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Ted, man, it's getting bad. I'm onto Crystal now. I got like, I don't even know, like 12 crystal teacups in my car right now. I don't even have a place to put them Ted. I have no reason too have a full serving set of any cups. I even have a sugar bowl and cream pitcher. Just sitting in my car.

Start a really classy ice tea and lemonade stand.


Fashion Icon of Oslo- aka Tarjei Sandvik Moe- gives Henrik Holm some tips just in time for Fashion Week


#cat talking in nothing but water metaphors #wearing all blue #telling kara to dive in #via speech that sounds like a giant ‘embrace your sexuality’ allegory #… #listen i don’t make the rules

Typo Haul!

Typo was having a Cyber Monday sale, so I got these lovely pieces!! The rose gold really adds a nice touch, here’s hoping it will inspire me to study+organise in 2017 ♡




257. While the house itself is very proper, muggle-born students being grunge and and all round lower mannered because the mold is terrible and just because we’re Slytherins doesn’t mean we are pure-blood fascists. Soon after this revolution of “dirtiness” magic born Slytherins begin to fall into a less proper mold because the Slytherin house believed in living life. submitted by anonymous

Alpha/Omega Relationship Headcanons

-An Alpha and Omega being best friends until one day the Alpha asks the Omega out on a date with them, the Omega is super flustered but agrees. The whole time leading up to the date they are really awkward around each other and just turn into blushing messes when they try to talk like they usually do

-The Alpha trying to impress the Omega by taking them somewhere really expensive and classy but it just serves to make them both even more uncomfortable, neither of them know what to talk about and finally the Omega just bursts out laughing because of how ridiculous the whole thing seems, the Alpha joins them and they decide to ditch the restaurant and pick up Chinese food to eat back at the Alpha’s apartment. The relationship just takes off after that

-Cuddles and neck kisses with the Omega all snuggled up on the Alpha’s lap just happily soaking up the affection and comforting scent that comes with it. The Alpha being so content nuzzling into the Omega’s neck and deciding they want to keep this Omega forever

-The Omega always being hit on and complimented by other Alphas but being so wrapped up in thoughts of their own Alpha that they don’t really catch on and end up replying cheerfully to each subtle advance. Their Alpha notices though and after a particular incident where the Omega’s Alpha neighbor asks the Omega to pick something up off the floor and then blatantly stares at their ass when they bend over, the Alpha is quick to growl at the other Alpha and drag their Omega away to start trying to convince them that it’s time that they live together and mate fully

-The first night living together and the little Omega is all curled up on their Alpha’s chest under the cozy blankets and the Alpha gently rubbing their back while the Omega sleepily mumbles about how happy they are and how much they love their Alpha and its just so cute and sweet that the amount of contentment and warmth in the Alpha’s scent is enough to lull the Omega to sleep, purring softly as they snooze

-The first heat together as mates and they are both so nervous and excited, the Omega even allows the Alpha to help build the nest because they love how interested their mate is in the whole process, half the time is spent jumping around and hitting each other with pillows though

-The Omega constantly stealing, and keeping, their Alpha’s hoodies and finally the Alpha takes revenge by taking one of the little Omega’s hoodies and it just barely fits on them but damn straight they will walk around in it all day with a smirk on their face as their Omega is dying of laughter and assuring them “yes dear you look so good in my clothes”

-The Alpha planning a trip for the two of them a few months in advance and they tell the Omega what day they’d be leaving and the Omega just casually clicks their tongue and goes “that won’t work, the baby is due that week” and the Alpha just being “oh right of cour-wait what baby?!” and being so overjoyed when their Omega informs them that they just found out they were pregnant

-As the Omegas belly starts to get bigger the Alpha just falls more and more in love. Constantly doting on the Omega and rubbing their tummy, crooning for their unborn children and joking that their mate is going to resemble a very beautiful whale in the near future. Being so protective that if the Omega needs to leave the house for any reason the Alpha will insist on accompanying them

-Being in the hospital after the two babies are born and the Omega being tired as hell but so happily watching their Alpha sit in the rocking chair crooning softly for the babies balanced against their shoulders as they rock them to sleep

-Being tucked away in the nest back home and the Alpha just laying there watching in adoration as their mate feeds the babies and starts cooing quietly while settling the little pups in next to them and as the Alpha kisses each if them goodnight they are just left wondering in amazement about how their very best friend became the love of their life and the mother of their children and how glad they are that they had the courage to awkwardly ask for that date all that time ago


’’[Alan]’s a classy guy. He’s really nice. […] But at first I was kind of scared of him, despite how nice he is. […] I did say hello to him [at Leavesden Studios while filming], but didn’t talk to him as such. I did at the premiere after-party though, which was nice. Later [I] found out my mum had approached him earlier and had exactly the same conversation. Awkward. […] I told him I was terrified that my nose was far too small for the part [of Severus] and he said, ‘Don’t worry. My nose was exactly the same size as yours when I was your age.’ I’m not sure if it’s true, but at the moment, at that time, that was very important to hear!’’ — Benedict Clarke (Baby Severus Snape) on remembering Alan Rickman [x]

