this is really good but that neck like wow okay

steve makes apple pie, all cinnamon and brown sugar and crispy golden pastry.

tony’s down in his workshop all day, kind of wondering where steve is, because steve’s been coming down every day recently, sitting there sketching and frowning over the art course he’s doing via correspondence. it’s been their little routine, steve brings tony coffee and sometimes they talk and sometimes it’s just quiet and it’s so. good.

it feels kinda empty somehow without steve there. tony feels itchy and awkward and lonely and grumpy, and when he finally hears steve coming in he doesn’t turn round or say hello. he knows it’s childish but he does it anyway.

‘hey,’ steve says behind him, and okay, that’s weird, what’s that sweet cinnamon smell? tony turns round, and he’s going to go for nonchalent, he hasn’t missed steve, who him? but then he sees that steve’s wearing an apron and carrying a hot, steaming, golden apple pie. tony’s eyes go round.

‘steve?’ he says, ‘what - why are you carrying a pie, what are you doing?’
steve’s cheeks are pink but he’s smiling down at tony with soft eyes, and oh, look, it’s too bright, tony somehow can’t look at steve properly.

'i made it for you,’ steve says, and then he shifts awkwardly from foot to foot and stutters, 'because - because you’re sweet as pie, tony, and i - i wanna take you out, on. on a date.’

'oh my god,’ tony says. 'you did not. did you really? sweet as pie, did you, did you actually say that? about me?’

steve carefully puts the pie down on the nearest flat surface. 'yep,’ he says, and wow, okay, this is, wow, tony can get with this because steve’s reaching for him, one firm hand at tony’s waist and the other cupping the back of his neck, guiding his face up.

and steve bend down and kisses him, slow and gentle, and tony’s senses are on overload because everything’s steve, steve tastes like cinnamon and apple and he feels so warm and good.

when steve pulls back a little, tony’s eyes stay closed for moment, fluttering, and he makes a little soft protesting sound. and steve laughs quietly and presses his nose against tony’s. 'sweet as pie,’ he whispers.

the sombra au

in which sombra should really stop being so gay and i should stop falling for rarepairs and i’ll probably write a part 2

  • to be honest, it’s reyes’s fault
  • he apparently enjoys running around in the overwatch base
  • trying to find morrison, she expects, and now she has to fish him out of this fucking mess
  • sombra taps the com in her ear, irritated. ‘reyes!’ she hisses. ‘i don’t want to bail you out, and god knows if that fucking loca tracer finds me inside the base-’
  • ‘huh.’
  • she freezes, and abruptly someone plucks the com from her ear.
  • she whirls, and stares at the woman who’s just somehow simultaneously handcuffed her and removed her of any safety precautions
  • she’s really pretty.
  • which really sucks because sombra has excellent game but not when she’s in handcuffs made of light.
  • ‘you really think these will stop me, cariño?’
  • the woman just raises an eyebrow. ‘actually, yes. i know a bit about you.’
  • ‘oh really.’
  • sombra reaches into her cloak, and, twisting slightly, raises her hidden gun and fires.
  • nothing happens.
  • ‘wha-?’
  • ‘i told you.’
  • she has this goddamn infuriating smirk and sombra’s not quite sure if she wants to shoot her or kiss her
  • maybe both.
  • she jumps forward, and crashes into what feels like a brick wall
  • ‘how did you-’
  • she tries to teleport, but to no avail.
  • the woman’s ignoring her, and scrolling through a tablet. that’s really annoying. pay a girl some attention.
  • after a moment, she looks up again. ‘you don’t look thirty. you look twelve.’
  • sombra splutters in indignation. ‘excuse me? okay, maybe i lied about my age- once- but i am not twelve!’
  • the woman looks at her again, sizing her up. ‘eh. you’re right. maybe fourteen, if you’re lucky.’
  • ‘who are you?’ she grinds out, and the woman smiles.
  • ‘satya vaswani. call sign symmetra.’
  • sombra frowns, sifts through blackmail in her head. her gloves aren’t working. this is an absolute bitch. but she’s not the world’s best hacker for nothing.
  • ‘careful,’ symmetra warns, as if sensing her thinking. ‘i do not have many secrets.’
  • sombra shrugs. ‘everyone has some. i just need to find yours.’
  • symmetra steps closer. ‘are you up for a challenge?’
  • sombra pretends that the closeness isn’t affecting her. ‘sure.’
  • she takes another step and her very nice face is an inch away. 
  • i could kiss her, sombra thinks, and whoa that might have been a little crossing a line because she’s probably about to kill her and shit
  • ‘good.’
  • ‘what is?’ sombra’s eyes flutter between her eyes and her lips and her chest, eventually landing on her neck. her neck is safe. that’s a good place.
  • ‘that challenges don’t faze you.’
  • ‘they-’ *gulp* ‘don’t.’
  • ‘well, in that case…’ satya murmurs, and then- wow her lips are really soft.
  • her hands slip to sombra’s waist, and she melts into her. she smells like coconuts and very nice things and it’s been a while since sombra had something so nice and- damn she has abs okay maybe i shouldn’t be feeling her up but wow goddamn i might just have to join overwatch
  • and then she steps back, and sombra follows her unconsciously, leaning forward a little. 
  • satya winks.
  • ‘then you’ll love this.’
  • and then she disappears, and where the flying fuck did my gun go- fucking asshole she took my gun goddammit worth it 10/10 would do again but why am i so gay for pretty girls damn probably a mistake actually but whatever i’ll just-
  • cavalry’s here!’
  • motherfucker.
How it all came to be | Roman X Neo | RWBY

