokemon for them to dislike you. I don’t know which game you are playing, but in XY/ORAS, pokemon amie is a testament to how much your pokemon can grow to love you. If your girlfriend really cares for you, she won’t keep putting the things you love down and making you feel bad for enjoying it. I know it can be hard to confront the people you care for, but I think it’s necessary to make sure the relationship stays healthy. Please hang in there, anon! I’m sorry I can’t be of more help! ;n; 

i want to be of the fame level that like i’m important enough to have a podcast that people would bother listening to and maybe i get to go to fancy events once in a while to get a free gift bag but i’m not so important that people search through my twitter archives from 2007 and find me saying something problematic 

someone please arrange this right now i’m not getting any younger


get to know me: [1/20] favorite celebrities » emily bett rickards ♡ i think it’s important [to demonstrate different types of female strength in the media and television]. i think it’s authentic to [felicity] and a lot of women out there. we can all be strong and do it a hundred different ways. it’s a really important representation for women to know they can be themselves. you don’t necessarily need a suit to fight crime. you don’t need to be the patriarchal definition of strong to be strong.

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I'm sorry if this is random but I have been scrolling down your blog for a while now and what really gets to me is how much FUN they seem like having together you know? I think that is a very important part of a relationship you know just being able to laugh together and they definitely do. A lot and it's really nice too see : )

I know right?? They seem genuinely happy together! They laugh a lot and it seems like they can be silly together which is so important in a good relationship, I mean look

You know what they say, right? A couple who laugh together, last together.. 

Mei; onho

While young, Minho had wanted to grow up to someday have a family, it’s just not as he had expected it would turn out. ((my onho day entry for the ship challenge at @subminhonet))

jinki/minho // pg // fluff, domestic au // 2k+ words

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One of my biggest concerns for taking the plunge and beginning to explore this path, is that the only witches I'd ever been exposed to were the kind of people to suggest the craft for EVERYTHING. Pneumonia? Must be a curse, I have a spell to break it. End stage cancer? No its really a demon, I'll get rid of it. Totally eschewed modern medicine and real treatments for illness. Thank you for showing me not all witches are like this. I was worried about having to push away my morals for faith.

I cant stand when people do that. I work at a chiropractor, so I definitely understand the importance of a doctor as well. I suffer from back pain (which makes my job awesome… free adjustments) but I am definitely going to be proactive about it and see my chiropractor and rely on that more then any spells to ease my pain. Of course the spells can help alongside the chiropractor, but I cant do it with just the spells. I would not be in good shape (or fun to deal with, im cranky in pain).

It’s really, really, really important to me that Andromeda and Harry connect after the war.

On one side of the coin, you have the boy who lived, except that he’s battered and broken and doesn’t really know how to come to terms with the fact that he gets to live yet. He’s been what everyone has wanted him to be and then some, and now, he quite literally has nothing to do except to think and to dwell. He closes his eyes at night and sees Voldemort; he has to remind himself again and again that he’s gone. (All is well?)

On the other side, there’s Andromeda, who has lost everything that she’s ever loved in one fell swoop and doesn’t know whether to be relieved that he looks so much like her or terrified. She misses Ted—his warm eyes and his loud voice, the way his belly would jiggle when he laughed. She is sick for her daughter. (When she was younger, Nymphadora would always come home drenched in mud, a grin drawn across her rosy cheeks, and Andromeda would scold her, and now she regrets it, even though it’s irrational and stupid and—) There are some days where she can’t breathe.

The war is over, their loved ones are in the earth, and there’s a little boy named Teddy with bright, blue hair and wide, brown eyes that crinkle when he smiles. He unites Andromeda and Harry; he gives them individually and mutually hope and a purpose, and eventually, they are drawn together by more than just their love for him.

There are some days when Harry will come over and just sit on the floor with Teddy, a faraway look in his emerald green eyes. (Rumor has it, that they used to be livelier once upon a time, vivid and hungry, a rival for Lily Evans’s own. Now, they’re flat and empty, and there are lines beneath them that shouldn’t be there because God, he’s only seventeen.) Andromeda will bring him a cup of tea—which is more ceremonial than anything—and join him. She doesn’t ask him anything, doesn’t feel like she needs to. He can talk when and if he wants to talk. When he leaves for the evening, he says, “Thank you.”

