this is really a question

im just remembering Evillustrator and something got me thinking

did Marinette ever tell anybody about her helping Chat Noir?

cause like, in the last scene Alya is asking Chloé about it Ladybug and Chat Noir (probably because Chloé told everybody) but then why Alya isnt asking anything to Marinette? Then Sabrina came and she didn’t know about Marinette going in the date with Evillustrator which could be a very plausible excuse to not be able to work with her.

But Marinette didnt tell anything

Now my point is

If Marinette never told anything

there was no way Adrien could have known about it

his question came really out of nowhere (except for us, but because we know the truth)

so (deep breathe)

Mari, my sweet innocent and very dense daughter,

how you didnt notice that?!

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The thing with it being a parasitic fungus is that parasitic organisms usually are pretty specifically adapted to certain conditions (like the hosts body temperature etc. for endoparasites); Plus fungi aren'tusually that keen on shifting conditions like sudden extreme heat, an will most likely produce spores of some sort. But I mean, you can really do whatever you want, sometimes especially fungi behave not like expected! Reversal of some inner reactions under changing conditions for example

Ohh gotcha! The fungi in question aren’t–really so much fungi beyond they ‘look like such’ but rather an intelligent lifeform–going a bit spoilery here, i’ve shown once (in a terribly old comic)

that there;s enormous projections of a sort of plant/fungal macroform enveloping Frontera, enormous spires that weave in and out of the planet’s crust. It’s sort of a big deal what it entails, and there’s even a membrane that covers the surface of the planet and makes it hard to pass in and out–a sort of imposed quarantine that only recently outside federations were able to traverse (in no small part because of Altes who live in the membrane) Domes are also very organic and there’s a sort of ‘nerve cluster’ network made by this macroform some call Huizache. 

The fungi is venerated as a being, and it does respond to this–Amanuenso have an innate affiliation with it, as well as most other frontera gestalt and just gestalt in general, with a sect of knights that are ‘anointed’ by being possessed by this thing. One of such examples is a main character whom i don’t touch much–here’s drawing by the amazing @extra-vertebrae

Sabelico is one of the more hardcore knight examples, though overall the huizache’s presence could definitely imply super adaptive biology since knights compose military and theistic ranks that traverse outside of the amanu sphere, so definitely outside their safe environments. Though man I loooove the suggestion that it’d behave unexpectedly under certain circumstances! gives good food for thought


ooh perhaps the fungi or a specific type of fungi serves as a kind of “parasitic hemoglobin” in warmer tempretures, meaning they can i dunno spend a few weeks eating it/bathing in it to fill their bloodstream with oxygen-carrying nanospores that allow travel in warm enviroments but have to be purged every so often, giving a kind of waiting period moving between tempretures to stop the “fungal bends” or something

maybe it could cause damage long term so they cant LIVE in warm enviroments, and have to return to a cold enviroment every few years, a process requiring a few weeks or months of acclimatization and parasitical fungal hemoglobin purging to prevent blood hyperoxygenation . and the spores can turn them a funny colour/have wierd side effects

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! It reminds me a little of Jauria biology issue where they sometimes become bloated with blood if they don’t berserk often or do blood-letting, the purging thing entails just so much nice…weird body horror stuff? Also a sort of, universal ‘get down and purge’ thing…since Jauria also have a kind of symbiote fungi and Jauria run both SUPER hot and live in hotter environments maybe it helps with this in some way?

They gotta groom their huizache growths or get curly hair or something, haha…oh man this sounds super cool, thanks for the suggestion! 

I’m incredibly terrified excited to announce that I’m writing a fic!!!

It’s no secret that I have an overwhelming amount of feels for Tsukki. I have spent a shameful amount of time analyzing his character, speculating his motivations, and developing countless head canons. A couple weeks back one of my dear friends on here made a suggestion that I try writing. At the time I totally brushed her off like that was the craziest thing in the world..and here we are now, hah.

This fic will follow Kei’s development from the moment Karasuno lost to Seijoh in Season 1 all the way through the end of Season 3. My goal is to give you all an inside look at what (I think) Kei possibly went through all that time. Actual canon events and conversations will be used (and tweaked, at times) along with many new situations that I think may have happened behind the scenes while the focus was more on Hinata/Kageyama. (And let’s be honest, I really just needed an excuse to write third gym antics)

Chapter 1 will be posted this Friday, but to thank you all for taking the time to read all of this rambling, there is a preview here under the cut! =^^=

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So I did this with the amis…..

