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If you don't mind me asking, do you have any writing tips or advice on how to write things or sentences naturally?

The best advice I can offer is to just practice, practice, practice, really. Writing is one of those things where the individual style is always going to differ from person to person, so it’s important to just try and write as much as you can and find which style personally fits you best!  Whether you prefer writing in present tense or past tense, using first person, second person, third person, etc.—these are all things that you should really experiment with firsthand to decide what you’re most comfortable with.

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Okay, so earlier this day I read the latest chapter and instead of having my questions answered it just raised up more questions????? I didn’t try theorizing because tbh that’s not a field that I’m good at but I just wanted to share the questions that haunt me and if someone has answers I would really appreciate that

First of, who tf is our!ciel now??? Honestly, I thought that this chapter might answer this question but then Yana decides to fuck us up???

So if that’s real!Ciel I feel very conflicted rn, because what about our!Ciel??? What does this make him?? And what made him look so physically pained? What is their story and what happened between them?

As I continued really I hoped my question would be answered but then this slide happened

What exactly did Sebastian do to the real!Ciel??? What exactly even pushed our!Ciel to order Sebastian into doing something to his twin brother? Did real!Ciel possibly have something to do with how our!Ciel was treated? But then again, they were only kids how would they have understood? Also, how did the real!Ciel survive Sebastian’s ‘whatever it was’ that he had done to him and what exactly did he do to him? Because damn does someone look angryyyyy and like is he also possibly contracted with a demon? Because seriously… How did he survive??? Unless Sebastian really tried hiding something from our!Ciel but that couldn’t be it because Sebastian also looks confused and a bit surprised during this chapter also it’s already been said that Sebastian can’t lie to our!Ciel so I really dunno man

Also the fact that Tanaka knew what had happened

this makes me wonder just how much Tanaka knows about the whole situation and if he knows about Sebastian’s real nature and our!Ciel’s contract?




I mean for him to think like that his family must’ve treated him in a certain way right? And why was he chosen to be the spare?

Our!Ciel obviously went through a lot that tbh at this point I just want to see him happy at least once even if that’s when Sebastian has to take his soul I’m just that desperate atm

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Bby, what did they do to him?? Did they make the boi edgy??

Anonymous said: Spill the tea!! What happened in the trailer what arE THEY DOING TO AECH???

Anonymous said: please say this is not what they r doin to my aech,,, please n o

Anonymous said: Where is maybe possible Aech in the teaser?

UMMM SO APPARENTLY AECH IS THAT GIANT ORC DUDE?? Like there’s one frame where there’s a tag across his chest that reads “Aech” and I’m really upset if that’s his avatar because he’s supposed to be this tall Caucasian male with dark hair and dark eyes and broad shoulders and like?? Umm that’s not accurate at all

Like if it’s just a transformation sorta that’s fine. If it’s temporary…? But if the movie writers are like “Lol we’re gonna make Aech’s avatar a giant orc to be EDGY” I’m like UM NO. NO THANKS. ORCS ARE COOL BUT PLEASE DON’T

Normally I wouldn’t care but Aech is my favorite character and I really wanted to see his human avatar? Please? Don’t do this to me I–dammit

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This might be a weird question, but what is Mini's dating history? Is Rei her first and only crush and love? Thank you have a nice day. :)

lmaooo i low-key love this question?? ;–; so, to answer your second question.. rei is not her first crush, but is he her first love?? find out next time, on dragon ball z!!!! xoxo also, thank you!! ;—–;; have a lovely day!! ☀️

for her dating history.. /cracks knuckles/ ;—–;-;-;; .. she had a long-term boyfriend when she was younger (around 16/17), but the relationship was extremely toxic. they broke-up when she left for university and she hasn’t seen/spoken to him since. BUT.. when i created her and started posting her, she was a sophomore in university, so most of her subsequent crushes/relationships started forming around this point?? (if that makes any sense lmaoo.. forgive pls.)
one of her first crushes was @5traits‘ cole!! when she first joined twitter, they used to talk often-ish and she was like “wow.. he’s really cool and cute. he’s gr8.” then she met @plumbobsophy‘s rei, who ended up being her second crush!! ya’ll already know their story, soooo… lmaoo. shortly before rei’s disappearance, she developed a crush on @theothersim‘s zero and they hooked-up after rei lefttt. most recently, she had a teeny crush on a biochem lab assistant.. but after thinking about it, she was like “yeah, no… not 4 me.” so, currently!! she’s not really crushing on anyone. she just spends her time traveling, going on adventures with friends, and working in the genetics lab.

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Hii What you think would have happened if Jon had met Sansa while Ygritte was still alive? Love your blog!

Hi Anon! Sorry for the late, late answer! And thank you for liking the blog -  whatever it is now LOL

Hmm good question. That would depend on the mind frame and the location Sansa would be in I guess.

I don’t really ship Jon and Ygritte even thought their love was pure and beautiful, there was never any real potential. It’s fun to answer this now because it is known that Jon is now heir to the Throne,  being Rhaegar’s and Lyanna’s son. And if Ygritte lived, I think Jon would still leave her and return to the North. He is very duty bound, very much like Ned since he worships Ned and aspires to be him. But yeah he would still return to Winterfell. By himself. 

And then be with Sansa. LOL.

Wrong question to ask a Jonsa shipper because you’re gonna get a biased answer. Sorry anon! oops

Jonsa for life yooo..