Cinder sighed and shook her head. “Roman, your men are failing, you need a partner.”

“I don’t need a need a partner, I can just borrow-” Before Roman could finish his sentence Cinder interrupted him.

“Emerald and Mercury serve me, they do the job I tell them to.” Cinder paused emphasizing ‘I’. “You need someone that will serve just you.”

Roman groaned. Is she seriously telling him to find to find a partner? Well, it’s either a partner or Cinder kicking him out of the plan. And he did not want that.

And so, word spread, around every criminal and con-artist, that the infamous Roman Torchwick was looking for a partner. Roman, with the help of his useless men, set up a shady building in the outskirts of town so anyone who wanted to join Roman could try out there. Roman thought this was going to be easy, oh, how wrong he was.

A week later, no partner. It was really driving him crazy. It’s just that everyone that stumbled upon him were weak and useless. How was he supposed to find a partner that might actually be good for something?

But then, she came.

The doors of the empty building opened and a girl, known as Neopolitan walked in. She was smiling and dragging what seemed to be a parasol in one hand. She looked to be very tiny. Roman scoffed at the sight of the girl. There was no way Roman is hiring someone that looked like a little girl.

“You’re not lost…are you?” Roman asked the girl.

The girl just shook her head, still wearing that smile. The smile and the look in her eyes was all that Roman needed. Somehow, he knew she was here for the job. But why does a girl such as her want to be a criminal?

“Are you actually here for the job?” Roman raised an eyebrow and soon he got a nod from her. “Are you sure? I mean, just look at you! Could you be any smaller? Can you even fight? And what’s with that umbrella in your hand? Are you going to protect me from the sun? I’m not sure how a nuisance like you is going to be any help for me. You’ll just get in the way.”

Neopolitan, still grinning, walked up to Roman. Okay, he did not feel good about that smug grin. Besides that grin, wow, was she tiny! Roman was getting kind of worried that she’ll sprain her neck because of looking up at him. Her size said kid, but her eyes said fight.

Roman sighed. “Okay, tell you what. You’ll get the job if you manage to get my hat away from me.”

Neo grinned even more and nodded. Not really the speaking type, huh?

Roman smirked, grabbed her by the arm and twirled her around, as if they were dancing. “I won’t go easy on you, pink.” He whispered and dipped her.

Neo saw the chance and she took it. She kicked him in the stomach and he backed away. The girl quickly regained her balance, not phased at all. His little tricks won’t work on her.

“So that’s how you’re going to be. Okay, I don’t mind.” He raised his cane and shot at her.

Neo quickly dodged the bullet. Impressive. Roman shot again, but she still dodged. He kept shooting and shooting, thinking he can take her down, but Neo dodged every bullet. Roman eventually got frustrated and ran closer to her. He was about to hit her with his cane, but she quickly blocked it with her parasol. She smirked and seemed to giggle. Without making a noise, that is. The two soon started sparring with their weapons. To be honest, it was a hilarious sight.

After a few moments of sparring Neo finally thought it was the perfect moment to do her thing. He won’t expect it, no one would. She quickly ran back and opened her parasol.

