this is really cute

recently wanted to try my hand at drawing a bit more realistically, so naturally i had to practice on this beautiful man 🙏 ohm face reveal confirmed u guys



lmfao…they are too cute!

OC Interaction Meme #3 - for @yoshis-gag-shop

Fiver: “Welcome to Bearly Airlines, this is your captain speaking~”

Bearly Pawsible: “Pffft Fiver, please!” 

fiver is usually pretty cold and reserved around strangers but,,, she’s got a soft spot for fellow small toons & is more than willing to share bearly’s excellent shoulder ride service 


Miraculous Webisodes #1-The Notebook

I kind of just wanted to send this to @abutterflyobsession but it felt too weird to just throw an au idea at her… not that this feels any less awkward.

Have you guys seen French kiss? It’s really good. Basically this American woman is afraid to fly, so her fiancée goes to France with out her for a history thing (he’s a historian I think) and he falls in love with a younger French hotty. So American girl faces her fear of flying, knowing in her heart that if he can just SEE her he’ll fall madly back in love with her.

Sitting next to Kate (American chick) is a French guy that’s kind of shifty, bristly, and doesn’t care much for lofe. He hides a plant in her bag and gets separated from her.

Later he finds her and in an attempt at getting this plant back (that secretly is hiding a very expensive necklace) tells her he will coach her in how to win back her ex.

Of course the plan works but now Kate can’t understand what she ever saw in her ex to begin with.

It’s a really good movie and I just feel like it would work so well in the strange magic fandom.

been wearing a lot of crop tops and midriff baring tees lately and my pasty white chubby tum is screaming about it but i look SO CUTE