Enjolras is a great great movie

Grantaire just had a bonding moment

Courfeyrac of course was the only one that had been a bonding moment

Combeferre and I had a bonding moment

Joly I au moins une fois que je suis en vacances

Bossuet is the only thing I want to do with my god

Jehan just cut my hair off and I was like oh yeah that’s ok

Bahorel is the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life and I love it

Feuilly and I had a bonding moment

I’m actually really happy that Nolan didn’t take that question about Harry’s hair. That really isn’t a focal point of the project, and I feel like that’s the kind of thinking that’s made some Nolan fans, movie critics, and members of the gp leery of Harry’s inclusion in the cast. Though obviously harmless, questions like that really don’t do him any favors. I’m sure for a movie like this, Nolan and Harry and the rest of the cast want to all the attention to be on the project itself. Which is really really good! It’s awesome that they are treating Harry like the other actors and not “Harry Styles, boyband heartthrob who cut his luscious long locks for a movie role.”


So with all the #fancynewtech and #easilyaccessiblehipstermagic, finding babies and small children for the faeries to steal has become incredibly difficult. They need a new strategy because what is the faerie realm without changelings, right?

So they set up a summer camp for highschoolers that takes place on the flipside of a really old college campus. It’s for teens interested in pursuing the arts, it says. GENEROUS scholarships and financial help, it says.

And they get like couple hundred kids signed up, all on scholarships cause the fae don’t need human money they just need changelings, for this “PRODIGIOUS” month-long “ARTS INTENSIVE SUMMER CAMP”

And it seems fine and normal and cool!

But as they eat, they all gradually try these cool yummy exotic fruits that trap them in the faerie realm and make them less and less human with every bite – all except for the one kid who is allergic to basically everything and refuses to risk it. So that one kid is the only one who can still travel between our realm and the faerie realm and he gets very confused because sometimes there’s a bunch of college kids he’s never seen before and sometimes it’s completely quiet except for his campmates.

Then this one autistic girl whose special interest is faeries and magic, who ate one bite of the fruit but no more because its texture didn’t agree with her, figures out what’s wrong and they have to work together to free their campmates because before they all get stuck in the faerie realm and replaced with changelings forever.

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not really an avengers academy question exactly but isn't hercules together with logan (?) in one of the earths or something like that if i'm not mistaken it'd be interesting if they brought that up during his upgrade quests

Yep! They’re a couple in X-Treme X-Men. That would be awesome if they include this in the game or at the very least Hercules bisexuality. 

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So it seems pretty much everyone is freaking out that Even will never get a season since he is graduating, but I really don't think that is the case. I mean if Julie does want to do an Even season it could easily be about his summer or his first year of college or a million other possible ideas. Yes so far they have all been at Nissen but only a part of the show is in school and if Julie feels creatively about an Even season she could do it however she wants, so I don't think people should freak

Yeah, I think we just don’t know what the future holds! Something that strikes me about watching Skam is it’s a lot more flexible than what I’m used to, as well as a lot more reactive. I think Julie Andem does like surprising people too so you especially never know. ;)

(I do think six potential seasons is already a big undertaking and I wouldn’t necessarily expect it to keep expanding but I’m a big fan of just taking this chill.)

Cost of Freedom (1/??)

Summary: After a heist gone wrong, Kaitou KID has finally been caught. Now imprisoned, Kaito’s trying to survive until he can figure out a way to escape. His cellmate, ex-detective Kudo Shinichi, might be able to help. As the day of their planned escape nears, only one question remains in Kaito’s mind - Is Kudo really the criminal they claim that he is? Prison!AU.

@detectivegeekshin and I started talking about this AU yesterday. Now it exists.

Icy wind slashes at Kaito’s face, rain dancing on his head, but he doesn’t notice. Goosebumps spread down his arms, but he’s far more interested in the whimper of the man beside him - one of his new, fellow prisoners.

“Oh God,” the other man sobs. It belongs to another prisoner, with the number 035823 on the prison overalls he’s been supplied with, “I don’t belong here. I don’t, I really don’t.”

Water drips from Kaito’s nose as he glances across to the blonde haired man. He’s got short stubby legs, and a pudgy structure and Kaito decides that he’s not going to last long, not before the man breaks down completely.

Kaito shivers against the cold, “Dude. Shut up.”

