this is really how my comic sketches work

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Hey there! Just wanted to ask,How do you polish your skills at drawing? And what inspired you to draw? Because your arts are really amazing!! Love to hear about your opinion and some advice for the arts. (>∆<)//

I’ve always enjoyed drawing comics which forces you to draw in various poses and angles. Making daily sketches, studying from references, and challenging myself by drawing what I enjoy, I improved significantly in one year.



Find what you love and keep drawing! As boring as this advice sounds, it’s the best way to improve from my experience. XD


I guess this is happening now, o jeez! 

Okay, so, if you’ve seen my latest art piece (the one I am now using as front cover for my upcoming comic EERIE), you’ll probably know that my idea of Anti is a little bit weird, haha. So weird, in fact, that when I told my friends about it, they bEGGED ME to make a comic about it. So - that’s what I’ll be working on from now on! :DD 

I’m super excited, haua! The comic will, obviously, feature Jack/ Anti and Wiishu! I’m still trying to figure out how exactly I want them to look like, but I think I have a neat lil’ idea, haha. I’m really hoping I’ll do ‘em justice! 

-BUTCHA! I came up with an Art Contest that will allow seven people to have their characters appear in the comic! :0

I am currently writing everything down and sketching out ideas that I have, which is why I’m starting this rather early! I’ll have to have scenes open for each and every character to appear for at least one or two whole pages! Some might even become bigger characters! I will talk to the winner about that one later on. :D

Every entry will be featured in a video, given credit and link to the source, on the channel, of course! 

You can send me entries on Twitter (@page250jane), tumblr (right here), via video on YouTube (Page250 Jane) and instagram (@page250jane)! Traditional and digital is both totally cool! C:

Have fun creating, guys! My asks/ dm’s are always open if you have any questions! 

(holy schittletitties do i feel anxious about this one, haha)

((Imma need to get myself ice coffee now))


Fiiiinally working on the second part of my AU comic~ sketches and dialog all done, but I don’t know how long the 2nd pass at the art will take so here’s various shots of the 4 new champions to prove it exists~ This group is so fun to draw, especially since they’re all so different… except it’s really hard to do group shots when Riju’s like less than half the other’s height…

It’ll be another 8 pages. And I have more planned out after that if I ever get around to it~


All of these Metal Gear comic covers, due to recent requests, can officially be purchased as posters!  So if you’re interested, the information on how to go about purchasing one can be found right at the bottom of this post.  More comic covers are on the way, however I’m gonna be without internet until July 8th so yeah…. it’ll be a little while.  In the mean time I’ve set some sketches and stuff to upload during my absence (I’m down, but not out!)  Also, wanted to say thank you!  Just reached 200 followers today!  I’m really happy you all seem to be enjoying the work as much as I enjoy making it.

Now, about those posters.  If you are interested in purchasing one, or any, just go ahead and message me on my tumblr to let me know, and then you can go ahead and send the money to my PayPal (the email is  The price of one full size poster is $30, and will be approximately 18"x24" in size, there may be white borders due to this, if you should have any special sizes in mind you can just let me know and I’d be happy to look into it.  However, like I said earlier in this post, I’ll have to wait until July 8th to officially process any requests.  I’m sorry for the delay there.

Anyhow, thank you again!

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Hello! I wanted to ask how you sketch your comics. I have alot of trouble getting the story on paper, while I don't have this with normal illustration. Do you recommend doing this traditional or digital? And do you have a few tips for me? Love your work and planning to buy your comic very soon!

I don’t know if digital vs traditional really matters. I prefer traditional since the piles of paper littering the floor of my tiny attic space fills me with a vague sense of accomplishment. Digital makes it easier to edit and re-organize your work but for me there’s always the danger of succumbing to my own perfectionism, working traditionally provides you with all sorts of limitations and excuses which I find liberating in a way but again, this is a matter of taste/self discipline.

