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Final Thoughts: “Josh is Irrelevant”

Usually, I post these right after I get all of my post-show thoughts onto this blog. But I just didn’t know what to say, aside from the obvious, which is that I enjoyed it. This somehow feels both like the end and the beginning.

That all boils down to the diagnosis: Borderline Personality Disorder. As soon as the words leave Dr. Damn’s mouth (and I know they mention his real name at the beginning, but he will always be Dr. Damn), it makes so much sense. These past three episodes have really been an extended look into Rebecca’s breaking point: “Josh‘s Ex Girlfriend is Crazy“ shows her hitting it, “I Never Want to See Josh Again” lets us see her dwelling in that misery, and “Josh is Irrelevant” shows Rebecca beginning the upswing. The road to her feeling truly good is not going to be smooth or speedy, but I think this is the pivotal point.

And Josh is truly irrelevant in this story. In each of his three scenes, he is trying to wedge himself into the storyline, but at every turn, something stops him. First, it’s Paula, Valencia, and Heather (#GirlGroup4evah); next, it’s Hector; and then, it’s Rebecca herself. As much as he may say he wants Rebecca out of his life, I don’t think he really does. He likes having her as a sort of scapegoat. 

There’s plenty to enjoy about the side action–Gabrielle Ruiz really gets a chance to shine as Valencia here, and Nathaniel’s story adds new dimensions to the character overall–everything leads back to Rebecca’s story. Rebecca says she doesn‘t know what the future holds, and that‘s my sentiment from here on out. I don’t know what lies ahead, but I know it’s bound to be a fun ride.

All that’s left to say is these next two Fridays without Crazy Ex Girlfriend are going to feel a bit empty.

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Do you honestly think as a book reader only ( i d'ont want to talk about the show because it is a mess in all levels) that jonsa has a chance of hapening, we the jonsa fondom qre being trolled everywhere , at this point i'm only shipping it out of spite :(

Let me tell you, Anon: spite can be a powerful motivator. I completely understand where you’re coming from, I often find myself experiencing the same feeling.

You’re right, we’ve been trolled for believing Jonsa has a chance of happening in canon, not only by the other ship and people who don’t really care about shipping, but also by people in the fandom itself.

We’ve been driven into a corner, bullied, ridiculed and attacked, some of us have even received rape or death threats. 

And I think that is what has brought many of us to the point of loudly and proudly declaring our opinion that Jonsa is endgame, even if we ourselves are not entirely certain of it. Perhaps some us have even lashed out or lost our patience, but can you honestly blame us for that, after everything we’ve had to endure?

But at some point it has become to sound a bit hollow, if you know what I mean. It’s become an instant response to any kind of attack and it seems to have lost some of its power.

But we are made up of such intelligent, wonderful and resilient people. Whenever we’re attacked, we use our creativity to give it a postive twist. The most recent example of that is probably the dramatic rice tag.

Now back to your actual question. Am I absolutely certain that Jonsa is endgame? In previous posts I might have said yes, because I felt compelled to defend our validity as a ship. But now I’ll give you the honest answer: I’m not sure.

And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s what leaves us the chance to write more meta and fanfic, to come up with headcanons and speculate about how it might happen and look for more evidence in the books.

Do I think Jonsa has a good chance of actually happening in the books? Yes, I do. I understand you don’t want to talk about the show, the longer I think about season 7, the more depressing it becomes. But I’ll have to point out that in my case it was season 6 which made me start shipping Jonsa.

After that I started reading meta and fanfic and I haven’t been able to come out of my Jonsa trashcan ever since :’) And at first, I didn’t really care that much about canon, I just enjoyed fanfic and fanart, edits, gifs and pretty pictures and if they were to happen in canon, that would only be a nice extra.

But I’ve read so many metas providing evidence for Jonsa that I now firmly believe in them happening in canon. There’s enough foreshadowing in the books. 

That doesn’t mean they are definitely going to be canon/endgame, but there is enough proof to theorize that it is a very strong possibility.

I know a lot of metas have been written in the last year, especially since season 7, so there’s a lot of show-based content and it’s difficult to find what you’re looking for. 

I actually think that after 4,5 years, this is still the meta to end all metas on Jon and Sansa. A Time for Wolves: The Case for Jon and Sansa.

Thank you for the question!

