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Pinning keith angst Lance writes love letters and put it in what he thinks is his crushes locker but it's Keith's locker. Lance finds out and tells keith that they weren't met for him. Keith, who is crushing on him hard now is very sad 😏 gotta love the angst


“What’s this?” Keith pulled an envelope out of his locker, his fingers ghosting over the baby blue paper. 

“It looks like a lover letter,” Pidge wiggled their eyebrows as they attempted to snatch the envelope from Keith’s hand. 

“Stop that!” Keith pushed the younger person off them, “you gremlin.” 

Pidge laughed, stepping away from Keith, giving the raven boy some space to open the letter, being careful not to rip it. 

Your eyes shine like the stars at night, your hair wrapping my eyes in the night sky. You’re everything I want, please keep the stars alive. ~Blue <3

Keith felt his face turn red as he scanned the letter with his eyes over and over again, the words digging into his mind. What?

“What does it say?!” Pidge climbed up Keith’s back and he gripped the piece of paper tighter in his hands. 

“Who wrote this?!” Anger slightly consumed his voice and Pidge jumped away from the pale boy. 

“Wh-what does it say? Is it something bad?!” They tighten their hands into fists as the idea of their friend getting bullied. 

Keith shook his head, “no, no, it’s nothing bad, just a love letter?” He wasn’t really sure what it was since he had never gotten one before but he was sure they were like this. 

Pidge blinked a few times, scanning the letter when Keith turned it towards them. “It’s actually a love letter…I was just joking about that,” they gave a nervous laugh and stepped away from their friend, “I guess someone has a crush on youuuuu” 

Keith folded the letter and placed it securely in his backpack, “I’m sure it was just a fluke or something. Let’s just get going before we’re late for class.”

Pidge nodded, shutting their locker and quickly changing the subject to mothman.


Yet Keith soon learned that the first letter wasn’t a fluke, more appeared everyday. Every time Keith opened his locker a new letter would be there, the baby blue paper looking out of place among Keith’s red’s and black items. 

Keith would never let it show or tell Pidge but he looked forward to the letter everyday, it was nice to feel wanted for once. Moving from school to school had made it very difficult for Keith to feel wanted or have people ask him out. 

“Aren’t you curious who’s writing you these?” Pidge adjusted their glasses and Keith pulled another letter out of his locker. 

Keith shrugged, “kinda? I just want to know why really. I mean I’m not to look at and if it’s a girl they won’t have a chance with me anyways.” 

Pidge nodded, grabbing their backpack, “what if it’s that Lance kid? You know captain of swim team? And our class president?” 

Keith hid his face from his friend, feeling his skin heat up at that name. Lance. He was the first boy Keith had checked out at this school, there was simply something different about him that drew him to Keith but they had only spoken a few times. 

“I highly doubt it, plus isn’t he like straight?” Keith placed the letter in his bag, mentally clearing time in his schedule to read it later.

Pidge shrugged, “I think he’s bi? Not sure but I’ve heard rumors, plus he’s always around that Hunk guy.” 


This went on for almost a month before Keith learned who was actually putting the letters in his locker. He had just turn the corner to where the lockers were, slightly rushing to grab his book, he had forgotten it before going to class. Crap, why did I forget it?! He quickly scanned the small numbers on every locker, his eyes reading the numbers before he bumped into someone. “Oh sorry, I didn’t see you there.” 

“It’s no problem man, sorry I got in your way.” 

Keith’s eyes went wide as he quickly turned his head towards the voice, the voice that he had memorized the selective times he had the pleasure of hearing it. Lance! “No, it’s cool, no need for apologies.” Keith laughed nervously and reached for the dial on his locker. 

Lance cleared his throat, “so are you grabbing something for someone?” 

He sounded nervous and Keith shook his head slightly, “no this is my locker,” he chuckled slightly, glancing at the tanner boy, whose eyes were wide as the moon. “You okay?” 

Lance opened and closed his mouth a few times, looking like a fish out of water, “wait wait wait wait this is your locker?!” 

Keith nodded slightly, he didn’t know what to say, why would Lance care if it was his locker or not? 

Lance groaned, dragging his hand down his face, “shit, this isn’t good. You’re telling me that this isn’t Nyma’s locker?” 

Keith nodded, “Nyma’s locker is 245, I’m 254.” He swung the metal door open, hiding a smile as he saw the familiar blue paper sitting on his books. 

