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Prison AU: inmate dan becomes officer Phil's personal fuck toy at the prison.

Warning!! Smut: Inmate! Dan, guard! Phil, dom! Phil, sub! Dan, degradation, feminization, spanking, choking, daddy kink, hand jobs, blow jobs, closet sex, etc etc.

~Dan was told many things whenever he was first put into prison. He was told he would lose weight, eat less, exercise more, have to fight more, cigarettes were considered currency, all the usual stuff you’d be told before going to prison. No one, however, told him one thing in particular: That he would be a prison bitch.

~Dan had always known he was gay on some level, and didn’t much care for the idea of unconsented sexual relationships in prison, which he had also been warned about beforehand. But he wasn’t just a prison bitch to another prisoner, no of course not, a guard had claimed him.

~Phil Lester was a well respected officer, he had been working here for a few years and everyone was proud of him for his years of diligent hard work. He was a man of secrecy though, kept to himself most often, about many things, including his love life. Many of his coworkers had in the past asked him about his love life, but he never spoke about it. Again, being a man of secrecy, his love life fell under that veil.

~Dan had met Phil during his first year in. He knew who he was from the moment he saw him, the blue eyes strikingly familiar in a way that made his stomach knot up with old feeling swelling up. They had been together in high school, breaking up just before graduation due to having different career path choices, and different college choices. So they had decided it best for their relationship to just break up before making things too complicated.

~Phil was doing rounds, bunk checks were regular after an incident that happened a few weeks past. He looked through each bunk thoroughly, walking through the narrow hall and going into each one to check individually. He slowly walked in bunk 13, meeting his eyes with a pair of familiar brown eyes he hadn’t seen since he spent two years looking into them daily. Dan Howell.

~Phil smirked, deciding to play fun at their chance to catch up. “Inmate. What are you in for?” He asked, leaning on the cement frame of the small room and looking around to make sure no one noticed them before meeting his eyes back with Dan’s. “Vandalism. Mom had some asshole boyfriend start beating her, I destroyed his house, car, work area, everywhere I could. I wanted to destroy him like he had been destroying mom.”  

~Phil chuckled quietly, smiling fondly. “So. You still the same old mama’s boy I see.” He smirked. Dan scoffed softly, rolling his eyes and crossing his legs on his mattress, looking up at Phil with a grin. “Shut up.” He hummed. “I got three years for it too. In my opinion, totally worth it.”

~Phil nodded, looking around as the rest of the prisoners moved to the lunch area. No one would mind if he held Dan up, after all, he was an officer, he could do as he liked to the prisoners pretty much. He walked over and sat by him, smiling. “I haven’t seen you in so long.”

~Dan chuckled softly and nodded, looking at him. “Yeah. I haven’t seen you since you tore my heart out and stomped on it.” He murmured a little. “Seriously? Dan we aren’t 17 anymore you cannot still be brooding over me leaving you. I was going to a school 4 hours away from you. It would have been too hard!” He sighed, placing a hand on Dan’s thigh. “You know I loved you. I cried the whole time because I didn’t wanna leave. I loved you too much.”

~Dan sighed, closing his eyes and leaning back. “You shouldn’t touch me. Even talking to me so intimately could cost you your job.” He sighed again, his tone a little sad. “I got suspended for you four times in a year, lost two jobs over you, and gotten a teacher fired for you just because my dad is a lawyer. Danny, as it was before, it’d be worth it to lose a job over you.”

~Dan smiled softly, his dimple popping out and a light blush spreading across his cheeks. “I haven’t been called Danny in a  very long time. Especially not by a guy so cute.” He hummed, swaying a little from side to side and nudging Phil.

~Phil chuckled softly, glancing around again just for safety before leaning in and pecking Dan’s cheek. “I’ve missed you. And you’re flirting.” He smiled. “Oh the flirting can get much worse. Have I ever said how much I love a man in uniform? Although, looking good in the uniform isn’t the challenge. Looking good with it off is. And I can guarantee you look damn good with it off.” He smiled bashfully at his own flirting, leaning his head on Phil’s shoulder.

~Phil laughed quietly, shaking his head and kissing his hair softly. “Why does this feel so familiar? I feel like I’m 17 again and my boyfriend is trying to get into my pants after homecoming.” He laughed.

