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Hey Cole, I saw you watched Coco and I had a question, if you don't mind. I'd heard nonstop that Coco was just a blatant Book of Life ripoff while it was being made, and how it was bad for stealing from an actually Hispanic film. But now that its out everyone's been really excited about it? I was wondering if you had seen Book of Life as well, and if you had any thoughts?

Yeah I had heard about that stuff too, and I too became skeptical and worried that Coco would be some form of a ripoff (this was back when Coco was first announced and nobody knew anything)

But further news came up showing how Coco had been in development for a long time, it had so much research done for it, a lot of the cast and crew that made the movie are Latino, Mexican and or Mexican American, and the movie even has the support of The Book of Life director Jorge R. Gutierrez!

I’ve seen both films, and I love them both dearly (I am not Hispanic, but I’ve found the Day of the Dead celebration to be so heart-warming ever since I was young and saw childhood friends celebrate it)

People asked me if I’d even be going to see Coco and I was very “shrug” about it because of school finals weighing heavy on me and I wasn’t super crazy bout the skeleton designs-

BUT OH MY GOD YOU GUYS I adore this film, it’s right up there with my favorites alongside Inside Out.

This movie in no way is a ripoff, there is no romance plot, no bull fighting, none of the central things that Book of Life was centered on aside from the music playing, and even THAT is on a different path. 

Coco is about FAMILY. And that’s all I’m gonna say. Seriously guys, please support this movie, the representation is important and was executed SO WELL, there was so much love put into this, and I cried like 3 times so that’s how I know this movie really struck a chord with my emotional bones.

Go see the movie Coco, enjoy yourself and those you consider family~ ✨💕🏵️💀🏵️💕✨

5 things I learned at the Royal Variety

1. I still bloody love Louis Tomlinson. God, if I hadn’t been in such reserved company this evening I’d have let out an inhuman noise when he appeared on stage. I have missed him so much.

2. Miss You is a tune. It’s a catchy, brilliantly written pop song and it’s been stuck in my head all night. It’s a hit.

3. This performance is going to look bloody good on TV. Staging was awesome, visuals were great, Louis looked beautiful. There were fireworks. Really well done.

4. Louis’ band are awesome. And from watching them interact with Louis during the line up, they seem like fun lads. Can’t wait to get to know them.

5. If you don’t wait around to see Louis in the freezing cold after the show you will regret it. Yup.

I literally sat and watched every single episode of Andi Mack that is out right now and I do not regret it. Yes, I only started watching it because I heard that one of their characters was going to come out as gay but now that I really like it, I can see how much diversity it really has and I love it! Disney Channel is doing amazing with this show!


  • NAME: the closer
  • BIRTHDAY: january 29
  • ZODIAC: aquarius
  • HEIGHT:  168.5
  • FAVOURITE BOOK:  my bank book
  • FAVOURITE ARTIST/BANDS: i have a few lukewarm to things i like but gone are the days i really supported just one or two wholesomely. night riots has one or two good songs. foreign air, the black keys.
  • LAST MOVIE I WATCHED:  the man from UNCLE because i rp with a character there n i need to learn more before i go deeper into things
  • HOGWARTS HOUSE: ravenclaw
  • RANDOM FACT:  i’ll be doing a non-profit project end of this year we are all very excited about. and unlike solo projects where you have to be in my country to get into, this one can be shared. it’s an idea, ideas are most powerful. i will be writing about it when we’ve done it and maybe if some of you are touched, please take it forward
  • WHEN DID YOU CREATE THAT BLOG:  maybe two months ago, not very long
  • DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER BLOGS:  @slitgraves  @cometcdaddy @hislee @firstmostdangerous
  • WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO GET A TUMBLR: i used to be the top art editor for tumblr many years back when i was doing my bachelors so it started from art
  • DO YOU GET ASKS ON A DAILY BASE: i do! only thanks to ALL OF YOU. i would NOT be anywhere without EACH and EVERY one of you who’s made it sooo pleasant for me and i’ve honestly woken up everyday looking forward to tumblr and rping and even if i don’t get to write, really just talking/chatting/doing whatever we can in the ims and in discord. honestly, every happy thing from here has been because of you and your posts and threads that i do stop to read sometimes and just the whole experience that you have created.
  • WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL:  i was in a big hurry and didn’t care to spend days thinking before i started bruce. so with me i usually just start things without wasting much time.

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Stenbrough where one is the pizza delivery boy and the other is the guy who keeps ordering pizzas because the delivery boy is so cute!!! (Please I love your writing 💙💙💙💙)

Of course, thanks for requesting! I’m so glad you enjoy my writing!! I hope this is good!