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You should really source the art you use in promos/your banner/your background!!

amazing     what     looking     at     someone’s     blog     can     reveal     :


“I’ve only had them for a day and a half, but if anything happened to them, I would kill everyone in this room, and then myself.”

Lulu, please. ;3 

Oh look, pictures, from me? It’s been forever since I’ve taken any, and in fact, I forgot 1) where my camera was, and 2) that I never installed photoshop on my new desktop, hence the weird phone app edits. (That first one probably needs to be viewed expanded to not look all fuzzy. IDK, I just wanted to show off the shoes I bought her at the LA Dolpa.)

Ok, that’s enough for me, time to go back to hiding and playing video games!

Lulu - Volks SDGrG Lorina

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Jokes aside, it was weird how they introduced that day as being Marco's Birthday without an episode that followed it up. It doesn't make sense in the context of the story to introduce an important plot point without having a pay-off that could've potentially helped develop the characters further, and maybe I'm looking too deep into it, but really, maybe they should've cut that line because we got the message of Marco being optimistic for the future.

Yeah IF that was just a throwaway line like that, to make us know that Marco is 15 now - something that has no weight at all on the show, so I understand why they wouldn’t want to dedicate a full episode to his birthday, I think it was a bit unnecessary. We already got the feeling of bitter sweetness from the scene, having him say that just created a lot of “outrage” and confusion through the fandom. And if that’s what they wanted to do… rude, then. Very rude.

I love how Adena’s first instinct is to protect Kat, protect her from herself in this case. From making a rushed decision based on emotion and that she will later regret. She never says she doesn’t want Kat to go with her, she just tries to remind Kat of all the things she would be giving up if she does.

But she can’t help but get caught in the emotion, the excitement of actually having Kat home with her. I can tell from experience that there’s nothing better when you live worlds apart than showing the person you love your side of it, to share every single thing you love about your home with them. So really, who can’t blame Adena for letting go of her doubts and embracing the possibility of happiness.

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So I️ just got back from a jay z concert and in one of the interludes there was a video of their twins but I️t wasn’t revealing at all, I️t didn’t even show their faces. What if harry incorporated something in his show like that like a small clip or the sound of her laughing or crying or something like that,

Awww! I think that’s really sweet, and I would love if he did. But I just don’t know if I could see it. Maybe so. But it just feels like H would want to keep as much of his child as private from the public as possible, you know? I would LOVE if he did, but I don’t know if I could see it happening. Like imagine how cute a Sweet Creature MV would be of just clips home video clips all complied together? xx.

I really want a movie where there’s this Dark Brooding Male Hero who’s like, a total badass, and during all the fight scenes he keeps getting flashbacks to happy images of his wife, and like his whole narrative is framed around his wife, and all the other heroes on his team know that he’s got this passion and vengeance and think it all has to do with his dead wife… but then near the end of the movie his wife shows up and he’s like “hey babe” they’re all shocked and they’re like, “Wait I thought all your power and passion came from avenging your dead wife?” and he’s like “no bro, I just really love my wife, she’s really cool, she’s what keeps me going” like… a reverse fridge


When I first auditioned for Stranger Things, I was just living in Chicago. Just looking for a job. Working at a restaurant, doing commercials and bit parts on shows. I honestly would have been happy booking anything. But I remember seeing the concept trailer the Duffer Brothers put together. The boys took these bits and pieces from all the movies that inspired them — Jaws, E.T., The Thing, Firestarter — and they cut them together into a mock trailer for what they wanted the vibe of the show to be. I was like, Oh, man. This would be so, so cool. But as an actor, you audition for something and forget about it, because you figure, Yeah, that was really fun. Probably won’t get it. On to the next one.

Joe Keery for GQ Magazine.


So since you started to be more active in social media, maybe I have a chance to show you what I made month ago, @markiplier.

This work cross-stitch is actually really special. First of all, from all of the cross-stitch works I made in my life this one is my favorite. Second, I really wanted to made this, cause in that photo from your first channel I see more then just a guy looking at the light in the darkness. I see great hopes for tomorrow and knowing that the next day will be better than yesterday (that’s why I called this cross-stitch ‘Great Hopes’ lol). So everytime I look at my work on the wall, I remembering that no matter what’s gonna happened in my life, I should never lose hope and do something to make my future better.

