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So a lot of the negative reviews of "Get Out" seem to hinge on the fact that white people don't really like it when liberal racism is portrayed in movies. Not really a question.

Yeah, none needed.

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how do you color? like... that's a very general question but... i wanna know

It really honestly depends, i use a lot of different techniques depending on what i’m drawing etc etc. 

You can also check out my process videos on my youtube channel, I usually post them here too when I upload them !

This is my painting process as an example, which is a little bit different.

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Caro... What kind of friendship do you think Flowey and Papyrus would have if Flowey can't feel love or compassion? Honest question.

Welllll I’m not really sure.  I have a headcanon that Flowey isn’t literally incapable of feeling love or compassion, he just thinks he is because the trauma of the buttercup incident had a big impact on his ability to relate to others.  But I’ll admit that’s just a headcanon.

Based on what Flowey says about Papyrus and how he acts during that scene, I get the feeling that Flowey’s relationship with Papyrus is more complicated than “I give him attention and he runs errands for me”.

The way he’s looking away from you makes me think he’s hiding something, or he feels really regretful about what happened between him and Papyrus.  My interpretation is that he is kind of emotionally attached to Papyrus, maybe not in a way that involves love or compassion but in some way.  He befriends Papyrus before you arrive underground, so it’s entirely possible that his motivation for hanging out with Papyrus didn’t have anything to do with using him to get the human souls.

As for what type of relationship they would have…. I think Papyrus would give Flowey a lot of love and affection, which he desperately needs.  Ideally he’d know that Flowey can’t really reciprocate those feelings, and he’d understand that and not expect that out of him.  But he’d also act as a sort of conscience for Flowey and wouldn’t let him hurt people or manipulate them or anything.  The nice thing about Flowey is that he’s pretty blunt and he doesn’t seem like the type to lie to spare Papyrus’s feelings, and I think Papyrus would appreciate that a lot given the other people he spends time with.  And Flowey would like hanging out with someone who doesn’t see him as the boss monster kid he was before, the way Toriel and Asgore might do, but still likes him as a person and does things to make him happy.

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Hello everyoneBugplayer’s here.

I said a couple weeks ago that I would make a little head up/journal entry to explain a few things. About what’s art and stuff, and most importantly you guys.

I just wanna be real for a moment and tell how I honestly feel about everything right now, cause that’s the least I can do.

In the past few months, my inspiration/motivation do draw anything has been terrible.

It’s not really a question about if I’m still interested in the show or not. (I still enjoy the hell out of them ponies!)

But it has to come to my personal life, pression and stress that is sucking a lot of my energy and ressources, to the point where I almost decided to quit completely the art side of my life.

Now now, I won’t actually do it haha. I really want to start making more content for your guys, I really do. I just need to get my life back on track again.

I registered in a design and building plan DEC that I’m really hyped about, which is something I didn’t feel in a long time when it comes to school ans study.

I believe this is actually a domain I’ll enjoy for once.

Most importantly, I’ve been living on my savings for a long time since the lost of my previous job. I’ve been looking back and forth for any kind of small job, without success.

Since then, my motivation has been going down the drain. My bank account is in the red, I have bills to pay, and really it’s not a good feeling at all. That’s a lot of pressure that I’m not used to having, and I don’t really react well to it.

Which is why as a last ressort, I come out to you guys.

I never planned to make a post like this or ask anything in the past years and I feel terrible for doing so, but if any of you feels like supporting me with a couple of bucks, this would totally means the worlds to me. I know some people aren’t fund of money asking, and I understand. But it’s kinda my last option.

If you desire, here’s my Paypal adress. Feel free to inculde your Da name so I can thank you personally.

If you do not desire to spend, but you still want to support me. A simple reblog of this tumblr post here will do, which even allows you a chance to win a print.…

Also, I understand that a couple of peeps sent me some messages on DA and Tumblr, and I’ll get back to you guys once the weekend is over.

It was really irresponsible of my part to not responds. So hang in here.

With sincere regards, I’ll do my best to get back in art as soon as I can.

Thank you

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hello ^^ sorry if this is a weird question, but except the great feeling, what do idols get for winning awards on their comeback? like, are they somehow rewarded from their company, maybe? i don't know if you even know the answer to this question, but idk, i'd just find it really interesting, if it's just a trophy they win and put on their shelf or if there's more to it. thank you for your hard work you put into this blog! ^^

No, they’re not rewarded by company but for a long time winning on music shows was for every artist a proof that they’re popular, that their hard work didn’’t go to waste, that they have a big fanbase. Winning on music shows = success.