Stan sat in his living room, he was alone. No parents, no friends, no anyone, yet he was still ordering an extra large cheese pizza with the maximum amount of breadsticks he could get in one order. Now Stan knew that this was probably a really depressing sight for anyone, especially since he was planning to just watch romance movies and cry over his lack of boyfriend, but he was going to order all the food anyways. 

He was tapping on his leg in impatience as he awaited the delivery before turning on his movies. He had a clear line of eye out the window and a straight line of access to the door, his money was in his hands in preparation to get the pizza exchange as quickly as possible. However, this plan changed when he saw the delivery boy exit his car. He was Stan’s age and at least moderately attractive Stan could tell from the distance. When Stan got up to answer the door he felt his heart race and his hands clam up, he was desperate for a boyfriend but he wasn’t expecting finding someone so easily. When he opened the door his face flushed. Shit, he’s really hot Stan thought to himself. He had dark brown straight hair that fell a little bit in his eyes, dark yet warm eyes, and a kind expression. Stan was frozen as he, not so secretly, checked the delivery boy out, noticing the well fitted red attire for the job and a pin with the name, presumably his, that said Bill.

“A-an order for a ex-extra large cheese p-piz-pizza and bre-breadsticks,” the delivery boy said, a stutter interrupting his words yet not changing the kindness in his voice.

“I- Yeah that’s for me,” Stan said, flustered but managing. He grabbed the boxes and ran them to his table before running back over and giving the boy the money and reaching in his pockets to give him a larger tip.

“Th-thank you!” Bill said enthusiastically as Stan gave him a ton of money that he didn’t even know the amount of. 

As Bill walked back to his car Stan sighed and threw himself face down on his couch, groaning dramatically. He didn’t want to fall for a goddamn delivery boy and heavily blamed his loneliness for the entire situation. These inner conflicts, however, did not stop Bill from calling in another order of breadsticks and awaiting the delivery boy’s arrival.

Once again the same delivery car, with the same boy, arrived at Stan’s residence. Stan hadn’t even opened his other food yet but was more than eager to get the next one.

After Bill rang the doorbell Stan opened it noticing a smile on the deliver boy’s face. 

“Al-Already getting m-more s-sir?” he asked in a polite yet joking matter.

Stan’s face went red, “I gu-guess so,” he replied flustered. He grabbed the breadsticks and handed the money to Bill along with another enormous tip, mixed in with the bills was a note.

“Dear delivery boy,

I know this might seem strange, but you are incredibly cute and so here is my phone number. I’d be happy to get to know you, sorry about the oddness of this all.

Sincerely, Stan”

The note read with his digits below his name. He expected nothing to come out of it but was proud of himself for the gesture. He continued on with his night, eating his excessive amount of food before hearing the phone ring at around 8pm.

Stan answered the phone, “Stan Uris speaking,”

“Di-did you fi-finish all of th-the food yet?” a kind and familiar voice asked.

Stan’s face grew a grin that nearly hurt his face. He had this sudden feeling that they were going to grow closer and closer with time and he was more than enthusiastic about it.

Two weekends ago I stumbled upon Wander Over Yonder on Disney XD. My kids were watching it and as I went into the kitchen to get dinner ready I made a comment about how the animation style looked similar to the old Powerpuff Girls, but didn’t really make the connection to Craig McCracken until later that night when I turned the TV back on and the show was still playing. I decided to watch a couple episodes of this marathon, going to imdb to confirm that yes, Kenneth the Page from 30 Rock voiced the main chracter and also that Craig was the creator. I was sad to lean that the show had been cancelled, which is too bad. It really is a great show. 

The animation is beautiful. No I mean it, it just looks like a lot of time was put into all the details of creating this fantasy (or idk maybe it’s considered a sci fi) universe. And for all the references to pop-culture (in a good Community type way) I find myself laughing so much. I literally just got done watching an episode that was a He-Man parody, and the way it was done was so clever. It wasn’t like say any random Teen Titans Go ep (man, that show is the worst when it comes to just shoving references down your throat). It was all handled like the writers and animators knew how far to take it, but also make the parody work w/ the overarching theme of the show.

And there’s something to be said about having a positive protagonist that isn’t also annoying ala Spongebob. I enjoy an old Spongebob ep every once in awhile. I’ve seen Rock Bottom more times than I can remember. But there’s only so much of him you can take. But I’ve been going through Wander Over Yonder with no problems. It’s a show I share with my kids that leaves us smiling each episode.

