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anonymous: there are days when Yuuri’s anxiety is really bad - he doesn’t want to speak, loud noises aggravate him, the idea of getting out of bed is absolutely daunting. Victor’s got a lot better at reading Yuuri, and one day when he wakes up and finds Yuuri in this state, he just asks whether he can touch Yuuri and they’ll cuddle in bed until Yuuri feels better, however long it takes.


Look here, Shimada. Read all you want in that lil binder o yours, but ain’t nothin gonna tell ya bout Jesse McCree cept the man himself.  

…so what if jesse chose prison

The Instagram fitness community really aggravates me most of the time.

Specifically competitive bodybuilders/CrossFitters. All of a sudden everyone is a fucking “sponsored athlete,” expert coach or IFBB pro. People with 0 credentials other than competing in 2 bikini competitions are selling misinformed people macro plans and workouts. Everyone’s offering discounts using their bullshit codes for supplements that are likely just amphetamines with a different label. ~Fitfluencers~ have gag-worthy biographies on their pages claiming to be “entrepreneurs, motivators,” and other self-proclaimed titles.

There’s so much deception. Everyone is using steroids, even the ones who claim to be “all natty.” Fitness models Photoshop the hell out of their photos. People consider an “active recovery day” to be 2,000 meter rowing intervals and gymnastics work. 

You have people weighing salads and crazy disordered behaviors all for the sake of ab veins so that they can get on stage with their Oompa Loompa tans and spread their ass cheeks for judges. People who are newbies to lifting are suddenly training like professional athletes.

I get that we all want to strive to better ourselves. I’m still a long way from where I want to be. I guess I’m just really beginning to loathe all of the fake people in this industry.

I love working as a fitness professional, but there are a lot of elements of it that really irk me sometimes.


by mldrgrl
for @stephanob​ who asked for prompt 78. “It’s almost midnight and you haven’t said anything cute at all.”

You can’t spend nearly all day, every day, with another person and not get a little annoyed once in awhile. Every so often, one or both of them would reach their limit of the other’s presence and things would come to a head.  Someone would break and maybe a fast-burning argument would burst forth out of the snap, but eventually it would just fade back to normal as though it never happened.

It was Scully’s turn in the cycle. For whatever reason, everything Mulder said that day really aggravated her. They’d spent four hours in the car together and all she’d heard the entire time from him were sarcastic barbs about the difficulties of dealing with their upcoming file audit and how pointless it all was.

“Would you just..” she said.

“Would I just?” he asked.

“The sound of your voice right now…” She shook her head and turned to look out the window.

“Makes you tingle in all the right places?”

“Makes me sick in all the wrong ones. Stop talking.”


She closed her eyes and breathed deeply.  “If you would please, just shut the hell up for the rest of the day, I would be grateful.”

He pursed his lips and then rubbed them together in silence.  After a few moments of brooding, he took one hand off the steering wheel and reached into his pocket.  The only sound for the rest of the drive was the cracking of sunflower seeds.

Mulder kept mum as Scully checked them into their motel. Their case was closed, this was merely a stopover on the way home.  Maybe she was so annoyed because it was already past dinner time and they still had a six hour drive ahead of them in the morning.

“What do you want for dinner?” she asked as they both unlocked the doors to their side-by-side room.

He held up a brochure for pizza delivery he’d picked up in the manager’s office and raised his brows.

“As long as half of it’s vegetarian,” she answered and he nodded before closing his door.

Not much more than half an hour later, there was a knock on the connecting door in Scully’s room. She opened it and Mulder held up a pizza box and a can of Diet Coke in front of her.  She took them both and then leaned into the doorway when he started to retreat.  There was a plate of pizza and a Coke already on his table.

“You don’t want to eat together?” she asked.

He shrugged and gestured towards the table in invitation.  She rolled her eyes a little and sighed.

“Okay, you’re mad at me,” she said. “I get it.”

He shook his head, smiling, and then reached up and drew his pinched index finger and thumb across his lips, twisted them slightly at the edge of his mouth and then flicked an imaginary key out into the ether.