~Dan smiled sweetly. “It does feel familiar doesn’t it?” He agreed, feeling Phil’s fingers lace with his own. “Even after all these years when you touch me I get butterflies…” He smiled, nuzzling his neck a little. “That your way of telling me you got a boner or something?” Phil snickered, feeling Dan shove him over, his laugh ringing in his ears.

~Phil smiled in adoration as they calmed down from their mutual laughter, letting Dan settle back against him before taking his hand in his own once more. “You know, orange really isn’t your color.” He commented. “And what do you suppose I do about it? It’s the only attire I’ll be allowed to wear for the next few years.” He chuckled, this time a bit sadly.

~Phil smirked again, squeezing his hand. “You could just take it off sometimes. Preferably when you’re with me.” He suggested, only half kidding. “You just miss my ass don’t you?” Dan smirked back, going along with his flirting. “Oh fuck yes I did.” Phil laughed, almost snorting. “I have to admit, it to this day is the best ass I’ve ever gotten. Probably because I love the person attached to it so much..” He smiled.

~Dan flushed pink, giggling quietly and looking up at him, moving into his lap and starting to play with his hair. “I never really got over you either, as cheesey as it may sound.” He bit his lip, and Phil felt the same butterflies in his stomach he got the day he had first kissed Dan. He was so pretty, he hadn’t aged a day. Granted it had only been a few years, but still. He was just as breathtaking a sPhil remembered him to be.

~Phil smiled at him, his hopes raising. He knew he couldn’t make a relationship with Dan again, not with him being in prison and all. But he could, at the very least, get to know him again. “Yeah?” He asked, seeing Dan nod. “Yeah..” He said.

~They were dangerously close, close enough that Phil could lean in not even an inch and close the gap between them with ease. His hands shook, he could get fired and he did love this job, he didn’t want to get fired by any means. But the way Dan looked, his hair curly and longer than it used to be, his big brown doe eyes burning into him, his lips soft and pink, the bottom caught between his teeth; he was down right irresistible, and so, on impulse, he leaned in and kissed Dan with all the passion, lust, and love he had harbored for him all these years.

~Dan kissed back with the same ferocity, lips and tongue and teeth clashing in a messy, heated kiss. His eyes were practically rolling to the back of his head, his fingers tugging at Phil’s hair, trying to pull him impossibly closer.

~Phil noticed his hands starting to wander, unable to care, gripping the ass he has been still getting off to to this day. He slid his tongue along Dan’s, exploring his mouth as if he never had before, trailing over to kiss his jawline and his neck.

~Dan leaned to the side, his eyes fluttering shut and a soft moan escaping his lips. “You’re neck is still such a fucking g-spot for you huh baby boy?” He purred, nipping and sucking, but not leaving marks. Dan was letting out soft moans, the room quiet all except for Dan’s panting  and breathy moaning. “Please..” He begged quietly, desperate to be silent but knowing it was going to be nearly impossible, especially for him.

~Phil smirked against his pale skin, dragging his teeth over a vein in his neck and chuckling. “You gonna beg me baby? Beg for my cock like the slut you always are for me?” He asked, starting to unbutton Dan’s jumpsuit. Sure, they could be caught, sure this was wrong, sure this could cost him his job; But looking at Dan, his shirt halfway undone, his cock straining against his slightly chubby stomach, his eyes shut and moans slipping past his lips, Phil was reminded of just how much he didn’t care.

~Phil caught his lips for another rough kiss, slipping his hand down to grip Dan’s cock, stroking slowly. Dan nipped Phil’s bottom lip, tugging softly before moaning again, thankful everyone was at lunch and no one was around to hear the whorish noises he was making. “I’m barely even touching you.” Phil smirked. “And you’re already so close aren’t you?” He asked, speeding up his movements, swiping over the head of his cock with his thumb and collecting the beading precum.

~Dan whimpered, nodding half heartedly as he desperately bucked up his hips, trying to get more, Phil’s slow pace so delicious but so damn torturous. “More.” He begged again, leaning his head back and bucking his hips to no avail, Phil holding them down with force. “What do you want baby?” He asked, removing his hand from Dan and hearing him whine loudly at the loss, his hips still bucking up in desperation, trying to get friction to his throbbing cock.