Ladies and Gentlemen, I ashamedly present to you what I did instead of the art I’m actually being paid to do (*europeanly shoves this at @forovnix*)


For @vi0lentquiche who wanted some classy Murder Husbands back-to-back (giving each other little looks and properly setting the murderating mood)~

*~All commissions $25 this October, more info here~*

Joker Imagine : Dancing

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Can you do a story where the reader is a pretty girl at J’s club and he sees her, approaches her and just dances with her because he is really interested in her?

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Joker’s P.O.V.

Once again I found myself in my own club, sitting in my special seat surrounded by other criminals. They were here because I wanted to discuss a heist. Frost, my most trusted henchman stood further away holding his beloved gun close to his chest. People were enjoying themselves, dancing and drinking like there was no tomorrow. I kept a tough face on and looked through the people, most of them being women tonight.

Everything seemed normal. It took me a little while until I realized that I was wrong. There was one girl who caught my eye, which I thought was hard. I grabbed the cone a little harder and kept my gaze on this girl. Her H/C hair was curled a little bit and she had really classy make-up, red lipstick and black around her eyes. Who knows what that makeup was called, but I knew it was supposed to be sharp. She was really beautiful.

 The tight dark red dress was fitted on her lovely body just perfectly. She also wore a golden necklace around her neck and I think I saw a bracelet as well. Too bad I couldn’t see down her knee since a table was awfully in the way. I had ignored the man next to me who has talking about the heist because of this girl. Suddenly I stood up and put a smirk on my face.

‘’Hey J where are you going?’’ The man asked me with a rather bossy voice. I turned around and faced him. ‘’To spend my time with something more important’’ I spoke sassily and watched how he fell silent. ‘’Frost will you lead these kind gentlemen out?’’ I looked at Frost. ‘’Through the backdoor’’ I added which had a special meaning. If I asked Frost to do that, it meant that he’d kill them. Frost nodded and made me the men follow him. 

Great, now I could approach little miss beautiful over the dance floor. I walked over slowly and tried to figure out which song was played, also being mixed by the DJ. I soon recognized it to be ‘International love’ by Pitbull or something. The girl in red swung her hips in the rhythm and I saw a pretty smile on her face. People glanced at me wide eyed and some moved further away, but she didn’t even notice me, yet.

Suddenly when she turned around, she faced me. Her eyes were E/C and really mysterious. Instead of backing off, she got closer to me and tried to make me dance. I smiled and took the hint. Although I wasn’t sure which dance moves were the most impressive, the music got to me and I started to dance with this beauty. It made me glad. Yes I was a criminal, I killed people, I robbed people, I did awful things, but I still knew how to have a little fun.

The girl turned around and swung her hips close to my crotch. I put my hands on her hips  and giggled quietly. Her arms were in the air and after a while she turned around. She was really close to me. ‘’What’s your name?’’ I asked her over the music. The girl bit her bottom lip sexily and grabbed my tie. Risky behaviour, but I’d spare her life because she was so beautiful. ‘’Do you really want to know that Mr.J?’’ She purred and pulled me closer by my tie. What a little beast.

‘’Well it would be fair since you know mine’’ I noted and then placed my hands on her hips again, helping her with the rhythm. The girl put her hands on my chest and playfully clawed me, but not hard. ‘’You gotta work for it’’ She teased me. Suddenly she wrapped her arms around my neck and leaned her face closer to mine. Did she have any idea of what I could do to her?

‘’I noticed that you looked at me J’’ She admitted to me, her lips nearly brushing against my ear. I saw a wall close so I turned us around so she was against the wall and I was in front of her. Instead of getting scared, the girl giggled and kept dancing. ‘’I like you, I’m Y/N’’ She finally told me. Y/N. Well I liked her name. ‘’That’s a good girl’’ I smiled happily.

‘’Come on J let’s go crazy’’ She encouraged me, eagerly wanting to go back to the dance floor. I looked at the drunk and sweaty people who weren’t so good at dancing. ‘’Fine-’’ I opened my mouth, but she cut me off. ‘’I’ll challenge you to a dance off’’

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Cait is the first person that I've seen who actually looks classy in Daisy Dukes!

I know! She’s actually really cute in her Daisy Dukes.

I was curious about her hip measurements and found this quote from her in a 2014 article, which explains why she is just the best. “I go through very, very sporadic, once-in-a-blue-moon fits of going running and stuff, but I’m so lazy. When shows are coming up I just do some exercises at home and maybe not have so much chocolate cake the week before. A few more salads, that kind of thing.”