this is really directed at a few people

i’m gonna paste this thing i wrote a few weeks ago from my instagram. it might seem melodramatic or like it’s coming from out of the blue, but i’m getting really tired of being shat on by people who don’t understand the motivation behind my actions. 

I’ve been struggling (pretty obviously) with how to deal with this subject for a few years, but recently it’s gotten way out of hand.

I have spent a lot of time and energy trying to find my own artistic voice. Every little aspect of what I draw and the way that I draw it, (however unimpressive or mundane) stems from years of struggling, experimenting and taking little fragments of the world around me and internalizing them. Things that I love, things that I hate, things that mean a lot to me for my own personal reasons. So when someone appropriates my style, not only are they doing themselves a huge injustice by skipping the steps it took to get there and the chance to develop their own style and voice, they’re bastardizing my own. They’re telling me that they want what I have, and don’t care how they get it, or how long it took for me to create it for myself, or how uncomfortable it makes me to see it twisted and abused.

It isn’t a sign of admiration, and it’s not at all flattering. It just feels greedy.
I’ve made efforts in the past to ignore it, or to let it go, have tried very hard not to step on anyone’s toes. 

But pretending that I don’t care seems to only make things worse. The more passive I am and the more I quietly reassure everyone that things are fine and that I’m not angry or upset with them when they steal from me, too afraid of hurting someone to firmly speak out, the more I get taken advantage of, and the more I let myself be hurt. 

I don’t want to attack people, and I don’t want to have to police people. I don’t want to make my friends or followers feel like they have to defend me, but I have to make it abundantly clear: I am NOT okay with mimicry. I am not okay with people latching onto my work and my style, building a name for themselves around it, profiting from it, and never letting it go.

Don’t send me apologies if you don’t mean them, and don’t promise me you’ll change if you have no plans to change anything. I’m done trying to empathize and pat people on the back for doing something that’s hurting me.


This isn’t because of anyone/anything in particular and most people I’ve seen have been really good about it but just a reminder that quite a few of the Pristin members are under age (kyla is only 15!!) so please don’t grossly over-sexualize them. Some of them are pretty young and we need to remember that! 


hey guys! Jordan (CaptainSparklez) ’s birthday is coming soon. 10 feb! And i am planning to make a video containing EVERYONE’S well wishes. people who loves him, idolizes him, or literally anyone who wants to wish him a happy birthday with words you would really like to tell him.

however, if we really made this video possible, it would not be private, thus if you would like to say anything TOO personal, just remember that it may be seen by many people.

if you would like to be part of this video, you can send me a direct message in tumblr or twitter (@sheldonatory) of your well wishes. NOTE: your birthday wishes should be in text form. Which means you do not have to take a video of yourself saying things.) there are no limits on how long or how short your wishes are going to be but maybe please not a few pages long. :-) Do state your name, username, and the country you live in too!

i will only start making this video on 31 JAN ONLY IF I REACH 200 WELL WISHES from you guys.

if we really do reach 200 people, on 10 FEB, i will post a link on twitter for jordan to see and i need all of your help to retweet and everything you can to make him notice the video.

if we don’t reach 200 people by 31 jan, this post will be deleted.

to keep you all updated, i will tag all my updates under #maronmission25 ! feel free to message/ask me anything!

so please, help make this possible?

CTN this year was successful! I had so much fun and was a lot less nervous than I was last year. Met some amazing people and spent the trip with amazing people. I’d been feeling really down about my art in the past few months but hearing what artists that I admire had to say about my work and getting their feedback was extremely encouraging and reassuring. I finally feel like I know what direction to go with as far as my artwork goes and am already super excited to get started on my portfolio for next year! But for now, I’m gonna sleep and get through one day of class before Thanksgiving break~

Friends… followers… anyone else who sees this… please remember that your words hold a lot of power, for better or for worse. ESPECIALLY on a public platform like this where your words can be spread like wildfire. I’ve just been aware of so much needless bitching directed at people these past few days and I’m getting really saddened by it.