Roman chuckled. “Running already?”

Neo grinned and saw him shoot. She bowed and let the bullet hit her. Before Roman could be proud with his victory, Neo shattered to pieces, leaving him confused. He carefully looked at the pieces, but then felt something hover over his head. Roman barely got any time to react, because just in a flash his hat was flicked off his head and a sharp blade pressed against his back.

He let out a light chuckle. “Okay, ice cream, you win! You can back away now.” Roman said, but the blade never left. “Okay…I take back what I said about you being a nuisance.” The blade was still there. “Fine, you get the job!”

Neo backed away and put her blade back in her parasol, Romans hat on her head. Roman turned to face the girl, but only met with a grin. A very proud grin. He rolled his eyes and took his hat back, putting it on his head quickly.

“So, ice cream, got any stuff you need to pack?” Roman asked, trying to change the topic from his embarrassing loss.

Neo shook her head and pulled out a little handbag from behind her back.

Roman sighed and shook his head. “I won’t even ask where you got that from…”

This was going to be very crazy. Two people that have never fully worked in a team partnering up? Sounds like chaos, for sure. But deep inside, both of them knew, that this was a start of something great and they couldn’t wait to work together.

A/N: All of my watchers are probably annoyed by me

Robbie Kay Imagine (Special) Request/High School Crush

“would you be able to do one with robbie( not pan) I don’t mind what it’s about either! Prettyyy pleeeaasse <3 “

Warnings: None, 

She was a junior, he was a senior.

Robbie was your typical senor guy, he had all his grades high, he was popular, head of the football team, and he already had a car.

You could say he had it made, but he wanted something that you couldn’t buy, love. He wanted someone, he needed someone, sure he had it all, but those late night 2 am thoughts that he couldn’t express to anyone got to him.

And then there was you, well you were a regular girl, just trying to get out of high school and wanting to get to your favorite college that you’ve been dreaming about. You took the bus to school, lived an a okay neighborhood, and you weren’t popular but you had friends.

You both were trying to find yourselves in high school, turns out all you needed to do was find each other.

Ahhhh, it was almost summer, the summer breeze was coming, the hot air was there, and the air conditioner was on full blast, one more month and your summer vacation would be in full affect.

“All right class, make sure to read chapter 13 tonight, you’ll have an essay on it in a couple of days!” Your teacher yells out, you just roll your eyes, you loved high school and learning but today was just not your day, you felt completely ugly and just gross, it was almost summer so it was very hot that day, you hated summer, you preferred the winter.

You pack up your stuff and start to walk to your locker, you got a text on your phone so you looked down, not paying attention to where you were going, and replying to your mother, when all of a sudden


You bump into a boy, and all your books go flying everywhere, you automatically go falling down as well because you thought it be cute to where wedges to school.

“Oh no love are you alright?” you hear a British voice, who sounded very concerned.

“Ughhhhhhhh ooooooh my head.” as you rub your head softly.

“I am terribly sorry love.” as he tries to pick up your books for you and also picks you up as well.

“Thanks.” you say as you’re wiping off any dust that might’ve gotten on you.

“I’m Robbie.” he smiles brightly

“I’m Y/n.” you smile and blush a little, he was very cute, how come you never seen him before?

“I really feel bad.” Robbie admits , scratching the back of his neck, looking everywhere except your eyes.

“It’s really fine, but thank you for your concern.” you smile at him.

“Good, uhm well I have to get to class, do you need anything?”

“I think I’m good.” you giggle and look down.

“Haha okay see you around.” he waves goodbye and leaves.

“Wow…” you whisper to yourself.


As you continue your day you couldn’t stop thinking about Robbie, he was so sweet to you, and so caring, but why? He looked like every other popular jock on the football team? Why would he be nice to you? As negative thoughts started to fill your head you began to not think about Robbie anymore, it was a dumb decision

Robbie’s point of view.

Damn, like damn, she was beautiful, . her y/c eyes, y/c hair, and her smile, don’t get me started, she was nothing like I had ever seen before, I can’t stop thinking about her, she was just too damn beautiful.

Robbie had football practice so he started to head to the lockers.

“Hey Robbie.” one of his friends said.

“Sup man?” Robbie asked.

