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Inked - Jughead Jones

Request: I’m not sure if you can come up with much for this, but maybe getting matching tattoos with jughead/cole? Btw I was wrong was absolutely freaking amazing omfg dude

I was really tired so this sucked aha, and thank you so much! >.< Also I am so so so sorry that I have been MIA for so long <3 Also i’ve never gotten a tattoo so sorry for my failure at life.

Jughead x Reader

Warnings: -

Words: 1,787

Nobody had expected a romance to blossom between you and Jughead Jones. Your relationship was no exception when it came to the phrase, ‘opposites attract’. He was a brooding, mysterious author with a sardonic and sarcastic sense of humour, often shying away from a varied social life. 

You, on the other hand, were the life of the party. Charismatic, sociable, late nights and bright colours were your aesthetic. The two of you clashed personality-wise but somehow you had hit it off from the moment you met.

There was an attraction, a real chemistry between you two that none of your friends could describe. The two of you kept your relationship private, inclusive and intimate. You wanted it to be a real and raw relationship, as you truly loved him and the feeling was clearly mutual.

You were smitten for each other and sometimes the words ‘I love you’ aren’t enough. 

Veronica had proposed the idea during a casual get together in the student lounge.

“What are you doing this weekend (Y/N)?” Veronica was leaning against Betty as the attention in the room shifted to you. You were sat on the couch opposite, legs draped over Jug’s lap and resting against the back of the sofa, in a laid-back position.

“Well I don’t know but I think you’re pretty overdue a party or something. I’m dying here, it’s been way too long, I’m running out of shows to binge on Netflix,” Kevin sighed, sinking into his own chair. You laughed before shuffling across the couch so you were now snuggling into your boyfriend’s side.

“Sorry Kev, not this weekend. It’s our two year anniversary and we were going to do something together, just the two of us,” You linked your arm with Jughead’s, as his cheeks flushed pink. 

“Don’t you always do stuff together… just the two of you?” Archie joked, causing Jughead to throw a cushion at him playfully. 

“So what exactly were you guys gonna do?” Betty smiled, genuinely interested. You and Jughead exchanged looks before you sighed with a shrug.

“I actually don’t know… we were kind of hoping for some suggestions. We want to make it something that’s special to us, something we won’t forget,” You replied. Everyone sat in silence for a moment as they pondered possibilities before Archie made an ‘Oo!’ sound.

“Paint balling… go paint balling… and bring friends,” He grinned and everyone rolled their eyes.

“A romantic anniversary Archie, is that really the best you could do?” Veronica gave him a scolding look and he sunk back into his chair, the grin refusing to subside. Betty tapped her nails against the armrest in thought.

“Romantic dinner, candlelit? Beach walks? Pinterest inspired date?” She suggested, Veronica and Kevin nodding in approval.

“Been there, done that,” You groaned. Jughead rubbed his hands along your sides reassuringly, planting small kisses on your forehead occasionally. 

More silence.

“Oh my gosh I’ve got it!” Veronica shot up, clapping her hands and bouncing on the sofa excitedly. You tried not to smirk at Jughead’s terrified face, clearly anticipating the worst. “You guys want something to like bind you… right?”

You nodded warily. “Just something special.”

“Well… what about tattoos?” She squealed. To your surprise, Jughead actually looked quite impressed by her suggestion, and a chorus of ‘oohs’ sounded from your friends. 

“That’s adorable! They can be something with meaning, symbolism, something that reminds you of one another,” Betty cooed. Veronica looked smug, as she perked a perfectly plucked eyebrow, awaiting your response. Jughead clasped your hand, giving it a gentle squeeze and looking lovingly at you with those heart eyes that made you melt inside.

“Tattoos sounds perfect,” You stared back at him, a small smile forming on your face along with that infamous, smitten twinkle in your eyes.

“Are we sure this was a good idea?” You mumble nervously, picking at your nails as you stood outside the Riverdale Tattoo Parlour. You seemed to forget when you first heard the idea that you’d always had an irrational fear of blood poisoning. You hated needles as well, ever since your first compulsory injection at school. You had previously read, ‘tattoos gone wrong’ stories all over the internet and they had done nothing but fill you with doubt and dread. 

Besides, you couldn’t help but be a bit scared. Tattoos were pretty permanent. You loved Jughead with all of your heart, and he loved you the same, but if the two of you were to ever fall apart for whatever stupid reason, would it really be that easy to erase the engravings on your skin that were supposed to make you think of him.