“Fine,” she said.  “I’ll see you in the morning.”

She shut the connecting door and sulked, eating at her own table alone. It was nice not to have to fight for the remote and which of the 26 channels they were going to watch, but she would also have to admit that was just part of the fun at the end of the day.  It bothered her he was taking this so seriously.  That was one of the things she liked best about her partner - how unlikely he was to hold a grudge over their little spats.  Usually these things rolled off his shoulders so easily.

After dinner and a shower and making her way through two chapters of the paperback she’d brought along for the case, she decided to go to bed. She could hear the muffled sound from the TV in Mulder’s room, which was so common as to be a lullaby, but she didn’t sleep.  She tossed and turned and after looking at the clock for the umpteenth time, she got out of bed and knocked on his door.

The volume on the TV went low and she heard rustling. After a few more moments he opened the door and she looked past him to see the rumpled sheets, but the light and TV were on and he was bright eyed so she was pretty sure she didn’t wake him.

“May I come in?” she asked.

He opened the door wider and lifted his arm higher while keeping his grip on the frame.  She ducked under his arm and sat down on the edge of his bed, waiting for his trademark comment about fraternizing after hours in motel rooms, but he said nothing and crawled back into bed and adjusted the pillows behind his back against the headboard.

“Speak!” she commanded.

He smiled and shook his head.  She crossed her arms.

“Dammit Mulder, it’s almost midnight and you haven’t said anything cute at all.”

He raised his brows.

She sighed.  “You know what I mean.”

He reached his hand out and wiggled his fingers at her.  She twisted her shoulder away and he bent forward and grabbed her arm, tugging her up the bed towards him.  She put up a bit of resistance, but then acquiesced, scooting closer until she was sitting beside his hip.  He turned his puppy dog eyes on and lifted her hand to his mouth to kiss her wrist.

“I’m sorry,” she said.  “I love your voice.  I miss your voice.  Please, talk to me.”

He let go of her hand and tapped his bottom lip with one finger.  She leaned in and gave him a quick kiss and pulled back with an expectant look on her face.  He squinted in thought and then tugged on his ear before fluttering his fingers up her arm.

“I don’t want to play charades,” she said.

He kept fluttering his fingers and then waggled his brows at her until she rolled her eyes.

“Okay, Mulder,” she said.  “Your voice makes me tingle in all the right places.”

He pounced on her, sending her back onto the mattress giggling as he peppered her face with small kisses.  “Didn’t think I could do it, did you?” he asked.  

“Don’t ever do that to me again.”

“And disobey a direct order?”  He pulled his head back, feigning shock.  “Scully, I would never.  And by the way, Agent, you know there are rules about fraternizing in your partner’s motel room.”

She grinned.  “Rules are made to be broken, Agent Mulder,” she said, pulling him down for a kiss.

The End


So get this; My sister and I have never visited any other country apart from India, and of course we’d love to travel everywhere and learn things about different cultures. But it really aggravates me when people are shocked at the fact that we haven’t been anywhere else. They make a face, like really?? They ask: “Aren’t you bored of India?, What is there to see in INDIA?” and When we say tell people were off to India, we get; “Again??”  👀 👀

No, Everything Yes, is my answer. We love India! I mean look at it! Its BEAUTIFUL!!!!  ❤️‍ ❤️‍

Bikaner, Rajasthan

Gadi Sagar Gate, North India

Jaisalmer Fort, Rajasthan

Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Taj Mahal, Agra

Tomb of I’timād-ud-Daulah, Agra

Western Temples of Khajuraho

The Chitrakot waterfall

The Himalayas


Kovalam Beach, Kerala

The Ganga River near Rishikesh

Bandra-Worli Sea Link, Mumbai

I rest my case  ✌️ ✌️


▪A/N: I love sirius tbh

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▪the two of you meeting when he’s paired as your partner for potions 6th year

▪hating him at first for his cockiness and obnoxiousness

▪doing things when he’s being the cocky self he is

▪such as rolling your eyes when he makes a sexual joke

▪or huffing a breath of air when he talks to James from across the room

▪it’s obvious you hate him

▪but eventually he comes up to you and asks “why do you hate me?”