“Oh man I need to tell you what happen with that one girl the other night!…” as his friends voice started to fade out he began to think about the new girl he saw, man oh man, she was simply gorgeous, Robbie wanted more of her, he had to find her again, he had to ask her out.


“Ahhh!” Robbie screamed “What the bloody hell dude?!” Robbie yelled at his friend.

“Dude you weren’t even paying attention, I asked you like 3 different questions! You didn’t answer one of them.”

“Sorry laddie, it’s just…”

Robbie’s friend looked at him curiously, “Did you find someone?”

“Not exactly, her name is Y/n, she goes here, and her name is y/n, ahh man I don’t know anything about her, I just know I need to see her again.”

“Don’t sweat it man, we’re the popular guys, if we want something done, we’ll get it done, you’ll know all about her by tomorrow k?”

“Yeah okay.”


Regular point of view

After football practice and a shower in the guy’s locker room, Robbie went to head to his car, he was looking around, watching his fellow play mates head to their cars, getting picked up, and this bus, but he looked closer and he saw you waiting at the bus stop.

Robbie quickly put his stuff in his car and jogged to you, hoping to not by seen by you, he didn’t want to seem like a creeper.

“Hey, uh y/n right?” Robbie said un confidently

“Oh!” you blushed as she saw Robbie walking towards her. “Uh yes it is, Robbie right?” she smiled

“Haha yeah!” he smiled happy that she remembered his name.

“Do you take the bus too?” she asked

“Uh no actually that’s why I came over here, about bumping into you this morning , I feel bad, I was wondering maybe I can give you a ride home?” Robbie asked as his heart was beating out of his chest.

“You want to give me a ride home?” She almost couldn’t believe it.

“Yeah I mean it’s the least I can do love.”

“How do i know you’re not a psycho serial killer?” she asked with confidence.

Robbie’s eyes open wide, he was confused, and a little taken back, as he was about to say something she started to giggle, and that made him feel better.

“Guess you’ll have to find out huh?”

She laughed once more, “Okay lets go.”

You and him were walking to his car, you looked up at him, oh gosh, his brown hair, his perfect skin, his green eyes, his perfect slim but muscler body, and he was grinning from ear to ear, it was beautiful, he was beautiful.

As he opens the door to his mustang you hop on in, he closes the door and you wait til he gets in.

“So, uh a mustang?” you ask

“Yeah well it was a early graduation gift, plus I have my licenses and all that so they let me drive it even though I’m not supposed to get it for a while.”

“That’s super cool.” you say.

“When are you getting yours?” Robbie asked

“My what?” you ask shocked

“Your car?” he laughs a little.

“Oh when I get the job and save up for it, but being a junior isn’t that easy.”

“You’re a junior?” Robbie asks

“Yeah why?” you ask un confidently

“Oh nothing, figures we don’t have any classes together, I’m a senior.”

“Oh wow congratulations!” you say but then quickly regret it, you must’ve sounded like a complete nerd

“Ha thanks but I kinda don’t wanna leave high school.” he says with a serious face.

“Why?” you ask curiously

“Nothing love, type in your address so we can gps it yeah?”

“Oh yeah right sorry!” you say as you type it in.

As Robbie is driving he remains quite, it was a little awkward you had to admit.

“So, you like sports or anything?” you ask

“I’m captain of the football team.”

“Oh I’m sorry-”

“Don’t be.” with an attitude

“Uh okay..”

“Sorry, “ he says.”Y/n, can I ask you something?”

“Of course Robbie..” you say.

“Do ever get scared, for the after world of high school?”

“I mean I hate high school Robbie.”

“Oh, then never mind-”

“NO” you say a little loud holding unto his arm, “Tell me.” he looks into your eyes and nods.

“He pulls over to a park and tells you to get out, you walk over to a lake with ducks and a park.

“It’s just, in high school, I already have it made, I’m captain, my grade are the best, I have lots of friends, and just, I don’t know life is great, but when I get out of high school, now that’s the scary part.”

“What do you mean?” you asked

“I’m terrified of the world, I love where I’m at, life is good.”

“You don’t like change.” you stated

“Exactly.” he says as he sits on the bench and taps the other side of the bench signaling you to sit down.

“Well I have something to tell you.” you say.

“Tell me.” Robbie says as he smiles

“I’m terrified of high school, I just want to graduate already so I can go to college already, I want to be a teacher, for little kids. Honestly I hate high school, people are so rude, mean, and just cruel.”

