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why is it so funny, Jongup?…

Reasons to watch Aoharu x Kikanjuu...

Especially if you enjoyed Ouran High.

(No, really. So many parallels from episode one if you squint real hard.)

1. The protagonist is a girl who dresses like a boy.
2. The other main characters include: a really flashy, popular blond host and a bespectacled, black haired guy. They’re close friends.
3. The girl ends up in debt after breaking some stuff in the host club.
4. She ends up being coerced into joining the host’s all-male group to repay her debt.
5. The blond one clearly has no idea she’s a girl.

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Gavin & Ryan, 9 <3

9. “You know, it’s okay to cry.”

a/n: Set after The Great Sealand Takeover but non-“canon” as all Sealand prompts are non-canon.

Edgar has been dead for three weeks when Ryan calls Michael by the wrong name.

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“You’re NOT taking her!!!”

Click for better quality~ Colored version of my sketch for the lovely Tina and anon! Sorry guys, I’m quite terrible at coloring ;w; hope you enjoy anyway!