“Then I gotta apologize…for the letters that you have been receiving.” Lance avoided Keith’s eyes and Keith felt his face go red. 

Lance has been writing those letters?! Does he like me???? Keith raised his eyebrows, “ why are you apologizing?” 

Lance stared at the ground, “they weren’t for you, they were for Nyma.” 

Keith’s face fell as he looked at the unopened letter, “ oh okay, I suppose that makes sense.” Keith grabbed the letter, ignoring how his hand shook as he handed it to Lance, “go get her man.” 

Lance stared at the letter, his hand hesitantly coming up to grab the blue paper. “Thanks man, um do you have the other ones?” 

Keith shook his head, shutting his locker, his book long forgotten. “Sorry, I kinda threw them away,” lie, “I thought they were a bit cheesy for my taste.” Keith adjusted his backpack and gave the tanner boy a smile. “I wish you luck.” 

Lance smiled, sending Keith a friendly salute before running to the right locker.

Keith slowly made his way towards the nearest restroom, the tears failing before he could lock himself in the stall. He gripped at his hair, tugging at the thick strands, just once, just once why couldn’t I have had someone? He thought about how happy Lance would be with Nyma and he wiped his eyes, new tears replacing the old ones quickly. Pull it together Keith, it’s a dumb boy who probably didn’t even remember your name. Keith grabbed some toilet paper and blew his nose, fuck class. He closed his eyes, letting his heart slowly fall apart. Least he still had the others letters, he could still pretend. 

I headcanon that Nyma dyes her hair all the time lol 

My poor son :( 

I hope you like it!

Sorry it took so long!

Thank you <333333333

Another Guardian Angel Fic

Summary: Dan has a guardian angel blah blah blah

Word Count: 3k

TW: underage drinking + hints at molestation almost happening (attempted non-con/drugging)

i found this in my drafts from like a year ago??? and since then i’ve written another guardian angel fic?? anyway this is also a guardian angel fic with a different premise from forever ago

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Maybe Chase secretly really loves Jack’s alternative style. I mean, lots of black and skulls and spikes probably. Very flashy and very sinister and fit for an eeeeevil genius. And maybe as Jack ages he really dedicates more time to his style and Chase always looks forward to whatever he decides to experiment with next. I just really love ridiculous and unapologetic goth Jack Spicer, and so does Chase. But you know, it’s not like he’d ever admit it.

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k. my headcanon: so i was friends with the conspiracy theorists in hs and i was thinkin there's probably a group of them at peter's school and they were trying to figure out who spider-man is and someone's like "hey what if they go to our school?" someone jokes "it's probably parker lol" and no one really takes it seriously until they hear about DC and suddenly they're all A LOT MORE CONVINCED. (yeah it's kinda dumb i'm sorry lol)

peter catches on that these guys think he’s the spider-man, and initially he’s really worried about it. but after awhile when it becomes apparent that everyone else thinks they’re crazy, he decides to fuck with them.

one day the rhino begins attacking a building right outside their school. everyone is screaming and trying to find a place to take cover, just chaos everywhere.

and the group of conspiracy theorists just walk up to peter like, “gee it would sure be great if spider-man was here!!!!”

and peter just looks at his nails nonchalantly and blatantly fiddles with his webshooter right in front of them and goes, “yeah, bummer he isn’t here.”

a change

tsukikagehina hc #12

What if the three of them were all unable to meet over the summer before their third year, so they decided to surprise the others with new hairstyles?
So the first day of class, they see each other and….

Tsukishima’s hair is longer and half swept to the side, and he totally pulls off the “messy yet sexy” look. Hinata has an undercut, no more words needed. And Kageyama… well.

His hair looks exactly like Kunimi and Tsukki and Hinata don’t even recognize him at first. Then after (failing at) holding back laughter, they find some hair gel and style it for him, deciding on pushing it back off his forehead.

And then Kageyama looks so distractingly good that Hinata gets hit in the face multiple times and Tsukishima misses half his blocks at practice.

