this is real this is me

Daydream, I fell asleep amid the flowers
For a couple of hours on a beautiful day 

A peaceful moment in between cases

I just came out to my Dad

He was the most important person on my list and the one I was most nervous about and the one I left for last because he is really quite set in his ways BUT a little to my surprise, he was really supportive and accepting and said all the right things and I’m honestly on cloud 9 right now and I feel really, really lucky and am really appreciative about my coming out experiences because I know not everyone has it the same.

Unofficial pre-WE coffee huddle!

The past 9 months, I’ve been lucky enough to meet, via fandom, women from all over the world who have become some of my closest friends. With people flying into my city from all over, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to connect with more of you!

I can’t hang about after the event but if anyone is around in the afternoon and would like to come and share a drink and a moment, to talk about the book and their life and anything else that comes up, I’ll be in the BFI cafe all afternoon, super casual, and would love if you dropped by.

Fandom not required, just positive female energy! Message me if you’re worried/shy/have questions and I hope to see lots of you.

( @dangerscully @chileananderson @so-called-xfiles @scullbagg may also be in attendence, schedules allowing!)

“This creative work didn’t sit me down and explicitly explain all the plot points and character development in excruciating detail so I feel this creative work has Bad Writing ™ and I must tell EVERYONE and then also shame them when they don’t agree”