this is really crappy quality


Happy 2nd Anniversary to Always Keep Fighting! (March 3rd, 2015)


Sorry for the crappy quality of this gif, but I wasn’t really planning to make an animation out of this pic so… well, it was 149MB. It can’t be helped. 

Happy KS month everybody! This is my (LATE) entry for week one - YUKATA. 

Sorry for the long absence (both here and on Discord/LINE), but life is hard, I am one step away from graduating and I’m struggling so hard to keep everything in check, and that’s how things are.

Thanks @fineillsignup for hosting this event in August, giving me the chance to give my contribute to the KS community! More to come (I hope!)

- もえ


               y o u  s e e  i ’ v e  f o r g o t t e n  i f  t h e y ’ r e
                                               g  r  e  e  n
                                           or they’re
                                                         b  l  u  e


why is it so funny, Jongup?…