“We don’t have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable,” Jughead took your hand in his, his thumb drawing gentle circles on your skin. You sighed, resting your head on his shoulder.

“I want to Jug, I really do. I’m just a little bit pessimistic I guess, I’m not exactly the luckiest person alive. What if something went wrong? I just want this to be special, to be perfect you know…” 

Jughead sighed, stepping out of the embrace and tilting your chin towards him affectionately. “I’m gonna be there with you the whole time. Besides, nothing’s perfect. If it doesn’t go well then it still means something, a perfect reflection of our messed up lives and angsty teenage mood swings,” He smirked, causing you to laugh and lightly punch his shoulder. You gently cupped his cheeks before standing on your tiptoes to place a gentle yet passionate kiss on his lips, followed by a soothing butterfly kiss. Your nerves seemed to simmer, as he took your hand and led you into the tattoo parlour. 

Jughead was talking to the man at the counter of the shop, whilst you were browsing designs. You’d only had a brief talk about what you were looking for design wise. You just knew that you didn’t want the design to be huge, just something small and subtle to have on either your wrist, ankle or neck. You had suggested two small hearts, but Jughead opposed. Another idea you had was key and lock tattoos, infinite signs, each other’s names, anniversary dates but nothing had really stuck out.

“(Y/N)?” A voice called out, and you turned around, only to be greeted by an old friend. Josie McCoy, your party pal. You were on good terms, and although you didn’t attend late night raves together anymore, you were still close. You smiled as she instantly went for a hug.

“Jo, what are you doing here?”

“Band hit its three year anniversary, so I decided to cross a tattoo off of my bucket list,” She pulled down the shoulder of her blue crop top, to reveal the word; “Pussycats!” in thick, black lettering. You stared at the tattoo in awe as Josie showed it off with pride. “Anyways, what are you doing here?” She raised an eyebrow at you.

“Well, it’s me and Jug’s two year anniversary too and we decided tattoos were the way to go,” You smiled bashfully and Josie nudged you playfully.

“That’s couple goals right there, I honestly don’t understand how you two got together or how the heck you lasted this long but I live for your relationship. You were polar opposites as well, fire and water, light and dark… yin and yang,” She stood in reflection for a moment before adjusting her kitty ears and saying goodbye to you, confidently strutting out the store, her crop top shoulder slightly pulled down so everyone could catch a glimpse of the artwork on display.

Yin and yang…

A lightbulb went off somewhere in your mind as you frantically searched through the store, looking for a specific design. When you casted your eyes on the matching ‘Yin and yang’ tattoos your mind flooded with pictures in your head of how they would look, perhaps on your wrists. Jughead was indeed the yin to your yang and this kind of dorky but meaningful symbolism was exactly what you were looking for. You walked over to the counter, design in hand.

“(Y/N), this is Jake, he’s going to be doing the tattoos,” Jughead smiled down at you reassuringly as you once again held his hand. Jake shook your hand and sent you a warm smile that helped add to the growing comfort. 

“Hey (Y/N), I’m going to be talking you through the process, how to take care of the tattoo, general things you should be aware of as well as actually tattooing you! Have you guys picked out a design yet?” He was talkative and friendly, and you felt yourself relax. 

“Well we haven’t actu-” Jughead began, but you interrupted him, sliding the design (which had previously been concealed behind your back) onto the counter with a giddy smile.

“These,” You said confidently, beaming up at Jughead, who was admiring the simplistic, black and white tattoos in awe before staring back at you with affection and joy. He looked back at Jake, nodding his head enthusiastically. 

“They’re… they’re perfect,” Veronica took another photo of your matching tattoos, as you stuck out your wrists next to each other, for all to see. The process had felt less painful with Jughead at your side, whispering sweet nothings and comforting words into your ear the whole time, as you did to him when it was his turn. You were still in the phase of cleaning it and getting used to it being there, but that meant you would sit and stare at it a lot.

As intended to, it reminded you of Jughead. The thought of the fact that he had something so similar on his own skin, with the purpose of reminding him of you, sent butterflies through your stomach. You were so in love with him it was crazy.

“Maybe we could get more in the future,” Jughead whispered in your ear, as people stirred around you, trying to get a look. You bashfully smiled at him.

“Like what?” You raised an eyebrow and he looked down in thought for a moment before looking back up at you, straight in the eyes with an evident blush.

“Wedding dates, baby names, that kind of mushy stuff,” He mumbled and your eyes widened. A small pause ensued. “Our bodies could be some kind of journal of our lives and the tattoos tell a story,” He continued, trying to clear the silence his previous words had caused. You felt a wide grin split on your face before letting out a dramatic sigh.