So before you say anything, please remember to ask yourself… if it’s even worth saying.


I am really sorry for this man and his family… This is a real tragedy…. Not only because this man was killed, but because this hatred directed against Muslims, has reached its peak! These people are not safe anymore! They are suspected of terrorism just because of a few thugs!

People say all these words and bad things to Muslims, but what about themselves?


He Who Would Be King (part 2)

(Negan x Reader)

part 1

@nekodemon73 @kumpmk @idonthavehusbandsihavelovers @lovekiziyahlove

“Get him ou…”  

“What are you doing?!” You storm into the throne room after seeing that Negan was going to kick out that poor farmer without any help.  

“Excuse me for a moment…my wife doesn’t seem to feel very well.” He harshly grabs your arm, pulling you out of earshot from all the nobles standing around.  

“What do you think you’re doing, talking to me like that in front of my whole court?”  

“You’d just let your guards take him out like that? You didn’t even really listen to his story! One of your man killed his horses and robbed him and you don’t care.” You say, raising your voice, so that a few of the people start to turn their heads in your direction.  

“If I would care about every sad story someone tells me, this kingdom wouldn’t look much better than yours. Why do you think your father had to marry you off to me? You can’t make all your people happy, this shit comes with a price.” His grip on your arm gets tighter as he speaks, “I don’t care how you speak to me while we’re in bed together but you fucking won’t do it in front of my whole court, princess.”  

You get your arm free, backing away a few steps, “Maybe my father didn’t do everything right but at least he’s not a cold hearted monster like you!” You hiss before storming out of the doors.  

That didn’t go as planned at all. He hadn’t wanted to sound so harsh but you were just so stubborn and he wasn’t sure how to talk to you yet. It didn’t help that he loved to be in control and you seemed to question every fucking decision he made nowadays. That was not how things were supposed to work. A queen had to look nice and play along but obviously that wasn’t on your mind. While he didn’t mind your feistiness in bed it annoyed him to no end when you acted like that in public.  

He strokes his beard, taking a deep breath before turning back to his people and continuing his duties.  

“Y/N?” You hear a knock, followed by Negan calling out to you.  

Maybe he’ll go away if I don’t answer, you think, rolled up on the couch. You didn’t make a sound but of course he knew were to look. You always distracted yourself with a book when you were angry.  

“The man got some money and was more than happy about it.” Negan tells you as he sits down beside you.  

“That’s great for him.” Your eyes are cast down onto your book, even though you had stopped reading a long time ago.  

He groans, letting out a sigh, “I did what you wanted and you’re still not happy? What do you want me to do woman.” He was getting frustrated with your behaviour, whatever he did seemed to be the wrong fucking thing.  

“Oh no, no, no. You didn’t do what I want because you believe it’s the right thing to do nor because you wanted to make me happy. What you want from me is to keep my mouth shut and listen to your every word without questioning it once and I won’t put up with that.”  

Throwing your book down, you jump up and storm out of the room for the second time that day, leaving Negan speechless yet again.

Heartfilled Confession

Part two to: Pretending to hate eachother AU

Requested?: Holy shit yes it was

Summary: Nico was a close friend during your first few days/ weeks at camp… Why is he so cold all of a sudden?

Warning: Sameful Fluff… its almost too fluffy to hold >.<

“Wait what?” You quickly asked the Latino who sat on the deck of the ship still. He nodded and pushed himself up to his feet while speaking, “ Jeez, it’s so obvious so I don’t know how you haven’t noticed. I thought you knew him well enough before all this that he pushes people away when he really likes them.” Leo blurted out with a small chuckle escaping his lips to ease the mood. You face-palmed at your stupidity, Nico was actually a really close friend of yours before he started shoving you away a few days after you came to camp.