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What happened at Vidcon that made it such a shitshow?

It’s not like other conventions where we can go walk the floor if we really want to. We get stuck backstage until we have something we’re scheduled for, otherwise you’re fenced off from the public. Walking around publicly is a no go too because of how aggressive fans get at Vidcon and because it’s basically just a convention for popular people, it gets wild. At least at PAX people have videogames and comics etc. to go look at, at Vidcon there’s nothing really to see other than popular people so it’s all about waiting for them to show up and then swarming them. At PAX I can walk the actual show floor and people are respectful and there’s stuff that I actually want to see and buy and devs I wanna talk to. 

Not only that but the vibe backstage at vidcon is also gross because it’s a LOT of egos in a dense space all trying to prove how much better they are or showing off to each other. A lot of numbers talk. so you can see why it’s not the most fun environment to be part of.  I should point out that this was US Vidcon, no idea about the others


“We knew we really wanted to create our very own look for Wonder Woman to how she’s portrayed in TV shows and graphic novels, so we went back to her roots and where she came from. We wanted to creates something incredibly strong and portray her as a legitimate fighter, so we looked back … because we wanted her to look like she’s been wearing the same costume, in a sense, for thousands of years — since she’s immortal, after all. We were inspired by the metal armor of Greek and Roman warriors and gladiators. It seemed like a good fit for her. We created a costume that looks like metal armor, but of course, in these films the fight scenes are very intense and challenging so I had to come up with a solution that would allow her to move and breathe, but also to have this very iconic, sort of hourglass shape in a modern and interesting way. We used a combination of old and new technology. With scans of Gal, we created her breastplate on the computer — we drew it all in 3D. Then we applied all these fantastic finishes and we ended up making it with a current paint over the top and with many layers of glazes to give it a really ancient, warm feel. Zack wanted it to be full of battle scars and dents.There was a lot of love that went into all the details, making her really look like a powerful, legitimate warrior.” - Michael Wilkinson. 

The overall look of Wonder Woman’s iconic armor had already been designed by Michael Wilkinson for the character’s appearance in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Nevertheless, Lindy Hemming and her team had considerable work to do to get the costume ready for shooting Wonder Woman. “The costume that had already been made used a sculpted and moulded method,” Hemming explains. “They had made it in a mould and then the pieces were attached to the undersuit. We tried to make it lighter weight and easier to move in for Gal, because in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, she had much less action to do. So we had to change it for those reasons. The costume in the previous film was darker and ours was just a bit lighter, but other than that we didn’t change the design very much.” - Wonder Woman: The Art and Making of The Film by Sharon Gosling.


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Hi I don’t know if you can do a bill Skarsgard imagine like bill brothers come to visit you two and you an bill have a little fun at night😉😉and in the morning his brothers tease you both about how loud you are and bill was defending you and yeah ejeje thank you!! “Smut” please thanks!       

Hello, desperate fangirl here! Could you possibly do an imagine where the reader and Bill get into a huge argument just having a screaming match and they are both screaming and crying and she’s hitting his chest out of anger, and then they both make up by kissing passionately and cuddling. It’s okay if you want to pass on that idea, I promise I won’t be butt hurt lol.

Warnings: Language, smut.

A/N: I hope you don’t mind that I mixed two request, I’ve changed the roles just a little. This is my firs time writting smut and I really sucks… sorry about that, I‘ve tried my best, sorry for my horrible english.

Pairing: Bill Skarsgard x Reader

Title: “You moan like a princess”


“Stop yelling, Y/N, my siblings are in the next room” Bill whispered trying to stay calm despite his girlfriend still yelling at him without reason

“I DON’T CARE THEY’RE IN HERE BILL” She yelled furiously, feeling her heart beating faster against her chest  

“Why are you so angry, Y/N? WHAT DID I DO NOW?” he asked without understanding, twining his fingers in his hair, starting to feel desperate.  

“I SAW YOUR CELLPHONE” She confessed with tears in her eyes “I SAW YOUR MESSAGES WITH THAT SLUT, BILL!”  She felt the bitter tears begin to slide down her red cheeks. Bill looked at her, he was furious, his girlfriend had been snooping on his cellphone without permission

“WHY DID YOU CHECK MY PHONE, Y/N?” He asked angrily, starting to yell too

“OH MY GOD! I JUST FOUND YOUR MESSAGES WITH ANOTHER WOMAN AND YOU…  Oh God , I CAN’T BELIEVE IT, BILL!” She tried to look at him, but tears clouded her vision and she felt how her heart break into a thousand pieces. Bill stayed quiet, looking at who he believed was the love of his life, crying furiously in front of him and he felt like the worst human being.