“You don’t have to worry about that anymore okay?” Robbie smiles


“Because for the rest of the school year, we’re going to hang out okay?

You smile from ear to ear, “Really?” you say.

“Of course.”


You and Robbie realized you live a block away from each other, and you also realized you have the same taste in music, movies, and Starbucks. For the next couple of months you guy’s were basically attached to each other, you did everything together.

When he would have his practices you would sit at the bench and wait for him, you knew all his friends as well because they were mostly all on the team, they loved you,  and you thought they were super nice, even when they joked around that you and Robbie would be a cute couple, you secretly loved it.

You and him would always go to the park, feed ducks, always bring your Starbucks, and talk about life in general.

It was clear you both were just friends, but you swear at times things would just seem too real.

He would randomly run his fingers through your hair to see your face more, he’d hold your hand when you would take randoms walks, he would even kiss your forehead when you were sad and hold your for what felt like hours when you cried, it was so hard to believe that you were just friends.


It was a cold winter night, and you had just got into a fight with your parents, they didn’t understand you, nobody did, so you called Robbie and asked him if he could come pick you up, without hesitation he came, it was 9pm at night, and even though you both had school the next day, and Robbie had a game after school he still came, he was always there.

You went outside your house and ran to the car, you opened the door, slam the car door shut and just cried, you cried and you cried.

Robbie started to drive, he knew exactly where to take you.

The car ride was silent but you could hear a couple sniffles from you, and long sighs from him, he held your hand at one point, he would rub his thumb over your hand, and just whisper “It’s okay.” even though he knew nothing of what happen, he just wanted you to be okay.

As you both get out of the car your eyes are covered by Robbie’s hands.

“Wh-what.” you say

“Trust me okay?” he says.

You just nod and let him lead the way, as he uncovers your eyes you see nothing but the city and the stars.

“R-robbie , it’s beautiful!” you say and smile a bit.

Robbie puts you by his side on a bench near the cliff, “Tell me what happen love.”

“W-well, my parents, they told me I couldn’t go to college, I can’t become a teacher that’s my dream Robbie, I’ve been wanting to teach since I was being taught in the 1st grade.”

“Why can’t you go to college love?” Robbie puts your hair behind your ear so he can see your face more.

“Because my parents are assholes, they want to keep the money they saved for my college tuition and buy a house by the beach instead.”

Robbie frowns, “That’s not..”

“I know, and now I’ll never be a teacher.” you fall into the crook in his neck and begin to cry once more.

This time Robbie stops you,and runs his hands through your hair.

“W-what are you doing?” You ask Robbie

“This is totally not the right time but this is the only time I might have courage to do this.” and before you could respond Robbie kisses you.

He kisses you long and softly, it was like his lips were made for yours, his and your lips melted softly into one an other,, he then picks you up and sits you on his lap , still kissing you while you’re adjusted on his lap, his hands run through your hair and made their way to your waste to close the gap between you both. You reach and grab little parts of his hair, tugging and pulling, you guys kissed for what seemed like hours , by the time you had stopped it was 2 in the morning.

“It’s getting really late.” you say.

“I don’t want this night to end .” Robbie says.

“It doesn’t have to.” you say.


Robbie takes you to his house, because his parents were cool with anyone sleeping over.

He grabs you a shirt and some sweats that were similar to your size, and lets you get dressed while you were getting dressed he would sneak a peek, you made him turn around and he just laughed and do what he was told.

You both got comfortable in his bed and he held you so tight, you thought he may never let go, but that was okay, because you didn’t want him to.”

“Thing’s may not be looking good for your future love, but now, right now just enjoy tonight.”

With that you nudge into his neck and cuddle up next to him, and you both fall asleep.


Anonymous asked:
Can you do a josh imagine where you are studying for finals or something (high school au maybe??) and he helps you

A/N: Lets all hope this went the way you wanted it to turn out uwu

Originally posted by aldersun

Joshua Dun Imagine
Words: 899
Rating: T
Warnings: (slight sexual) teasing

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Dear Diary (Young Sirius) PART 1

Anon:  Imagine walking in on sirius reading your diary out aloud to the other marauders. you kind of think he’s a little stuck up, and narcissistic but you have a crush on him so its super awkward. the others warn him to run but You get pissed and chase him he turns a corner and all your met with is a black dog…..