▪you being straight up and saying “because you are arrogant, insolent, irrevocable, and annoying. you think you’re the shit but really, you’re not,”

▪talking about how aggravated you are of him and how it’s hard to work with him and finally getting it off your chest

▪but this little shit decides that while you’re talking, mid-sentence, he kisses you

▪you push away and slap him giving him the ‘what are the fuck’ face

▪and just walking away from the spot you were previously in

▪while he’s standing there confused running a hand thru his dark hair

▪not talking to him for a few weeks after the little scene he caused

▪you change partners for potions so you don’t have to deal with his shit

▪sharing longing glances in the hall while you’re walking past each other

▪you feeling confused about your feelings for him ever since the kiss which is the reason why your ignoring him

▪but eventually you guys meet in the common room once it was dark and everyone went up their dorms

▪it was kind of an accident really because you needed to study, he needed some time for himself to collect his thoughts/couldn’t sleep

▪you sitting across the room from him because you couldn’t bare to look into his stormy eyes that melts you in

▪him giving glances at you from across the room confused as to how he felt this way

▪but he first pipes up, quite awkwardly, “so what are you working on?”

▪you giving him a bitter glance, “studying for the transfiguration test we have next week”

▪him nodding along

▪then silence

▪sirius huffing getting up from his spot “I can’t take this anymore Y/N, I like you okay? I don’t know what I did to deserve this!”

▪dropping the notes you had in your lap to the coffee table while joining him in the couch “I was confused as to what I was feeling towards you which is kinda the reason why I’ve ignored you for the past few weeks”

▪sirius widening his eyes “I didn’t know you felt the same way”

▪then silence

▪sirius kissing you out of the blue, but this time you accepted it and kissed back this time

▪and all was well ♡

lana runs this bitch

i cant believe C$ers are MAD that Lana liked a post about SQ. Like its a show. These characters are FAKE. C$ is not real. Lana doesnt have a contract saying that she has to act like everything on the show is real, because its not. Im so sorry to all of the fans who really got aggravated with this, because its not swens fault, nor is it Lana’s that you guys started spreading rumors and saying Jen was sleeping with Colin, and made Jen feel as if she had to stay 50ft away from all shippers. If you haven’t realized, swen doesnt get a lot (unless Lana is involved). You guys think we’re delusional and Lana is baiting us with every chance she gets. If thats sooo true, Lana liking a post about SQ shouldn’t bother you…unless you feel your ship is threatened by it. And thats not a valid reason for you to start tweeting Adam to fire Lana. You do realize without her the show would be in an even worse place than it is right now…like Hook cannot run the show lol the episode last week purely proved that.

(NSFW) 'Ride' and Remember - Mamoru Kishi

A/N: A long due giveaway prize for @anime-and-randomness-with-lucy. A spin on the jealousy plot. Also, this turned out long (again) so spare some time~

MC Name: Ayu 

‘There’s our Mamo…’ Baba pointed into the near distance, a roguish grin beginning to play on his lips as Mamoru came into view, casually leaning against his car.  

Ayu threw Baba a wary look, far too well acquainted with that smile of his to mistake it for something innocuous. ‘Don’t start thinking something funny now. Mamoru’s been really stressed with that last case, don’t aggravate him.’ 

‘Oh come on, pretty lady. A little jealousy adds some spice, no?’ 

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OK SO at first I was only a little bit pissed about this but the more I think about it the more it bothers me! Like a huge theme in both Dragon Ball Z was passing the torch the next generation of martial artists. When you boil down the story to the essentials, that’s one thing that’s always been there ever since the first World Tournament arc. Roshi Trained Goku, Krillin, and the other Z fighters, and then the Z fighters trained Gohan. Even little stuff cements in this theme, like King Piccolo’s son/ reincarnation being stronger than him, or the Supreme Kai being weaker than Goku and the people he was trying to protect.

