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Kakegurui Color Theory: Kirari Momobami//Yin Metal (TBC)

It’s about time. 

No, really, I’ve been wanting to do Kirari for literal months now. She was the character that started this whole color/element idea. It just got deeper, more fun, and more complicated from there. I also find her fascinating as a character. She not only looks Metal with that unnaturally beautiful white hair, but acts like a Yin Metal person, specifically. 

So. Main color is white. Direction is West. Season is autumn. Signs are the Monkey and Rooster. Planet is Venus. Despite the animal for Metal being the white tiger Byakko/Baihu (also a blue-eyed, white animal), the zodiac tiger is not at all related. Metal is slightly feminine, with Water being even more yin. Let’s focus on white for now. 

White is not a lucky color in China, and presumably not in Japan. It’s associated with purity, but after that, funerals. For this reason, do not wrap gifts in white paper. There’s another side to Kirari’s possible luck or lack thereof, but that will be in part two because it’s just too huge. 

Metal is represented by the “gold” (金) character, suggesting a relationship with money. People with a lot of Metal in their horoscopes seem to have a Midas touch, and will attract money. They enjoy high status. They are driven towards a goal, authoritative, and do not react well if those goals prove to not be worth it. 

Metal also represents autumn - the time of year when things are dying. Kirari’s recent dialogue is focused on that little moment before a person’s lights are snuffed out - not death itself, but dying

There is some debate as to whether Metal’s true planet is Venus or not. The Japanese days of the week use Metal to represent Friday - a day linked to one Norse goddess or another (whether they’re the same goddess is another entry). At least Japan thinks the Metal element belongs to goddesses.

Now, what’s this about “Yin Metal?” Chinese philosophy likes its things balanced. Even masculine elements like Fire have a yin and yang. Metal is a really good example to illustrate this idea: Yang Metal is a weapon like a sword, while Yin Metal is jewelry and other things that glitter. 

Yin Metal people like everything beautiful. Fine art, fine food, fine wine - everything enjoyed by the elite. You may as well think of this personality as “swank”,“bling” or whatever “I have money and I flaunt it with shiny things” word you like. I’m sure the terms I used are both vulgar to such a refined palette. If nothing else, they like the appearance of wealth, status, and power. 

This behavior comes with its own pitfalls. Yin Metal people are perfectionists. Anything that makes them look like anything less than the best will not be taken well. They like being seen as elite, to the point of alienating those close to them. Friendships are often transient. Deep down, Yin Metal people are sensitive and intuitive - not that they want you to know. 

Now, some of you may have noticed the “TBC” at the top of this entry. That’s because there was a bit I almost put in here that was almost as long as this entire entry. It was so fitting as a finisher that I wanted to save it. There is also at least one manga-only entry for Kirari, but that’ll wait until the anime’s end unless people really, really want it now. 

Detailed Character Info: Neeka

Appearance -

·         Gender: Female

·         Race: Highlander, Hyur

·         Height: 6′0

·         Eye Color: Dark Amber

·         Hair Color: Auburn

The Facts -

·         Name Day: Exact day unknown

·         Occupation: Mercenary on paper

·         Sexual identification: Heterosexual and all about having fun

·         Romantic identification: Heteroromantic with Monogamous intent

·         Alignment: Neutral Evil

·         Criminal History: Hasn’t been caught

·         Relationship Status: “…Taken”

·         Sweet on: @theash-hatrukoth

Favorites –

·         Favorite food: Chocolate covered rolanberries

·         Favorite drink: Whiskey, wine and iced tea

·         Favorite artist: No particular favorite name 

·         Favorite scent: A very particular blend of spices

·         Favorite person(s): “Do you really have to ask?”

Randoms –

Ten facts about your muse:

⚫Loves to cook

⚫Good chance she’s fishing in a forest somewhere if she randomly goes missing for days on end

⚫Is terrified of spriggans

⚫Loves her puppy Bowser, but you didn’t hear her say that

⚫Is nobility by adoption and the current lady of the minor house La’fleur in Ishgard (Much to her dismay)

⚫Would be considered a master Fencer though very rarely seen with a rapier in public

⚫Is a little too dependent on alcohol 

⚫Holds a Dragoon soul crystal, passed down to her from her adopted family. Did not pass the required tests to join the Temple Knights

⚫Absolutely sucks in an all out brawl fight, but if it’s her aim to kill she will win.

⚫Is incredibly weak for a certain type of man

Five Things -

5 Things they like:

1.       Sex

2.       Booze

3.       Money

4.       A good conversation

5.       The cold

5 Things they dislike:

1.       Wannabe heroes

2.       Rules

3.       Zealots

4.       Sub-par food

5.       The heat

5 Good habits:

1.      Loyal to those deserving

2.      Meticulously well kept

3.      Eats healthier than most despite the ‘treats’

4.      Daily exercise regime 

5.      Always mindful of surroundings

5 Bad Habits:

1.       Smokes

2.       Drinks

3.       Cusses

4.       Sleeps around

5.       Paranoid at times

5 Personalities they gravitate toward:

1.       Charming

2.       Confident

3.       Arrogant

4.       Fun

5.       Interesting

5 Personality types they avoid:

1.      ‘Do-gooder’

2.       Overly stubborn, with some exceptions

3.       Boring

4.       Shy

5.       Zealots

5 Fears:

1·         Not being good enough (In one very selective case)

2·         Spriggans

3·         Her nightmares (formerly, they’ve been gone for a while)

4·         Letting the house in Ishgard fail

5·         She’ll tell you she has no fears

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Sooooooo I did some bmc wallpapers,, again,,,,,,
Feel free to use!!

(btw it’s the character’s description fro, the script)

(HUGE thanks to @tinagoldstein-scamander for helping me with the associated colors for each of the characters)

I am so done with this. *throws the pastel monster down*


We’ve got to start at the bottom and work up! And if we don’t earnestly cheer each other on… we’ll never be top heroes!”  Creatie Hero | Yaoyorozu Momo | (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و
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- “Have no fear… For I am here now.”

Sometimes Todoroki dreams of the past. 

Midoriya lulls him back to sleep with soft touches and heavy nerdiness.


THEY’RE SO HAPPY SHE FINALLY DID IT!!!!! (well, most of them are lol)

based on keiiros​’s draw the squad post!

“You have so many fingers, Sara!”

My Pathfinder and her new Angaran family. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ I’m seriously so in love with Jaal and his family (and the Angara in general…) ‘cause like… You were all alone in this new galaxy. Your mom and dad are both dead, and your sibling was in a coma and… Jaal and his family are just like “You’re part of our family now. :)” and it’s just so warm and loving. Gives me warm fuzzies.

View in High Res, pls! I put some little details into the male Angaran’s faces you might not be able to see too well otherwise.


my submission for the @tatinof-illustration project ^-^ i had the broken arm scene, which was quite interesting to draw yet still very fun omg~

 obviously couldn’t do the full story clip since it was longish so i just took some snippets (which explains roger as the king of broken arms and fetus phil being mad that the stairs and totoro failed at breaking his arm)

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