You sighed and muttered a quick “Be right back” under your breath before turning towards the direction of the boat cabins. You shuffled quietly- yet swiftly down the stairs and corridor before you heard a faint echo if footsteps trail past the doors to the rooms and continue down the hall. You pushed yourself forward in order to go around the corner faster than you already were; the result being the glimpse of a black pants leg going quickly around the corner. You furrowed your brow and darted after him, up a staircase that headed to the upper deck- why head downstairs if you’re only going back up you idiot? You thought to yourself. You rolled your eyes at his actions before speeding after him.

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it’s almost christmas break finally, which means that i am here with a follow forever that i’ve been wanting to do for the longest time now. i’ve followed so many amazing people this year and i actually have a few people to make special mentions for? even though i’ve been like absent and haven’t really spoken to anyone in a while. yikes. anyway, without further ado, my favs of 2016

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butterflyadventurer  asked:

Hello ly. For the past few months, i went back to school, quit smoking and drinking. I also broke up with my boyfriend 3weeks ago. i feel really isolated. I have trouble talking to people without alcohol, and i barely see my friends now that i don't party with them anymore. Being on my own is okay i guess, i love what im doing and actively choose to spend time doing it instead of hanging around, but i wish i was more open to people, less anxious of judgement. Can you help ?

I can certainly point you in the right direction. 

All of this begins and ends with your mind. 

Anxiety and judgment are plagues with which most people have grown accustomed to living. Instead of uprooting the causes of anxiety and judgment, they find coping mechanisms. 

The kind and combination of coping mechanisms are different for everyone. You seem to have found alcohol as an effective coping mechanism. 

Most coping mechanisms aren’t sustainable for a happy and healthy future, not to mention a happy and healthy present. Alcohol has added health risks on top of the mental challenges it enables. It is good you have quit using substances while you get this stuff sorted out. 

Ways to Avoid Feeling Judged:

  1. Know yourself. We fear judgment because we are afraid to be told something about ourselves that we don’t already know. Or we are afraid to have certain fears confirmed. 

    If we do not know ourselves then the judgments of others will be more overwhelming. You will look to other people to tell you who you are. 

  2. Do not judge others. Judgment is a mental habit. It is useful for inanimate things, like comparing cars. It is not useful for regarding living phenomena such as humans. 

    Judgment is a reductive mental process that breaks things down into parts and then assigns values those parts. Humans are not machines; humans are more than the sum of their parts. Therefore by judging people, you kill their living humanism by perceiving them the way you would a machine. It is objectification. 

  3. Do not rely on labels. Following on the subject of judgment is labeling. Often we label ourselves and we label each other according to judgments. These labels create a kind of prison. We tend to restrict our activity and perception according to our labels. 

    The problem, like judgment, is that it is a two way street. If you rely on some self-appointed or other-appointed labels as a form of identity, then other less desirable labels may offend or hurt you. They might cause you suffering. 

    To be free from labels means to take none of them seriously as being solid or real. This doesn’t mean you will never be labeled but it means the labels will no longer sink into your mind and heart, creating limits. Instead, the labels will be these temporary superficial things that fail to trouble you. 

How to actualize all of these? Daily meditation and mindfulness practice. Such practices will help to overthrow the habits of your mind and grant you freedoms you forgot were possible. 

Socializing with others can be draining and anxious when we are afraid. We are afraid of how we might appear, of what we might discover about ourselves, or of how we might embarrass ourselves. But if we find peace and clarity in self-knowledge within ourselves, there is no trouble. 

Then there is nothing to be gained and nothing to be lost through socializing. It’s just like fingerpainting with friends or strangers. No one cares about the outcome; you’re just there to enjoy yourself. 

Two books that may be of help to you are The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and Tantra: The Supreme Understanding by Osho. 

Namaste :)

So let’s talk about this.

I really don’t know how to feel. I think I’ve numbed myself to the reality these past few days, simply so I can just carry on with my classes and sorority responsibilities and basic self-care. 