* * *

As you opened the door to the marauders dorm you wondered why what they were saying sounded slightly familiar. ‘…It pisses me off how unfair McGonagall was on me the today-’
‘Sirius what the fuck!?’ You yelled. Sirius looked at you, your diary still open and in his hands. ‘Ooh you’re in for it now.’ James said, as he caught the snitch flying around him. ‘What are you doing?’ You asked, Sirius, feeling mortified that he was actually reading your diary. Sirius smirked, ‘Just a bit of late night reading y/n. Want to join us?’ He said. Your cheeks got redder and redder the more you got angry. ‘That is an invasion of privacy.’ You said, feeling like hot steam was coming out of your ears. ‘If I were you I’d give it back to her.’ Said Peter, watching you get more and more mad. ‘Me too, mate.’ Said Remus, ‘I would also run for my life, this girl is not messing about.’ Sirius laughed, but you didn’t take your eyes off him. Suddenly, you lunged at him, knocking the book out of his hands. You quickly pick it up and stuff it inside your robes before rounding on Sirius. ‘Run!’ Yelled James. Sirius didn’t think twice before turning on his heels and sprinting out of the door, you hot on his trail. He turned the corner and into the common room. ‘What’s going on?’ Asked Lily as you ran past her. Sirius ran out through the portrait hole ignoring the Fat Lady as she said, ‘No running!’ You followed him out and ran down the stairs after him. He quickly turned a corner and you folloed before. ‘Oh my God.’ You stopped very suddenly, almost losing balance. A large black dog was sitting there, staring at you. You looked past the dog, down the hallway for any sign of Sirius. ‘I’m going to kill him.’ You said. The dog cocked his head at you, one ear up and the other down. You slid down the wall, not even caring where or how this dog was in Hogwarts. You stroked it’s head lightly. ‘Well at least he didn’t get to the recent stuff.’ You said, merely saying your thoughts aloud to the dog. ‘Then he would know about the giant crush I had on him and that would be 100% worse than him just reading about that day in Transfiguration.’ You said. The dog barked softly. You chewed your bottom lip as you pet the dog. ‘Don’t get me wrong, I wish I didn’t like him. He’s so…annoying.’ You sighed, ‘And he always teases the hell out of me, and he is such a damn show off and he’s stuck up.’ The dog barked again, ‘But at the same time, he’s so funny. And cute. And nice - when he wants to be.’ You smiled. ‘Speaking of him, where did that son-of-a-bitch go?’ You stood up and looked down the hallway, not seeing him. The dog stood up too and sprinted down to the end of the corridor and turned the corner, out of sight. ‘Bye then.’ You said. You turned around and started to walk back to the common room. ‘Y/N?’ You turned around to see Sirius walking towards you, a smirk on his face. ‘I win.’ He said, as he caught up to you. You rolled your eyes, ‘Sirius I am so sick of you.’ You said, turning around and walking again. Sirius laughed, ‘Y/N, it was all fun and games.’ 
‘No it wasn’t! There is some…private…stuff in there. Besides, even if it was just a bunch of stick drawings you didn’t have the right to go through it.’ You said. Sirius’ smirk disappeared as he saw how upset you were, ‘Oh. I’m sorry, y/n. I didn’t really think about it like that.’ He said. 
‘Are you really sorry? Or are you just sorry because you know I won’t share my Herbology homework with you?’ You asked, flatly. 
‘I am sorry.’ He said. 
‘Prove it.’ You replied. Sirius shrugged, 
‘Okay.’ He stepped forward, cupped your face with his hands and pulled it towards his, smashing his lips on yours. ‘Wow.’ Was all you could say once the kiss ended. Sirius smirked, ‘I’m sorry. Look I like you, okay? That’s why I’m always teasing you and showing off in front of you and stuff.’ He said. You furrowed your eyebrows, did he hear all that stuff you were saying to that dog? You brushed it off, honestly you didn’t care - maybe it was good that he did hear. You smiled, ‘You must really hate Herbology.’ Sirius grinned,
‘Do you wanna be my girlfriend?’ He asked, sending sparks up your spine. 
‘Yes!’ You said, throwing your arms around his neck. He laughed softly, ‘And you’re right, Herbology is the worst.’ 
‘It’s not that bad!’ You said, Sirius laced your hand with his and together you walked back towards the common room. ‘I mean it’s no worse than Divination.’ You said. Sirius groaned, ‘Don’t even get me started on that.’ He laughed. As you walked through the portrait hole you heard the Fat Lady say sarcastically, ‘Oh good now they’re dating. I swear if another pair of Gryffindors date, I’m retiring.’ 


