this is really dumb :i


first of all, thank you so much for sticking with me!

second, i thought i should make it a thing when i do something extra™ and jaehyun or nct related whenever i gain a thousand followers (well at least i hope i’ll keep gaining followers lol). maybe do a giveaway (that’s like the most basic thing but you might like it idk), or maybe do a dance cover in public, or dress up as nct for a day, or recreate some nct photos

i know me doing weird shit will have only like 15 notes but i still really wanna do it so please tell me what you think and please give me suggestions on what should i do when i hit 4K

- cody 

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I …well .. I do have an excuse for this actually. This is all @haikyoutooiguess ‘s fault. They were my exchange partner for the iwaoi exchange and had “KyouKen” written as their … fav other ship? :’D .. and……… then this happened? I’m sorry? Kind of?

important be more chill hc

michael has really refined music taste. he only listens to bands you’ve never heard of or albums from before the year 1987. there’s only one exception: the jonas brothers. michael is inexplicably obsessed with the jonas brothers. he can’t get enough of Those Boys. nobody knows why. he doesn’t know why. he just loves. the. jonas. brothers.

So I’ve never really done headcanons or AUs or anything but I kinda have an AU in mind for Ashi cuz I can’t stand the thought of her not existing any more

The rough idea is that although she cannot physically exist due to being a paradox, her soul rose to a higher plane of existence basically becoming a powerful deity like Ra, Odin, and Rama are in the SJ universe. These gods teach her how to use her new-found powers and she becomes the guardian of earth, making sure nothing like Aku ever attacks it again. She can also manifest on earth as a more physical being so she can reunite with Jack, but it takes a lot of power so she can’t stay for long periods of time. Jack eagerly awaits her visits from protecting the universe.

I’m working on a Goddess!Ashi design so here’s a rough wip

hi can I get a fuckin uhhhhhhh

badass, accomplished, intelligent leader Lance who is strong in his own right and doesn’t need to be coddled and doesn’t take shit from others AND PEOPLE ACTUALLY LISTEN TO HIM AND RESPECT HIM

tattoo flash giveaway

hello everyone!!! so i’m assuming most of my followers have seen the tattoo flashes that i have been doing for all of green day’s albums (example here). and since i have been getting TONS of suggestions for other bands/artists, i thought that i would do something special and do an art giveaway as a thank you for all the positivity and support!! i’ve been really busy with life so i can’t possibly accept every suggestion just for the hell of it, but this way i’ll be able to do this without being stressed out


  • i will be choosing 3 winners, and for those 3 people i will draw you tattoo flash based on any album of your choice!! it can be of any genre and be by any artist you’d like. more examples here x x x
  • reblogs and likes count as entries
  • winners will be chosen randomly
  • must be following me
  • it’s not mandatory but if you are comfortable with giving me your address that would be great, as that way i’ll be able to send you the actual drawing itself!!
  • ends on july 1st, and i will be choosing the winners some time that day

anyways that’s it. i don’t expect this to blow up or anything as this is just a silly little thing that i wanted to do in order to thank everyone for being so supportive of me and my art 💖💞💗