Since my background is in student animation/storyboarding/textbook margin doodling I’m still new to the thumbnail > sketch > finished product sort of workflow and I might not be the best person to ask. At the moment it goes something like: I start out with a written screenplay/outline, I thumbnail the pages (for Stages of Rot i thumbnail:d them in sets of two, since that’s how they appear in a book, for the project I’m working on rn I do them in sets of three which seems like a reasonable weekly amount for a webcomic and I suppose they’ll be red from the top down, sort of, webtoon style?), then I do a too-detailed sketch version of the page (It’s like a finished drawing but I’m allowed to use the eraser) and I clean it up on a separate paper using a light table with some further adjustments done in Photoshop before coloring.

For the ‘getting the story on paper’ part, I think a good way to start is choosing a format in terms of size/number/structure of the panels (4 square panels each 7x7 cm, or pages split horizontally in 2-3 for a cinematic format, or think ‘Tintin’ where the layout is somewhat variable within a set of rules) and work within that, once you’ve set some limits to what you can do layout-wise it allows you to focus 100 percent on the events/characters on the page. ie don’t feel like you have to go full Shoujo straight off the bat or do any of that ‘RAW’ formalist stuff

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So I'm going to try and commit to making a comic... any tips? I have a short attention span so making comics are quite difficult but I love making them.

Seeing you mentioned “have a short attention span” so here is some of my not-really-professional advices for you welp, hope they can help.

1) Grow a habit for marking down your ideas for plots/characters/even drafts for the comic! Just mark them down in a notebook/sketchbook/even your own phone. You can use your own spare time aka when you have nothing particular to do for doing this (e.g. wait for bus,breaks from lessons/work or during lessons because I am a irresponsible student lmao don’t follow me) As I am slowly starting on my own OC comic (it is a secret shhhhh) I started sketched down drafts for how my comic goes on, which just looks like this lmao:

(As far as you can understand the contents yourself, it is ok for your stuffs to be messy *Audible wink*)
This is not only for using time more efficiently in editing your ideas, also saving your energy when you start actually drawing stuffs out.

2) While you are drawing your comic, look out for whether yourself being distracted to doing other stuffs. If you find yourself have been sneaking out for shitposting on Tumblr/looking unrelated stuffs on other websites, drive yourself back into your drawing immediately, internet is always powerful enough to suck away your time. Of course you are allowed to take breaks, maybe set up several 10~15 minutes breaks for you to relax, let your eyes and hands and brain to rest is important. But above all, don’t force your body to do things out of your limit. It is ok to take things slowly, you draw for fun, if forced, nothing will be fun anymore.

3) Make sure you have enough energy when drawing. Drawing under a tired situation will never make you work be good as your brain can’t even work firmly. If you still want to finish another page first while it is already midnight, go sleep first. There is no time limit for your comics, you health is always on top of that. Moreover, sufficient sleep can gain you more attention span as well!

4) If your aim is to make a GOOD comic, don’t hesitate to look up tutorials and reference! There are already so many good teaching references from how to plan comic frames to basic anatomy, learning is forever good.

This post has talked about how to do well time management in a really clear way, way better than my clumsy words haha. I hope all these helps! 

I know it doesn’t look that great but to be honest, I’ve never been good at drawing heights and I’m still kinda… changing my OCs and moulding my story to how I want it. I still need to work on writing for my OCs too. BUT these are their heights all put together. For everyone. I’m really upset with how I drew Silence and Maggie (I’m not used to drawing girls) but I’m gonna practice so I can fix this…

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How do you keep up with it all? Like you've got a ton of rewards for Patreon and you have a fantastically made comic and I can hardly handle the three sketches I have for Patreon and do anything of notice. Either way I really admire that and love your art to death

this is my full time job! my comic, my patreon, my store, the conventions devin and i attend – this is what i do for a living and half of what she does (though soon she’ll be working full time with me). it’s a lot of work and takes a lot of time! 

i typically try to have most of my patreon rewards finished the month before so if everything turns to chaos i have a buffer.



So I was browsing through my files and found some random sketches I forgot about, so I figured I might as well just post them before they get lost again.  Most of these resulted from awesome discussions in the MahouYome Skype chat group. ;D

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Hey, how long did it take to really start making comics? Also I love your work, keep it up dude!

