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Angstiest Stuckony or winteriron fics? Maybe some soul-verse thrown in there? But like, others as well? Please? I just spent my day crying through your fic recs and I need more or I will throw myself into the void.

I will one day run out of things to rec. 

But it is not this day:

 The Mechanic, The Soldier, and The Captain  this is some next level missed connection, captured tony, oh god it hurts so bad sort of pain. 

The Winter Army is really pre-relationship more than actual Winteriron, but it absolutely gutted me. 

From Winter’s Cold is time travel! That’s always a recipe for a bucket full of angst! Stuckony

Lost inside a Lonely Life is Tony Centric but its also an OT4 that I really didn’t think I would enjoy but then I accidentally read the first chapter and needed all of it because it’s heart wrenching. There’s progressive amnesia. 

The Stars Through Her Soul is the OTHER female Toni brutally painful Stuckony fic that’s a WiP. 

Cried for Love is Magic! and Coma Confessions! And secret Soul Marks! and Stuckony!

Don’t Say it is a Stuckony Soulmate AU with first words where Tony is non-verbal autistic. 

Handle with Care is not done, and it causes me great pain 

Expectations and Questions hasn’t been updated in like 10 months and I don’t care, bc Tony is so sad I hold onto hope of there being more one day. 

and for the life of me I cannot find the rendezvous lying to everyone high stakes fic, so that one has to go on the next list. 

As she called for Ripp, she saw something move at the corner of her eye. It was that boy, the one her husband didn’t like. The green one. He was peeking out from behind one of the cars by the street.

Ophelia saw her look, and blushed.

“Is Johnny not coming to see Ripp too?” Brandi asked.

“Well, he would, but… he’s not really allowed on the lot, so he’s staying out there.”

“Not allowed, according to who?”

“Your husband.”

“Oh I see.”

Ophelia looked uncomfortable. “I didn’t mean to trick you by saying it was only me, Mrs Grunt. The general doesn’t like it when Ripp hangs out with Johnny, and we just wanted to go for ice cream. There’s nothing bad about that, is there?”

“No, of course not.”

“Hi,” Ripp said as he came out of the house, “Brandi, me and Ophelia are just gonna be gone a few hours. I’ll be back for dinner, I promise.”

“Okay, have fun.”

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this is kinda related but i was hanging out with this kid that i didn't really know well and he stuttered something and i repeated it but i also stuttered and he thought i was making fun of him but in reality i stutter sometimes and it was just. really bad

oh no…. you always have to explain yourself in this kind of situations so people don’t misinterpret your own circumstances as a way to make fun of them

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Hi!! I was just wondering, do you think you could write for Shouto in a Harry Potter AU? This isn't really a request, I was just wondering, have a lovely day :)

Hi Anon!! Thank you, and you as well. <3 I think I could write for this! but it would deeefinitely be based on the movies. I’ve never read the books, so I imagine that I’d be missing a lot of the important things, and whether or not what I write is good.. oh, Anon.. I’d apologize to you in advance if it’s bad writing, lol.

But Slytherin Shouto, mmm


yoo! here’s the djwifi piece i did for @a-little-light-zine ~ if you would like to see all the pieces in this zine, feel free to donate and pick one up while it’s still available~ 

also wanna say a huge thanks @littleblackchat for your ridiculous amount of hard work in making this zine come together ;0; it was crazy watching you work and i have a lot of respect for you //grovels profusely// ur a beast gurl

A Little Light is a digital Miraculous Ladybug charity zine to benefit the victims of Hurricane Matthew. The zine includes art, fanfics, and cosplay. Zine orders will be open until Feb. 1.

Orders  –  Participants  –  Previews  –  Info


drawing some yasuhooooo because i love her! also josuke is there….

Crowley Aesthetic

If you don’t have BPD read this

I’m so tired of the stigma associated with BPD. (Borderline personality disorder) it makes me angry when I see the judgment of it from people who don’t have it.

Borderlines are not all the same. This is not a one size fits all illness. Not everyone is going to have exactly the same symptoms. We are all different. So when people without it, “diagnose” and think you don’t have it because you’re not doing this symptom or that symptom is irritating. Unless you’re a doctor I don’t believe in your “diagnosis”.

Not all borderlines are monsters. Again, NOT all borderlines are monsters. Every time I hear how we are narcissistic (no sweetie that’s a separate disorder get your disorders straight), violent, manipulative, attention-seeking, abusive, dramatic, etc. the list can go on of judgments. We aren’t all monsters okay? A lot of us are actually kind, loving people. That’s part of why we have episodes. The end result is always us wanting to die. It’s never how we think you should die. We always take blame for everything. Even if a borderline doesn’t tell you that out loud it’s true.

BPD is not like bipolar disorder. Yes, it’s similar but it’s also very different. Bipolar is a chemical imbalance that you can balance out with medication. BPD is not. Bipolar mood swings are spaced apart typically by weeks or months or days borderlines have mood swings that severe within minutes. And it’s in the genetic makeup of our brain. You can only truly treat it with DBT therapy and even then it never truly goes away.

You don’t need to be admitted to a mental asylum if you have BPD. DO NOT say someone with BPD is crazy or psycho or anything like that. If the person with BPD says it about themselves that’s one thing. If you say that to a borderline you’re going to set them off. Also be aware that what a borderline says while they have a mental breakdown is not always true. When we have our episodes and are upset, we say a lot irrational things.

FINALLY, best for last. What is it like to have BPD? It feels like you’re drowning. All the time. You can’t even trust yourself because you’re constantly having this battle in your head between you and the disorder. You have literally no or very little control over your emotions. And that’s not just an opinion, a doctor will tell you that as well. It feels like you have a separate personality that is evil and bad and horrible and you have no control over it. Hence why it’s a PERSONALITY disorder. Or you feel like you have no personality and you can’t ever figure out who you want to be. So you’re constantly in a never ending search of who you are and it’s exhausting. Oh, and here’s a really important tip. Don’t slut shame a borderline. The high sex drive is literally part of the disorder and is classified as a symptom. Don’t be a judgmental prude about it. The borderline is already aware of it and feels bad enough about it.

End the stigma. Raise awareness, not the suicide rate.

I Guess It Must Be Wanderlust or Tryin’ to Get Free

 Even if they hadn’t spent the first hour of their acquaintance with Hux unconscious in the backseat of Kylo’s car, even if Kylo hadn’t quite possibly ruined Hux’s relationship with his father and maybe his life, he was sure Hux would never go for someone like him. Hux was well-to-do and educated and Kylo was a dropout with anger issues who thought ransom was a good way to make some quick money.

 Oh well. Kylo smiled at him and set down the cans of soda. He held up his snack selection.

 “Fritos, pretzels, or potato chips,” he announced.

- - -

Desperate for money, Kylo kidnaps a wealthy businessman’s only son for ransom. But when the man refuses to pay up, Kylo is left with a devastated Hux who would rather be ditched at the side of the road than return home.   And Kylo simply can’t do that, so instead, they drive away into the night together.

- - -

@glass-oceans is to blame for this <3

Also with a Youtube playlist.