So the thing really pissing me off is that it doesn’t make any sense for Super to keep having Roshi fight instead of the younger fighters. To me, it sort of destroys the message were meant to get from Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. Look, Yamcha is my favorite character so I may be a bit biased, but like… where the fuck is he… it’s like they forgot that he was just as important as Krillin in Dragon Ball and probably even more important than Tien. Him and Chiaotzu were both Roshi’s pupils, but we’re just going to act like they stopped being as important as Tien for some reason. And if we’re talking about power levels here, they’ve said explicitly that he was as stronger than Roshi and as strong as Tien in the Saiyan Saga and has been getting even stronger since then. Actually, we can infer that everyone who fought in the Saiyan Saga was a lot stronger than Roshi, making Chiaotzu and Yajirobe better contenders in the tournament than he would be.

And you know what? I actually hate talking about power levels. The main reason Roshi didn’t fight in Dragon Ball Z, and even in the last world tournament in Dragon Ball is a lot deeper than that. Martial Arts doesn’t belong to Roshi and his generation anymore; it belongs to the Z fighters. In Dragon Ball, Roshi was this almost Godlike unbeatable force; everyone recognized this old man as the strongest; he was the goal that Goku, Krillin, Yamcha and Tien all worked towards in their training, and didn’t get there until near the end. The Saiyan Saga seems to play out pretty similar to Roshi and Shen’s struggle against King Piccolo, and we know that the future is in their hands now. 

But now, in a twist of fate, Roshi has taken the spot that once belonged to his students. Thematically, it makes no sense.I really hate when series get to the point where the people who watched it growing up start writing it, because we get shit like this. Roshi is a well-liked character. Yamcha is a meme. They’ve even acknowledged this on the show, in what was somehow one of my simultaneous favorite and least favorite episodes yet.It would even make a lot of sense for Roshi’s spot in the tournament or even the Ressurrection F saga to be given Goten or Trunks, the up-and-coming martial artists, but for some reason it’s given to a character who’s been retired for the last 20 years. It all boils down to popularity, and that’s what really gets to me.

I watched the first few episodes of The Mick, and Carla Jimenez (this was one of the only good photos I could find of her, wearing a city chic dress I definitely tried from gwynniebee and which looked ridiculously bad on me, I’m glad to see it can be really cute!) is in the show.

While it’s aggravating that Jimenez has been typecast again as a maid/housekeeper type role (she was Virginia’s boss in Raising Hope, if anyone remembers that) I am shocked and pleased to report that four episodes in… No fat jokes! Not a single one, not even a sneaky one. She is a main character, she’s funny and strong and helps drive storylines. There’s even a bit where the (skinny, white, blonde) main character is trying to have sex with a man, and Alba (Jimenez) offers to have sex with him instead. I was so tense through that whole scene, waiting for the sneer, but it never came! Sure, the audience is likely to read it as a joke because haha fat sex, but the show doesn’t present it as a joke. And that’s important!

It’s not a great show, by any means, it’s cruder than I generally like and rather flimsy, but if you have Hulu I recommend giving it a shot, because how often do we get fat characters who get to exist as people who are as well rounded as the thin people they interact with, and aren’t merely the butt of jokes?

Jealous Aria Montgomery would include

-She will either be angry or very quiet

-You always notice her getting quiet

-She’s embarrassed that she jealous but will admit she’s upset

-She doesn’t know why she feels like that

-Because she trusts you completely

-You just need a long talk and cuddling

-And a sleepover where you just relax together

-Other times when she’s angry she gets really aggravated

-Will silently stare down whoever is talking to you

-So much touching tbh

-Until things get resolved she will make sassy remarks

-Honestly it will probs only get resolved after a fight

-After resolving she still wants to make sure everyone knows you’re together

-Insisting you wear her jacket

-And telling you to try out her perfume

-Talks really loudly with you about upcoming dates

-But she quiets in embarrassment when you ask if she’s still jealous

-giggling at her reaction and pulling her into a hug

-It takes her a while to stop being jealous

-But knowing that you both love each other and it will all be okay soon

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Listen for some reason I really want Aoko and Heiji to be friends. I don’t know maybe they met because of their dads and got along because they both have a strong sense of justice and easily get into trouble. Maybe they work together sometimes using Aoko’s math skills and godlike reflexes to help with Heiji’s cases.