And for a moment, I began to lose hope. I was clinging to the belief that the people of this country would “harm none” and make the right decisions. I definitely misplaced my faith in my fellow citizens, and even faith in my own family. 

I really don’t want to talk about him. But we have to. We have to talk about our future and how to move forward. The Universe has pulled us in this direction, and now we have to do what we can. 

So what can we do? 

As witches, we can use our practices to our advantage. We can bless our lawmakers, our representatives. We can cast protection spells on us and those around us. We can cast curses or hex those who mean to do us harm. We can unite our energies to protect our community, as it may be threatened in the coming months. I would like to start #WitchesForChange and share ways that we can impact the world around us through our work. 

As a country, we can make our voice heard. We can encourage our local and state representatives. We can put our efforts into organizations that need our help: Planned Parenthood, GreenPeace, Boys and Girls Club, etc. We can vote in the midterm elections. We can volunteer in our own communities. Even younger witches in middle/high school can make a difference. 

As a people, we can come together. I’m not asking you to forgive his supporters. I’m not asking you to be nice to those who attack you. Do no harm, but take no shit. Cling tight to your beliefs, to your friends, to the small things in life that make you happy. There’s a line from Hamilton: “Look around, look around, at how lucky we are to be alive right now.” As Stephen Hawking said, “Where there is life, there is hope.” 

I’m not saying that the next few years will be easy. But there is hope. “Until the world ends, we must act as though it intends to spin on.” And that includes doing what we can. I believe we will survive, and we will come out of this. 

Many blessings- Kate

1d and their solo music: it’s not gonna happen

let me clarify:

niall keeps saying he’s finished, only to say he’s not finished, almost as if he’s forgotten the status of his supposed album. Which is weird because it’s literally his /first/ album. he did a complete promo tour for one song, including the jingle bell ball and i know only a few people talked about how suspicious it was, but seriously. it really was. one song, a complete promo tour, and a “oh yeah! the album’s coming haha” like that’s overkill even for a member of one direction (one that’s not harry, which the press would go nuts for)

liam made the first move in This Is Real, This Is Me fashion; kept it simple, to the point and diplomatic on twitter, nodded his hat to 1D, was acknowledged by his label, released a snippet of music.. and then.. nothing. and this all happened within months of each other. and then nothing. you say “oh he’s working on his album!” okay but why make moves when you don’t even have an album to promote? based on everything he’s posted, what he has are scraps of an album. so why make moves? he’s done intermittent promo, which is good, but the audience he’s going for doesn’t care about “ask liam”’s or whatever. it’s like for all this R&B, Next JT hype, that’s so… opposite of what he should be going for. and IG pics/updates are nice, but people outside of these circles don’t even know you??

harry is gonna be in a movie which apparently isn’t enough for people because they’re still waiting on and expecting him to not just put out an album, but debut it at the grammys. which is preposterous, especially with dunkirk promo coming up. so what, he’s gonna drop an album, and miss dunkirk promo to promo his album? which would be stupid because dunkirk is a big deal. or is he gonna do both and then hijack dunkirk promo and put the spotlight solely on himself and his movie/album? which would be equally as stupid and selfish but considering his image right now (which i do not believe to be truly reflective of him) it could work. or is he gonna do both promos separately and burn himself out to the core? like the whole purpose of the hiatus (which, lol) was to relax and take it easy because of being worked to hard like it’s logistically improbably for him to do that in a way that actually makes sense and looks good like.. 