I wish I would’ve known abt WOY when it was still on the air. Not sure having me as a fan would have changed anything, but you know I would have given my voice to the movement trying to save it.

And maybe I feel a little silly writing this all out about a cartoon, but I feel the need to let others know about it bc I haven’t loved an animated show this much in a long time.

Star Trek: Discovery

Alright folks, I watched the first episode of the newest Star Trek series. First off I have to mention the visuals because damn the pilot looked good! They must have an enormous budget for special effects. 

I really like the Captain and I think she’s the only character I latched on to, but unfortunately I’m like 156% sure that she’s going to die in the very near future. I’m also not sure how effective killing her off is going to be given that we won’t have spent too much time with her (I think). It’s a pity. 

I’m not sure what to think of the Commander yet (who I assume is going to be our main protagonist after the Captain dies). We got a lot of information about her – her history with the Klingons, her childhood with the Vulcans, hell in the very first mins of the next ep we even get fbs to the moment she first came abroad the ship and met the Captain. None of it connected with me because I’m not emotionally invested in the character yet. Saving some of these fbs for furture episodes might’ve had more of an impact. I did, however, love her exhilarated smile when she shot off to discover the Klingon ship, and I definitely think that she still has the potential to be an amazing character who could carry the show. 

I gotta admit that when I first heard the word “Klingons”, I immediately pictured like a huge octopus sorta thing… you know, because they could cling on to you with their arms. I soon gathered that they were not, in fact, octopi type thingies. Ah well, they were suitably menacing and I assume we’re heading to an all-out war with them.

All in all, the first episode was pretty good. It felt slightly empty, but the visuals + the potential that was on display throughout make me excited to see the rest of the episodes!

(And finally, today on how I will find a fucking way to connect everything to POI: David Semel, the director for this Star Trek episode, also directed The Pilot for POI)

Unexpected Visitor (AlfieXReader)

So I had this idea for an imagine today on my way back home from school, I don’t know if it’s any good but I really enjoyed writing this kind of fluff. So here you go, enjoy! I also have a few more One Shots in the works by now, trying to get back into writing again, so new stuff is coming soon, guys! :)) <3


Imagine Alfie reuniting with you again after he had heard about you and your family being in a war with the mafia.

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Do you know what’s another moment I loved about this movie?  When Loki makes his grand YOUR SAVIOR IS HERE! entrance, this is Thor’s reaction:

He’s delighted to see that dramatic little shit!

It complements the moment that comes not too much later, when Thor finds his lightning powers again and comes raining lightning down on the bridge, Loki does this absolute fucking smirk:


After all the years we had to struggle our way through the breaking of their relationship, the losses they both suffered, the cracks to both their foundations, the bitterness and strife that kept wedging itself in between them, literal years of watching them break apart and break apart and break apart.

And this movie could have broken them for good.  But instead it understood that they cannot go backwards, but that does not mean they cannot still go forward. That they can’t both be grow and change and find each other again.

The death of the last of their family might have split them apart, it almost did, but when it really came down to it, they both chose to move on, to be something more, and that allowed them to come back together.

It allowed them to smile when they saw each other again, genuine and real. After all that hurt–when Loki shows up again, their first reaction to the sight of the other is one of being glad to see the other, both of them.

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hi!! i ws wondering if u had any advice on picking good colors in art ?? the colors u use always seem to go together really nicely hehe ,,

there’s a lot of really good color theory materials out there that would explain how it all works far far better than i ever could

but i will show you a couple of good tricks i learned along the way that will save you a lot of time and trouble if you don’t like watching/reading loads of theory (which you should still watch/read btw, i’m not saying to ditch it altogether) and more of a practical learner as i am

i often start coloring with simply using an eyedrop tool to choose base colors, it helps to keep the same color relations as the original, that way you won’t end up with white-washed characters or wrong tones of clothing 

in case of this drawing the final piece has water right under the characters, so i chose to make palette warmer on the top and colder on the bottom

the easiest way to make a soft, less contrast palette with the same color relations is to add a solid color or a gradient under the lineart; no overlay style, just a semi-transparent layer with color; on the contrary if you want a more contrast image you’d set overlay on multiply etc

colored lineart is optional, really. a lot of times you’ll hear DON’T COLOR/LINE WITH BLACK!!!!!!! that’s fake news, black lineart can make an image pop very well, but it doesn’t work with everything, so choose wisely

there’s two ways to add shadows to your drawing - by adding shadows (duh) or by adding the absense of shadows

i use both ways but since i almost never see anyone mentioning the second one: what i mean by it is you need to fully cover your characters in solid shadow and then erase the parts with light

a lot of artists choose the color of shadow individually for every part of the drawing - skin, hair, clothes etc; i personally like to choose one color for shadow and

one whole shadow layer not only saves you a ton of time, unlike choosing color individually, but it also means you can freely play with the color of it, which can affect your image A LOT

now back to the main palette! this trick is for photoshop only as far as i know

PS has 2 really helpful overlay styles - Hue and Color and as the names suggest it changes the hue or color of your image based on the color above it