I especially want nicknames like Hei-chan and Ao-kun.

They probably would be those friends that affectionately insult each other. Maybe they even fight for fun or play against each other at sports and video games.

Aoko-Heiji friendship. Please.

Why Misa shouldn’t be hated nearly as much as she is

“I hate Misa” is a really common phrase I see. It’s aggravating. She murdered people, yes that’s bad. But there are people who love Light or Mikami that hate Misa. Why? Let’s walk through a few reasons I have seen repeated.

  • She aggravates Light
  • She’s stupid
  • She’s a ‘slut’ (yes, I’ve seen this many, many times)
  • She doesn’t do anything to help 
  • She was all for letting Rem kill Light
  • She forced Light into a relationship
  • She’s a Lawlight cockblock

Now, let’s address these individually 

  • Aggravating Light. She doesn’t do this on purpose. She has a needy/peppy personality, that’s not a bad thing. Also Light kept her around on purpose, it’s not like he was fighting everything to cut ties with her because she was annoying. She was made to think that Light loved her, of course she’s going to want him to be around her and show affection. 
  • Stupid? Did you even watch the show/read the manga? Misa thought up a plan all on her own to get tapes to Sakura TV. She then found a way to find Light. Let’s not forget the Higuchi incident. She was smart enough to read Higuchi and know how to lure him in and get him to confess he was Kira. 
  • She’s a slut. This one makes no sense what so ever, so I won’t spend much time on it. She likes Light, and Light alone. Even if she didn’t, there’s nothing wrong with that. She wouldn’t even Kiss Hideki during her movie shoot because she had a boyfriend. Fuck off with this one
  • She doesn’t help? Most of this show wouldn’t exist without her. It’s because of her that the yotsuba arc even happened. Also again, the Higuchi incident. That was all Misa. 
  • She was going to let Rem kill Light. No she was not. She specifically says “You can’t really kill him, okay?”.
  • She didn’t force Light into shit. Yes, she was persistent as fuck, but no forcing was done. She didn’t say “Light I’m your girlfriend” She said “Will you make me your girlfriend?” and at one point when she asks if they’re official, Light says yes (he says it more nonchalantly, but still.) Light lured Misa in. He told her to stay, he needed her. He kept her around all on his own. He mistreated her. He told Misa that he loved her. 
  • Now the real reason most people hate her. Lawlight cockblock. This one is so unfathomably stupid. I like lawlight too, but Misa doesn’t disrupt it at all. She loves Light and he says that he loves her (even though he’s lying). Sorry about your luck, but that’s no reason to hate a character. 

Now if you want to hate Misa for being a murderer, go for it. But you’ll have to hate Light too. 

(originally posted with the song ‘You and Me’ by Lifehouse that I have since deleted due to the copyright blog deletions)

High school!au where Eren and Levi have been best friends since diapers.

It’s their senior year and everyone has dates. Well, everyone but Levi and Eren. Several girls ask Eren but he declines each offer. He tells them that he really doesn’t want Levi to be lonely. Tells them that he couldn’t leave his grouch all alone. To which Levi gives him a punch to the shoulder. But that’s not the only reason.

Because, truth be told, he’s loved Levi since grade two.

So they go to prom.

Sitting at the tables, Eren halfheartedly listens to Levi complain about Erwin not letting him spike the punch. When suddenly a certain song starts to play over the speakers. Eren grabs Levi’s hand, and Levi asks what Eren thinks he’s doing. And Eren just whispers, trust me. Levi doesn’t need any other explanation than that as he allows the hand wrapped around his own to give him a reassuring squeeze.

