this is real life liz

why you need to see spider-man homecoming:
  • diverse school is diverse! normal kids are normal! 
  • this movie is funny as hell
  • they’re all actually teenagers or damned close(!)
  • peter is an actual awkward ass kid
—in and out of the suit
  • michael keaton is excellent
  • great soundtrack
  • super neat web-flinging action sequences
  • tom holland acts his ass off i am so blown away by him

  • ned is the perfect wing man
 and will have you rolling
  • there’s an actual twist!
  • hysterical supporting roles as played by hannibal burress and donald glover

  • the big school bully is the way they often are in real life—extremely educated, average-looking, and a total jackass
  • cap’s cameo(s)
  • liz is not another storybook high school crush—she’s beautiful and smart and lovely and not vilified by any other characters
  • zendaya is politically correct and salty and amazing

  • tony stark and co. are in it just enough without stealing the show

  • aunt may is hip and cool
  • we are reminded of peter’s vulnerability and strength every step of the way
  • “suit lady” and all the suit’s bonus features
  • some very direct socio-political commentary
  • probably one of the best ending lines ever written
  • people were  c a c k l i n g
  • the bottom line: this is the spidey we’ve started to see in the previous franchises come to fruition: un-glorified, imperfect, and eager to help others
  • go see this movie and smile your ass off
Sophomore Year In Queens Would Include...

Spoilers for Spiderman: Homecoming™ ahead. You have been warned. 

Freshman Year

- Summer is over and you’re on your second year of school in Queens.

- Recap: Michelle is still your best friend and still very sarcastic, Ned is still way too into Star Wars, Peter still has a HUGE crush on Liz Allan, you still lo-like Peter aS A FRIEND YUP ONLY AS A FRIEND. 

- Ned in the background: “But yesterday you stared at him for at least-

- *Ned has been tackled to the ground.*

- But onto serious business: the story line 

- Remember Evelyn from when she stuck gum in your hair in freshman year? (if not the first part is in my masterlist) Anyway she came back after summer break and now you’re legit scared to be in the same room as her. She’s all girly and disgustingly nice unless you make her angry, in which case you should switch schools. Now.

- She is now the most popular girl at school. You pissed of the most popular girl in school. What the fuck. Is wrong. With you.

- On a happier note you’re friends with Liz Allan because you met her at meetings for academic decathlon and she is a ray of fucking sunshine which doesn’t happen a lot in high school. 

- Except Liz is friends with Evelyn. How did you find out?

- “Oh, hey (Name)! Meet my other friends. This is Betty, Amanda, Jane, Evelyn-”

- *High Pitched Internal Screaming For Ten Hours (Unlike Pluto Remix ft. You)*

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The Harlequin Formula || Peter Parker x Reader

You all know about those short novella like romance novels published under the name Harlequin, right? Well, there’s also many manga artists who often transcribe the written text into a graphic novel form that I just adore reading!

So reading Harlequin comics is like one of the things I do for like, guilty pleasure and stuff because those kinds of comics is super pandering to young women (like me). Sure, a lot of the times the romance seems forced and unlikely to happen, but let me tell you, I read a Harlequin comic last night and the fact that it had a strong heroine who wasn’t afraid of the main love interest AND could read him like a book-

I was hooked.

So this whole story is inspired by the whole “harlequin formula” usually seen in those types of stories and how the ‘reader character’ tries to break them in hopes of finding a genuine type of love.

I hope you readers will enjoy this story ;w; .

warnings: none

word count: 3,300+

**don’t repost/plagiarize this story! Reblogs are fine!


When you were younger, you often filled your romantic daydreams with Harlequin novels. You didn’t know what true love felt like and often read these short novellas in order to get a glimpse of how love worked.

It was through these short stories that you learned the following things:

Love is when a demure woman falls for a powerful man.

The powerful man is often a multi-billionaire of some sort who comes off as cold and aloof, but is innately missing something all the same.

And whatever he was missing would always be love, to which the leading lady would offer him almost unconditionally, regardless of how cruel he was to her.

After the end of these novels, you would find yourself with tears in your eyes at just how wonderful the love story was. “That’s what true love has to be about, finding love in unexpected places while following your man to the ends of the earth.”

Each time you would finish a story, you would sigh and fall back against your twin bed, your hair fanning out beneath your head as you clutched the novel to your chest before softly murmuring (as if hoping that the more times you said it, then it would likely come true), “I honestly can’t wait to fall in love.”


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anonymous asked:

Is there any evidence of tomdaya from like february to before this press tour? Love your blog btw ❤️❤️❤️

Tom staying with her in NY with Haz and Jacob was late january/ almost february and that’s when he told a fan he was there visiting his gf 

Yes the snap she posted in march saying “Your sick gf still loves you” and it was around the time she and tom were getting ready to do the lip sync battle. 

In Brazil/Mexico where a reporter asked him if he found his own Liz Allen in real life and he said “Yeah..sorta..I think so”

This is kinda confirmed but Tom met Z’s cousins from her moms side of the family and they live in oakland, well Z went to Oakland for mother’s day to visit her grandmothers and i’m pretty sure Tom went with her. 

We’ve noticed that whenever Tom’s in LA or in the same city with Z, if they’re not working like doing press or something for Spiderman then she won’t post anything on her snap and she always posts on her snap. We usually notice it more when he’s in LA, she won’t post anything the entire time he’s there but as soon as he leaves then she’s back to snapping again.