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So I'm trying to write a Beronica fic (it involves fake dating and wedding dresses) and I was wondering if you had any characterization tips? Just stuff you've noticed that would make them more believable

i hope you don’t mind me answering this publicly, i thought that you asked a really good question that might help other riverdale fic writers as well!!

okay, let’s start with veronica. one of the worst habits a writer can fall into is writing their characters as the fandom stereotypes them. so far, with riverdale, a lot of people have characterized her as ’ the badass, sassy latina’ as well as ‘headstrong, never cries, will of steel’. the issue with this is that while veronica is, yes, headstrong with a steel will, she is emotional and vulnerable. in the very first episode, we see her crying in her mother’s lap because she’s so absolutely distraught that she hurt betty. veronica is empathetic, and caring. she’s also hurting on her own. within the promos for episode nine, we see her having a breakdown/panic attack. veronica shouldn’t always be the one comforting betty, sometimes she needs support herself. she also isn’t a mean girl. she relays to betty that she used to be like cheryl, but that’s not how she is anymore. she isn’t spiteful or arrogant, but instead self confident and strong in her sense of self.

moving onto betty. with a lot of fandoms, we see the fandom favorite woobified and turned into the ‘smol precious cinnamon roll who can do no harm’. some of the riverdale fandom has already done this to betty, and i absolutely hate it. why? because it is so absolutely not true. both in good ways, and in bad ways. we’ve seen that betty is strong and capable in standing up for herself, both against her mother and cheryl. she can also be violent and reckless, take for instance, the scene with chuck. or, the fact that she threatened to, you know, kill cheryl. betty is also manipulative. in episode two, when she was angry with veronica, she stabbed her in the back and turned to cheryl, someone she considered her enemy. it was a power play, she did it specifically to hurt veronica. betty is also emotionally unstable, and sometimes, selfish. she is in no way perfect, which is not to say she’s a bad person, or evil. but she’s definitely no goody two shoes.

and i think that’s about the best advice i could give you!

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15. Beach or Forest: Ahhhhh, I would say both, I can’t decide
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21. Would you rather forever be a little too cold or a little too hot: Always prefer too hot than too cold :D

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23. Animation or Live Action: I think I say animation xD somehow this always had been my passion

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„You give up a few things, chasing a dream.“ – John Silver, Treasure Planet
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31: When You Feel Accomplished: After training

32. Star Wars or Star Trek: Star Waaaaars

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35. Velvet or Satin: Velvet
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37. Would you rather be the dragon or own the dragon? Own the dragon :D

38: Sunrise or sunset: Sunrise

39: What’s your favourite song? Throne by Bring me to Horizon
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A loud bang is heard through the mansion, smoke engulfs the hallways, only humans are affected. Enter Thumbelina Megumi!

Megumi: What the hell just happened? I feel so strange…

Megumi: W-Why is everything so big??

*the ground starts shaking and Yuma’s voice starts booming*

Yuma: Oi Sow! Where ya hidin’? 

Megumi: Oh no! He’s gonna step on me! DON’T STEP ON ME!! I’M DOWN HERE!!

*He picks up Megumi and squints at her* 

Yuma: Sow… why are ya smaller than usual? 


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I'm hyped for you for making an NSFW comic! Their designs are hella rad, and i'm itching to know more! I'm really bad at asking questions so I guess I'll ask this one: how would they like their eggs?

Rob: can make stunningly perfect sunny-side-up eggs but is usually too tired to get up and do it in the morning. 

Andy: has lots of massive sharp teeth and hates the texture of very soft food because it doesn’t feel like he’s chewing anything. 

okay okay i need to tell everyone

today in high school we add an intervention about giving your organs. and in france gay dudes aren’t allowed to give blood if they had sex in the last four months ? ( tho no one will check ) so i asked if it was the same for organs and the woman ( who is the fucking VICE PRESIDENT of the association responsible for inorming people about this kind of things ) and she told me : “yeaaah, i dunno, you should look into it and then email me to tell me”. and then went on with the presentation.

i believe she didn’t actually expected me to ask her for her email at the end of the intervention, even less to actually email her the answer ( = gay men can give their organs without any sexual questions asked, yay ) but i am really 100% sure she didn’t expect me to include a rant about how not knowing these things harmed the community and was hurtful and how she failed us.

but guess who did all of this ? ;)

so as i wait for her answer i will just beam on my couch and feel proud, thanks

When you tell them that marriage isn’t for you.

Request: Could you please do one for BTS when they’re s/o doesn’t believe in marriage but knows she wants to be with him for the rest of her life?

A/N: This is very close to home guys.

Originally posted by gotjimin


He would have a lot of questions for you. He really wants to get married and you knew that but you didn’t think that this would happen this fast. 

“Do you not want to be with me forever?” He asked. 

“It’s not that! I just… Marriages fail all the time and that’s not something that I want. I don’t like them because it’s just a piece of paper telling you that I love you. Why do we need that?” You asked him.

“It something that is important. It tells not only me but the world that you are mine.” He said sadly.

“I’m yours no matter what a piece of paper says Jin. I love you and I will love you until our forever is up isn’t that enough?” You asked him once again. This wasn’t a fight that was over and you knew that but this was where you stood.

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