So, Eren takes Levi to the center of the dance floor. And they don’t really dance, just sort of sway with each other because fuck if either of them know how to dance. Levi’s never had anyone to practice with, and Eren… is well… Eren… two left feet and a face full of determination. And Levi, the guy who always has something witty to say, doesn’t speak a word. Doesn’t even complain when Eren steps on his toes or knocks his knees. He doesn’t notice any of these things, because he’s only focused on the light in those eyes. And how they seem to shine extra bright in the florescent glow of a disco ball that seems way too outdated for 2014.

But he hears the words.

He hears the song.

And he realizes why Eren brought him to the middle of this cesspool of teenage hormones. Sees the adoration reflecting off those eyes, because that sure as hell isn’t from the disco ball. And as a timid smile begins to pull at the corners of Eren’s lips, Levi sees that Eren realizes that Levi’s caught on. So, he isn’t really surprised when Eren’s face starts to get closer, when hot breath starts to fan over his lips. Isn’t even surprised when he’s the one to lean up and secure the kiss.

Because he may or may not have loved Eren all along, too.

A helpful follower submitted this explanation of ABO dynamics.

A/B/O Dynamics

I saw the post about a/b/o dynamics so I figured I would try to shed some light.

A/b/o stands for Alpha, Beta, Omega as in wolf pack ranks. The Internet put those ranks on people making some alpha’s, beta’s or omegas.

Alpha’s are traditionally strong, leaderlike, and have a knot. A knot is something that (physically) ties the partners together during sex. Specifically the penis sort of balloons inside the receiving partner.

A beta doesn’t have many specific traits.

An omega has a heat. Heat is a time when the omega desires sex very strongly for reproduction needs. Some writers have the omega get really hit and aggravated and others downplay the heat effect.

A/B/O dynamics are very diverse and many people write them differently which is really fantastic if you ask me.

I hope this helped.

Mod Note: It’s worth mentioning that the alpha, beta, and omega is independent of sex. Meaning that both men and women can be any of these roles. Ie, A female alpha will have a penis and beable to impregnate as well as get pregnant themselves, she is basically a futanari. A male omega will have a womb, but also a small penis. Betas are just normal people. 

New Butterflies | Oh Sehun

Rating - Fluff

Word Count1.2k

Summary - In which you are in a detention with your best friend Sehun - who actually decided to show up to one for the first time - and things seem a little different whilst shelving the books.



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High bookshelves being the only thing that surrounded me as I went around making up for the amount of detentions I’d skipped with my best friend–and school famous bad boy- Oh Sehun. But trying to keep up his clean record of never attending any of his detentions, he obviously didn’t show up and left me to restock the library and put all of the books in the correct place. The punishment seemed pretty tame for missing out on three detentions in a row, but the amount of books people put out of place is shocking and currently really aggravating. I was in the middle of filing all of the names of the authors, as the librarian had decided to leave this task for me as well before she left, when I heard a light shuffling noise outside the locked double doors. Sehun and I were the only students who were given the keys to the library after it went into lock down mode, so I anxiously sauntered towards the door with a hard back book in my hand just in case it was someone who was unwelcomed.

I saw the door open and walked towards it, not noticing the huge puddle of water and instantly slipping backwards. But as I was about to fall, my hand was grabbed by someone who pulled me back up towards him effortlessly. I breathed out shakily before looking up to see the smirk on his face and I glared at him as if to say ‘what the hell?’ We stared at each other for a few seconds with his chest slowly rising and falling at the obvious fatigue of coming back from a session of football, but all I could stare at were the tiny droplets of water falling out of his freshly washed hair and trailing down his face to his inviting lips. I was taken out of my trance when slowly released his grasp and straightened up my shaken form, casually walked to a tray of books ready to be organised.

“I’m sorry I think you’ve come to the wrong place…This is detention, you know the thing you earn yourself and I but you avoid like the plague” I voiced and he let out a little chuckle at my comment.