“I’m sorry” He whispered with a broken voice, approaching her, trying to hold her, but she walks away

“YES, YOU SHOULD SORRY” She kept yelling, not with anger but sadness

“Y/N, it’s not what you think, nothing ever happened with her” He tried to hug her desperately and she hits him on the chest

“I’m not stupid, Bill” She hits him again trying to get away from him, but he was holding her tight

“I know you’re not, Y/N, please” He begged with tears in his eyes “I love you”

“No, you don’t” She sobbed as he embraced her

“Hey…” He whispered and takes her chin with his fingertips “Look at me, my love” Y/N turned to see him, Oh God! She loved his green eyes “You have to believe me, I would never do anything to hurt you” He said more relaxed

“But I saw the messages, Bill, you can’t deny it!”

He sighed heavily.

The truth was that in the last few months, Bill had been planning his marriage proposal to Y/N, and his best friend had agreed to help him with it, the messages really could be misunderstood because they just talked about meeting in certain places to talk about it

“She was helping me to plan my marriage proposal” he confesses in distress “Now it’s all ruined, but I don’t care because I don’t want to lose you Y/N” he walked to the dressing table and take the fake flowers from the clay vase, he reached into the vase and pulled out a small black box.

He went back to Y/N and showed it to her “It’s not as I had planned it, actually Gustaf and Alex were here to help me with it but… damn it! You’d to be a psycho girlfriend, dear!” Y/N looked at him in puzzlement, with one hand covering her mouth, feeling the stupidest woman on the planet, she was trembling and couldn’t control it, Bill rested his forehead on hers; she could feel his warm breath and breathe his favorite cologne that she loved it so much, chamomile and mint, she looked into his eyes “be my wife” he whispered opening the little box

“Oh my god”

“is it a yes?”

“Yes” She whispered almost inaudibly.

Bill took the ring and put it on her finger. He kissed her,  holding her tightly by the waist, but it wasn’t a romantic kiss, it was one full of desire. It wouldn’t be the first time they ended up having sex after an argument.

He was much taller than her, but Y/N manages to take a small leap by wrapping her legs around his waist; Bill walked with her and they lie down on the bed while still kissing

“Do you want to go out to dinner? Or do you prefer to stay and kiss to see how this continues?” He said between kissed. Y/N looked at him and responded with another kiss even more passionate than the previous one.

Her hands had begun to play with the buttons of his shirt, unbuttoning them one by one until completely removed. She loved to see him like that, she adored his milky skin and his Adam’s apple moving every time is swallowed, she loved his dilated pupils giving a special touch to the green of his eyes, and his velvet lips, Dear God.

Bill had taken her dress off along with her dark bra, his kisses had begun to run down her neck and shoulder making her gasp slightly, his velvet lips begging to fiddle with her left nipple making her squirm under him and panting wildly, his right hand low up brushing the thin fabric of her underwear, feeling as she began to get wet just for him, her thighs trembled.  

Y/N tried to control her hips, but she was desperate to feel some friction, so she took his hand and guide him inside her panties, he began to touch her gently rubbing her clit, she struggled not to moan to loudly, after all Bill’s brothers were in the next room. He slides his fingers inside her and she twisted her neck letting exposed to him, he couldn’t miss the opportunity to kiss it and suck it slightly causing it to form a small hickey that would disappear soon.

He stopped touching her “What happened?” She asked confused “Why did you stop?”

“It seems you aren’t enjoying what I’m doing” He replied, whispering in her ear. His warm breath crashing against her skin, excited her even more.

“Your brothers are in the other room, Bill”

“I thought you didn’t mind, sweetheart” He tested her, lifted one eyebrow playfully as he licked her earlobe, making her moan softly.

“Bill, please” she whispered

“I want you to scream my name” He slip another finger inside her and felt her scratching his arm.