(The new first years are all amazed bc 1.How is this the team that went to nationals twice? 2.Their setter is really fucking hot.)

this is just me rambling about the goldfinch, which is honestly a literary masterpiece to me in every single aspect, but i can’t even properly convey how strongly it has affected me. i read it during a very Dark and Depressing Time and i remember being constantly filled with anxiety and WOW this book… i’ve never felt so strongly about a book before. theo’s existentialist attitude, Life Is Meaningless, Why Am I Alive, and the combination of his trauma and illness and addiction are such a heavy weight on his shoulders that can’t ever seem to be lifted but this painting, The Goldfinch, lifts it up and is a comfort for him. the beauty he found in that painting was a source of coping for him, a source of comfort and hope and love and a reminder of his mother. theo essentially immortalized a piece of his mother’s soul in this painting. this book demonstrated how powerful the transcendence of art is… it allows our souls to live onto this world of inevitable mortality. as long as we have art and as long as we can have love within ourselves and also see that love and beauty in art, we are okay and we will survive. in this world of chaos and tragedy, there will always be beauty and love. i’m not kidding when i say that reading this book really saved me in a sense, to be honest. i hate to sound cliché and dumb but it really fucking did wow

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I really wanted to say, as a woman with bi polar disorder who is also barren it like... it really makes me feel good to see Rooney and Ramona? Like, clearly the BP is a part of her, but it's not like her ~defining characteristic~ and you do a really good job of showing how people with BP are just like... largely pretty normal, all things considered. Idk it makes me feel good and I didn't know how to articulate that in a way that sounded not dumb I'm sorry lol.

Omg ;_____; this seriously made me tear up lmao thank you so much, I’m so glad I can make you happy through my characters 💕 I’m bipolar too and I wanted to show a character that could just live a normal (and even idealistic) life despite having a disorder that’s so stigmatized. We’re not crazy ok I love u so much


To everyone who sent me well wishes and good vibes, or even just a ‘like’ on my random ramblings before/during/after surgery, thank you!! I love you all!! And I made a thing to commemorate just how much…umm it’s based on the magnitude of the THOUGHT, not the art skills that went into this. Although that was considerable. *cough*

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Hey....... this is probably a really dumb question but I'm SUPER new to BTS. How do you watch the BV videos? Is it smth I have to buy? Also do they sell it w English subs or do I need to look for it online. Sorry I know this is dumb lol

hello, welcome ^^ it’s ok it’s not dumb! you can buy bon voyage here on vlive and it’ll come with english subtitles, but it’s only viewable on a mobile platform. alternatively, @taehyungjimin has uploaded all the episodes so that you can watch for free.

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so i'm getting ready to attend my first pride and this might sound really dumb but i don't know what to wear? i don't own any rainbow clothing and i can't really go buy any bcuz my fam is religious so i'm closeted. i tried creating the butchiest outfit i could with my clothes, but it just didn't feel like me. i don't wanna be the only one not decked out in rainbows or clothes with catchy gay sayings... any advice? (sorry this is dumb lol) thanks!

nope that definitely isn’t a silly question, it’s a good one! i went to my first pride last year and just wore like black shorts and a purple-and-white striped top… so, not gay at all lmao. i did get a rainbow heart and double venus symbol painted on my face later but i didn’t wear any gay shit bc my gay tshirts needed to be washed. u can certainly go all out w ur gayness and create the gayest outfit yr little heart desires, but i promise u people def won’t judge u if u don’t. plus there are usually plenty of places to get ur face painted or buy little buttons/necklaces/etc at pride itself so you could always pick up stuff once you’re there! have fun !!!

I'm so fucking sorry lol

I’m so sorry, I stutter and repeat the same words for the whole thing oh my god this is me embarassing myself ok

I was tagged by my lovely cutie @jinniejohns and @mac-and-cheeseburgerqueen, my Ami and thank you buns wow you don’t know what you just did-

edit: guysguysguys i forgot to actually tag people im such an idiot oh my god, imma tag @exe-kai and  @jhopesun (they havent done this yet i guess ehe)

So please ignore me being a mess (I was shaking the whole time), yeah, that’s all. Oh, and listen to my loves’ voices, @whenjikookhappens @ithefanfictionwriter and @mac-and-cheeseburgerqueen @jinniejohns asdfghjk thEIR VOICES ARE G  O L D

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- What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?
- What is a bubbly carbonated drink called?
- What do you call gym shoes?
- What do you call your grandparents?
- What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?
- What is the thing you change the TV channel with?
- Do you think you have an accent?
- Be a wizard or a vampire?
- Do you know anyone on Tumblr in real life?
- End audio post by saying any THREE words you want.