“Football practice ended early and I really didn’t want you to be alone for your first ever detention” He cooed in a childlike voice, flashing me his signature smile which said ‘you’re lucky I’m in your life’

“Should’ve thought about that an hour ago, when the actual detention started” I muttered as I finished putting the files back into the draws.

“Hey, at least we have the next two hours together!” He cheered, following me back into the section of large bookshelves, where all of the history and geography texts were organised.

“Okay, hand me that file” I instructed as I began to climb the sliding ladder attached to the shelves, designed to help students reach the higher shelves in addition to being the central for accidents in the school.

“Are you sure you want to do it? Get off and let me, I don’t want you getting hurt” He suggested sternly and I giggled at his new found sense of responsibility. He’s always been a little over-protective of me ever since we met, always keeping me at a good distance from his football friends and taking on the risks for me. But today I felt like actually doing for myself since I was already in the detention, what was there to lose?

“It’s fine, just hold it still just in case” I nervously laughed before going back to stepping up the wooden platforms. After I’d successfully placed the file in the top shelf, I turned around to make sure I was placing my foot on the correct level when I caught sight of actually how high off of the ground I was. I hastily made my climbed down the ladder and almost gracefully landing on the ground, but my foot decided to get caught in the last gap of the ladder. Just as I lost my balance, falling backwards Sehun quickly grabbed my waist from behind and brought me back to my feet.

“Is it just me or do you just keep falling for the sake of me catching you” He smirked with his arm still around my waist

“It was your fault this time” I covered, breathing slowly calming down from my clumsy trait.

My face slowly calmed down from the raging blush to look up at Sehun who didn’t have a smile, or smirk, or anything on his face.

“Um, you can let me go now” I coughed awkwardly and turned away from him, looking back down at the ground. It took all of the power and confidence in me to look back up at his face, just to find his eyes trained on my lips as they nervously quivered

“Kiss me” He simply whispered

“S-Sehun you don’t know what you’re talking about, let me go” I stammered as my eyes subconsciously went back to observing his supple lips. My eyes widened at the slight smirk he had on his face when he caught me staring at them again and I instinctively began to find interest in the ground once more.

“Come on Y/N, we’ve never been just friends. We’ve always had a little more and I know you want to, so don’t deny it” I ignored what he said until I saw him move closer to me in the corner of my eye. My heart began to speed up and I gulped, afraid he was actually going to kiss me. “You know you want to kiss me, (Y/N)…” His voice was low and deep when he whispered into my ear, sending chills down my spine and I turned to him noticing how dangerously close we were

“I don’t know how to kiss!” I blurted out and he just smiled at me bringing his hand up to my cheek slowly caressing it.

“It’s easy, I’ll teach you.” I saw him close his eyes and he leaned closer. I mirrored his actions as I closed my eyes too and moved in until his lips were on mine. I noticed how soft his lips actually were and calmed my nerves down at the contact.  His hand moved from my face and trailed back down to my waist, pulling my body closer to his. His tongue slowly slipped into my mouth and I once again followed his actions. As we pulled away, my breathing became a bit ragged as we just stared into each other’s eyes.

“Wow” I smiled at him and a blush crept upon my cheeks. Sehun leaned in once more and gave me a small peck on the lips before leading me back to the main area to continue our detention.

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Had a really awful day, so I was really looking forward to letting off some steam with a run. I did 40-min, with a 10-min warmup on the field, and it really aggravated pain in my right shin. I switched to the road, and it felt slightly better. That pain was much worse than the actual wound on my left leg. I tried to push through but at some points I had to stop and stretch. I know it’s sad, but this is the farthest distance I’ve gone in a while. Not too happy with that fact, but hey, this is the situation I’ve been dealt.

Happy with the pace, this was fast compared to my previous runs. I definitely was pushing at times (I finished at a 10:30/mi pace), I feel like every run these days is a fartlek. Didn’t do push-ups, I didn’t want to aggravate my wound between sets. Overall feeling very blessed with my recovery and I’m hoping tomorrow will go well too.