“Bill” she whispered breathlessly as he began to move his fingers inside her, she moved her hips and moan against his neck “more…” She begged him

“I can’t hear you, sweetie”

“Fuck me, Bill” She begged, biting his jaw gently and arranging to unbuckle his belt and remove his trousers, touching his prominent bulge, he groaned at her touch and without thinking twice she moved her hand inside his boxers taking his erection.

“Shee-it, Y/N” He settled between her legs and gently slide inside her as he kissed her hardly, he lets out a small groan as she scratched his back in response, he started thrusting faster and harder

In a quick movement, Y/N was on top of him, riding his cock and scratching his chest with every movement she made, Bill held her by the waist to gain the most stimulation with each stroke. He loved her, he loved her waist, her messy hair and her breasts moving to the beat of both.

She began to feel how the heat grew inside her and her calves began to tingle, as it happened every time she was about to reach an orgasm, she also felt how Bill’s muscles began to tense beneath her… “Y/N” He groaned as he clutched her breasts and took her neck to draw her closer to him and kiss her with passion finally thrusting their both into a climax.


Y/N and Bill were in the kitchen making breakfast, they heard footsteps and laughter in the hall, Gustaf and Alex appeared and sat on the kitchen counter in front of both

“Good morning guys” Y/N greeted them while turning a pancake with the spatula

“Good morning, Y/N” replied Gustaf “How about last night guys?” he asked as he serve a cup of coffee, Y/N and Bill cross glances and laugh “I mean… we heard you arguing”

“And other stuff” Alex joked

Y/N felt her cheeks begin to turn pink and laughed nervously, she knew these two too well and they wouldn’t hesitate to joke “I don’t know which one is noisier, if my brother or his girlfriend” mocked Alex and Bill turned to see him angrily

Gustaf let out a loud laugh “Bill you moan like a princess”

Y/N laughed and watched Bill’s jaw began to tighten

“I mean… Dad would be very disappointed in you, brother” Alex stood up to reach a mug

Y/N laughed and walked over to Bill “Let him alone guys” She said, wrapping her arms around his neck “I love your moans baby, don’t mind them” she confessed giving him a kiss on his lips and gigglin.

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okay nope, after that post, it’s time to go off some more.

as a parent, you have no right to announce your child’s disability to everyone. the only time you should mention their disability is when it is medically necessary. you need to stop and think about how this is going to affect your child before you do something like that.

growing up, every time my mother introduced me to someone, she’d say “this is my child who goes to the school for the blind” right after telling them my name. it was as if the most important thing about me was that I am disabled.

“but they don’t let it hold them back!” she’d say. yes, because I just live to be some abled person’s inspiration porn. I don’t let it hold me back from what? doing my schoolwork? joining a club? normal things that you would expect the average abled person to do?

it shows, when you tell everyone about your disabled child all the time, what you really think of people with disabilities. maybe it’s showing you see us as lesser. maybe it’s showing you think we can’t do anything on our own. maybe it’s showing you think we’re a burden. it never seems to be showing something good.

disclosing someone’s disability should be the disabled person’s decision. there are countless reasons why we wouldn’t want to disclose our disabilities to just anyone. oh, you don’t think it’s that big a deal? well, here’s a bit of it, then:

  • we don’t want anyone’s pity. we’re not “inspiring” for living our daily lives.
  • maybe we don’t want to disclose our disabilities because that person may have been offering a job to us. maybe we don’t want our application thrown out on the basis that we “can’t do it because we’re disabled”. we know when to discuss our disabilities with our employers.
  • maybe it’s that we don’t want everyone at school knowing. not every kid is your friend, and things can get a whole lot worse if they’re ableist.
  • maybe we don’t want to disclose it because of how ableist people are. haven’t you ever seen a parent pull their child away from an autistic child or refuse to vaccinate their child because they don’t want that child to “catch the autism”? well, I have.
  • have you ever had to take the “short bus”? no? well, I have. it’s an announcement to everyone that you’re disabled. to the ableists out there, it’s an announcement of a perceived weakness they can exploit.
  • have you ever had people avoid you because of your disability? well you’re abled, so I guess not. you can bet your ass I have, though.

TL;DR: the world is full of ableist people. you as a parent have no right to make that world even more difficult for your child by announcing their disability.