and then louis is apparently collaborating with every person he breathes next to; going wherever his flittering interests tell him to… which i find that hard to believe… because if you actually listen to him speak he’s got a lot of musical insights and thoughts on creative process and he seems to really know which atmosphere he wants and who he wants to develop that atmosphere with (like steve) and since jho he’s probably done a lot more in depth planning for what he wants but as of right now! he’s just flyin by the seat of his pants! just bein a Cool Dad gettin into EDM, oh wait no maybe i’ll make music with james arthur, or no, maybe dua lipa. and it’s like “well, he’s just getting started he doesn’t know what he wants! :)” but um? for all the shadiness This Town/Liam’s music/Niall/Liam are presented as having a vision whereas looking at louis it’s like he has no direction (no pun intended) like 

i just don’t see solo albums in any of their futures. especially right now under these circumstances. like make things make sense and then we’ll talk but this is.. so.. improbable and messy and they’re all intelligent, wise, savvy boys i don’t think it would like this if this is what’s actually going on

tl;dr: i don’t think one direction is putting out solo music because everything is shady


i said tutorial on the banner, but this really just shows a few eye drawing tips? i don’t know if it will be helpful for anyone at all, but it’s my (kind of) thought process? for the most part i just draw without thinking, but hey. maybe this can be somewhat helpful with things. 

p.s.) please take these tips keeping in mind that i’m a self-taught teenage artist, and i made this because i was asked! if there are lots of silly mistakes, i have no professional experience and this is directed at people with even less experience than myself. :)

good luck with drawing eyes! and remember to use reference!

PLEASE use full view for the best viewing! the captions have the order in which to read the panels on them, if you get confused! :)

drama-ostrich  asked:

us/uf brothers with a S/O that gets nose bleeds very often

I relate to this all too much.

UF!Sans is alarmed, but not overly. He’s seen nosebleeds before, but usually because that person was punched in the face. But still, the fact S/O is randomly bleeding should get more reaction. But it doesn’t. Thankfully he usually has a packet of tissues on him.

UF!Papyrus is one of those people who freaks out in all directions when he sees a nosebleed. Well, if it wasn’t done in a fight. He’s trying to see if S/O should tilt their head back or forward, and he’s jamming tissues in their face. Please help him.

US!Sans is average in a crisis (even though this isn’t really a crisis). So he’s a little worried and shaky the first few times, but once S/O assures him that this is normal for them, he quickly adapts! Tissues and humidifiers for when S/O needs them.

US!Papyrus is internally screaming. He is scared and will probably be the one teleporting S/O to a hospital. After he is told this is normal for his S/O he’s still kinda freaked out by it.

anonymous asked:

Do you ever write Rey/Finn? Because I think it would really suit your style :3

The sound of wet sneakers slapped across the pavement, droplets flying in every direction as the two figures raced up the street.

“Hurry up Finn, we’re almost there.” Rey panted, pushing her hair from her face, the rain slicking it back and making it cling to her forehead.

A few steps behind her Finn was running, the sleeves of his jacket streaming out as he held it above his head to protect him from the downpour. His feet were sodden inside his shoes, squishing with every footfall.

They skidded to a halt outside the door of Rey’s building and she shook her head, scattering raindrops in every direction. Finn sputtered, “That went in my mouth!”

“It’s water,” Rey replied, “It’s good for you.” She dug in her bag for keys and glanced back over her shoulder. “Come on, it’s dry inside.” Her heart fluttered as Finn’s eyes met her own and she steeled her shoulders. She was going to do it, she would tell him today.

Finn dragged his jacket behind him as he followed Rey up the stairs, transfixed by the way the light caught on her skin, the rain like dewdrops on her arms. She was beautiful, and so smart, and strong, and fun. Finn was lost in thought and when Rey stopped in front of her door, he just kept on walking.

“Um, earth to Finn, I live here, remember?” Rey grabbed Finn’s hand in her own and pulled him towards her door.

Finn stumbled, his wet feet sliding out from under him, tipping him backwards to land on the step with a grunt of pain. His arm jerked, pulling Rey on top of him.

Her head landed on his chest, the wet mass of her hair dampening his face once more and Finn felt the breath go out of him. He was acutely aware of every place their bodies touched, clothes clinging to wet skin. Rey’s arms were either side of him, keeping him firmly in place.