“I mean, being inked was great and all but… I still don’t want blood poisoning,” You shook your head and he chuckled, shoving you off of the couch with a small yelp.

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aah thank you ;\\; well you will see Blue reaction tomorrow xD sorry for the angst ;-;

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Do you have any good Merlin fanfictions you can rec? Merthur or otherwise?

I’ve been putting off this question ONLY BECAUSE… I had to go through several fanfic rec lists that I’ve followed before to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. I wish I was more organized! I should really start my own reclist but unfortunately my list is going to be fairly short given that I’m an incredibly slow reader as it is and I usually go for 100k epics… so when I DO read, those sorts of stories hold my attention for quite awhile.

Everything’s Merthur and I’m not apologizing for it. I wouldn’t mind reading some Merdred and Mergana though! I’m always open for recommendations for any pairing, really.

  • We Are All Diamonds by footloose  :  This was one of my first Merthur fanfics and by far still one of my all time favorites. This one was recommended to me by a good friend of mine. Just— everything footloose does… and I mean everything— they have a way with words and painting a scene and you can tell research is put behind all of their works. The word count is high but the writing captures you immediately and the buildup between Arthur’s and Merlin’s relationship is perfect. All time favorite right here. 10/10 would read again.

  • Tributes by TheAvalonian  :  This is one of those The Hunger Games / Merlin crossovers. I read this in one night and it’s just over 80k words long. Um. It’s really good, okay? Technically a romance but you know, it really does concentrate a bit more on the games if I remember correctly. I mean, there are cameras and they’re well aware of that so if you’re looking for smut recs, don’t go here. But recs with plot? Yes.

  • The Sorcerer and the King by winterhill  :  This was, I think, quite literally the second fanfic I ever read in the Merlin fandom. THIS STORY IS SICK. It’s a great canon-divergent AU if that’s what you’re into— and I could certainly use more of those. Because while I like modern verses, it’s the canon-setting AU’s that are my favorite and this story, while it borders a bit on the uncomfortable with certain aspects, was definitely worth the read. Excellent plot and the scenes with magic were simply stunning.

  • Overboard by shiny-starlight  :  Takes place in a modern setting— one of those, Merlin and Arthur meet and can’t stand each other at first. This one has a REALLY fun twist to it though and I have every intention of reading this again.

  • Game, Set, Match by ingberry  :  A bit shorter than what I’m used to reading— this was adorable. And Merlin’s jokes were the absolute best part of this, in my honest opinion. The sexual tension was also pretty awesome.

  • Stars Above, Stones Below by Destina  :  Funny story with this— I actually haven’t finished reading it yet. I have several fanfics that are ‘slowly in progress of being read’ and this has been sitting in my tabs for several months now because I keep jumping around. I do that a lot with stories, actually, so that by no means is to be taken as this story is anything less than absolutely amazing. It makes it much more than that, because USUALLY I won’t recommend a fanfic I haven’t finished all the way through. I just— I love how they handled Merlin’s magic reveal. Love love love love love.

  • Shelter from the Storm by scatterglory  :  One-shot, shorter than what I usually read, but so incredibly unique and sad and bittersweet. It has a happy ending though, no worries. UGH, IT WAS SO GOOD THOUGH.

So those are all the stories that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and would read again… now let’s talk about my favorite authors who have countless stories.

  • Hisa-Ai  :  This author’s an avid Merthur writer and omfgggg all her stories (or the ones I’ve had the chance to read) have that sweet undertone that I generally LOVE to read in one-shots. For the fluffy ones at least— I’ve yet to read any of her angst but it’s coming. But that lighthearted interaction is my favorite— the banter is the best and I just love how she portrays Merlin and Arthur’s chemistry. My favorites so far have been I Think You Dropped Something (You Bought Roses) (GOD THIS WAS SO GOOD), Something In the Air, Your Seat, and Worth the Wait. There’s still soooo much more I want to read by her. <3

  • neuroticnick  :  I’m not gonna like, this writer is my smut central when I want to read REALLY GOOD SMUT but still have an amazing drawn out plot. OMFG, THEY HAVE WRITTEN SO MUCH. And here’s the thing— it’s all so very different. Nine times out of ten, I’ve found Merlin to be the more dominant partner and I like that a lot because people tend to write it the other way. But— gosh, they switch up so many characteristics but they make it work. It’s really amazing. You’ve gotta check them out. Some HAVE been my cup of tea while others were more ehhhh, especially the PWP’s but that’s what I love about neuroticnick. I think there’s something for everyone. My favorites include My Boy Builds Cars, You’re the Voice (omfg, read it. Read it. Do yourself a favor.), and I Only Wanna Dance With You.