Physical: Calum One Shot

Pairing: Calum and reader

Rating: R: sexual content 

Summary: You’re working out under the supervision of your personal trainer (Calum) and somehow things end up taking a turn for the showers. 

A/N: Okay, this was written on a whim, so please let me know how you like it! 

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Everlark Advent - Day 9, Hark the Herald Angels Sing

Hark the Herald Angels Sing

rated T

My new downstairs neighbour doesn’t slam cupboard doors or throw parties, doesn’t even stagger home from the bars in the early morning hours. He’s been pretty quiet, actually.

Until now.

The gorgeous tones of the Pentatonix singing The Little Drummer Boy drift up through the antique ventilation system of the converted Victorian that houses my apartment, and three others.

I’d be tempted to praise his taste in music. Except it’s November first.

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I ... Wow, this episode was awful {TVD 8x02 Spoilers}

OK! Back from the hairdresser. My style is … OK but it will serve the purpose for Halloween, anyway, my phone died so I have just logged into tumblr on my laptop (I’m home now) and it said I had 70 messages, LOL, so needless to say, I know about the Steroline engagement and I will say from now that I am not surprised, from the moment that was a rumour and JP said something about a June wedding I knew it was going to be true. But anyway, let’s go to the review. My readers know that I write everything in real time, if I make a mistake in the beginning it may be sorted out by the end of the review. This review will include the following things: anti-Damon sentiments, anti-Delena sentiments, anti-Bamon sentiments, anti-Steroline sentiments, mentions of misogynoir and anti-blackness, references to Buffy The Vampire Slayer, True Blood and/or other television shows. If you do not like it, scroll past and do not read, you are not being held hostage. Alright? Alright. Let’s. Get. This. Done.

1. OK. So I thought that TVD was going to use the siren as a big bad to subvert what we think about sirens, granted I’m only in the first few minutes but she doesn’t seem particularly diabolical, it legit just looks like a woman drowning a man in the pool. Like this is the opening to a CSI Miami episode. Is CSI Miami even still on? Doubtful.

2. What is this accent? (the siren’s).

3. We don’t even see how she devours the victim.

4. It’s funny how “Stubborn Love” is playing in the background of the Caroline writing to Elena scene considering that I named an SE drabble after the same song.

5. Yes it does bother me that “Today Will Be Different” is an SE line used for an SC engagement episode, if anything they could’ve taken the tail-end of “You and me, it’s not going to happen” and name the episode, “It’s Not Going To Happen” but nah, let’s further decimate SE.

6. Seriously, this heavy exposition over the scenes is TERRIBLE. I don’t care if it’s being “written in a diary” it’s clunky and awful.

7. Seriously, the siren is just fucking annoying.

8. Wow, I’m bored. And this dialogue is awful.

9. Kat Graham is seriously gorgeous.

10. Bonnie: “Damon killed a pregnant lady, it’s the worst thing he’s ever done.” Caroline: “Debatable but it definitely makes the shortlist.” Ah yes, when dialogue works.

11. I feel like my reviews aren’t as punchy as they were before, for which I apologize but I’m actually just bored and not feeling much.

12. Ian and Michael have no chemistry.

13. Where is black intern?

14. If Mystic Falls sent a crate to the Armory in 1790 how the hell did no one know about it? There’s no documentation in MF about this?

15. I actually laughed out loud when Caroline is on the phone talking about Enzo, “He won’t even look at Bonnie” and then it cuts to Enzo staring determinedly to the side and Bonnie is like .. … uh … so …

16. When is Enzo not a double agent?

17. Enzo and Bonnie look hot in the parking lot scene but their lack of chemistry honestly just makes it look like two attractive people who happen to walk side by side.

18. Stefan is totally going to propose to Caroline at the carnival.

19. “You’re not destined to go to hell, Damon.” Well he should be, Stefan.

20. Intern girl’s description of hell is basically what it feels like to be a sad vampire. Oh black intern is in DC I guess.

21. This dialogue is AWFUL.

22. This is supposed to be a gut-wrenching moment between Bonnie and Enzo, I get it narratively, but like that lack of chemistry.