PS also has a fun thing called Gradient Map (Image -> Adjustments -> Gradient Map) that converts the monochrome tones into ANY colors of the same relation

the last trick i’ll show you is particularly useful when you’re too lazy to color the lineart

i fill base colors by using paint bucket tool, it’s simple and fast, but it also means no colors under the lines 

which is annoying but what can you do right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ actually there is something you can do! here’s a step-by-step

that’s all that comes to mind for now, hope it was helpful in any way! most of these tricks were born out of the notion “how do i produce a really good image with as much saved time and actions as possible”, which probably won’t do for perfectionists, but to all the lazy artists out there like me - try it lmao


Some good Josuke faces

Movies I learned sugar skills from

We all know Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie, and Halle Berry are some of the gems we have in movies now. But I’ve watched a lot of movies that helped me gain the sugar personas I had and I want to share some of those with you all.

Girlfriend experience

This is one of the more popular movies for sex workers and it is now a tv series. I personally liked it because I was ending a relationship while I was sugaring and I did feel some of the ways Christine felt.

Another thing I loved about this movie was the documentation and research this girl did on her clients. I use to have a notebook filled with all my POTs and SDs info, status, job info, likes and dislikes, turn ons, etc. My ex stole it a while ago but lucky for me I didn’t write down searchable info, even the names were in code.

I would recommend this as the first to watch before you binge watch sex work movies like I did.

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Memoirs of a geisha

This is one of my personal favorites because I love the Asian culture when it comes to beauty. The grace, the discipline, and the routine of these woman is really what got me.

When I saw that one look method I was determined to get it to work for me. The Kama Sutra movie below also helped me achieve this. But nothing gets a man across the room faster than an enchanting look from a beautiful woman in their direction.

From this movie I was able to learn how to move more gracefully which is very attractive for men who like “exotic” women. So if you got hips sway them, if you have long legs be swift with your steps, and if your hand are flawless move them like a water bender on avatar (anime joke).

The Treacherous

This movie is very gory so if that’s not your thing don’t watch it. But it does show some intense training for courtesans (old world Asia times).

The seductiveness of these women turned me on so I knew the same methods would turn any man on too. My favorite seductive move is the removing of clothes shown in the beginning scenes where the man challenged the woman to a strip game.

Another scene that showed me a lot of gems was the actual training of the women and how they were to taught to please. I even got some old school hoe tips for my Vag in this movie.

Kama Sutra

Yes it is spelled right and yes it is about using Karma Sutra. If you want a movie example of how some Karma Sutra techniques work then look no further.

This movie showed me how equally important foreplay is for men as it is for us. It showed little snippets of how even feeding can be sensual for men. My favorite tip from the movie would have to be the eye movements of the women while they danced. Those eyes have gotten me compliments from many dance teachers because they could see sexiness in my eyes.

Just look at these eyes:

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Etiquette of a mistress

In case you haven’t noticed by now I watch a lot of Asian movies. This one in particular is informative and funny so you’ll really enjoy watching it.

If you’re a sugar that deals with a lot of married men this movie is for you. It shows you how to be properly discrete with your time together and how to deal with the cons of a married man. The best part of this movie is it shows the perspective of a veteran and a newbie, so I know my vets will enjoy this if they or helping any newbies out there.

Wolf on wall street

This is of course on here because of the famous Naomi character that we love so much. Her sharp tongue is definitely needed when you are trying to pass through all the BS talk. But another thing to pay attention to is her physical presentation of herself. Her style with her looks was like devil in a red dress but with diamonds add.

Two can play that game

This one is mostly for my brown SBs who are close to their mid 20s.

In the 2000s this movie was like the black woman’s player guide. I’ve used many of these strategies to get men back on track to what I wanted. My little black dress is still in the closet waiting for the day my fiance acts up.

One thing from that movie I don’t do is flaunt another man because doing that in this world can severe ties real quick.

A lot of people focus on Shante in this movie but I also loved watching Conny too. Mainly because I love Gabrielle Union’s acting especially in Being Mary Jane.

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I didn’t learn much from this movie for my personal gain but I did learn a lot about sex work around the world. So if you’re just interested in a movie that shows you different kinds of sex workers watch this.