When they were in France and that one reporter said she saw them holding hands but she wasn’t sure if it got on camera or not. She thought they were already out in the open based on how they acted until people kept asking her questions and she realized that they weren’t so she had to make her twitter page private and asked people to stop posting what she tweeted cause she was scared she was going to lose her job.

2 days ago when we found out Z dropped Tom, Haz and Harry off at LAX. Z put up a snap of her and Noon in the car then like 30 mins later Tom posted a video of him and Harry in the car and you can hear her laugh at the very end right before it cuts off

That’s the stuff I can think of off the top of my head, i’m sure other people can think of more


sparrabeth + an au
               a marriage interrupted or fate intervenes?


Life on Mars, S01E01 - I had an accident and I woke up 33 years in the past. Now, that either makes me… a time-traveller or… a lunatic, or I’m lying in a hospital bed in 2006 and none of this is real.

Jack: What are your plans for Valentine’s Day, Lemon?

Liz: I am taking myself out of the equation entirely. I scheduled a root canal for February 14th, Jack. I will spend half the day in twilight sleep. Then I will go home and watch the Lifetime original movie, My Stepson is My Cyber-Husband.

Jack: Wow, that is inspired. You are truly the Picasso of loneliness.

Liz: Or I am that painting elephant of being awesome.

—  30 Rock, Season 4

Well, people, it’s official: I’ve let us all down. Because last night I met Cameron Monaghan. And I didn’t say a damn thing about Ian/Mickey or the fuckery that’s going on with Shameless. I got zero answers, I demanded no explanations. I have failed us all. I just had a brief, friendly conversation with him and left him to his evening. So I apologize. 

But also what is my life?! I’m still kind of in awe that it actually happened. I was in a bar with a few of my friends, and he came in, and I was sure I was making it up for a bit because literally what are the fucking odds. But after further investigation (by way of an unnecessary bathroom trip to get closer because i AM A SPY), his identity was confirmed. And when I was on my way back to our table, he was on the impromptu dance floor, and I straight up walked up to him, tapped him on the shoulder, and said hi. I must emphasize that I NEVER do this - I honestly cannot remember a single time I’ve approached a celebrity. As an LA native, I have a deep-rooted drive to just leave them alone. And I so very almost just walked past him. But in the end, I just figured why the fuck not. I so rarely see celebs I care about, and pretty much never see ones that I’m midway through writing an epic novella-length fanfic about (ok, about the character he plays, WHATEVER), so I swallowed my pride for a crazy second and went through with it. 

He was very nice (take that, weird dream I had a few weeks ago where he was rude!). The long and the short of it was this: I apologized for interrupting his evening, but I was like, “you’re Cameron Monaghan, right?” (lol, me - also, I’m 98% sure i butchered his last name, oh well), he confirmed, and I just told him he was great and I was a fan (and he responded “you’re great,” which was pretty cute, tbh). He asked me my name, we shook hands, and I told him I’d let him get back to his night. It got very blurry at the end (I mentioned something about Shameless, which, ugh, but I wanted to contextualize. And we definitely shook hands, but my mind was for sure not registering that I was touching! Cameron! Monaghan!), but he was sweet and polite and it was very simple. I said NOTHING to my friends when I got back to the table. I was like “they won’t understand. Wait for your tumblr friends. They’ll get it.” 

That was the end of my actual interaction with Cam, and yet (this is turning into a novel), we were about to leave and “Runaround Sue” came on, and my friend and I HAD to dance to it, which turned into us going all out on the makeshift dance floor for an hour (seriously, best DJ ever). Which meant I was dancing literally 5 feet away from Cam for a solid half hour, and another 15 minutes after he got a drink (I swear I wasn’t paying THAT much attention - it was a small dance floor! :P). So here are some things I have learned about Cameron Monaghan after spending a little over an hour in his presence:

  • he was wearing a frankly rather dreadful green turtleneck. The color was alright, but the rest of it was pretty sad. And it was blazing hot on the dance floor and he never seemed to falter, so good for him, I guess?
  • He has absolutely no problem dancing on his own. Whenever the very pretty blonde girl he was with got distracted (which, tbh, was kind of frequently), he would just dance in a circle by himself, usually pretty badly. It was both a little sad and very adorable. Power to you, baby Cam. 
  • At the end of the night, we were out on the curb waiting for an uber when he comes out on his own to smoke. I was with my friends, so I a) wanted to stay with them and b) didn’t want to accost Cam (again), but it was very tempting, just watching him stand alone, again 5 feet away from me, and smoke. I am not a smoker AT ALL, but even I have to admit, he looked real hot doing it. Kind of redeemed the turtleneck in the eleventh hour. 

So that is my Saga of Cam. The whole thing was so wildly coincidental I’m still kind of amazed, and i’m already feeling sort of embarrassed I actually talked to him (that LA avoidance drive runs deep). But I had to, right? He was right there, and seriously, there are so many bars in LA and I really don’t go out that much and there I was and there he was, and why the fuck not. I wasn’t nearly as awkward and flustered as I could have been (I think, I hope). So there it is. A thing that happened. Life is strange, no?

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still dont understand why people freak about tom’s “real life liz” if in the end peter and liz dont even really date like did anyone pay attention to the movie at all??

Hahahahahaha I feel you but I still wanna see it!