A handwritten letter sent to Hideaki Anno from a Japanese middle school student. This message was featured during the tail end of End of Evangelion, among a quick series of communications that can only be read after slowing the movie down frame by frame. It reads:

I decided to send this letter because I am in awe after watching Evangelion. I’m a middle school student just like Shinji. I feel like I truly understand myself now, all because of Eva. I want to thank you helping me with that. Why do I say this? Explaining everything would take too long, but long story short, Shinji and I are very alike. We’re both depressed, helpless, and introverted. I remember watching Eva and seeing Shinji feel worry and anxiety and feeling the same. In Eva, they say over and over again how Shinji can’t run away from his pain or the unpleasant feelings that come attached. I feel that way too. In the beginning of the show, I really enjoyed the light feeling this anime gave me. But eventually, Ms. Ogata [FRAME CUTS LETTER OFF]

In the last scene, Shinji accepts everyone and they all congratulate him. That was a very nice ending and I felt very happy. Another friend [FRAME CUTS LETTER OFF] 

This year I graduate from middle school. Now my focus is on being a high school student, and I’m going to put my best effort into doing well. I’m going to see the new Eva movie when it comes out, but I’m worried about what will happen to Shinji because I really enjoyed the last scene of the TV series. And thanks to Eva, I’ve started like myself more, and that has made me very happy. [FRAME CUTS LETTER OFF] 

Mr. Anno, please keep working on Eva more. Thank you so much for everything!! 

Shit i really liked and kinda didn’t like about Ragnarok

I recently saw ragnarok and became so rejuvenated that i brought my marvel blog back but i wanted to seriously talk about like things that i liked and really didn’t just to get shit out there. 

Things i really liked (like so much that i am obsessed)

-Thor’s new hair cut/outfit, i think its actually super suitable. Gives that sort of cool ass warrior refugee look. Plus, Chris Hemsworth is beautiful. 

-The humor, oh god it was hilarious, i’ve never laughed so genuinely and so much in my life and it made the movie so charming and relatable. It was also such a departure from The Dark World and the first Thor, which dealt with so much emotional baggage for not only just Thor, but for Loki, who basically suffered throughout both movies. 

-Hulk being an actual toddler/Bruce Banner being so fucked up and anxious because WHEN DID HE GET ON AN ALIEN PLANET. 

-”You’ve been on other planets before i assume” “Yeah, one!” “well now it’s two” 

-Valkyrie. Her entire everything gave me so much to love and adore. Tessa Thompson has stole my heart yet again. 


-The little tiny glimpses of Loki and Thor’s childhood, aka the snake story, get help. It really showed how much time Loki and Thor had spent together, which i assume is a lot because age in Asgardian years work differently probably? Like imagine that, Loki and Thor spending time together and being inseparable for 100 years. It showed that they were always close despite loki feeling different or alienated, which explains why its so hard for Loki to just leave thor for dead. 

-”You’ll always be the god of mischief, but you can be so much more” See that shit destroyed me. Thor acknowledges that Loki is not like him. He’s a trickster, manipulative, and selfish. But he also acknowledges that Loki is so much more than his tricks and lies, which shows so much character growth in Thor, who sees loki as more than just an asgardian prince that was raised the exact same way opposite of Thor, but as his own fucking person.

-Thor actually not being stupid and falling for Loki’s tricks, aka his magic projections of himself/his petty, stupid betrayals. Tom mentioned that Thor was evolving and that Loki was finally starting to realize that he’s the only one not growing. Scenes like the betrayal scene and the snake scene, although meant to be hilarious, point out that Thor isn’t that idiot that just was too trusting of his brother, he sees through Loki’s tricks, he’s seen them for years, and it really shows that Loki’s getting predictable with his fake deaths and betrayals, which might hint at him changing? 

-IT FIXED THE INCONSISTENCIES. The main reason i didn’t like Dark world, though i did see it as amazing for its ability to mix the emotional darkness between Loki and Thor along with the humor throughout the movie, was because it pointed Loki out to be the type of cold blooded monster that would murder his own father. I mean I’m no Loki apologist, i love the kid but he’s killed, he’s manipulated, he’s hurt everyone around him, but i doubt he could ever kill Odin, no matter how much of a shitty father he is. Also low-key hated the whole “Loki if you betray me, ill kill you” Thor bullshit. We all know thor wouldn’t be able to do that, he still hopes Loki is his brother. 