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hello! I've just stumbled upon all your wonderful and amazing work/art/animation you've guys have created so far. BUT! I need to know when skeletonblood is coming out or an update on how far you guys are now! p.s. draw and post more kookaburra

( I don’t like tldr, I think its fucking lame. So do read or don’t read that shits up to you guys. But it would be very kind if you did. )

This is a really big question actually, and we have had it posed like several times in forms of asks, and just like things we stumble upon on the net. Yeah “Skeletonblood” is still happening. SB ( as it’s abbreviated ) is an iteration of a film concept of the same name, and was what Douzlia was built on. Back then when it was just me ( Alex ) I reworked the scripts and designs of the for film ver. into a game to make showcasing Doulzia’s visual approach and narrative sensibility to an audience in an actualized form conveyable and, relatively more manageable for myself to handle.

Transitioning into working with Doulzia’s first core staff member Suzuka, I reworked the Idea a second time to make drawing imagery and also working with themes and concepts synergetic between us ( actually ending up with something much closer to SB film ver ).

Along the way many people entered the fold ( whether they are in the staff page or not ) we have made so many friends. Douzlia became a huge global network of really intelligent yungs. I could never thank those people enough for all the love and support they give us through this. I’m enormously thankful always.  

Since then a lot of unpredictable things have happened that changed my projection for our future. It looks likely we will be able to follow our goal with a much more straight path to animation then what I initially could see, which we are all very fortunate for and also excited about. Of course still following it in our quasi amorphous Doulzia way.

Still the skeleton of 2 games both SB and another sibling game “Tadaima” are in our back pocket, and both will likely manifest in the future ( in some form ).

uhm haha this is weird to explain here, please keep reading I’m almost done…

For now what those game projects boil down to is a place for us to pull from as development material that will spill into all Skeletonblood related animation ( Like Open Mike and Paul White’s “Dang is Invincible” ) and eventually into its own animated film. Beyond that the characters and ideas inside SB are important to us, and so for a while they will be majorly involved in representing 90% of our presence as a studio.

- Alex 

oh and Kookaburra bit is mega noted, here is a potential redesign draw Suzuka did during “Dang is Invincible” production that I told myself I would only release in our first book, but will put out here cause you were damn sweet. 

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Rules- answer 11, ask 11, and tag 11

Questions asked:

1. Favorite Disney villain? I literally have no clue, though I feel like there’s a really obvious one that I can’t remember atm. The Pharaoh in The Prince of Egypt has a great voice

2. If you could pick up one instrument and instantly become proficient, what instrument would it be? VIOLIN

3. Are you a soprano or alto? Soprano, though I can do alto too

4. What celebrities would you want to be best friends with? Hmmm, probably Colin Morgan and Jensen Ackles, they sound like the kindest people ever

5. Favorite flavor of Gatorade? …I don’t like Gatorade

6. What are some of your favorite couple tropes? Best friends to lovers, long periods of separation and mutual pining, political enemies at first, not falling in love at first sight, working together against their enemies (I suppose that’s kinda obvious but I’m thinking fantasy as in going on missions together or spying together or being on the same crew or fighting others together etc) and this wasn’t supposed to be so long

7. “Guilty pleasure” song? Idk, “Dog Days Are Over” or “Eye of the Tiger”. I’m the only one in my family who likes those songs.

8. Movie that you can quote word-for-word? LotR. Which one, you ask? ALL.

9. Chrome or Firefox? Chrome definitely

10. I’m sick of hearing about… certain celebrities. Ugh.

11. What is your opinion of fanfiction? There are some really good ones. And then there’s the rest. 

My questions:

  1. Favorite Star Wars movie?
  2. Long book series or stand-alones?
  3. Favorite tree?
  4. Fire or water?
  5. What song will you always sing along to?
  6. Book you couldn’t finish (for whatever reason)?
  7. Favorite type of shoe?
  8. Seashells or flowers?
  9. Do you own any fandom merch and if so what?
  10. Favorite word?
  11. Watercolor or oil paintings?