She comes across one of Nymphadora’s wedding pictures one day while cleaning. She and Remus are laughing, laughing, laughing, eyes only on each other, and her daughter’s bubblegum pink hair stirs in the breeze. Andromeda can’t take it. She comes undone; she falls apart. Agony carves into her chest like a knife, and she thinks she screams, but isn’t really in the right mind to know. There is the distant thud of a door and then footsteps panicking down the hallway. Harry finds her on her knees in the living room, curled around the portrait. Wordlessly, he lowers himself to the floor. He holds her while she glues herself back together. They stay there for a long time.

It’s not all a sad story, though. Some days, they’re broken, and some days, they’re a little less broken than usual. Some days, they even begin to heal.

They find themselves giggling over swapped stories.

“I swear, Mrs. Tonks, Aragog was at least eight feet tall! A bloody monster!”

Harry learns how to make a mean cake in Andromeda Tonks’s pristine kitchen.

“You’re whipping an egg, not jabbing a troll, Harry. Gentle!”

Just… Harry and Andromeda, guys.

Yes, this is definitely important to me.

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how do you feel about the musical's portrayal of Eliza?

It’s not perfect of course, but I love the musical.  I wouldn’t be doing all of this without the musical.

I truly think that, of all the real people, Eliza is the one Lin cares most about and has the most respect for.  I mean, it’s not a coincidence he did his opening ham4ham about her and his closing ham4ham is a letter to her.  Anything he says or writes about her makes me think he feels about her like, well, I do. Heh.

That goes a long way for me, honestly, that he has respect and appreciation for her.  Sometimes (and this is a problem Chernow had) he’s so interested in her goodness that her flaws are left behind.

But he still makes her an active character.  Like framing It’s Quiet Uptown around her and her choosing to forgive rather than Ham earning forgiveness is a really important move.

Any change to their story I’m good with in the musical because a) it’s brilliant and when you’re brilliant you get away with more because b) all the choices make sense.

Listen, I’ve read these shitty books.  I’ve watched some shitty plays and miniseries where she’s a character.  The musical is by far the best portrayal out there. Usually, she shows up to be cheated on and that’s it. 

And I love that she comes out the hero in the end.  But, you know, she’s not the protagonist.  Everyone is looked at in this musical through their relationship with Hamilton.  That’s storytelling.  I try not to get too mad about that and try to only think about things that could reasonably be changed while remembering what would make the story work and flow.  And some things I would like (like her involvement in his political life) actually were in early cuts of the musical and I get why they were cut, as much as I want them. 

If anything, if the musical just gets people interested in Eliza, in being mad we didn’t know so much about her before, and curious to learn who she is, for me, it has done enough.

Dead Ending (⌣_⌣”)

SO my problems :

  • My perfectionist self is “Out Of Control”.
  • My internet connection is so slow .
  • My game is broken .
  • My blog is a complete mess .

OK!!! as a consequence to all of that I’m facing two solutions , Giving up on my life and delete my blog , but in this case I will fail you and myself and this is not a satisfied solution, I love all of you, and you are a really important part in my life…. 

I spent the last couples of days thinking about that I need a fresh start, SO I’m gonna delete all my posts expect my downloads ( and I’m thinking in moving them to another blog as an old cc and wcif blog) and cancel my legacy ,and after that I’m gonna start over with new cc and new gameplay, I know this is a huge step but it is better than delete my blog,  it is for a better experience, I hope you will understand me I feel like I’m gonna lose my mind if things dose not look like I want, I can’t help myself, in my case  even the tiny little things can affect me in a really bad way, I m so sorry for that !!

fast: 04

Pairing- Jungkook x Reader

Word Count- 2, 267


Summary-  Bangtan is the mysterious close-knit group of friends who own the town’s best car repair and detailing shop. They spend their days running the business, but fill their nights with something much more exciting- street racing. They’re not very willing to let outsiders into their close circle…until you come along.

a/n- i’m sorry i didn’t get to post last week :( i’ve been completely busy this week. but i hope you guys like this chapter! you get to meet two new characters ;) one is specifically really important soooo… tell me what you think!

Trailer I Character Profiles I Prologue I 01 I 02 I 03 I 04

Winner’s Circle


You didn’t belong here.

For starters, you had only managed to slip on a pair of jeans an a hoodie before you left the house. As you stand in the front of the crowd, all you can think of is how much you stand out. Girls around you are dressed in more sexy attire, with tight dresses or low-cut tops. Sure, they all looked great, but they also made you stick out like a sore thumb. The big white bandage on your head didn’t help either.