Like seriously sketch books from when I was 8 exist that have comics I drew in them. One day I’ll find them and share them with the world. But I didn’t really start getting serious about making comics until hmmm… 3 years ago? I did a couple of webcomics off and on through high school and the first part of college, but ended up abandoning them when I got bored. Then I had some great teachers who REALLY revved up my love for sequential story telling and decided to pursue them as a big part of my career after that.

Hey guys!

As you may already know, I’m currently working on a webcomic I’m planning to start posting in the fall. I’ve been outlining and creating characters and writing and sketching like crazy, and I’m really excited to share my work with you all.

I don’t want to share too much, but I would like a bit of help from you guys on this -

I need retail horror stories. 

I haven’t worked in retail much, so I have tragically few of my own, but if you have a retail horror story you’d like turned into a ridiculous comic interlude, please submit, ask, or message it to me, or send me an email at Unless you’d like to be anonymous, please also tell me how you’d like to be credited. 

Modern Fantasies will be coming in the fall!


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This isn't really an ask I just wanted to tell you how amazing you are and you're a huge inspiration for me. I love that you are so friendly and I really love how you reply to asks with little sketches, I think thats really cute. And your art always puts a smile on my face, I had originally found your page because I wanted to see more Lapidot fan arts and comics but now I'm here just to be here (if that makes sense) but I love you and keep up the good work! 😊

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I just wanted to say I absolutely love your art!! I love your style and concepts and you've become a big inspiration for me because I'm trying to become more of a serious artist. I can't wait to see your comic one day and I would definitely buy it if you sold it! And I was also wondering what is the best way to support you as an artist, since your work means a lot to me? I don't want to just appreciate it without giving back

oh thank you so much!! i’m happy that i can inspire others with my work. good luck on your own personal art journey btw!

thanks for your kind thoughts too, honestly I’ve been considering a patreon campaign for a while now but i really wasn’t sure how that was going to work before i started my personal comic project? since it wouldn’t be as easily broken down into funding per page or anything…eh i don’t know haha. i’m also a little too busy right now with freelance work and other books to be offering anything very interesting in terms of sketches or monthly art collections or anything. if anyone has any suggestions on what they’d like to see from me, please let me know! perhaps in the future i’ll figure that all out, when i’m done with some of my current projects.

for now though i really appreciate all the support people have given me already by sharing my work around and sending me nice messages! it means a lot to me and i hope i’ll continue to make things that you’ll like in the future ♡

Still stuck on the next comic, so I decided to finish + color a sketch I’ve had sitting around for a while

I really love @betraeyal‘s stuff a lot (I’m always so blown away by how vibrant and alive their work is), and while their Undershade AU comic is their main thing, I ended up really taken by a design they did for Underfell Frisk and decided to draw my version of Frisk in that outfit. It’s a good look!

Please go check out @betraeyal and @undershade-comic if you’re not familiar with either!

Requested by Wattpad user: CandorChick

Street Artist (Gerard Way) (My Chemical Romance)

Word Count: 720


It was just another day for me, sketching and painting on the streets hoping to sell enough art to pay my rent and keep food on the table. No one ever said becoming an artist would be easy, after the rent and food I had to buy all my supplies which didn’t come cheap. Some people were nicer than others and paid me more than some of the paintings were worth, where as some cheaper people tried to barter but I knew how to kick that shit to the curb.

My inspiration bank had been running dry for most of the day. I loved sketching people as creepy as that sounds. But no one of interest caught my eye that was until someone did. There was a guy on the other side of the street leaning against a sign scribbling something in a notebook. His red hair stood out and was kind of messy; he was slightly hunched over as if trying to hide from the people that passed him. I snorted thinking the bright red hair wasn’t doing him any favours because he stood out like a sore thumb.

I didn’t realise that I was staring for so long until he looked up from his scribbling and locked eyes with me and smiled. I felt my cheeks blush as I tried to avert my eyes anywhere but his. I gasp as I look down at my open sketchbook and see that I’ve sketched him out, I must have done it while I was staring at him. I had somehow got all the details, including the leaning pose and head bowed transfixed on his notebook.