~Dan whined again, finally relenting in understanding that Phil wouldn’t do anymore to him until he begged. And so as many times before, he dropped all pride, and begged like a whore for his rightful owner to fuck him senseless. “Please sir fuck me please! No one can make me cum like you do, please daddy, please I’ll do anything!” Tears fell past his eyes, he was so easy to work up and Phil would be lying if he said it didn’t turn him on.

~Phil smirked smugly, nodding and kissing him briefly, slipping a key into his hand. “There’s a closet down the hall. Everyone else will be outside in the yard. I’ll be there in a moment.” He instructed. “I want you naked and stretched by the time I’m in there and if you aren’t? I’ll spank that perfect ass so hard you won’t be able to sit for the next week.” He finished and Dan nodded eagerly, getting up off his lap and dashing down the hall to do as told.

~Phil waited for some time to pass before making his way down to where he knew Dan was at, opening the door and smirking to himself. It was dimly lit, the window on the door covered, but most notable of this all was Dan. Dan who was bent over a small table, three fingers inside himself, stretching himself open and moaning loudly.

~Phil walked over, slapping Dan;s ass hard and making him squeak. “You better shut the fuck up slut. Or everyone in this damn prison is going to hear you acting like a fucking whore for me. Do you want tha Danny? Knowing you I bet you would. Everyone here to know your ass belongs to me, that pretty pink cunt is for me and me only to stretch open and fucking ruin.” he smacked his ass again, gripping the soft skin. “Isn’t that right baby?” He asked.

~Dan only moaned in response, feeling another harsh slap to his ass after he didn’t respond properly. “Fuck! Yes yes you’re right daddy! I want everyone to know I’m yours.” He admitted.

~Phil chuckled, flipping Dan around and pushing him to his knees. “No lube baby. Guess you’ll just have to get my cock wet enough with that beautiful mouth of yours.” He smirked, lifting Dan’s chin to make eye contact.

~Dan nodded, unbuckling his belt and undoing his jeans as quick as his fingers would let him. He tugged down his pants, mouthing over him through his boxers slowly. He kept looking up at Phil, wide innocent eyes, as if he was doing nothing arousing whatsoever. Phil groaned quietly, the cold air hitting his hard cock as Dan pulled him free from his boxers.

~Dan slowly licked up the side, putting on a show almost, wanting to do his absolute best, but still be a tease in the process. He swirled his tongue around his tip, wrapping his lips around him and slowly bobbing down. He kept a slow pace, taking Phil into his mouth and swiping his tongue over his slit every time he came back up.

~Phil tangled his fingers into Dan’s hair, pushing him down with force and watching Dan hollowing his cheeks to accommodate him, speeding up his movements. Dan bobbed his head quickly, his tongue working over every inch of his cock, making sure he’d be slicked up enough to fuck him painlessly before Phil pulled him off. He wiped the spit dripping from his mouth, the taste of precum stuck to his tongue in a way that made him even more desperate to be filled up and fucked hard.

~Phil pulled him up by the hair, pushing him over the desk and smacking his ass once more. He slowly rubbed his tip over his slightly gaping hole, pushing in just the tip before pulling out again. “You know the drill, I’m sure..” He smirked.

~Dan whimpered, looking back at him and blinking, his lips parted and his thighs starting to shake, his breathing unsteady. “Daddy please..I love being your toy. Letting you fuck me, mark me, break me, cum deep inside me. Please. Make me yours.” He whined, and that was all it took for Phil to slam in.

~Dan cried out, tears brimming in the corner of his eyes, pain and pleasure, along with his tears, clouding his vision as he looked back at Phil. He rocked his hips back, letting himself adjust but wanting more already. Phil smirked, pulling out and slamming back in not too long after, another loud and whiny moan passing Dan’s parted lips.

~Phil gripped his ass, watching himself slide in and out of the younger male, his hips pushing back against him with each hard thrust. “So good for me baby..” He gripped with both hands, kneading his ass as he sped up his thrusts, steadily slamming into him over and over again, his hips hitting against Dan’s ass with each rough thrust into him.