Alright. Now let’s talk about Loaded March.

It’s, again, by footloose. Same author as with We Are All Diamonds mentioned above. I’ve been slowly following this series since… April? May? Either way— I’m on the thirteenth installment now out of fourteen. The series is still ongoing. The word count is, um, massive.

It is so worth the read.

Basically— I remember looking at the summary for this and thinking ‘military fic? no thanks’. Like, that’s not something I would generally read. But when a friend recommended it later, I said, alright. Let’s give it a shot. The first book— once you get used to all the military lingo (it’s probably not as bad as I’m making it out to be), the story really took off. Merlin and Arthur meeting for the first time is always a favorite of mine in modern fics and it did not disappoint. The sexual tension is excruciating as the series goes on and it is one of the slowest relationship buildups ever in the history of ever, which also really tickles my fancy. If you’re looking for a quick Merthur hookup, this is not the story series for you. BUT— if you want something epic, this is it. Look no further. IT IS HERE.

The characters are very three-dimensional. Not just Merlin and Arthur, but you get a look at characters like Will, Freya, Hunith, Gwaine, Kay (who’s my favorite of the team), Bohrs, Mordred, Aredian— just… I cannot rave enough about this series and how footloose brings all these characters so vividly to life. All of them. The whole plot is about the fight against magic— which inevitably everyone has to learn isn’t really a fight against magic but a fight against power because once they learn of Merlin’s magic— it’s not about the magic itself but how it’s used.

It’s full of so many twists and turns. I promise, despite it’s length, it doesn’t drag. There is a point to everything. So much adventure, conspiracy, undercover things, MAGIC, hidden plots, and everything eventually connects and comes together. Every installment has that huge building climax towards the end that makes you want to cancel all your plans for the day and just sit at home and get through it. Just. Yeah. 10/10 recommend. If you’re alright with buckling in for a long series, you should definitely give it a go.

I wrote a lot for that— but to be fair, that’s like, a review for 13 books I’ve read, okay? XD

Happy Birthday to my lovely friend [and a mermaid in disguise] , Ari! @arikafd

She is such a lovely person and I’m so so glad to have met her! She is an awesome artist and a very funny and beautiful person! She deserves so much love! Thank you, Ari for being such an amazing artist and such an amazing friend to have! Happy birthday!

Merry Christmas!!!!!
(You ask for the fluffiest thing, you will receive the fluffiest thing 😊)
((Pardon my bad shading, this picture has really weird lighting lol))

@hihikoala this is the most amazing thing ever omfg, i love you so much!!








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So I bartend in Chicago and this grumpy guy comes into my bar every Thursday at around either 7:35pm or 2am. His hair style always varies from "I haven't bathed in a year" to "Seamus Finnagin's potion just blew up in his face again", at first I didn't think too much about it but then I started reading the Dresden Files and I swear on my life, he's come in with a walking stick, a trench coat, and a Burger King crown. I need to get his name next time...but I swear if it's Harry, I'm losing it.

Omfg, that’s amazing. I really hope there is some guy going around Chicago dressed as Harry Dresden for the lulz. It would make me so happy 8D


i’ve been wanting to do this when i reached 700 followers, but i never had the time and now I’m 20 away from 800 and so i decided NOW would be a good time to do this!

here is a small follow forever of all my favorite lashton blogs!

feels buddies

  • leisuring–lashton​ - omg so you’re like amazing and you love all the fics i love and i feel like i can come to you after color of love updates and cry with you cause you undERSTAND!!!! also your blog is amazing. like i read your text posts and I’m just like “omfg you’re hilarious!!!" 
  • xlashtonlovex - you’re like the only person that sends me lashton head canons and i appreciate it so much cause they give me so many feels and i sit on my bed like "fuck I’m crying”. but we also got to talk about stuff OTHER than lashton (i know, weird) and you are really nice and you asked me if i was ok when i was sick and that made me smile idk why :)
  • pizzawithlashton - we literally only talk through replies but i just really wanted to say that you’re cool and i love your blog so much omfg!!!!
  • daddirwin - omg ok you’re like one of the most talented writers i have ever had the pleasure of reading!! and i literally read and re-read your 2 WTNV fics so many times cause its just thAT good!!!! i hope to be as amazing as you someday omfg! :D

other really cool lashton lovers! (bold - faves)

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if i missed anyone I’m sorry. these are just the people i see most on my dash and whose post are pretty famous. 

