this is really a question

  • Me: *getting ready to go to an event about LGBT+ issues where I'll surely meet a lot of queer peeps; also dressing as dyke-like as possible*
  • My mum: Yo, where are you going?
  • Me: *remembers I'm not out*
  • Me:''s a leCTURE AT MY UNI! About travelling ZEALAND! Yes.
  • Mum: *suspicious look*.....okay. have fun

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hey sweetie sorry to bother you, but you know where i can find the outfits and wigs of the game in png? i want to edit my candy but i don't know where to find them T-T

No worries anon, I’m just listening to music and…plotting. In any case, this is the Dream Candy Editor! Which should be updated with the recent items from the Christmas 2018 event. If not, it’s up to date with outfits from Episode 38! All you have to do is download that file, extract it, and boom - you have all of the clothing items and wigs <3!

If the wigs of the 2018 Christmas Event aren’t available, it’s alright, I would recommend contacting @pineapples-mcl or @sabi138!

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Hey I saw your art for rainweaver and I love it lots!! I’ve never heard of it before and I was wondering if you could explain what it was maybe?

Thank you! Rainweaver is my own little project, it’s going to hopefully be a webcomic someday. I have the script and all done, just need to start drawing. I think at it’s core, it’s really about all the various different forms of love all around us. For each other, for the world, for the simple beauty of nature. Through good times and bad, facing both life and death. That’s what I’m trying to convey with it, at least!

20 questions! Answer 20 questions, then tag 20 bloggers that you want to get to know better. ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

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1) Name: Taylor.

2) Nicknames: Tay. Dani. 

3) Height: 5′2.

4) Orientation: Asexual. 

5) Nationality: American, with mostly Scottish and English roots.

6) Favorite Fruit: Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries… yeah, basically all berries. 

7) Favorite Season: Fall and spring, but I love winter too. Summer is my least favorite (but still liked) season.

8) Favorite Flower: Snapdragons, larkspurs, bluebells, white roses.

9) Favorite Scent: Rain (on grass, soil, anything), spearmint, lighter scented flowers, spices, bread, bonfires…

10) Favorite Color: Teal, crimson, scarlet, slate, indigo, white, black, fuchsia, lavender, navy blue, sky blue, silver, that one frosty greenish blue color I can never name correctly…

11) Favorite Animal: I like dinosaurs (velociraptors and archaeopteryxes, more specifically)… and wolves, foxes, tigers, owls, mountain lions, snakes…

12) Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate: I like all three! Black coffee is my favorite, followed by green and black teas, and hot chocolate. (Even though I would give anything for chocolate; favorite thing ever).

13) Average Sleep Hours: I dunno. It fluctuates.

14) Dog or Cat Person: I love both! But I hate small dogs, usually. 

15) Favorite Fictional Characters: Midoriya Izuku, Killua Zoldyck, Gon Freecss, Bakugou Katsuki, Meruem, Jean Valjean, Edward Elric, Walter White, Severus Snape, Zuko, Sokka, Iroh, Gaara, Maeve (from Westworld),Haruno Sakura, Daenerys Targaryen, Jamie Lannister, Sesshoumaru, Waka, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, Atticus Finch, Mrs. Brisby…

16) Number of Blankets I Sleep With: Can be between two and six. 

17) Dream Trip: Scotland, Italy, Ireland, Greece, and going back to France and England and venture to anywhere else, honestly…

18) Blog Created: 2017.

19) Number of Followers: 524.

20) Random Fact: I have an intense hatred for crustaceans. They’re just, like giant armored insects with much larger pincers and nasty twitchy movements and ugh I hate it hate it hate hate it–

Anyway, this was cool.

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KJ here ay! Thanks for starting this blog. It's really helped me cope. Sometimes I just come to your blog and cry for a good 20 minutes before shooting a scene. I'm so lonely, bro.