~Dan was struggling to stay silent, moaning loudly, the whole room smelling of sex, and the only noise to be heard in the whole area his loud, porn star moaning. Phil leaning forward, wrapping his hand around Dan’s throat and choking him. “Shut the fuck up!” He hissed, listening to Dan choke on his own moans, silencing significantly but still sounding beautiful with his symphony of whorish moans.

~Phil kept slamming in, hitting his prostate dead on each time with precision, as if he still knew exactly where to hit to drive Dan wild. “You sound like such a fucking whore all for me baby..” He leaned down to bite his earlobe, smirking. “Letting me fuck your pretty little cunt, making such loud noises for me baby. How did I ever get so lucky?” He praised, listening to Dan have to stifle another loud moan, the pressure on his throat increasing along with his arousal from what Phil was saying.

~Phil tugged down softly at his earlobe, tightening his grip on his throat as he grew closer, the pressure building in his lower stomach. He let go of Dam’s throat, hearing him gasp and moan as he tried to get his breath back. He reached down, wrapping his hand around Dan’s cock tightly and stroking in time with his harsh erratic thrusts.

~Dan cried out, getting louder as the same heat built in his stomach, signifying he was getting closer with every hard thrust against his spot and every harsh tug on his leaking cock. He moaned loudly, hearing Phil let out a soft noise under his breath, coming hard inside of the younger male.

~Phil panted gasping a little as he came hard inside of him, thrusting through his orgasm and feeling Dan tighten around him, the younger male closing his eyes and letting out a long drawn out moan as he came as well, bucking his hips into Phil’s hand to ride out his own orgasm.

~After they had both calmed down they laid against each other, naked and in a small cramped closet, breathing heavy. Eventually they started getting dressed, kissing and saying quick goodbyes since everyone was going to come in soon.

~Dan walked away, a smile on his face and putting his hand in his jumpsuit pockets, feeling a slip of paper in his pocket. He opened it and smiled even wider. “I missed you. Maybe we could do this again sometime?” 

A/N: Alright. I wrote this while my little brothers were all next to me playing video games on my tv. So, I’m going to hell, essentially. I hope you like this! It’s 2.9 k of dirtiness. I’ve been watching OITNB lately so this was written literally bc of that not gonna lie.

auguste was problematic 2k17

i’ve been seeing a lot of talk about how laurent wasn’t really a reliable narrator about auguste and his faults so i made this post about things that were wrong with auguste

  • had an irrational dislike of the word ‘pelvis’
  • his favourite food was strawberries but he became allergic as a teenager….. didn’t stop him from eating strawberries
    • ‘auguste, please don’t’ ‘the world can’t take this away from me’ *shoves a strawberry into his mouth* ‘that is so good…. please take me to the physician’
  • made muscles at himself in the mirror…. vere’s saviour everybody
  • so?? comfortable??? with his sexuality??? it got ridiculous
    • this is more for modern!auguste but please consider the following: laurent is reserved and damen is confident with himself but he’s also private about his sex life. and then there’s auguste. who is just so casually open about e v e r y t h i n g 
    • ‘damen, i hear you’re bisexual’ ‘yes’ ‘wow that’s great. i’m straight but let me tell you about the times i experimented with men -’
    • ‘hey laurent i need to use your phone’ ‘okay - wait no! don’t look at that!’ ‘why?’ ‘it’s my…. bank information. i’m doing online banking.’ ‘your boyfriend is sexting you, isn’t he? laurent that’s nothing to be ashamed of. i have been in countless relationships where we found pleasure in-’ ‘stOP’
  • his hair got frizzy when it was humid
  • could not sing at all
    • also couldn’t play an instrument
    • my guy had no musical talent whatsoever
  • flirted with EVERYBODY
  • sent his girlfriends love letters and would sit there for HOURS trying to get them right. he kept a thesaurus in his chambers. each one had at least three drafts…. he wrote really cheesey poetry…. what a loser
  • pretended to take notes during political meetings when he was actually doodling
  • his best friend was his baby brother
    • who am i kidding that’s adorable
    • fuck i don’t even know him but i miss him

feel free to add your own Auguste Flaws

You know what I really want from the Danganronpa 3 anime?