-”I thought the world of you Loki.” Ouch. 

-Hulk and Val’s bromance. 

-The entire Valkyrie v. Hela scene. It was so beautiful and ethereal i actually nutted. 


-Loki’s face when odin called him his son. 

-Loki’s face when Hela told him to kneel. 

-Loki refusing to let Thor go back to Asgard. “Are you serious? you can’t be thinking of going back there, that’s madness!” is that? Loki cARING? 

-Loki’s character development. 

-thor in a jean jacket and hoodie in new york. 

-Thor spilling beer everywhere. 

-Loki letting Thor take the orgy ship. 

-Jeff Goldblum. Thats it. 


-”Hello father” “OH SHIT” 

-The entire play. Loki’s rule as a benevolent god/king in which, before everyone feared him for a dictatorship militaristic form of ruling he could have, but in reality he just like ate grapes and watched plays. 

-Thor wanting to be a Valkyrie. The crowned prince of asgard, wanting to be an elite team of woman warriors. 


-Val kicking Loki’s ass. 


-Loki in a suit. 


-”I thought you didn’t want to talk about it” “heres the thing” 

-”Hello!” “Hi” *blasts everyone in room with giant laser guns* 

-”What are you? Thor, god of hammers?” 


-”i swear i left him right here” “where? on the street? Or in that nursing home thats being torn down?” 

“I’m not a witch” “Why do you dress like one then?” 

-Loki rolling his eyes when thor is approached by fans. 

-Loki calling stephen strange a shitty sorcerer and going at him with stabby hands. 

-Confirmation of loki’s love of stabbing. 

-Confirmation that Loki is a snake, and also Thor’s favorite snake.

-Loki reciting Thor’s prayer to odin with him mY SON. 

-The avengers parallel. “He’s my brother!” “adopted.” 




-”Where? the devil’s anus?” 

-Bruce fighting evil with fireworks. Good job sweetie. 

-Bruce flopping like a fish on the bifrost. 

-Thor and his sparkles. 

-Lightning eyes. 


-*Loki on a death trip* ‘this is a terrible idea” 

-Loki somehow reciting a spell to bring surtur back. what a weirdo. how did he know that. 


-im here. 



-Thor and Bruce’s bromance. 

-Jane not being there. I mean it makes sense she dumped him, he left her for two years chasing down infinity stones and constantly almost dying while she had no way of contacting him because Thor’s ass didn’t know how to use fucking email. Also i just really honestly never liked her character to begin with, i mean sure i love that Jane is a strong, smart woman but tbh i just wanted to Fast forward every time she was on screen. 

-The cute death wolf. 

-”THATS HOW IT FEELS!” “sorry i just really like the sport” 


-Val being there as a cool as member of the team rather than just the love interest of Thor. Protect her at all cost even though she probs doesn’t even need it. 


-Stan Lee’s cameo as the dude who cut Thor’s hair. Thank you for doing all of us a giant favor. Please do the same to Loki. 

-loki beating someone up with his horn hat. 

-Loki twirling his horn hat. 

-Loki being such a self serving, extra asshole that he came from the fucking fog screaming “YOUR SAVIOR HAS ARRIVED” 

-Bruce asking where tony was and then complaining about his tight crotch pants. 


-Loki’s costume being mainly blue, black, and gold :-)))))))

-Loki being 100% done with everything that happens. 

-Val knocking Loki out when he makes her relive her trauma why do people ship this you go honey that was a dick move

-Thor throwing various things at Loki to make sure he’s not a mirage. 

-he’s a friend from work, something a kid from make a wish that met chris suggested, being in the film and all of the trailers. I hope that made that kid smile. 

-”In return, i wish to be granted safe passage through the anus” 



-Loki being genuinely worried about and double checking if Thor really wants to bring him back to earth after what he did kill me honestly that would probably hurt less. 

-Loki’s face when thor said that going their separate ways was what Loki always wanted bc in reality that is the opposite go back. 

-Hela not being Loki’s daughter because 1) it proves that ya’ll should stop hoping that a comic soap opera about rich petty alien boys with daddy issues would be anything like classic norse mythology, and 2) when the fuck and how the fuck and why the fuck 

-Loki suggesting that he and Thor both rule over Sakaar together lmao ouch. 

-Loki just being really cute and quirky. 