“Now that’s a gift, you weren’t even looking at the sketchbook were you?”

I looked up from the guy on the page, straight into the eyes of the guy who’d become my inspiration. He looked vaguely familiar as if I’d seen him somewhere before, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

“No I wasn’t. Sorry if it’s a little creepy, I only draw interested people and you caught my eye.”

Rambling was the one thing I was good at, the guy laughed and ran a hand through his red hair.

“I should be flattered that you find me interesting. I’ve seen you around here before.”

I nod and go to close the sketchbook but the guy motions with his hands and I find myself handing over my baby. I never normally let people go through my sketchbook but something told me that I could trust this guy.

“These are really good err…”

“Aspen, my names Aspen.”

He hums approval before going back to flipping through my sketches.

“My names Gerard by the way.”

How could I have been so stupid, I knew I recognised him from somewhere. Stood in front of me complimenting my work was the one and only Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance, a band I loved growing up. I had all his comics and took inspiration from him in my own work. Holy shit I was meeting my idol and was able to keep calm.

“I’d like to get to know you better Aspen, I’m always looking for talent to collaborate with.”

He pulls out a pen and scribbles something on the same page as his sketch before handing me the book back. My eyes widen as I see he’s put his name Gerard Way and his mobile number. Stuff like this didn’t happen to normal people, though I wasn’t going to complain.

“Wow thanks Gerard. Do you mind me asking what you were writing over there?”

He chuckles and shakes his head.

“That’s for me to know and for you to find out Aspen. You found your inspiration and I found mine. Now I’ll be expecting your call, it was nice meeting you.”

That made you curious but you put it to the back of your mind as he reached out his hand to shake yours.

“It was nice meeting you too Gerard.”

He tips an imaginary hat before pulling his coat collar closer around him before I watch him walk away into the crowd. All I can do is stare down at the number scribbled on the page and let out the breath I’d been holding.

“Damn Aspen and you weren’t even going to come out today.”

Pokes my head in: Hi again.

So. I’ve been really busy lately and haven’t been around here. Most of my free time has been spent working on this comic. Concept art, ideas, planning. I had started it too, got five pages in, and realized that I needed to change it again and decide really how to start it. So I started over. Since that’s mostly what I’ve been working on I haven’t done any art that I could post on here.

However I decided that I could do some practice sketches of Jude and post them. Sorry they’re so messy. I didn’t clean them up but I thought they were okay enough to post. I’ve been feeling really critical of my art lately, mostly because this style started out as being specifically for this comic. However, as time has gone on and I’ve developed characters I’ve found that I like it a lot. That and trying to go back to how I used to draw things and develop something else there is extremely difficult and counterproductive to the work I’m currently doing. So most of the things I post will likely be in this style.

I know I keep talking about wanting to do a comic. And I’ve been pretty fickle about it. I had started one before this but it seemed to staged. The character didn’t have enough personal meaning for me to really develop that story and since I couldn’t give it the dedication I needed I decided it would be better for me to really sit down and decide what sort of story I wanted to tell.

In doing that I actually went back to an idea I came up with several years ago about a particularly clumsy witch with a multifaceted personality on her journey to finding herself and the friends and companions she makes along the way. I took that idea and refined it. Changed some aspects of it, added new characters, and further developed (well I’m in the process of developing) where I want the story to go and how I want it to be told.

I’m definitely one of those people who has five hundred ideas and always just one more. Which makes it difficult for me to make something like a comic because there’s so much that I want to have in a story. But the benefit of a comic is that I have visuals I can used to piece that story together.

So! Hopefully I’ll start posting more, give some updates on what I’m doing with Jude and also get the first few pages of the comic out this coming month.

Wish me luck!

Thanks for stopping by,


Because of the increased influx of drawing requests on my main blog, this one was done rather hastily. That and I’m working days now at work so I can’t really take my sketch books to work until the fall.

I don’t know how to code, but I’ve heard the horror stories and I tried to learn a bit to modify my tumblrs but couldn’t figure anything out. Hopefully this joke works.

Done in 2 hours with Color Pencil/Ink