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no, last anon, "gold star" is gate-keep-y bs. suggesting that a lesbian is less than another because they've had a romantic/sexual relationship with a man in the past (which, spoiler alert, is a lot of us, because comp het is a thing) is really shitty! and makes younger, questioning girls feel like they cant call themselves a lesbian bc of this mentality! it's harmful, elitist bs!

This is exactly how I feel ^^

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sleepover saturday

okay guys, it’s currently 1:53am and i should really go to bed! i’ve been answering your sleepover saturday questions since 10pm and have honestly had such a good time that i didn’t really check the time!!

it was so lovely to get this kind of interaction from my followers and learn a little bit about a few of you. hopefully anyone that sent in a question found i answered with some semi-decent advice! i also really, really, really appreciate all the lovely comments that you put in your messages. i love you all so much.

if i’ve left your question unanswered, i apologise! some of the school-related questions i purposely left so i can answer them in-depth and then tag them properly. i hope to get them answered by tomorrow! if you have anything you want to send in, please feel free!

thanks again for been a part of my sleepover saturday. i’m really looking forward to doing it again next week! it will be a new tradition :’-) x

okay, so what is really hard for me to explain sometimes is that i really love canon verse harry potter and the relationships within the canon verse, but i also love my au canon verse and the relationships there.

so when i’m asked what my top ships are in general i’m like.. what category are you talking about?? because i would say my “true” otps are probably canon verse relationships since they are outside of my own mind and i really appreciate them, but i love au canon verse relationships so much and they’re otps in my mind cause i created them to be so. does that make sense?

so it is really hard for me to answer questions of “what my otp” is at times because there are like two completely different categories. so if you’re wanting to know what my otps are, you should specify which universe you’re curious about cause the answer truly varies.

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So, like, I'm a transwoman and I keep hearing about the end result of bottom surgery being an open wound that needs to be "dilated" regularly to stop it from closing. This prospect has really been scaring me and I'm not sure if I'll go through with surgeries if that's even a tiny bit true. Is it?

Charlie says:

hey, I’m really sorry to say this but we don’t answer bottom surgery questions on this blog.  However, i’ll link you to our transfeminine resources page with plenty of information on the topic and blogs that will talk about it.

Just a little reminder

I don’t answer questions asking for tips for unhealthy behaviors ❤ I really don’t want to get terminated again so I hope you guys will understand ❤❤❤

Does Odin travel to Trappist-1?

This really silly title is to catch your attention on a silly question that I would like to ask to polytheist tumblr, expecially to hard polytheists, because as a newbie theist I’m puzzled by pretty much everything.

The question is: how do you reconcile the idea of multiple not-omnipotent deities with the knowledge that the universe is pretty much infinite and that life possibly exists on other planets?

Like, do the gods have power and jurisdiction only on our planet or also on the rest of the cosmos? Are they something like earth-based spirits, while maybe other planets have a different sets of spirits? If there are other sentient humanoid beings in the universe would they have religions? Would they be similar to our beliefs?

I know this is a bunch of ifs and wild speculations, but: what do you think? What does make sense to you?
1980... 4? | Stanley Parable - Part 2
You know that 1980-something book you're forced to read in high school? It's kinda like that, but funnier! We think. Honestly, we have no idea what that book...

NEW VIDEO IS UP! The video was posted yesterday, but just in case you haven’t checked out the video yet, here’s the link for it! We hope you all enjoy it! We love playing this game so far and it would really mean a lot to us if you guys checked out the video for us and shared it with a few friends! We LOVE getting feedback as well from you guys! Did you like the video? Have questions? Comments? Game suggestions?? CONTACT US!!! We really encourage you guys to comment on the video, leave a like on the video, contact the channel blog or twitter account, or even contact @kbumblebee96, @yvonne9999, or @mystery-on-mars personally! We really appreciate the support we’ve been shown so far and we hope to continue to entertain all of you wonderful people out there! We really hope you guys will subscribe to the channel to stay up to date with all of our latest content. Have a wonderful day everybody!!!

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another anon said theyre aro and ply, is that really possible?? ive been questioning myself for like the longest time bc it seemed like they contradicted each other,,

Nah dude you absolutely can be both

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Hey! Really enjoying your takes on ace discourse! I'm just realizing I literally don't have to use the SAM after using it for years (calling myself ace and aro spec) and not feeling great about it recently. My question is tho: is assuming sexual and romantic attraction are the same if you only use one label also a part of SAM? Because I'd feel comfy just calling myself asexual but don't want anyone to assume I also identify as aro or assume I do experience defined romantic attraction.