OMG KJ APA WOW, EVERYONE LOOK!!! I’m so glad you reached out. We’re here to support outing you and CS to the whole wide world, and I am SO GLAD that you’re okay with that and can see all the love for career ruining we have for you. 

I have to ask, what website would you like to out you when they stumble across my lowly blog and all my facts and analyses? Is TMZ okay? Oh who am I kidding, haha, you don’t have a say in the matter since I’m public and besides, I’m sure you don’t mind! 

I know it must be so hard, honey, to not constantly be around your moon and stars, CS, even though you’re an adult man. Please stay strong! We love outing you!! <3

Lovely calm asks to enjoy a nice up of tea to ☕

1: Golden mornings or peachy sunsets?

2: Sugar cones or waffle cones?

3: Do you wear scarves often? do you have a favorite?

4: How long do you lay in bed before you finally get up?

5: Is there a food you’ve never had but always wanted to try?

6: What does your umbrella look like?

7: Do you listen to ASMR?

8: Rain storms or a light drizzle?

9: What’s a little thing in life that you love? 

10: Favorite color aesthetic?

11: Wobbly lines or using a ruler?

12:  Bright colorful living room or neutral cozy living room?

13: Do you have any candles? what scents are they?

14: Have you ever rode a horse?

15: Do you have glasses? 

16: What’s a language you’d like to speak?

17: What’s your favorite season and favorite month in that season?

18: Do you have a favorite pair of socks?

19: Favorite Ghibli and/or disney movie

20: Disney, Dreamworks, or Pixar?

21: What snacks do you usually get at the theater?

22: What’s an underrated video game/ movie/ show you love and think it needs more recognition?

23: Would you fill your house with plants if you had a green thumb?

24; All plants are great but do you have a favorite?

25: Do you have a favorite type of art style? (eg: soft looking, no to little color, sketches, crisp and clean, minimalist, pixel art etc.)

26: What would you do if someone gave you flowers? 

27: Do you like nicknames? 

28: Do you still watch shows you watched when you were a kid? even from time to time?

29: Do you still like old memes? (tell the truth)

30: Favorite Halloween costume you dressed up as? (if you don’t celebrate halloween have you ever cosplayed or would you like to? who did you cosplay as?) 

31:  Are you a fashionable person? 

32: Do you like watching holiday movies? 

33:  Cookies or brownies?

34: Do you blow in the cold air just to see your breath?

35: Do you find the crickets chirping outside your window relaxing? 

36: Do you like cobblestone streets? 

37:  How often do you doodle? 

38: When was the last time you blew bubbles?

39: What’s your favorite random piece of decor in your house and room?

40: Do you bite your fingernails off or clip them more often?

41: Any birthmarks?

42: Thoughts on freckles?

43: First video game you ever played?

44: what type of bird do you hear most often outside your door?

45: Do you use gifs/ memes a lot when replying to people?

46: Thoughts on spring? 

47: Ideal temperature outside?

48: Cloudy, partly cloudy, or clear skies?

49: How often do you hear airplanes outside?

50: Do you enjoy windy days?


Relationship Goal #3 - Be with someone who always looks at you like the stars have all aligned in your eyes and the only thing they want to be able to do is kiss you until you’re both breathless ~

Ravenclaw: I have a lot of things to say on the subject, but if I say them all at once, it’ll be too overwhelming for everyone.

Slytherin: Wait, that wasn’t everything?

Ravenclaw: No, I have several files on the subject, but we’ll get to that later.

it’s ok to not feel happy and positive all the time. we all have bad days. just remember it won’t be like this forever. it will get better i promise.


The first time I hear Candy Cadet speak I thought it sounds like how a Wilf+Google fusion would so here he is.

He likes sweets and homicide.

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Here’s the initial outfit designs I did for the boys;; they might change later on but for now!! I like how they look (I might give Lance a tattoo on his right shoulder I dunno)

Aaaaand I did a cute comic too :3c


I feel threatened.