Pushing herself up, Rey smiled, face to face with Finn. Their hearts were hammering between them so strongly that she couldn’t tell which beat was her own. She slowly rose to her feet, courage filling her along with the warmth from Finn’s skin. “So I was wondering,” Rey said, she held out her hand and felt a thrill run through her as Finn took it. “Have you ever considered maybe, we could be more than friends?”

Finn’s eyes widened, his smile lighting the dim hallway. He glanced down at their hands, still joined, “Maybe we should go inside and talk about it?”

Sups can be hard to draw, so sometimes I like to draw crappy blue circles inside them to get a better idea of how their weird marshmallow forms work - just in case it helps anybody else. :>

Serious artist strikes again. (Wip)


Irish Films: A Few Good Ones And A Couple To Avoid

When I scan the internet for Irish films, I realize I have seen only a few. Of the films I have seen, here are some brief reviews:

Waking Ned Devine (1998) – My favorite Irish film and it is not really an Irish film. It was written and directed by Englishman, Kirk Jones, and it was filmed on the Isle of Man, an self-governing dependency of the UK. However, the film takes place in the fictional tiny Irish town of Tulaigh Mhór (Tullymore), population 52, and the story follows the townsfolk who plot to collect the distribution of the Irish lottery won by Ned Devine who dies at the shock of winning the bundle. A delightful film with an excellent soundtrack by Shaun Davey and a one-song cameo by The Waterboys.

Sing Street (2016) – A wonderful coming-of-age film that takes place in inner city Dublin in 1985. A young man falls in love with an aspiring model, and he has to quickly assemble a band when he tells the young lady that he would like her to act in his band’s new video. An awesome soundtrack including tunes by The Cure, Motorhead and Duran Duran.

The Commitments (1991) – Another musical, this one is a contemporary setting where a young Dubliner puts together a band to sing play and sing soul tunes from the 1960’s. The band gets overrun by the typical rock band maladies; disagreement, egos, relationships and infighting. A cool soundtrack with songs from Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett and Otis Redding, among others.

My Left Foot (1989) – A biographic film about Irish writer and artist Christy Brown, who suffered from cerebral palsy and could only write and draw using his left foot. I have not seen this film since it was first released by I remember it being very gripping and dramatic. Daniel Day Lewis won the best actor Academy Award for his portrayal of Christy Brown.

Circle Of Friends (1995) – Another coming of age film with Chris O’Donnell and Minnie Driver set in 1950’s Ireland. A compelling drama.

Brooklyn (2016) – Based in the 1950’s, this film is about a young woman who reluctantly leaves Ireland for a better future in America. She finds it somewhat difficult to adjust to American culture and after marrying an Italian-American, still has doubts about whether leaving Ireland and her mother was the right thing to do. It is a drama but has a good amount of humor. Having grown up on the west side of Chicago in a predominantly Irish neighborhood that also had a significant Italian population, I thought the humorous cultural clashes between the Irish and Italians were priceless. Saoirse Ronan in the lead role of Eilis is outstanding.

The Secret Of Roan Inish (1994) – This is a fictional film, really a fantasy film, about a young girl who goes to live with her grandparents and the stories she is told about an ancestor who married a mermaid of sorts (part human, part seal) and of her baby brother who was “stolen” by the sea when the family abandoned the island of Roan Inish. A good family film and an excellent soundtrack of traditional Irish music by Mason Daring.

Darby O’Gill And The Little People (1959) – This is a Disney film I loved as a kid, but I have not seen it in years and I suspect it would not stand up by today’s standards. It was probably more like a “B” film in it’s day. At any rate, it is a story about an old caretaker and a group of leprechauns that he has to deal with on a daily basis. A pure Irish fantasy. At least five-year-old me liked it. It also features a young Sean Connery.

The Crying Game (1992) – This film is about an Provisional IRA member who is tasked with guarding a British prisoner and ends up bonding with the prisoner. When this film came out, it received rave reviews, particularly citing the suspense of the plot twists. When I saw it, I thought it was really a lame film. As I was watching it, I easily predicted the plot twists and I ultimately found it cliche and boring.