-Thor being so fucking amazed by Val all the time. 

-”You’re late.” 

-”I saw you coming” “course you did.” 


What i didn’t like much; 

-Hela. I loved her character, but honestly here is where i think there might’ve been some failure despite how much i loved that movie. She seemed so out of place as a villain, and i feel like the whole related shit tried to mimic Guardians vol. 2, but honestly the fact that Thor didn’t care much about her made her feel so out of place. But i did like some parts, like how she was so disappointed about not being remembered or what her existence and disappointment did to how loki was raised. 

-Dr. Strange? Ok that was weird. It makes sense and it was funny to see him but to be honest i wasn’t into it. 


-tbh was not fond of frost master, don’t hate me. 

-Loki possibly taking the tesseract????? And hinting that he might turn evil again??? don’t do this to me marvel. 

-loki possibly being turned into the quirky sidekick of his brother. Loki is Thor’s equal, not his annoying little brother/wacky sidekick. I didn’t get that vibe often, but sometimes i did honestly. 

-RIP thor’s hammer. 


-Hela’s entrance. it was so quick and like out of place i was like what wait, Loki and thor didn’t even have time to prepare or even mourn. 

-the comedy. It was its best and worst part of the movie. Sometimes it was tasteful. Other times it was too much. Thor and Loki didn’t even get to mourn for their dad who tbh was an asshole but still their dad before there was a annoying joke about kneeling. It took away from the story sometimes.

-the lack of hugging between thor and loki.

-The way they glossed over the warriors three’s death like they weren’t Thor’s closest friends and the only ones there for him when Odin tried to banish Thor to earth :-))))) I mean after all that shit he went through I’m pretty fucking sure it probably hasn’t caught up to him but ya bitch still pissed. 

-The way, Thor, who basically admitted that Loki actually meant the world to him and was the only family he had left, didn’t ask where he was after asgard exploded? Like tbh i get it, he trusts Loki, his brothers capable and strong and most of all really fucking smart, but i’d still be like :-) the fuck is Loki. I think this is a directing error though rather than like the characters fucking up but i was freaking out, i mean asgard was literally pebbles and everyone was out BUT my son. 

-No sif, i mean i get it Jaime Alexander was busy but like y'all could’ve explained smh. 

-Loki not getting a hair cut. When will his emo phase end. 

-Not getting that one flashback to 80′s asgard with mullets and emo loki. 

Overall it was pretty fucking cool, one of the best movies of the trilogy. I fell in love with the marvel cinematic universe all over again. But it wasn’t perfect. 

I don’t make commentary posts like this but after the bomb I really want to say something about the interpretation of Lapis’ behavior in Raising the Barn.

I find it ridiculous that there’s lapidot shippers posting images and gifs from the bomb of Lapis desperately trying to taking Peridot with her to space and finding it cute. Like no, the point of the episode was to show that Peridot shouldn’t feel obligated to bend to Lapis’ every will, and what does Lapis do in response when she doesn’t get it her way? Steal all of Peridot’s things, plus the very place she called home, and bounced.

The message this episode SHOULD’VE conveyed is that Lapis isn’t emotionally mature enough to handle an intimate relationship. Peridot was probably one of the closest friends she had on Earth, and even after all that time she still expected Peridot to be the sole benefactor of their relationship. Peridot gives, and she takes. And the moment it stopped being like that, she left Peridot behind and took everything Peridot had with her (minus Pumpkin but she didn’t exactly want to go either, not like Lapis bothered to respect that).

The message is that Lapis can’t handle intimate relationships. She’s hasn’t grown much from the Malachite incident; the only difference was that she forcefully got her way with Jasper by bounding her at the bottom of the ocean and venting her hatred out on her, while with Peridot she was handed her way on a silver platter. But at the end of the day, indirectly or not, they both gave her a sense of control and entitlement.

Lapis can’t hold a healthy relationship (romantic or otherwise), at least not with the behavior she’s expressed towards Peridot in the bomb. She still has loose ends with Jasper, after all– and, in my opinion, until she goes back and fully take responsibility for the damage she left on Jasper (and pushing her away is definitely NOT taking responsibility) she’ll never be able to maintain a healthy relationship with anyone else.

So, please stop making any of her interactions with Peridot in the bomb ’cute’. They were borderline manipulative at best.