Just a scene, of Makoto, Aoi, Kyoko and Yasuhiro all standing in a group in grassy field with 8 tombstone. Aoi brings cherry blossoms to put on Sakura’s grave. Maktoto brings a photograph of Sayaka pop group. Kyoko and Yashuhiro don’t bring anything but they are there all the same. 

Aoi tells Sakura about the people they were able to save and about how strong Aoi is because of her.

Makoto tells Sayaka he isn’t mad at her and how she keeps him going.

And together as a group they tell the other of there achievements

they tell Taka about the school they built.

They tell Hifumi about how they met his fans.

They tell Mondo that they found members of his gang and how there doing.

They tell Leon about the baseball teams at the schools

They tell Chihiro all about the programs to save the remnants of despair

They tell Celeste that they found her cat and is now taking care of him.

They tell Mukuro that it wasn’t her fault about what happened.

This is what I want from the anime.


Hi I drew legfam and friends because I love them so much!! (sorry for the shitty quality, these are, 1am drawings)
I was wondering if you had any tips on how to develop an art style because I’m trying to draw more but don’t know how to :(
Love you!

— Admin: ahHHh this is so cute!! Tysm for drawing legfam 😭💖 As for developing an art style, don’t worry about it. Instead focus on getting better at drawing and storytelling, your style will naturally evolve as you refine your taste and as you draw more. The more you draw the more you’ll figure out that ‘oh I like drawing the nose this certain way’ or the mouth or eyes whichever way, which you only could’ve figured out by trying a bunch of different things! Getting fixated on coming up w a style will just leave u stuck and frustrated :-( choices are easier to make the more you’re confident with your abilities and taste. I don’t have a particular style I completely stick with now because i realized that fussing over it was getting me nowhere. So instead I worked hard on polishing my skill instead, and naturally, my personality, thoughts and feelings are what gave it its own color. Which of course is ever changing! So if you see all 3 of my AUs they’re all different styles, because they’re tailor-made to the story and how I feel every time I dive into that world. And of course I rambled once again. But yeah!! Don’t limit yourself to having to think you need a particular style. Just draw, make loads of mistakes, and learn from them. Repeat the cycle and eventually you’ll see that the fruit of your labor will produce a “style.” Also I found that the best motivator for improvement is drawing the story you want to tell! That one story that burns a fire in ur heart of hearts. That stuff needs to get told my dude, u know it, the world knows it. Get it out there!! How??? The only way we know how to, art!!!
Subtlety (Wolfstar)

When Sirius and Remus first get together they decide that they would rather not tell people about their relationship and get massive enjoyment out of their little secret. They believe that their being really subtle, passing all their cheesey flirting off as a joke and meeting up in secret all the time, but in reality the whole school knows about them and ships it hardcore. James and Lily probably knew before anyone else did (even Remus and Sirius themselves) and most likely had a massive hand in the two finally admitting to their feelings for each other.

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Jax what's your favorite meal?

I dont really have a FAVORITE meal lol Im sorta like Goku in that sense But I can tell you what I usually love. I’ll pick my 

Top 5 Savory Cheat Foods and my Top 5 Desserts

Top 5 Savory

1) Lumpia and Pancit I LOVE cause my Philipino friends hooked me up and I fell in love ever since

2) My Fancy Grilled Cheese Sandwich melts I make. I blend tons of cheeses and cook them to perfection

3) Pizza

4) Burgers

5)  I’m gonna be such a stereotype here

But a close tie is with Mac N Cheese cause I FUCKIN LOVE MAC n CHEESE

Originally posted by inthepitofmystomach

I really like cheese

Top 5 Desserts

1) MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP ICE CREAM CAKE is a Food of the GODs its fusion of 2 perfect desserts. We as a species are not worthy of such divinity that has been blessed to us 

2) Donuts

Originally posted by heartsnmagic

3) Cookies (Mostly Chocolate Chip and Frosted Sugar)

4) Iced Buns Because Im ½ BRITISH AND I MISS THESE THINGS like crazy

5) Brownies 

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okay kravitz is a music major can't add much to that. but. what if his mom is a local tv psychic/medium infamous for having really cheesey commercials that play every night exactly at 2:00 am. she stops in almost twice a week to drop off lunch for him and it's both mega sweet and embarrassing. sometimes she sits in at the theology class. merle and her had a nice conversation once but when he tried to get her name all she said "You can just call me The Raven Queen, sugar. Everyone else does."