(I say ‘duh’, ‘like’ and ‘anyways’ so much I can’t even, I’m cringe itself at its finest oka-)

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ay yo (lol sorry I'm being so... eh... formal. and edgy. ;w;), I'm going into 8th grade this year and Ik it's nothing compared to high school but I'm still really nervous... even worse is that my mom is pressuring me to be the top person in my class and... I'm pretty dumb. :/ any advice? :c

tbh i don’t think there’s much you should be worried abt, focus on your studies, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride

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Hey, I'm feeling kind of insecure in a way? I'm a futch/soft butch and I have short hair and idk if girls really find that appealing...I was wondering do any girls like other girls with shorter hair and that style basically? (Also sorry if this is a dumb question)

Okay but personally?? I literally LOVE futch/soft butch girls so much???They’re my ultimate weakness??!!? I swear, I crush on soft butch girls majority of the time lol.  I assure you anon, tons of girls would consider you exactly their type!

In fact, if you’re a wlw who likes futch/soft butch girls, drop a like on this post!

Hands-off Approach (Rei/Nagisa - NSFW)

Written as part of an art-trade with kgsexysketchyspace, who surprised me by asking for porn. (I may or may not have gone overboard with the kinkiness in this one. Again.)

(For information on commissioning me, please see here! Yes, you can literally send me a kink and I will write you straight-up porn.)

Title: Hands-off Approach
Pairing(s): Rei/Nagisa
Rating: E
Length: 3,740 words

Also on AO3.

“Hmmngh—Rei-chan…” Nagisa’s voice was light and fluttery as he gasped out his boyfriend’s name between moans.

Prompted by this, Rei looked up from leaving soft kisses against his boyfriend’s shoulder and neck. “Hm?”

Nagisa brought their faces closer together and ran his fingers through the short hair at the nape of Rei’s neck before roughly scratching down his scalp. This elicited a low groan—borderline purr—from Rei. Without hesitating, Nagisa pushed their lips together, moaning while Rei ran his warm hands up and down his sides.

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i honestly cannot understand how certain people think Snowbarry ain’t even ship material when










and this doesn’t even include those several cute little moments they had in other episodes, those looks that seem too long & too intense between friends those gestures and touches and teasing and noticing of all the little things of one another. And then there are quotes like 

  • “we’re quite the pair, mr Allen" “yes we are, dr.Snow” 
  • “time for me to move on, find someone new to be crazy about” while literally looking & smirking at each other for what felt like an eternity
  • there’re more but I won’t type them all down since you got my point lol

I mean all those things are written for a reason. Not to forget that other characters noticed the connection between those two as well, like 

  • “ you and this Flash must be really close if you’re willing to die for him” 
  • also Hannibal Bates automatically assuming that Barry has a thing for Caitlin, so he kisses her.

so yes, Snowbarry is indeed reasonable ship material! I understand when people say it’s not their cup of tea and they prefer Westallen instead, that’s totally fine. But do not tell me sb shippers are delusional or dumb or crazy for seeing their chemistry and potential cause that’s definitely not true. And it’s not a crackship just because it’s not canon.

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Evil Gaster is from another universe (underfell) or from another timeline where Gaster made different decisions?

I would hesitate to say he’s straight-up evil, but ye my UF!Gaster is technically from a divergent timeline rather than an entirely separate universe. It’s basically the age-old idea of every situation having a different outcome based on an almost infinite number of actions (hope that makes sense, I’m really tired lol). 

UT Gaster had more of a direct hand in it than he realized by trying to mess with his own timeline and unwittingly becoming a catalyst for his alternate self’s existence. (That said, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and “Fell” G wasn’t born overnight. :v )

anyway here’s a comprehensive and totally not half-assed chart to illustrate:

Since Zestiria’s Equipment Fusion System Is About As Clear As Mud . . .

I decided to make my own guide for you guys.  I mean, it’s cute that the game decided to give you all that info inside of a skit with Lailah and Edna, but the problem is that they go kinda fast (since skits auto-proceed) so it might be hard to absorb everything all at once.  I know it took me 1 and a half play throughs to really get the hang of it, and even then, it took playing on a ridiculously high difficulty to get the gear drops I needed to fiddle with it enough for the rules to start making sense.  I’ll include some tips at the end too for how to get drops, but first, let’s talk about the basics, and the possibilities just from the rules the game (very quickly) throws your way, because figuring out the equipment fusion system in Zestiria is pretty important to surviving those ridiculously high difficulty levels you read about me playing on.  The rest is going behind a cut because length and screen shots galore (because it always helps to have pictures!).

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