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OMFG your art is amazing!! ;A; I really like how do you draw sunggyu omfg so perfect! <3<3<3<3<3 If you don't mind, would you please tell me what are the tools you use to draw? And if isn't much bother could you include photos of them? Please keep blessing us with your drawings! <3

Hello! First of all thank you so much for your compliments. I’m really glad that you like my Sunggyu drawings ^^

Here’s a quick tour of my work space, so people could probably imagine how I work.

TA-DAH! Let me introduce you to my workspace. So yeah… it’s a little desk with lots of things on it. I know I’m not really good at organising stuff and I actually really can’t stand being messy, but I just can’t help being lazy. So, on the corner is where my laptop usually resides for my reference needs and behind it lies an army of drawing tools that you couldn’t see because of the laptop blocking it and the fact that it’s super dark (I draw in the dark…. Not really. But my room is just naturally dark). So basically I build a wall of scattered things around my tiny working space so I can reach things easily.

For sketching I usually use an H pencil, preferably 2H. But lately I’ve been sketching with mechanical pencils and that Uni Kuru Toga (the grey one) is one of my favourite to use. As for inking, my favourite drawing pen would be Sakura Micron. They are affordable and basically quite good. Look at the 005 one, it’s basically worn out since I like to use that one a lot. It produces the thinnest lines out of all of them and since I usually draw small drawings, I use that a lot. But aside from Micron, I also have Copic Multiliner. A lot more expensive than the Micron one but quality wise, the ink doesn’t bleed much. It can make sharp crispy lines, especially with the 0.03 size (which has a smaller nib than Micron’s 005).

Oh and that long pink thing is my eraser…. It used to look like a pencil but now…

Now here we’re getting to the colouring tools. For markers, I’m currently into the combination of Copic and ZIG Clean Color brush pens. Copic for colouring wide areas and ZIG for lining or adding details. What I like about ZIG is that it has a watercolour kinda effect to it. I mean, when you making lines with watercolour. These are the colours that I use often and basically are skin colours. 

But I do have a bunch of colours other than the ones before. I don’t regret buying this much! (My wallet is in heaven right now)

Uni also makes really good markers. They are more or less like paints though. They have opaque colours and really good for making bold colourful lines. I use them to write thing on my drawing though.

And there’s liquid chalk marker that I got from Daiso and also Copic Opaque white for making highlights. You can smudge liquid chalk like any regular chalk, so I like using it to make misty effects. The Copic Opaque White is basically an opaque watercolour. I use it to make highlights, white lines or even writings. It’s pretty handy when I want to correct things too.

AAAAND here’s my watercolours. I use Winsor &Newton watercolour and Sakura Koi watercolour. For brushes well, I just randomly buy brushes. But the ones in this picture are Winsor & Newton Cotman brushes ranging from number 0000 to 6, there’s also the flat brushes, and Derwent brushes. There’s also this brush from Hwa Hong that I like. 

So that’s all that I use. I hope this can give you an image of what I use on my works. Thank you ifnt7kyu for asking and I hope this answer will not only help you but also others who are also curious on how I do art. ^^

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Omg what if Yuri on Ice's Viktor is MC? Lmfao could I have Zen's reactions to the both of them flirting with each other? (I randomly started to ship them and now they're my crack OTP???? Halp omg)

Ancient Japanesse proverb:

If his hair is white/gray and he is in an anime you be your sweet ass he isn’t straight.

I really like this so much??? Like omfg it is amazing!

  • But they are also very VERY competive
  • So honestly they would try and out flirt each other
  • “Your hair looks so beautiful Zen I just want to run my finger through it.”
  • “Oh yeah well your eyes are so beautiful I could get lost in them.”
  • “I love your pale skin, I want leave marks all over it.”
  • “Your body is so perfect, I just want worship it, Victor.”
  • “Zen I love your voice, I would love to hear you moan my name.”
  • “Oh Victor, I love how flexible you are. I wonder if you are even more flexible with your clothes off.”
  • During this the two of them are just getting closer and closer to eachother
  • The two of them would be flirting all the time, like 24/7
  • And as the night goes on it gets even more…nswf
  • They are always blowing kisses at each other all the time
  • PDA is a must have for the two of them
  • Hand holding, kissing, cuddling, sitting in each others laps, just all of that shit
  • But honestly the two of them are big fucking nerds and don’t know how to romace at all