Not only did you look like you didn’t fit in, you also felt like you didn’t fit in. Your crash had left you traumatized, as expected, and the fact that you were getting ready to watch people race at over 100 mph for nothing but a couple hundred bucks- which didn’t compare to their life in any way- made you nervous. They may be experienced, but anything can happen.

“Do you guys do this every week?” you ask Seokjin, who is standing to your left. He’s been one of the more open ones regarding  your situation, so you decided to pick him out as your friend.

He nods. “Pretty much. It’s easy money.”

“How is it easy? Aren’t all these people risking their lives?” you press. The whole concept is still unbelievable to you.

Seokjin gives you a chuckle. “Sure, they could crash and die. But there’s rules each racer has to follow, and if they break them, they’re out.” He smirks and leans down to your ear. “Plus, our Jungkookie is very good. No need to worry.”

At the mention of his name, Jungkook pulls up in a sleek, black car that makes your eyes widen. How did this kid get a grip on such an expensive car?

You watch as everybody pulls up to the starters line. Jungkook is more towards the middle of pack, so when another nice black car pulls up in front of you and Seokjin on the curb, you’re surprised.

The man in the car turns your way. He’s handsome, that’s for sure. You are immediately captivated by his striking blue eyes and smirk. You two lock eyes for a beat, before he licks his lips and looks away. How odd.

You turn to Seokjin and whisper, “Who is that?”

“Him?” He points to the one in question and you nod. “That’s Damien. Most people call him Damien X, though. It’s an alias he made up so nobody knows his real identity.” Seokjin pauses and sighs. “He’s a really good racer, too.”

You watch with a newfound interest as a girl walks up between the cars. She has a flag in her grip as she takes her place in the front of the line of excited racers. As she’s making a small speech about the race, you feel somebody bump into your side. You look away from the road to see that Taehyung has taken a spot by your side, a big smile adorning his features.

“What do you think, Y/N? Has the race life stolen your heart yet?” he asks. You shake your head.

“Not in a million years. This is all…too much.” You gesture to the scene in front of you to emphasize your point.

Taehyung cocks his head. “What do you mean by too much?”

You shrug. “It’s too loud. Between the overexcited crowd and rumbling engines, the noise is a sensory overload. The glamour of this night life is extravagant, with the extremely expensive cars and sky-high heels and all. But mostly it’s the people. You can tell that if there wasn’t a sense of common ground, there’d be a straight up turf war.”

Taehyung laughs at your speculations. “You watch too much TV. But I guess it is a bit loud.” He unexpectedly throws his arm around your shoulders and doesn’t bother to take it away when you give him a shocked look.

As soon as you turn back to the race, the girl is holding the flag up in the air with a smile on her face. In a split second, she drops it to the asphalt and stands in place as six high-speed cars zoom past her. She doesn’t even look phased.

“Now what?” you ask out loud, not specifically directing your question at either of the two boys who accompany you.

“We wait for them to come back and cross the finish line,” Seokjin answers.

“That’s it? We see them start off and that’s all?” You thought there’d be a little more action.

“Pretty much. I mean, there’s people at certain parts of the road just to monitor the racers, but otherwise, it’s a surprise as to who’s in the lead until they get here,” Seokjin replies. He looks down at his watch and nods. “It’ll be about 10 more minutes maybe?”

You nod and watch the finish line. Though, you aren’t focused. Your mind drifts to your situation once again. One question keeps arising amidst your thoughts- why doesn’t Namjoon want to do anything to avenge Jackson? Sure, you get that it’s hard for him to admit to his group that he was in contact with outsiders, but Jackson used to be his best friend. How could he let their relationship go, like it was nothing?

Then of course, there’s Jungkook. Obviously, he harvests some type of dislike towards you. Today, right before the race, you had only been able to slap on casual outfit- okay, it was a bit messy, but you weren’t exactly worried about your looks recently- and put on a new bandage before Jungkook got a look at you. “You’re wearing that? To a race?” he’d asked with distaste apparent in his voice. You frowned and pulled the edge of your hoodie, but before you could reply or make a move to change, Namjoon as rushing you all out the door. But Jungkook’s comment stayed fresh in your mind. Nobody else seemed to give a fuck about what you wore, but he was hell-bent on making sure you knew you didn’t fit in.

“Here they come!” Taehyung shouts and everybody starts to cheer. You notice that the rest of the boys had found their way to you and were excitedly cheering and clapping their hands. You were silent, but you kept an eye locked on the car in front- Jungkook’s car.