Breakfast at Tiffany

I love a good Audrey Hepburn movie because her white woman swag is just as awesome as Marilyn’s. She taught me how to be sweet and

youthful while also being mysterious and unavailable.

Being sweet and youthful is what kept my men feeling lucky to have me. But being mysterious and unavailable at times is what kept them on their toes and more willing do what was needed to “secure” me.

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Show Girls

I’m starting to think I should’ve tried stripping because sexy dancing is one of my favorite things to do. Expressing with my body is like art to me but I was probably right not to strip, I would get addicted.

This movie however made me more glamorous and aggressive when it came to my sexy looks. I never got a chance to see real show girls in Vegas but I’m pretty sure I would be in awe by them. I’ve never been a glamorous person but after this movie I started adding a little shimmer and glitter to my style.


Again with the dancing lol, I’m sorry ladies but these women, even with out the dancing were phenomenal. The He Made Me Do It song was an all time favorite for me.

But as far as lessons I started to see how competitive women could be when it comes to money and credibility/fame.

I learned on movies like this how to out smart them when it comes to whales.There have been many new girls who tried taking my main SD away from me but they couldn’t get to my relationship quality. Even when girls did get some dates from other SDs of mine they didn’t last long. So please remember ladies quality and good relationships always wins when it comes to real SDs.

Josephine Baker Biography

My girl next door persona has always got me the most money. So when I saw this biography I started mastering it. Her happy demeanor and tiny voice was so close to mine it wasn’t hard to practice.

What made me the happiest, was that even though she was sweet, innocent, and goofy she was also sensual. She knew how to express her sexuality without taking away from her innocence.

The end of the movie was sad and showed a lot of her flaws but she was still iconic.

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Confessions of a Brazilian Call Girl

I can’t remember if this is based on a true story are not but it’s amazing. Especially with the online social platforms we have now, this movie has been very useful. This woman on here became a high class call girl based on online status alone.

She was also another person I looked to for glam sexuality and showed many women that even average women can dominate the sex world. There were bad parts like her cockiness and drug use but if she would’ve stayed in her grind she would’ve still been raking in millions. One thing this movie can show you (on the bad side) is that you should never try to “Keep up with the Jones” even in the sex world because it’s never greener on the other side.

Call Me: The Rise and fall of Hiede Fliess

If you don’t know Hiede Fliess, look her up now. She’s the greatest when it comes to call girls. The tactics she used to get where she was is amazing. She really knew how to keep connections with her clients and how to get other girls money.

I don’t know what she does now but I do respect the contributions she’s made to the sex work industry. If you’re in LA or Hollywood you should really watch this movie.

Some notable tv women I watch

Joseline Hernandez

She’s so unapologetic about who she is and will get money by any means necessary. Her and Cardi B are like alter egos I wish I had sometimes.

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Cardi B

She is one of the realest woman I’ve seen on TV and she used what she had to get her fame. Now that she got it she is doing here to the max and I’m happy for her.

Nene Lakes

I can see myself being like Nene when I get older and wealthier. She is a star in many forms and doesn’t let these women or her man interfere with her money. She went from housewife to breadwinner even outside of the show.

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Whitley Gilbert

I get all my bougie ways from Ms. Whitley lol. Really she was a good representation of a high class but down to earth black woman for me. She started out a little too much for me but after some seasons she grew on me. I’m always a sucker for tiny voiced women because mines is tiny too (Not as annoying as hers).

Tasha Patrick

Now I’m going to be honest I just started watching power but I love this women’s attitude. She’s sexy, ride or die, and also strategically vengeful. I might update this after I finish the show but for now that’s all I have to say.

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Phaedra Parks

This woman beats me in being bougie and extra. I’ve never seen anyone who goes all out like she does. When I was in college I always wanted to be a like southern belle with curves so when this show came on I was tuned in. If you ever wanted to see an example of a curvy southern belle that can still get a little ghetto, Here she is.

This list is just a few of the many women I’ve watched to perfect my personas.

Now, when I switch my persona it’s not to completely change who I am but helps me adapt to different environments.

For example: If my SD likes to watch football games from his box then I’m not going to go into my prim and proper mode, I’m going to bring out girl next door me.

Depending on what your daddy likes you’re going to be put in different types of atmosphere and if you’re black than your going to need to adapt. The way to more opportunities is by building your credibility which is usually based on how much people like you. You re like an undercover celebrity lol.

Now if you don’t want to change that’s fine but that’s what’s work for me.

I change up like a Johnny Depp Movie role

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Hope this all was helpful to you ladies.

Much Love T