Hi guys! Look I made a fancy header for my introduction, gotta follow the crowd, right?

Anyway! My name is Jess. I’m a 19 year old rising college sophomore currently in lower division nursing!

Some fun stuff about me:

  • I’m an INTJ, Slytherin, Taurus, Lawful Neutral
  • I live in one of the hottest cities southeast US
  • My favorite color is blue
  • My favorite foods are sushi, chocolate chip bagels, and all fruits and vegetables
  • When I’m not at school, I live on a small farm with my parents!
  • I hope to be an OB nurse, or maybe work in pediatrics
  • My favorite tv shows are Steven universe, The Office, and House of Cards
  • I love the outdoors, hiking is one of my favorite hobbies
  • Makeup, hot cheetos, and sweet tea are my biggest vices
  • I also have a slight lactose intolerance but gosh I really love cheese
  • I love Broadway musicals, and I’m super excited for the Tony’s tomorrow!

Some classes I’ll be taking this fall are:

  • Microbiology and lab
  • Pathology
  • Elementary Stats
  • Ethics in Nursing

I’m not taking any classes during the summer, but I am currently reviewing my anatomy and physiology notes to prepare for my upper division application (I apply this September!)

I love making new friends, so don’t be shy to say hello! :-)

Cody Christian | Roses and secrets

Count of words: 736

Warnings: fluff LIKE FLUFF!!!!

A/N: I decided to make them both high schoolers so here ya go love♥ After not posting for so long here it is ♥

Requested?: Yes

Anonymous asked:

Can you do a cody christian cute imagine where you two are dating? I love your blog 🤗

Author: Katerina ( @littlealphawolf )

requests here

masterlist here

«But Y/B/F, my parents! What are they going to say,» She looked down as she voiced her concern, her eyes tired from the countless hours spent talking to young boy, secretly looking from the corner.

«Nothing! Cause you don’t have to tell them!» Her best friend argued, stopping for a second and turning around to look at his friend. His face seemed curious; his eyebrows frowned and lip caught between his lips. 

«What if you tell them you are going with me? They know me, they like me. They won’t say no to going with your best friend, will they?! »

«No, but-» « No ‘but’s Y/N. Live your life a little bit. You are senior,  it’s your last chance to experience typical school girl stuff that you will remember when you are old and grey. Worst case scenario you sneak out.» The boy threw his hands in the air in irritation. It was as if he was talking with his hands, something usual for him.

«Think of it this way. You’ll have your make up done, you’ll wear a fancy dress and look like your going to the red carpet! You’re going to be showing the photos to your grandchildren one day remembering the days you looked… decent» He joked, laughing along with the girl as she swiftly slapped his arm.

«Οk, οk!»

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Your brown eyes are more than just brown.
They’re the freshly brewed coffee first thing in the morning.
They’re the chocolate frosting on everyone’s favorite cake.
They’re the smell of the fresh tilled soil in the spring.
They’re the whisper of the trees in the wind.
Don’t let anyone tell you that your brown eyes are not gorgeous, because they are.

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Admin, how much do you like Clockwork? I see a lot of hate about her and I don't get it. I love her and wanna know what you think of her. :P

I actually like her a lot! Her origin/backstory was really cheesey (as far as I can remember, I haven’t read it in a while), but that’s pretty much the norm in the cp fandom. It does seem a little far-fetched that she dug out her own eye and replaced it with a clock, but I guess you just gotta keep up that steampunk aesthetic tho, right?

I can’t remember if she was bullied extensively or not, but I remember she was bullied and I think that lends a little credibility to her “psycho revenge-driven maniac with a stupid catchphrase” thing, which a lot of other pasta monsters just seem to pull out of their asses. *coughcoughJeffcoughcough* Then again, I haven’t read the story in years and she may very well have pulled that out of her ass as well. Or, rather, her eye socket. B^)

Aside from the small amount of “canon” for her, my interpretation of her as a character is someone with a lot of courage, strength, and determination, and overall a really loyal kind of friend/ally she’s a bro, I love her Also I can’t remember if it’s canon or not that she’s bisexual? If it’s not canon, then it is now >:3