Right behind him is the mysterious guy from earlier- Damien X. He’s closing in fast, and he’s dangerously close. “If that bastard doesn’t move over, he’ll regret it,” you hear Yoongi darkly mumble from behind you. You didn’t take him for the violent, loyal type, but you seem to have been proven wrong.

It happens fast. The front of Damien’s car clips the back of Jungkook’s, causing the latter to fishtail and spin in a complete circle, the echo of his tires squealing bouncing off the buildings that line the streets. Damien crosses the finish line first, smug as he exits the car and a group of his friends surround him, cheering. Meanwhile, everybody else is frozen in shock. Not only did the notorious Jungkook lose, but he lost because he was cheated.

You don’t even notice, but a few moments later, you’re standing in the winner’s circle with all the boys. They’re fuming, but not as much as Jungkook as he approaches. Pure fire is behind his eyes and he storms over.

“Dude, what the fuck was that?” he seethes, shoving Damien against the car harshly. But Damien only smirks.

“Can’t take the heat?” he asks with an innocent gaze. You see Jungkook’s fists clench.

“I can’t take when somebody cheats, which is what your ass did,” he replies through gritted teeth. A crowd is beginning to gather- everybody wants a piece of this action.

Your heart is racing, threatening to beat out of your chest as you watch the two interact. It’s nerve-wracking, for you especially. You’ve lived a fairly mundane life, one without physical fights and law breaking races. The worst thing you’ve ever done is calling in sick for work when in fact, you just wanted to stay in bed all day. And now? Now things were quite different.

“You’re just pissed because I kicked your amateur ass,” Damien says with a tone of superiority. You can tell that this specific comment makes Jungkook even more angry than before.

“I’ve won more races in the past month than you have in the past year, and you call me the amateur?” he says. “The only reason you won tonight is because of that childish, unprofessional stunt you pulled. So don’t even start acting cocky, dickhead.”

Damien looks over at you quickly and pushes himself off his car until he’s chest to chest with Jungkook. “I’m not the one acting cocky here. The only reason you have the guts to get in my face is because your little bitch is watching.”

And that’s when the first punch was thrown.

It’s a lot to take in.

Fifty people are milling around the house, all with a beer or wine cooler in hand as they engage in conversations you’re completely uneducated in. Nobody makes a move to talk to you- you’re a complete stranger to them, after all. You lean against a wall in the kitchen, listening to the bass-filled music reverbrating from the backyard. Earlier, Taehyung had explained to you that after every weekend race they threw a party. When he said party, you expected just the guys and a few extra people sitting around and swapping jokes, but you were so wrong.

A boy you don’t know comes up and leans against the wall beside you. “You’re cute,” he says with a bit of a slur to his voice. He’s not drunk, but he’s getting there.

“Uh, thanks,” you mutter, taking a sip of your water. You don’t have any energy to deal with over-affectionate dudes who only want one thing- to get in your pants.

He licks his lips and moves his head closer to you. “Are you new here? I’ve never seen you at Namjoon’s parties before.”

You roll your eyes and push off the wall. “Excuse me.”

The boy doesn’t follow you as you walk away. Instead, he locks his eyes on a new victim across the room. Typical.

You step outside to get a breath of fresh air. Trying to stay calm and keep yourself together is harder than you thought it’d be.

As you walk towards the front steps, you notice that somebody has already laid claim to them. After a closer look, you see that it’s none other than Jungkook. His back is to you, but you can tell from his stance that he’s upset. And why wouldn’t he be?

You find some courage buried down within you and force yourself to walk forward, taking a seat beside Jungkook. He doesn’t look over at you, but he knows you’re there.

“Uhm, hey,” you say. After he doesn’t respond, you curse yourself for thinking that this was a good idea. He’s been nothing but cold and rude with you, and here you are trying to make conversation with him? “Is your, uh, car okay?”

“It’s fine,” he replies and takes a swig of the beer he has in his hand. “It’ll just need a quick paint job and maybe a new set of tires, but it’ll be fine.”

You nod. “That’s good.” An awkward silence falls over you two. You try to focus on anything else, but it’s almost impossible. “Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for earlier.”

He shrugs and shakes his head. “Whatever. I just hate that guy.”

“Well, for whatever reason you did it, thanks. I know you don’t particularly like me much, so I’ll try to stay out of your way okay?” You give him a nod to say goodbye and rise to your feet. He waves you off and turns back to staring at the sky. A small part of you feels with warmth as you realize maybe he isn’t as bad as he tries to make himself seem.