Very good question and thanks so much for the support, I appreciate and need it lol. This ace discourse crap is painful and draining but I keep getting caught up in it, mostly for myself and for my followers. I want more education for and of aspecs and it wouldn’t hurt if people started being a little nicer to us lol. 

In regards to you Q: I’m not sure how exactly to answer the first part, as I actually think that the SAM is more like an “afterthought” or “addition” to the “normal” attraction model that combines all forms of attraction to varying degrees. The SAM, to me, appears to be where you turn when that standard stuff doesn’t work for you.

To me, this means that if you technically ID as “aroace” but don’t feel comfy or right using the SAM, then your default should be asexual. I don’t think that doing so particularly erases aros either because it’s the same when talking about any other sexuality when NOT using the SAM. You technically drop the romantic orientation because it gets subsumed within the “sexual” orientation. That said, I’m not actually saying this process doesn’t erase romantic orientations from the discussion bc it does (which may be damaging to the aro community, I don’t know?), but the romantic orientation is still there, as it’s assumed within the sexual orientation since that’s the “norm”. 

Still, I’m not aroace (i’m panromantic demisexual) and there may be aspecs to this that I’m missing. Would any of my aroace followers/mutuals care to weigh in here? We’d love your input <3 

After saying all that, I realized you said you don’t want ppl to assume you ID as aro if you choose to ID simply as asexual. I’m not sure what to tell you about that tbh… I suspect ppl WILL fill in that “blank” for you and it’s not fair. 

So I’m turning this to my followers as well: 

Is it possible to get around the SAM if you want to ID simply as asexual w/o ppl assuming you’re also aro?

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Hi! I really do agree with your stance on abortion, except for two things: I personally believe the only reasons to ever abort would be if 1.) The child was conceived through a rape or 2.) In having the baby, the mother would be sure to die. Your thoughts?


these are interesting points you brought up. i understand that these two circumstances are both very difficult, especially for the mother, to go through– but no matter how you put it, abortion is murder, and should be avoided at all costs.

first, let’s address rape. i know rape is a horrible crime and i feel saddened and sickened whenever i hear cases of a man taking advantage of an unwilling woman. but the crime rests solely on the man’s shoulders– the baby is innocent. the baby had absolutely no control of the circumstances in which it was conceived. therefore, it should not be punished, especially not by death. it is the man who should be punished justly by the law. but i understand that this still leaves us with a mother who’s carrying an unplanned child.

instead of killing her unborn child, i believe the mother should either give raising the baby a chance, or set it up for adoption. raising a child may be a challenge, but the possibility exists that it can bring happiness and joy to the mother as well. i’ve heard cases of raped women becoming mothers and discovering that their baby actually helped them heal from the past and move forward. of course, that always isn’t the case. there will be mothers who feel that they absolutely are not ready to raise a child, or that the child will have a better chance at happiness away from them.

in that case, they could always let the baby be adopted by another family. for birth mothers, adoption is free (x). according to this site, if the mother so wishes, she will be able to contact her child without charge also, so she won’t have to completely cut off communication if she doesn’t want to. and– at least in the united states– the demand for adoption is high. there are many, many families who are ready and willing to adopt a child should they be given the chance (x) (x).

the second case, in which the mother could die of childbirth, is a little more complicated. in these situations, i don’t believe doctors should resort to abortion right away. only when they have exhausted all of their options do i think that killing the baby is necessary. only when the situation absolutely rests between saving the mother or the baby would i say it should be done. i think doctors should try their utmost to save both lives first before anything else.

thankfully, many birth complications are reversible, and can be fixed by a c section if all other methods fail (x). 

thanks for bringing these points up. if you have any other questions or concerns, i’ll be happy to discuss them.

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dont mind that moon person theyre an edgy 12 yr old and wont respond to me i asked them if gordon ramsay shirtless is their taako hc and they wont answer me can you imagine being that rude? i just want to know if their taako hc is gordon ramsays two (2) packs that he has for abs instead of the typical humanoid 6. why wont they respond to my questions

that’s really rude. i want to know too. i need to know