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Hello! I'm stopping by to say that your art is gorgeous! I really like your lineart and your style is so smooth and adorable! I also love the colours that you use! Keep up the good work! -Good Work Anon

Omg thank you so much?? I’m so glad you like my work ahh and YEAH I love colors they’re really fun to play around with!!

Thank you I will! ^^

that totally reminds me, ya’ll should check out No Evil by Betsy Lee!

it’s an animated series on youtube, and it is amazing! like, seriously! the characters are all so good, and i love them all a fuckton.

the story and setting is inspired by a lot of American mythologies and folklore and stuff, and it’s a treat! like, three of the main characters are named after Aztec gods, and one of them is inspired by Paul Bunyan, and another one, is named Ichabod Crane, and just. it’s fantastic.

and oh man, that’s not even mentioning the music! the music is a HUGE part of it, and it’s fantastic. if you want a taste of what i mean, listen to this.

the first… seven? eight? parts are backstory, but they’re all pretty short! so, please- do yourself the favour and watch it! you can catch up in a day, so it won’t be a huge chunk out of your time!

@ the anon who just sent me that message: Yeah um?? It’s actually a giant spoiler/plot twist so I’m not going to post it here just in case people are still reading the book;; I’m sorry if you spoiled yourself tho oops

That’s like one of the major plot reveals towards the end of the book so yeah that’s who he’ll be played by at least irl, his game avatar will be different of course but!! Yeah


I was looking for some inspiration to draw adult Harry Potter and I read this headcanon of @snapslikethis, so I had to illustrate it!

Alfred is a ministry’s employee who doesn’t want to be the asshole who brings  Harry Potter the fact he needs an apparition licence in order to apparate, after almost 19 years x)

 [more Potter sketches]

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Favourite Hobrien moments of all time? :)))

Oh god… I don’t even know, Mel. Can I just say every time they’re together or talk about each other? No? Ok, here are a few:

When Hoechlin thought Dylan was awesome.

When Dylan was all of us (and wanted more scenes with Hoechlin)

When they ignore everyone else for each other.

(I mean what even is that look, Hoechlin. I don’t have the whole shot but he was looking past Crystal to eyebrow flirt Dylan.)

When Hoechlin bit Dylan’s wrist during a photo op <3

When they adorably pitch scenes for their characters together:

When Dylan got completely distracted staring at Hoechlin’s chest.

That time they called Hoechlin from ComicCon and Dylan flipped out.

And when Hoechlin said he loved Dylan with the biggest heart eyes…

When Dylan cheated off Hoechlin on Wolf Watch.

And when Hoechlin got super indignant on Dylan’s behalf during a game:

(and basically every time they’re together on that show tbh)

That time Hoechlin pitched and Dylan caught.

Hoechlin’s favorite story about Dylan slapping then hugging him that he told whenever he could.

This sweet little secret smile Dylan gets after looking at Hoechlin:

The million times Dylan talks about how hot Hoechlin is.

The time Dylan made Hoechlin laugh way harder than he should have.

The way Hoechlin can’t stop complimenting/supporting Dylan.

The time Dylan licked Hoechlin’s abs.

The time when they were each other’s favorite characters.

That one moment where they flirted about pasta.

And there’s so many more. Just… all the Hobrien moments <3

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thank you for clearing things up!! i was so confused but honestly genderfluid aech is the BEST thank you once again shima! :)

Oh of course!! AND YEAH I’M GLAD YOU AGREE that’s just. How I like to see it I think it makes sense :’) You’re very welcome!!

You can still be nonbinary even if you are mostly comfortable doing things that are associated with your birth gender.

Being nonbinary doesn’t have to be about distancing yourself from the past, if that isn’t for you.

It can about realizing that there is simply more to you than you previously thought.

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If Harry uses hair ties, does he always lose them like the rest of us? And, do you think someone came up with the idea to just "accio hair ties" and is bombarded with years worth of Harry's missing hair ties?

I just had this image of Harry getting really stressful on work and a very brave young female auror asks “is everything alright sir?” And he just goes “i lost something” with a grumpy face. suddenly he sees it.
“Where did you find this hair tie?”
“Er… Why, Mr. Potter?”
“It’s pink”
“Sir? I’ve found it on the floor during training today. Sorry, but i don’t understand”
“Please leave.”

Later at home
“Gin, honey. So remember that lucky charm of yours”
“The symbol of our love that you decided to use during my important matches so you can send me good luck, yes I remember quite well. it was the most romantic thing you have ever done to me.”
“I lost it”
“Have you tried accio?”
“It’s not that simple.”
“How’s not that simple? It’s a hair tie”
“It’s with another… woman. Accidentally. But I will get it back, I just need a plan.”
“It’s ok sweetie, i trust you.”

Ginny never calls him “sweetie”.

Next morning someone enters his office. It’s Ginny. Harry jumps with a what the fuck omg it’s my wife, I’m dead again face. she wants to know if he got the hair tie back because that thing was really fucking important to her. The female auror appears on her sight. Ginny sees her old hair tie on that blonde hair.

Harry knows his wife very well.

“You won’t do this. Gin you shouldn’t be here- shit”

“Excuse me. Hi. I’m Ginn”
“Omg you’re Ginny Potter!! I’m such a fan! Would you mind signing my shirt?? And can I ask for an advice…”

Later that night at bed
“You’re right, it’s not that simple”
“I told you.”

and they discuss plans to get the hair tie back during all night harry can’t even concentrate to have sex and I’ve just written the first episode of How I Hexed Your Father, the name will be The One With The Hair Tie