You return to the party only to be greeted by Namjoon. He’s smiling widely as he grabs your wrist in his grasp. “C'mon, we’re all going into the living room.” You follow him without an protest as he drags you into the living room. Almost everybody is piled in; some found a seat on the couch, while others slumped on the floor. Everybody is laughing as somebody you don’t recognize tells a story. Namjoon plops down on the arm of a surprisingly empty chair and guides you into actual seat of it. You sit down, slightly uncomfortable in the room of complete strangers.

“Who’s the newcomer, Joon?” a girl asks. You’re pretty sure she was one of the racers earlier.

Namjoon smiles and rests his hand on your shoulder. “Guys, this is my childhood best friend, Y/N. She’ll be staying here for a while.”

They all say hello, but the girl grins and sticks her hand out. “I’m CL. It’s nice to meet you.”

You reach out and accept her hand. “Nice to meet you too.”

After your introduction is over, everybody goes back to their previous conversation. A new person begins to tell a story, reminiscing on the past. When he’s done, another person begins and so on. You listen intently, genuinely intrigued by all the stories. You even manage to laugh.

As you look around, you take it all in. The people, the friendships, the loyalty. Everybody is smiling and joking, utterly happy. And you can only think that maybe…just maybe…maybe this wasn’t so bad.

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Hey Hajimama! I just wanted to say i love your art and whole AoT/SnK. Thanks for great story. Its really important to me because its been part of my and my really good friend's life. So thanks you. Thank you so much. (Sorry about bad english)

Thank you. That means a lot!

i mean, i get it as a business decision; it certainly is a lot cheaper at various levels of zots to outsource your fandom and let people have it out over tumblr, twitter, reddit, facebok - you’re not paying for the server usage of a quickfire community that uses a lot of resources daily (tumblr, twitter, reddit and facebook are), you don’t need dedicated mods to keep the wank at bay or take people away from their actual jobs for it (QAs shouldn’t be modding forums, the Community Manager can focus on promo instead of wank)

at the same time, nuking the entire forum forever is such a salty move?? it sounds so petty? specially when the old bioware social pages are still there, the mods and projects are still there. keeping a static, lightweight, read-only version of the forums archived can’t possibly be more resource intensive than what’s already archived as mods and downloadable files?

there are years worth of resources in the forums, actual constructive and insightful discussions (even among the wank), legacy user-to-user support to old game issues you to this day don’t find anywhere else, helpful player guides, the history of whole sub-communities that were formed there, actual important lore answers and clarifications from the devs and writers that can’t be sourced or traced back to anywhere else… this is years of fandom history just going up in smoke, and… for what? haven’t we learned that letting fandom history disappear in ways that can never be recovered again is always regrettable in the long term? what does bw even get from erasing such a huge and formative part our history as a fandom (a lore intensive, discussion based and source dependent fandom) like that? i don’t get it.



Is Love Like You more important than we think? How will Steven Universe end? I’m actually really proud of this theory, so watch and tell me what you think!

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Afternoon, Mrs. Leckie! I spent most of this morning enjoying the living hell out of "Ancillary Justice", and it occurred to me that the organization of this book must have been pretty complex (or at the very least it wasn't obvious to me). How did you put it together? Was it originally written chronologically and then re-oredered? Did you outline it to jump in time from chapter to chapter? Or did you just sit down and make this time stuff work?

Ah, yes. In the very first ever draft I tried starting at the actual beginning of the story–tried to start, in fact, with the events in the Temple of Ikkt. This caused two really large problems–one was the pacing, and the fact that the very large change that was going to happen in the middle was making the whole thing feel unbalanced to me. The other, which was more important (because I could probably fiddle with the pacing to make it come out right) was that my very first readers in my IRL writing group at the time who read that very first trial chapters came out really disliking Lieutenant Awn.

The story does not work if the reader doesn’t like Lieutenant Awn.

I thought about it for a long time. And I decided to try to run the two timelines, one chapter after another. That seemed to work. But I didn’t plan the whole thing out in advance, really, beyond just knowing what was supposed to happen in both timelines. Once I decided to alternate chapters, that was what I did, I wrote them in that order, one, two, three, and on, just kind of figuring out when to switch to close out the chapter and move to the other timeline by feel. I’m not going to lie, it was kind of nerve-wracking, because they had to converge at the right spot, just kind of naturally.

I have yet to actually outline anything. Maybe some day I’ll try it.