23. And of course Sarah Salvatore, a black woman is dying. And not just dying but slowly bleeding out on the floor dying.

24. Yeah, I don’t really care for the Bonnie/Caroline scene, it’s supposed to be this BFF moment, I will be dedicated to making you happy, Bonnie! LOL SINCE WHEN CAROLINE?

25. Yeah, intern girl he doesn’t need you to lift your shirt again, he knows what the symbol looks like.


27. An anon pointed out that Paul has a sexy neck, he does. He really does.

28. So basically when Sybil got Damon’s full devotion is exactly like when Damon and Elena thought Stefan betrayed them for Klaus and the scene between Caroline and Stefan when Stefan is all “Damon is gone” “Don’t give up hope” is Stefan and Damon “Stefan is gone!” “Then we’ll let him go.” We’re redoing season 3 just terribly. 

29. Wow the proposal scene is actually the 5x18 SE proposal scene with the drawers … why why couldn’t they do something original for Steroline? I don’t get it. Like just get a different scene!

30. This is probably the best kiss Steroline has had and yet all I kept thinking about is how Stelena had the same kind of kiss and it was just done better.


Final thoughts: This was a thoroughly boring episode, like a waste of my time, what are the stakes, what’s the plot exactly? Is this even a supernatural show? This is the FINAL SEASON shit should be hitting the FAN. I should be like OMGOMGOMGOMG HOW IS THIS GOING TO END. Why do I feel like I’m just watching Grey’s Anatomy except not because Grey’s Anatomy had fucking hospital shootings and plane crashes, like I’m actually most appalled by how thoroughly unimpressive this plot is.

I want to support Nico’s career change but I don’t think I can trust her with my hair considering her signature hairstyle.

OK BUT…have u seen maki’s hair?? she probably gets it cut in a very specific way. au where maki’s trusted stylist of the past 5 years suddenly moves overseas, and she’s left scrambling to find a new person who can maintain her hair (which she meticulously gets cut like every month). and like kotori or eli tells her about this salon that’s quickly gaining popularity, apparently the owner has worked on up and coming models, etc.

so maki’s like okay, yeah, sure, sounds good. so she schedules an appointment, requests the owner, and when she finally drops by to meet her…..what. a kid owns this salon?? this salon is named after a kid?? a kid who’s young enough to wear pigtails??? did kotori and eli prank her or what

but then nico does magic on her hair (the entire 30+ minute process is laced with heavy, maybe one-sided ust because um wow she smells good and has a really gentle touch do i want her to stop breathing down my neck or not) and her hairstyle comes out perfect. maybe even better?

and so, maki starts to extra-look forward when it’s that time of the month. i mean the other time of the month when she notices her hair is like, a fraction too long. and maybe nico will immediately cancel a previously booked appointment to accommodate maki. and maybe maki will put a little more effort into her makeup. and maybe nico will always say something kind of eyebrow-raising, like *runs maki’s hair through her own fingers* “it’s almost a shame that i have to cut this. i bet you’d look really good with long hair.”

and like, maybe maki suddenly becomes torn between growing her hair out for nico or actually, u know, getting to see her every month for a cut.

anonymous asked:

please please please write a Hannah/Ashley oneshot please pleas please

So I came up with 1.505 words of #Hashley (?). SFW, SFF, totally winged it as some sort of one-off. Enjoy!


The After Party

It’s a party.

It’s a wrap party, actually. It’s in fact her wrap party. She’s done it, after getting funds and getting a crew and writing scripts and acting them out with Lyle, and this is just fantastic. There’s a shot in her hand and she downs it before slamming it down onto the table and getting a new one thrust in her hand, only a different colour. It’s exhilarating.

It’s also hot as balls.

She’s not entirely sure where Lyle’s gone off to, or Evan, or that one guy with his glasses that she keeps seeing on set but has no idea who he actually is. Someone calls her name and she turns around in a daze, bumping into another one of her friends.

“Fuck, you’re wasted.” He grabs her by the shoulder, “You alright?”

“Fine, fine.” She shouts over the music, “Hey, have you seen Lyle?”

“Somewhere near the bar.” Brown eyes study her carefully, “You gonna be okay?”

“Brandon,” She sighs, patting his cheek gently, “I’ve never been fucking better.”

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