The Quiet Man (1952) – Growing up Irish-American, this was always considered the quintessential Irish film. It is about an Irish-American (John Wayne) who travels to Ireland to claim a family estate and falls in love with a local lass (Maureen O’Hara) who is the sister of an extremely ornery man who had designs on inheriting the farm claimed by the American. For many years, I only saw bits an pieces of this film, and it was only a couple of months ago when I actually watched it in it’s entirety. I thought it sucked! First of all, I realize a film that was made 65 years ago is not really going to hold up in this day and age. But the plot was rather thin and uninteresting and the acting was incredibly bad. John Wayne was never a good actor and it is painfully obvious in this film. Maureen O’Hara is a wacko. Her mood swings go from elation to despair to anger and all within seconds. There is no transition. One moment she is depressed and the next moment she is gleefully singing. And all the moods are overacted. Most of the supporting actors are equally as bad and only Barry Fitzgerald as the local drunk may give you some reason to watch this film.

So that is the extent of my Irish film knowledge. If anyone has thoughts other good Irish films that I have not seen, I am open to suggestions.

Of the Moon


name: yoongi

status: second eldest, near end of recruitment

strengths: mind manipulation, memory manipulation, fear amplification, psychokinesis, sleep induction

The year was 1976. The 70s were more than halfway over, a sad fact in the face of Min Yoongi who had only just discovered his true sense of being within this deade. There was no clear direction of where things would go after this, and he was fine living in each and every moment that came his way.

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anonymous asked:

Hi I'm in a bad place emotionally right now and I guess I can use it to charge some appropriate sigil, the issue is that none of the sigils I've done so far, since last year, has worked. I've had a couple half work but I don't know what to do. I forget about them, I left some out where people or nature can charge them, I've put emotions in them to the point of getting exhausted, but nothing... On the contrary, things seem to be going in the opposite direction. Don't really know what to do ):

Hi. If you’ve been trying to use sigils for so long and none of them have worked, you may be one of those people who sigils just don’t work on, for whatever reason. But, just in case it helps, I’ll try giving you something to work with. There are a few reasons a sigil might not work and it’s hard for me to tell you which one without being the one using the sigil. Here are some reasons a sigil might go wrong and what to do if you think that’s your problem. Trust your instinct.

  • Your focus may not have been strong when charging the sigil. Were you distracted? Were you focusing on the sigil working and not actually the intent of the sigil? Find a quiet, comfortable spot, maybe meditate for a few minutes if that helps you and try again. Try to keep everything but the sigil out of your mind.
  • The sigil may not have gotten enough energy. The longer you charge a sigil for, the more energy it has to work. Try charging it again for a longer period of time.
  • Your intent is too specific or too broad or it might just be something a sigil can’t do. Try rewording it or finding some other way to accomplish your task.
  • The charging method may not be the right one for you or for the sigil, Are you comfortable with the charging method? Does it match the sigil’s intent? Try a different method.
  • Did you give it enough time? Sometimes sigils take a while to bring about their intent. Maybe just waiting a bit is all you need.
  • The sigil may have needed help. A sigil to become a fantastic singer isn’t going to do much if you don’t practice as well. The sigil has to have something to work with.

anonymous asked:

What's ur dream job/what do you want to do one day?

i wanna work in film, in some capacity. editing definitely, directing eventually. maybe cinematography but i might not be any good at it. if i can be involved in film, hopefully in LA, i’d be happy. i’m willing to work at it for the next few decades and beyond because i’m really passionate about it and i don’t have a backup plan or any other ideas as far as my future career goes. i’m mostly interested in visuals over story, and i don’t have much talent in writing. we’ll see, it’s obviously a competitive industry and tons of people have the same exact goals, but i’m totally willing to make stuff with no money and put them online and just see where it goes. i’m rambling but i hope this answers the question ok hdjsjdhsldnndhs